it wouldn't be the same without you

tbh, I honestly feel bad for people who like ACTUALLY actually hate one or more members of 1D??

like, no matter how you flip the script, those boys are a unit, they work best together, they all love each other very much.

so please don’t ever say that you’d want 1D to not have someone in it, because those boys depend on each other. 

that’s how they got the success they have today. they worked together.

and they still do.


get to know me » anime edition
↳ [2/10] anime series » Diamond no Ace

“I don’t know what kind of baseball you’ve been playing, but the best pitches are works of art produced by the pitcher and the catcher working as one. I’ll draw out your full potential. You just need to trust my mitt and throw your best pitches. It’s that simple.”


- You want to know what hurts me more? That that day I didn’t have to work, so I didn’t got up to say goodbye to her before she left. I didn’t told her how much I love her and she died without being told how much she was loved, without being kissed.

- I’m sure she knew Maura. She knew just how much you love her, because she felt the same way for you, dear and you two were always showing each other so much love and tenderness.
Also, I am sure that the last thing she thought before dying was you, Maura.

Guys, I don’t usually talk about the number of followers I have, I think that’s not the most important…. but I had to talk about what just happened…

I mean, I just CANNOT believe it. I started this blog 2 and a half months ago, and before that I had a personal tumblr for 2 years and I had like 100 followers. And I barely talked to them. And I decided to create this blog just because I was angry at a stupid girl that was saying Jensen hates Jared, I didn’t expect all of this. Really. If I had like 50 followers I’d be so happy already.

But more importantly than having 1,000 followers, is talking to you, getting to know you. Making real friends and having people that truly admire you, that’s amazing.

I don’t follow everyone back, not because I don’t like you. It’s just that as this is a SPN blog, I prefer to have more SPN related things on my dash, and if I followed 1,000 blogs I’d be totally crazy and miss a lot of things. But I love every single one of you, and when any of you comes to my askbox it truly makes my day. 

anyway, you guys are awesome and there aren’t enough words to thank you, I could do this all day long. 

This season on Once Upon A Time: everyone gets to come back! Ruby! Mulan! Victor! Here are your invitations, welcome back!

Lancelot! Liam! Cora! What’s that? You’re dead? So what? Invitations for you and you and you!

Hook, you might die again but that’s okay, come on back anyway! Wouldn’t be the same without you!

Come one, come all! Everyone gets to come back!

… what’s that? Neal who? Oh. Uhm. No, sorry… no invitation for any Neal or Baelfire here… You’re, well, you’re dead. Kind of awkward actually, no one seems to have— well, look on the bright side, you’re still just as important as you ever were, really, right? Eh? Uhm…

Aaaaanyway, come on everyone! Party time!

I just wanna thank some people who really make my time on tumblr great: @butterflyboss2 @ask–infurnarose @spokenwithhands @ultrafluffyredhead @spaghettiskeleton78 @enderalexis4 @sorasprings @blogthegreatrouge @the-pupcake @onyx-forest @zelda7999 @asktheuncomfortableshadow @vivynek0 @goddessofundertale @simply-me30 @7goodangel @animeartist88 @lynxgriffin @cupcakesartblog @rmxstudiojd @furgemancs @alainaprana @moonslin @sinkka @cinidorito @dokudoki @loverofpiggies

You guys make my time here really awesome and I just wanted to throw in a thank you without sounding too annoying! So I decided to do you all at once.. Okay thanks bye!

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Nordicana: Sidse having a giggle whilst being photographed at Nordicana 2013. (x)

People always talk about love like it’s this big abstract concept that can’t be defined. And in a way they’re not wrong, but they’re also not right. Love boils down to one thing: wanting someone around and in your life no matter what. Even when you hate them. Even when you’re so mad you can’t see straight and it feels like you can barely breathe. Love is looking at one person and saying “I want to share my life with you, for better or worse, for as long as we have, because you make things better. Even when you’re making them worse.”

Writer’s block is a peculiar thing. It’s different for everyone, but it’s all the same too. More often than not when I experience it, it’s because nothing too exciting is going on in my life, nothing worth writing about. But at the same time, my life is calm and balanced. I don’t feel one emotion overwhelmingly so more than another, and my thoughts come and go as they please. I love being alone and thinking. I could go weeks without seeing a single person, and if you gave me a good book or a song on the piano to learn, I would be just fine. I enjoy having a somewhat typical and completely mediocre life, but my writing doesn’t thrive in an environment like that. I need chaos, some dominant feeling to consume my life, and then I can write. It’s a paradox really. My life has to be restless to write something worth reading.
—  10:45pm thoughts// right now, nothing jumps out at me
  • person:barry and iris don't have chemistry , they are like brother and sister, plus barry has a gf and iris doesn't feel the same towards him.
  • Me:*pops out nowhere* what did you say?
  • Me:*pulls out a power point presentation* sit. down. please. you see these gifs, look at them , look at how they look at each other, look at how BARRY looks at IRIS. Has he ever looked at an another girl like that? Do brothers and sisters look at each other that way? did you see the way iris looked at barry after their first kiss? do brothers and sisters look at each other that way?
  • person:no but-
  • Me:no,okay so stfu now. BYE.

YOU KNOW WHAT’S DUMB. maf. epicmafia is dumb. because it makes you ship ships that you shouldn’t ship. or that you should totally ship idk because i’m so on board for akaoi bye

It bothers me so much when people judge you for liking a band or youtuber or actor/actress. Like, we’re not aiming to be these people with all of the same choices. But we sure as hell admire them for what they did with their lifes. Yeah, they might not have graduated high school but I can still aim to be the same kind of person with a diploma that they achieved without one. I probably make no sense anymore so good bye and remember that I love you.