it would like a crossover or fic of this

Fanfiction reading challenge

I have seen a lot of “book challenge for 2017″ and I thought “Hey, why we don’t have this with fanfiction???” and here we are with 101 points.

High School AU

Hogwarts AU

First Kiss  

First Time

Secret Relationship AU

Roommate AU

More than 30 chapters ff

More than 60 chapters ff

Fake relationship

A is famous, B is a fan  

Both A and B are famous  

Teacher/student AU

Stripper AU

Pure smut ff

Smut with some kinks in it (wink wink)

Jock and Nerd AU

Dancer AU (includes cheerleaders, but not strippers)

Cheating (A with B, not A on B)

Christmas ff

Kiss under mistletoe  

Summer Love  

Bad boy/girl and good student AU

Dating show  

New Years Kiss  


Making out (the one that does not lead to smut tho)

Slow burn

Sloweeeeeeest burn ever (you will know the difference)

Soulmates AU – colours

Soulmates AU – tattoos/marks/names

Soulmate AU – others  

A has terrible pick up lines, B finds it annoying/adorable

Sexting/phone sex

Birthday Party

Meet Cute  

Drunk Meeting

Drunk!A had a crush on B for a long time and now alcohol is involved  

Vampires or other supernatural AU (except werewolf)

Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics AU

Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics – omega is pregnant AU

Coffeeshop AU (it just had to be here, we all know it xD)

‘We were supposed to be just fuckbuddies but feeling happened’ AU

Forced to sleep in one bed

Camping (bonus for sleeping in one tent/sleeping bag, because B forgot his/hers)

A taking care of sick B


Fluffiest fluffy fluff that ever fluff (again: you will know the difference)

'Our friends tried to set us up, may give it a go when we are here’  

‘I thought I wasn’t gay, but hello there I may be bi now’

Teasing – like a lot of this one

Wearing each other clothes  

Competing sport teams/schools  

Competing CEO’s

Crossover ff

Blind date AU


Heavy angst  

Cheating (not A with B, but A on B)

Break up fic

*Major character Death* - although I would recommend to avoid this one  


Childhood friends  

A is in a toxic relationship/after break up and B helps to heal broken heart  

One of them is a Doctor/Police Officer/Lawyer and that’s how they met  

Crack fic

'I thought feelings are long gone but then I saw you again after years, and yep, its still here’

Assassin/Murderer/Criminal AU

A is a Demon/ghost/vampire and B is not amused  

Disney AU

Song fic


Forced to work together

Foster siblings AU

A and B are soldiers and met at war/training  

A is afraid of something (probably storm) and B calms them down

'5 times when… and 1 when…’

Superheroes AU  

Superpowers AU (different than superheroes)

'So you are my best friend’s date? Shit’

'We had sex before and now we are forced to work together/be around each other’

Soulmates AU Angst

Boss/employee situation

'I accidently found/text wrong number and its you and oh we know each other in real life’

Genderswap AU

Best friends to lovers  

Different Era AU  

A has a obvious crush on B and B is clueless

Co-workers AU



Kids – expecting/adopting

Kids – toddlers problems  

Kids – first date and 'what if he will hurt our daughter?!’

Telling to kids how they met  

Coming out to families  

Space AU  

DRAGONS AU (im sorry)

Kings/Queens AU

Fic that had amazing description but is shitty as hell  

Total multifandom fic with this couple in it

A and B are old and together and looking at their past with nostalgia

Harry Potter Fic Recs

So I heard a call a while back for good Harry Potter fic, which is…kind of murderously difficult to find due to the sheer volume involved.  I can’t say I’ve made any significant dent in searching for the stuff, because it’s fucking exhausting, but I do have some favorites that I cherish dearly. And being an extremely picky reader, hopefully this list will be helpful to others as well.

So. Fic recs.  Yes.

Anything, anything at all, by @copperbadge; he hasn’t been in the fandom for years, but his oldies are definitely goodies.  Stealing Harry is something of a fandom classic and really good for comfort reading, starting as it does on the happy ending and moving from there.  My personal favorite is Cartographer’s Craft, however, which is just full of wonderful things.

Anything, literally anything, by @lullabyknellart.  She has multiple long, chaptered fics in progress, and while it takes a while for her to update when she does it is glorious.  Personal favorites include face death in the hope (time-travel, Regulus Black, and emotional-disaster Harry), and into the arena with your head held high (Harry and genderfluid godkid Teddy time-travel from apocalyptic future to non-apocalyptic past and proceed to fuck shit up).

@deadcatwithaflamethrower, because she is the bomb, delightfully prolific, and produces moving, emotionally and intelluctually rich fic while making it look easy, what the fuck woman.  She also has a “I will take a hammer and fix the canon” approach to just about anything while managing to make it all jive with the original.  Current works in the fandom are Swung By Serafim (complete, gorgeous, with the book-length epilogue that we all deserved) and work-in-progress Of a Linear Circle, which is a beautiful romance and also chock full of interesting medieval facts and “hammer to canon” fixits.

@waspabi has two excellent fics (I have not read the third because it’s rpf, but go check it if that’s your thing) in the fandom: Hermione Granger’s Hogwarts Crammer for Delinquents on the Run, which is exactly as amazing as it sounds (” ‘You’re a wizard, Harry’ is easier to hear from a half-giant when you’re eleven, rather than from some kids on a tube platform when you’re seventeen and late for work ”); and Stately Homes of Wiltshire, a post-canon fic where Harry is an Auror and, as anyone else could see coming, Hates His Job (but won’t admit it).  Also there are poltergeists.  Both are Drarry fics, but even if that’s not your thing I’d give it a go because @waspabi‘s Draco is unlike anyone else’s Draco, ever, and has rendered me nearly incapable of enjoying any other Draco because no one else’s can compare.

Aeturnum’s Leo Inter Serpentes series, which is just…so excellent.  Rewrite of the whole series with Harry being in Slytherin, because Draco is significantly less of a dick.  Narcissa is bomb-ass and divorces Lucius and Hermione is amazing and Snape adopts Harry and is a Good Dad, I cried okay, I cried.  Everyone is so in character and it’s so well done and just.  I inhaled the whole thing in two days, it was terrible.  Only other Drarry I will ever accept.

@ink-splotch (dirgewithoutmusic)’s boy with a scar series.  It’s a collection of stories, mostly au’s, including “Neville/Ron/Hermione are the Boy/Girl-who-lived”, Girl!Harry (once dfab, once trans), “what if Snape made up with Lily”, and many, many more.  All are absolute gems, seriously, beautiful fucking writing, will kill you with so many feels.  So. Many.  Read them all.  You will cry.  You will be happy about it.

esama is an excellent author and writes many, many things, not all of which are everyone’s cup of tea, but each fic is unique unto itself so keep that in mind when scrolling their work.  Just because you don’t like one doesn’t mean you won’t love another.  My personal favorites include D.S.S. Requirement (the Room of Requirement provides a spaceship.  No, really), Undone Wars (excellent crossover with Stargate Atlantis), and Mother May I, a Fantastic Beasts fic in which Newt recognizes Credence as an Obscurial on sight and basically adopts/kidnaps all the Barebone children immediately and forever.

And no Harry Potter fic rec from me would be complete without metisket’s side-splittingly funny There May Be Some Collateral Damage.  It’s a crossover with Bleach, but no knowledge of Bleach is required to thoroughly enjoy this ridiculous piece of perfection.  Seriously, I went into knowing that Bleach existed and what the main character looked like.  Basically, Voldemort is deemed a grim reaper’s problem, Harry Potter becomes designated bait, and chosen for his bodyguard is the most reasonable maniac you will ever meet.  Ichigo crashes through Hogwarts like a wrecking ball, everyone either hates or loves him (or in Harry’s case both), the twin’s perspective is entirely written in the plural and you will laugh every other sentence, I guarantee.  Hate prophecies? Hate Umbridge? Need cheering up?  Want to stab Voldemort with a dinner knife?  This is the fic for you.

I Saw Her First (Steve Rogers/Clark Kent x reader)

Many superheroes preferred to keep their true lives a secret from the people they protected, but they didn’t mind if they knew each other’s identities; it was almost like a secret club with a code of honored exclusivity.  It was unheard of to out a fellow member, so in an effort to keep the temptation away, Tony threw an annual party at the tower with the hottest ticket in New York that no civilian would ever get their hands on.  It was a party where heroes were free to be themselves; their true selves without the masks and capes, usually drawing in a few new members with each year as the superhero community continued to grow. It was growing so fast, in fact, that after only a few parties, the word of the event had spread like wildfire. Universes began to collide, and heroes who would have never known the other existed formed welcome friendships.

That’s how Superman and Captain America became the mischievous troublemakers of the superhero world.  With a common proclivity for stress relief through humor, the new duo spent nearly as much time plotting their next move as they did saving the world.

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…So I finally gave in and I’m selling what is left of my soul to another long running shonen cause why not

I will attempt to do a weekly review of the manga for those who are interested and to organize my thoughts. Before we start, a couple of things:

- I will need some time to get used to the names since there are so many characters, so I will switch back and forth between nicknames, code names and actual names (I still don’t know if people favour first or last names so I’ll use both

- I’m rusty af when it comes to the review business so I apologize in advance

- I already know all the spoilers cause duh I would spoil my own death if I could, so don’t be afraid of spoiling me of anything, chances are I already know and if I don’t I won’t mind.

Izuku Midoriya Begins 

i do love a good origin story

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Greetings guys, gals, and nonbinary pals!

To commemorate another year in this amazing fandom, we will once again be celebrating the Have A Happy Hobbit Holiday Exchange!

Last year, the wonderful @serenbach86 took on the monumental task of organizing the exchange, for which we are all incredibly grateful. This year, the torch has been passed to @rutobuka2, with help from @mithrilbikini and @mcmanatea. Writers, artists, and podficcers  are all encouraged to join in!

🌿 Click here to enter (via AO3!) 🌿


  • October 4th:  Sign-ups open
  • October 29th: Sign-ups close
  • November 5th:  Assignments sent out
  • December 3rd:  First email check-in from mods
  • December 10th:  Second email check-in from mods, last day to request extension
  • December 17th:  Works are due (can be edited between the 17th and 24th)
  • December 24th:  Works are revealed
  • December 30th:  Creators are revealed

🌲 Click here for the main HHH17 page 🌲

Rules under the cut:

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Alright!! So, I wanted to do a screencap redraw of the campfire scene in Tangled using Kakashi and Sakura. But, as I’m currently rereading House Calls, I figured the redraw would be perfect for the Festival scene.

So here we are!!

It’s rough on purpose. I didn’t wanna get too involved in the picture, so it’s just base colors and sketchy. But I still like it anyway. ^^

…I am STILL gonna do a proper Tangled crossover pic. I may even do this one again just with more…Tangled inspired clothing…sorta. :P

Twin Troubles

Originally posted by dailygrantgustin

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is Grant gustins girlfriend and Dylan obriens twin sister and she plays Supergirl and at comicon when the Supergirl cast and Grant are promoting the crossover with the flash and plays a prank on the reader and Grant and they end up shouting “DYLAN!” At the same time

Notes: So, I hope this is what you’re looking for, I added a lot of Grant x reader stuff in the middle with the hotel and all that, just because I felt like it and it worked well in there, I think (hope). Plus, I just really like this gif and it looks like something that would happen before the panel started in the fic so…Anyways, I hope you like it! :)

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NewGod!Tony Stark: (American Gods crossover)

Fic Prompt:

In the MCU Tony Stark basically symbolizes most technological innovations and now, clean energy. It wouldn’t be surprising to see him suddenly shine with the power of a New God. I would definitely love to read fics where he either realizes he was always different (being able to do things even geniuses couldn’t) or just one day wakes up to a whole new world view and powers of a new god. (Much like Shadowmoon from American Gods)

I’m okay with gen, but extra kudos for either FrostIron (Loki x Tony) or WinterIron (Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes x Tony)

Art notes:

This is a study of RDJ’s face from the movies. I needed to do more realism studies because I frankly suck at them. = A = gah.

Hetalia AUxCannonverse

Where one of the nations gets switches out with their nation counterpart for ~~reasons~~ and both have to learn to deal with their surroundings and get back.

(A poor normal college student Alfie switching out with the, arguably very cutthroat America. Or any AU would work. And then they have to figure out why they don’t anymore/suddenly do have super strength. [Could also have fun with different pairings. Like RusAme in a normal setting versus the shitshow that is post-cold war relations.] A good chance to play with how being a nation could change characterizations, maybe even some angst for those who briefly lose nationhood.) 

Big Role

Warnings: Like one cuss word
Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, SPN cast member!reader, Misha Collins(mentioned)
Summary: You’re an actress on SPN and you get a big role in a new show and it comes up in a con
Reader’s Age: Roughly 15/16 years old. It could work for any though.
Word Count: 1049

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: This originally had Misha in it too but it became too much of a hassle to include all of them so I just did Jensen and Jared. Enjoy!

You, Jensen, and Jared were all backstage getting ready to do a small panel. Ever since you were no more than three years old you’ve been acting on the show. Sure, a three-year-old doesn’t necessarily have much acting skill, but you had enough to get by. The boys loved having you on the show. You always brightened up their day, and you’ve also got a little bit of Jared, Jensen, and of course, Misha in your personality.

Of course, school was always a problem until your parents decided to pull you out and let you become homeschooled. The set would take breaks every now and then to let you do some school throughout the day, and if you needed any help then you just went to one of the guys.

You’ve just always been there and around them. They’ve become your family. You love doing conventions and meet-ups because it means you get to meet your even bigger family. The Supernatural family.

You’re a pretty popular character on the show. Most girls look up to you since you started acting so young and haven’t gone down a bad path, probably because you have such good influences in your life. Occasionally, you get to do your own panels, but you mainly prefer to have one of your boys there with you.

“You ready, kid?” Jensen asked as he handed you a microphone.

“As ready as I’ll ever be!” you responded enthusiastically.

Jared walked over and flashed you a quick smile before turning towards the stage. The band started playing and you three made your way onto the stage. The crowd cheered as the band played along. You three smiled and waved at everyone until you all realized the end of the song was coming up. You all, hilariously, got into your jumping stances and waited for the right time. Just when the song was about to end you all jumped up and slammed back down as if you were playing an electric guitar.

Lights blinded you as you looked out into the crowd, you smiled and waved back as the screaming never faltered. You walked over to the mic stand and put your microphone in it.

“How y'all doin’?” Jared asked. The crowd cheered in response.

“That’s great because we need you guys to get our energy up. Jensen has been dragging his feet all day,” you teased, looking over at your co-star with a shit-eating grin.

“Hey! Blame the two new munchkins!” Jensen retorted, earning laughs from you and everyone else.

For a few minutes you three told a few stories then went into questions. A young girl, no more than sixteen was next to ask a question. She had short brunette hair and was wearing angel wings with a trench coat. She took a deep breath before blurting, her voice young and shaky, “So, Y/N. Rumor has it that you’re gonna be one of the main roles in the new show Stranger Things. Is that true?” Jensen and Jared both shook their heads slightly with small smiles.

“Yeah, yeah. It’s true,” you responded humbly.  

“Yep. It’s official! She’s leaving us!” Jensen threw his arms up. “After years and years of being on Supernatural, she’s gonna drop us like a little kid playing with an old toy!” Jensen teased.

You slapped his arm with a smile that just would not go away; it never did at these events “It’s not permanent! It’s just for one season.”

“For now. One season will turn into two, which will turn into three…” Jared chimed in, trailing out his voice as he stuck out his bottom lip in a pout.

“I’m still on the show, ain’t I?” you replied with a giant grin.

Jared walked over and engulfed you into a hug and fake cried loud enough for the crowd to hear, “She’s growing up so fast! Moving onto bigger and better things! I’m so proud!”

“Get off me, Moose!” you playfully pushed him away, hearing the crowd laugh.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you got the role, but just don’t forget about your family here.” Jensen got serious for a moment and pointed to everyone.

“Y'all have nothing to worry about, I could never forget you,” you smiled and hugged Jensen while the crowd awed. “Anyway, next question!” you turned to a man holding a mic.

“Oh. Uh, yeah. Um, are you excited to be on Stranger Things and will it interfere with you being on Supernatural?” a man asked on the other side of the room. You stared at the ceiling as you thought about the conflicting times.

“I am very excited, but sadly, it will interfere with working on Supernatural. I’ll probably show up here and there in a few episodes, but as of right now my main focus is Stranger Things.” The crowd awed, but not from an adorable moment like before, it was for the inevitable chunk in time without you on the show; they did it just to try and keep you staying stuck with them and you loved the family more for it.

“I know, I know. It’s sad, but it’s not forever! Like I said, it’ll probably only be for a season.”

“She’s a big actress now, huh?” Jensen pursed his lips, a smile tugging at the ends. “Soon enough you’ll see her name on every billboard in every city!”

“I think you’re going a little overboard there,” you chuckled.

“Nah, you can never go overboard when it comes to our favorite sister!” Jared pulled you into another warm and familiar hug.

“Anyway,” you huffed after you’d pulled away from Jared, setting your hands on the mic which was still in the mic stand. “Who’s next?”

Jared and Jensen answered a few questions, then came another for you. “I was wondering if we would see a crossover episode between Stranger Things and Supernatural?” the woman asked. You pondered on it with an intrigued smirk at the idea, but then it dawned on you:

“Probably not, considering that Stranger Things takes place in the 1980s, way before my time,” you chuckled sheepishly.

“Maybe you time traveled?” Jared suggested with a shrug.

“Maybe,” you replied deviously, deciding not to completely destroy the idea and at the same time making them even more enthusiastic about the possibility.

I hope y’all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

Requested by Anonymous:
“Can you do a fic where the reader is a teen that’s been on spn since she was a kid and they are at a convention and the rest of the cast is teasing her (nice teasing) because she got a really big role in a new show for instance (stranger things) or whatever show”

Tags: @magicalsis11 @joanne-egberp @16wiishes @fanboyswhereare-you @athenepallas @spnkisum @xsecretrejectx @jamric @oneshotsdeanshort @jensen-jarpad @capruinedmylife @bea789 @starswirlblitz @of-virtuoso @damalseer @iamflanneltrash @zeusmyster

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we need an ‘otaku’-fic where ladybug and chat fight an akuma (”weeaboo”) who sends people through different anime/manga-verses

ladybug is totally clueless and weeb-adrien definitely knows every single anime

  • Ouran High School Host Club 
  • Fruits Basket 
    Chat: What a catastrophe!
    Kyo: I swear I’ll punch you if you don’t shut the fuck up.
  • Soul Eater
    Ladybug: Well, that’s actually a pretty cool world. I could live here.
  • Ao no Exorcist 
    Rin and Chat both admire each other’s tails. 
    Rin: Do you think a skin tight suit would suit me?
    Yukio: Nii-san no!
    Chat: Hell yes!
    Ladybug: Chat no! Stop the puns!
    (okay, as an ane fan i have so many scenarios that i could write a whole 30 chapter fic about just this crossover)
  • Higurashi/umineko no naku koro ni
    Both: Nope, next one.
  • Attack on Titan
    Ladybug: How about a world in which we won’t get killed by accident?
  • Ranma ½
    Ladybug: So, lets say you stay a girl for more than a month, would you get your period?
    Chat: Ladybug, no!
  • KissXSis
    Ladybug: I’m kinkshaming all of you
  • Boku no pico
    Ladybug: But we just got ice-cream? 

bonus: they find alya, nino (and chloé) along the way

bonus-bonus: accidental reveal

Update: I’ll probably write the fic.

When the Ink Dries III

Rated: Explicit with a warning for self harm references.

Notes:  If you haven’t read the previous chapters, go here.  Also on Ao3.  This is (apparently) a novel length fic so you might want to set aside a minute.  Thank you @icedteainthebag for making me earn this one, @holdthiscat for speedy and insightful feedback and @gazeatscully for your endless encouragement and eagle’s eye proofreading.


Chapter 7

Stella Gibson didn’t make a habit of watching people sleep.  The last time she’d done it was years ago, a prolonged jag that resulted in the purchase of three new sets of bed sheets, a zealous effort to fight memory with thread count.  She’d traded one vice for another, would spend the rest of her life quietly indulging a weakness for pima cotton and crisp corners, a penchant for Italian linen and French embroidery.  But it would be a long time before she settled in beside someone to wait for their eyes to open, the sleep-boiled scent of peaceful slumber coming off their hair, the fragile spot on their neck pulsing with life.  There were some luxuries she simply couldn’t afford.

It still brought Stella a twinge of private embarrassment to recall it so well.  Bridget sleeping on her stomach, dark hair always parted around her pear-shaped ears, clinging to the mattress like a frog in a rainstorm with her lean swimmer’s leg zig-zagged across the mattress.  Stella would stay in bed tiptoeing her fingers up the crease of a quadricep, stroking an ear to its sylphan point.  And long after the woman was gone, the lightning bolt imprint of a leg split the bed down the center, the new sheets continued to bunch in an invisible hand – fleeting images mistakenly committed to permanence by an overly ambitious pair of eyes.  It was a nuisance but not a surprise.  The only other bedroom vigil she’d ever kept had left an even more indelible impression – a child standing graveside, puffy lavender rings sprouted like violets around her eyes, watching her father be put in the ground.

So by the time Stella woke up next to Dana Scully for the second time in her life, she was so practiced in her abstinence that it took hardly any discipline at all to direct the day’s first glance upward, aim her plans at the ceiling.  Shower alone.  Allow guest to wake and begin gathering own conclusions.  Emerge dressed, provide tea and friendly conversation, make end as forgettable as beginning was not.  

She licked her lips before turning over, sealing her resolve like an envelope.

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Radio Altea - Chapter 1 - Keefa - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

It’s Shiro and Lance, bringing you all your post-civilization news on Radio Altea!
With your news, tips and fun to help you stay alive during the Zombie Apocalypse.

The Zombies, Run!/Radio Abel x Voltron crossover nobody asked for.

If you can’t imagine your version of adult canon Karin sitting down with Jessica Jones and getting along famously as they bitch about humanity while getting drunk as hell to deal with all the abuse they’ve suffered, what are you even doing?

Okay, one idea I really want is the Straw Hats ending up in the Rise of the Guardians world and they all end up as spirits.

They’re all confused how they end up here, and who knows how long they’re around to influence things, but the very idea of them just existing in that kind of way is hilarious to think about.

Robin (Egypt) – sphynx, a speaker of truth yet is a mystery, talking in riddles and takes great fun in confusing people. Loves knowledge and loves people who loves it too. Shares knowledge to people if she could, loves books. Since there are so many different versions of sphynxes in different cultures and countries, she can pop up in those countries anytime she wants, haha. She never shares how she does it when most spirits can’t, and loves frustrating people by giving them cryptic answers if asked.

Usopp (Africa) – African storyteller like in the stories, tall tales, has a tendency to travel, which is unusual for his kind who is emphatic on tradition. He explores and searches for his crew actively, and on the way, collects stories as he does. Him and Robin actually are the ones who travel around the most (exempting Luffy, who none of the Straw Hats can find cause he can’t stand fucking still damn it Luffy) and keeps everyone updated on each other. Headcanon of mine is that he inspired and helped write the Anderson Fairy tales, LOL.

Zoro (Japan) – a ‘wandering samurai’. In the legends, ghosts of samurais wander in search of a purpose. Hilariously for Zoro, he does it cause he’s genuinely fucking lost, which Sanji finds incredibly amusing.

Nami (Irish) – an Irish witch, which also is hilarious. She mostly ends up in bars or inns, tricking other spirits to pay ludicrous prices or favors when they want gossip or info from her. She and Robin are kind of opposites of each other, with Robin always speaking the truth, yet twists and riddles it out so people would have to be clever enough to solve it themselves. Nami, on the other hand, just lies all the time and people would have to be clever enough to know when she is. However, she never breaks promises or deals. And she’s always lenient to children.

Chopper (Canada) – Bigfoot, which explains A LOT. Though, there are multiple Bigfoots, so he’s just one of the many. Instead, he is a DOCTOR BIGFOOT, which is even weirder and funnier. He’s like, basically that friendly monster you find in a forest that people warn off and is just misunderstood, haha. Whenever children get lost, he leads them back home and heals them if they’re injured.

Franky (American) – He’s an engineer, he embodies inventing and creating. He’s also a fixer upper and an inventor all at once. He inspires people to create new things and is so enthusiastic about all these new immigrants who come into the mixing pot. New ideas in the air! He’s ecstatic about the industrial times and its growth, but absolutely hates the conditions of the people, and rages against people who claim it was ‘progress.’ Bring in the new, sure that’s great. But to kick people down while doing so boils his blood. He and Luffy interact a lot cause America is A Hot Mess of everything, hahaha.

Brook (Austria) – He’s a fucking ghost. A genuine fucking ghost who haunts Austria’s castles and at night, people can hear a violin playing and rowdy songs that don’t fit the setting at all. People see a skeleton at the corner of their eye with a ridiculous afro prancing around the grounds and it’s really freaky. He gossips with other ghosts of old monarchs (I’m headcanoning people with strong influence over the country or has strong personalities end up lingering for a while) and Usopp visits from time to time.

Sanji (France) – he’s a Sea Cook. Kind of a minor sea god who helps sailors sail safely, makes sure to guide them to areas with lots of fish if they get hungry, and spends most of his time in the ships’ kitchens yelling at cooks to add citrus food, nonono what are you doing with that potato you’re skinning it wrong. What about the nutrients?! So basically this grumpy, neatly suited man swearing up a storm and fruitlessly kicking people’s heads when they’re acting like idiots and hovering around like a mother hen. Also, he is absolutely enraged at the old belief that having a woman onboard is bad luck. Fuck you idiots who have no manners do you have any idea how long it’s been since I’ve seen a woman? Stop fucking ruining this for me!

Luffy (Brazil) – He’s Freedom. Like, that’s it. If the Guardians of Childhood had been looking, they would’ve thought he would be PERFECT for the job, but the Man in the Moon is really, really amused by Luffy’s existence and leaves him be to his own devices. He’s too big even in this world, and he just ends up in countries that need people to rise up, to fight back. He’s in revolutions, protests, wars, cheering people on and fighting with them. He bolsters their strength, makes them laugh in hard times, make them invincible against things that are huge and indomitable looking. He’s just, unchangeable. No matter how bad it is, he keeps smiling.

And just, imagine everyone reacting to them? Like, Ombric meeting Robin and them talking about books and both enthusiastically sharing knowledge with each other, and Robin being all secretive the whole time.

“I want nothing but the truth.” The woman’s voice rang in the room, forthright and honest. With her masks stripped along with her sly words and subtle smiles, she looked powerful. A hungry girl who saw the world in shades of grey, hanging in the backdrop and always watching, observing, waiting.

There’s a finality to her voice, the verdict set with nothing stopping her path. This is her last ditch effort to get him to talk, a method that revealed her heart, her core.

The dark skin, mystery surrounding her like a cloak, clever words with clever answers. A familiar nose that he swore he’s seen missing from great wonders-

“You’re a sphinx!” Ombric exclaimed, shocked.

She laughed, the sound reverberating the room and just as warm as her natural climate.

“I am.” She conceded with a small smile. “I have to be something to people after all.”

Japan is an island, so Sanji ends up visiting Zoro a lot since even though the mosshead has no fucking idea from left to right, always is able to find a shoreline somehow and they constantly butt heads whenever they do.

“Feeding people your shit food? I feel sorry for them.”

“Shut up! At least I’m not called the ‘Wandering Samurai.’ Wandering my ass. More like ‘lost shitface who doesn’t know North from up.’”

“Yeah? And why do people call you Sea Cook? Should’ve been ‘swirlybrow bastard’ or ‘lovesick idiot.’”

Or Chopper the friendly Bigfoot helping lost children, sometimes in his small form to calm them down, and big when he needs to protect them from other predators or monsters. Usopp basically being their network, able to travel around the most and spread the Straw Hats adventures to others, or make up stories of his own. Luffy and Franky adventuring around America cause seriously, there’s so much weird shit going on there.

Nami abso-fucking-lutely delighted that there are maps, there are better tools, better ways to man the sea. And despite what mortals think in this world, the sea is still pretty exciting here though not as much as their old world. What withe the loch ness monster, atlantis, mermaids (Sanji was fucking delighted), and more. Sanji probably knows the sea better than any of them now.

“… Has Usopp found the others yet?”

“Yeah, the haggling witch is screwing people over back in Ireland as usual. And last I saw, Franky was ready to kill this guy building a train or something.”

“I met Chopper.” It had been difficult for the giant spirit to come near the ocean. His place was more inland. Sanji grimaced around his cigarette that looked nothing like what existed during this current time period. It was a mystery where he got his neverending supply, though he thanked every day for it. “He’s helping some kids out. Turns out people are the same no matter where we are.”

Yeah, I would really love to see someone write this.

sounddrive  asked:

Drop a character or pairing in my inbox and I’ll write one-sentence fics for each of the following (Black Hat and Dr. Flug. Either separately or as a pair: take your pick)

[ x
@sounddrive – I tried to split it evenly, but this is heavily skewed toward Flug / Paperhat. :P 

Angst: He tried not to think it, but he felt like the longer he worked here, the more he let little pieces of his soul die.  

AU: There was something almost obscene about coming to a Starbucks and ordering coffee black enough to technically qualify as a corrosive acid– but at least the guy ordering it was good looking.  

Crack!fic: When this was all over, Flug realized as he gingerly picked up the screaming infant Eldritch terror, Black Hat was going to have his ass. 

Crossover: These silly little boys thought that salt and iron were going to kill him– how charming. 

First Time: For several minutes he didn’t want to look at his reflection (what else was new?)– but when he finally took in his new, better suited silhouette, he felt like he would burst.  

Fluff: “Thank you, 505– these’ll look nice in my office,” Flug said, completely sincerely, accepting the flowers (roots and all). 

Humor: Black Hat’s only comment the next morning was, “Slept like a log last night–” a pause, punctuated by a sip of disgustingly black coffee– “woke up in the fireplace.” 

Hurt / Comfort: For all his grumbling and complaining about “if you hate needles why do you get injections,” Black Hat was… surprisingly patient in getting Flug to sit still long enough for it. 

Smut: He was on a first-name basis with very few– but his boss pinning him roughly to the mattress and growling Thomas right in his ear was almost enough to make him cum right then and there. 

UST: “If you’re going to wear a tie, Flug–” Never in his life has Flug been more grateful for the paper bag hiding his face (and by extension, flushed cheeks) from Black Hat as the latter deftly readjusted his necktie– “don’t bloody embarrass me.” 

anointedqueendale  asked:

I love the Abe and Akashi bond as well as Ren and Akashi. I just want to see more of their interaction, because you just do it so well! If you could write some about them or even just Rakuzan and Akashi, because they are always a delight, I'd just die. Also you are definitely the reason I ship KiKasa. <3

Between school and baseball practice, Abe and Mihashi don’t really have a lot of time to go on dates. Which is really OK since they spend about 70% of their time together anyway (the remaining 30% being when they are in their separate classes and their brief hours of sleep between training and classes). It didn’t even really occur to Abe that dates were things that needed to happen until the other members of the baseball club started ragging on him for being a crappy boyfriend.

“Of course you have to go on dates! It’s called dating isn’t it?” Sakaeguchi asks

“I bet Abe doesn’t know how,” Mizutani says.

“Shut up, we never have the time!” Abe insists. “Hanai, back me up here, do you go on dates?”

“No, we, err—” Hanai starts.

“We make out a lot between classes and after practice, mostly in the locker rooms!” Tajima says cheerfully, slapping Hanai on the back.

Hanai turns red and then most of the team switches to ragging on him, leaving Abe to wonder if maybe he’s going about his relationship the wrong way.


So somewhere down the line, the double dates start to happen, and it’s really the only time they get the chance to actually date, in the conventional sense of the word, with outings in public and food and various other couple related activities. And Abe considers this to be a win all around, because Mihashi likes seeing Furihata, and Akashi tends to pay for everything when they’re all together, and this way Abe doesn’t have to put too much thought into what exactly couples are supposed to do because Akashi had already made all the plans.

The downside to the double dates, is that sometimes Mihashi starts talking to Furihata and sometimes their talking takes up the majority of the date, to the point where sometimes Abe feels like they are on a double date, but Abe is not Mihashi’s date.

Which leaves some kind of disturbing implications about who is Abe’s date.


Since they’re often thrown together when Mihashi and Furihata start talking, Abe ends up sitting awkwardly next to Akashi Seijuurou a lot. They don’t usually talk a whole lot, and that’s not terrible, Abe doesn’t mind the not talking and he doesn’t think Akashi does either.

Seeing Furihata and Mihashi together, he sometimes wonders if he’s doing things wrong. Because Mihashi doesn’t talk as easily and cheerfully with him, and it’s the unsettling sort of feeling he gets sometimes still when Mihashi talks to Tajima, or Sakaeguchi. It’s not jealousy exactly, but the unshakeable feeling that he’s still not getting it right.

“Do you,” Abe starts, wondering if it’s a pointless question but feeling like maybe it needs to be asked, “Do you ever think that maybe Furihata would be better off with someone who understood him better?”

As soon as he asks the question he knows it’s dumb. Akashi doesn’t strike him as the kind of person who would be insecure about things like that. And really, he should have just said, I sometimes think Mihashi would be better off with someone who understood him better, because that’s what he really meant.

But Akashi surprises him.

“Yes, all the time.”

Abe has to stare at him disbelievingly for about ten seconds because he said that which such declarative confidence that it makes it really hard to believe him.

“I am not human,” Akashi clarifies, “I did not have a normal childhood. I have often thought many times that Furihata might be better off with someone who relates to him better than it is possible for me to ever understand. But in the end, I am confident that I want what is absolutely the best for Furihata, and that no one could ever want that as much as I do, so in the end that means I am best for Furihata.”

Abe thinks through this logic and then nods. Yes, that’s it. He doesn’t always understand Mihashi, but no one could possibly think more about Mihashi’s well-being than he does, so that’s fine.

A/N: Hahaha, Abe and Akashi definitely win the prize for “most random and unexpected bros” in this entire series. I really would not have pegged those two to be friends, but it’s a lot of fun! Thank you, @anointedqueendale (sorry you had to wait so long! Glad you also like KiKasa!) and @yasdnil69 for indulging me on this strange broship I have created!

Kari’s Favorite Things Challenge

 So get this! Y’all cause I am a weirdo I have been thinking about doing this for months. I did a celebration thingy for 666 so off course I wanted one for 6666 aswell :D

This one is gonna be a challenge and since the number 6666 is wicked cool and sorta a fav thing of mine the prompts are gonna reflect that. There are gonna be 66 prompts (and 66 spots for people to sign up for). There are gonna be 6 different categories amongst those prompts and there will be 6 different characters you can chose from to write for.

Sign ups end when I run out of prompts. No more will be added. Only one person for each prompt but no limit on characters. 


1. You have to send me an ask telling me your pairing (and if the pairing is two of the characters on the list please let me know which one you wanna focus on). The ask also has to say which prompt you choose (state the NUMBER not just the prompt. Send a backup prompt in case the one you want is taken. IMs, reblogs and replies will be ignore

2. I am fine with most pairings but please no dealistar, wincest (of any kind) or samifer. I wanna read all these fics and I can’t stomach those pairings. No hate if you ship it I just don’t. No male readers or OMCs are allowed either. Again no offense I just don’t read them.

3. You can write fluff, angst smut -  if you write smut please no non-con, A/B/O or daddy/mommy kinks. Again no shaming. I just can’t bring myself to read those.

4. Word min: 500 and word max: 6000 words.

5. It can be the start of a series or a one shot. Please don’t make it the middle part of a series - I don’t have time to catch up on 66 series for this one.

6. The fic is due June 15th. If you have to drop out or need an extension that is cool - just let me know a week ahead of time. People signing up and not completing the challenge without getting back to me that they need to drop out will be banned from my future challenges.

7. All are allowed to sign up, the tags are only for signal boost, but one person can only sign up once.

8. Tag me @thing-you-do-with-that-thing in the A/N and use the # Kari’s favorite things challenge within the first five tags. 

9. Have FUN :D

Characters you can write for:

It is TFW and J2M - I know but they are the ones I read the most and this is my challenge.

You can however pair them with any other character you like (again not any form of wincest, samifer or dealistar), you can pair them with a female reader or a OFC (no male readers or OMCs please), or you can write a general fic. You just have to let me know which and which guy you will focus on.


1. Dean

2. Jensen

3. Sam

4. Jared

5. Cas

6. Misha

Examples of an Ask:

Hey I would like to join your challenge and write for Destiel (with focus on Cas). I would like prompt 66 with prompt 5 as back up


Hey can I join your challenge and write for Jared x reader with prompt 10 and 9 as back up please?

Prompts are under the cut

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Hello fellow people who like Shay!  A few of us, myself included, have noticed how Shay only ever gets mentioned negatively or not at all.  And that’s a crying shame.

So to combat this we’ve come up with Shay Week.  Seven days worth of prompts for your minfics, full length fics, headcanons, discussions, meta, art, comics, gifs, edits, manips, anything really.  Seriously, if you think your oatmeal looked kinda like Shay, I wanna see pics!!

So from August 27th to September 2nd we’re gonna make content.

Day 1:  Favorite.  What was your favorite thing about Shay?  Inquiring minds wanna know!!

Day 2:  Ships.  Who do you ship her with?  Why?  How?  What would it look like?  What do they do for fun?

Day 3:  Favorite Scene/Episode.  What was your favorite Shay moment that happened on screen?

Day 4: Crossover.  What other show/movie/book would you want to see Shay in?  What would her role be?  What would happen?

Day 5:  Previous Works Appreciation.  What are your favorite fics involving Shay?  Link us!!  Tell us everything you loved about it and make sure to let the author know, even if they’re not on tumblr!!  Did you kind of wish it had continued?  Write a new one inspired by it!!  Talk about where you thought it was going!!  Reblog your favorite pieces of art that have been made in the past and gush about them!!  Make sure you spread the love around!!

Day 6:  BroTP.  Who would be her best friend?  Either in canon or an OC, let us know who her friends are.

Day 7:  Fix-it.  How would you take canon and reintegrate Shay?  Did she never leave?  Does she come back and save the day?

Or anything your heart desires!!  You don’t necessarily have to follow the prompts, but if you’re stuck there are some ideas!!  

It’s not a one-a-day thing either, no way.  You have a thought?  Post it.  I know my blog’s gonna turn into a Shay blog for a week, for sure.


1.  Use the #Shay Davydov main tag!  I will be tagging #shay davydov week as well as the main tag (there’s already been a shay week for a different show. How cool is that?).  Make sure everybody can find it so they can see your hard work!!

2.  This isn’t an opportunity to compare her to other characters in order make them look bad.  We can like, celebrate, and lift up a character without taking another one down.  This is about positivity anyway!!  So back to the exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.  Interact with each other!!  Sometimes posting about Shay feels like you’re screaming into an empty void.  Reblog!  Comment!  Add nice tags!

4.  If you have any questions before, during, or after please do ask! @krystalgoderitch sparked this post/helped put this together and has agreed to help me answer questions, so you can ask her as well me!!

5.  Reblog the snot out of this post!!  I want to make sure that anybody who would be at all remotely interested sees this so they don’t get left out.

I’m looking forward to making posts for this almost as much as I’m looking forward to seeing all of yours!

[gif made by @hellwizards , thanks so much buddy!!]

And here are the people who asked to be notified about this post:  @punk-rock-science  @karinta-agogobell-unified @jewvian @orphanblackismylife @bobkitten  @meatheadinthecraftroom @lifeandlongstretch