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“Let’s play and play, niichan!”

Waaaa, seeing so much fanart gave me a little courage to post something that I have been working on lately so even though it’s messy (I cleaned just a bit in Photoshop), here it is! My dear Gilberto (my current crush xD) that I tried making him look badass while he is preparing to attack with his skill “Forbidden Lover” and wow, did I like that one single panel where the water took the shape of dragons.
I’m actually proud how they turned out because I really tried to make them appear fluid. Rarely do I feel proud about my drawings but I gave it my best for this one (I’m thinking of making it digital some other time), because I wanted to practice more of his features, like his hair (which I noticed that looks a bit different every time in the manga…), but I’m kind of used to make it like above.

On another note, I almost made holes in the paper for how much I erased the patterns on his scarf xD (I’m not sure what to call them…they kinda look like the sun in a way, or camera flashes? xD They could be since they could be connected to Ray’s ability and also the fact that Gil as well can use it together with him)
So uhmm, yeah I’m rambling a lot because I always like to point out what I went trough when drawing something.
I just love Gil so much now and I can’t wait too see him and Ray in the next chapter, hopefully! ♥