it would of been better

i mean rob’s a fan and he can see past the tabloid nonsense so if he’d written the article he wouldn’t have waxed poetic about how madame pepsi inspired the album and all that girlfriend drivel he also takes a genuine interest in 1d without being egotistical and obnoxious so he’d cater his questions around harry without low-key spitting on the other members it would’ve been better all around but what can you do

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How do you think SAL Jack and TGATNW Jack would be if they switched places? Or SAL Pitch and TGATNW Pitch?

Are they switching into the SALverse? Or the TGATNW universe? Or both?

Honestly, not really sure. TGATNW Jack would probably shut down if he was switched into a new universe with new rules that seemed to have very little structure or discipline. His entire life has been constrained to the point where expressing himself and so on has been narrowed to fit that ‘bandwidth’ of societal control.

SALverse Jack would probably have been ‘fuck this shit’ a long time ago and tried to destroy the Tsar and been killed in the process, lol.

And I mean, like, if you switched them at birth, there’d be pretty much no difference, because I’m more a fan of nurture over nature. Their personalities aren’t embedded into them at birth, but shaped by experience.

So I’m imagining a situation where one is yanked out of their universe and a swap happens. It’d be disastrous for both Jacks. I’m certain SALverse Jack would just not be equipped to handle the TGATNW reality at all, especially if he went with his centre still being Fun. He’d be screwed. And TGATNW Jack maybe wouldn’t shut down forever? But he’d lose his sense of purpose pretty much entirely. Especially if he felt he had nothing to fight for anymore. Since he’s prone to depressive episodes already, that could be it for him. The Guardians would have to be really supportive, and of course that would freak him out.

TGATNW Pitch on the other hand is pretty much who I imagined SALverse Pitch as being. There’s not huge differences between them both except time. SALverse is the ‘well I’m really zen now that I’ve lost everything aside from that deep down bitterness and grief but whatever I should be dead and I’m not so I’ll try and make the most of it I suppose…’ version of TGATNW Pitch, lol.

And, vice versa, I think SALverse Pitch would handle the TGATNW universe pretty fine. He’s not easily shocked. He’s seen a very great deal, and there’s minimal differences between their characters. The main differences are that TGATNW Pitch had Fyodor and Seraphina is still alive, and also, that SALverse Pitch can read fears (TGA Pitch can’t) and lost Seraphina. But not huge variations in life experiences to create massive abysses between each of them.

I can almost imagine either Pitch being like: ‘Oh, I’m in a different world now?  Typical. Do I have a weapon? All right. I’m going to lie down after making some tea. You do have tea, don’t you? Then I’ll be fine.’

Whereas Jack - as the lead narrator - I wanted him to have some really fundamental differences in nature while still somehow expressing what I feel is his essential self (or is progressing to what I feel that is) in TGA vs SAL (because otherwise I’d be boooored). So he is a rigid, inflexible character with an inability to adapt to new situations with ease or grace, esp. at the moment.

Might change by the end of the story though. Jack now vs. Jack later would handle things differently. Jack at the beginning of the story vs. Jack now would handle things differently.

Okay I need to stop before I talk about how Jack last week and Jack this week would handle things differently compared to SALJack last week and SALJack six months ago and SALJack two years ago and so on. :D It’ll break my brain and you’ll be left with like a hundred permutations in which most Jacks probably still couldn’t handle it.

(I honestly think SAL Jack is just that confident in his powers at the moment that he’d go off half-cocked to destroy an ‘obvious’ dictator, and he would absolutely not survive it).


What a great way to end a fun night, with everyone in Achievement Hunter and Fun Hause singing Bon Jovi while in Jersey… would have been better if it was Springsteen but I’ll settle for Jovi. (at Prudential Center)

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Do you think Harry would have been better as the DADA teacher instead of as an auror? 147

OH gosh YES absolutely! Harry James Potter, born to two brilliant parents he never got to know, whose most important memories revolve around the teachers and mentors who changed his life, none more so than Professor Lupin, who once would have been his Uncle Remus. Harry wanted to become an auror because Book 4 he was taught by Mad Eye Moody (regardless of him being Barty Crouch Jr. he was still a huge impact on Harry), and felt underprepared to face Voldemort in the Graveyard. 

In Book 5 Harry tentatively sounds out Ron “It would be cool….to be an auror.” “Yeah, it would,” Ron agreed fervently. Why? Because that was what was needed at the time. Harry goes on to form Dumbledore’s Army, and he thinks that the reason he enjoys it is because of DADA and because they are being fighters, but fails to recognize he enjoys it for teaching.

After the War, Harry probably feels it’s his duty to clean up the rest of the Death Eaters. And that’s fine. But after a while…wouldn’t he be tired? Wouldn’t he be deep-in-his-soul tired of darkness and soul splitting and torturers? So he retires. Early. Before 30. He has the money to live on his own but he gets an owl a few years down the road from McGonagall. She offers him the post, and it would be the ultimate slap in the face to Voldemort. Harry lets James and Albus graduate, but Lily is ecstatic for her dad to be her teacher. All of the students are completely in awe, and although with a few rough starts, Harry settles into his tenure at Hogwarts as the permanent DADA professor for many, many years, refusing the headmastership for his true love: teaching. Headmaster Longbottom was always kind to him though, and the two men grew old and fond of each other, their friendship stretching long behind them, the winding road of what might have almost been. Harry attends Frank Longbottom’s funeral with Neville in his forties. A year later, they lay a bewildered Alice to rest. 

Hogwarts becomes famed for its two Wizarding War heroes, just as Cambridge and Oxford had their great leaders of the time. So yes, Harry James Potter, Professor Potter returns his Dumbledore’s Army to where it belongs: in the heart of the school.

Some thoughts...

I should be over the finale by now but I’m not…not even close. I would feel better about Quinn’s death had there been closure for CQ. That’s so difficult for me to swallow, that we won’t get acknowledgment from Carrie of her real feelings, whatever they may be, for Quinn. She knew from the letter this man loved her. Truly loved her. That he thought maybe with her he could’ve had a real love and life with her. She knew this and it’s frustrating that the writers couldn’t allow her to give him more. Even if it was just for a moment. That’s the closure that I so need to be over this finale. And I won’t get it. To hear something more from her than “why?” or “shut the fuck up.” And it sucks.

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Lmao, so bitch about Gaiden when you had Hinata Shippudden all through the damn end, nigga you got the fillers stfu. I'm a NH but you and everyone else have changed, just because a few got mad about the Last I'm not going to say Karin is Sarada's mom or "godmother " wtf, do you meet and visit your doctor? Hell no, why are you acting hypocritical about Sarada not having a mom, we bitch about antis messing with little Himawari, but is cool is sarada who cares you're a hypocrite, smh this fandom.

Lol pretty sure I know who this is. Step your reading comprehension up cuz ain’t nowhere did I state I believe Karin is Sarada’s mother, I only stated that Gaiden would have been less of a waste of time and better for Sarada’s character arc and position as female lead had she been genetically altered to have Karin’s and Sasuke’s DNA rather than we go through all that just for her to be Sakura’s daughter after all (because it makes Sakura look ridiculous to not be able to simply answer her questions flat out in the beginning). She’d have stronger links to both of her male teammates (being a clone [Mitsuki] and genetically half Uzumaki [Boruto]) that we know are going to totally overshadow her as the story goes on.

Like it or not, Karin IS essentially Sarada’s godmother as she considers Sakura a friend and cares deeply for the girl looking after her supplying her with new glasses as she gets older no less. Dislike her all you want, her parents despite Sakura’s blunder with the picture are accepting of her assistance and therefore consider her a friend as well.

Gaiden was a waste of time with a weak and pointless villain and all we got out of it was confirmation that Sasuke and Sakura did the do. Big friggin whoop. Let’s ignore all the bad revelations about their relationship beyond that. Problem with you and others is for whatever reason you think any theory that happens to takes away the only support for the idea that Sasuke and Sakura fucked means we’re anti-SS when we largely don’t give a fuck either way or would rather their relationship be given a better deal than what was revealed.

And for you to claim your NH then turn around and bitch and moan about Hinata “taking over” Shippuuden in the end is hilarious considering every friggin episode of Konoha centered on Naruto and how he’s managed to be the lynchpin for peace between the villages and not on Hinata being the girl to acknowledge him from the very beginning. You forget the anime began with Naruto and Iruka, along with Hinata silently cheering Naruto on as well as Konohamaru getting proper introduction before the rest of Team 7, who got their closure in Sasuke’s farewelll for his redemption journey. The anime opened with Naruto alone and unacknowledged and starved of love and ends with him surrounded by friends and surrogate family preparing to begin a family of his own. Dunno whats so wrong about that. Especially when they still threw Sasuke and Sakura a bone or two.

iji-ryushippo replied to your post “#but they have to be styled like his not “inspired by” like…”

yeah disappointed by this too. but the Leliana jacket is the shit (disclaimer am currently wearing it…..)

But I agree the Leliana jacket is SO Good, because it isn’t inspired by her. The Leliana (and Tali, Cassandra, and even the Morrigan jacket) is so good, because it is styled like the actual character aesthetic. It is something Leli would wear. 

Meanwhile, Dorian’s hoodie is just inspired by him, it’s in his colors and yet lacks his style and/or a adequate number of belts. Plus the giant Inquisition logo is unnecessary and personally it ruins the thing, if they Really had to have a logo the Tevinter or Pavus heraldry would have been better. Same with Cullen, it’s not even in his colors or style. They slapped a Templar logo on a (imo low-key saint’s row style) hoodie, and said it was for the romancers of an ex-Templar. Nothing makes me love my romance more than wearing a symbol of their struggle and dark past, mmm.

When instead they could have done a nice grey/white (for silver) hoodie with a fur-lined hood and some kind of lion symbolism. Like I’m not a Cullen-mancer, but hell I’d buy that. Also I would really be into a Cullen scarf inspired by his cloak.

So no, Bioware marketing has some good examples of what we could have in the terms of styled romance jackets and hoodies, versus the “inspired by” romance clothing we end up with.

After I was feeling sulky I decided to go to the library at lunch and check out a baby book I’ve been wanting to read (Expecting Better).

As you would guess, a trip to the library improved my mood like a million percent!

It’s No One’s Fault but My Own

i went outside today.

it hurt my eyes and my skin and my heart.

i didn’t want to see anyone but that’s all there was.

i thought about spending the last of my money on dope.

but i went to therapy instead.

i actually had hope about it.

maybe she could help me.

maybe i could have a real go of it.

i would’ve been better off with the dope.

i think i may die soon.

Ok, but imagine Alex going to Earth 1 during “Duet”:

- Space dad J’onn carrying space daughter Kara across the portal with his other daughter Alex by their side because of course she would be there.

- Alex and Caitlyn Snow bonding over science while they both work to keep Kara and Barry alive

- any small chance of Alex singing

- Kara and Barry discovering Musical!Alex in a forbidden love affair with Musical!Iris/Millie

- seriously though, paralleling Alex and Iris makes a lot of sense as they both helped their respective superheroes heal and build new families after their very tragic pasts

- Kara can still learn the same lessons about love, which can help her forgive in a more realistic non-rushed way, or help her get over her heartbreak and move on

- Alex saving Kara with true love sister-style, ala Frozen

- Alex teasing Kara about always having to save her from her dream worlds

hey, remember when lars:
  • obviously had social anxiety issues and desperately wanted the cool kids to accept him and to fit in
  • didn’t exactly get along on the best of terms with steven, but still wasn’t a complete asshole to him (was visibly apologetic when he made steven angry for insulting his mom, smiled and returned the chest high-five steven gave him)
  • was, as a kid in the flashback in horror club, shown as kind towards ronaldo and accidentally, not on purpose, tore his picture apart due to his major self-esteem issues
  • actually attempted to credit steven for saving the cool kids from rose’s moss despite the fact that he could have taken all the credit due to his desire to be accepted and thought of highly by the cool kids
  • was shown having hidden talents, such as cooking
  • got genuinely concerned over spilling coffee on garnet in the episode future vision and asked if she was okay

had a jerkish, standoffish personality but obviously had many self-esteem related issues underneath it all that could have potentially been fleshed out and allow him to grow to become a wiser, well-rounded character and realize that it’s okay to be yourself? i miss that lars