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Hey Mythical Artists!!! @emilythemythical @polaroidneal and I are creating a cool Mythical Coloring Book!!! We would love and appreciate if yall would love to participate!!!

We want this to not only be a fun fandom project for all the artists, but also be a chance to get together and create something special for Rhett and Link that symbolizes a simple yet special event, that ended up bringing them together!!! (Coloring Mythical Beasts when they met in first grade) :3

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Dirty Little Secret //Draco Imagine//

Requested by: @ignitorwriter

Request: Hi, I just wanted to tell you that you are a really talented writer I am so addicted to reading all your content. Can you do a Draco Malfoy imagine where the relationship between him and a Hufflepuff is a secret. Then after Slytherin wins the championship he kisses the reader in the stands and the aftermath. Lots of fluff and sweetness please! SUPER BIG hug and thank you if you write this!

Warnings: none

Pairing: Draco x reader

A/n: this request is adorable!! I had so much fun writing it!! Thank you for requesting it!! I tried really hard on this one so I hope it shows lol! Also thank you so much for reading my imagines and complimenting my writing!! It means so much to me!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!


Most people hide their secrets in the darkness. They push them into the corner of themselves where the shadows and blackness consume them. They hide them in places no other would think of, somewhere only their imagination reaches and there, they are safe. They are unnoticed, untouched, and invisible. Unlike most people, you only had one secret. One dirty little secret that was better off left untold. And unlike most people, you hid it in the light. You hid it in the places people thought of daily, the brightest corridors and rooms and yet somehow, you managed to keep it invisible to everyone else. As risky as it was to keep such a secret out in the openness of the light, you couldn’t bare to push it into the darkness. You couldn’t bare to see something made of light itself, succumb to the darkness it was expected to live in. It didn’t deserve that. He didn’t deserve that. Your secret was a bit more complicated than most but that made it all more of a secret. Your secret had a heart, lungs and two eyes that sparkled like the water of the ocean. He had hair like ice in the winter and lips as soft and pink as rose petals, and his name was Draco Malfoy.


A soft glow of light shone through the glass of the Slytherin boys dormitory and illuminated the room in a silky golden glow and in that light, was your dirty little secret, right where he should be. He laid beside you on one of the hunter green beds, propped up on his elbow with his ocean blue eyes glued to your less vivid ones. His slender finger wound a strand of your silky hair around it and without breaking his courteous stare, he pushed it behind your ear and let his fingers trail themselves down your jawline until they hung at your chin.

“You’re so beautiful.” he spoke, the words barely even escaping his lips but you heard them. You always heard him, even when he wasn’t talking.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” You replied, lifting your palm to his cheek and running the palm of your thumb over the lips you knew so well. A smile pulled at the corner of his lips and you felt him sink into your touch, his cheek pushed against your palm and his eyelids fluttered closed, a content sigh barely brushing through his nostrils. “Draco?” Your voice was soft and for a moment you didn’t know if he had heard you or not but after a second, he opened his eyes again, a soft hum rattling in his throat. “Have you ever– do you ever want to tell people about me?”

“Do I ever want to tell anyone about you?” Draco bit the inside of his bottom lip as he pushed himself up only to let himself back down with each of his hands on either side of your shoulders. His disheveled hair fell towards you and into his face as he hovered over you. “Do I ever want to tell anyone about you?” a quiet laugh echoed in his throat. “Baby, I want to tell every single person I know. I want everyone to know that you are mine and I want everyone to know that you are the happiness behind my smile and the twinkle in my eye. I want to scream it to the entire world. I want every single person alive, muggle or not, to know that I am in love with Y/n Y/l/n.”

Draco lowered himself to your neck where his lips attached themselves to your soft skin and his alabaster hair tickled your chin. Your fingers wrapped themselves into his silky white hair and your eyes fluttered shut as he tenderly took your skin between his teeth and sucked a bruise no bigger than a quarter onto your clear complexion. He lifted his head, a smile plastered on his pretty lips. “Mine.” was all he said before letting himself fall once more, this time onto your own lips. He tasted sweet and warm and like everything you wanted to taste. When he pulled himself away, the warmth of his lips lingered you felt it in every inch of your body. Even your fingertips flared with the warmth he had given you.

“Will you come to the Quidditch game tonight? I know you don’t usually like to watch them but it’s the championship and it would really mean alot to me if you come.” Draco rolled himself off of you and sat beside you. He rested his hands in his lap even though he wanted nothing more than to run his fingers over every square inch of your body. You propped yourself up on the pillow and sighed.

“Yeah…I’ll come. But that better mean you win.” You warned him and Draco laughed.

“With you there, I have no doubts.” Draco smiled and leaned forward, placing a quick kiss on your forehead. “I have to go get ready for warm ups…You’d better get back to the common room before people come back.”

“Okay….I love you.” You kissed the corner of his lips as you slid off the bed and moved the the doorway, a soft “I love you too” following you out.


A cool breeze brushed past your red cheeks and even with your Hufflepuff hat on, your ears were still cold. You had buried your fingers into your sweatshirt and watched with anticipation as a Slytherin chaser zoomed towards one of the goal hoops. You held back a cheer as it went passed the Gryffindor keeper and flew into the hoop. You could see Draco, high above the others with his fist in the air and a cheer on his lips. You could only imagine how pink his cheeks were up there and how red the tip of his nose may be.

About two hours later, Slytherin was losing by a lot. Gryffindor had a good keeper and two determined beaters and Slytherin just couldn’t seem to keep up.

“Looks like Gryffindor is about to take the steal again! Just like first year, remember that Y/n?” Hannah laughed and you nodded.

“Sure does…” Your breath hung in front of you as you watched the field intensely. You sucked in a quick breath as all of a sudden Draco began diving towards the ground, his blond hair flapping behind him and his Quidditch robes flew wildly in the wind.

“Oi, what’s he doing?” Hannah spoke again but this time you didn’t respond. You gripped a handful of your sweatshirt in your fingers and bit your lip, watching as your secret boyfriend pulled his broom flat.

The stadium was filled then with the loud roars of cheering and howling of witches and wizards and in the middle of all of it, was Draco, the golden snitch clutched tightly in his fingers.

“Slytherin wins the championship!”

The players descended and Draco was engulfed in the arms of each and everyone of them as they thanked him and applauded him.

“Look, they’re running onto the field,” Hannah pointed to the field where you saw a crowd of people, some from Ravenclaw, some from Gryffindor and even some from Hufflepuff running towards the players. “It’d be a shame to miss out on the fun. Come with?” Hannah moved towards the stairs and after a second, you jogged after her.

You followed as Hannah flew down the stairs and towards the field. You sometimes wondered how it was she ended up on Hufflepuff. Surly she belonged in Gryffindor more than Hufflepuff for her outgoingness and sense of adventure.

The air seemed even cooler once you got onto the field and instantly you felt your cheeks flush red. You ran after Hannah, your black and yellow scarf dancing behind you and your fingertips all but forgetting the chill in the air. You could see Draco from where you were, surrounded by his teammates who were still in the process of congratulating him and patting his shoulders, smiles obvious on each and every one of their faces. Draco’s was the brightest.

It wasn’t long until he spotted you and his smile grew twice its size. You furrowed your eyebrows as he began pulling away from his supporters and pushing other fans to the side.

“Draco, what are you do-” your sentence was cut short by Draco’s frost bitten lips colliding with your own and his frozen fingers embracing each side of your flushed cheeks. You didn’t move at first, afraid he had made a mistake. Surely he wanted to continue keeping this a secret, right? After a moment you knew this was one hundred percent intentional and so of course, you kissed him back. You kissed him with every ounce of your soul. You kissed him until your lips hurt, until the only thing you could feel was his hands on your face and his warm breath on your lips. You kissed him until the warmth in your lips was enough to warm your entire frozen body, and when he pulled away all you could think of was him him h i m.

“I can’t do this anymore Y/n,” Draco stroked your cheek, his sea blue eyes lost in yours entirely. “I love you and I want to be with you. Screw everybody else. As long as I have you, I don’t care what anyone else says or thinks…just you. I want the entire world to know that you’re mine and that I’m yours and I want to hold your hand and kiss you whenever I feel like it, I want to show you off and make all of my friends jealous. I want you, Y/n, and I don’t care – I don’t care about anyone else Y/n. Not my mom, not my dad…just you.”

You were completely oblivious to the gaping faces beside you as you stared at the one in front of you. His mouth hung open just enough for his breath to escape and hang in front of him like a small cloud and his chest heaved as it would as if he had just ran a lap around the field.

“Screw everybody else.” You threw your arms around his neck and pulled yourself back to his waiting lips and for the second time that day, the stadium erupted with the cheers and howls of the many witches and wizards.

anonymous asked:

About Keith probably starting things w Lance at the Garrsion, I don't really think Keith likely just not noticing/ ignoring him is a legitimate reason for any of Lance's antagonism. I get that for Lance he might have taken being ignored by someone he respected/ looked up to personally, but that's actually fairly immature for him to have held onto that feeling for so long. For Lance he thinks he's known Keith since before Voltron, while for Keith Lance was a stranger -two different situations.

gnotblue replied to your post “I know Lance can put his bias towards Keith aside when their’s an…”

disagree. maybe as leader it’s Keith’s responsibility to encourage Lance, but as peer? whatever happened in the garrison, Keith doesn’t remember- & Lance just doesn’t stop picking him as target for his personal attacks. Keith reacts and sometimes starts it, but he also tried to get out of their pattern more than once. s. the bonding moment.

I already said this before, but I think if Keith didn’t remember Lance, Lance would be lying on the floor together with the doctors in seconds, for trying to interrupt Keith back there and get his hands on Shiro.

Like, Keith is not the most trusting person, you know… He’s like super suspicious of everyone at first and is very careful, no matter how harmless or friendly the strangers might seem. (And Lance didn’t even look friendly when he walks in on him, he literally goes “nonono you’re not taking Shiro”)

Which makes me think Keith not only clearly remembers Lance, But he also trusts him. (with Shiro, his “most prized possession” haha, so that means alot.)

I really don’t think Keith would let them come along with him to his secret hideout with a guy he just stole from the Garrison, if he didn’t trust them. 

So he probably knows alot more about them than he lets them believe.

(Also unlike Shiro, he could have totally recognized Pidge as Matt’s sister right away, maybe even at the Garrison, maybe he even somehow knew about what she was doing to find out what happened on that mission, because he might have been doing the same thing, and then just kept quiet about her identity because he wanted her to reveal her secret when she was ready)

Bottom line, if he was ok with taking them with him, he probably knew all three of them well enough to really trust them. (Or maybe even just trusted Lance enough to also trust his friends)

And this line “oh I remember you, you’re a cargo pilot

Like it sounds so freaking condescending. And I don’t think Keith is someone who looks down on people’s jobs or has some “I’m a fighter pilot” ego thing. 

That’s a clear jab at Lance. Why? because he knows Lance really wanted to be a fighter pilot and ended up in cargo. And Lance walks in there all like “nononono IM saving Shiro” like trying to one up Keith and not like actually just give him a hand, so Keith gets pissed and is all “new phone, who dis?” cuz he knows it would piss off Lance and will kinda get him off his high horse. But also it might totally go a bit deeper than that.

Because I think it’s like Keith always pretends like he dun care about this rivalry thing. BUT HE DOES. 

Lance gets to him. 

No matter how many people say their rivalry is just in Lance’s head and he’s the only one that pushes this rivalry on them. It’s not. 

I think Keith wouldn’t respond to him like that or try to get back at him and annoy him if there wasn’t something to it.

This wouldn’t have happened if it was just in Lance’s head:

Keith would’t crash his lion there, he would play along and just let Lance crash his lion. But he obviously was really serious about showing Lance who’s the better pilot or that he’s just as daring as him.

And like when they are training, he makes Lance walk into walls and a dead end on purpose!!! And is all “why you’re not listening Lance??”

He doesn’t exactly tries to be the bigger man, he gets back at him for everything! Keith picks on Lance just as much as Lance picks on him, he’s just kinda more sneaky about it, so he doesn’t gets caught on it, so it wouldn’t appear like Lance actually gets to him. 

Or I dunno, maybe he does it cause its just fun to annoy Lance.

Like this shit here, was totally uncalled for (and this was after “bonding moment”). And Keith started this one.

There’s like alot of little things he does to annoy Lance for no good reason… And the only time he kinda tried to reach out to him and put a stop to this I think was in the comics, when he says “Good job, Lance!” 

(The bonding moment was Lance reaching out to Keith, by kinda showing him what he is really hoping for, for them all to be a good team and for him and Keith to kinda be you know “space ranger partners” and not rivals I guess). Keith just smiled approvingly but then he was back at picking on Lance again!)

I don’t think Lance is the kind of person who is looking for strife. He’s super friendly and he really wants to get along with people, so I really have my doubts about him starting this whole “not getting along with Keith” thing. I feel like he most likely just responds to Keith’s attitude towards him. 

And you know, I don’t think Lance was lying there in the first episode when he said “You know, Lance and Keith, neck and neck.”

I dun think Lance is a bad pilot. I think he’s a reckless pilot, a daring pilot, but I think he’s not as bad as the team makes it seem in terms of skills.

So my theory is that Keith finally had someone who caught up to him in flight school, and he didn’t really like that. (probably liked Lance, but not the fact he can potentially be a better pilot) I think Lance challenged him, and that was the source of their totally real rivalry. (And why Lance would be the perfect person to take over Red)

(I mean Keith and Lance are kinda similar after all, they both sometimes do reckless things and act like hot heads and then kinda get at each other for doing the same things..)

And like I have to say that I personally think Keith and Lance have the most brotherly, sibling like relationship if there ever was one (no, it’s not Keith and Shiro, I actually find it odd so many people see THAT relationship as brotherly because I literally have never met two siblings or bros that act like that..)

Like to me Keith and Lance are like siblings that have like a year, two years or so apart. And Lance is kinda like the younger sibling that can’t quite catch up to or really get back at the older one, And Keith is the older sibling that just has fun teasing the younger one all the time but really wants him to succeed and yet still gets super annoyed if the younger one beats him at anything.

And like since I’m sure it’s very important for both of them to get recognition and praise from Shiro (who’s gonna be the parent figure in this case), So Lance is kinda like the child that always feels like Keith is the favorite and dad always takes his side..

(Even tho space dad does love all his kids equally.. I think Shiro deals with Lance in a good way, I hope Keith learns from him)

Like I mean, the drones thing was such a siblings thing to do! Like Keith just pushes Lance’s drone out of the way and is all “Sorry! Gotta be quick” and they start fighting

And Dad is all “Knock it off, you two! Play nice!”

And Lance is “KEITH STARTED IT!!!“

I dunno, if you have siblings (im not sure how its with sisters tho) but if you have brothers who are close to you in age I’m sure u can understand exactly what I’m talking about here.

So I dunno, it’s very clear to me they both really love eachother and care for eachother. And will show it, but won’t actually like, admit it to eachother.. 

Like even the bonding moment

Keith did not punch Sendak.

Lance did not shoot his arm off.

So I think it’s safe to assume Keith didn’t actually cradle Lance in his arms at any point.

This is them still bonding by just making shit up and teasing eachother. It’s not as serious as ppl make it out to be. It’s a very friendly exchange, a blossoming bromance. (and yes, so far it does seems like just bromance to me, ofcourse it might change in the future, but so far these two seasons that’s all I’m getting form them)

They both know they kinda bonded back there and had this very uncharacteristic tender moment and are kinda backtracking on it but in a sibling kind of way, like “ew I would never get along with you” but I’m sure they both know they are just messing around there.

Like Keith and Lance to me are the epitome of your common sibling relationship.

They are the “I love you to death and would die for you, but I would never admit it to your face, and i’ll only talk shit to your face but will beat anyone else who does, and will only say good things about you behind your back”

Like, it’s clear Keith and Lance really like eachother. Keith doesn’t actually hate Lance and Lance doesn’t hate Keith. They’re just you kno… bros in the making. And they both act like idiots sometimes.

But for them to get along better, Keith (as the person who’s kinda in the position of the older sibling the younger one really admires and wants to be friends with) has to stop doing this shit where he purposely insults and picks on Lance, yes. Specially as the team’s leader.

anonymous asked: does James feel about Sirius and Barty being friends? I mean they really get along and would be able to relate alot. So please James don't stop their friendship, it's an amazing one

((OOC: Hmm… he might not know about that yet… 😉))


Mert Karadağ || Insane Like Me

Please watch it and tell what to do you think of it I really spend alot of time on it so ti would mean alot <3


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fearlessally and I are packin up and getting ready to head ot Bossier city tomorrow!  We are so excited.  On the road we are going to play every Taylor song ever and jam out.
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Looking forward to making lots of friends tomorrow and seeing all the swifties creativity come to life!

6 million subs

hope you enjoyed it :D

“Babe, im home!” Joe exclaimed, opening the door with a smile on his face, he had just hit 6 million subscribers and he spent the night with oli and caspar. He glanced at his watch, 3 am. “Y/n must be sleeping, i will just sneak into the room then” he mumbled softly as he opened the door gently and sneaked in. He looked at his beautiful girlfriend, she was wearing one of his shirts. He looked at her with a smile on his face, “Don’t worry baby, i will propose to you sooner or later” he mumbled softly before leaving a small kiss on her forehead. He took the box that contained the ring and observed the ring. Joe knew that this was her favorite ring, she would always get distracted by it, but would never tell Joe.

“Joe?” Y/n said in a soft voice, sitting up, Joe shoved the box containing the ring back into his pocket before chuckling and asked “did i wake you up?”. “Nope” she answered with a sweet smile, he sat down next to her and looked into her eyes, “congrats on 6 million subscribers babe” she said before pressing her soft lips on his. “I got you something” she said as she dragged him out of the bedroom to thhe kitchen. “Close your eyes” she said, joe heeded her advice and closed his eyes, when y/n took his hand away from his eyes, he saw a vanilla cake with the words “6 million subs” on it. “I baked it” y/n said before tilting her head down, joe could not believe that y/n was talented at baking, he looked at y/n and mouthed a thank you as he hugged her tightly. “I got you something too” joe said, y/n was confused and was thinking of the possibilities.(THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS). He took the box that contained the ring and was on one knee.“Y/n, thank you for these 4 years, i cherish every moment i spend with you. I love you so much, i love everything about you. When we first started dating, i knew you would be the one, the girl that would actually grow old with me. You really mean alot to me and without you, i wouldnt be here. Marry me?” He said. Tears filled y/n eyes, “yes” she whispered as tears rolled down her cheeks, “i will love you forever, and i mean it” joe said.