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A Question About Translations

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, some of my latest posts were about people translating my comics and uploading it on their channels without permission.

I mentioned that people can submit subtitles for my videos on YouTube, but understandably, some would be turned off by the fact that they’d also have to time the captions (and the captions are ugly but that’s just my complaint lol).

That said, if anyone would like to submit translations, you can simply send them to me instead and I will work them in. So here is the question:

Should I add them in as subtitles like it’s currently being done, or should I actually edit them into the comic itself and upload the translated video (though that would really bloat up my channel if I get too many translations)?

anonymous asked:

Ok so I know I said the last one was my last one but I just love VE too much to do that to myself. Would it be possible for you guys to upload the symbols of the trolls by themselves? The ones you made, not the actual ones.

We’re glad you like it so much!

Certainly can upload those for you. This is a pretty quickly done sheet but it gets the job done.

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what would you say to someone who really wants to upload the stuff that they write, but they're terrified of criticism and they're very insecure about themself?

Upload it.  No question about it.  It’s something you’ve worked hard on and are proud of, and everyone will be lucky to read what you have to share. If you had the drive to carry out the motivation and write and complete it, I’d say you really want it to be out in the world.  This is a good thing.

The thing is, there’s always going to be criticism.  In writing, work, school, even the way you interact socially.  So it’s always good practice to receive because no matter how good you are, you’re always going to get feedback. Sorry. But it gets easier, trust me!

However, fanfic culture is much different than it used to be.  You mostly likely won’t get criticism unless you specifically ask for it (that is, unless you’re racist or homophobic etc then you probably will get it pointed out). But content and style wise, readers don’t freely criticize fic.  Back in the day, I remember people leaving a three paragraph review how my fic was utter nonsense, and then they listed everything that I needed to fix; even though it was done in a brutal way, it was a learning experience because it did make me realize some things about my writing. So even if people do critique, then I’d say take it as a learning experience! They took the time to and review, and offer a suggestion to help a fellow writer improve! Because writers want other writers to succeed! :D (This doesn’t include someone being mean — they’re just an asshole, and don’t count, and you can say “fuck off, who asked you?!”)

From my experience, you’ll still feel insecure until you post and get some positive feedback.  Even publishing and having it uploaded and existing is a success! You’re doing stuff! And with that, confidence will continue because: you can do it!

I hope you post what you’ve wrote! <3

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Would you ever upload your version of Salim? He's so cute!

me irl: *blushy blushy* i know

thank you, my love!!! i’m pretty sure he’s already up on my gallery Origin/Gallery ID: DarlingShelley…. but i can also make a post and possibly upload tray files if you want!!! (i know for sure him and his family which i’ll be using in my gameplay is already up) 

i’m giving him a tattoo update soon as well so if i’ll probably also upload the most recent version!


a conga line of goobers

Code: Realize: King of Cakes Lupin 

Well, I knew Lupin is a bit of an ego-maniac but that cake is basically wearing his own clothes! Hmnn…it’s certainly an odd-shaped cake, but very creative without a doubt and has Lupin’s signature cane, top hat, vest and jacket colors and even his bowtie! Honestly, how do you manipulate rolled fondant like that? Well, Lupin’s cake is no lie, that’s for sure. Have your cake and eat it too. 

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