it would make an ice hole

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hello I would like to request the recipe for fairy cakes out of pure curiosity with zero intent to make anything

*gives you a stern measuring look* 

For the sponge:

  • 110g/4oz butter softened at room temperature
  • 110g/4oz caster sugar/baking sugar
  • 2 eggs lightly beaten
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 110g/4oz self-raising flour
  • 1-2 tbsp milk

For the icing/frosting

  • 300g/10½oz icing sugar
  • 2-3 tbsp water
  • 2-3 drops food colouring of your choice.
  • Any other decorations you might want.

Preheat the oven to 180C/350F and line 2 x 12-hole fairy cake tins (cupcake tins) with paper cases. Cream together your butter and sugar together in a bowl until pale. Beat in the eggs, a little at a time, and stir in the vanilla extract MAKING SURE YOU STIR CLOCKWISE AND ABSOLUTELY NOT THE OTHER WAY IN AROUND UNLESS YOU WANT THE FAE ESCAPING

Fold in the flour using a large metal spoon. Add a little milk until the mixture is a soft dropping consistency and spoon the mixture into the paper cases until they are half full. Bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes, or until golden-brown on top and a skewer inserted into one of the cakes comes out clean. Set aside to cool for 10 minutes, then remove from the tin and cool on a wire rack.

For the icing, sift the icing sugar into a large mixing bowl and stir in enough water to create a smooth mixture. Stir in the food colouring and then drizzle over the cakes, sprinkle with decorations if you have them and set aside until the icing hardens. 

Devour before the fae folk find another way to find you.

When someone dies, nobody tells you what it feels like. They don’t tell you that 10 months after the fact that day still burns a hole in your mind. They don’t tell you that some days are harder than others, and the little things hurt the most. Like county fairs, white Toyota tundras, and soft serve ice cream. They don’t tell you that two sweatshirts, one hat, a diamond necklace, and the occasional picture won’t make up for the fact that you’ll never see them smile again, hear their laugh, or watch them do what they love. When someone dies, a piece of you dies with them.
—  SW// because it’s nothing like you would ever expect.

she was breathtaking in a way that is both beautiful and dangerous. see, when you looked at her you’d feel one of two ways.

you’d be out of breath like when you stand under an ice cold waterfall and the air is just sucked out of your lungs and you’re gasping and whimpering but once you breathe back in you feel so god damn alive. you feel so alive that everything is golden and beautiful because things often are so when they surround waterfalls.

or, she would literally take your breath away. she’s a black hole when she’s sad and she’s just sad too much. she will suck the breath right out of your lungs and make you fall to the ground and near enough implode because when she goes to that place in her mind away from the sun and the waterfalls she just sucks the life out of you. you can not breathe. and the worst part? more than half the time you won’t even mind man. cause there’s that seedy little thought in the very back of your head that likes to think that maybe if you live for her she will laugh and smile and sing and make things beautiful again. trust me on this one. you won’t even fucking mind.

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T: Where are they ticklish?

Arms, legs, feet (as for the last her senses are all focused there, so she doesn’t enjoy it).

O: What would it take to break them, inside and out?

Feeling completely helpless, both physically and emotionally. We have the holes in her senses that make her blind wholesale (wood, water, ice, ect.) that she can’t control or manipulate like normal. 

Then there’s the helpless feeling of thinking that her efforts don’t amount to anything, like fighting criminals for decades only to come to the conclusion that the cycle is endless. 

P: How do they handle money?

Toph’s not the best at managing money at first, due to recently coming out of a very rich household, though its easy enough for her to earn (read: cheat) it all back. But she’s very sharp and learns rapidly once forced to make a name for herself independently. 

H: What is their deadly sin?


Toph’s doesn’t like putting effort into work she believes is unnecessary or pointless and burns out faster than any of her friends on long struggles. 

Plisetsky is probably such a shit because he lost his parents somehow when he was young and so Viktor became his primary father figure and he really wants Viktor to be proud of him so when Viktor literally runs of to another country to train some kid who Yurio saw as clearly inferior, effectively dumping Yurio had he not followed Viktor to Japan, it would feel to Yurio like he was losing everything all over again.
There are holes here, but it makes enough sense and we’ll probably get something like this a bit later.

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THANK YOU FOR THAT GORILLAZ HC. Otabek would totally be a huge fan. Like imagine him freaking out when the rumors about them making a new album got serious and Yuri was like 'they're okay?' because he only knew a song or two and beka was insulted. So he made yuri go down the rabbit hole of listening to all their stuff and now both are freaking out about the new tracks.

THIS OMG!! Gorillaz is definitely one of the bands that got Otabek into music in general. Also, let’s get some setting for another headcanon: if we make the math, Yuri was born in 2000 and he debuted when he was 15, so the anime takes place at the end of 2015. If Otabek and Yuri met 5 years before that at Yakov’s summer camp, that’s the summer of 2010 when Plastic Beach was already released. That means we get young, frustrated and little Otabek Altin listening to “On melancholy hill” on loop and thinking of Yuri and how out of reach he was.

That’s how when they become friends and start sharing music, that’s the track Otabek sends him the first time they share music that reminds one of the other. Fast forward to 2016 in which Otabek, who’s never active in social media, starts RT-ing and sharing rumour links on his twitter account about Gorillaz’ comeback and he’s even typing “!!!” at the end of his sentences wtf. Yuri doesn’t give it that much thought because it’s a music thing; but one day Otabek’s face on the skype video looks plainly devastated and that gives him the scare of his life. And then Yuri almost takes a plane to Almaty to kill Otabek himself because he thought someone was dead, but no, seems like this Albarn guy lost the laptop with all of Gorillaz’ new album. He stops talking to Otabek for two days because of that.

AND THEN 2017 ARRIVES. WORLDS ARE A WEEK AWAY. A FUCKING WEEK. Otabek is already in Helsinki, Yuri is still in St. Petersburg and going early to sleep to get as much rest as he can before Worlds, but there’s Otabek texting him non-stop. Even though Yuri did block Otabek that night, he texts him early in the morning:

“I mean, I like that song you sent me ages ago and Clint Eastwood as well, but are they really that important, Beka? They are cartoons, right?”

Mistake. Huge mistake.

Yuri doesn’t even get a hug or a kiss when he arrives at the hotel the following day. Otabek is in the lobby waiting to drag him upstairs to his room where he has his laptop open with the whole Gorillaz’ discography and videos, snacks and beverages ready because no Yuri, we aren’t going outside until we go through all of this. You want a welcome kiss? Not until you know at least their names. Yes Yura, the four of them have names and background stories.

The following day Yakov is screaming at him because Yuri has these huge bags under his eyes, but the screaming only gets worse after Yuri tells him he’s going to skate a different song for his gala because Yakov cmon you need to listen to Stylo I mean that’s the image I want to project as a skater fuck Yakov I said listen to me ok?? no wait please no don’t tell Lilia YAKOV DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE

after worlds, they fuck with el mañana playing on the background

(I’m so sorry I took the headcanon and ran with it but it’s been more than a day and I still can’t stop listening to the new tracks and I’ve got too many gorillaz feels please play Andromeda at my funeral)

Alaric Saltzman. Even googling for hours hadn’t given her any kind of real information on the man who had been married to her biological mother. Either he had led a relatively uneventful, clean life outside of his life of working at an agency or…Well, history had a way of making her believe that not everything was always as it seemed. But even with his reluctance (which was putting it rather mildly) to meet up with her, she had to try. Maybe one day he would be receptive to a conversation, just a way to break the ice, and maybe eventually it could turn into something more from there.

If anything, the past year had taught her that you never knew how long you got with anybody in his life. Family was important, maybe even the most important thing anyone could have in this life, and maybe she could…remind him of that?

And so, she had camped out at the door to his apartment that he had holed up in, determined to make at least some kind of headway. He couldn’t ignore her existence forever. Even if he was really good at doing just that so far.

Just fifteen more minutes,’ Elena thought to herself. If that didn’t do it, she’d have to come back and try again. Rapping her knuckles against the door a little more insistently, she tried again. “Please, Mr. Saltzman. I know you’re home.”

She hadn’t expected anything, she had been at it for far longer than she had meant to, but just as she was about to give up with a heavy sigh she heard movement. Flattening her palm against the wood of the door she nodded to herself, painfully aware that her plan hadn’t extended past trying to get him to respond. Crap.

“I just want to talk. That’s all.”



Mains Castle, Scotland

Mains Castle built by the Lindsays, dates from around the late 15th or early 16th century and is located about 1.5 miles north of East Kilbride, Lanarkshire.

The property (before the castle was built) belonged to the powerful Comyn family but later came into the possession of John Lindsay of Dunrod. He was the son of James Lindsay, who in 1306 with Kirkpatrick of Closeburn, ran into the church of the Minorities at Dumfries, after Robert the Bruce had stabbed the Red Comyn, declaring that they would ‘mak siccar’ (in other words, to finish the job and make sure that Comyn would indeed die).

This family of Lindsays grew very powerful, but had a reputation for cruelty. The last of the line seems to have been the most vicious.  Legend has it that after an argument on a frozen loch during a curling match with one of his vassals, Lindsay ordered a hole to be cut in the ice and had the unfortunate man pushed into it. The loch, Crawford’s Hole, was allegedly named after Lindsay’s victim.  Lindsay eventually lost his wealth and supposedly died in a barn belonging to one of his former tenants.

Honestly though, where are those Yuri on Ice Alice in wonderland AU’s at? I’m not sure if there’s any yet, but I can just plain imagine it as plain as day. Yuuri would obviously be Alice, Victor would be the rabbit that Yuuri follows down the rabbit hole to wonderland. Yurio would be the cheshire cat, Christophe would be the caterpillar, Otabek can be the mad hatter (Can kinda see Victor as the mad hatter as well, ‘cause of his personality, but him being the rabbit makes a bit more sense.), Phichit can be the mouse that sleeps a lot during the tea party (Or takes a lot selfies.), Georgi can be like one of the guards or the queen of hearts. lmao. And tweedlee and tweedledum can be the Nishigori triplets.

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*makes ice appear and skates on it to you* Viktor for the meme

General opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

Hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

Hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

Best quality: If you ask me, he was a great coach!

Worst quality: His forgetfulness. That could lead to a few problems.

Ship them with: Yuuri, duh~

Brotp them with: Chris and Phichit

Needs to stay away from: The thought of being a coach getting to his head. I’m pretty sure he’s going back to the ice the next season, but I don’t want his time as a coach to affect him negatively.

Misc. thoughts: He’s a wonderful character overall! A sweetheart, a goofball, and just overall adorable~

[Send me a character and I’ll answer the following!]

You’ve gotta go || Sebcedes + Grayson

Mercedes was finally feeling relaxed and back to herself. Well as much as she could be under the circumstances. After her bath she put on her most comfortable PJ’s and slippers, threw her hair in a messy bun and sat on the couch with her cookies and cream Ice Cream watching the Flash with SS. It was one of those rare occasions when they could stand each other without fighting. Though he did make his snide comments, but he wouldn’t be him if he didn’t. She pulled her fleece blanket closer to her getting into the show as the doorbell rang.She looked over to SS and then paused the TV. “Who in the world would be coming by this late without calling?” She got up and walked to the door. Looking through the peep hole and frowned. This was not going to go over well. She opened the door and frowned. “Gray wast are you doing here?”

Grayson had been looking for an excuse to get back over to Mercedes for the last few days, but he knew that guy was there. He was always there. And what the hell kinda name was S.S. like really? Who goes around saying that was there name. When the label cancelled her studio time today because she was sick, he smiled knowing now was the perfect time. SO he bought some soup and apple juice. Got her some flowers and headed to her place. Seeing her open the door he smiled, letting himself in. “I heard you were sick so I thought I would come over. I brought you some soup and we can cuddle up on the couch, I know that makes you feel better when you don’t feel good. I dunno I remember things like that. Things you tell me. Because when its important you remember.”

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Netrunner: Every deck tells a story

My entire life, I’ve been disappointed by “cyberpunk” video games, even the ones I thought were good. The reason why is simple. Plenty of games let me walk around in rainy, neon-lit urban dystopias, and yes, I love this as much as anyone. But what these games often focus on is the experience of shooting people in these environments, or maybe of punching people with cybernetically enhanced arms. 

You know, meatspace stuff.

What I wanted more than anything from a cyberpunk game was the experience of entering cyberspace, a realm of pure information, making a run on some megacorp’s priceless data, and encountering some deadly, seemingly impassable piece of ice the corp has in place. Then would come the thrill of slamming just the right icebreaker into my rig to exploit some infinitesimal weakness in the corp’s code, something that lets me carve a hole the size of a pinprick in the corp’s defenses, but that pinprick is all I need, because this is cyberspace, and here, a hole a needle can’t even fit through is endlessly vast because the only thing that needs to pass through it is my consciousness. 

Expecting games to transport me to a realm as abstract and spiritual as this may be a bit much (though at times, Rez comes close). When cyberpunk video games do try to work hacking into their play, the experience is often so mundane that I wish they hadn’t bothered at all. But last year, I found a game that gives me what I’ve always wanted from a cyberpunk game–Android: Netrunner, a card game for two players in which one takes on the role of a corporation and the other plays the part of a runner who is trying to hack into the corporation’s servers. 

I never expected the game to do it to be a card game, but now, of course, it makes perfect sense. With William Gibson as my escort, my earliest trips into cyberspace were facilitated by my imagination. There’s no reason why it should be any different now. What I love about Netrunner is the way in which every deck I put together has stories woven into it; stories about the life of a particular runner or the unscrupulous operations of a particular corporation, and when my deck collides with that of my opponent, those stories play out. 

This happens because the theme of the game and its mechanics complement each other seamlessly. With almost every card, its mechanical function and its description mesh in such a way that a narrative takes shape over the course of a game. I understand and get invested in the life my runner is living, or in the happenings at the corporation I’m running. 

For instance, this is Noise, one of the game’s many runners:

And this is Wyldside, a seedy club.

Wyldside has the benefit of giving you two cards, but that comes at the expense of one action. (Normally drawing one card costs one action, so with Wyldside you net one extra card, but with the downside being that you don’t have a choice; you lose that action no matter what if this card is in play.) 

So with Wyldside in effect, part of my experience of the game becomes the idea of Noise (or whichever runner I’m using) staying out too late every night in this seedy club, making connections there, getting his hands on new hardware, new software, the stuff that lets him fuck with the corporations during the daylight hours when he finally drags his ass out of bed after partying too hard at Wyldside the night before.

I love this game’s cast of characters. There’s Kate “Mac” McCaffrey, who’s as skilled with nuts-and-bolts hardware modification as she is with beautiful code that can create doors in corporation ice where none exist.

There’s Elizabeth Mills (seen here on the Scorched Earth card), a ruthless executive for the Weyland Consortium, one of the game’s four corporations. 

From a narrative standpoint, my favorite runner is Valencia Estevez, an investigative journalist digging into the corporations’ doings to give a voice to the voiceless.

I imagine her risking her own life to be a thorn in the corp’s side, using the work she does…

…to put the squeeze on the corporations and hold them accountable.

I find myself thinking about Netrunner all the time. I admire the elegance of its systems, like influence (the number 15 you see on all the runner cards in this post), which lets you pull in cards from other factions like you’re calling in favors. I build hypothetical decks in my mind, wondering about strategy and the effectiveness of pairing this card with that card, sure, but also thinking about the narrative possibilities. Can I build a Weyland deck, for instance, that’s all about how vicious and vindictive that corporation is (see Scorched Earth above) and how it tries to brush aside the human consequences of its projects by presenting those projects as as progress, rejuventation, and urban renewal? 

Android: Netrunner is a living card game, and the newest series of cards, called the Mumbad Cycle, focuses on India. I love that both the game’s world and its mechanics are alive and in flux, constantly becoming richer and more colorful. I’m just as eager to discover the narrative texture of each new “data pack”–the people and locations, the hardware and software–as I am about seeing the actual functioning of the cards. 

The way it all fits together is beautiful. And when I make a run on a corporation’s server, using my icebreakers to slip past their defenses, dive into their systems, and swipe some precious, glowing core of data, it feels just like I always imagined it would.   

Beleaguered actress Kira Yukimura’s life is one disappointing setback after another: she’s eternally single, her friends are rarely in town, and she’s lucky if she can land an awful “hot ninja” role in a buddy comedy. She can’t even comfort herself with ice cream and Netflix, because there are too many bad movies she is in in her suggestions list, and her trainer would kill her. So when she gets a second shot at the big time with a leading role in a film that could change everything, she’s determined to make it out of the typecast hole she’s found herself in, and goes into the project with her signature focus times about ten.

She barely noticed newcomer Malia Tate until they started sharing scenes together, but that hyperfocus is killing her now - she can’t stop thinking about Malia’s laugh, her smile, the way her body looks in that bikini scene. Malia’s part in the film isn’t large, but before she knows it, Malia has a starring role in Kira’s daydreams.

When Kira finds out these feelings go both ways, she’s thrilled - until she remembers she’s famous, she’s trying to rehab her career, and she’s definitely not out. Somehow between takes she’s fallen in love with this wild girl, and now she has to figure out what’s most important: being the big star she’s always dreamed of being, or having the big love she never thought she’d find.