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Okay so this is kinda random but I had a dream the other night that I was watching an animated Rhett and Link movie (they were in space and Barbara was lost on Mars or something), and while watching I kept thinking to myself “Dang, this style looks so familiar!” So the credits start rolling and I saw your name! It was your movie! :D When I woke up I was so upset that it wasn’t real….

Oh wow, that sounded like a really awesome dream! I would love to watch that movie~ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
And oh my gosh, I’m so surprised I was a part of your dream wow ;o; !!
I’m sadly not an animator, so I made this movie poster kind of thing about your dream. Thanks a whole bunch for sharing your dream with me, I got so inspired to draw something to it ♥

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I hope you keep doing dumb_RWBY comics so that Miles and Kerry will eventually employ you as a part of RoosterTeeth. I think about that a lot since that's how Ray got into AH, by being active in the community.

I’m going to keep drawing ‘em until the series ends or until I run out of ideas.

(Also being employed at RoosterTeeth sounds like it would be awesome.) 

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Wait, they might remaster RWBY volumes 1 through 3 in the new engine? That sounds awesome, I don't get why people would complain.

It’s just a small comment Lindsay made in the Always Open post show that they’d been “kicking around the idea” 

And people complain because of course they do lol. 

sO i’m going to be running on like….. 3 hours of sleep for the rest of the day
and i don’t???? regret it bc guess who feels better about her everything???

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An everymaes blog sounds awesome! I was actually wondering when someone would start one! (But if you think you might not be able to handle running a blog like that, then don't push yourself!) What series do you think you'd do?

I’ve been thinking about it for a while but a post I saw reminded me of. I think it will be a lot of fun to run. However I am extremely worried because I’m not funny XD I really want to have be able to have a fanart system too like everygreed has. Though I’m not very good with memes, sadly XD

Actually I’m planning on doing the manga, 03, Brotherhood and CoS (I really want to see Maes in the Scared Star of Milos style but that won’t happen, sadly) hopefully if I do go through with CoS no one will give hate to him or me. People get really defensive. In thinking about doing one at a time but that might be boring so I may do a few anime shots here and there when I do the manga.

Thank you for asking!

Okaaaay, so here’s the Rubberdoop song! :0 (and here’s the post I made about it a few days ago)

I actually finished the song a few hours after I wrote that post, but I haven’t had the time to actually record and upload it before now… :’))) When I look at it in retrospect it could work with a lot of ships, which is even better yo 8)

Another thing: I can’t actually sing the song as low as I’ve written it, but I gave it my best lol :’) If anyone who can actually sing it this low wants to cover it so it actually sounds good, that would be AWESOME, as long as you credit me of course haha <3

Hope you like it!!!

Lyrics and ukulele chords under the cut:

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YOU NEED TO MAKE A SONG COMIC WITH "NIGHTMARE". Maybe, not the whole song, but with the main part: "We're only kids who lost our way, but if we wait long enough, we'll be saved." - "It's only a nightmare, soon we'll be set free." IT SOUNDS LIKE IT WOULD LOOK AWESOME.

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So I've been following you for some time but have just recently come across the arrow+incorrect quote sets and literally can not stop scrolling, liking, and laughing. I've honestly never seen anything else so brilliant. If I could follow you again just for that, I would. Anyways, that concludes this slightly stalkerish sounding messages. Keep up the awesome work ;)

Awh, thank you! :)

I love making the incorrect quote things, they’re easy and hilarious. It’s a win-win. I have a ton of stuff lined up to be posted in the coming week, Text Posts, incorrect quotes, recaps, valentines day cards, etc. So be on the look out for more of them!

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I just heard your composition "The Unicorn and Huntsman" and it's amazing! I want to hear it performed with live instruments, I think it would sound awesome. anyway you're a rly great composer and ily

Thank you:) that really means a lot because I’ve been feeling kind of ashamed of that piece

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Can I request a j2 fic with spanking and rough sex ? Thank you. Congrats on the milestone, that's pretty awsome.

Absolutely! I’d LOVE to try writing J2! (Lemme hug you for this request, darling! <3)

But one request equals one pairing with one kink, so which kink would you rather chose? Spanking or rough sex? (Both sound pretty awesome!)

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1.5k Followers Celebration (I’m writing for you, guys, but no Reader Inserts!)

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Oh! AU Aesthetics!! That sounds awesome and I would love to take part in it. I think it would be cool to see an aesthetic of Jack and Wiishu in a sorta magic-y AU. I'm thinking a bit like the BBC One show Merlin. Lots of cool things to work with in that series. ahaha

I’ve actually never seen that (but I looked up screencaps so hopefully I did okay<3) I used a few things from the show but it’s mostly just magic-y/medieval/fairy tail type stuff! (I had this idea that Signe is a part fae warrior princess and Sean is a wizard that falls in love with her and becomes her adviser and I’m getting really ramble-y so I’m going to stop~) Also Sean is a ginger for some reason but I love it. Anyway here you are Dani!!  ⇢

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I put weird things in the microwave such as sharpies highlighters peeps various other things why you might ask cause I want to blow up my microwave

I would say you’re a fucking idiot



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*flops down* I managed to scrounge up enough wifi to submit a thing to the ashlesha art thing, thanks for rebageling that eleventh hour reminder or else I would have never known about it.


If there’s one thing I will always be good at, it’s reminding people about things so much they can’t possibly forget <3 (Some people call it annoying, I call it helpful)


Hey there, if ships are still open could I possibly have one? Riverdale or Teen Wolf, I don’t mind :) I’m British, with midlength brunette/auburn hair and brown eyes. I’m around about 5"5’, and listen to Lana Del Rey, Halsey and Panic! At The Disco a lot. Thanks lovely 


Thank you lovely 😊 

I’m going to give you a teen wolf ship.  Hope you don’t mind!

Teen Wolf: I ship you with:

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Let’s just say that the entire pack is in love with you.  They are all so happy that Scott found someone, after Allison.  Stiles being around Scott as much as he is, expect him to be obsessed with your accent.  “It just sounds so awesome.  I want one.” Scott would totally be over protective over you because the whole gang wants to hang out with you. “She is my girlfriend!”

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Hey, I love your blog and hmmmm send you anything? Well, I woke up with my cat's butt in my face... Oh! and random fact of my day? I had breakfast with drag queens and shoved dollars down their drag cleavage after they sang shania twain... you should visit orlando sometime. Hope this makes you feel better ;D

I feel you with the cats butt in the face. My cat refuses to lay on my chest facing my head. That sounds like an awesome breakfast. I would LOVE to meet some drag queens. Last nighr I went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show and the guy playing Dr frank held my face for a while. OH! and before the show his boyfriend proposed. I was front and center for the whole thing, it was beautiful. Remembering it makes me happy ❤😍