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Look I’m glad Tony gets to experience fatherhood vibes from mentoring Peter but it’s exhausting to see TONY getting another huge role in the mcu. Aside from the all the Avengers having most of focus on him, civil war became the stark show. And now homecoming. It’s annoying and tiring. I know that the team cap kids are ‘laying low’ since they didn’t sign the accords but honestly I would’ve enjoyed a movie with Sam Wilson or any avenger that barely gets attention but deserves it as Peter’s father figure way more.

Ya’ll, this Not Today MV got me thinking.

Imagine Jungkook is the second born to the Jeon family who runs the Kingdom. Even though Jungkook has a elder brother his father has talked about giving the kingdom to Jungkook since Junghyun has shown signs of being corrupt king. But unfortunately King Jeon didn’t know people in his council wanted JungHyun to be king so before the King could change who the kingdom falls too he ends up getting killed. Junghyun came into power at 15 so he was easily manipulated by council men and they even convince him that Jungkook was going to kill him. So Junghyun set out an order to kill Jungkook whose 13.

Before Jungkook could get killed. His mother calls upon her most trusted maid, Kim Heyrin, to take her son and run. So Jungkook meets Seokjin and Taehyung who are Kim Heyrin’s children as they run away. Before Jungkook leaves his mother gives him a letter that was written by his father along with the royal sign that says Jungkook was given the right of king. And pleads that Jungkook will grow up to be strong so he can take back the kingdom.

The kingdom goes to shit with in years, The gap between rich and poor is huge, some parts of the kingdom has no clean water, and royal guards are extremely abusive. And Junghyun is going to war against other kingdoms.

Heyrin does her best raising Jungkook along with her boys. She gets help from her black smith brother who trains the boys in how to fight, how to handle weapons (swords, guns, knifes) and how to make them. Heyrin teaches their education. Jungkook knows he’ll need to clean up his brothers mess, and when word comes that his brother killed their mother, Jungkook’s anger only gets stronger.

One night Jungkook comes home and notices how the home feels off. Jungkook grabs one of the kitchen knifes and slowly creeps through the house till he hears the soft clink of a box opening. Jungkook heads to his room and sees a male with pink hair opening his window and spots the royal letter his mom gave him in the males back pocket. The male just smiles at him before he hops out the window onto the roof.

“No.” Jungkook gasps chasing the other male. Jungkook can’t lose that letter! It’s his ticket back to take back the kingdom! So Jungkook chases the other male along roof tops. The male was faster considering he was carrying a bag full of items. In the chase Jungkook loses him and curses. But when he gets home and tells Taehyung about it, the boy joins him on the search.

Jungkook does find the pink hair male again and about kills him, if it wasn’t for a purple-pink hair male that jump him from behind. Taehyung ends up jumping in and everyone is fighting till they hear a gun shot. Everyone stops seeing a black hair male walking down the ally pointing gun at them. And thats how Jungkook and Taehyung stumble into a rebel army against Junghyun.

Jungkook is brought to a purple hair male who seems like the leader and the leader holds up the royal letter and Jungkook asks for it back. But the leader, Namjoon, refuses to and opens the letter. Jungkook and Taehyung look at each other in fear as the male reads  it over. “You’re the second son? You’re suppose to be dead.” And Jungkook ends up joining the rebel army along with Taehyung. Seokjin joins a bit latter when he learns.

Jimin, the pink hair male that stole from him, smiles as Jungkook glares at him. Jimin just smiles walking up and stealing Jungkook’s wallet. “You better learn some move, little prince.” Jimin says tapping Jungkook’s lips with the wallet. Jungkook turns and slams Jimin against the wall and grabs his jaw. “Don’t mess with me, thief. I can easily make you my bitch.” Jimin just snorts before tripping and flipping Jungkook over. Jimin pins him to the ground and holds a small butterfly knife to his neck. Jimin just smiles, “whose the bitch now?” then kisses his nose before rolling off and walking away. 

And they whole thing. Jungkook and the rebels ruining supply runs to the castle, Jimin stealing maps, they make weapons, learn about secret tunnels, learning about the corrupt council, smut, violence, some character death, Jungkook leading a rebel army to take down his brother. All that jazz.

Yeah, thats what I got out of Not Today lol.

quiet stroll through Marleybone
quiet stroll through Marleybone

Wear headphones for better sound! This is a 3D sound relaxing walk through Marleybone in Wizard101! I start in Regent’s Square, and then go to Barkingham Palace. Then I tour Digmoore Station, and stop by the Royal Museum. Finally, I take a peek inside the clockwork of Big Ben! The purpose of this is relaxation and nostalgia. Enjoy!

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What do you think Tk's version of Megalovania would sound like? just curious (it would be so awesome if someone out there actually made that!)


BTS Reaction: When their wolf chooses a human for a mate

A/N: this sounds like an awesome request!

Jin would be a bit confused on why his wolf choose a human, but he wouldn’t question it. He trusted his wolf and if this is what his wolf wanted he would follow his decision. Once he finally talked to you and got to know you he would completely understand the decision. Jin loved you and didn’t care if you were human, he loves you just the same.

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Yoongi would not give two shit if you were human or not. If his wolf choose you, his wolf choose you. He would’t heist to go up and talk to you. He will respect his wolf’s choice. Yoongi soon does end up with you as his mate and he’s not one to admit it, but it’s the happiest he’s ever been.

Originally posted by cyyphr

Namjoon would be the most confused out of this whole thing. He probably ask himself ‘why a human?’ It’s not that he didn’t like you it was just that he didn’t want to hurt you. To him you were like the most fragile piece of glass in the world. He soon got to know you and realize that you weren’t fragile like he thought and totally understood his wolf’s decision.

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Hoseok would be so excited about his wolf choosing a human mate. He really likes the idea of having different experiences and a human mate?! Oh boy Hobi would be jumping off the walls. When he finally does approach you he be so interested in what you would say to him.

Originally posted by yoongichii

Jimin would take one look at you and he be awestruck.He instantly understand why his wolf choose you, he even forget you were human for a moment. But you being human would not matter to him, he thought you were so beautiful and sweet when he talked to you. He was so happy with his wolf’s choice.

Originally posted by itschiminie

Taehyung couldn’t careless if you were human or wolf, you looked so adorable in his eyes and nothing could ever change that. He would 100% follow his wolf’s choice. And when he talked to you, oh jeez, he would be a nervous wreck because he was focusing on how pretty your eyes were or something like that. He loved how flustered you made him by just being yourself.

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Jungkook would catch your scent and instantly fall head over heels. Just your scent alone could bring this boy to your feet. Yes he realized it was a human scent, but that did not matter to him. Much like Hobi, he loved the fact that you were human to him it meant you both could find things out about each other together.

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The Flash!AU Nobody Asked For

ok ok I’m gonna need you to stop scrolling bc i’ve been binge watching the Flash like crazy and I was like, yanno, spence what if keith was the flash??? scarlet speedster, red paladin?? hELLO?? and now i have these headcanons i need to get off my chest and i’m typing really fast to get them all down so get your asses ready for the Flash!AU nobody fucking asked for but y’all are getting anyways oK lETS GO

  • so some backstory: Keith is a 20 year old uni student who goes to Garrison Tech, majoring in astronomy and mechanical engineering; he used to live with his adoptive older brother Takashi, but the latter went missing a few months prior to the Incident™, so now he lives on his own; growing up, he and Takashi lived on their own next to the Sanchez family, who practically adopted them as one of their own
  • he got his powers from a particle accelerator “accidentally” exploding at Altea Labs; he was hit with the blast while on his way to university and got his ass knocked into a coma for almost an entire year
  • he was transferred from the hospital to Altea Labs, seeing as the Sanchez family weren’t qualified to keep paying his medixal bills, seeing as they weren’t legally family (Mama Sanchez almost punched the doctor when they told her this?
  • when he finally woke up, Keith realized he wasn’t in any hospital, and that he was strapped down to a table; he tried to escape, only to end up blowing a hole through the side of a room he was being kept in
  • Pidge and Hunk, the only two lab techs who stayed at the labs even after it closed down, tried to calm him down, but Keith ended up running off somewhere before they could actually explain what had happened to him
  • after running into a few buildings and maybe destroying a bridge, Keith ends up at the Sanchez house, where he finds his childhood friend/mortal enemy, Lance; he’s about to get Lance’s attention and tell him that he’s here, that he’s somehow still alive, but he gets knocked out and hauled back to Altea Labs
  • this time when we wakes up, it’s not just Pidge and Lance with a tazer gun at the ready in case he tries to escape again, but the founder of Altea Labs, Alfor, is there
  • this time, they’re able to explain to Keith what actually happened; he got hit with the blast and his cells were altered at a molecular level, and now he can literally break the sound barrier, which would be really awesome and so so so amazing, except it’s n o t
  • Keith doesn’t want superpowers, he just wants to be normal, he wants to go to uni and graduate and he wants to pay off his debts to the Sanchez family and maybe marry Lance but he doesn’t want to be some superhuman
  • except now he doesn’t have a choice, because realtering his cells and take away what’s giving him powers would probably kill him, or at least render him useless in some way
  • so now, Keith is stuck with powers he doesn’t want and a secret he doesn’t need, but you know, it can’t be that bad - at least he doesn’t have to fight anyone, right?
  • w r o n g
  • shortly after Alfor and the two tech geeks tell him about his powers and start training him to control the Speed Force, these new mutants start popping up around the city; metahumans, people who were affected by the explosion in the same way he was, except they use their powers to commit crimes, and now Keith has this responsibility to stop them
  • at first, he absolutely refuses to fight them
  • don’t get him wrong, being a superhero sounds great, but there is no way in hell that he’s going up against a seven foot tall monster who can control freaking f i r e
  • but then, while making his way downtown (walking fast, walking faster) he sees the meta attacking a preschool - and not just any preschool, but the preschool where Lance works at
  • oh shit
  • Keith manages to rush into the preschool and save most of the afternoon class, but when he turns to make sure Lance is okay, he realizes that he’s not there
  • Lance had noticed that one of the children was still inside the building, about to be freaking m a u l e d by the metahuman, and rushed back in to save him without a moment’s hesitation
  • the child manages to run to safety, but Lance isn’t so lucky - he’s caught by the meta, and is being pounded into the wall
  • something snaps inside Keith, and he bolts into the preschool, beating the meta into next year (literally) saving Lance from dying (what a hero, what a man)
  • Lance, ofc, doesn’t remember the face of the “mysterious man” who saved him, bc yanno, why not
  • after almost seeing the love of his life Lance almost get killed by someone whose just like him, Keith relents; he goes back to Altea Labs, and agrees to help stop the corrupt metas who were created from the blast
  • “It was amazing! I swear I was going to die - Juan, this is all your fault by the way - but he saved me! Like, like a knight in shining armor! And a mullet! Saving the day in…in..” “In a flash?” “Yes! In a flash!”
  • and thus, the Flash was born

@ anon I will get you a longer answer when not at work but I generally oppose “gun control” as a vague goal for these reasons:

-I am a communist who believes in the necessity and possibility of revolution. While bloodless revolution sounds awesome, I doubt it would be a possibility almost anywhere.

-Most measures would fail due to the number of guns (well over 300 million) in the country already. Those not vulnerable to failure for that reason would usually not actually improve gun violence significantly. So I don’t think most if it would work with this many guns in the country already. The most effective way to end civilian gun crime would be to confiscate every gun in the country, but that would absolutrly not happen without massive, large scale civil war. When people talk about Australian style gun control they fail to understand that American gun owners are not going to willingly disarm, especially the most dangerous among them- white nationalists, etc.

-Disarming regular people and leaving a white supremacist police state armed to the teeth is not only morally repugnant but directly opposed to socialism as an ideology which aims to provide, as the adage goes, power to the people. That this is the long term goal of gun control should be clear based on many things, including how cops shooting civilians is never listed as a number to understand when learning about gun violence in the generic.

I am also an enthusiastic hobbyist and collector but that really is secondary. If the police state totally disarmed, I would be fine disarming the whole country in THEORY.

A Place to Call Home pt 8


Pairing: Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Wordcount: 5,007

Warnings: language

A/N: The part you’ve all been waiting for is here!! I have to apologize though, it’s not edited because I just finished it and wanted to get it up for you guys tonight. I have to thank @writing-obrien for helping me brainstorm and @thelittlestkitsune for reassuring me that it wasn’t crap. I will get it edited and update it once I do, but for now, here is part 8 of APTCH, I hope you like it!

UPDATE: This has now been edited thanks to the wonderful Lau ( @thelittlestkitsune) and I decided to change the gif to one more fitting even though it may kinda be a spoiler lol. 

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Maid of Honor (a Kyungsoo one shot)

You stood in front of your floor length mirror wearing the dress. This was the dress you would be wearing as your best friend, your better half, your soulmate, got married. You were the maid of honor. Hyunsoo. The person who was by your side through everything, your first love, your first heart break, her first love, her second, and third. You shared music and clothes and shoes and secrets. Everything. She was it. And she was irreplaceable.

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The DR2 boys(+ Mitarai) and their S/O having an EPIC BATTLE! And by epic battle I mean a game of mariokart over who gets the last piece of cake)

That… SOUNDS SO AWESOME! I would so do that with my friends to be fair haha

SDR2 Boys (And Mitarai) battling in MarioKart over the last piece of cake

Hajime Hinata:

- You were just laughing and eating cake

- But then…

- Both of you look down at the plate to find there is only one piece left

- “Hinata - kun”

- You look him dead in the eye before pointing to him

- “I challenge you to a duel. Winner takes all”

- He smirks and nods

- “Alright. What battle ground?”

- You let out a little laugh

- “Rainbow Road.” 

- “Oh you are going to regret this.”

Kazuichi Soda:

- He was good

- Too good

- You thought that maybe he modified his controller somehow

- So you had to use tactics of your own

- “Right turn!”

- You turned your hands and whole body right bumping into him

- “Wha-?! S/O that’s cheating!”

- You laugh as you continue turning

- “Not at all! I do this naturally!”

- By the end of the race the two of you are leaning against one another laughing

- “Alright, you win this race S/O…. But can I at least have one bite?”

Nagito Komaeda:

- Why did you challenge him in MarioKart?

- Big. Mistake.

- You forgot this boy has the most bs luck out there

- You thought you were doing pretty good, last lap, first place

- But then

- “Hm? What does a blue shell do? Oh well I’ll just throw it”

- “WAIT NO D-”

- It was too late, you instantly lost your lead and all you could do was watch Komaeda zoom past

- You just stare at the screen in disbelief as he quietly eats the cake

- “I guess… Luck was on my side this time, but please use this loss as a stepping st-”

- You put your hand over his mouth, you honestly don’t want another one of his hope speeches

Nekomaru Nidai:


- You thought challenging him to a game would be a good idea

- But it turns out you’re more likely to go deaf

- Also, you take a quick glance at his controller

- You could swear there’s cracks forming on it due to him holding it so tightly


- “I’m ahead of you Nidai - kun”

- “Say it like you MEAN IT!”

- You let out a small laugh


Gundham Tanaka:

- It took him a while to figure out the controls

- He kept muttering that this battle is unfair, he is the rightful owner of the cake

- Afterall, he will rule this world!

- But you kept insisting

- So he accepted your challenge

- As soon as he got an item, he would immediately throw it in front

- However, that plan backfired as he kept slipping on his own banana peels

- “This game… IT’S CURSED!”

- “Oh don’t be a sore loser Tanaka - kun!”

- You lean over and kiss his cheek before standing up and getting your prize

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu:

- He thought it was stupid

- Why would you fight over cake?!

- More importantly, why on a video game?!

- It’s not that he was scared of losing, he just though it was stupid

- … Yeah.

- *Lowkey trying his hardest whilst making it seem like he doesn’t care*

- He barely manages to finish first

- “Hah, what did I tell you?! It’s pointless to challenge me in a fight!”

- “Kuzuryuu - kun… I’m glad you had fun”

- You just smile at him as you hand him the cake

- I-Idiot, you should be mad at me for winning! Gh, you’re too adorable

Byakuya Twogami (Imposter):

- You honestly didn’t know what to expect

- When you challenged him, he told you he happily accepts

- Just give him 5 minutes to get ready

- The minute he walks into the room your jaw drops to the ground

- “Wh-What the hell?”

- “Well if you’re going to challenge me in a game I had to get into character!”

- “So you decided to dress up as Nanami - san?!”

- You know what I think it’s better if I leave it

- He wins.

- You can’t believe it but he wins

- “See, I told you all you need to do is get into character”

- Wh- Bu- H- Whaaaa?!”

- He smirks as he goes off to devour the cake

Teruteru Hanamura:

- This boy doesn’t really care who gets the cake

- He can easily bake another one

- But a race sounds fun!

- He spends a solid 30 minutes on the character selection screen, and eventually he settles for Princess Peach

- “Oh I see, did you pick her because of the stage we’re going on?”

- “… Of course”

- Not really, she just looked pretty

- At the beginning, he’s actually doing quite well

- “Look! I’m in 4th!”

- “Good going Hanamura - kun! However…”

- You smile as you hit him with a red shell and soon take the lead

- By the end he’s just clinging to you with tears in his eyes

- “Waaaaah! Everyone threw shells at me! That’s not how you treat a princess!”

- You can’t help but laugh as you comfort him

Ryota Mitarai:

- It was a miracle you managed to pull him away from his computer screen

- “Oh, there’s one piece left. You can h-”

- “Let’s fight for it, Mitarai - kun!”

- “Eh?!”

- You point to your console

- “MarioKart!”

- “But… I’m kind of bu-”

- You take his hand and look him in the eyes

- “Please?”

- For some reason, he can’t say no to you

- “Okay… But I haven’t played it in a while… Just saying”

- You smile as you squeeze his hand and kiss his cheek

- It was a really close game, but he still managed to beat you

- “Uwah… That’s amazing Mitarai - kun! You defeated me with a banana peel in the last second!”

- “Haha… Yeah I did, but, you can still have the cake if you want”

- Why is this boy so pure omg

joshlerenna: ch. 1

“would you like a threesome, josh?” mwahaha 

ch. 2 will actually involve jenna and more smut 


“hey um, josh?” tyler mewled, sounding like he wanted something. josh has known tyler long enough to know what he sounded like when he wanted a favor. 

“what would you like, tyler?” josh asked, thinking it would be another idea for the live show. he loved pushing josh’s comfort zone, and this is exactly how he sounded when he asked josh to play the trumpet. and to do the drum line. yeah, it was nothing like that. 

“i want you to bang my wife. in front of me.” tyler came right out with it like it was the most casual thing in the world. like ripping off a band-aid. josh stared at him dumbly, thinking he was playing some cruel joke. maybe jenna was hiding somewhere, or he was recording it on his phone to let her listen. 

“you…you want me to have sex with jenna?” josh stuttered, clearly taken aback. he started bouncing his knee, a telltale sign that he wasn’t too sure how to respond. 

“come on man, chill. it’s no big deal. so are you in?” tyler shrugged, grinning like a kid. tyler had an idea josh would react like this at first, but also knew he was lowkey down with it. if josh had a super active sex life, he wasn’t showing it. tyler knew that for a man like him in his twenties with that body and face, it was a sin to not be having tons of hot, sweaty sex. he just wanted to include josh in that part of his life. 

“so, will it be a threesome, or are you just going to watch? also, does jenna even know about this?” josh began questioning, still wary. he didn’t know why he was feeling this way. tyler’s pranked him before, but never with something so big. tyler smiled happily once he seen josh warming up to the idea. 

“it’s my wife, she does as i say.” tyler spat. josh gave him an appalled look, and tyler literally cackled. “i’m kidding josh, please, relax. of course she knows, and she said as long as you’re cool with it, she is. and it’s my fantasy, so you don’t even have to worry about me. as far as the threesome, i want the first time to mainly be you and her with me watching. then if you want to try some stuff, we can make out and go from there. what would you like the threesome to be like?” tyler asked, wanting some of josh’s input. he was really curious how far josh was willing to go. 

“jenna’s cool with me banging her? wow, i had no idea. i always got the vibe she just liked me as a friend. and yeah, making out with you sounds awesome. i would be more comfortable if jenna was in control and directing the whole thing. i’d probably rather her be on top.” josh explained. his face heated up at the images of threesomes in his mind. he tried to turn a little because his cock was already swelling and he didn’t want tyler to see how eager he was for all this to happen. his and tyler’s relationship has always been platonic, with little spices of flirting and touching here and there. there was actually lots of sexual tension, just never crossing any boundaries that would lead to something. he felt both liberated, and relieved he’d no longer be the 3rd wheel. 

“of course she is, jeez! have you not seen her checking you out, especially when you’re all shirtless with those shorts riding so dangerously low on your hips? even i can’t ignore that. you’ll be a fucking hot addition to our marriage. we’ll talk with jenna tomorrow. also, i can see you trying to hide that boner, josh. you’re not fooling me. would you like to practice the making out now, maybe?” tyler asked a really antsy looking josh. 

“you guys talked about this a lot, huh?” josh asked, grinning. the fact that his hot friends were checking him out and talking about getting him in bed, probably while post-coitus, turned him on more than it should. “yes, tyler. let’s make out! can you imagine how crazy our fans would go if they knew this? with the fan fic…” josh joked as tyler scooted right up to him on the couch and wrapped his arm around him. tyler didn’t say anything, just stared at josh and brought his face closer while closing his eyes and puckering his lips. josh melted at the sight and closed the distance, kissing his closed lips slowly and softly. josh felt tyler exhale through his nose and kept still, lips parting a little, and josh parted his lips and pressed them to his. his cock literally twitched when when tyler sucked his bottom lip and slid his tongue over it, and he let a moan slip. his eyes shot open to see tyler smiling lazily at him. 

“fuck, tyler. you’re a good kisser. your lips are amazing.” josh confessed, and tyler giggled softly. 

“thanks, you too. c’mere” tyler said before attacking josh’s lips again, pulling him closer by his neck and really leaning into it. josh loved feeling tyler’s wet lips on his, his tongue pushing into his mouth, and his warm body crowding him. as they passionately made out while holding each other close. it was only serving to exacerbate josh’s problem. he didn’t try to check, but from tyler’s whimpers and how desperate he was sounding, he knew tyler had a problem as well. 

“do you, want to uh maybe, dryhumpmetilwebothcum?” tyler asked quietly, trying not to push josh too much. 

“i’m sorry ty, what did you say?” josh asked, smirking at tyler’s sudden bashfulness.  

“we can grind on each other. that’s part of making out, right?” tyler asked, fingers toying with the curly hairs on the nape of josh’s neck. 

“it’s a little more second base i think, but yeah” josh answered, pushing tyler onto his back. josh rubbed himself through his shorts, adjusting his erection before rubbing tyler through his skinny jeans. “are these gonna get in the way?” josh asked, unbuttoning tyler’s jeans. tyler just nodded, too breathless and shaky from how aroused he was. josh pulled them down his thighs, and tyler lifted his hips, then feet so josh could get them all the way off. he settled between tyler’s thighs, finally letting his bulge touch tyler’s. a jolt of pleasure shot through both of them, causing tyler to buck his hips and josh to grind down on him. they moaned together, and josh dipped in to lick and suck the hot, tanned skin on tyler’s throat as his head tilted back. 

“feels so good, josh” tyler moaned as josh continued marking up his neck. tyler bucked his hips up towards the friction while running his hands up and down josh’s back under his hoodie to feel bare skin and muscles. josh started out grinding on tyler fairly slow, but picked up the pace as tyler’s sounds got more desperate. he was back to kissing tyler’s lips again, tongues sliding together once again. 

“you c-close, ty? i’m close” josh mumbled into the crook of tyler’s neck. 

“yessss josh, oh my god. just don’t stop” tyler whined, meeting josh’s aggressive thrusting and relishing in his sex noises. he focused on the pressure of josh’s cock pressed against his, josh’s weight on top of  him, and how josh nipped at his tongue with a particularly good thrust. tyler moaned loudly as his body threatened to give in. the only thing he could say exuberantly was joshjoshjoshjosh while tapping josh’s back. 

“go ahead tyler, we’ll go together. i’m ready” josh cooed, thrusting harder in anticipation. tyler held is hips up, letting josh continue grinding him until his cock started spurting and wetting the front of his briefs. josh released at the same moment, cumming hard while rolling his hips slower and giving little panting moans. tyler watched josh’s face as he came as his cock gave another spurt. 

“oh my godddd aaaahh” tyler groaned embarrassingly loud. josh collapsed on top of him for a moment, and tyler kissed josh’s neck while rubbing his back. 

“you’re incredibly seductive, you know that, tyler?” josh asked, shifting to an upward position to peel off his clothes. 

“well you’re incredibly good with your hips” tyler retorted, knowing it had to do with his rhythm and drumming abilities. it was actually pornographic, the way he naturally knew how to add just the right amount of pressure and speed. 

“i guess because i’m a drummer? and drummers know how to bang things with sticks.” josh joked, knowing it sounded beyond nerdy. 

“we should change our clothes though, and hide these at the bottom of the laundry. we don’t need the others seeing our cum stains” tyler said, adding his clothes to josh’s pile and rooting through his bag for fresh clothes. seeing each other naked and getting dressed was nothing new. but it’s safe to say they have officially crossed out of the friendzone by making each other cum. 

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Or how about Victor who has a twin sister, Viktoria whom is the reason why Victor started a Mafia in the first place :00

That would be cool!!! OuO
It’s not
how my Mafia AU works XD

Supernatural Headcanons

Shiro ~

• Hear me out , I believe Shiro would be a Centaur.

• They’re also very free ( horses.) and I want my space daddy to be free and happy and so healthy you have no idea my pain rn.

• bUt a BIONIC HORSE LEG– even if he has an arm still it sounds like an awesome idea.

• He would be the one with like the scroll and coughs to interrupt an argument and reads it out loud.

Keith ~

• He’s Galra so .. maybe a werewolf?! ;0

•He would totally be a werewolf , not one that just comes out full moon , just a werewolf.

• He’d try to be a nice werewolf but boy oh boy is he isolated.


Lance ~

• Mermaid. That’s all , he’s a beautiful little mermaid.


• jk humans are cool too . If they fish with nets or lines (Fishpoles) he really pulls out his coral knife and cuts it. Around the area he’s named ’ A fishy thief , thinking he’s probably a shark.

• Lance is the most sparkly mermaid , sparkly blue tail with a sand dollar necklace and fishnets decorating his tail

• He’s the type of mermaid with fins as his ears and they flap a little when he’s excited or super happy.

Hunk ~

• I really wanted to make him a Unicorn .. but .. let’s make Hunk a pretty Satyer

• Lets ignore that Satyer have been described to have permanent erections.

• He’s a beautiful Satyer okay.

• He’d be the Satyer to go visit Lance daily while most are afraid of merpeople in general. They’re bffs

•His pipes are birch wood decorated with vines and flowers. He’s a very good musician!

• He would totally be the one to make flower crowns for the tree nymphs and fairies

• 10/10 beauty . Lovable . Nature boy.

Pidge ~

p> • she’s a fairy .

• The type of fairy that will be all nice and sweet , also very intelligent that can be a killing MACHINE in 2.5 seconds.

• She’s not the small type , she’s one that can shift back and forth ( Her wings also grow.)

• She HATES when humans(or other creatures ) get her people or capture pictures of herself. Like privacy , wtf

• pls love her .

possible spoilers for 2x14 😩

jace and alec walk into each other at the institute in the early morning hours:

jace: yo bro
alec: morning
jace: so were have you been, young man??
alec: at?? at my boyfriends???
jace: cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool
jace: you’re not gonna ask me where i was?
alec: not sure i wanna know,,,
alec *gay sigh*: where have you been jace?
alec: magnus’ friend i have yet to meet? whom i should probably meet? bc she sounds awesome and we would probably be the ultimate brotps but for SOME reason we haven’t met yet?
jace: ,,,,, yeah?
alec: oh cool. be safe. and spare me the details of your straight person nasty.
jace: alec you don’t understand, i think i’m in love
alec: by the angel
jace: i want to marry her
alec: goodnight jace
jace: i’m gonna write her a sonnet about her hair and her eyes and shit

it’s intriguing to imagine the myths you could tell an Iron Age tribe that would actually be correct as well as sounding awesome, like:

humans and apes share a common ancestor, and further back share an ancestor with all mammals, bird, reptiles, fish, and ultimately all living things.

the Earth is over four billion years old.

each of the fixed stars in the sky is another sun like our own.