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Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive to cringe laugh at this right now.

EDIT: I can’t believe I have to spell it out. Yes. This is a fake account. No, I did not make it. Adam doesn’t do social media. All of the pics come from an easy Google search.

Yikes @ the people on my FB feed who are showing their true colors in the midst of the recent shootings

I know it sounds cheesy and syrupy but thank you everyone. 

I don’t want Splatoon to end but I wanted to thank you. Since the beginning of this blog, I’ve met and talked to wonderful people but before that, I never imagined it was possible. 

It’s been many years since I’m on Tumblr and it was the first time I’ve been through such beautiful thing. Being in the cool community, roleplaying, and noticing that some people out there like what I’m doing. 

I know I’m nothing in this world, but I never imagined a game could do something like that. 

I’m not going anywhere ; it was maybe the last Splatfest but I love my blog, my characters and the Splatoon universe and what we’re doing for it too much. 

But again, thank you. 

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Hi! I, for one, love 1D (the music) but I wouldn't blog about that. I blog about Larry because I want to show my support. I believe that Louis and Harry are comforted by us being here, by seeing that there are people who don't believe the lies.

Yeah, it’s a bit different from a straight up music fandom, because we are observing and commenting on a deeply unjust situation they’ve been in for a long time. That doesn’t mean that you are not also fans of them as musicians and as people.

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I totally get what you're saying about the lgbt+ stuff in RWBY and I agree it doesn't look good at this point, but I'm trying to be optimistic. Maybe as far as story boarding goes for volume four, maybe only one character realizes or is open about their sexuality, and other characters in later seasons? That's the only thing I can think of. Worst case scenario it's someone from the lesser known teams or doesn't have many lines and then dies this season. Hopefully not though.

Why does it take so long just to show that (in a world where LGBT+ prejudice is not a thing) characters are LGBT+??? It’s been FOUR seasons.

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Castle Apotheosis. How the hell did the Shepherds make it through that gauntlet? The group I was part of was decimated after the third wave of troops.

“If memory serves, I spent the better part of that battle waiting in the wings with a majority of the other Shepherds. Lady Lucina and the other future children saw most of the action, Lady Emmeryn took to the skies as a Falcon Knight to heal and rescue from the back lines, Lord Chrom and Sumia kept everyone involved well-supplied, and a pair of female Einherjar rallied.

In contrast to Robin’s usual tactics, Castle Apotheosis called for a far more offensive strategy. Formations of troops had to be set up, rallied, sent across the battlegrounds, and retrieved in the course of a very short amount of time. The aim was to strengthen every unit to their highest potential, strike hard at multiple targets, and quickly regroup to repeat the process. 

According to a few of the Shepherds who fought, this strategy proved useful in clearing out most of the enemy units on the field. Apparently, however, there was a group of Berserkers towards the end that caused them quite some trouble. 

Thinking back on it, I shudder to imagine what kind of maniac would conceive such a sadistic challenge. It’s almost as if they believed that the universe as we know it was coming to a complete and total end, and decided to throw out the most gruelling, conceivable gauntlet into the Outrealms to test all those who might believe themselves gifted in the art of warfare… 

Ah well. The very fact that our world keeps turning, and that Lord Owain, Severa, and Inigo have found their way to Hoshido and Nohr simply proves that grim assumption wrong.”


“Not strong enough to fly.”

AKA: My Favorite Running Theme In The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up:


“I’m never going to be able to make it to Neverland,” Peter whispered. “I’m not strong enough to fly.”

“Not strong enough to fly?” Pan repeated. “Well then, I’m going to have to fly for the both of us.”

Without further ado, he grabbed Peter beneath the arms and lifted him from the ground. Peter let out a loud scream…………He was tossed into the air. He realized just how light he was; Pan could throw him with ease. The cunning trickster did a backflip, swooping beneath the screaming boy. Peter landed on Pan’s back, throwing his arms around the older boy’s neck.


Peter quickly dropped the acorn button, racing towards the window. He jumped without fully thinking about the consequences of gravity.

Fortunately, two hands grabbed him beneath the shoulders. The air escaped his lungs. That had been close. He looked up, just as the other boy looked down. Peter and Pan exchanged smiles, before soaring towards the clouds. Pan let go of him, quickly doing a flip, so that Peter landed on his back. He wrapped his arms around Pan’s neck, daring to look down.


Peter balked before coming up with a plan. Granted, it wasn’t the best plan. It mostly involved jumping off of the side of the ship, and it wasn’t until he did so that he realized that he probably should have thought of a different plan.

Fortunately, the plan was not for naught. Two hands grabbed him beneath the arms, causing him to sigh with relief.

“Are you okay?” Pan asked.

“Fine,” said Peter, lying through his teeth.


Pan alternated between giving Peter a piggy-back ride and carrying him by the arms. Peter truly appreciated it. He didn’t think that he was going to be able to fly around the world on his own.


His eyelids began to droop. He should have rested longer; he wasn’t going to make it!

The stars were pushing him towards the ground. The clouds were wrapping themselves around his body, like heavy blankets. He just wanted to sleep.

He was falling…falling…falling…

Two hands grabbed him beneath the arms. Peter allowed himself to be flipped like a pancake and when he landed, he instinctively wrapped his arms around the thin neck.

And he snored in the twitching ear.

For old time’s sake.


The wind grabbed Peter’s hair as he stared at Pan. He was a silhouette against the pale moon, his face turned towards the stars.

It was then that Peter knew - he wasn’t going to be able to fly there on his own.

He gently called Pan’s name.

“I’m never going to be able to make it to London,” Pan whispered. “I’m not strong enough to fly.”

“Not strong enough to fly?” Peter repeated. “Well then, I’m going to have to fly for the both of us.”

And so he flew forward and grabbed the impish boy beneath the arms. It was a moment before Pan realized that he was flying. He smiled and Peter returned it.

“You know, I can just fly away,” said Pan.

“I know,” Peter said. “But you won’t.”

Pan wiggled out of his grasp, only to do a backflip, landing on Peter’s back. He wrapped his arms around Peter’s neck and mimicked a loud snore. The younger boy chuckled.

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What's wrong with being religious?

Nothing’s wrong with being religious, I just really doubt that’s the reason why Harry got that ring on his finger!