it wouldn't have worked otherwise

Edd is a pretty fly ace guy, and I’m honestly so glad he exists, because I relate to him on a personal level. 

Probably my favorite Edd scene was him just raising his hand and yelling “I don’t like anyone” when Rolly asked if anyone else was going to come out, because I’ve literally done that myself when coming out to people as asexual. I love him.

I’m determined to get to all the characters before Pride Month ends! 

🌈 Happy Pride, y’all! 🌈

In all of Star Trek the character I empathize most strongly with is Reg Barclay. 

Sure, sure, autistic people always bring up Spock and Data as characters they resonate with. But I find that so drastically different from myself, especially since both characters claim not to have emotions (they’re both wrong but that’s neither here nor there) and I have approximately 10,000 feelings at any given time. Also both of them are perfect and have things like ‘healthy coping mechanisms’ and ‘social circles’.

But then there’s Reg. He hates it here. It doesn’t matter what location ‘here’ is, he does not want to be there unless it’s his private quarters, the video games, or his therapist’s office. He’s even iffy on two of those three as they still require him to occupy a physical location in his actual human body. Unfortunately he’s extraordinarily talented and he hates that too because being good at things often means you’re the only one capable of doing them. Most unfortunately of, all though, is that he desperately loves people and he’s constantly terrified he’ll screw everything up and say exactly the wrong thing. This is not a fear disconnected from reality. When he first joined the Enterprise a literal child nicknamed him Broccoli and everyone started calling him that behind his back. I am not speaking about a fortunate man.

The thing is, in spite of being a nervous wreck who sticks his foot in his mouth whenever he gets bold enough to open it, he’s fantastic. Reg doesn’t quit in spite of being discouraged by the universe at every turn. He’s tremendously kind, talented, and determined despite his almost comically bad luck and abominable social skills. Bravery comes about as naturally to him as eye contact (which he has never made in his life. I’m convinced he’s only so comfortable with Geordi because the visor means never having to look his CO in the eye). Even so, when he has to rise to a challenge he always does. When it came to bringing Voyager home his response to having the project cancelled was basically just, “Literally fight me. I don’t leave people behind.” while actively having a panic attack.

He’s a weird garbage nerd and I love him. The only thing he ever did that I will hold against him for even one second is that he named his cat Neelix. No one should do that to a cat.

apetty21  asked:

I want to thank you for introducing me to Lying cat. I hope you don't mind me sharing the Lying cat posts with my friend. We have to find humor where there's frustration. We decided to look up Lying Cat before someone else asked you the origin so I'm sure that artist loves their work being spread! I wouldn't have heard about it otherwise. I decided that Lying Cat is basically my spirit animal or my Patronus. How did you hear about it or is there other work by this person you'd like to recommend?

Lying Cat is part of the SAGA comic book series. She was designed by Fiona Staples, who is an incredibly talented artist. She’s done a lot of work that’s worth tracking down.

I decided to express my current feelings towards a certain part of the internet (hint: it’s TUMBLR) through Sans.

I need a freaking drink,

Nothing is stronger than the power of Mabel!

Mayford (probably don’t make much sense to you) because I haven’t seen any Drawing of Mabel in Ford’s outfit(Imagine her sparkly personality and creativity with Ford’s awesomeness and cleverness- sounds like who I dream to be)

I’m going to get better. Things are hard, but I’m going to get better. People love and appreciate me, and I help make people’s lives better. There’s a light at the end of this tunnel, even when I’m approaching a bend and there’s nothing in sight.

I’m going to get better.

Finn was running from what he was, what it meant to be nameless and alone in a crowd, and ran into his future.

Rey was stuck being what she was, left alone and clinging to what could have been, and found her future in the very place she was stuck in.

An unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. The result being two people learning when to stop and when to move together.