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I just filmed and edited a video for youtube?? I dunno if anyone would want to watch me talk, but I think ill upload it anyway. like this if you’d want me to share it here!

Finn short story: Mask of Remembrance

So… I have to admit, when a simple question appeared, asking who wanted to punch Heliod in the face, I had no clue it would lead to being up at 12:45 at night uploading a short story of mine to Tumblr. See, my younger sister is going to school to be an art teacher, and as I was designing Finn,I asked her if she would be willing to draw him for me. She graciously agreed, so I sent her a simple character description, which included the following sentence: “ He wears a mask, possibly of Esper or Kaladesh origins “ When she got back to me a week later, she showed me the amazing picture on Finn’s bio page, which you can find here:
Several people asked me about the mask, and even demanded a backstory to it (I’m looking at you, @nantukohunk ). So, I started writing, and well… now we’re here. One thing of note: the Finn of this tale is different than the one in The-foxwolf’s saga, and that’s on purpose. After you read the bio and this, you’ll understand why.
No more delays! Here we go!

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Gasoline & Matches is finally completed!

hey guys!! GUESS WHAT!! (u read the title)
Gasoline & Matches is finally complete!!! it’s the first multi-chap fanfic i’ve EVER completed so i’m pretty proud
for those of u who don’t know, Gasoline & Matches is my Lapidot/Pearlrose high school AU fic that i’ve poured my heart into since September
i also just uploaded it to AO3!!
so it would mean a lot if anyone wants to go check it out! <33

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a conga line of goobers


Colin + Bradley week 2017
Day 4:
Colin/Bradley quotes

A smile spread across the actor’s face as talk turned to his real-life relationship with Merlin actor Colin Morgan. “We share a lot of laughs and we have a lot of fun,” James said. “We are quite ridiculous in our humor sometimes, which I think only the pair of us can relate to, but ultimately we have gotten on quite well because we had to spend so much time together anyway with filming the show. It’s helped out no end with what audiences see onscreen because inevitably that’s going to carry itself onto the screen as well.

“I imagine myself and Colin, when we do manage to get some time away from each other, we try to separate ourselves from each other as much as possible,” he laughed. “I think we both need that breather to realize there are other people and other ways of telling jokes!” x