it would improve the series a lot

Toko Fukawa Idle animation update

I’ve said numerous times I wanted to go back and improve the older ones in my series of Danganronpa idle animations, and of course Fukawa, who didn’t even have any actions originally, would be first on the list. I had this exact animation in mind very early on.

There’s a lot more motion in this than the other ones, and of course the Genocider Syo/Genocide Jack part only made things more challenging… I decided to add an iconic background, too - the cafeteria from DR1- since I had already come this far and wanted to go another extra mile.

skam-fest (balloon squad livestream): TRANSLATION

disclaimer: we dunno danish. huge shout out to @maksisskambackwards for norwegian-english translation for the boys and Håkon. (they didn’t want credit and I said hush) grammar fixes by me ;) 

Everybody introduces themselves. And Håkon says that they’re still producing and thats why everybody couldn’t be there. Håkon likes Eskilds character the best.

Mutasim: Hei hei. My name is Mutasim and I play Mutasim. And I don’t know what else to say. My favorite character is Chris - girl Chris. Good actress.

Cengiz: should I introduce myself? I’m Cengiz, its like Ghengis Khan. (pronunciation of his name) I’m 19. And turning 20 today. No yesterday. What else should I say. I’ve never done any acting before. So this is very new for me. But its very fun to be here and speak before you. My favourite actor is many actually. I think like Håkon over there that Eskild has been really good. Chris. Really all, many are good. And I also think Vilde. Of course I like all the characters. Sana is a really important character. I support all of them. All my colleagues are great.

Simo: Hi, I´m Simo and I´m Sana’s brother, Elias. My favourite actor, I wanna say first everyone is amazing. But if I have to choose one it would be Sana.

Yousef: My name is Yousef, and I play Mikael. My favourite character is maybe Even. An (unpredictable?) character.

Adam: Hi everybody, I’m Adam and i play Adam. I’m 18 and really an artist and suddenly I’m an actor. My favourite is Jonas or Marlon. I’ve known Marlon for many years. We used to skate together and are buds. And one day he was like, “Adam I’ll be in this new show on NRK,” and we were like,  “okay… Is that cool?” And it was really fun to watch how it turned out.

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so... any more like that king james post?

Son, it’s time you learnt about… King Edward II of England.

Boring disclaimer: there is no explicit evidence of the true nature of Edward’s relationship with Piers Gaveston or Hugh Despenser. There are no love letters or saucy satirical poetry, a la King James I. There are no sex tapes. All we have is conjecture and circumstantial evidence (and some sources, but not many). It should also be noted that we can’t say with any certainty that Edward II was what we (although not him, as the terms and frameworks are modern) would term ‘homosexual’, ‘bisexual’ or ‘heterosexual’. Relationships between men were often incredibly close, bordering on romantic, with no clear definition between platonic and romantic. It was only really unusual when there was a sexual component involved, and the lack of evidence of this component means that it would be impossible to ascribe a definitive homosexual identity to the two men. However, the lack of evidence does not necessarily mean a lack of veracity, and it’s not impossible that the two were sexually involved. It’s just important to remember that modern labels don’t always fit past figures, because history and all.

Our merry historical jaunt begins with the saucy tale of

Piers Gaveston: in which the dangers of ignoring your barons and giving all your land, treasure and undivided attention to one man becomes apparent

  • So, this begins with King Edward I, who was the king of England from 1272-1307. He was also nicknamed ‘Longshanks’ because of his long legs, which is completely irrelevant, but interesting. In 1300, a saucy 16 year old (or thereabouts) named Piers Gaveston joined the household of Edward I, at the behest of Edward I, who thought he was a pretty decent chap and definitely not about to lead his son astray or anything like that. Fairly soon after that, Edward I became the human embodiment of that ‘I have made a terrible mistake’ gif that everyone used to post back in 2013, because Prince Edward and Gaveston became absolutely inseparable. Prince Edward kept demanding more and more titles for Gaveston and his family, giving him fancy gifts of treasure and land and probably those really expensive watches, and at one point the king became concerned that Gaveston might actually be a bit of a problem when it came to his son producing heirs, and Gaveston was banished from court and exiled, albeit with an allowance. 
  • Edward I died in 1307. His dying wish was that Gaveston should never be allowed back into the country, to which Prince Edward said ‘yes, dad, I will absolutely adhere to your last wish, because I am your respectful son and heir. Oh, you’re dead? I’m Edward II now? Cool! Time to fetch Gaveston and give him loads of land! What a guy.’
  • Edward II was crowned in 1308, and subsequently married Isabella of France, who was two things: an absolute badass, and also a 12 year old girl. That was fine in those days, so everyone just went along with it and assumed that Edward and Isabella would be happy together forever. They were not entirely correct.
  • Within a month of Edward I’s death, Edward II had made Gaveston the Earl of Cornwall, and was a bit naughty about it. By some accounts, Gaveston hadn’t known that this was his plan, and Edward claimed that he had asked his barons for advice, but that was a load of old wank, because the barons hated Gaveston and would probably rather construct a wall made of actual corn and slap a title on that. In 1308, in a pattern which should not have surprised anyone at this point, Edward’s courtiers began to worry about the extent of Gaveston’s influence on the king, with some describing him as being ‘like a second king’. By some accounts, the two were never apart, even sharing a bed on some occasions, and many noblemen began to worry that Gaveston was influencing royal policy, which, now that I think about it, might have been a euphemism. They forced Edward to exile Gaveston again in 1308 upon threat of excommunication, which he did, but Gaveston was allowed to serve in Ireland in a military capacity, as Lieutenant of Ireland (which Gaveston was weirdly great at. Legitimately.) Edward also gave him and his wife a lot of money. Like, a lot. So that’s nice.
  • In 1309, Edward began attempting to compromise with the barons who had ordered Gaveston’s exile. He promised them more land and power, and to stop his really annoying habit of refusing to meet any of them unless Gaveston was also in the room, if they would overturn the exile. They refused, probably accurately assuming that things would be just as bad as before. In response, Edward began to royally suck up to the powers that be, giving land and titles to members of the Pope’s family until he received a papal annulment of the threat of Gaveston’s exile and agreed to sign a statute relieving some of the earls’ problems, and Gaveston returned.
  • Things improved a lot after that, by which I mean that Gaveston began to give all the earls horrible nicknames and Edward II gave him his own personal armed guard, as well as access to the treasury. Fed up beyond belief at this point, the barons drew up a series of reforms known as the Ordinances of 1311, and forced the king to sign them, saying that civil war would ensue if he didn’t. As well as limitations on Edward’s power as king, these reforms included articles about punishment owed to Gaveston for his offences. By some accounts, Edward promised to agree to all articles diminishing his own power if the barons would allow Gaveston to remain as Earl of Cornwall, to which the barons laughed heartily and exiled Gaveston for a third time, with the promise of death if he were to return. 
  • In 1312, the King demanded that Gaveston return ‘by the king’s order’, ostensibly to visit his pregnant wife but probably just to piss the barons off. Some people suggest that Edward got so desperate at this point that he even offered to recognise Robert the Bruce, the man who had spent his entire life at war with England, as the king of Scotland if he would acknowledge Gaveston as having a right to live in England, but that might be nothing more than a story. Whatever happened, the barons were indeed pissed off, and executed Gaveston.
  • Their love affair lives on in Christopher Marlowe’s play of 1592, Edward II, which deals fairly explicitly with their romantic relationship (although not that explicitly, you can take your grandma to see it). 

Luckily, after that, Edward II learned his lesson about taking royal favourites and using them to piss off his barons by giving them lavish gifts and making them Earls of random places, and he absolutely definitely never took another male favourite ever again, which leads right onto 

Hugh Despenser: in which the whole thing happens all over again, only with less exile and more outright bloody civil war, and also waxworks

  • In 1318, a man named Hugh Despenser was made royal chamberlain, and, despite having enjoyed a fairly lukewarm acquaintance before this point, quickly became a favourite of Edward II. By 1320, he was running around demanding titles and money all over the damn place, and Edward was acquiescing all over the same damn place. At this point, most barons were probably wishing that they’d never executed Gaveston, because compared to Despenser, he was a saint. If Gaveston had been a pain in the arse, then Despenser was a pain in every single arse this side of the equator. He was, by all accounts, pretty obnoxious. Unlike Gaveston, who had mostly been interested in shiny things and status, Despenser was interested in power and politics, and used his status to manoeuvre his way up the ranks of English politics like a little worm on a very small ladder. Oh, and Despenser’s wife was also Edward II’s niece. Just so you know.
  • By 1321, everyone hated Despenser except for Edward. Edward’s wife, Isabella, was one of his most vehement detractors. The reason for her hatred of him, seeing as she’d always tolerated Gaveston, isn’t really known - lots of theories have been purported, primarily focusing on Despenser’s reputation of assaulting noblewomen, and possibly Isabella herself. I did tell you that he was awful. Subsequently, some barons rebelled, starting what are now known as the Despenser Wars. There was even an event where some barons contracted a local magician, John of Nottingham, to kill Edward and Despenser by making wax figures of them and destroying them. Bizarrely, it didn’t work. The barons lost the war in 1322, and Edward and Hugh reigned supreme, and by ‘supreme’, I mean ‘with an iron fist’, and by ‘with an iron fist’, I mean ‘like Joffrey Lannister’. 
  • Over the next 4 years, Edward began to severely punish the barons who had been involved in the Despenser Wars. He would execute the barons, then confiscate their widows’ land and give it to someone whose name, you’ll be unsurprised to hear, was Hugh Despenser. Many of these widows were Isabella’s friends, and, despite having been broadly supportive of Edward up to this point, she began to plot against him. She refused to take an oath of loyalty to the Despensers, and Edward retaliated by taking her land, her assets, and even her children, placing them in the custody of… look, do I even need to tell you which family he gave his own children to? It was the Despensers. What a surprise.
  • Remember how I said that Isabella was a badass? This is why. In 1326, she went to France to negotiate with the French king on Edward’s behalf. Whilst there, she made the acquaintance of Roger Mortimer, a marcher lord who didn’t much care for her husband, having been imprisoned by him in the Tower of London for his part in the Despenser Wars. Romance ensued, and so did plotting. Lots of both.
  • With an army of about 1,500 soldiers, Isabella then invaded England, by some accounts whilst dressed as a goddamn widow, and took back her children and her land. This led to two weeks chasing Edward and Hugh Despenser around South Wales, which honestly needs to be a short video with just Edward and Despenser hiding in various castles and Isabella catching up with them and saying ‘look, I can see you both, you’re hiding under the bed,’ and Edward and Despenser shrieking ‘no, you can’t see us! We’re not here!’ until finally Isabella took back her husband. Only by ‘took back’ her husband, I mostly mean ‘imprisoned’. She had Despenser executed in a rather grisly fashion, including but not limited to castration (a joke at his being a ‘sodomite’, as they named him) and having his body chopped up. Grisly.
  • Edward’s fate is unknown, even to this day. A popular urban myth is that he was executed by having a red hot poker shoved up his royal bottom, supposedly so as not to leave any trace of the murder, but this is nowadays widely accepted as being medieval propaganda designed to poke fun at his possible sexual relationships with Gaveston and Despenser.

All of which is really a very long-winded way of saying that Edward II was a terrible king and should definitely have spent more time ruling the country and less time underestimating his wife, but he was also a very interesting figure in terms of being pretty openly Not Heterosexual, and how he’s been vilified, even to this day, for his sexuality. Lots of people still know him as the guy who prioritised his lovers over his country, and that makes sense because he was about as good a king as a wet ham sandwich by all accounts, but they often think of his sexual preferences as being intrinsic to that, as though he would have been inherently better as a king and human being if his lovers had been female instead. Granted, they would have had less recourse to gain political power than his male lovers did because women couldn’t hold the same levels of status or land, but that’s the fault of the political system, not Edward’s sexuality. It would be good if the whole ‘bad gay’ narrative could be superseded by a ‘bad king’ one, but y’know. Let’s not live in hope.

Sources (collated from Warner, Kathryn, Edward II: The Unconventional King): 

  • Vita Edwardi Secundi 
  • Chronicles of Meaux Abbey
  • Close Rolls (of the reign of Edward II)

So I’ve been having a tough time with art in general and how to approach things and just what style to use so I decided I would redraw something older to see my improvement and make myself feel better! :)

This piece I was really really proud of when I first made and it was the basis of my style for a while! I like what I did now much better!

Here is a link to the original one I did so you can see :0

Midnight Masquerade - Part 6

Originally posted by beautiful-as-vampire

Genre: Vampire! AU | Angst | Fluff (Although, it’s beginning to become partly College/Uni! AU, and even some elements of Soulmate!AU cx)

Synopsis: Your best friend drags you into attending a masquerade ball with her, only to abandon you in the middle of the strange dance. Standing alone in the midst of a flurry of people, the events that play out here change the course of your life; only to leave you wondering; who is under the mask? 

Pairing: Reader X Yoongi (Ft. the other boys of BTS cx)

Word count: 2495 (Longest part yet cx)

Warnings: Mentions of biting (I believe that’s it?)

Series: Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4 | Pt 5 | Pt 6 Pt 7 | Pt 8 | Pt 9 | Pt 10

(A/N: Finally finished this after a bit of writers’ block! I’m pretty happy how this turned out, but as always, I would really like to hear what you guys think!! Please let me know if you like how the story is going, or if there’s anything I can improve on, because I’m sure there’s a lot!)

The world around you seemed to stop, as your eyes remained fixated on Mina, her lips still curled up into a mischievous smirk, settling down into her seat and taking out her laptop amongst other things. How could she act so… normal, like nothing happened, like she wasn’t supposedly dead only a few days ago?

“What’s going on?” You hissed quietly, trying not to interrupt the lecturer. “How are you even here? And why do you look so… pale?” (Although, you reckoned you knew the answer to the latter.)

Mina looked up from typing frantically, turning her head to glance over at you, the familiar sparkle shimmering in her eyes. “(Y/N), you know we’re in the middle of a lecture right now, right?” She asked, her eyebrows raised expectantly. “Unless you want to miss out important stuff, you might wanna start writing.” She chuckled under her breath, looking straight ahead once again, leaving you in a fluster yet again.

You threw your arms up in frustration, huffing as you put pen to paper, beginning to scribble away as you tried desperately to focus on the professor’s rapid speech, his arms moving around as he pointed to the projection screen. And yet, you found your thoughts drifting off once again, as your writing hand slowed down, your eyes beginning to wander around the hall. You sighed, only for your breath to hitch as you spotted the guys from before, sitting a few seats down as they stared over at you, their eyebrows furrowed in confusion, it seemed, their eyes darting from Mina to you to Mina once again.

“What’s the big deal?” You muttered under your breath, frustrated to no end at the constant questions you were left with, your head still spinning. Your eyes shifted over to one of them specifically; the man with the jet-black hair, his slender fingers reaching up to brush his fringe away from his eyes. His gaze bored into you, as your eyes became fixated on him also, a sense of familiarity nagging at the back of your head. The two of you stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, before the man finally tore his gaze away from you, turning to face the front once again. You did the same; and yet the strange feeling that overcame you, remained, constantly present in the back of your mind, urging you to find out more. You felt a strange connection to the man, drawing you towards him. You felt a strange need to be around him, and you wondered if he felt the same, or if you were simply delusional.

Your mind finally returned to reality, and you glanced ahead, only to realise that you had missed most of the lecture lost in the abyss of your own thoughts. A deep groan escaped from your throat as you realised you were going to have to get the notes off someone. You glanced over at Mina’s laptop, the screen covered in lines of writing, and you sighed, pushing your hair back as you leaned over to Mina, who was packing her things away, humming a tune.

“Mina…?” You asked hesitantly, as she turned to face you once again, a strangely sweet smile on her face, the vibrant colour of her lipstick contrasting with her newly pale skin, causing you to inwardly grimace. You felt like you didn’t even know her anymore; this new, elegant Mina was not the person you grew up with.

Pushing your thoughts aside, you asked, “Do you mind if I… uh, take a copy of your notes?” Mina met your anxious gaze with a cocky smirk, as she teased, “Were you too busy staring at Yoongi to take notes, hm?” You simply sat there, your eyes widened as she threw her head back in a laugh, saying, “Yeah, sure, I’ll email it you.” Yoongi? Was that his name? How did she know him? How had she even noticed you staring? She seemed to be intently and frantically typing the whole time. You felt a blush rising onto your cheeks at being caught, looking back in the direction of the boys, only to notice they were gone. You felt a strange tinge of disappointment - although you couldn’t tell why - picking up your things and following after Mina like a lost puppy.


Yoongi leaned back in his seat, exhaling in slight boredom. The lecturer droned on and on, monotone voice beginning to send Yoongi to sleep. His eyes began wandering around the hall, coming to a stop when he noticed Mina sitting with that girl again. His gaze fixated completely on you, only for you to shift your body around, your eyes stopping when you noticed him. Despite Namjoon looking up from his notes and nudging him to pay attention, he found that he couldn’t take his gaze off you; an invisible connection beginning to form between the two of you. However, it felt more like this connection, this string of fate between you was merely being repaired, rather than created anew.

The familiar feeling never left Yoongi’s mind, as he studied you carefully, noticing how your hair cascaded down your shoulders naturally. His eyes glazed over as his mind casted back to the night of the ball, and the girl that had - somehow - stumbled into his room. He recalled how her hair was the same hue as yours; her eyes held the same enchanting look as yours. A suspicion began to grow in his mind, as he wondered if the nagging thought in his mind was indeed correct. He vowed to find out more about you, one way or another, and work out why he felt such a strong need to be in your presence.


Sitting in the cafeteria, you quietly ate your lunch, Mina rambling away. Your mind wasn’t focused on the words coming out of her mouth, however. Instead, you were more concerned with the black-haired man. There was something so strangely familiar about him; from the way he constantly brushed his hair away from his eyes, to the distinct gaze in his eyes. As you thought about the translucent tone of his skin, your mind slowly began to make a connection between the “vampire” you had met at the ball - the one who had left you with a seemingly permanent scar on your neck - and the man from the lecture hall. A sense of foreboding rose through your chest, as you contemplated the possibility that they were one and the same. You couldn’t be sure - his mask covered most of his face after all - but the connection was there, and it scared you. You made a mental note to somehow find a way to question your mother, as you were certain she knew something about the matter.

“Earth to (Y/N)? Are you even paying attention?” Mina waved her hand in front of your face, bringing you back to reality, the thoughts pushed back to the back of your head. A small smile crept onto your face at her antics, as Mina finally seemed to be reverting back to her old self, despite the clear differences in her appearance. The smile soon faded however, once questions began to flood your mind again, as you squinted your eyes, studying her carefully.

“What?” Mina asked, her mouth stretching into a small O-shape. “Is there something on my face?”

“How are you alive?” You said abruptly, your tone surprising cold. “I could’ve sworn you were dead. I saw your lifeless body, Mina.”

“Ah… that’s a long story, you see..” Mina replied, her tone slightly anxious, as she fidgeted in her seat. “Besides, you probably won’t believe me anyways…” She mumbled the last sentence under her breath, and yet you surprisingly heard every word, your arms crossing over your chest.

“We have time. And trust me, I already have some ideas. I doubt it’ll shock me after what happened that night.” You self-consciously adjusted the turtleneck you were wearing, ensuring it covered the scar on your neck.

“I guess you deserve an explanation…” Mina sighed, settling in her seat. “It all started when we got separated in that massive place. I looked around but I couldn’t see you anywhere, what with that crowd of people.”

Mina stopped somewhere in the flurry of people, realising you were nowhere to be seen. “(Y/N)?” She called out, and yet there was no response. Wandering through the hall, she noticed how the elegant people around her were staring at her, their tongues flicking out briefly, running across their lower and upper lips in a swift motion, almost in a ravenous way. She furrowed her eyebrows, a strange sense of foreboding settling at the pit of her stomach at the way the people were gazing at her. This was definitely a strange ball, the people near like nothing she had seen before. They were all hauntingly beautiful, with their sculpted figures and clear skin. They were so strangely pale, she noted, pale beyond any human.

Her head swiveled around to spot a large door, the frame decorated with the most intricate carvings. Something about that door beckoned to her, enticing her to enter and discover what was inside. A few others followed behind her, also fixated on the same door. These others however, were like her, their skin tones much more human-like.

Walking slowly towards the door, Mina rested her hand on the cold handle, pushing it open, the door swinging open to reveal a darkened room, Mina only just able to make out what looked like a strange sort of labyrinth. Something inside her urged her forward, as she, along with the others, cautiously stepped in, attempting to navigate through the maze. Glancing upwards briefly, Mina spotted a glass window enclosed another room that looked over the maze, her eyes widening slightly as she saw those… “people”, mingling and conversing, some watching the maze intently, glass in hand.

“What is going on…?” Mina whispered out loud, spinning around when she heard the distinct sound of shuffling, and footsteps, like someone was coming closer. “I’m not staying to find out,” she thought to herself, spinning on her heels, only to run further and further into the maze, the same sound of footsteps following close behind. The sound became louder and louder, closer and closer, the cheers from above increasing as Mina felt a cold hand clasp her mouth, the other arms securing her in place. Her screams and protests were muffled by the hand, a sharp sting of pain spreading throughout her body as she felt something sink deep into her neck.

The last words she heard before she passed out was, “Now it’s simply time to see if she’ll turn, or if she’ll die, and we can finally feast…”

You didn’t realise you were, quite literally, on the edge of your seat throughout her story, your eyes wide. You finally began putting the pieces together; her lifeless body, the deep bite on her neck. She must’ve woken up after you ran, meaning that she was, in fact, one of them. What did that mean for her? Looking down at the table, you realised Mina had not touched her food even once, your hands shaking ever so slightly as the realisation hit you.

“So.. as ridiculous as this sounds…” you started, lowering your voice, although with the events that had unravelled in front of you, it didn’t seem as unbelievable anymore. “You’re basically a vampire now?”

“Apparently so,” Mina responded, flashing you a grin as the sparkle returned to her eyes. “At least, that’s what Seokjin told me.”

You stared at her in confusion, until she realised you had no idea what she was talking about.

“Oh, my bad.” She laughed, continuing, “After I woke up, the other people around people looked… disappointed, I suppose and they all moved away. All of them except a few. Seokjin was the first to approach me, he took my hand and helped me up,” she recounted, a smile on her face as she spoke at this new person. “Yoongi was there also - the guy you were staring at during the lecture - Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook…” She counted off her things, rambling a list of names, and yet you continued to stare in confusion.

“They’re the only ones who actually bothered to explain what had just happened - I was confused as hell obviously - everyone else just walked away disappointingly.” She tutted, as you sat there, absorbing this new information.

Your blood ran cold as you realised that your suspicions were in fact correct - the mysterious man that had left you with the scar on your neck, was the one and same as Yoongi.

“Shit.” You cursed, as you yanked down your turtleneck, your fingers gently touching the mark. It burned under your touch and you retracted your hand in both pain and surprise. A white-hot searing pain spread through your head at this very moment, as you screamed out, your vision rapidly fading. It felt like deja-vu; this was the second time you were passing out in the past couple days, except this time it felt much more intense.

Mina immediately ran to your side, catching your convulsing body before you fell off your seat, as others began to rush over to you, a murmur spreading throughout the hall. A group of people pushed through the crowd, kneeling by your side, nodding at Mina. “What’s happening to her?” Mina asked in desperation, her question focused towards Namjoon who was anxiously staring at the scar on your neck. He reached to touch you, only for a low growl to come from Yoongi’s throat, as he said, “Don’t touch her.”

“Yoongi hyung…” Another boy, Jungkook said cautiously, slightly fearful by Yoongi’s sudden change in demeanour. “Your eyes…”

The others glanced from you to Yoongi, Namjoon attempting to take Yoongi away from the scene, advising him to keep his head down. “Yoongi, calm down, you’re going to blow your cover at this rate.” He walked him away, as Jimin offered to carry you, gently sliding his arms underneath your body, picking you up as he glanced down at you, sweat drops sliding down your face.

“Take her to the nurse’s office now.” Seokjin said with authority, his emphasis on the word ‘nurse’. Jimin nodded in understanding, walking away with your limp body, a few of the boys following close behind him.

“Seokjin, what happened?” Mina asked in desperation, clutching onto his arm with worry.

“Honestly, I can’t say for sure.” He replied, meeting Mina’s eyes with a soft gaze, encouraging her to calm down. “Although there’s a clear mark on her neck, meaning she was bitten at some point, this isn’t normal. It’s not normal for someone to react so… violently. This isn’t a normal case of a human being turned,” he said in a hushed voice, only worrying Mina even more.

“She might not survive.”

Character Development Breakdown: Kagome Higurashi


Kagome’s development really has an impact on pretty much everyone she meets, herself, and the story itself. She starts out as a kind girl, that’s a bit spunky, but… falls victim to a lot of the things that teenagers her age do. Her idea of ‘love’ is only what one would know from books or TV shows, her ideal guy is the “prince” that every girl wants, until they realize that even the prince has his flaws, as does Kagome. That’s only naming a few.

Kagome’s development comes down to, maturity, her powers, her marksmanship, her view on love, and her emotions, and yes, even her school. While the basis of her character is always a nice and kind girl, her niceness develops, along with her maturity and understanding. Her view on things improves and becomes more powerful and more focused, and due to her growth in maturity, it changes. Her niceness can often be her biggest flaw, due to her insecurity and her lack of confidence, and often being too nice, causes these two to make an appearance, even if there isn’t a hint of doubt in what she wants to do, those negative emotions come through and she has to find herself dealing with them.

The Breakdown

Maturity: Now while it might seem at the beginning of the series, Kagome is very mature, she does have her immaturity that comes with her age, ignoring her grandpa’s stories and the gift that she received from her grandfather being pieces of this, her stubbornness plays a role in this, though it might be because of Inuyasha, though she does try to play the peacemaker between the two.

Her adjustment to the era could also play a role in this, since that does take a while, and that’s a factor of the environment. Which, is key, because her time in the past has an effect on her in her own time, as we see, she picks up aspects of that time, which add to her character, and the more and more we come across her friends, the more we start to realize that Kagome… doesn’t quite fit into the group anymore, she’s changing so much because of her time in the past, all that experience, that her friends can’t keep up with her.

This, as stated above, also applies to the positives of her character, she’s a very nice character, that is also a victim of her own niceness, she’ll help those out even if it puts herself in danger or it hurts her emotionally, that changes as her confident and security with herself grows, but for much of the series, that actually effects her negatively, due to insecurity and a lack of confidence, these aspects are targeted in numerous arcs, with her often having to come to grips with them, when it does. To give something of an idea of this, think of the Kaou arc… “I’m not strong, I’m being kind!”, so often her niceness is one of her biggest attributes, it does wonder for those around her, but it effects her in numerous ways at the same time, it’s something that she has to find a proper balance, but first she has to obtain the confidence in order to do so, it’s when she does, she not only becomes more mature, but emotionally stronger.

Powers: Her powers are an odd one, because she doesn’t have any control of them, and they come out in bursts, Kagome’s powers were the key to Naraku’s defeat, that’d been brought up on numerous occasions due to her powers often being the thing that Naraku wanted nothing to do with, or when he did he had to find a means to get around them. Kagome’s powers go through an odd development, because she does learn how to use them, but it isn’t until later in the series that we learn that she’s being held back by the jewel itself, and Hitomiko’s training also plays a key piece in developing Kagome as a marksman.

Marksmanship: Speaking of marksman, let’s tackle that. This one I always hear about people wanting to see her practice with a bow, and get better, we never actually see her doing this. This never really bothered me, mostly because she has plenty of targets possibly on a daily basis and often when their in a real battle, so one assumes that to be the case, but that also has me asking “What about Inuyasha?” he rarely if ever trains with his own sword, he’s not the training type at all really (sure the anime often liked to throw in a lot of aspects about this), but he does very little training. Needless to say, her shot improves through the series, and as it should be, it’s a slow process, she grows better and better, but doesn’t become an expert overnight.

Love: As mentioned about, Kagome falls victim to all the things teenage girls do, her idea of love is basically what you would expect from a prince in a fairy-tale, or a character from a drama, he’s perfect, often too perfect. Yet, she ends up falling for a guy that has quite a few of his own flaws, and even more-so, she actually learns what love is, not that shallow approach that TV gives us, but the real deal. This one I don’t think gets a lot of love (pun may-or-may-not be intended, depending on your sense of humor). When talking about love, it’s always about her relationship with Inuyasha, but let’s move away a little bit from that, and focus on a few things, namely, her interaction with Inuyasha is her first actual romantic involvement with a boy.

And we get to see every bit of it, we get to see her reacting with his attempt to kiss her, that flusters her, we see her reaction to him when he comments on her scent and talks with her, we see her thought process when he hugs her and her conflicting feelings. We see everything, all Kagome’s thoughts from a person that “think” she knows about love, to someone that actually knows what it is because she’s experiencing it, and we see every bit of it happens, we get her thoughts on things, we hear Kagome’s monologues in the series more than just about anybody else, and with this subject, she’s often the one that’s setting the tone, in fact, it’s often because of her confusion, that both Inuyasha’s and Kikyo’s relationship (or lack-there-of) are presented.

Emotional: This one really branches into different areas, love, maturity and her confidence, but also her ability to understand people better, she becomes able to read people. I feel the thing that best exemplifies this, is her words to Naraku about his actions, she gets a read on him that nobody ever thought about, nobody really understood, even Kikyo, who was supposed to know Onigumo, and who thought she knew Naraku better than anyone, couldn’t actually get an idea of what Naraku and Onigumo truly wanted.

And this ability isn’t something that she naturally has, her ability to understand people comes from learning about them, through thoughts, actions and words, and that’s more because she actually cares about people, or doesn’t get cocky and actually learns from each of her experiences. The latter is important, because Kagome has to constantly develop, she has to constantly learn from her experiences, because if there was one time, even one time during the series that Kagome didn’t, Naraku would have won, the jewel would have won. But because she learns not only about others emotions, but her own, she’s able to beat Naraku time after time after time. It’s this part of her development that strengthens everything about her, whether it be love, her powers, and most definitely her maturity.

Education: This is a funny one, because really the only thing you have to do is consistently hear about her school (which we occasionally do), and graduate. This one is of course more of a slow burn, but we do consistently hear about her work, especially early on, because the idea is in place, and then it’s referenced when she either talks about it, or has to go to her time to study for a test or make up some work (though there was never a schedule set, I’m sure there was at least a day or week (normally, sans when something involving Naraku happens and has to be taken care of). Anyway, of course, she does pass, and she does graduate.

Impact & Influence

I’ll say this right now, nobody in the series has a bigger impact than Kagome does, her development not only develops her character, she develops those around her due to her actions and words. To really put things in perspective, I have to do a character breakdown, because it’s much easier to sort.

Inuyasha: Perhaps nobody is a better example of this than Inuyasha, most of Inuyasha’s core development is due to Kagome, whether it be trying to become stronger, trying to control his demon side, coming to terms with who he is as a person, without Kagome’s own development, and without who she is as a character, we really wouldn’t know the kind of Inuyasha that we do. With that in mind, some of Inuyasha’s development also leads to development for Kagome in the process as well as their relationship.

Kikyo: Kikyo isn’t so much impacted (though Kagome’s powers and emotional strength play a part in her staying alive longer), so much as it’s Kagome that really puts everything into perspective when it comes to Kikyo’s relationship with Inuyasha. It’s due to her impact on Inuyasha, that Inuyasha is much more open, and Kikyo is able to see a realer Inuyasha, not quite the real deal, but a lot more than she saw during her time with him. It’s often due to her misreading things, that a lot of pseudo-development (development only through Kagome’s misinterpretation) is made for the relationship, not everything she thinks is true, but it sets there relationship into perspective, only to course, really put the entire relationship into perspective at Mt. Azusa.

Sango: This one has more to do with Kagome’s experience with her own brother, so they relate to one another easily, and Kagome plays the role of the emotional support until Miroku steps in to fill that role. And of course, Kagome plays a large role in getting Sango to join the group.

Miroku: This one is difficult, she doesn’t really have a whole lot of interaction with Miroku, a lot of their interaction seems to be more based around respect, she played a role in him joining the group, but at the moment, I can’t think of a whole lot for him.

Shippo: Kagome takes on the role of the mother to Shippo, and naturally when you’re in that role, the child not only grows, but the parent grows as well, Kagome finds herself in a role for a very mature person, and those earlier on she might not be best suited for that role, through time and development, she fits quite well into the role.

Naraku: I’d say, Kagome had as much of a impact on Naraku as she did on Inuyasha, but not in the same way. It’s due to Kagome’s development, both emotionally and power wise, that Naraku has to constantly adapt, and find ways to defeat her, much like Kagome has to adapt, develop and learn, Naraku has to do the same. Both have to try to be one step in front of the other, and this is a constant thing, from the moment Kagome’s destroys his body, he has to do everything he can to avoid her, or a find a way to protect himself from her. Of course, when you have an enemy like this, you development from one another, a hero is nothing without a good villain, and a villain is nothing without a good hero, and that’s what Kagome and Naraku are, their enemies, that have to always be ready for when they encounter one another, if not ready, prepared or willing to adapt, you lose. Is it any wonder why Naraku constantly comes out the loser, regardless of how much he tries?

Sesshomaru: Now argument could be made that she didn’t, but personally, I think that she did have some influence on him. Not many people can claim they not only talked back to Sesshomaru, but not many people, not named Inuyasha, have been able to hit him and live to tell about it, and that is especially true for humans. Now of course, Rin played the biggest role in what Sesshomaru became, but before Rin, Kagome had something of an impact on him, she showed that not all humans were cowardly and weak, and much of that leads to, their somewhat awkward interaction with one another. I’d argue that it was Kagome that caused Sesshomaru to respect her, ever as a human, while Rin was the one that showed him to care about humans, or people in general.


Kagome, Sesshomaru and Inuyasha all share one thing in common (and a bunch of subsets of that thing of course), at the beginning of the series, they all have immature elements to their characters, at the end of the series, their all adults, having learned and developed along the story. InuYasha itself is a coming-of-age story. Kagome as the main character, starts out as a teenager, and ends up as an adult, ready to take on the world. Kagome develops faster than most teenagers her age, but that’s due to the massive amount of responsibility that she has to take on, and all the experiences that she goes through over the course of the series.

Everything from learning about herself, growing in confidence, finding love, taking on the role of a parent, finishing school, at the age of 18, she’s pretty much way ahead of where she should be in her life, and it took a lot of work for her to get there, and we literally got to see it all, she grew up over the course of the story, right in front of us.

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hello kirishima-expert!! With how Kirishima's interaction with Bakugou and Deku I really agree with you that somehow Kirishima will be an integral part of why Bakugou and Deku's realationship will become better (more so on Bakugous part) On an off-side note if Kirishima dies or is taken out of commision (to the story or an arc) how will it affect the fandom and characters?

It’s weird; you’d think Kirishima would be the one who’d try to reconcile the relationship between Bakugou and Midoriya considering he gets along well with both. Kirishima observes their relationship, but he doesn’t actively do anything to get the two characters to get along. Kirishima just minds his own business and lets the two of them sort their issues out on their own, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s possible Kirishima knows butting in won’t do any good, especially since Kirishima knows very little about their issues. Kirishima knows Bakugou is important to Midoriya, which is why he suggests Midoriya help him rescue Bakugou, but he doesn’t intrude on their relationship otherwise. Maybe Kirishima thinks the deep seeded issues Bakugou has with Midoriya is too much for him to tackle, and he’d probably be right if he thinks that. 

That’s not to say, Kirishima doesn’t indirectly affect Bakugou’s relationship with Midoriya. Kirishima befriending Bakugou teaches Bakugou how to make friends with someone, be selfless, and care for someone. Those are things that’ll help Bakugou with future relationships, especially his relationship with Midoriya. If Bakugou can’t get along with Kirishima and then get along with other classmates, then there’s no way he can get along with Midoriya. Kirishima also does at least try to keep Bakugou in line and calm him down. 

If Kirishima can get Bakugou to improve his behavior and treat people better, that’ll only improve Bakugou’s relationship with Midoriya, and Kirishima is capable of changing Bakugou’s behavior since Bakugou respects Kirishima and they are friends. 

Bakugou has to realize Kirishima’s heroic spirit is an asset, especially after the success Kirishima gets with his internship. If Bakugou sees this, he’ll learn from example and try to improve himself. Again, as mentioned before, this will only improve Bakugou’s relationship with Midoriya. 

If Kirishima is taken out of the series in some way, it’d obviously have a big impact. He’s close with a lot of his classmates, and his presence is very noticeable. Kirishima is very likable among his classmates, so it’d be heartbreaking if he was taken out for some reason. We also know how much Kirishima affects Bakugou’s character development. Kirishima going out of commission would infuriate Bakugou, maybe even cause him to regress back into his old ways. By contrast, it may also improve Bakugou by making him want to protect those around him and rethink how much human life matters. 

Based on the backlash my Kirishima traitor theory got from the internet, I don’t even want to think about the fandom’s uproar if Kirishima is taken out of commission or killed. The internet would break, there’d be riots out on the streets, and our crops would wilt. 

Since they’ve rebooted Duck Tales, I would love to see a Darkwing Duck reboot. Can you imagine? Better animation? Better writing?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the original a lot. But I think it could be improved on.

What I would like to see:

-Have Gosalyn as Darkwing’s sidekick instead of Launchpad. Launchpad was…okay. He certainly could have been worse. But I don’t feel like he really added much to the show. My favorite part of the show was the relationship between Darkwing and Gosalyn. Having her as his sidekick would create a more interesting dynamic between them as father and daughter as well as partners.

-More Taurus Bulba. When I watched the first two episodes (my favorite episodes in the series by the way), I loved Taurus Bulba as a villain. I was devasted to learn that he would only appear in one more episode. He should be Darkwing’s arch enemy.

-Make the series less episodic. Modern cartoons like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, etc. have story arcs that span the entire series. I would love to see a version of Darkwing Duck written like this as well. I would love to see Darkwing and Gosalyn have character arcs as they learn from their mistakes and grow as people…um, ducks.

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Do your followers on this child teasing account know you are pregnant according to your personal blog???

Since you’re so persistent on spamming my inbox with these messages:

First of all, this isn’t a child teasing blog, it is a commentary blog. Art comes from various ages and my submitters don’t cherry pick art simply due to age.

Second of all, I know that a few of my followers are aware that I am expecting my son in June. However I didn’t officially announce it on this blog until now.

But as a response to your other ask: If my son’s art were to get posted on a blog like this I would calmly tell him he needs to accept criticism at an early age so he doesn’t end up becoming so sensitive that’ll impair his willingness to improve himself. I’m not going to sugar coat things for him because all that is is lying to him.

Thirdly, because I am expecting him in June, I will soon open up another mod spot to help me with submissions. ☺ I’ll need someone that’s active and willing to record in my new series “Cringy Art Finds”.

If you’re trying to make me feel bad for enjoying commentary then I’ll save you a lot of time by saying

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Shadowhunters ~ IMPORTANT reminder for fans

I know a lot of people who watch this show have strong opinions, hell I’m guilty of that too. But I would like to take a moment to appreciate that even though it’s not perfect, the people involved with this show are trying so hard.

And I think we sometimes don’t appreciate it enough.

This show took a book series full of metaphors for racism and saw the almost entirely white cast and thought, hey, I know how we can improve this

They cast Latina actors for the main family, even though in terms of the race metaphors, Shadowhunters are ‘white’

They have written multiple interracial couples where neither character is white

Even though they had to keep the incest plot (ugh) for story purposes, they didn’t glorify it the way the books did

The saw a gay couple that had been poorly handled and always pushed to the background or offscreen and instead made sure to give their romance subplot development pretty much each episode

They showed a healthy gay, interracial relationship, where both parties talk and listen and learn from each other

The have an openly bisexual character that doesn’t cheat

^and on that note, the cast have corrected people in the past for calling Magnus gay and actually used the word bisexual

They show casual touches and kisses between a gay couple

The saw a character that so many read as asexual, and saw the author brush us off, and decided to go, you know what, if you think he’s ace, he’s ace

And they debunked myths about asexuality while doing so

They have religious characters who speak openly about their religion

They show characters dealing with addiction

Yes, every so often they misjudge, sometimes they don’t do exactly what the fans want, but everyone involved tries so fucking hard to make this show amazing.

Tl;dr: It may not be perfect, but I think sometimes we get caught up and expect too much. Because this show is trying harder than most others on TV and every so often it deserves our thanks.

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I would like to know what you though of his live SOTT vocals!

They were insanely good. I was really, really, REALLY impressed. He’s obviously been working with a vocal coach, and it shows.

Right off the bat, the first verse hit me like a fucking truck. The tone and the texture of his voice were to die for. His voice sounded thick, a little smoky, a little gritty… was just so unique. I had palpitations. His voice has matured and deepened and….holy cow it was incredible.

I liked the addition of the live band and their voices. They added some falsetto in SOTT, which I liked. My only complaint in that regard is that we didn’t get to hear Harry’s beautiful falsetto by itself. The other vocal additions from the band I really, really loved. He picked a good group. Their harmonies were especially beautiful during ESNY.

When the second verse started and the music picked up and more guitars were added, I just though, “holy shit, rockstar!” When he started doing the note changes, and little vocal flourishes, I was done. Amazing. I was very happy to see the return of “Stage Harry” with his cute mannerisms, unique dance moves, sexy faces, etc. And, as usual, he was passionate and emotive in his singing. He didn’t just stand there and hit the notes. He performed.

I’m putting some technical stuff under a cut because I have a lot to say and most people don’t care

Keep reading

ryusimmian  asked:

I just discovered your Black and Gold AU and I am so in love with it, I really hope to see more in the future. I have a lot of questions to ask about it, so I'll start with this one: if Teru is the head of the civil guard, who is the captain of the royal guards (if there is one of course)?

the head of the royal guard is Musashi!!! (the body improvement club is the king’s royal guard) i would really love to draw him and the gang but i cannot draw buff dudes like!!! he’s so jacked man i can’t. but i will try my best

Here’s Isayama’s interview about Jean :) (hope it’s readable!) 

It is, thank you very much. ^^

Isayama’s Interview on Jean Kirstein

From Gekkan Shingeki no Kyojin, Volume 4

[Translation: @yusenki​; Editing: @fuku-shuu]

In my own view, I created Jean and Armin as representatives of humanity. They are not bad people, but they are also not purely righteous people, either. Sometimes they have a sly [cunning] way of thinking, tell lies, and there are also times when they are confused. I wanted them to be characters whom readers can sympathize with and relate them to actual human beings. However, as the story progresses, Armin has grown to be an excellent individual, while Jean is left to be the only true representative of humans.

Jean is a person who wavers easily. He initially aspired to join the MP to have an easy life, however in the end, he chose the SC. It’s suitable to say that he is easily influenced by people around him. While drawing him, there are often times when I think, “It’s good to have Jean as SnK’s main character, huh?” There are many times where I can’t relate to Eren’s way of thinking, however it is easier with Jean. It’s reasonable for normal human beings to react like him, so that’s what I interpret. It’s easy to bring out his human nature, thus he is a character that I am able to understand while drawing him.

A lot of parts of Jean are contributions by director Araki and the anime production team. I think his VA, Taniyama Kishou’s voice is really good as well. Actually, I have a lot of regret in my own characters’ portrayals in the manga, therefore I requested director Araki to improve those issues during the anime production - and that’s what ended up happening.

During early stages of the manga, I didn’t dive deeper into the characters’ personality when I drew them, because I expected that the series was going to be completed quickly. As a result, I thought it would be better to develop the story faster. With that, I can seize the readers’ heart faster, which was the initial plan. At the time, I thought it was fine to progress like so, however in the end I even experienced a lot of regrets regarding the construction of the components, 3DMG design, etc.

It is actually a fortunate event that the series was made into an anime. I was really happy because I had the chance to amend any parts I held regrets for. Additionally, the anime quality was excellent - if the full score is 100, I would say that the animated version’s score is 120. I also think it is alright to consider the anime version as the exact adaptation of the manga.

I always think “whatever I don’t enjoy won’t be enjoyable for others.” To me, if I didn’t think a manga was interesting enough while drawing it myself, then the readers definitely won’t think that it is good, either. I also carried the same belief during the production of SNK anime, and so I really appreciate that the anime team, who worked under director Araki also possessed the same feeling toward the series. They didn’t think it as work or an obligation told by their superiors to execute. One of the precious things I felt during the anime production was that all of the staff members stayed motivated and active throughout.

the finale of car boys got me kinda sad and reflective


i really appreciate nick and griffin’s sense of humor and improv storytelling

griffin especially, his content and essence means a lot to me, and is really inspiring. i feel like i have a lot in common with him, at least in terms of his car boys/monster factory/rose buddies/mbmbam raw goofiness vs his adventure zone sincerity and care. he is constantly creating things, but nothing is wholly serious or wholly goofy, he has an interesting brand of a little of both, and the degree to which each portion is portioned varies depending on which series it is, but its always recognizably him. i would know a griffin mcelroy quote just from the way its worded, and im not just talking about the amount of “boy”, though that’s a big part. 

idk. i’m not gonna claim that the mcelroys are flawless angels because they aren’t and they would hate if people called them that. they’re just human beings. but i’m allowed to be inspired by human beings right? looking at the sheer volume of griffin’s prolific body of work just in the last two or three years alone is impressive. he had been writing for polygon and recording mbmbam every week for a long time, but around 2015 he started doing monster factory, car boys, mbmbam, polygon game overviews, the adventure zone, and in 2016: rose buddies, griffins amiibo corner, coolgames inc, the mbmbam tv show, the nuzlocke of pokemon y, and most recently peacecraft.

there’s so much that he does and it all has a certain standard of quality. and most importantly, he achieves that standard of quality on a weekly basis, for each of those shows. 

whether or not you like him or think he’s a perfect angel, that’s impressive. 

and inspiring.

it makes me want to work hard to be creative. i want to make things that i can be creatively proud of and i really have to thank griffin mcelroy for being the role model that he is. he’s not perfect, but when he fucks up, he works on it and strives to be better. all the mcelroys do. when someone pointed out his Lup voice could be a little transphobic, he took it extremely to heart and worked on it, and came back the next week with something natural and better. he didn’t include a trans character for leftist brownie points, he did it because he’s very genuine in everything he does, and he wants to represent a character that he feels is important. if he was doing it for uncaring “i’m so good” points, he wouldn’t have listened to that criticism. but he did, because he wants to do a significant part of his audience justice. 

i appreciated car boys and i appreciate griffin’s passion for what he does and the commitment he has to constantly learning and improving. this all means a lot to me. i know im rambling but i dont feel like editing this. 

ID #13245

Name: Penille
Age: 18
Country: Denmark

Hello, I’m Penille.
I’m from Denmark.
I like video games, Netflix and YouTube! I play for example, Assassin’s Creed and watch dogs. My favorite series is Doctor who, Sherlock and Supernatural. I mostly watch Markiplier of Jacksepticeye on youtube.
I would really like a pen pal, because a don’t talk to a lot of people, and a would like to make some new friends :)
I’m not perfectly good at English, but I would like to improve!

Preferences: I really don’t have any preferences​, maybe just someone around my age.

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It would have been better if Mashima never made FT in the first place.

I wouldn’t say that at all.

Fairy Tail is a huge series that’s brought a lot of people a lot of joy. People have made friends through Fairy Tail, learnt lessons through either Fairy Tail or it’s fandom, or improved on their art or writing or just found a gateway to fandom in general.

There are people that to this day still love Fairy Tail, and I don’t begrudge them that at all. Just because I don’t like something about a series doesn’t mean that I want that series to go away, or would want to take something that people enjoy away from them.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with Fairy Tail - for most of it’s run, it was pretty damn good. It’s just falling flat on it’s face now. But some people like it and if they like it, hey - let them like it. 

Fairy Tail’s been a learning curve for Mashima as well, and we can only hope he learns from this experience and goes back to making great manga when it concludes. So that’s something to look forward to as well.

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Rank A1 from your favorite to least favorite!

An 18 way tie between Izuku, Uraraka, Iida, Todoroki, Kirishima, Tsuyu, Aoyama, Hagakure, Satou, Jirou, Shouji, Yaoyorozu, Ashido, Ojiro, Sero, Tokoyami, Kaminari, and Kouda 19 Bakugo he’s improving but has said and done some very unforgivable things in canon, and hasn’t improved enough to really whole heartedly call one of my faves, but a lot of you like him so that’s cool! 20 Mineta I have a legit theory that if he respected women he would have been a fan fav, but apparently you can’t have a Shonen jump series that’s pervert free so were stuck with him.

Originally posted by kotoha

I’ve said it before, but I feel I should clarify my stance on this once more since I still get a lot of queries about it.

I am NOT a white knight for Pontac and Graff and their work on the Sonic franchise.

I just don’t agree with the demonization they often receive, or the biases displayed by fans who express such sentiments.

I have never said that I think Pontaff are the ideal writers for this franchise. I have also never said that I think the current direction of the series couldn’t be improved. There could definitely be improvements in the storytelling, the tone, and the use of characters. And yes, I would agree that a different writer would most likely be the best way to go, even if the identity of the writer(s) is not the sole problem in this particular equation.

But I simply cannot get on board with the rampant immaturity that many fans display when Pontaff and/or their work is the subject of discussion.

I can’t agree with the people who choose to express themselves with boiling anger and threatening words the moment they’re brought up.

I can’t act like there’s no problem when fans who like or don’t mind post-2010 games are considered fair play to bully and harass.

I can’t turn a blind eye to the numerous double standards displayed by the fandom when they’re throwing potshots at Pontaff’s work.

I can’t respect people who paint everything they love in an overly-idealized light, not willing to acknowledge even the slightest of legitimate criticisms, yet are all too willing to paint everything they don’t like as absolute garbage that no one with a brain should be able to enjoy.

And why do I keep bringing this up?

Because I honestly feel that more fans ought to understand that this isn’t as one-sided as they think, or as black and white as they think. You will see many fans act quick to defend the Adventures, the Storybooks, Heroes, Unleashed, even the likes of ‘06 and ShtH. Yet in the case of the post-2010 titles, you’re practically doomed to be treated like a joke at best no matter how polite or respectful you are.

Am I saying there aren’t biases displayed against the Adventures/the Storybooks/etc and the fans of those games?

No. Of course not. They definitely exist.

What I am saying is that biases displayed against the post-Colours era and it’s fans exist just as much, and are just as big of a problem in the Sonic fandom.

And I’m tired of fans acting like the latter doesn’t exist, or that it’s somehow okay.

Middlemarch: The Series will return on August 9th!

In the meantime:

  • We’ve got the second set of bloopers on the way, along with a couple other bonus videos (Audition videos?! In-character improv??)
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  • We’ll try to post lots of other extra content, and would be happy to take requests to gif any scene in the series.

If you’re enjoying the series so far, here’s a few ways you could help support us:

  • Tell your friends! Tell your acquaintances! Tell your worst enemies! 
  • Make things! We’ve loved all the fan-created content for the show so far, and anything that you create will make the people behind the show literally so happy and also help get the word out to more people.
  • If you don’t want to make things, you can support the people who do make the things by sharing the things they’ve made!
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Thank you again for being such a wonderful little community of viewers and we’ll see you soon! <3