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Oki but Dazai refusing to moan for Chuuya during sex because hello pride, so Chuuya has to try infinitely harder to even get a squeak out of him. (He totally does though, don't let Dazai fool you into thinking he's invincible.) (Partners learn a lotta shit about each other while working together, lemme tell u.) (Including their weak spots) (Especially their weak spots)

Ok but what if Dazai’s weak spot is his hair/head? When he was young, he thought that Chuuya would never find out because it’s like in what situation would Chuuya touch him??

But one day after pissing Chuuya off, he turns around with a smirk and ready to leave but Chuuya tugs roughly on his hair and he lets out a moan and it’s really just:

“D-Did you just-”


Years later, the first time they have sex, Chuuya pulls roughly on Dazai’s hair and Dazai tries muffling his groans which worked until Chuuya started kissing him and they’re just moaning into each other’s mouths. Chuuya pulls on Dazai’s hair whenever they go at it doggy-style and also whenever Dazai gives him a blowjob. Dazai is a lucky man.

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