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1. Meat Loaf - Paradise by the Dashboard Light

2. Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl

3. Staind - It’s Been Awhile

4. We The Kings ft. Elena Coats - Sad Song

5. Pop Evil - If Only For Now

6. Third Eye Blind - Semi-Charmed Life

7. Oasis - Morning Glory

8. Bryan Adams - Do I Have To Say The Words?

9. Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You

10. Harry Styles - Sign Of The Times

Tagging everyone who hasn’t done this but would like to ♥

some odd music asks
  • 1. what album do you feel best describes your mood
  • 2. if your name had to be a song title which song would it be
  • 3. what is your go to sad song when you need to cry
  • 4. what band would you want as the rest of your superhero team
  • 5. if you had to live in the world of an album which one would it be and why
  • 6. what song best describes the person you think your soulmate would be
  • 7. create a poem out of song titles
  • 8. which album art would you get tattooed
  • 9. is there a song that you feel could have been written about you
  • 10. if you could only speak in the song lyrics of one artist who would it be
  • 11. if you could have your favorite artist sing one of their songs to you which song would it be
  • 12. describe where you want to be in ten years with a song title
  • 13. which song would be the national anthem of your country if you ruled one
  • 14. what is your go to happy song when you need to feel better
  • 15. is there an album that feels like a friend to you
  • 16. what is the album that you always blast too loud
  • 17. which album do you always listen to with headphones
  • 18. what song are you unable to resist dancing to
  • 19. what song do you always have to sing along to
  • 20. what song do feel would be a beautiful painting
  • 21. what album do you wish you could unhear and discover again
  • 22. which album do you want to be the soundtrack to your life
  • 23. which band would you want to be your family
  • 24. what song do you think of in association with beauty
  • 25. what song do you think of in association with pain
  • 26. what lyrics do you feel were written especially for you
  • 27. what lyrics do you want to doodle on every piece of paper
  • 28. what music do you listen to at 3 am
  • 29. pick three albums to take with you into the afterlife
  • 30. what is music to you in one word
Interesting Asks

1. If you could have the chance to make out with 5 celebrities, who would you choose and why?

2. If you had to be straight/gay for a day (whichever you’re currently not!), what celebrity would you most like to take on a date?

3. What is the biggest injury you’ve ever sustained and how did you do it?

4. What is the most unusual food you’ve ever eaten?

5. What is the most unique animal you’ve ever touched?

6. What are the top 5 most contrasting songs on your iTunes?

7. Which 3 countries would you LEAST like to live in and why?

8. If you could make just ONE change to this world, what would it be and why?

9. If you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in 3 additional languages, which would you choose?

10. Which would you rather out of these 3 options? A- Be good looking and extremely intelligent but so poor you live on the streets. B- Be extremely intelligent and a millionaire but what society classes as ugly. Or C- Be good looking and a millionaire but extremely academically challenged? Why?

11. What are the top 10 movies to make you cry? (Or at least make you sad!)

12. What’s the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had? Describe it in detail.

13. Would you rather raise 25 children or have the chance of ever having children taken away? Why?

14. Would you rather go on a relaxing beach type holiday to the Caribbean, a cultural holiday to Japan or an adventure packed holiday to South Africa?

15. If you went to a desert island for just 6 months but could only take one album with you, what would you take?

16. Put these in order of your favourite movie genre to least- Horror, action, thriller, adventure, superhero, romance, drama, comedy, musical and dance?

17. If you had to lose one of the 5 senses, which would you choose and why?

18. What have been the top 3 most brilliant days of this year? Describe them in as much or as little detail as you like.

19. What do you believe we as human beings take most for granted in this world?

20. How many concerts have you been to in your life and which was your favourite? If you’ve not been to one, who would you most like to see?

21. If your life was about to become like Cheaper By The Dozen and you were going to be saddled with 12 children, what would you name 6 girls and 6 boys?

22. What’s something a stranger has said or done that you will never forget?

23. What do you think happens when we die?

24. What’s the most special hand made present you’ve ever been given?

25. What’s the most frightening thing you’ve ever seen in your life?

26. Name 5 books you think everyone should read and give a brief synopsis for each.

27. Do you believe one can fall out of love?

28. What are your three favourite sounding words?

29. Have you ever had a paranormal experience? If so, what happened?

30. Name 4 things you hope to see happen for you in the new year.

31. List the 7 deadly sins in order of the one you feel you commit the most to the one you feel you commit the least.

32. What’s your current- Desktop picture, phone screensaver, phone lock screen and Facebook Cover Photo?

33. How old were you the last time you went to visit Santa? Talk about that time.

34. Rate your first kiss on a scale of 1-10.

35. What’s the funniest dream you’ve ever had?

36. What are 3 facts you know about your favourite celebrity/character that prove you know too much?

37. Name 5 songs you wish you’d lost your virginity to? (Or would like to lose your virginity to.)

38. Name 5 songs you’d like to have sex to in general.

39. Put your iTunes on shuffle, write down the first line of five songs and give it to me as a poem.

40. Where do you stand on the death penalty? Explain your reasoning.

41. Who are your holy trinity? (3 celebrities or characters that come above any other for you.)

42. Would you rather- A. Have a prickly leaf stuck on your forehead for the rest of your life, B. Suffer 100,000 stings from stinging nettles or C. Get 200 thorns stuck in your body?

43. Top 5 WORST movies you’ve ever sat through?

44. 5 movies you thought you’d hate but ended up loving?

45. Tell a story that involves someone you had a crush on in school.

46. What’s your favourite ever television commercial and why?

47. If you woke up and had 10 million in your bank, what would be the first 3 things you did?

48. You can have 100 million but you have to give 1 million each to 3 different charities, which 3 do you choose?

49. What’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to you?

50. Would you make out with a person of the gender you’re not attracted to if it meant you could sleep with any celebrity/character of your choice? (If yes, you can choose the person to make out with.)

51. Name 5 facts that the vast majority of people won’t know about you.

52. When was the last time you laughed so hard that tears fell from your face and what was it at?

53. How important do you think education is?

54. Share 5 goals you want completed in the next 30 days.

55. Do you have a toy that’s really special to you and if so what is it, how did you get it?

56. What are 3 traits that you like about yourself and what are three that you dislike about yourself? Personality wise.

57. How did your name get chosen? What’s the story behind it?

58. State 8 facts about your body.

59. Have there ever been rumours spread about you? If so, share them.

60. Are you allergic to anything? If so, what?

61. Describe yourself in one word/sentence- what made you choose that?

62. What are the top five places you wish you could go before you die?

63. Share 7 facts about your childhood.

64. Share 6 facts about your home town.

65. You’re in jail! What did you do?

66. You’re given $10,000…under one condition- you cannot keep the money for yourself. Who do you give it to?

67. Share 5 things you love unconditionally.

68. What was something you used to enjoy, but was ruined for you? What’s the story behind that?

69. Describe one of the most awkward experiences of your life.

70. Put your iTunes on shuffle and write the first 10 songs that pop up. Explain why each song is on there.

71. Name 5 people who are famous who you find attractive.

72. If you got to spend an entire day with your favourite celebrity what would you choose to do and who would you choose?

73. If you could only listen to one band/artist for the rest of your life, who would you choose and why?

74. You can ask your favourite celebrity 3 questions and they’ve taken a magical truth pill so they will 100% answer honestly, what do you ask?

75. Who do you think is a really underrated celebrity and what do you love about them?

76. What were the last 3 songs you listened to and what do they mean to you?

77. Have you ever been told you look like a famous person. If so, who?

78. What song makes you cry the most?

79. Share 4 facts about your parents.

80. Share 9 facts about your family.

81. Share 5 facts about your best friend(s).

82. What’s the most superficial characteristic you look for in a partner?

83. Share 5 ways to instantly win your heart.

84. Top 10 biggest turn ons?

85. Top 10 biggest turn offs?

86. Have you ever had a poem or song written about you?

87. What is your personal definition of cheating in a relationship?

88. Give a description of the person you dislike the most.

89. Write an open but anonymous letter to a person of your choice.

90. What are your morning and evening routines?

91. If food was people, who would be your best friend, your life partner, your enemy and your ex?

92. Have any celebrity deaths truly impacted you?

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if when the split happened if bden & spencer had made their own new band and not continued with Panic!… I wonder if Brendon would have found the success he now has. Would the guys be friends/friendlier than they now are. Would Panic! be a distant memory 1 hit wonder from the early 2000′s that only popped up on sporadic buzzfeed posts. 



[TRANS] BTS Shukan Josei Magazine (2/2)

Part 1: Group interview | Part 2: Unit interview (RM-J / SG-JH /JM-V-JK)

JPN - KRN © mondomizel1, rn_rn_rn
KRN - ENG © ktaebwi

Rap Monster x Jin 

Q: Favorite spot? 

Rap Monster: The studio at our company. I display the Bearbricks I like on one side of the wall. But recently I run out of places to display them so I’m putting them in my room.
Jin: He has quite a lot. (laughs)
Rap Monster: I didn’t understand why people collect things before, but now…
Jin: You have a lot right (laughs). My favorite spot is the meat restaurant near our company! I like meat the most.
Rap Monster: Come to think of it, last time when we went to eat meat together, they ran out of beef brisket so he ordered…
Jin: A whole beef set! I ate everything!
Namjoon: Jin-hyung grilled the meat for us.
Jin: It’s a basic if you like meat. 

Q: If you were to sing a song to the girl you like? 

Jin: Indeed, if I sing “Awake” to her, she would like it. If I look at her in the eyes and sing “Wide awake~ Wide awake~”…
Rap Monster: (laughs)
Jin: Why do you laugh!?
Rap Monster: I was thinking about how you chose your own song (laughs)
Jin: So what will you sing?
Rap Monster: I would naturally call her to the park or to the river side, sit together on the bench and hum…
Jin: (looking at Rapmon like he’s regretting) And then you’ll sing “Reflection” right.
Rap Monster: My song’s a little bit embarrasing (laughs). I’ll sing “A Little Girl”. (T/N: the OST of “Reply 1988”)
Jin: What if the girl runs away?
Rap Monster: If that’s so… If I got to express my love, then I’m satisfied. 

Jimin x V x Jungkook 

Q: Phone wallpaper? 

Jimin: Mine is BTS’ photo. I like photos with all of us. My wallpaper right now is the photo we took when filming for the VCR of the fanmeeting in Korea (T/N: Muster). It was the photo taken at a concert before but I changed recently.
V: (showing his phone screen) Jjajan! Chet Baker!!
Jungkook: Mine is all black.
Jimin & V: Just black?
Jungkook: Wait a minute. (bringing his phone and show the screen) Look.
Jimin & V: It’s real! 

Q: If you were to sing a song to the girl you like? 

V: It’s not my song but… Trumpeter Chet Baker’s “I Fall In Love Too Easily”. There’s a movie based on this song (T/N: “Born To Be Blue”), I want to tell that kind of story and recommend the song to that girl.
Jimin: That’s cool~ I’ll make a song for the one I like.
Jungkook: Me too! I haven’t written lyrics for a girl up until now, but if it’s the person I like, I think I can do it.
Jimin: How the song would come out depends on that person, and I wouldn’t know how it would come out until I write it. My ideal type is someone who is likable, someone who makes me want to keep being together. (shy) 

Q: Something you want to challenge with this year? 

V: I’ll aim to be an acting-dol! The Korea drama “Hwarang” I appeared in will soon be broadcasted in Japan, please watch it. Just watch me only!
Jimin: “Watch me only” (laughs). I want to travel with my family or friends~
Jungkook: That’s good too. I want to debut as a professional bowling player.
Jimin & V: ??
Jungkook: I have been learning from a teacher since November last year, and my score went up to 240.
Jimin: 3 months ago he did even worse than me…
Jungkook: Hmm?! Did I? 

Suga x J-hope 

Q: If you were to sing a song to the girl you like? 

J-hope: I’ll sing Ai Otsuka’s “Sakuranbo”. I have been liking this song since long before. The lyrics overflows with love so the song’s atmosphere is bright and it matches my personality. I’ll prepare a lorry that will turn into a stage when opening the door, then say “It’s an event!” and sing a song only for that girl.
Suga: I think I would say “You can just come to the concert”.
J-hope: What…?!
Suga: I don’t go to the karaoke, and I rarely sing except for when performing on stage. I’ll say it’s because I make music.
J-hope: Okay… 

Q: Something you want to challenge with this year? 

J-hope: I want to travel to Japan~
Suga: Mine is going to the gym, since I’m not doing anything. I don’t think I can keep going like this.
J-hope: In terms of music, I want to make and release a mixtape this year. And I want to grow as a rapper too.
Suga: I think I have to make many good songs this year too. We have an overseas tour this year, so I’ll work hard so BTS can receive love from more people. 

Q: Phone wallpaper? 

Suga: (showing his phone) This one.
J-hope: Wow, all black!!
Suga: I have never cared about wallpapers.
J-hope: Mine is my favorite artist!
Suga: Who?
J-hope: Who was it… (laughs)
Suga: Didn’t you say it’s your favorite artist?
J-hope: I suddenly forgot (laughs). Ah ah, Frank Ocean! But it’s been the same thing for half a year so I want to change it now.
Suga: But it’s your favorite artist?
J-hope: It’s my mood. Selca is a little bit embarrased so…

Happier Without Me?

Request from @isabela-claire​: hiya! could i request an imagine please with bucky? could you do one based off the song “happier” by ed sheeran? that would be totally amazing, it’s just so great. but if you don’t mind i’d love a happy ending, sad endings make me cry. & i really don’t wanna cry. thanks so much!!! have a wonderful day!

Note: Song based fics aren’t my biggest strength but I enjoyed writing this one so I hope it proves to be just as enjoyable to read <3

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,908

Disclaimer: GIF used is not mine. All credit goes to it’s creator. <3 Also the lyrics used do not belong to me!

Walking down 29th and Park
I saw you in another’s arms
Only a month we’ve been apart
You look happier.

This was the fifth time he had seen you over the course of the past two weeks; despite the rest of the team telling him to leave it he just couldn’t. He needed to talk to you but every single time he spotted you in the city you were always with him. It was the same guy each and every time….his arm wrapped around you protectively.  The very thing Bucky himself should have been doing – instead he had hurt you and now he was facing the consequences.

He never heard the words you spoke to each other as he would only ever get close enough to see you….never to hear that beautiful voice of yours, he didn’t want you to know that he was suffering because he knew he deserved it.

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anonymous asked:

Twice.... is not.... a national girl group yet. They haven't done anything to deserve that title???? Ya'll need to stop throwing that around like anyone can have it jfc

1. Using ‘national girl group’ in a meme text post means it’s kinda meant to be taken as not too-too seriously

2. ‘National girl group’ and ‘the Nation’s Girl Group’ are two separate concepts; just look at the actual Korean/Hangul and you can tell. Many groups are national girl groups because they are fairly well-known and hence, represent the nation. But only one can be the Nation’s Girl Group. (Twice have been called both though, just fyi~)

3. Whether we personally agree with it or not, Twice is already considered by MANY to be the Nation’s Girl Group both inside and outside Korea. (To deny this would be like saying that Koreans don’t know more about their own pop culture than foreigners do.) Twice has become a household name with many iconic songs and dances, have a huge fan base, shattered countless records, are already recognized overseas, are the first girl group after SNSD to beat out countless boy bands in many different categories, have HUGE potential, etc. etc. etc.

The list goes on and on and on but I’ll let you see for yourself….

I rest my case.

Tea? Tea.

P.S. I won’t list out every single record they’ve shattered and all of the many awards they’ve won, but this should give you a good idea:

Twice’s 1st year of debut achievements and major awards 

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SU Theory - Greg’s Age

A little something I noticed in Adventures In Light Distortion. Pearl mentioned that in 70 years Greg would be 110 years old. I did the maths (well, google did) and Greg is only supposed to be 40???

Okay so maybe people are thinking “yeah, he might look older than that but hey he could be 40 tbh”. Well, it is possible, but if it is, the timeline gets weirder.

I googled 70 years ago from today. 1977. If Greg really did meet Rose in the 80s, judging by the fashion, he would be at most 12 years old. Given he revealed he was 22 when he met them, either Pearl gave misinformation and he was born in 1967, making it possible for him to be 22 in the 1980s and therefore 50 years old, or they actually did meet in the 90s (hence why Greg made that comment about him believing disco was coming back). If they really did meet in the 90s, and we subtract 14 from 40, that makes Greg only 26 years old when Steven was born. If we take Greg’s word, that means they had Steven after only four years of knowing each other.

That’s what confuses me. It seems like a very short amount of time for someone who literally doesn’t age to suddenly decide she wants to have a child, give up her physical form, research how to shapeshift all the necessary anatomy etc, I mean considering pregnancy is 9 months long they only would have known each other 3 years and three months when they conceived?? That seems extremely weird to me since it would have had to have been planned. I understand that she believes human lives are short but surely that’s still very extreme?

So we can believe two things: either Pearl was incorrect and miscalculated, meaning Greg is 50 years old, knew Rose 14 years and had Steven at age 36 rather than 26 (which seems more plausible to me), or they really did conceive a child after only knowing each other for approximately 3 years and 3 months of knowing one another (and if we round up the montage of Greg’s song in Greg the Babysitter to be over the course of at least a year considering how old Sour Cream is at that point, Rose only became interested in human babies 2 years prior to having Steven). Well, if the latter is the case, it would explain why the gems were so shaken up by their loss. (oops that’s not okay.)

I mean, maybe I’m looking too much into this, but it’s food for thought. Think I should start up one of those wild theory youtube accounts or something??


Today I went to supermarket and when I was passing near the cheese stand, I had an illumination about one of my HC. (I tag @inmycore because he would to know about my ml Headcanons!)
Adrien is bad not only at baking/cooking but also he’s a bad liar. I mean, he have to pretend to always been in school? He escaping from a group of policeman? Let’s whistle a song with our hands behind the back!
Must we to act naturally?
Let’s randomly dance!

Are we caught with our paws in the sack?

I tag also @faith-xx-love thank you for your help, my dear! <3

Depression is not what you think it is. 
Depression is a mixed bag of unsavoury items, like all the reject lollies in the mixed party bags.
Depression is both sleeping too much and sleeping too little. Sleeping too much because you’re exhausted and sleeping too little because you know sleep won’t help anyway.
Spending a lot of time writing, and not a lot of time talking. Writing is easier; you can say what you feel on paper and the paper will never reject you. It will never ask you questions you can’t or won’t answer. People are too inquisitive, sensitive…
Forgetting and neglecting to do normal routine jobs and tasks: taking the bin out when it’s so over full the bag breaks, forgetting to shower for days on end, wearing the same shirt to bed and out of the house, washing your sheets but then not having the energy to put the sheets back on the bed once dry, so sleeping on a bare mattress.
Things like groceries or answering a text message become way too much for you. You wear the same clothes because taking the choice away takes the stress away. Not eating takes the choice away of what to  make, again, taking the stress away.
You ignore phone calls. You spend as little time outside in the world as possible.
The same song on repeat, which you never get sick of. You listen to it while you sleep, while you drink tea, while you stare at the ceiling, out the window, at the wall. It’s the only soothing thing you have. Picking a different song is not an option.
You cancel last minute all your plans, saying you’ve got a cold or you had something come up. You imagine them all out without you, hating yourself but also thankful, because the stress of finding a park would have killed you. 
You find your brain wandering to places it’s never been before.
You can’t keep up, your brain moves too fast for you. It’s exhausting. You fall asleep. You wake up and it’s 3 a.m. You start your day now. The cycle continues. The vicious cycle of existing in non-existence. Trying to exist as little as possible while remaining alive. 
Sometimes you might think of death. Sometimes you think of life, of times when you’re not like this. See, you know the pain is temporary. You know you’re just in the thick of it. That it gets better. You’ve been to hell and back before, this is just another trip down the deep end. And yet, overtime it's like the first time. You don’t quite know how to manage. You find yourself crying in the aisles of the supermarkets wondering why this is happening, as if it hasn’t happened every single time before.
Because depression breaks you into millions of tiny little pieces, like torn up paper, and scatters you across the room. All together, you have the strength to do all that you need to do. But when you’ve been ripped up and tossed on the ground and stepped on, you just don't have it in you, not even to answer a few emails or do the vacuuming. 

 Depression makes you worse than a child. It makes you a broken adult. Knowing all you are capable of, but taking away your right to do it. Making you believe you can’t, that you aren’t worthy. That you are hopeless. 

And without hope, well… you just have nothing.

—  Diary // 19/05/17 10:00 p.m. 
Nothing After Midnight

Pairing: Y/N/Neighbor!Luke

Rating: PG-All

Request: Yes

Words: 2.600+

Summary:  anonymous asked:  if you still do requests, can you do one based on this? “imagine you used to be one of their girlfriends but you started out as best friends who lived next door to each other, so after you break up you’re sitting in your room thinking and you hear them singing for the first time since your breakup”

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You gotta admit, Chloe totally rocks, even when she’s fangirling!  And when you think of it, she remembered the lyrics of that song after only hearing a snippet in Ella’s lab before telling her to turn it off.  That’s pretty amazing and really quick thinking! And that nod at the end?  Just awesome!  She’s my hero!  Oh, if only Luci could have seen her…. <3 <3 <3  Of course, he doesn’t care for rap (or is this hip hop? Sorry, I’m like Luci, I don’t care much for it), but still, he would have been impressed!  :D

Dear Jayde...

@mrsjugheadjonesthethird Our friendship may have only been for just a little while so far, but you mean so much to me already. I am so lucky to be part of the family, and getting to know you is such a privilege. I would like you to know that I am undoubtedly here for you. I will be a loyal friend like you deserve.

Whenever you’re doubting yourself or feeling down, I came up with a 10-song playlist for you of songs that can possibly improve your mood.

1. Hand In My Pocket - Alanis Morisette

2. Kitchen Sink - Twenty One Pilots

3. Neptune - Sleeping At Last

4. DARE - Gorillaz

5. Inhale and Hold - Vesperteen

6. Feathers So Hollow - Vesperteen

7. That’s Right - Cage The Elephant

8. Borderline - Tove Styrke

9. Number One - Tove Styrke

10. Hug All Ur Friends - Cavetown

I genuinely hope you enjoy this, love. You deserve the world!


My main problem with Heathers: the Musical

why was the first day of school on a Friday? Why would they only go to school for the one day? Even from a musical standpoint having the song go “September 4th, 1989″ would still be in rhythm since ‘fourth’ and ‘first’ both have the same number of syllables. The only way having school start on a Friday would help the plot, is if the party was that following weekend, but Veronica clearly states she has been friends/coworkers with the Heathers for 3 weeks prior to the party, ruling that out as a valid reason for school to start on Friday. Also can you imagine being a student with a messed up schedule or not knowing where your classes are and you can’t resolve any of those issues until the following week? And having school start on Friday wouldn’t even benefit the teachers since they don’t usually give a lot of work on the first day of school because some students change/fix their schedules. I really don’t understand why school would start on a Friday

Holidays At Home

There’s nothing I loved more than coming home for the holidays. I loved Omaha so much, and it was so great to come home and spend time with my family.

I lived out in LA with my brother Jack and his best friend Johnson. I was their photographer, and basically their maid. I cooked, cleaned, did the grocery shopping, all kinds of stuff. Plus, I did a lot of stuff with Bryant, just some random little shoots for fun.

But yeah, we had just arrived at the airport back in Omaha. Nate and I walked off the plane, hand in hand. We have been together for two years now. We met when the boys wanted to do a song together, and we just really hit it off. And then, in their video, I was the girl that skate was “into” in it.

So we just hit it off, and then here we are 2 years later, happy as can be. Sure sometimes Jack got really annoying with me and Nate being together. He hated when I would stay at Skates, or when he would stay the night here.

But it was no different with him and Madison. I was only a year younger than skate, not 3 like Jack and Madison. Don’t get me wrong, I get along with Madison, just sometimes she got on my nerves. Like she would whine when something wouldn’t go her way, and just little things I noticed after hanging around her so much. Nothing major, so I wasn’t sure how I felt about her staying with us for 2 weeks.

We were home for Christmas and New Years. Yeah, it’d be fun to be out in LA for new years with all our friends, but family means so much to all of us.

We were on our way back to Jack and I’s house, all our parents out at dinner together, but supposedly coming back to ours afterwards. So we got some ubers from the airport and headed home. Skate, Sammy and I in one, Jack, Jack and Madison in the other.

“so how you gonna survive these two weeks with Madison ma?” Nate asked, his hand resting on my inner thigh.

“don’t get me started. A lot of weed, alcohol and a lot of time with you.” I spoke, turning and looking at Nate.

“aye Skate, I hope you got plenty of condoms.” Sammy laughed.

“I mean, the store’s right down the road if we need more ma.” Nate said, moving his arm around my shoulder and pulling me into him.

We shortly pulled up to our house, getting all our stuff and heading inside. Jack, Jack and Madison showing up 30 minutes later, stopping to get something to eat. Our parents saying they won’t be home for another hour or so.

Sammy decided to get some drinks, and Nate some more condoms from the store, so Nate and I just headed downstairs. Our basement was where we usually hung out, and Nate and I would always smoke in my room down there. There was a door that led straight out to our backyard, so I would always crack it, but yeah.

“I’m really glad we get to spend another holiday together ma.” Nate spoke, passing me the blunt, as we laid on my bed, staring up at the ceiling, like we always do.

“me too Nate.” I smiled, taking another hit, already feeling a little buzzed.

We finished off the blunt, and Nate started getting really touchy. Like he turned onto his side, and started playing with my hair, and just poking my face, being all cheeky. And then he started kissing my neck.

“Nate.” I giggled. “what are you doing?”

“c’mere. I got something for you.” He laughed, rolling up on top of me, pinning my hands above my head.

“and what would that be?” I smirked up at him.

“let me show you.” He smirked, leaning down and placing his lips on mine.


Nate rolled off me, letting out a deep breath. Both of us practically panting. Our chests heaving up and down.

“god damn ma.” Nate breathed out, rolling onto his side and throwing his arm over me. Planting a big wet sloppy kiss on my cheek and nuzzling his head into my neck. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too Nate.” I smiled, snuggling up next to him. “but we should probably get up.” I said, trying to get out of his grasp.

“why? You don’t want your brother to walk in on us again?” Nate laughed.

Yeah, funny story. It was the first time Nate and I had sex. We were over at his and Sammy’s place, and ended up having sex on his couch and fell asleep right afterwards, under a blanket of course. Well, apparently Sammy came home from the beach earlier than we thought, and unfortunately brought Jack and Jack. And Jack freaked the fuck out, so Nate told the guys to go outside, so Nate and I could walk up to his room and change and everything.

“no Nate. That was terrible.” I laughed, getting out of his grip and throwing on some leggings and one of Nate’s hoodies and some fuzzy socks. Nate threw on some joggers and a tee shirt, and we walked out of my room and into the other part of the basement.

Sammy just walked downstairs, along with Jack, Jack and Madison.

“yo guys, what’d you do while I was gone.” Sammy smirked at us knowingly.

“just smoked a lil something.” Nate said, with me curled up on his lap.”

“mhmm sure, well I got you some more.” Sammy said, reaching in the bag and throwing the box of condoms at us.

“seriously guys?” Johnson laughed.

“seriously. My fucking sister.” Jack spoke, rolling his eyes, arms around Madison.

We all sat around and started drinking. We were playing music and just sitting around bullshitting until our parents got home. They didn’t really have a problem with us drinking, as long as we were safe with it. No driving, under one of our roofs. Plus, we weren’t drinking a lot. Just a beer or two.


It’s been 5 days since we’ve been home. It was Christmas eve, and we were all going out to dinner tonight. All our families, and then all us.

I curled my hair, and dressed in a cute little skater dress. It was a white long sleeve top with a plunging neck line, and the bottom part was black and floral and it flared. I paired it with some black high heels. I did some heavy mascara and winged eyeliner.

Walking downstairs I saw Madison, who was wearing a dress that looked like she was about to walk the red carpet. She’s been okay this week, just kinda little things getting on my nerves.

Nate, Johnson, Sammy and I all rode together, and Jack and Madison in another. And then our parents were all riding separately.

“so, how’s the week been so far?” Johnson asked once we were in the car. Nate driving, me shotgun, and Johnson and Sammy in the back.

“it’s been okay.” I sighed, playing with Nates hand.

“how? She gets on my nerves after like an hour.” Sammy spoke.

“I just hang out with Nate a lot.” I smiled.

“mhmmm.” Sammy hummed.

“this is going to be the most time I’ve spent with her.” I sighed.

“hey, I gotchu ma.” Nate smiled.

We made it to dinner, sitting down. It was Johnson, then me, then Nate and across from us, Sammy, Madison and Jack. And then all our parents. All of us just sitting down talking.

“did I tell you, you look stunning tonight (y/n)” Nate said lowly in my ear, causing me to smile and blush.

“thanks babe.”

“yeah, you do look really good tonight (y/n). It’s nice to see you in something other than sweats.” Madison laughed.

“thanks.” I smiled.

“yeah, I almost forgot you were a girl, walking around looking like a bum all week.” She laughed.

“Madison.” Jack warned.

“No Jacky, I’m just saying, it’s nice to see her in girl clothes.”

“Madison stop.” Jack spoke again.

Madison just rolled her eyes and took a sip of her water. Things the rest of dinner were a bit awkward. You could just sense the tension between all of us.

We went home, all us kids going to the basement. I wanted to change, so I threw on some leggings and a black nike sports bra, going out to ask Nate if I could borrow one of his hoodies. He smiled up at me and was about to answer before Madison spoke.

“(y/n), you walk around like that?”

“yeah, why?”

“well, aren’t you afraid to show that much skin, especially with your size?” she asked, cuddled up next to Jack.

What the actual fuck.

“my size?” I said coldly.

“well I mean, I wouldn’t wanna walk around like that if I was as big as you.”

“Madison.” Jack said, looking at her sideways.

“Jack, I’m just saying. I wouldn’t be comfortable enough to walk around like that.” She laughed as if it was funny.

I was about to speak, but Nate did.

“Madison, shut the fuck up. I’m tired of listening to you bitch and complain about (y/n). Like dinner tonight, saying all this shit about her actually dressing like a girl? The fuck was that. She doesn’t need to fucking dress like she’s walking down the runway every single day. I actually prefer her in sweats or leggings and a big tee or sweatshirt. She’s fucking chill like that. She’s beautiful either way. And this shit about her size? What the hell is that? She’s not fat? She’s perfect actually. I fucking love her body, and good god her curves.” Nate said, looking at me and licking his lips. “I’m so fucking tired of hearing you try to shoot her down. Just cause she’s confident about herself, and you’re not.”

Nate stood up and grabbed my hand. “come on ma, let’s go to bed.” He said, and we headed to my room, locking the door. We lit a blunt and started smoking, just relieving some stress. I turned on my radio. After we finished the blunt we just laid in bed and cuddled.

“thanks for that out there babe.” I whispered as I was almost asleep. “you didn’t have to.”

“anything for you ma. I love you so much, and no one disrespects my girl.”

“I love you to Nate.”


The next morning I woke up next to Nate. He was already awake and smiling at me.

“morning ma.” He smiled, leaning in and kissing me.

“Nate, you know I hate morning breath.” I giggled, covering up with the blanket.

“I know, but you know I love you and don’t care.” Nate smiled, leaning in and kissing me again.

Nate got out of bed and was digging around in his bag, and then crawled back on my bed, his hand behind him. I was sitting up now, cross legged, the covers over my legs.

“Merry Christmas” Nate smiled, showing his hands, revealing a small box. I gasped and looked at him.

“Nate I-“

“don’t freak.” Nate laughed, opening the box “we’ve been together 2 years now, and I don’t wanna be with anyone but you ma. This is my promise to you, that one day, you’ll be my fiancé, and then, Mrs. Maloley.” Nate smiled.

I smiled and threw my arms around him. Kissing him literally all over his face.

“I love you so much Nate.”

“here ma.” Nate said, taking my hand and putting the ring on. It was so beautiful. “I love you too (y/n).” he smiled, kissing my lips, resting his forehead against mine and smiling “forever.”

We went upstairs, after sex, showering and then getting dressed. I couldn’t stop smiling or looking at my ring. I gave Nate his gift. It was a new pair of shoes, and then I got him a new rolex.

We were all upstairs, Madison and Jack acting all lovey. I was kinda pissed at Jack. Like my own brother couldn’t even defend me. He was so far up Madison’s ass. I got up to go get Nate and I something to drink. I had just got some juice out of the fridge and started pouring a glass, when two more glasses showed up next to me. I turned to see Madison, and just rolled my eyes.

“hey (y/n)” Madison spoke softly.

“what?” I said coldly.

“look, I just wanted to apologize for the past few days. I guess, I just don’t have a lot of friends that are girls, mostly I just hang out with Jack, so I guess I’m just not good with my words. I’m really sorry. And I didn’t mean it how it sounded.”

“I mean, it’s whatever. I can see where you’re coming from, it was just shitty.”

“I understand. And I’m really sorry. Believe me. I didn’t realize how it sounded. And after Jack talked to me and everything I realized how bad it actually was. And believe me, I didn’t mean it the way it came out.”

“it’s okay.” I smiled. “I get it really. I’m either with Nate, or all the guys. And I’ve tried really hard this week to handle it, but I guess the other night just was too much.”

“No I completely get it. And I’m so sorry, and I hope you can forgive me, and then when we get back out to LA maybe we can hang out sometime?” she smiled.

“yeah I’d like that.” I smiled, hugging her.

I grabbed the juice, and Madison headed back into the living room, laughing.

I sat next to Nate, and Madison and I kept laughing and smiling at each other.

Nate threw his arm around me, kissing my forehead.

“you guys good?” Nate asked.

“yeah, we’re good.” I smiled. Leaning up and kissing his lips. “we’re real good.” I smiled, kissing him again.

I loved the holidays. I loved spending them with my family, friends, and the love of my life. It really couldn’t get any better.

SERIOUSLY?! - Also “Under 700 Kudos”

Seriously Tumblr?! I am not allowed to reblog my own shit?! HOW?! WHY!? I have always been allowed to before!?

So I made THIS in August last year and since I have gain about 3k+ followers since then I figured I would reblog that post since those are some amazing Sterek fics that could do with some more love. Just a few of them that has reached over the 700 Kudos I set as a max last year. So if you want some good reads, go read them!

So will also just “Copy paste” the post here since I am not allowed to reblog it.

So we had Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day just the other day, 21st of August, and many here noticed that several writers were rec'ed many times and iamderekhale started talking about making a rec list with some of the more under appreciated writers and/or works out there.

The requirements I decided on are as follows,

  • Under 700 Kudos
  • One work and/or series per writer
  • No word count limit
  • Crossovers and Other Works AU are welcomed

These will be works I myself enjoyed reading, a couple of the series might not yet be finished but they are good and more appreciation for them will hopefully get the writer a boost to finish it (I will note on the ones which aren’t complete).

This one is adorable, some parts makes you cry, gets you annoyed/angry at the ignorance in some people but over all a very nice read.
Title:  The Things We Make, We Make With Love. | 11 parts complete |
Writer:  augopher
Word count: 98 325
Summary: “It started with a trip to the mall for craft time. The story of everything in between and a whole lot after.”
First part summary: Derek hated Christmas, okay? But his kid wanted to make Christmas crafts so badly. He couldn’t help if he developed a crush on the employee who helped them. /Or: How a trip to a holiday display for kid’s crafts changed Derek’s life.
Rating: G to M.
Other tags: Gender variant character. Single parent. AU – Human. Kid Fic. Bullying. Fluff and Angst. Emotional Hurt/Comfort.

If you like the Marvel characters of the Avengers (Movies) and Teen Wolf then this might just be right up your alley. People doing stupid stuff without thinking. Love. Hurt and comfort. Stiles being a BAMF, even if you want to hit him over the head a couple of times – but then that’s pretty much canon Stiles isn’t it?

Title: Uncle Phil | COMPLETE |
Writer: heartsdesire456
Word count: 54 266
Summary: Part 1: Phil Coulson gets news that his late sister’s husband, a small town Sheriff from Northern California, was reported missing. By the time he looks into it, Sheriff John Stilinski was already home safe. However, since Phil is the only other relative the Sheriff’s son has, when John needs somewhere to send his son while he’s busy cleaning up the mess his disappearance caused, Phil can’t possible turn down looking after his late sister’s only child.
Rating: G - M
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence (Last part)
Other tags: AU – Fusion. Crossover. Humor. Canon-Typical Violence.

An Other Works AU – kinda ? I haven’t read Mercy Thompson series, either way it is a good story.

Title: Rez | Complete |
Writer: peacensafty
Word count: 36 849
Summary: AU, Stiles has grown up his whole life on Toad Suck Reservation. When his dad gets called in as arbitrator between different kinds of creatures, Stiles gets to meet Otherkind he’s only ever heard about before. Sterek/OC/some ideas/people stolen from Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series.
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Underage. Graphic Depictions of Violence.
Other tags: AU. Fae!Stiles.

A/N “Title is a running joke about how this fic was supposed to be “6 pages tops” and about cake when I started writing it a few episodes into S3. It is now 104 pages, contains every trope I’ve ever wanted, and probably only 1% or less about cake. We all male mistakes.”

Title: The Cake is (Not) a Lie | Complete |
Writer: Xerxies19
Word count: 51 016
Summary: Someone keeps sending Derek cakes that are neither made with explosives or monkshood. Things get out of hand from there.
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Other tags: BAMF!Stiles. Pack Feels. Resurrections. Magic!Stiles. References to torture. Alpha!Stiles.

I had marked it for later, later eventually came and I am glad for it. It gave me all kind of different feelings while reading, I haven’t finished the second part yet but I enjoyed the first (121 376 words), the second wasn’t finished when I got to it, but is now.

Title: Good Wolves Doing Bad Things | Three parts complete |
Writer: littlefrog1025
Word count: 297 624
Summary: Part 1 – Howl: A wolf pack is surprisingly a lot like a mafia family…
Rating: Explicit
Other tags: Mafia AU. Future Fic. AU – No Hale fire. Mpreg. Established Relationship. AU – Werewolves are known. Pack Mother Stiles Stilinski. Kid Fic. Domestic Fluff.

It’s adorable. Cute and some times I just wanted to cuddle with them all.

Title: Reflect the Storm
Writer: sasha_bo
Word count: 22 564
Summary: All Stiles wanted to do was summon help… not cause a magical family reunion
Rating: General
Other tags: Magic!Stiles. Time Travel. Kid Fic. Happy with feelings.

I’ve read the everything so far, two parts complete and 12 chapters into part 3, I am really enjoying it. Wanted to hit Stiles over the head a couple of times. Cried some. Laughed. Just generally enjoyed the read.

Title: Pack’s Blood | Two parts complete |
Writer: kuki
Word count: 95 998
Summary: Part 1: Deaton sighed and looked back down at Stiles. “Sorry, but you’re going to be a member of the undead.”

Groaning, Stiles covered his face. “I’m doing what? Fangs? Sparkles? Extreme sun allergy? Any way to reverse it?”

And that’s how Derek ended up babysitting the new baby vampire while he got adjusted. Stiles learns a lot a bout himself while he also learns that vampire and werewolves weren’t always enemies.
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Other tags: Vampire!Stiles. Werewolf Mates. AU – Canon Divergence. Vampire Werewolf conflicts. Future fic. Time Travel.

I had such fun reading these. It’s not marked as complete, but the parts that have been posted are complete and even if I would love more in this AU it can be read as complete.

Title: Stark ‘n Stilinski
Writer: whyamIalwaysLoislane
Word count: 3 629
Summary: Part 1: A bored Stiles Stilinski + a Boring internship – adderall X Stark Industries = A whole lot of the Birdy song and a proud mama bear Tony Stark. (Series description: Stiles is interning at Stark Industries when, as only Stiles can, he cocks up so royally he manages to bag himself a job. Stiles & the Pack’s Adventures with the Avengers. Derek in a muscle off with Thor… What could go wrong?)
Rating: T - M
Other tags: Established Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski. Tony adopts Stiles. Fluff. Darcy and Stiles bromance. Brain Squad. Stark Tower.

Adorable, that’s what this is. Tooth-achingly adorable.

Title: I’m available for tasting
Writer: TheAlternativeSource
Word count: 1 434
Summary: Prompt: When a hot person says they are tired of being single. Try me. I’m available for tasting. - p.s. Derek wants to snuggle Stiles.
Rating: Teen and Up
Other tags: AU – High School. Fluff. Alive Hale. Shy Derek.

I read this just the other day, my partner had to remove my phone so I wouldn’t stay up and finish it sometime in the morning hours. I really like the Stiles in this. I am weak for alive Hale trope.

Title: The Fox Who Ran With Wolves
Writer: AllTheseSquaresMakeACircle
Word count: 37 945
Summary: Stiles is something of an oddity. Not only is he a fox born to human parents, he’s a fox whose also an alpha. And that just didn’t happen. Foxes were supposed to be omegas. Potential mates for alphas and betas who would bear their children and bring balance to an alpha’s power. Only, much like the rest of Stiles’ life, things never seem to go quite as planned. (Or the AU where as an evolutionary jump, humans began being born with animal features. Eyes, ears, tale, etc. These hybrids live alongside humans with relative peace. But much like any world, there are bound to be issues.)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Underage.
Other tags: Hybrid Universe. Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics. Alpha Stiles. Alpha Derek. Mating. Fluff. Angst. Human/hybrid relationship.


(( Hey guys just a heads up, I’m about to post a reply to the thread with @decidxeye. A Broken Crown.

In this reply, I’m revealing Dukes entire backstory. The thing I have been hinting at and building up to for months. I am so fucking proud of this thread, the character development that has happened between these two muses, and the level of writing I have achieved. 

I would really, really appreciate if y’all could check it out. It not only sheds light onto Dukes backstory, but it is some of the best writing I have ever done. I made myself cry. Yes. I’m crying right now. Please give it a read <3

I recommend listening to this song while you read, it is the theme for the Broken Crown thread, and my reply also features the lyrics:

Ignore this if you want though, lol. 

If you do check it out, thank you <3 ))