it would shred your face off

V(Taehyung) Smut/ Lemon

You stared incredulously at the hectic mess that was yourapartment. You dropped your keys in astonishment; if you hadn’t seen ablank-faced V in the midst of the wreckage, then you would have been convincedyou were robbed.

The pop star was sitting on the hardwood floor, shirtless and in jeans, covered with something that seemed to be the remnants of feathers from a pillow. Papers had been scattered, a ceramic pot had been broken, and the garbage from your kitchen had been strewn about. You honestly didn’t want to know about the pillow, but there it was, shredded in V’s lap. Your shock melted quickly into anger.

“Taehyung, what…” your voice trailed off in fury. You tried again. “What happened here?” You enunciated your words slowly.

He was staring at you, the blank façade wavering between panic and guilt.

“The cat got your pillow, and I tried to catch her, but…” he explained softly, not sure how to gauge your reaction. “I love you,” he offered, unable to continue to defend himself. Honestly, you found it very hard to stay mad at him for very long at all. Ever. The blinding rage you had been feeling was already fading. He looked really cute, actually. His nose kept twitching because a feather was on it, but he didn’t dare make a move to actually remove said feather.

You finally broke down and grinned at him. You hadn’t seen your boyfriend for two months while he was out of the country, and you didn’t want anger to ruin your long-awaited meeting. Besides, you were hoping for other, more sexual, things.

“I love you, too,” you returned.

After removing your shoes, you walked up to him, treading carefully. He was mirroring your dopey smile (though with more relief) and finally removed the unwelcome feather from his nose. You knelt down in front of his half-naked figure, only hesitating for a second before jumping at him for a hug.

While returning your eager embrace, V traced quick, light kisses on your neck. You could feel him smiling still. You returned the kisses along his jaw happily. When you got to his chin, you pulled away to look at him.

“I missed you, Tae,” you murmured. A small bit of the loneliness you had felt from the past two months filtered into your voice.

He brushed your nose with his own in return. “I missed you too, Jagi.”

Finally, you pressed your lips against his. He returned your kiss, and it turned slow and gentle. You suggestively nipped his lip as his hands roamed your back.

“Jagi,” V almost purred, his lips lightly brushing against yours. You skimmed his chest lightly with your fingertips and rested your hands against his ribs. You smirked against his mouth, and a momentary, aroused expression flashed across his face.

“I love you,” you grinned softly with a sing-song lilt.

“Wha—” V was cut off when you suddenly attacked him with ferocious tickles. He laughed madly and unwillingly, doing everything he could to wrestle your hands away from his ribs. You yanked your arms away from him, rolling into a standing position. You skittered towards the hallway to your room, fully intending to shut yourself in and not let him follow you. While your flustered boyfriend scrambled to his feet, you skillfully slid on a piece of fallen paper to aid in your escape. You heard V gaining on you, which caused you to giggle furiously while you shuffled on the hardwood floor in your socks.

His footsteps were right behind you. The bedroom was so close, but you knew you weren’t going to make it. You wrist was grabbed, and the force of the stop yanked you backwards into V’s arms. He snaked his aforementioned arms over yours, holding you against him. He lifted you a little bit to make your struggling more manageable.

“That was really mean, Jagi,” he growled playfully in your ear while you squealed. The proximity of his mouth was sending tingles through your spine. He grazed his teeth over your earlobe, making you gasp from surprise.

“Do I have your attention?” V whispered. You could hear the promise in his voice. He whipped you around to face him, adjusting his hold on you. He was restraining your hands with his own. He moved towards you, pushing you against the wall and pinning your wrists on either side of your head. There was a black lust darkening his chocolate eyes. You looked into them with a nervous excitement, noticing his teeth worrying his lower lip.

V lowered his face to yours. You moved to meet him expectantly, but he dodged to one side, laying kisses against your jaw. He moved down to your neck, slowly biting and sucking as he went. He stopped at your collarbone, feeling your breath already getting heavier. He brought his head back up and kissed you hard. You opened your mouth slightly, silently begging him to use his tongue. It didn’t go unnoticed.

While he ran his tongue along your lower lip, V lowered your hands to your sides. He lightly nipped your lip and pulled away from you a little bit.

“Don’t move these,” he ordered softly, squeezing your wrists for emphasis. You nodded carefully. Satisfied with your reply, he used one hand to rub your side and the other to rub your thigh. You silently thanked yourself for putting on a short skirt that was easy to maneuver hands through. He cupped one of your breasts when his lips found your neck again, causing you to bite your lip. You had missed this so much…

V hiked up your shirt; it was tight enough to rest on top of your breasts, which he let it do. He made sure to touch every bit of skin that had been exposed by this action. He let out a quiet growl of approval as he touched you, and then he brought himself to his knees. Your breathing hiked up in excitement as you felt him plant kisses on your stomach. His tongue drew little circles on your navel, and he started to rub your thighs again. He moved his fingers up the fabric of your skirt and started to pull down once he reached the waistline of it (you were once again thankful, as your skirt had an elastic waistband.) The garment fell to the ground unceremoniously.

“Spread your legs,” V commanded quietly. You obliged his orders self-consciously. He dragged his middle finger over the wet spot in the fabric of your underwear, smirking with very embarrassing satisfaction.

“Tae,” you whimpered. Your hands were clenching in anticipation. He glanced up at you with a warning look that said don’t push me. He kissed the insides of your thighs with a torturously slow upward motion. You braced yourself against the wall, praying that he would start soon. He blew on your sensitive spot when he reached the apex of your legs, and it made your knees weak. You let out a squeak at the sudden cool air. He teased you relentlessly, only kissing the fabric above your clit and playing with the hems of your underwear. You moaned lightly in frustration, and you felt another smirk on his mouth.

V started to rub slow, gentle circles over your clit with his thumb. Your legs trembled slightly at the welcome friction, and your breathing lost all sense of rhythm for a couple seconds. He kissed your stomach lightly while he slid your underwear down, now rubbing directly on your skin. He gave you a moment to step out of your skirt and underwear. He replaced his fingers with the tip of his tongue, restarting his circles with a quicker pace. He eased a finger inside you, and you welcomed it with another moan. He kept this up for a bit, slowly increasing his speed and finally adding another finger inside of you.

You felt your core tightening, preparing for release. You were panting and moaning at this point, with slurs resembling V’s name mixed in with the sounds. He pressed more of his tongue against your clit, covering more of your skin. You were close to finishing, and, without your knowledge or consent, your hands moved to V’s hair. He continued his ministrations, so you thought that there wasn’t going to be a punishment.

You were wrong.

He kept going, pumping and licking even faster. When he felt your walls clench against his fingers, he pulled out and away from you, leaving you winded and wanting.

“Tae, please,” you begged. He stood, giving no indication that he was going to let you finish yet. You decided that you were going to finish yourself off, but before your fingers could make any contact, he held your hands against the wall again. His mouth was glistening with you. Your eyes darted away from his lips; you were too embarrassed to look.

“Go to your bed and sit,” he ordered. He released your hands, and you started to walk away to the bedroom. You looked behind you to see how soon he was going to follow. He had glanced downwards at your discarded clothes, using his thumb to wipe some of you away from his lips. He caught you gawking in embarrassment, and he pointedly licked his lips with a half-smile. You hurried into your room after that, self-consciousness raging through your body.

You sat gingerly on the edge of your bed. The wetness between your legs made you slightly uncomfortable, but the feeling was alleviated when you saw your shirtless V walk into the room. As he got closer to you, he unbuttoned his jeans. After pulling off your shirt completely, he unclipped and removed your bra. He began to pull his pants off, and while he did, he told you to lie down. You followed his orders once again. You felt yourself throbbing lightly from need.

V stood over you, his cock solid and ready to go. Your body felt heated up again. He grabbed and lifted your legs, pulling you towards him. He rested at your entrance, and rested a hand at your abdomen. His thumb hovered above your clit tauntingly.  

“Hands above your head,” he said softly. After you complied, he slammed into you full force, earning him a cry of surprise. He rested there for a moment, circling your clit once again in a silent effort to apologize. He started to move then, perfectly in sync with his hand. He kept pumping in you at a steady, quick pace. You had already started to sweat from his attacks in the hallway, but now it was worse.

You felt yourself climbing once again, and you wanted him to go faster. You didn’t dare say anything, though, for fear of having him do something in punishment again. Your hands were clutching at the sheets underneath them. You closed your eyes as you grew close to orgasm, but, once again, V pulled away from you. Feeling hollow and hurt, you looked up at him again.

“Please,” you whined. You resisted the urge to move your hands again, though it was very difficult. You bit your lip to restrain more whimpers and scooted yourself farther up the bed. Finally, he climbed on top of you and kissed you hard. He ran his fingers up and down your sides, full of want. You kissed him with equal fervor, and when you grabbed his back, he didn’t stop you. The two of you breathed heavily, and you felt your body heat regaining its fire almost tiredly.

V gripped your hips and rolled the two of you over.

“Jagi,” he murmured, “ride me.” He pulled your thighs around him in time with his demand. After another kiss, you righted yourself and hovered over him. You lowered yourself onto him, reveling in the fullness. He bit his lip as he hissed in satisfaction, and he began to rock your hips in the rhythm he wanted you to go.

You matched the speed that V set for you, but then you speed up just a little bit to see if it was okay. V’s hips moved in time with yours, ensuring you that you were doing the right thing.

As you rocked even faster, your fingers found his sculpted stomach gratefully. His hands were rubbing your thighs, roughly grabbing them every so often. For the third time, you felt a fiery knot build up within you. The rhythm you had established was spiraling into something quick and violent. V’s grunts and pants mirrored your moans, the latter growing higher in pitch as you came close to orgasm.

With a final “Taehyung!”, you came hard around him, shudders rocking your body as you braced your arms on his chest.

“[F/N]!” V called out breathlessly, slamming you down on him as he flooded you. The two of you laid there for a bit, catching your breath. He rolled you once again so you were both lying on your sides. He moved your hair out of the way of your neck. He kissed a spot underneath your ear slowly and gently, brushing his fingertips along your hips.

“I love you, Jagi,” he murmured against your skin. You felt him smile again, and he nipped you playfully. You giggled with him and snuggled up to his chest, and he hugged you close.

“I love you, too.”

While you laid there, you breathed in his scent. You’d missed him a lot.

“We need to clean the front room,” you murmured with a sleepy smile on your face. You knew he wasn’t going to do anything right now.

“Noooooo,” he protested, squeezing you tightly.

You ended up falling asleep like that, and you didn’t wake until dinnertime.

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