it would really mean alot


This is the third version of my art for @troyesivan !! Please help me be noticed by @troyesivan by reblogging/liking or reposting any version of my troye sivan art on instagram! Like really, I really really want him to see this. It would mean alot if you did!! <3 <3 Thank you very much in advance!!

It would really means alot to me if u could give me some shoutouts bc i really wanna reach my goal to 1m followers i know its hard , but if u could give me a shoutout i’ll try to shoutout u back as much as i can , i know i have alot of my followers with 50k and 100k but i know they are so mean if its about giving others shoutouts .. so please help me . And if everyone read this and gave me a shoutout it would really help and i’ll be so thankful . . ……………. .

check my instagram ; xprettystyles And spread the world cuz i know our fandom is more than 80million so please help me if u think i deserve it


would anyone be willing to buy me a t-shirt(s) for a drawing of your choice(background, transparent, a ship, a character, an OC, whatever your heart desires)? would be very much appreciated. please send me a message if you’re interested. (amount of drawings will range with the price of the clothing you are willing to buy for me)

here are some of the shirts i want: 

shirts: (x

and if you don’t want to get me a shirt i also need a new pair of shoes: 

shoes: (x

this would really mean alot so!!! im getting rid of a lot of my clothes and in dire need of new clothing!! my family’s money situation is not great atm, so this would mean so so much. even if you can’t buy something for me, please please please give this a reblog and signal boost this. it would mean a lot. 


fearlessally and I are packin up and getting ready to head ot Bossier city tomorrow!  We are so excited.  On the road we are going to play every Taylor song ever and jam out.
Wednesday night I don’t get to sit with Ally, I’m in the bstage pit.  I’m hoping ot make some friends to dance with in the pit. I’ll be dressed as a TS cheer leader!

If Taylor follows you, and you could reblog this it would really mean alot to me.  Taylor has never liked anything I’ve posted or followed me.  I flew here from San Francisco, planned a full week of sub plans for my students, and I’d love a chance to get to give Taylor a hug.

Also- together Ally and I started theswiftytourdiary and we’ll be updating it this week.  Please follow for lots of swifty updates this week!  We are going to take lots of pics of fans in fun outfits and with their posters as well as post some pics from the show.  We are looking for a Swifty from each city to update it at the show they go to, so check it out and let me know if you’re interested!  

Looking forward to making lots of friends tomorrow and seeing all the swifties creativity come to life!

Hi, guys! Please pray for my baby girl’s health. She’s still in the nicu and needs to be taken care of by the doctors. She’s a prema baby. Please keep her always in your prayers so that she will keep getting stronger each day. It would really mean alot by helping me-us pray for her fast recovery. Thank you so much!