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Hey amy! I just lost my dog, so i've had a bad week. Got any cute headcanons about Dami and his numerous pets?

  • I’m going to go ahead and assume that Damian names his favorite bats from the cave, and since Damian’s record on pet names is all over the place– some of them (Goliath, Titus) are dignified, while others (Batcow, Spotty the rat from B&R 13) are definitely not– I imagine the bat names get pretty interesting.
  • Damian: Antigone, Bonaparte, Ulysses, Jezebel, Scheherazade
  • Also Damian: Rita, Earl, Capitalism, Lemon, Bagel Bite
  • Alfred the cat has spyware in his collar. So far it’s been a useful and multipurpose investment, good for eavesdropping on both one’s family and unsuspecting criminals loitering in the parts of the city where a stray cat would go unnoticed. Conveniently, that is most of the city.
  • Titus sleeps at the end of Damian’s bed, for the death nightmares. It helps to have someone to hug.
  • There are also geese on the Manor grounds– they come in and out of the pond on the east side of the property– and Damian has been feeding them Cool Ranch Doritos for the past month as part of an experimental plot. That’s Tim’s brand of chips; if everything goes according to plan, the next time Tim takes a picnic lunch, he’ll be swarmed by expectant geese. It’s going to be hilarious.

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How would Feyre and Rhys react to them switching bodies for one day and what would they do?

I have been thinking about this ask since you sent it, and I keep laughing.

Obvs, the first thing I thought of is that they will have sex. Because A) this is Rhys and Feyre, and B) that’s pretty much the first thing that comes to mind if I were to be in a dude’s body. But it would be HILARIOUS, and would go something like this:

Rhys, after having sex: That’s what that feels like? No wonder you make those noises.
Feyre, after having sex: I’m really not sure how you walk around with physical evidence of your attraction to me just there for everyone to see. I’m pretty hot, so I commend your self-control.
Rhys: Well I don’t understand how you walk around with these boobs, how do you fight? How do you practice archery? How do you keep from playing with them all the time?

And then we might have something like this:

Feyre: *in Rhys’ body, putting her hands in her pockets*
Rhys: why do you keep doing that?
Feyre: I’m trying to figure out if it helps you think or what exactly is going on when you do this. I don’t get it.

Or something like this:

Rhys: Wow, you’re really uncoordinated.
Feyre: Well I haven’t had centuries of practice brooding in this body, so forgive my inadequacies at portraying the whole Lord of the Night, King of Darkness look.

I’d like to think they would have some fun with Cassian as well. Like… Rhys would maybe start hitting on him, and he knows that Cassian would never, ever take the bait and reciprocate, but it would be hilarious? Picture this:

Rhys, in Feyre’s body: Cassian, have you ever… you know… considered us?
Cassian: *puzzled* Like as bros?
Rhys: *sultry voice* No, silly, I mean… as something more. Something so much better. *places her hand on Cassian’s chest* I’ve just been having some feelings, lately…
Cassian: *gulps and backs away* Feyre, you’re my High Lady. You know I would do anything for you. And I find you very, very attractive, but you are not a single lady, and I am not a single dude.
Rhys: *pouting* Aw, Cassy, are you sure? I’m just so hot for you right now.
Cassian: *claps Rhys/Feyre on the back and laughs nervously* You sure are funny, Feyre. I’m so glad I have such a funny friend who understands that she is my bro. *backs away slowly*

I really feel like I could keep going all day. Maybe I’ll add on to this later. Thanks, nonnie.

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dark rc would you please consider writing about how victor (and the rest of the Russian skate team) had a feud with the Russian hockey team bc of their constant flirting and attentions towards yuuri (who was completely oblivious at the war waging for his heart)??

This has been sitting in my inbox for over a month and I apologize for that, nonny! I wanted to try my hand at breaking through this writer’s block and this prompt was ripe for the taking. It’s not my best work by any stretch, but it’s something at least! I hope you enjoy.


There are few things that give Yuri pleasure—the taste of accomplishment like cinnamon sugar on the back of his tongue after landing a quad; having a comeback so cutting that he practically draws blood; that soft murrf a cat makes when it decides it trusts him; the little green screenshot arrow appearing next to Otabek’s name in Snapchat—but they all pale in comparison to whenever the Russian hockey team visits the rink.

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I really love your writing and now I'm pan for vanderwood i hope you're happy >:3 If it's no trouble, could you please write rfa + minor trio reacting to a usually hyper and happy mc feeling really down (because they feel misunderstood or got triggered)? I hope I don't bother you with that request, I could just really use some love and care from the baes ^^;; Love and hugs, have a wonderful day!

✿  *cracks knuckles* Boy, it’s been awhile, huh? I polished off my finals a few days ago, and while I won’t be churning headcanons out at a super fast rate, I thought it was time I give this blog some TLC!


  • His brain goes into terror-alert mode when you don’t tackle-hug him the minute he gets home from work. Living with you is sort of like living with a hyperactive puppy, and his first thought is, oh god, are you dead? Did you slip and fall in the shower? Did aliens kidnap you and are now experimenting on your lifeless body? W h e r e a r e y o u.
  • The answer to “where are you” is “in the bedroom, having a lie-down”. He breathes a sigh of relief when you turn over and look at him, but still, that weak way you smile as you say hey leaves him concerned.
  • He immediately asks you what’s wrong. Are you feeling sick? Should he get you anything? Do you have a cold? Have you been eating enough fruit? Have you…–??
  • This manages to make you laugh a bit, and you sit up enough so you can pull him back down to the bed. You just want a hug, you say. And some comfort.
  • Yoosung is happy to oblige. After all, he’s a vet, isn’t he? He’ll always take care of you, his adorable little angel.


  • When Zen finds you staring absently out the window, his first cheer-up attempt is to call you by every pet name he knows. Starshine! Sugardrop! Love! Darling! Gooey-sweetie-snuggle-bottom hunie bear!
  • (you smack him lightly for that last one.)
  • Next, he tries every pick up line he knows. He compares your beauty to the moon shining on the lake, he recites poetry, he even sings you a little sonnet, and when he finally gets you to smile a little, he asks you what’s wrong.
  • (he wanted to make whatever it was feel a little less fresh before you talked about it, after all.)
  • He takes you on a motorcycle ride after, since that always helped distract him - though he obeys all the road laws on this one, because his precious, precious blossom is with him right now. He takes you out to one of his special places, and he helps you forget whatever it was that upset you.
  • It’s hard to be unhappy when the warm wind is on your face and a handsome man is at your side.


  • She finds you in the closet of the bakery, and you apologize, because you wanted to be better before she found you. You didn’t want to bother her. You know that you’re supposed to be the happy one, the cheerful one, the person rooting her on and keeping her sane when the world is building up around her.
  • She tells you that’s nonsense, brings you a cup of tea and a new cake she’s working on, and asks you to tell her what’s wrong.
  • Jaehee is so good at listening. She’s careful, attentive, and treats everything you say seriously. She never makes fun of you, or tells you that you’re overreacting or silly.
  • Jaehee would probably dropkick your problems if she could, but she can’t, so she settles for hugging you, petting your hair gently, before bringing you another drink and some of the flowers from the rosebushes outside.


  • You try to smile at Jumin when he comes home, and you’re doing so well, but then everything cracks apart, your smile falters, and you find you’re sobbing on the couch with a baffled Jumin in the doorway.
  • He only stands still for a moment. He literally VAULTS OVER THE CHAIR because it is the FASTEST PATH TOO YOU, and if you weren’t emotionally compromised, it would have been hilarious to see this man in a ten-thousand dollar suit act like a college track star.
  • He basically scoops you up, much like you’re a cat, and he tells you to tell him e v e r y t h i n g. When you say you don’t want to trouble him, you know how much it means to him to have you waiting at home for him, all cheerful and happy, he says that is NONSENSE. It isn’t you being cheerful that makes him happy, it’s you being you that does. And sometimes you’re going to be sad.
  • And he’s going to make you feel better when you are.


  • Seven knows immediately that your smile is forced. How could he not? He’s faked so many smiles over his years of being alive that he’s become all-too able to recognize the same expression on someone else’s face.
  • He doesn’t want to force it out of you, so he turns off the lights suddenly, leaving the star-shaped lights you have suspended from the ceiling as the only thing illuminating the room, and then pulls you up to dance.
  • He twirls you, spins you, is surprisingly graceful with you, despite being a total and complete nerd - though, he was a former secret agent, perhaps dancing came with the job. And you don’t have to pretend, you don’t have to say anything, you just have to… dance.
  • It helps. And when he holds you, during the ‘slow dance’ portion, you tell him what’s wrong as he rubs your back gently. And then you dance some more, because the world keeps spinning, despite the trials and tribulations you have to undergo.
  • You reminded Seven that he had a future, and now it’s his turn to remind you that you have one too.


  • V sits with you quietly and never blames you, even though you know he’s been through so much already and shouldn’t have to deal with your shit. You should be happy! You should be cheerful! You ARE genuinely happy and cheerful most of the time, taking him on dates and bringing the world to him, but today you just… can’t.
  • You can’t. You feel guilty, but you can’t.
  • He tells you that it is not your fault. You are human. You are allowed to be sad. You tell him all these things, and the same applies to you, too. He bops your nose with his finger when you try to protest, and you lean against him, letting him hold you and gently rub your shoulder.
  • After awhile, he brings out his phone, and he shows you all of the cute animal photos he’s taken over the years. It’s hard for him now, but he has so many memories captured on his various memory cards, and he shares them with you in a quiet room and a fond voice.

Unknown (Saeran)

  • Saeran doesn’t know how to comfort you, so he makes a dozen pancakes using the container of Bisquick you have into the cabinet and then shoves one into your face like a burrito.
  • “What was that for,” you ask, after you’ve managed to chew and swallow, and he just puts another directly into your mouth, effectively using it as a fluffy batter gag.
  • You eat that one too, staring directly at him the entire time.
  • “Are you feeling better,” he asks once you’re finished, and you reply that you’re mostly just really confused. 
  • One of the websites he’d read said that making pancakes for people was an expression of love, so he figured that would be enough to make you feel better, right?
  • You eat fruit to get better from a cold, so love should help you get better when you’re sad… right?
  • Right, you say, because Saeran is a prickly moron, but somehow his deranged antics make it hard to stay depressed.


  • Vanderwood is really bad at this gooey, lovey-dovey shit, so when they notice you don’t have quite as much pep in your step as usual, they aren’t really sure what to do. They do know, however, that they should do something, so they decide to tell you a joke.
  • “Knock knock,” they say, and you do a bit of a double-take, because Vanderwood isn’t really the type. But you’re intrigued enough that it momentarily distracts you from what’s making you gloomy, so you ask, “Who’s there?”
  • “Etch.”
  • “…Etch… who?”
  • “Bless you,” they say, in a perfectly flat voice, and you laugh at how stupid it is.
  • “Knock knock,” they say again, hands in their pockets, and you’re delighted at this point.
  • “Who’s there?”
  • “Seven.”
  • “Seven who?”
  • They clear your throat. “Seven, you motherfucker, you know I don’t speak Arabic, so open your goddamn door.”
  • (You cover your face and snort.)
  • “Knock knock,” they say a third time, and you notice they look a bit shyer now.
  • “Who’s there?”
  • “Al.”
  • “Al who?”
  • “Al…” They rub their mouth, averting their eyes. “….Al give you a kiss if you open the door.”
  • You, sufficiently cheered up by this ridiculous display, peck them on the lips and thank them for being wonderfully embarrassing.
It’s Over

Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6

Kim Jongdae (Chen) x Reader feat. BTS

Summary: Your parents gave you up so you had no choice but to become his wife.

Genre: Mafia AU, angst

Word count: 2,520

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

You tapped your finger on the table impatiently. You still thought this wasn’t the best idea you came up with but what other choice did you have. At least the meeting place was in a relatively public area, a coffee shop in the city centre, even though you were the only customer here. You also hadn’t seen any employees ever since you got your coffee. Strange… A ray of sunshine peeked through the window and it’s light reflected on the ring you were wearing. You stopped your tapping and looked at it. You took it between your fingers but after holding it for a while, you just sighed. It’s been more than two weeks since you found out the truth about him but you still couldn’t bring yourself to take it off. You wanted nothing to do with him, yet the ring was invisibly stuck to your finger, bonding you two together.

“Gold huh?”

Startled by the voice you quickly stood up from your seat. You didn’t even hear him come in. You weren’t even expecting him to actually show up.

“Please Y/N, no need to get scared. Sit down,” he said, taking a seat opposite yours. “I don’t know if you have heard this but I issued a reward for someone who would bring you to me. You should have seen my face when you contacted me yourself,” he laughed. “How did you even do that?”

“Don’t play dumb Jimin. Your men spotted me in the city. I’m pretty sure, they reported to you right away.”

“Clever girl,” he smirked as his eyes narrowed and he stared at you like you were his pray. You could feel the tension in the air, it really was a bad decision to meet him, he’s unpredictable… But just like that after a few minutes of silence he chuckled and clapped his hands.

“Coffee!” he shouted and an employee showed up out of nowhere carrying it for him. He set the cup down, his hands trembling. You met his gaze and he was so frightened, you started wondering what was going on here once again. Jimin noticed your look.

“I ‘rented’ the whole place out. That’s why there are no people here,” he started. “But let’s just say that I had some convincing to do.”

You understood completely what he meant but you weren’t here for that. You had business to take care of.

“Why did you want to find me?” you asked.

“You intrigue me. I wanted to get to know you better,” he smirked, sipping his coffee. “That would have never been possible with Chen around.”

He stopped and picked up your hand with the ring on, inspecting it closely.

“You didn’t have this one on when we first met… What happened between you two?” he questioned.

“I don’t have to tell you,” you said, pulling away.

“You don’t. But the fact that you’re here means you’re not with him anymore,” he spoke, rising his hands in defeat and leaning back against his chair. “Not that I care. It makes things easier for me.”

He looked at his wrist watch and then back at you.

“I don’t have that much time left, so let’s get straight to the point. Why are you really here?”

You clenched your fists under the table. It’s now or never. You have to ask him.

“I need you to do me a favour…”


Jongdae’s POV

I was wasting time, being forced to attend these meetings when there was still no news about her. I kept thinking how it even came to this. I looked at my knuckles, they were still red from all the punching. I had to release my anger somewhere, if not in the gym then on other people. I was beyond irritated these past few weeks. What’s even worse, is that it’s all my fault and nobody else. I can only blame myself.

“Yah, snap out of it!” Baekhyun waved his hand in front of my face. I looked up and noticed everyone staring at me.

“What?” I mumbled. “I see no point being here. Every second I spend sitting here, she could be getting farther and farther away.”

“It has been like what, three weeks since she left now and despite having all these contacts in the city you hadn’t found her. Do you seriously expect her to show up now, after all this time? You’re an idiot,” Minseok glared at me.

“She’s smart, okay? Do you have a problem with that?” I asked standing up.

“They saw her,” Yixing interrupted. “My men saw her in the city centre just a few hours ago.”

“What?” I quickly came up to him. “Are they following her? You need to tell me where she is.”

“Don’t,” Minseok spoke before Yixing could tell me anything else. “Are you not forgetting something?”

I looked back at him.

“Yixing… Tell me.”

“She’s with Jimin,” he replied. “My men believe he took her to their headquarters.”

“Do you understand now?” Minseok began again. “You told me yourself, you weren’t hiding anything from her except the past, so she went to our biggest enemy knowing all our secrets. She’s a nuisance.”

I flipped the table I was standing near in his direction.

“You want to say that again?” I shouted.

“We have to get rid of her.”

I jumped over the table and shoved him into the wall, grabbing his collar I put my gun to his head.

“Minseok, do you really hate her that much because I swear to god, if any one of you would even try something like this, I will kill you all and then myself,” I growled but Minseok’s calm expression angered me even more. Soon Baekhyun and Chanyeol were at my side, dragging me away from him. He just brushed of the dust and fixed his tie.

“I told you many times over this was going to happen, yet look were this got you. Jongdae you’re delusional if you think she will ever come back to you after what you did. She’s been nothing but burden on you your whole life and you haven’t been able to concentrate and dedicate yourself to the gang, like the rest of us have been doing,” he said all in one go.

I stared at him. He was telling the truth, I myself felt sick thinking what I did to her but hearing this from somebody else. Especially him… I brushed Chanyeol and Baekhyun off and went to the door.

“If neither of you are going to help me, I will get her back myself,” I said, exiting and slamming the door shut. After all, if I don’t see her at least one more time, I might actually die. I can’t live without her. Not when I was so close.

“Good job,” Junmyeon told Minseok. “You sent him out to his death.”

“He needs to learn a lesson or two. He’s not some special snowflake. Being in the mafia for so long and he still doesn’t understand that in our line of work personal life is always at a second place.”

“But we’re still going, right?” Sehun asked, glancing at everyone.

Minseok sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. He then looked at Junmyeon.

“Your call, leader,” he said.


You felt kind of unsettling going through all of these halls with him. He led you to big wooden doors and pushed them open. He ushered everyone that was inside the room out of it, except for 6 other men. They stared at you as Jimin offered you a seat, he leaned down on the table next to you.

“This is where we usually do business,” he explained. “Now can you repeat to me again what you requested? Because man! Hearing it from you is exciting.”

You looked around and then focused back on Jimin.

“I want you to get rid of Jongdae,” you finally said.

“There!” he laughed. “She said it! It’s hilarious,” he told the others. “Can you believe his wife actually comes to me out of all people to ask that?”

“Will you do it?” you asked eagerly. Why did he even bring you here?

“I would love to. After all, we were planning to kill them all anyway. They have been bothering us for a long time now,” he said. “But! But I can’t do it for free,” he smirked.

Of course. What did you expect? It’s never this easy.

“What do you want?” you asked. He took a strand of your hair and lifted it, letting it fall gently.

“I want you,” he grinned, putting his hands on the side of the armchair you were sitting in, practically trapping you, so you would look at him. You opened your mouth to reply but some kind of commotion started right outside the door. Soon after Jongdae was bursting in through them, another man in his arms, a gun to his head.

“What do you know, you actually led me to the correct place,” he said before shooting him and throwing him aside. He then pointed his gun at Jimin but the other six men that were in the room took theirs out as well.

“Where is she?” he just asked. He still couldn’t see you, the armchair blocking his view.

“You have no fucking manners, do you? Ruining the fun every time,” Jimin spoke clearly annoyed, he stood up straight and you quickly followed him. Jongdae’s eyes widened.

“Y/N…” he stuttered. “I…”

“What are you doing here? How dare you show your face to me?” you shouted but he ignored you and took a few steps in your direction.

“Y/N please, hear me out. I need…”

“I don’t need your excuses. Do you seriously think that I will listen to you after what happened? Please, just get out of here…”

“I can’t,” he said, staring at you when he noticed the ring on your finger. “You… You still have it on.”

You quickly realized what he was talking about. You looked down at your hand. You wondered if you can actually do it. If you take it off, what will that mean for you? You got a good grip and after waiting for a few seconds, practically ripped it off your finger once and for all, throwing it at him.

“You can take it, I don’t need it anymore,” you could see his heart breaking into a million pieces. “Get out of my sight,” you said and turned around.

“You heard the girl,” Jimin finally spoke. “It’s the perfect chance, get rid of him-“ he started when a loud shot interrupted him.

“I hope you go to hell you piece of shit,” Jongdae said and you watched Jimin’s lifeless body fall to the ground. You gasped at the sight, a large pool of blood already forming underneath him and a small hole burning in the middle of his forehead. Just like your sister. You felt like puking, you took a step back and tripped over the armchair, falling to the ground when somebody caught you. It was him. You felt disgusted being held by him right now.

“Why you!” one of the six men shouted, he was about fire when shots began flying from all directions. A bunch of other men entered the room.  A shootout has started.

“You found her, now get her out of here,” Suho shouted, but you quickly got on your feet and ran out of the room but Jongdae tackled you and dragged you under one of the nearby tables to avoid you getting hit. You could feel the panic creeping up on you. You wanted to be anywhere but near him.

“Don’t touch me!” you shouted, pushing him off. You looked at yourself. The only thing you could see was blood. How did it even get on you? You started wiping your hands when he stopped you.

“Y/N calm down,” he begged you but at this point it made you sick looking at his face. You had to get out of here, fast. The hallway you came from was close by. You stood up again and rushed down it.  You saw the door at the end of it and pushing them open you finally got outside. The night wind welcomed you. You started breathing deeply, taking in the air. You turned around to look back at the building. Shots and screams could be still heard. You noticed a figure coming your way. He had his hands up.

“Y/N…” he slowly approached you. “Baby…”

Your legs gave in and you slumped down on the floor.  It seemed like all of your strength has left your body. The only thing you felt now was guilt. You never meant for this to happen. You never wanted to get rid of him in the first place. No matter how badly you lived, you always knew that violence is never the option. You could never hurt somebody.

He got on his knees in front of you and cupped your face, wiping the tears that were threatening to spill out.

“Jongdae… I… I…”

“Shhh… It’s okay, it’s okay.”

You wanted to believe that, you truly did but how can anything be okay after this? After you found the truth? At that moment a loud sound from a distance, pierced your ears.

“Shit,” Jongdae hissed as he fell on top of you. You quickly rolled him over, still not sure what happened. He was bleeding, badly. You laid him down on the ground and opened his shirt, a hideous wound could be seen on his chest.

“No no no no,” you said, placing your hands on it, frantically trying to stop the bleeding. You looked at him. He was barely conscious, the light starting to fade from his eyes. He gripped your arm.

“Y/N… Love…” he tried speaking.

“Jongdae, don’t move, it’s going to be worse,” you cried out when a strong force, shoved you off him. You clenched your shoulder and shouted in pain. Somebody shot you. You saw Jongdae staring at you from the corner of his eyes. His mouth slightly open. He was so pale. You started crawling to him. You need to reach him. He can’t go just like that. He needs to hold on. Come back. To you. Because you still hadn’t told him.

You were about to touch his hand, your fingertips brushing over it when somebody stomped on yours, breaking at least a few fingers.

“Persistent,” the young man said. “Still clinging on to life.”

You wanted to push his feet off of you but you couldn’t even lift your arm up. He just sighed and started loading a new set of shells into the gun. Sniper. A shot from such proximity will be more than deadly.

“Jongdae,” you sobbed with all the strength you still had.

“He’s dead,” the man told you. “You will be joining him soon.”

You stared him in the eyes as he aligned his gun to your head.

This is it. 

“For our boss. There could never be peace between us after all,” he said as he pulled the trigger.

It’s over.

~ Part 8 ~

i’m 25 now and i hope that no matter how old i am or how educated i become i never talk over young LGBT kids or tell them they’re wrong. i mean shit, i have some pretty strong feelings about things like the split attraction model – i don’t condone things i think can be painful or invasive for kids to publicly divulge, especially in the interest of keeping young lgbt kids safe from predators.

but i’ve tried to relax a lot in my politics, and as i get older i try to remain helpful and willing to listen, even to young inexperienced or uneducated kids.

i see these 30-50 y/old queer studies majors just rolling their eyes at young lgbt kids for “not knowing their history” and shit like that – which is hilarious, because coming from a position where you have been afforded a degree and years of education you would think you of all people would know how important it is to listen to the young & struggling voices in our community, but i guess not.

as adults in our community it’s not just important to carry on our history, but to also not lose sight of how the landscape of our community’s oppression changes for generations younger than us.

being lgbt isn’t rocket science, and talking about your experiences does not require some kind of prerequisite understanding of our history in order to talk about how homophobia/transphobia/biphobia/transmisogyny/lesbophobia hurts us individually. it’s ok for young kids not to want to be called or identify with words or use terminology the way our community did decades ago. things change.

the thing about being marginalized is that being educated or older doesn’t mean you inherently Know More about oppression and the lgbt experience. there are homeless trans kids who didn’t even finish high school whose experiences and insight are just as important as the voices of educated Queer Elders, if not moreso.

i personally never want to seem like i’m beyond being wrong. i don’t want to be a part of a community that talks down to our youth and creates an environment where they feel stifled and not listened to.

the knowledge of our history is VITAL, and making sure the youngest in our community know the struggles, accomplishments, and experiences of those that came before us really is crucial. i will always advocate for this.

but LGBT history is not a tool adults should constantly use as a way to shame or write off young folks and their experiences, their comfort, etc. there’s a difference between “this is ahistorical and you should be aware” and “these STUPID KIDS who think [x] is a slur/transphobic just DONT KNOW!! I CAME OUT BEFORE YOU WERE BORN”

maybe it’s just me, but that sure doesn’t seem like a very helpful or radical attitude to have.

On Eyeball Ruby at The Trial

It took me a while to collect my thoughts on this but here they are.

Initially I thought the purpose of calling Eyeball as a witness was because she was a witness at the shattering, but this was not the case. Zircon (prosecutor) called forth Eyeball Ruby specifically to confirm “that thing” Steven is Rose Quartz. It didn’t even register because Steven never denied being Rose Quartz. Nobody did. Blue and Yellow D didn’t question it. Why was this a thing??

Why was Eyeball, a witness of THE SHATTERING, not called forth for her plot purpose and instead used for something redundant?
As she said herself in Back To The Moon:
         “I was there. I saw it with my own eye. I saw the leader of the Crystal  Gems, Rose Quarts, SHATTER Pink Diamond!”

Why refer to confirmation of identity as a “WITNESS”? Steven saying he is Rose is not witnessing anything? An EYE witness even when all she does is quoting Steven on something he SAID. Nothing “Eye”. What a waste of pun!
Also hilarious as what led up to this Steven = Rose revelation was Eyeball accepting a whole lot of hogwash but lets not mention that!

This was why I was confused they didn’t call her forth again when Zircon (defense) made her case. Eyeball being there at the event itself is not mentioned. But this should be a known fact from her records and reports? What Diamond did she fall under. Why was she there? Why didn’t she do anything? If there has actually been a cover up, how come they didn’t “cover” Eyeball?
It would have been GOLD if Zircon (defense) would get in a discussion about this. About the likelihood of what Eyeball saw and how she interpreted that information. But for us as an audience, what has Eyeball seen?

It’s unlikely Eyeball was bluffing. She was aware this is painful to talk about to Jasper and would not risk such a thing. She tried to really push the “we’re in this together” closure-seeking war veterans. This is about herself too.

And that’s another thing. This case is relevant to Eyeball. She has stated in Bubbled to be confused about something as she hoped Jasper to have the answers to the closure they both seek. Knowing this with Zircon (def.) theory, her questions can only be tied to the events of the shattering and after.

With the Light House Gem in Horror Club and Pearl’s holographs, it seems possible for gems to visualize memories. It would have been cool -assuming Rubies are not able to do this by themselves- that Blue D ordered to have Eyeball harvested just for this purpose. And thus this being her cue to flee and join the rebellion. The most valuable Ruby. The most sought-after Ruby. Oh dang, would she love this. She wouldn’t shut up about it, I’m sure.

Because of her misuse as witness and personal lack of relevance to the case at hand for her character….THAT is why I felt like I wasn’t looking at Eyeball. I was looking at some holographic caricature. (also to blame on cheap animation)

What was the overall writing idea here?
Eyeball exposed a lot of valuable information and gave context to what Jasper cried about and actually started the entire PLOT of this show. The Shattering is more of a topic than the rebellion freedom fight itself. This led up to Steven doubting himself/Rose more, especially with his decision of throwing Eyeball back into space.
Later on when saving Greg, they crash into Doc, Navy and Army and mention they will pick em up. They don’t. No reason given.
Navy crashes, takes justified revenge and her ship back and saved the squad. (we actually do not have confirmed Navy saved em, still. Nothing of the matter was mentioned.)
The choice to make Navy take the ship now seems solely to have Eyeball appear at this trial only for her to not be used where it’s relevant for the issue and her as a character because that would complicate the writing.

So this is just….incredibly bad writing. Nothing logically leads up, has no purpose of development or depth and we are thus left in the dark what to make up from what we know and how this will be put to use in the plot.

on Big Deal Moments in Discworld

Guards! Guards! has one of the first Big Deal Discworld moments for me, and I’m not very good at articulating what that means.

The moment I’m thinking of is the dragon’s speech to Wonse – “we were supposed to be cruel, cunning, heartless and terrible. But…we never burned and tortured and ripped one another apart and called it morality.” That’s a passage that always makes me stop and reread it a couple of times. And it’s a small moment – it’s the only time we hear the dragon speak at all, and it’s a speech that has no bearing on the rest of the story. It could have been taken out of the book entirely and nothing would feel like it was missing. But the fact that it’s there is a Big Deal moment. The great big monstrous antagonist’s judgment of humanity is unavoidable in its accuracy.

And the Discworld series is full of moments like that. Sometimes it’s just one line, sometimes it’s a full scene, and most of the book is so full of shenanigans coming so quickly one after another that you don’t always see the Big Deal moments coming. We think of Pratchett as a humor/satire writer and yes, the books are hilarious, but in between the jokes are these Big Deal moments that casually rearrange our perspective and stick with us even after we think we’ve forgotten.

Then there are the other Big Deal Moments, that are Emotional Meteorite Strike Moments (e.g. the phrase “that is not my cow” can now instantly put me in the fetal position) but I’m having a hard enough time describing this one as it is so I’ll probably go on a tirade about those ‘round about that One Part in Feet of Clay. (You know the one.)

anonymous asked:

What's wrong with dog breeders? (Please don't answer in a rude way, I just really don't know and I've never really heard about them so that's why I'm asking)

First of all, there are millions of healthy dogs being euthanized in shelters yearly because people would prefer to buy a pedigree dog or a puppy from a breeder. Furthermore, reckless breeding can lead to deformities and health issues in dogs that come from breeders. Additionally, breeding is cruel no matter what the breeder says. It’s cruel to force a dog to give birth to litter of puppy after litter of puppy. When you buy from a breeder instead of rescue from a shelter, you’re essentially euthanizing a healthy dog in the shelter to free up space for the next one.

If the dog pound we got Louie from wasn’t closing down then he would have been euthanized months before we got him. He was there for three months and not one person asked about him. He’s a playful, gentle, hilarious, affectionate, and smart boy and he came to the shelter as a stray. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with dogs in shelters. Just because they aren’t pedigree or a puppy doesn’t make them any less deserving of a family.

game grumps ask meme.

“Dude, just… just pity laugh, at least!”
“I don’t wanna kill anybody, I’m a pacifist. Ooops, killed six people.”
“Six is the number of Def Leppard members, almost.”
“Did you know I’m a professional joke? My life is a joke.”
“Why do you enjoy watching me suffer so?”
“Remember kids, if you wanna defeat the evil power, you better fucking find the nearest sharpest sword and run as fast as you can.”
“I don’t judge you when you steal children, so I’ll thank you to show me that same courtesy.”
“Having a great time being in immeasurable pain.”
“Yes, have you ever heard of brapnel? That’s baby shrapnel.”
“Wait, mechanical bird is plane. I just realized.”
“Crazy how dead you are, I mean like, wow.”
“I didn’t have any problem at all after I died twice.”
“Such a nice man we ripped off there.”
“I’ll never put on pants.”
“Checkers would be better with badgers.”
“She’s adorable! Until she turns into a hideous undead monster creature, then ya gotta hit her with the lead pipe.”
“Stop dancing at me!”
“I have some very important masturbating to do.”
“You make me have to pee, always.”
“Whales are just Earth’s way of taking a shit.”
“I like it when Luigi’s happy. It makes me smile.”
“You know when you get high, and you start floating five feet off the ground, and gain a Spanish accent?”
“Whenever you talk about being high, it always just shows how much you’ve clearly never gotten high before.”
“Dude, what if hell was up?!”
“I will raise that chicken as if it were my own daughter… who I turned into chicken fingers.”
“‘Becky with the good hair’ sounds too much like ‘caramel corn’?”
“Even 90s rock won’t make me feel good about this!”
“This might be the drugs talking, but I love drugs.”
“That’s one boopity you shouldn’t have shmoopled.”
“Am I nude right now?”
“It’d be weird to sleep amongst your dead friends.”
“Are you here to repent for your chins?”
“Why am I not eating ice cream for every meal?”
“This taxi is bae.”
“The world is full of magic. Horrible, horrible magic.”
“Jesus is my drug.”
“I don’t know anything about memes.”
“You would say that, no matter what, me from another dimension that runs a porn ring.”
“I’m a milk-based life form.”
“I fucked a cantaloupe once.”
“Awww babe, look at us, we have our own cam girl operation.”
“Everyone who works for us gradually becomes more gay in their interactions because… we are always getting… weirdly gay with each other.”
“Shut up, ya tweezer!”
“And Half-Life 3, I don’t know anything about Half-Life 3, other than that everyone says it’s confirmed.”
“Good thing you’ve got fingers and wrists of steel, from that straight jacking.”
“I’ve learned the importance of being cuddled.”
“Hi, I’m a musician with a huge penis. Do you know where I can find guitars and Magnum condoms?”
“Baths are amazing, especially when you bring a friend.”
“Jesus, you gotta wine and dine me first. You can’t just open up with that shit.”
“We’ve broken several laws.”
“What, you wanna try diplomacy? He’s a fucking crab!”
“‘Bonfire’ is made up of two words: ‘bonf’ and ‘ire.’”
“These balls are coming at me fast and furious. It’s like that movie, ‘Speed.’”
“As I was about to say, revenge is a dish best served fuck you.”
“When someone says ‘just fuck me up’ on the internet that means have sex with me in a rough, passionate manner, correct?”
“If there’s one thing I can be totally honest about, it’s that I would happily lie to your face.”
“Just get abducted! We are your saviors, we’re flying in the sky- treat us as your new gods.”
“If I can’t be the best, I sure as hell can be the worst!”
“Water is just… air juice.”
“Uh… Doctor, could you put tits on my thumbs?”
“We hang out… we touch each other…”
“Does anyone have a paper bag I can hyperventilate into?”
“2016 is the year of the butt.”
“If I took pole-dancing, I would be worried that it would be too erotic for everybody else.”
“You make another joke like that, and I’m gonna have to beat you to death with your own shoes.”
“Whoa, look at this trapezoid-headed Funyon ring!”
“I have to take off my jacket because I’m getting hot because this sucks so bad.”
“He died as he lived: covered in mayonnaise.”
“Who wears pants anymore? So 2015.”
“What took you so long, you butt plug?!”
“Look, you tell a couple jokes as a dad and suddenly everyone’s like ‘you’re making dad jokes.’”
“Could you imagine if you unlocked outfits in real life? Like, “Congratulations you wiped your ass, here’s a new shirt.””
“As long as I live, I will never stop loving your random bursts of outrage.”
“Like I would kill a friend… without watching.”
“With your Phd and my also being here, we can solve any problem.”
“I love watching you guys suffer.”
“Man, the void of nothingness is kinda lame.”
“Sometimes you gotta take time and smell the roses. And sometimes you’re gonna be a guy jacking yourself off while you’re rubbing a girl in a video game.”
“I can’t prove that someone ISN’T a reptilian.”
“Oh my god, do we have to kill him while he’s asleep?”
“I feel dead inside, but at least I had pie.”
“This is nice. We’re all bathing in the warm glow of murder.”
“The tears are bittersweet but the pie is delicious.”
“Murder is a spectator sport.”
“Today’s been a day. A day full of tasty, tasty murder.”
“Man, I wish anime was human history.”
“99 red balloons… Something- something- German song.”
“If you wanna have sex you don’t have to make a little song about it, like just come right out and ask.”
“If only I could have sex with my own brain. That would be a mind-fuck.”
“I am not nature. I am nurture.”
“Wouldn’t it be hilarious if they died?”
“Tell me what you’re gonna do to me.”
“Taco Bell cures diabetes.”
“Rule number one of babysitting? DON’T STEP ON THE BABY!”
“Play for my amusement, child.”
“How does a ghost enter a skeleton? And I don’t mean that in a sexy way.”
“You’re locked the closet with the dildo!”
“Yeah, I’ve been drunk on pot before. What of it?”
“You are the worst son ever.”
“Shut up, this is my moment of time shine!”
“Bro, can I be honest with you guys right now? I love defiling things.”
“I wanna touch everything with my boner, including my boner!”
“When you’re married, you can announce your boners everywhere.”
“I am enjoying my pot! Take that out of context.”
“Dude, what if you were next to a supernova when it supernovaed?”
“…and she’s like COVERED in butter.”
“I do apologize for my actions, even though they were totally and completely justified.”
“What are the animals crossing, exactly?”
“I’m a firm believer in ‘if you’re going to fail, you might as well fail spectacularly.’”
“And you know what? We’re tied right now, like brothers… only one brother is significantly smarter and more handsome than the other and has like 15 years more life experience.”
“Frick to the 30th power!”
“My eyebrows are slippery and slimy. I grease them.”
“This is literally just elementary hydrodynamics, I can’t believe you can’t grasp this.”
“Well look the important thing that I’m having fun and other people aren’t.”
“I would fuck everything on the screen including the animals and the bicycle.”
“How dare you know stuff about things. I’m gonna beat you up with my fists… that are made of stuff and things.”
“Spyyyder Loops™ cereal…. made with… spiders.”
“I’m a bottom kind of guy.”
“Can you see my labia in this fucking costume?”
“Just bros bein’ bros…”
“I never feel quite as alone as I do when I play Burger Time.”
“If you do this… I’m gonna be mildly impressed with you.”
“I don’t know how to be interesting, could you give me advice?”
“I’m kind of amazing at everything I do.”
“I would get a photo-realistic tattoo of your face on my inner thigh.”
“Do you think I came out the pussy drawing fucking Mozart?!”
“Follow your stupid fucking dreams.”
“Everyone does crack at some point in their lives. It’s pretty much a rite of passage.”
“I wanna know where Luigi is!”
“Nothin’ wrong with that. Get clean, get clean with the lord.”
“You’re on page 2, and I’m on page…uh, furiously concentrating on not throwing up from this Nutella situation.”
“I wish you could jump inside my skin and know what I know, and feel what I feel.”
“I’m feeling fly for a caucasian man.”
“I will actually strangle you with my bare hands and feet.”
“Don’t call me “bro” in an accusatory tone!”
“This is a good yiff right here.”
“My friends! I love killing my friends.”
“Now I am the one who is bitch.”
“He died as he lived: eating chicken McNuggets.”
“Well, thank you so much, that’s so nice of you to say, but I don’t believe you and you’re a liar.”
“I could tell by his briefly angry eyebrows that he’s someone we should be stabbing.”
“A blunt is a maridujuana.”
“If you can’t beat em, Shoot ‘em with a gun!”
“Getting kicked in the nuts is not an event, it’s a process.”
“My goal is to pee in every major body of water on earth.”
“Man, Club Penguin’s gotten weird.”
“Aw jimminey-jillakers. Gee-whiz Batman. Aw frick. Oh jeezum.”
“And you have ten thousand and seven hundred grams of mardujuana.”
“My style is old, nasty t-shirt and rapidly disintegrating pants.”
“If you ever run into me in the wild, we’ll hug it out.”
“I think the noodles are going to kill me!”
“I’m sorry, your son is an anthropomorphic cheese melt.”
“Wait, but, also shut up.”

Finally ♡ Ethan

Summary: Ever since you were little you had the biggest crush on Ethan and when the twins leave to pursue their dream you think you’ll never see them again. After years you reunite and you realize your feelings never changed. But how does Ethan feel about you? (Warning: ends a little smutty.)


You could remember the time that Grayson, Ethan, Cameron and you were really close. You could remember all the times you played hide and seek almost like it was yesterday. When you were little you were neighboors for over more than ten years.

You guys did everything together. When the Dolan family moved away it felt like it was the end of the world for you. The reason why you thought you could never be happy again, was Ethan. Ethan Grant Dolan.

While you grew up together you slowly developed a big crush for Ethan and those feelings never really gone away; even when he moved to another place and you were certain you would never see him again. Of course you never told him you liked him, afraid that you would get rejected and that it would ruin your friendship.

Sometimes, but only sometimes, you thought that Ethan felt the same way about you. But you were never really sure and because you were too afraid to tell him you never found out. After Grayson and Ethan moved away to pursue their dreams, you regretted that you never told him. Perhaps it could have worked out between you two.

Seeing them become really famous and staying the same person as they were when they were younger made you the proudest friend in the whole world. But from time to time you felt a little sad too. If you had told him you like him then maybe, just maybe, you could have experienced all these amazing things with them.

Through the years you had stayed close with Cameron. When she offered to let you stay a few weeks at her house in the summer you decided to visit her. Grayson and Ethan had also returned for the summer to spend time with their family and friends, so it was a great opportunity to see if you still liked Ethan. You probably did. But you had the feeling that things had changed between you and he just saw you as a friend, nothing more. You guess you would find out soon enough…


‘Oh my God! I’m so excited you’re here, Y/N. It has been ages. How are you?’ Cameron asks with a big smile on her face. Her eyes were sparkling and her skin was glowing; she looked stunning - as always. She leans in for a hug and holds you tight. You felt so happy; it was almost as you were home again after years of being away. When she pulls back to look at you, you can’t help but see the person she was ten years ago. As if she had never changed.

'I’m very good, Cam. I passed all my exams and everything is great at home. I feel so happy! And you?’ 'I’m good, thanks! How does it feel to be back here again?’ Cameron asks. You sigh. 'Oh, it feels as if I’m home again and nothing has changed. I love it,’ you respond.

Cameron giggles. 'Glad to hear that. So, should we go and see where the boys are? I think that they’ll go crazy when they see you. I haven’t told them anything about you visiting Jersey again.’ 'Yeah, sure! I’m kinda nervous, though,’ you chuckle. You try to swallow the lump in your throat. 'Naw, you don’t have to, Y/N. I’m sure it’ll be a nice surpirse. Come on.’


It was a hot summer day. Ethan and Grayson were outside, swimming and chilling at the pool. You weren’t sure you could handle Ethan with wet hair and only wearing a bathing suit because only the thought of that made you weak, but you had to. As you walk with Cameron over the soft grass towards the boys, you felt the burning sun on your shoulders.

'E, Gray! Look who’s here!’ Cameron yells halfway. Ethan and Grayson turn their heads, and jump off from their sunbeds when they see your presence. The first thing you notice when you stand in front of them, is how tall and big they are. Holy shit, they looked so different than from the pictures you had seen on Instagram.

'Eeeeh…?’ Grayson hesitates, not knowing what to say. It was clear he didn’t know who you were. Ethan also looked like you were some kind of stranger. 'Hey,’ you greet them awkwardly. It is quiet for a moment, the only sound coming from the whistling birds in the trees.

'It’s Y/N!’ Cameron breaks the silence, raising her hands in the air. 'Oh!’ Grayson and Ethan say in unison. Their suddenly changed face expressions would have been hilarious if this wasn’t the most awkward situation which you had ever found yourself in. They looked at you so much different now, which made things even more uncomfortable.

Finally Grayson’s lips curl into a big smile. 'Y/N! How are you?!’ Grayson takes a step forward and wraps his arms around you. 'I haven’t seen you in so long.’ 'Yes, I’m fine, thank you Gray. So, what’s up?’

Grayson holds you for a second before he takes a step back, his hands placed on your shoulders. He shrugs and laughs. 'Oh, nothing much, really. I’m very glad to be back in Jersy though, and it’s so nice that you’re here too!’

'Thanks, I’m happy to be here as well.’ Grayson takes a step aside to make place for his brother and there he stands; Ethan Dolan. The most handsome and cutest boy to ever exist; right there, in front of you. 'Y/N,’ he says. He just stood there, as if his feet were frozen. Why didn’t he move? Did you look so hideous that he couldn’t hug you? Or shake your hand, for God’s sake?

'Hey, E,’ you say quietly. After what seemed like an eternity Ethan walks up to you. He bores his eyes into yours before he leans in and gives you a hug. Although he smelled heavenly and his arms felt like you wanted to be in them forever, the situation was still kind of awkward. And he didn’t hug you like Grayson did.

Ethan let’s go of you after like three seconds, and after that he refuses to look at you. You didn’t know what to think. You felt hurt. Really hurt. The fact that they didn’t even recognized you felt like someone had stabbed you in the back. How?! You guys had practically lived together for more than ten years.


The four of you had just ate dinner, which Grayson had made. The food was pretty good but you couldn’t really focus on what you were eating. All you thought about was how extremely good Ethan looked and how sad it was that he didn’t had recognized you.

It was as if all the memories you had made together were forgotten. And the thing that hurt you the most was the fact dat Ethan barely looked at you or spoke with you. Maybe he didn’t want to be friends with you anymore.

Grayson on the other hand was really sweet and funny and was asking all types of questions about your life. He was really interested in your life and how you were doing. Secretly you hoped Ethan would do that too. But unfortunately, he didn’t. And it hurt you more than you wanted to admit.


It was late in the evening and you were planning on going to bed. But since it was still very hot outside and you were thirsty you decided to drink a glass of cold water before you got ready for bed. It was almost completely dark in the kitchen, but you didn’t know where the light button was.

Luckily the cups were in the same kitchen cabinet on the same shelf as they were when you were little. And since there was a light in the fridge it wasn’t very hard to grab a bottle of water. When you close the fridge a big and dark figure stands in front of you, and you almost got a heart attack.

'Aaah!’ you scream loudly. Suddenly you can’t feel your legs anymore and if it wasn’t for a strong pair of arms who grabbed you, you would have fallen onto the floor.

'Oh my gosh,’ you hear Ethan’s worried voice very close to your face as he carries you to the couch. He places you gently between the pillows while you quickly grab one, as if you would you fall of the couch if you hadn’t something to hold on to.

You let out a deep, frustrated sigh. 'Ethan! What the hell! What are you doing here?’ After he had put on the light he comes sitting next to you. 'I-I’m sorry for scaring you. That really wasn’t my intention.’ 'You better be sorry. You almost gave me a heart attack!’ you respond, a hand on your chest.

He looked so guilty that you almost felt sorry for him. It would have been funny if it really didn’t feel like your heart was going to pop out. 'I know. I’m really sorry,’ Ethan apologizes again, placing his hand on your thigh. You push it away. 'What is it?’ you ask, not doing any effort to hide the irritated tone in your voice.

'I need to talk to you about something… I want to say sorry for earlier today… I really didn’t recognize you.’ He bites his lips as he looks at you, his eyebrows frowned. You stand up and fold your arms against your chest.

'Yeah, I think I already understood that. It’s good to know that our friendship didn’t mean anything to you. God, I have known you for almost all my life, E! How could you not remember me?’ Ethan stands up as well. 'Of course I remember you! And I said I’m sorry, Y/N!’

He seemed to tower over you now, which was pretty intimating. 'Sometimes sorry isn’t good enough,’ you whisper, refusing to look at him this time. Suddenly a tear drops onto your arm, and you angrily wipe the one that was following from your cheek. Ethan wasn’t allowed to see you cry. He wasn’t going to know how much he had hurt you.

'Y/N….’ Ethan says, his voice in so much pain that it broke your heart. How could you still be in love with this boy? 'Please, let me explain,’ he begs. You shake your head and turn around to go upstairs, to cry in silence, but Ethan grabs your wrist and pulls you back.

'Let me go,’ you say angrily. You looked at him. 'No, not before you let me explain everything,’ Ethan says. 'I don’t want to hear it!’ you object and you try to free yourself from his tight grip with all the power you have, but his arm didn’t move an inch. It almost scared you how strong he was. 'Ethan, no.’

'Y/N,’ he says, his voice begging. 'Please.’ You hated yourself at this moment because you gave in, but you just couldn’t bare the tone of his voice and the look on his face. You let out a dramatic sigh. 'Alright, then.’

Ethan lets go of your wrist and looks at you for a second. Then he changes his mind and grabs both of your hands. You just let him; you were craving his touch too much and it was already too late. 'Y/N, do you really want to know why I didn’t recognize you?’ he asks, his face dead serious now.

'Of course,’ you say quietly. Ethan sighs deeply, as if he was going to tell something that he needed to get of his chest. 'I-I didn’t recognize you because you have changed só much. And I mean that in a positive way, of course. You have become so beautiful… So mature. I didn’t know where to look, so that’s why I ignored you. I was scared that my cheeks would turn red or that I didn’t know what to say. So I just didn’t.’

He bores his eyes into yours and smiles; a small smile, that you wouldn’t have been able to see if you were standing any farther away. You were lost for words. You had never expected him to say any of that. Beautiful? Mature? You? He needed a pair of glasses! You always thought you still looked like a baby.  

'Ethan… I don’t know what to say. I-I…’ You try to form a normal sentence, but your mind was too messy at the moment. The situation didn’t feel real. Ethan Dolan had a crush on you?!

He sees you’re struggling and he gives you a sweet smile. 'You don’t have to say anything, Y/N. I probably just made a complete fool of myself, but at least I gave you an explanation on why I acted the way I did.’

You shake your head. 'Ethan… I feel the exact same thing for you. Ever since we were little. But I never told you… I was afraid it would ruin our friendship,’ you say softly, your eyes meeting his again.

'Are you serious?’ Ethan whispers. His mouth drops, as if you said the weirdest thing ever. But how could you not be serious? How could someone not fall in love with this goof and his gorgeous smile? Impossible. You nod in response and Ethan runs his thumbs against your hands. 'So, you forgive me?’ he asks uncertain. 'Of course,’ you answer, looking him deeply in his eyes.

'Well… Then I don’t think it’s wrong if I do this, right?’ Ethan asks and moves his hands to your cheeks to cup them, softly stroking his warm fingers against your skin. Before you can ask what he was going to do he gently presses his lips on yours. You were shocked at first and gasp for air, before you are able to kiss him back.

The warmth and softness of his lips made your eyes shut and for that moment you felt nothing but fireworks and pure love between the two of you. It was as if all of your worries had disappeared. Your heart was racing.

Ethan murmered something you couldn’t understand and then lowers his hands to your waist, slowly bringing his fingertips underneath your shirt.

He doesn’t had any intention on taking it off; he just wanted to touch your skin and feel your body that was almost collapsing  because of his touch and amazing smooth hands. You felt pathetically weak at the knees; this was all you ever wanted, ever since Ethan left all those years ago. And now it was happening. Finally.

His lips make it’s way to your neck, leaving wet and sweet kisses. His large fingers that are tracing the skin on your back gave you heavenly tingles and you shiver. 'Ethan…’  you encourage him, eyes up to the ceiling.

'Tell me to stop if you want to me to, baby,’ Ethan says, his hot breath against your neck making you go crazy. 'I will,’ you whisper and run your hands through his hair.

After the heated make out session you had end up on the couch, laying next to each other. Ethan breaks lip contact and looks at you with his dark, brown eyes. 'Y/N, I don’t know how this is going to work out, but I do know that I want to spend the rest of the summer with you.’

His raspy, loving voice made you almost feel the same way as when he kissed you. You look at him for a moment before you place your head on his chest and entwine your fingers with this. 'I’d love to.’

EXO’s Reaction to You Wearing Heels and Being Taller Than Them


More surprised than anything, Xiumin would look up at you, not used to this feeling of being the shorter one in the relationship. “Well…” he’d trail off, eyeing you from top to bottom. He’d shrug, quietly commenting that your height was hot—though he’d refuse to repeat himself after you asked him what he had said.


Honestly, Chen would find it hilarious that you were towering over him because of your heels. “What have you been eating lately?” he’d joke, looking up at you admiringly. He wouldn’t mind terribly, as long as you didn’t wear those shoes all the time.


It would take a few minutes for Baekhyun to adjust to the situation, and he’d quickly start teasing you for your height. “Come on, giraffe. Make sure not to hit your head on the door,” he’d laugh, grinning wider when you rolled your eyes at his jokes.


Already tall to begin with, Chanyeol would be surprised when you stepped out in your heels and were a few inches taller than him. “Oh! Okay,” he’d say, eyeing you up and down. He wouldn’t really say much about it, a bit awkward about being the shorter one that night.


Lay would love it when you wore your heels. He’d frequently state that you looked like a goddess, and wouldn’t mind at all that you were taller than him. He’d proudly walk with you, ignoring looks you two got from onlookers. It would almost make you blush when you saw him gazing up at you so fondly.


Though D.O didn’t necessarily like being shorter, he enjoyed seeing how confident you were in your heels. Because of this, he’d simply smile and not protest, not wanting to make you take them off just because he was a bit awkward. He’d soon get used to your height and be just as confident.


Suho wouldn’t really have much of a reaction, just nodding and smiling slightly. “You look good,” he’d say when you asked him what he thought of the outfit, not even mentioning your heels/height. Secretly, he thought you were sexy when you were taller.


Just..giggling. Kai wouldn’t be able to stop giggling and smiling when you stepped out and were a couple inches taller than him. “Jagiya~ You’re so tall!” he’d laugh, looking up at you and grinning. He’d happily walk next to you, giggling when he saw you were taller than other men too.


Sehun’s eyebrows would shoot up, but that was his biggest reaction. He wasn’t a huge fan of you being taller than him, but wouldn’t tell you that because he saw how happy you were in your heels. You would notice, however, that as soon as you got home he’d immediately suggest you take the shoes off to rest your feet.

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LATTE (matt and lance)

This got…a little out of hand. It was supposed to be a short one-shot, and it wound up being a bit more like a nearly 2.5k oneshot. Hope you enjoy it, though, anon!

Also, since we don’t know much about Matt’s character right now, I had to make my own headcannons.

“Lance, are you in?”

“Yeah, just a sec…” He peered around the corner. “It looks clear. You said they’re at the end of the hall?”

“According to the schematics.” Pidge’s voice was low and tense over the comm link. “Can you see them?”

“Not yet. Any guards showing up?”

“I think Keith’s diversion worked pretty well. They’re all in the east wing.”

Lance took another quick peek and rushed down the hall. “Okay. I’m going in.” He plugged in a small computer Pidge had given him to the handprint reader beside the room at the end of the hallway. “It’s ready.”

She remoted in and made quick work of hacking through the security system keeping the door locked. “Just a minute…” He glanced over his shoulder nervously as she worked. “Got it.”

The door whooshed open, and Lance ran inside. The large, dimly lit room was filled with prisoners, all looking defeated and exhausted. They stared at him for a brief moment before it sunk in that he wasn’t a Galra soldier.

“Everyone, follow me. I’m gonna get you out.” Lance grinned. “I’m a paladin of Voltron. We’re here to rescue you. Go out in the hall, and I’ll lead you out of here.” By far, this was his favorite part of the job. Saving people and, hopefully, reuniting them with their families. He ushered them out of the room one by one, mentally counting how many he’d need to accomodate. “Pidge, do we have any spare ships? There’s a lot more here than I can fit in Blue.”

Unfortunately for Lance, he didn’t even hear her answer. Instead, he froze and lost focus entirely when he saw the next two prisoners ready to hurry out into the hallway.

“Wait.” He grabbed the younger man’s shoulder. “Are you…” His heart was racing. He couldn’t be wrong about this. Not with Pidge listening in. “Are you Matt Holt?”

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Guys, remember how in the Kenobi novel, the INSTANT Obi-Wan gets to Tatooine he brings day-old Luke into a bar and immediately gets into a bar fight? And even people on Tatooine are like “what kind of a maniac brings a baby to a bar fight?”

If they ever revisit this part of the timeline I want this made fully canon. The idea that Obi-Wan Kenobi has come pretty much straight from the end of Revenge of the Sith – “you were the Chosen One!” and everything – to a bar in the middle of the desert, with Anakin’s newborn son, and then instantly gets into a bar fight is amazing. 

This would mean that as far as we know, the only two times Obi-Wan and Luke have been in a bar together, Obi-Wan kicked someone’s ass and was part of a ruckus. THIS IS HILARIOUS AND I WANT IT TO BE REAL. 

The fact that a literal giant of a man like Alexander III was totally terrified of making his itty bitty wife mad is so hilarious to me.

To quote his youngest daughter Olga in a biography of her:

“My father had the strength of a Hercules, but he never showed off when other people were present. He told us that he could bend horseshoes and cutlery quite easily, but did not dare do it because my mother would have been furious. Yet once in the study he bent an iron poker and then straightened it out. I remember how he kept his eyes on the door in case someone were to come in!”

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UT, US, MT skelebros reaction to finding out their s/o's been kidnapped!? >:O

UT Sans: He is in the middle of the living room, eyesockets empy. All around him is a frenzy, police officers talking to each other, trying to track down the call, waiting for fingerprints from the kidnappers note. Papyrus is sniffling on the sofa, but still trying to keep everybodys spirits up, Alphys is helping the technicans in tracking the call down, hurriedly flipping different switches. And Sans was doing….nothing. Like always, he didn’t do anything.

Undyne, worry turning into anger fast grabbed him by the collar after minutes of him standing there, frozen. “Are you really just going to be lazy?! Now of all times?!”, she didn’t mean to snap at him, but she wasn’t able to do anything herself, and seeing Sans just stand there made her boil over.

Then suddenly a beeping sound signalizing that they finally located the kidnappers, all heads snapping towards one screen displaying the adresse. “guess i can’t just laze around, can i…”, and Sans was gone with a pop.

He teleported to the roof of the small warehouse on the outscirts of town, looking down trough on of the roof windows to see you strapped to a chair, the three kidnappers huddled in a corner around a phone, snickering to themselfs. He quietly made his way down behind a few boxes, carfully aiming his magic to turn all of their souls blue in the same moment, slamming them against a wall witha crack, knocking them out good.

Sans hurried over to you, untiying you and hugging you in reliefe. Suddenly something cold and sharp scraps over his bones. Hu, looks like it have been four kidnapers after all. Sans collapses against you in a heap, teleporting both of you home, you landing in the living room with a crash.

Sans makes a pained sound, clutching his ribcage and Papyrs in holding him immideatly, seeing read marrow trickle trough the fabric. Sans has one HP. Just one strick from somebody who has the intend to hurt him and he would be nothing but dust in mere minutes or seconds. 

Undyne was looking at the small skeleton horrified. Did she…cause this? Is this her fault. Alphys was shaking next to her, another persone dying infront of her, and she isn’t able to do anything. Papyrus was crying silently, holding Sans carefully, like as if he was afraid to break him with the sligthest motion. Taking damage with one HP meant you would never open your eyes again.

But Sans was known for always having a few hidden tricks, opening his eyes slowly, grinning up at all his friends and you,pulling out something from his pocket. It’s…an old mitten. Worn and patched up again and again..but something about it seemed…off. It seemd important, more important then a mitten like this should look like.

Humans are not the only ones who can equip Items.

UT Papyrus: He drops the bag of groceries to the floor, running after the truck. You two where just walking home, food for the next week and a few householditems tucket into the plastick bags in your hands, when suddenly a truck slowed down next to you, pairs of hands shooting out of the inside and dragging you with them.

Papyrus tried his hardest to run after you, but a truck isn’t something you can keep up with your own two feet after all. He gave up, defeated, dragging his feets on the way back home. He called the police on his cell phone, they only telling him to stay out of it for his own safety. He was about to just sit at home and mop in despair. ut that wouldn’t be very Papyrus like, would it?

He shot up in an instance, he got to know Alphys better since they reached the surface, and he knew that she was very smart. And somebody smart is somebody who could help him out now. He jumped into his convertible and was at Alphys only a short while later, the lizard monster surprised by his sudden visit but a 100% ready to help a friend in need.

After she tracked your phone, which you still had on you and which was still turned on, Papyrus told her to call Undyne and tell her what happened, while running out back to his car. He had somebody to safe after all! 

The adress lead to a small apartment building, most of the windows broken and empty, a few dark but a few not. He broke open the door, entering with the subtilety only he could display, promptly knocking a guard out with the broken door. The next one went flying trough the window, unharmed, but tied up with his own jacket. Papyrus stomped up the stairs in a hurry, finding the room your were beeing held in and caging the last two kidnappers in rows of blue bones. 

“BLUE MEANS STOP, SO PLEASE DON’T MOVE KNIFEY HUMANS!”, those words landed on deaf ears at first, but both tried to move, got hurt and finally listened. He untied you gently, hugging you to himself with a broad grin, clanking his theet against your forehead. He carried you back to the car, police sirens and Undynes loud voice heard in the distance.

US Sans: Bawling. Instantly. You are gone, he saw your scared face when those man showed you into the truck right infront of his eyes. Then his face sets in a hard, cold, determined look, tears still streaming down his face. He won’t let them get away.

He summons his Blaster, he usually doesn’t use them, sometimes summoning them if he needs something to pet and cuddle. He jumps onto the floating skull which is about a head longer then he is tall, riding it like a horse after the speeding truck.

Your kidnappers see him gaining fast in the rear view mirror, taking a sharp right turn suddenly, to throw him off, but he won’t let that happen. He follows faster and faster, the truck tacking a u turn in the middle of traffic, hoping the stoping and crashing cars would slow Sans down. But that’s the good thing about a floating skull, it can just float over any obstacles.

The Gaster opens it’s huge maw, a glowing ball already present and growing, the sound of a charging lazer loud enough for the kidnappers to hear. The lazer takes out half of the truck, carefully and precisely aimed, the lower part of the car i still intact and driving without crashing, so is everything and everybody in it.

Sans stands now ontop of the floating skull, still crying huge, messy tears and stretching his hand out towards you. You grab his hand and are freed from the truck, your kidnappers no longer carring, just trying to flee from that mad, crying, terrifying skeleton.

The moment you two land safely on the ground and Sans thankfully pats his blaster, making it disappear back home into the void he is ontop of you, clinging to your shirt and shoulders, crying loudly into your chest. You will have to carry him back home, his legs are shaking to much to walk, and he can’t let go of you, only mumbling if your are alright.

US Papyrus: Shit. He…he couldn’t do anything. He is standing in the middle of the street, lighting a cigarett with shaking hands while his eyelights are fixed on a point on the ground, phone on the ground where he dropped it. He was just walking home, late at night from a shift at his little corndog stand. Some people really liked corn dogs at 3 am. And then he got a call, a muffled, distorted voice telling him to get a huge sum of money together and bring it to the pier at the other side of town, while he heard your voice scream in the background..

Where the fuck should he get so much money from. He had a small amount saved away for later, his brothers birthday, your birthday, maybe some sweet, nerdy stuff for himself. But that wasn’t even close to how much they where asking for.

He decided to still go there, maybe he…he wasn’t sure what. but he couldn’t just let the mkeep you. They said no police. So he couldn’t call the police, could he? So he slowly started his walk to the dock, his hands still shacking, dropping ashes from his cigarett on the ground behind him like a trail.

They were already waiting for him, it was dark, a light mist was in the air. It would have been hilariously dramatic, if it wasn’t for the fact that one of them was holding a shining knife to your troat, your arms bound, a cloth stuck into your mouth. He was standing on the other side, slowly coming closer to them. They ask if he has the money. But he doesn’t. They try to drag you away again, you are screaming an struggling in pain and fear.

Papyrus summones a wall of bones, pure desperation. He isn’t a figther. He is a lazy skeleton, with barely any stamina and a good but not perfect grasp on his magic and barely any physical strength, of course he isn’t. But if one is desperate enough, they will fight tooth and claw, and he can’t lose you. He summones bones, doging the knife of one of them. It seems like he can knock them off and get you both out of there safely.

But then the second one attacks him from behind, Papyrus attacks getting more frantic…until one of them gets impaled trough the stomach by one of his bones, coughing up  blood with a terribly sickly sound. The other two run, droping you, not caring about the money anymore. Papyrus is applying healing magic on the kidnappers wound, this was always the one kind of magic he was terrible at. But the worst damage get’s repaired, the last kidnapper fleeing in a hurry.

Papyrus crawls over to you to untie you, his hands shaking and bloody, his eyes unfocused after he looks over all the blood on himself and the floor. After he freed you he burries his face in your shirt, eyes still open and staring at nothing.

MT Sans: Ho…Ho boy. They messed with the wrong people. He is on their asses the moment he get’s the first call, demanding money if he want’s to see you again. Alphys got her eyes all around town, and is very briliant when it comes to tracking back phonecalls, she is honestly brilliant in everything she does.

Sans has a list of names and an adresse in less then half an hour, and he doesn’t wait for backup. He sneaks into the abandoned apartment building trough a broken cellar window. Seems like they are all upstairs, so easy game for him. He isn’t physically strong, but he is quiet and has a firm hand on his magic and more then a few tricks up his sleeve. He doesn’t have a lot of endurance though, if he has to take out a few guys with his magic, things might get criticall…but that’s why he learned to move almost soundless.

He distracts a few of the guards by loudly destroying one of the cars outside, impaling it one a row of bones, bone scrapping over metall in a screech. Sans sneaks up the now empty stairs, one floor after the other, knocking a few passing guards out with a bone to the head untli he reaches the top floor.

There he finds you, bound and gagged, scrapped up and bruised. The room is otherwise empty, voices drifting over from the ajoined one. He is trying to keep his angre under controll, but the way you look at him, eyes wet and pleading, full of fear, it’s getting harder and harder not to tear the place apart, even go down with all those people who did this to you.

He carefully cuts you free, holding the sharp bone out of your line of sight after seeing how you flinch away at the sight of the weapon before picking you up piggyback style, he needs his hands free if you run into trouble. And you do, immediatly. Hm, they seem to be members of the new gang that decided to call this town it’s home. And they won’t leave you leave. You tremble in his hold. “close your easy sweetheart”, he whispers into your ear.

The next thing you see is Sans next to you in Papyrus car, sleeping from what seems exhaustion, both of the brothers and your clothes stained with something red.

MT Papyrus: He knew you would be in danger one day. It couldn’t stay a secret for long after all. He feels truly lost for the first time in his life, but he can’t jsut sit still and don’t do anything.

He calls Undyne, telling Sans to stay at home and wait for any calls or messages, while the two of them patrole trough town, maybe they spot any cluse on where you are, or they are at least already on the move and can get to their destination faster.

The call comes only a few minutes later, Alphys tracking the adress down in only a few more. Sans teleports into Papyrus car in the backseat, giving his brother a piece of paper with it written on it, and a slap on the shoulder, something they always do to tell the other to be carefull before he is gone again.

Papyrus speed to the destination, frustration growing in him, he still had to be carefull and stay below the speed limit, he couldn’t risk getting stopped or arrested. Not now. They finally arrive, Undyne jumping out of the car, looking around for any guards outside, while Papyrus parks it out of sight. On the count of three they both break the door in. Sans always did the sneaking, they charged in full force, head on. Like always, like now.

Undyne pinned half of the guards to the wall with her spears, Papyrus knocked the other half out with a row of bones coming down from the ceiling, they both sprinting upstairs to the second an top floor of the small apartment building. Papyrus kicking open the door, Undyne pinning the kidnappers to the floor via spears, before knocking each out with a kick to the head, while Papyrus gently untied you and picked you up.

You are safe and home after a short car ride, the building burning to rubble behind you, a pile of tied up, unconcious bodys on the other side of the street juat waiting to be picked up by the police after an anonymous clue.

Revelation || Hoseok

Request - Hey, I just found your blog and I’m already in love with it… can I please ask for a fuckboy Hoseok? (Loving you even if you’re doing it or not) From your coala anon:3            

Pairing - Jung Hoseok x Reader

Genre - Smut (Implied, but not really)

Summary - A player of feelings and a pawn of innocence. The combination couldn’t get any deadlier.

‘I don’t know, Eunha,’ You sighed as you placed your books inside the locker, before closing it and looking at her, 'I’ve never been a fan of frat parties. To be frank, I don’t even want to get out of the house.’

Eunha, your best friend, who was in the midst of begging you to join her to a party, grumbled, 'You never do, Y/N..’ She rolled her eyes and leaned her back against the locker.

'When’s the last time you even fucked someone?’ She shamelessly asked and your face became a canvas for your embarrassment, 'Never, I guess?’

'Exactly. That is why you should come with us.’ She said, referring to her boyfriend who wasn’t present among you. You scoffed, 'And be a third wheel? No thanks.’

You began walking away towards the library, with her followimg behind you like a lost puppy, 'Hey! Namjoon and I never forget about you, alright? It’s just…we get lost in ourselves-’ she began, but you interrupted her, 'Exactly, and I become a third wheel. It’s better to save myself the embarrassment.’

You walked into the library and went to your favorite aisle to pick some books to binge read on for your spring break. Eunha was still behind you, and she probably hadn’t noticed you both were standing in a library because she screamed, 'Oh my god! Please-’ You covered her mouth with your hand, your eyes wide, 'Are you crazy?’ You whisper-yelled, throwing an apologetic look towards the librarian.

You managed to shoo her away from there before the librarian did so herself, telling Eunha your final decision: you weren’t going.

Once you got your books, you were leaving the library with the librarian glaring at you for 'breaking’ a golden rule. Apologizing, you finally left, to spend your precious time with the books in your dorm.

The moment you entered the dorm, you remembered why you had always wanted to switch your dorm. There was just a sole and simple reason - Jung Hoseok.

'Can you not, make out on the couch.’ You yelled, beyond pissed, as a girl - who you recognized as a Freshman, literally was sucking Hoseok’s face off. You cleared your throat, since they hadn’t heard you the first time, before walking into your room and placing your books on your bed and coming back into the hall with a horn in your hand.

Making sure you had your ear plugs nice and tight in your ear, you pressed the button of the horn, making them both jump at the loud sound.

'Y/N! What the actual fuck?’ Hoseok turned to glare at you, the girl scrambling on to her feet from the floor. She shot a glare towards you as well, 'Is she your girlfriend, Hobi?’ She asked, her predatory eyes still on you.

You scoffed, 'Please. I don’t even consider him a human, let alone be his girlfriend.’ You said, crossing your arms.

'What do you want?’ Hoseok asked, and you noticed him stifling a laugh.

You rolled your eyes, 'I want you,’ You pointed at him, 'and you,’ your finger moved to point at the girl, 'away from the couch and out of the dorm.’

'In case you forgot, this is my dorm too, so,’ He got up, making his way to you, while you shot daggers at him, 'I can do whatever-’ he came close to your face before leaning in to your ear, ’-I want.’

Your face burnt at the closeness of your bodies, and him being shirtless, flexing all those muscles you knew you weren’t supposed to swoon over, made it all the more harder for you to not pull him into your room.

'One: stay the hell away from me, you wreak.’ You said, half lying, because he literally smelled of a feminine perfume, which had obviously come from the girl, who was still standing in the middle of the room, 'Two: I don’t care. As long as I’m here, you will not get any of your filthy hands on the couch, which I will have to clean later. And three: go die.’ You spat at his face, your face curled into a snarl as his face remained unchanged and indifferent to whatever you were saying.

'Hobi, come on baby, let’s go.’ The girl tugged at Hoseok’s forearm, and you continued to glare daggers at him, when you noticed a slight change in the way he was looking at you. It was deadly, something you had seen once, and the outcome was, well, destructive. You knew this situation could go this way, or that.

'Actually you know what, So Min-’

'It’s Eun Ji-’

'Yeah, whatever. You can leave. I have some…unfinished matters to settle.’ He said, his voice low and intimidating. The girl huffed, and immediately turned and stomped out of the door, making sure she slammed the door close in the process. In that time, you too had turned to leave.

The moment you began walking, you felt your hand being pulled, before your back slammed against the wall beside your bedroom door, in the corridor. A gasp left your lips as the impact surprised you more than hurting you, his face dead serious as he stared at you.

'I don’t think you deserve to go into your room without a punishment, baby girl.’ He smirked, pinning your hands on top of your head to the wall. You squirmed, wanting to get out of the mess you dragged yourself into before you regretted it.

'No I don’t. Now let me go!’ You yelled, trying to pry your hands away from his steel grip. With the way he was holding them, bruises would be the first thing you would see on your wrists the next morning.

'Not a chance.’ He said before dipping his head into your neck, placing open mouthed kisses on your skin as he grinded against you. You, already beginning to accept defeat, exposed your neck even further, as you tried to bite back a moan that threatened to tear through your throat.

'Let me hear you, Y/N. I know you want to scream my name as loud as you can.’ He coaxed you, as he pressed his bulge harder against your core that you couldn’t help but moan his name.

'That’s right, baby girl, moan out my name all night.’ He let one hand of his come down to your breasts, before gripping one of them gently and squeezing them, his mouth finding its way to yours.

He pressed them on yours, and as much as you hated to admit it, they were as soft as they could get, making it even more harder for you to pull away. Seconds later, you began melting into the kiss, which deceived you as a gentle and passionate one, rather than a rough and hungry one.

'Ho- Hoseok, no, I can’t.’ You breathed as he kissed on a spot under your ear before grabbing your ear lobe with his teeth, gently nibbling on it, you writhing under him. He loved to see you struggle, he loved that he was having this effect on you, something he had long been wishing to see and feel.

'I have to- I have to go the frat party. Please Hoseok, I- fuck - I promised Eunha.’ You mumbled a lie as his hand went down to the region in between your thighs, his hand separating them before skillfully rubbing his fingers on the material against your clit which took you to a particular paradise.

He chuckled deeply in your ear, ’Liar.’

He rubbed harder and you had your eyes shut tight, his lips finding yours again. It was too much for you, making it impossible for you to focus on what to say or on the kiss. His hand came back up and went through your shorts’ hem line, before dipping his hand inside your underwear and finding your clit again, you jolting back against the wall as he tortured you. To say you were a moaning mess, would have been a hilarious understatement, and your breathing intensified when he inserted a finger into you, the alien feeling melting away as fast as it had come.

He pushed it in and out of you, later adding another finger and you felt a strange feeling form at the pit of your stomach. He stared at your face, which had been twisting into pleasure all the while. He would stay with you in the dorm the whole night without attending the party if he could spend time with you like this. Or however, he wouldn’t mind if it was just movie watching or playing games either.

A small smile formed on his face as he felt you clench around his fingers, signalling you were about to come.

'Why don’t you tell me how good this feels, Y/N?’ He whispered seductively into your ear, and you immediately responded, 'Fuck you, Hoseok.’

His thumb found your clit, and you regretted every word that spilled out of your mouth as your head went back against the wall, exposing your neck which had all of his marks on.

'Hmm, you’ll get to do that, don’t worry.’ He chuckled, before licking one of the spots on your neck with the tip of his tongue.

You groaned as you felt the pressure in the pit of your stomach release around his fingers. He pulled them out, his hand still holding your wrists against the wall, bringing his other to his mouth, licking away your remnants.

'Mm…you taste amazing, Y/N. And only I’ll know that.’ He stared at you, and you couldn’t find the view any hotter.

'I still hate you.’ You breathed, your eyes half lidded as you glared at him, before he picked you up, his hands under the back of your thighs.

He opened the door to his room before dropping you on his bed, pulling his pants down, 'We’ll see about that.’


No, there isn’t a sequel.

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to everyone in the Cophine fandom

WARNING: this post contains potentially harmful levels of SAP. If you have an allergy or sensitivity or even just an aversion to sap, it is recommended that you scroll past.

About a year ago, my wife and I watched the first four seasons of Orphan Black. Our summer shows had ended and our fall shows had yet to return, and we needed something to binge in between. We’d heard OB was good, and I was under the impression that it was finished (otherwise I probably would have picked something else. Near miss, there), so that’s what we settled on. I loved it. I could nitpick about inconsistent writing and poorly handled story choices–god knows I have and will again–but right now, my heart wouldn’t be in it. Taken as a whole, the good has always outweighed the bad.

I was particularly affected by the character of Delphine Cormier, and her relationship with Cosima Niehaus. Their story moved me in ways that no fictional romance ever had. So naturally, I chose to express my love for them in the form of a tumblr rant. But when I had it loaded and ready to go, my cursor hovering over the “post” button, I hesitated. I would incur the wrath of the gatekeepers, I thought. I would be accused of fetishizing, of appropriating, of intruding where I didn’t belong–and the thing that made me come closest to clicking “close” was that I felt these were perfectly reasonable assumptions to make. But I had gone to the trouble of writing the thing–and probably no one would even see it–so I figured what the hell. I clicked “post” and resolved to defend myself against any charges as respectfully as I could, if and when they ever came.

No gatekeepers ever came for my head. No allegations were hurled, no one demanded that I prove myself. No one in this fandom has ever made me feel less than welcome, and I am grateful to you all for that. You’re a talented, smart, insightful, hilariously funny, and above all kind bunch of people, and it means so much to me that you’ve tolerated my presence among you. The debating, the analyzing, the speculating, the joking, the obsessing over details, even the complaining, it’s all been a blast. I would hate to have missed out on this.

I’ve never been this involved with a fandom before, so I don’t know what happens when the object of that fandom comes to an end. I expect some people will abandon ship immediately and others will carry on as if nothing has changed, and most of us will fall somewhere in between. But while we’re all still aboard, I want to thank you all for letting me sail with you (is that too many nautical metaphors?). It’s been an honor.

Should Have Seen It Coming - Jonsa Modern Oneshot

Wee but smutty…..😜

Robb should have seen it coming. He should have been suspicious when his best friend Jon could no longer hold an intelligent conversation whenever Sansa would join them at the pool out back. His words would falter and he would stammer through his reasons for choosing Dorne University or when they were talking football. His eyes would flit from Robb to where Sansa would be laid out on a lounger or rubbing lotion into her skin.

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