it would have to be a wild wasteland thing

Ask me ATC songs!!

Infinity – EP

Infinity: If you could be anything for an entire year what or who would you be?

Something You Need: What food are you craving right now?

Comeback Kid: If you could travel back in time once where would you go? Why?

Another You (Another Way): What is one thing you’d never want to change about yourself?

Closer Faster: What date is the next event/whatever you’re looking forward to?

Gravity – EP

Gravity: What song do you always come back to?

Talk: What is your favorite topic to talk about?

Dreaming Alone: Weirdest dream you ever had?

Paralyzed: Who do you think is actually a lizard?

Fireproof: Opinion on dragons?

Brighter: What brightens your day?

In Our Bones

Running with the Wild Things: Which three celebrities would be in your Wild Things squad?

Forget Me Now: What do you wanna be remembered for?

Chasing Ghosts: Do you believe in ghosts?

One More Weekend: Describe your ideal weekend!

In Our Bones: Cat person or doge person?

Young & Relentless: What was your favorite thing to do five years ago?

Runaway: What city would you most want to live in?

Brighter (IOB): Post a photo of a lamp!

Wasteland: What time do you usually wake up?

Blood Like Gasoline: Can you drive a car?

Roses: Favorite Smell?

Demons: Biggest fear?


Thinking: What have you been thinking about at this time yesterday?

Guessing: Guess three things about the person that asked you this!

Outsiders: Introvert or extrovert?

Covers (that are on iTunes)

All I Want for Christmas: What gift would you want for Christmas?

Chocolate: Favorite candy?

Red: Would you consider yourself more as red or blue?

All Too Well: What do you miss about being a child?

She Looks So Perfect: Three attributes to describe your dream gf/bf

Ain’t It Fun: What’s the best part about growing up?

Habits (Stay High): Worst habit?

I Wanna Get Better: What would you wanna get better at?

Shake It Off: Do you consider yourself as independent?

See You Again: Who/what do you miss most?

I Really Like You: Use one word to describe your best friend!