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Indecent Proposal - Chapter 8

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Well, @legolasothranduilion I hope you’re having the happiest birthday. 😘 I wish you all the best, and this chapter is my gift to you.  💖

I couldn’t thank you enough for giving me the idea for this amazing story, and inspiring me to write probably the best story in my life. 

Enjoy, and once again, Happy Birthday!  💖💖💖

We were all busy the whole day, so we ordered lunch instead of going out. Jared, Shannon, Tomo, Emma and I were all sitting in the kitchen eating and chatting.

“By the way, Melody, we’re going out for dinner,” Jared suddenly said “Put on that sexy red dress that’s peeking from your suitcase,” he added and winked at me. I didn’t have time to unpack yet, so my suitcase was a little messy, and he could see some of my clothes inside.

“Tonight? But wasn’t breakfast enough for today?” I really didn’t wanna go out again.

“No, we should have a proper date. And breakfast is definitely not a date,” he insisted and continued to eat.

“Fine,” I said angrily and just walked out of the kitchen. I’ve lost my appetite all of a sudden.      

I went to the bedroom and took the red dress out of a suitcase to iron it. It wasn’t too wrinkly but it had to be taken care of a bit. I’ve spent the rest of the day in the room just thinking about everything, and especially about the dinner. Why did Jared want me to put on precisely this dress? And why was he so excited about tonight? The more time went by, the more his behavior towards me varied. I could never know how he’ll behave. It was so annoying, exhausting and unbearable.

Soon it was time for me to get ready, and as I wanted to go to the bathroom and take a shower, Jared walked into the bedroom. He just looked at me, took off his shirt and went towards the bathroom. Then he suddenly stopped and turned to me.

“Oh sorry, were you about to go inside,” he acted dumb. I had my bathrobe with me and it was obvious I was about to shower.

“It’s OK, you go, I’ll shower later,” I tried not to make a big deal out of it.

“You can always join me, you know,” he smirked at me.

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One in a Million

Tony Stark, Pepper Potts

Pepper attends her first big event as Tony’s significant other, and handles it in true Pepper fashion–by panicking.

Virginia Potts, Pepper to her friends, was panicking.

Not an altogether new experience, granted.  When it came to marketable skills, constant anxiety was listed just under “organization and time management” and just above “ability to corral Tony Stark.”  The fact that Tony was usually the cause of her agitation was beside the point.  Sort of.

Not right now though.  Now, it was all him.  And not him at all.

He hadn’t even done anything.

Except ask her to be his date at a charity ball.  Which, alright, yes, they’d been…something for a while, ever since the Expo, so it made sense that he’d asked.  And he’d been so sweet lately, in a very…Tony way.  Which was usually dramatic and obnoxious, helicopter rides and skywriters and banners and balloons filling her office, but still mattered.  Right?


But then there were all these other women around, some of whom Pepper vividly remembered escorting out of Tony’s apartment in the mornings.  The rest weren’t hard to imagine being there.  Which wasn’t her job anymore, obviously, but it was somebody’s.  And it didn’t take a genius to realize that if she hadn’t come with Tony, he still probably wouldn’t have come alone.

Or, at least, wouldn’t have left alone.

Pepper stared into the mirror in the bathroom she’d fled to for another minute, then shook her head, putting her brush and lipstick back into her clutch.

“This is stupid,” she muttered to herself.  “Completely stupid.  You’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and it hasn’t tanked, you are just as good as anyone else here.  Just because some of them are blonder and prettier and know how to actually be at a charity ball and how to smile and walk and flirt without wanting to throw up doesn’t make them better than you.”

She looked up at the mirror again and groaned.  “It makes them a lot better.”

Well, either way, she couldn’t hide in here forever.  She took a deep breath, straightening her spine and squaring her shoulder.  She could do this.  She was Pepper Potts, dammit.  If she could keep Tony killing himself for the last few years, she could do anything.


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Actually, I´m making a cake.

Okay guys, I knew I promised you a longer story and I really have them there waiting for you, but they all need to be proof read, which takes time I don´t have, and I don´t want to upload stuff that has grammatical or logical errors in it, so here you go with some really fluffy Cas stuff.
Maybe it´s good to show you some fluff now because it´ll get pretty angsty here pretty soon. 
So be prepared! (JK, there´s always fluff in my stories, but you know that.)

Also I´m heading towards 500 Followers and I´m really happy about that. :)

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Length: 837 Words

Warnings: Just fluffy fluff

{Imagine making a cake with Cas}

Originally posted by honeydean


You didn´t even know why, but somehow you woke up one day and really wanted to bake a cake.
The boys were out on a hunt and so you had the whole bunker to yourself.
First you went to the store and grabbed a few things you needed and then you started working. You had turned on the boombox in the kitchen of the bunker and it played your favorite happy-playlist.
Before you knew it you were dancing around in the kitchen, singing along to the lines of Walking on Sunshine with a spoon as your microphone.
You were sure it must have looked silly, but then again nobody was home anyways. That´s what made you jump in shock when Cas was suddenly standing in front of you, smiling a little confused: “What are you doing?”
You smiled back at him: “Cas, you startled me.”
His smile turned into worry: “It wasn´t my intention. I was searching for Dean, but he seems to be out.”
You turned the music down a notch: “Yeah, he and Sam went on a case. I stayed back, still too tired from the last one. Has some advantages to be a girl, you get to have a break when you want one.”

Cas made a few steps towards you: “But really, what are you doing? You look like you fought a flour war.”
When you looked down at yourself, you noticed that your clothes were really full of white dust and you grinned: “Actually, I´m making a cake, but I see where you getting at.”
For a moment there was silence then you tilted your head: “Hey, any chance you wanna help me?”
He frowned: “I´m not sure I have the knowledge it takes to make a cake.”
You laughed out loud: “Well, it´s not like this is science or something. I´ll show you, common, it´ll be fun.”
He still looked unsure: “I have business in heaven I have to attend to.”
“Oh common Cas. I´m sure heaven can wait”, you gave back and winked at him before he finally nodded: “Alright. I mean I don´t eat, but that doesn´t mean I can´t make food, right?”
Again you laughed: “Right. I need some eggs separated, can you do that?”
Before he could answer, you pressed to eggs in his hands and said: “Just put them in the cup over there.”
You had just turned around to pour the melted butter into the bowl when he said: “All done.”
Confused you turned back around again: “Wow, that was fast I… really Cas? You know I´ll only use the inside of the egg, right?”
To your utter amusement, he had just taken the eggs and put them in the cup. Obviously not aware of what was wrong with that, he frowned: “That seems silly to me, why won´t we use everything of the egg?”
“Because…”, you started but then stopped, knowing that it would lead to nothing, “You know what? Just mix up the butter, the milk and the flour, it´s already in the bowl, just take the electric  mixer and mix it together.
You started to really separate the eggs, not thinking about the catastrophe you had cause by telling Cas to use an electronic device all by himself.
It only occurred to you, when you were hearing a loud scratching noise and suddenly a loud bang.
You jumped and turned your attention to the angel, who was completely covered in flour, milk and butter.
The electronic stirrer was laying on the ground, still stirring, looking kinda funny and Cas just stood there, looking at you in horror.
For a second you were too shocked to make a sound but when he said: “It attacked me first”, you lost it.
You were laughing so hard you had to sat down on the floor, tears were rushing down your face and your stomach hurt.
Cas didn´t join in, he just remained standing until you caught your breath: “I´m sorry Cas, but this was just absolutely hilarious”, you brought out.
He frowned and looked at the bowl that was now standing upside down, it´s ingredients splashed everywhere, mostly on himself: “I think I´ll ruined your cake. I´m awfully sorry.”
But you smiled: “It´s no big deal, this was so worth it.”
And then you got up and walked over to him: “Give me your coat, I´ll wash it.”
At first he hesitated but then he pulled off his jacket and you took it, placing it over a chair before walking over to your favorite angel: “I really had fun.”
And this was the first time he smiled today: “I´m glad my misfortune makes you happy.”
You rolled your eyes, then, out of an impulse, kissed him on the cheek: “There you go, take it as my apology, I´m going to wash your clothes now and then we´ll clean up this mess or Dean´s going to throw a fit.”
And when you turned around to grab the coat, you could have sworn you saw him blush.