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Allow me to introduce you to Robert Underwood Johnson (1853-1937). For the longest time, I only knew him as that one weirdly close friend of Nikola Tesla (himself a popular crush, it would seem). As I begin to research Robert further, I realized what a remarkable person he was in his own right.

Robert was the editor of the CENTURY magazine, which no longer exists, but in its time it published material by renowned writers and thinkers, including Tesla’s controversial article, THE PROBLEM OF INCREASING HUMAN ENERGY. Through his work with the magazine, Robert came to know anybody who was anybody in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. One article I read referred to him as a “genius whisperer.” That’s not far from the truth.

Robert is best remembered today because of his friendship with Tesla. Tesla was a notoriously asocial man who had very few close friends. Robert, and his wife Katharine, were the exceptions. Robert and Tesla shared a love of poetry, and Tesla nicknamed Robert “Luka Filipov” after a hero from a Serbian epic. The two men would remain close for the rest of Robert’s life, with Robert referring to Tesla as his best friend on several occasions.

(There’s all kinds of talk that Tesla may have been in love with Katharine Johnson, or vice versa, and while I think there is some merit to that theory, it’s not entirely pertinent to this post. Though I can’t help but wonder if Robert knew, and how he felt about it… But I digress.)

In 1920, President Wilson appointed Robert ambassador to Italy, a post he held until the summer of 1921. Robert was a lifelong Italophile who had been given awards by the Italian government for his work supporting international copyright laws.

I should dedicate some space to what Robert would most want to be remembered for: his poetry. While not necessarily a great poet, he did publish several books, and it’s hard to deny his passion and enthusiasm. He even wrote a poem titled IN TESLA’S LABORATORY, dedicated to his friend. He favored formal styles of poetry, often speaking out against what he saw as the encroachment of modernism on classical forms of expression (for example, he did not care for the work of either T.S. Eliot or Walt Whitman). While I do not necessarily agree with this, it does show that Robert was a strong minded individual who was completely dedicated to the causes he chose to support.

As previously mentioned, Robert was a friend of a great many famous and talented people. He records his reminiscences in his memoir, REMEMBERED YESTERDAYS, a warm and engaging look back on a fascinating life.

Some other neat things:
- His famous friends, apart from Tesla, included Mark Twain, John Muir, and Rudyard Kipling.

- It was at Robert’s encouragement that Ulysses Grant wrote his memoirs. They were published in the CENTURY at first.

- He and Muir helped establish Yosemite National Park.

- Katharine and Robert had two children, Owen and Agnes. Owen went on to become a successful writer.

- In the early 20th century, Robert was the secretary of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. At this time, there were many rabidly misogynistic members of this all-male organization. When the question of the election of women to the Academy was raised, Robert supported letting women in, in spite of the often vicious opposition from other members.

- Apparently, as Katharine Johnson lay dying, she told her husband to always keep in touch with Tesla. Shortly there after, Robert wrote to Tesla saying that this might not be an easy thing to do, but it would not be his fault if it was not done.

- It’s like, wow, you can really tell how much he loved this woman.

- He signed his last note (before his death in 1937) to Tesla as “Luka Filipov.” Are you crying yet? I am.

OK, I’m sorry, this turned into a really long post, but Robert Underwood Johnson deserves the recognition. He was more than just Tesla’s friend. He was a poet, a diplomat, an editor, an environmentalist, an activist, a friend, a father, a husband. He was, I truly believe, a good and admirable person not only for his own time, but for ours as well. As a lover of all things Italian who’s been known to scribble down the odd poem now and again, I feel especially drawn to him. Everybody should have as good a friend as him. Hell, everyone should try to be as good a friend as him.

Tl:dr Robert was an insanely accomplished dude who was BFFs with some awesome people, was an awesome person in his own right, and was probably the best friend anyone ever had. He deserves to be more than just a footnote in the Tesla story.

Now, if you’ll permit me a little more room, a quick guide to the photos (from top to bottom):

- Robert as a younger man. I’m not gonna lie, I never found beards attractive until I saw this old, grainy photo.

- with Tesla in the laboratory. Supposedly they did this a lot.

- walking down the steps of the White House like a boss after being appointed Ambassador to Italy.

- seen here at left modeling for the sculptor Paul Swan, at right. That bust is majestic.

- portrait by William Merritt Chase, a fellow member of the Academy and one of the most important artists of the day.

- an Onion headline edit by yours truly. Robert was tough and downright feisty when he had to be, but I think this still applies.

Cheers, Mr. Ambassador!

Discrimination gets you nowhere, except bankruptcy.

This is gonna be a long post. Get comfy.

So within the last year or so I made a bunch of life altering decisions.
One of those was moving to another side of the country after being offered a job at a company in the state I wanted to live in. My boss, we’ll call him Brandon, had known me for a while (I work in an industry where most people know each other and the key players) and had offered me a job knowing my criteria and many other things. I was well qualified for the job he has hired me for.

So I move across country and I begin working. This company has a main office and a supplying warehouse, the supplying warehouse was where I worked. No manufacturing done here, just supporting parts for the main office. Within a month the owner of the company, Viet, shows up at the office looking for my boss. (The main company is about 8 or 9 hours away so this was a long drive and the owner never came down to the warehouse, not since it opened originally 7 years go). My boss isn’t there (he usually isn’t and doesn’t need to be because I can handle it and he lives up the road if I need him). Viet immediately begins yelling at me. He never once speaks to me. He yells at me the whole time he is communicating with me. Berating me on the fact I need to take inventory because fiscal year is about to be up and that I need to maintain the warehouse and had I ever done this before. He gave me the third degree and treated me like an idiot. Meanwhile I had texted Brandon and he showed up and Viet changed his tune completely. At that point he didn’t even speak to me at all. Didn’t even make eye contact. The two of them chatted and then Viet left.

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Straw Man all you'd like, but you can't do it here

Dear Anyone still watching Sleepy Hollow/those who see no problem with the current situation, I’m really tired of you trying to use the ichabbie ship to invalidate our very real grievances. “They’re just mad because half of their ship died.” I’ve seen you say, suggest and hint at that sentiment. So why don’t we just be honest? You don’t get what the big deal is.

Behold: our grievances, in the interest of honesty and in no particular order:

1) Trying to pull off the “strong independent black woman” trope is bad (It’s a hurtful, racist stereotype. And if you don’t understand why, I suggest some research. There are many beautifully written blogs that expound upon that point in general and a quick search will turn them up), but trying to break that stereotype by having a main character’s boss initiate a kiss without consent, in a glass office at her place of work?

And before you say, “But Jenny– Jenny isn’t a main character. A beloved secondary (at least in the first 3 seasons. I will not watch the 4th) but not a main. Jenny’s rolls in the hay with Hawley and viciously ended relationship with Joe a) have their own problems and b) have nothing to do with how this show treated one of it’s suposed leads (except maybe for colorism). Which brings me to

2) Killing Scully? Bad. But killing Scully with a, “my whole purpose in life was to guide you forward”? AND then getting her name wrong on her tombstone?

3) Killing off or disappearing just about all your characters of color? Bad. Killing off or disappearing just about all your characters of color for no discernable reason? When they did not have to vanish for the story to remain interesting and coherent? Andy? Gone before Moloch is resolved. Luke? Just disappeared. Frank? Shabbily patched up exit after being asked not to return. Abbie? See 2. The rest of the Irving family? THE ENTIRE SHAWNEE TRIBE? In fact the only person of color whose exit has some connection to plot (though it did not have to) is Reyes.

4) Creating a Quaker witch/battle field nurse/ spy (?) and placing her opposite Ichabod’s intelligence and wit? Fantastic actually. Squandering that super interesting premise/ internal charcter conflict with breathily whispered lines (a choice I’m sure Winter had not much say in) and defining her only in relation to other men? Bad. Throwing in a noncon demon baby pregnancy? Worse. Disposing of her character with a, “oh women are all about their babies to abstraction! A mother’s love will always blind her! Even to the mission she’s been carrying on for over 200 years whilst trapped and on the run in purgatory uwuuu.” Find your own adjective ‘cause I’m done with you.

5) Trying to introduce a white dude bro Indian Jones type character when there is already a better integrated black female version? Bad. Trying to solve #1 by tossing said dude bro between the Mills sisters? Ugh. (AN: I don’t even think many of us minded the idea of Hawley with Abbie (or Jenny) for a time. UNTIL IT BECAME OBVIOUS HE WAS DISRESPECTING THEM BOTH.)

6) Wasting perfectly awesome storylines that would have given the remaing POC refugees something positive to engage in? Petty and not the fun kind. I mean would the Orion storyline have disappeared if he had been female and showing interest in Ichabod?

7) I told myself I wasn’t going to do it, but here’s one I’m laying at the feet of the Ichabod/everyone but Abbie shippers: Not shipping Ichabod and Abbie? Whatever your perrogative. But making a straw man of the ichabbie ship? Making it out like we’re rabid shippers and “Ichabbie right now this instant even when it doesn’t make sense in the current plot because Ichabod is faithfully married” or whatever the case may be? Do better for yourself. There is no ichabbie shipper who would have wanted that pairing to manifest in a way that was not done thoughtfully. Slow build would have been fine, preferred even. Our complaint is the, “Nope. Never these two. In no known universe,” response the writers and some of you have when this pairing is brought up. Really? Never? Despite their obvious chemistry? Why? Now that you know we’ve never advocated for a hamfisted coupling of Ichabod and Abbie plot be damned, you’re going to have to find another reason you disagree with that ship. If Scully and Mulder can do it, why not these two? And before you say, “why do all mains have to get together,” stop. Why does THIS pairing in particular have to be the one that takes the platonic hit? One of the only interracial couples in genre fiction? One of the even fewer with a black woman? One of the even fewer that didn’t start with the mains as a couple? When these conditions are met in genre fiction (or even general fiction), which is rarely, the mains are almost never paired romantically (see 1). So when you say “all mains” you’re talking about white mains. And if that bothers you, the lack of platonic white co-leads, then go ahead and holler. I’ll holler right alongside you. But that logic does not belong here. Not when black women have historically been discriminated against when it comes to having and being romantic prospects. Not when that discrimination sharpens if the other party is the male, white lead.

These are just the grievances I recall at the moment. I haven’t even touched upon the dearth of Asian Americans (after Andy’s second? Third death?) or the complete absence of sexual orientation and gender minorities in the first three seasons. Now you can never say you did not know. Take a good hard look at your relationship with this show. Are you okay with it because these problems don’t touch you and your experience? If so, you may want to rethink your status as an ally. And before you ask, “Why does everything have to be about [insert social issue here, usually race]? Can’t I just enjoy my show?” Don’t. It’s the definition of privilege, not having to think about your [insert social issue here, usually race] and illustrates the very inequity that has most of us up in arms in the first place.

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Welcome Home - Part 1

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Request: (by anon) Hello! I love your writing, you’re one of my favorite writers on Tumblr. :) I was wondering if you could do a Winn Schott imagine, where after the crossover or whatever you go back to Earth 38 with Kara and you end up falling in love with Winn? Like a lot of flirting and cute moments where Winn gets all flustered? Thanks! :D <3

Pairing: Winn Schott x Reader feat. Kara, Alex, J’onn, Oliver, and Barry

Warnings: None

Words: 2807

A/N: So, I loved this prompt so much that I decided to make it a series. And if you’re wondering what her costume looks like, I made that too. Sorry this isn’t as flirty/flustery as I meant it to be. Maybe I’ll do better in part 2.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Dominators were defeated, the presidential honors were given, the celebratory party was winding down, and Earth-1 was saved. The only thing left to do was to say your goodbyes and go your separate ways.

Over the last few days, you had become good friends with Supergirl, or Kara Danvers as it was. At the party, she had mentioned how on her Earth it was just her and her cousin defending the planet and how nice it was to have a team. You couldn’t have agreed more. It would be nice to fight crime with others like Team Arrow or the Legends. It would even be nice to have a support group like Team Flash, even if you were the only one in the field.  But you had no one. No friends, no family, no one to rely on other than yourself.

Knowing this, Kara invited you to come back to her world to fight alongside her. Earth-1 had plenty of protectors and you had no reason to stay, so you quickly jumped at the opportunity.

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 16 (FINAL)

It all ends the way it started. With grown men getting a beating from a tiny little woman, but this time around there’s two of them and the mobsters still run in fear and tears. Also, they were their babysitters.

Personally, I through-fully enjoyed the mobsters storyline from beginning to end, and it’s so like them to get conned and end up in embarrassment yet again. In their defense, they are like a phoenix that keeps on rising from the ashes, again and again. And despite their ways, they were kind of good guys once you got to know them and kept them in line.

Another incredibly funny storyline were the neighborhood kids, who I was sorry to not see at Bong-soon’s wedding, and just kept brining laugher with every scene they were at. Their journey was equally enjoyable as the mobsters, sometimes even more because theirs was a love story with their Noonim. And I love how they went to have a little talk with Min-hyuk to know more about his intentions with their boss. I love even more than he had no idea Bong-soon had this group of high-school kids patrolling the neighborhood too. HAHAHAHA!

Also, it was good that the show clarified that Mom didn’t use physical violence against Dad *that* time around. I still believe that the show didn’t portray this woman in the right way and that her journey wasn’t all that. She’s still the bully she was at 19, the only difference is that she doesn’t use her fists. Should I be applauding this? And I would have like for Dad to make an stand other than to leave the house, for example, how about a real talk between them? He was such an endearing, honest and good character thorough out the show that I grew to love him as I love our leads. He is precious. It gives me hope that the last scene between him and Mom was much more peaceful than usually when Gook-doo’s mom was involved.

Speaking for which, can we all agree that it’s time Ji-soo starts getting leading man roles? I enjoyed him as a second lead but I didn’t connect with his character more than I did today. Ji-soo it’s at his best when he has an actual emotional storyline to work with, and in this episode Gook-doo was earnest to a fault, which made me feel all he was feelings. I love that despite being heartbroken he put his friendship with Bong-soon before anything else, because that’s what truly mattered to him. It wasn’t about winning over the girl, but about keeping her in his life because the friendship they shared is that important to him.

I’m also happy awesome bro Bong-ki got some screen time too. This was such a good character, just like Dad, and I was sorry we didn’t get to see more of him. I also think his storyline with Hee-ji was a little rushed at the end. And it doesn’t seem like it because Bong-ki spent a lot of time healing broken bones (thanks to his sis) but this relationship was really put to a test: Gook-doo found out not only that he had been lying through out their entire lives by keeping Bong-soon’s secret but also that his girlfriend was attracted to his best friend. So I appreciate how their friendship remained strong even after everything they went through.

As for other characters like Secretary Gong and Mr. Oh, they were another great comedy act. Especially when they were together and I love how their bromance was born by getting to know each other better through their shared experiences with Bong-soon’s abilities. Pffft!

Finally, Min-kyuk really changed through the story: started as a lonely guy looking for protection from his own family and ending up as a man with a family to protect. He was smart, honest and assertive from day one, and not once he tried to change Bong-soon into something she wasn’t. The greatest attribute Min-hyuk had was that he never made Bong-soon feel that she had to hide from the world, what’s more he even encouraged and helped her to be more like her true self and come into her powers. He always tried to be there for his girl but was more than willing to be a proud onlooker when the time called for it and let Bong-soon do what she had to do.

Bong-soon’s journey was also something to witness. When we first met her she was hiding from the world, afraid of her powers and by extention herself. These abilities she was born with had made her an outcast despite her spunk and outgoing personality, she was confident but had insecurities. Some of them born out of crush and others from the idea society holds on how a woman should be and behave.

I liked how the show connected her personal life with the city’s problems, because in a way they are one and the same, by having her best friend being kidnapped by the resident psycho. It was a good move since she was already gaining the confidence to do more with her powers by watching the news, her interactions with the mobsters and the neighborhood’s kids and Min-hyuk, who knew from day one about her powers and didn’t rejected her. He thought she was sexy! All of these factors made Bong-soon want to become the heroine of her life (beyond a video game) and I really loved to see her grow into a truly strong woman ready to take on the world.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon wasn’t a perfect show but it was really entertaining and sweet, made me swoon and laugh out loud more than twice per episode, and I’m going to miss these characters and their shenanigans!!

PS: Did you guys catch how the Mobsters were shook at Mr. Oh’s resemble to their former associate -Gwan-bok- through the wedding photoshoot? LMAO!!

The Other Woman (Part 7)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, A tiny hint of Jared x Reader

Word Count: 2695

Summary: You’ve always been a good girl. You did as you were told. But how did you end up as the other woman?

A/N: 2 chapters in a week? Unbelievable! Hooooooo boy. I can’t believe how much love this series is receiving.As always, thank you for your patience and your feedbacks are always loved. 


Megan Padalecki was not at all how you would have pictured Jared’s little sister. You weren’t sure what you expected, but it wasn’t what came bursting forth your front door. Charlie was immediately up from her seat on the sofa situated in front of the fireplace. She had been reading but the sudden intrusion into your house was enough to have her flying across the room.

“You ought to check if your front door is locked next time,” Charlie muttered under her breath.

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anonymous asked:

1 Of 2: I don't think the creator of that post said that men couldn't practice magic, just that they couldn't be witches. I don't know if there are any practices available only to witches, but I'm guessing that a wizard, warlock, druid, or whatever can worship the same deities or cast the same spells as a witch. It's important to some people that the title witch be reserved females because it's a historically female term, and I'm not saying that's right or wrong.

2 Of 2: I know you’ve done research and there are claims of historically male witches but I’m honestly a bit dubious of the numbers you’ve provided, and no matter what way you paint it, women were the majority killed in the Salem Witch Trials, the majority who are prosecuted to this day. Shouldn’t there be some female exclusive magic space? There are a number of gender neutral terms for magic users, or male terms, but witch is already associated with females and the only term that has traction. 

And I’m not trying to be bitchy or condescending I’m just confused and I want to understand both sides of the issue.

I got off my phone and on to a computer to answer this question. Doesn’t seem like you want both side of the issue, honestly - I have given mine, quite clearly, and you seem to have picked yours, also quite clearly.

Witch is a gender neutral term. The term witch isn’t “historically” female - it’s only been a term used to describe magic users as mostly women in modern times (1600s; that’s only 400 years). “Witch” has always been a gender neutral term - only in recent times has it been used more exclusively for women, but that was not ever its only usage. Man, even in Wicca, they call men who practice “witches.” 

Druids are not the same as witches; druidry is closed prior to initiation - people shouldn’t be using that title unless they are a druid or studying to be an actual druid - so that term should not be grouped in with the others.

You know, other people made the gender neutral terms, because shit like this made them scared and uncomfortable to use the term “witch.” They were frightened people would come out of the woodwork and tear them apart because “oh you’re not a woman, you can’t use that word!” Think about that.

There are zero practices available only to witches (if you’re referring to “witches” as still women-exclusive then yeah, definitely no practices closed to anyone due to gender either) - witchcraft is an open practice that anyone can delve into, use as they like, and take away however they want. So, yes, literally anyone can cast spells like a witch, but they can also cast spells as a witch - using that term as their classifier, if they so wish. Because witchcraft is not closed in any aspect to anyone, neither is the label. No one can dictate who can use the term “witch.”

I don’t honestly know why you’re bringing up Salem tbh. Yes, perhaps the majority of the people accused during Salem were female, but that still doesn’t give women the right to place ownership over the term “witch.” It seems like you’re trying to imply something about the fact that women were the ones who “mostly” died for it, so they should have a right to it exclusively? Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s what I’m getting, and oh man does that not feel right to me.

Witchcraft was never a woman-exclusive space, period, and I don’t think it ever will be, and I think it’s great that anyone can come in and be accepted for who they are and practice magic like a boss however they want. If you want there to be spaces exclusive for women, make one, but it’s not the fault of the practice for not being that way naturally; there actually is a woman-specific space in Wicca, Dianic Wicca. However, exclusive spaces and stuff shouldn’t be something that is thrown over the entirety of the community regardless of how anyone else feels about it.

The term “witch” was never exclusively for women, as I’ve stated like a half a dozen times now - it is associated with almost exclusively women because that’s how it’s been used in modern times, but it has been used for men in the past too. It is gender neutral. If you thought it was a term for women-only, I’m sorry, but it never was; we’re not actually taking anything away from anyone, it was free to use from the get-go. You’re free to make your own spaces, but don’t try to take or claim something that wasn’t actually your “property” to begin with, please, and leave the rest of us struggling to fill it in. Just because we may not have “died” for it, doesn’t mean we have less of a right to it. 

(Okay, calm, calm down Richtor, civility.)

You’re also ignoring the fact that there are people who use the term “witch” who don’t fall under the category of either men or women. You declaring it a female-only term or space is not only excluding men. You’re excluding me too, you’re excluding many other people who don’t identify as either, which is why I am standing so hard for this point.

Witchcraft is an open practice. Anyone can use the term witch, and anyone can practice witchcraft. I stand by my point, and the history of the word witch. If you don’t like it, well, I’m sorry, I’m not stopping. I’m standing up for me, for all the male witches, for all the trans witches and the non-binary witches, and the genderfluid witches, like me. We have just as much right to that term as anyone else, because hey! It was never exclusively for women, and witchcraft is a very open practice that anyone can take and use as they like. So I’ll be damned if I stop calling myself a witch, and I will not stand by as other people are bullied for using that term because of their fucking gender.

(Sorry, civility lost, let’s see if I can calm down again.)

This is a passionate issue for me, as I’m sure you can see. Trying to collect myself, I’ve made a few changes to what I wrote, but I’m not changing how I think, or some of my phrasing choices. This is important to a lot of us - having an inclusive space and term would be awesome for our community, in my opinion. A lot of people get into witchcraft because they have not many other places to go, to turn to, to draw strength from. Some people draw their self empowerment and confidence from calling themselves a witch - yes, exactly that term witch, not any other term. It gives them the strength to keep fighting and being active in their own lives, to not take life’s shit lying down. We use the word as armor, sword, and shield. It means the world to some of us, because of how it can be seen, regardless of gender. 

It’s a shame you can’t see past the gender part, really. There are some lovely witches out there, men and people who aren’t either, or who are both, and we just want a place to belong and feel welcomed. Trying to exclude us from a term no one actually had any rights to… It doesn’t feel nice. Which is why I will forever stand by my followers and friends, those who identify as ways other than how the term witch has been used, and still call themselves that with pride. (I still stand by those that use other terms for whatever reason, I stand by all magic users, but I hope you can see my point on this one.) I will keep fighting for the word that has no rightful owner, and for the people who want to call themselves it, regardless of its stereotype. 

If that is something you can’t accept, well, what you do next is on you. Because I know where I stand on this, and I’m not going anywhere.

think of the children

summary: In which Shiro fails to ask Allura on a date, but his kids don’t. (Single dad!au)


It’s a rare, work-free Saturday for Shiro–and the kids have no doubt been watching the calendar, because at 9 am sharp there are four little bodies jumping up and down on his bed.

Shiro shoots upright, nearly slamming his head into Hunk’s in the process. Hunk’s brilliant smile brightens even more, and he grabs each of Shiro’s cheeks and squishes them together. “Good morning, Papa!”

Bless Hunk’s round face and soft features; if not for them, Shiro wouldn’t find it in himself to smile groggily. “Morning, pal,” he says, and just barely gets the word out before he’s flanked on both sides by Lance and Pidge. Pidge wraps her little arms around his neck, giggling so hard she’s drooling, and Lance latches onto his arm.

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SILVER SPOON: Part 8 [Yoongi x Reader; Rom-com, fluff]

A girl who had to work hard every day of her life to rise from nothing, meets a man who was born with and given everything.

A classic tale of what happens when a cold, uptight farm girl meets a playful, rebellious, easy-going city boy that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Summary: Having been born and raised in the country side, you have worked hard your entire life to make it to the big city. You eventually achieved your dream and now you have a wonderful paying job for a large company and you continue putting your 110% into everything you do. However, your perfect plan to climb to success through consistent effort and hard work becomes disarrayed with the arrival of your branch’s new rebellious and easy-going CEO, who never desired the position in the first place and has never truly worked hard a day in his life. Your job is on the line if he can’t be turned into a quality CEO within a year, but he has no intention of changing himself for anyone or letting you boss him around so easily. How will you work your way through this obstacle? Will you succeed in changing him or will he be the one that changes you?

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin & VIXX’s Leo as side characters; some other BTS members show up too lol)
Office au
Romantic Comedy, Fluff

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (Finale)

A/N: Putting another “Keep Reading” link cause it’s a fairly long update again! Let me know if it doesn’t work! (I’m still skeptic of it -.-) 

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         You stepped off the bus the next morning, and stood in front of the stop in surprise. In front of you, with a bright grin on his face and two coffees in his hands, was Yoongi. Your heart fluttered at the sight of him, especially after you two had professed your mutual feelings for each other.  

           "Here.“ Yoongi handed you the coffee, which you happily accepted. "Put it in the other hand.”

           You looked at him questioningly, but did as he said. He grinned and slipped his fingers into yours nonchalantly.

           "Cause I wanna hold hands.“

           You blushed but chuckled nonetheless.

           You hadn’t exactly told Yoongi about the Chairman’s warning, the real reason why you had tried to distance yourself from him. Knowing Yoongi, you knew he would storm right into his grandfather’s office and fight him about letting your relationship be. You knew that would make it seem like Yoongi took a large step backwards from how far he had come, so you remained quiet. If and when the time came, you would shoulder the blame since Yoongi was ignorant of it all. But regardless, you knew you had to be careful at the workplace, you couldn’t exactly be showing off that you were dating the CEO for word would surely spread to the Chairman.

           Yet, you smiled and allowed yourself to enjoy the morning stroll to work. It was still early so you knew you wouldn’t run into anyone on the streets. Yoongi’s thumb mindlessly caressed the back of your hand as he talked about what he did after he left you yesterday. You had heard it all already from Jimin through e-mail, but you liked hearing Yoongi’s voice and how smug and excited he was about what he accomplished.

           According to Jimin, Yoongi had smoothed things over with HR almost immediately upon his return from your house, by saying you weren’t in the best condition and the family had no way to contact anyone at the place of work to notify them. You were given one strike for breaking one of the codes of conduct and not reporting your inability to come into work in a timely manner, but fortunately, that was all. It definitely could’ve been worse and it would’ve been brought up to the Chairman.

           Luckily, you were able to come back into work, comforted by the knowledge that only Yoongi and Jimin knew what you did and why you did it…for the most part.

           "Aren’t I awesome?” Yoongi beamed and you rolled your eyes.

           "Alright, let’s not inflate your head so early in the morning. It’s not healthy.“ You snorted.

           He scrunched his face disapprovingly. "I thought you loved me. What is with this cruelty?”

           You chuckled. “It’s because I love you that I need to give you a reality check.”

           "Oh.“ he glanced at you brightly. "You admitted it!”


           "You said you loved me!”

           You blushed and turned away, embarrassed that he pointed it out so openly. “What? No I didn’t.”

           He grinned and shrugged. “It’s okay. I’ll make sure I hear it from you again later. I’m satisfied for today.”

           He pulled your entwined hands into his pocket and sipped his coffee relaxingly. You chuckled and shook your head.

           "I didn’t expect you to pick me up at the bus stop. I was surprised.“

           "Well, I wanted to see you so I couldn’t really sleep.” he smiled into his cup as he took another sip. “Besides, it’s your first day back into work after not feeling well, so I figured you could use an escort.”

           He smirked and you laughed.

           "How kind of you, Mr. Min.“

           Yoongi clicked his tongue and glared at you. You grinned at him cheekily, knowing it ticked him off when you didn’t call him by his first name.

           "If I had an extra hand, I’d wipe that smirk off your face.” he huffed.

           "But you do have an extra hand.“ You tried to wriggle your hand out of his, but he held onto yours tighter.

           "It’s occupied.” he stated. “Try again later.”

           You giggled and leaned against his shoulder.

           "I wonder how much work I have to do when I get to my desk.“

           "Well, according to your planner, you’ve completed this week’s paperwork two weeks ago.” Yoongi smiled. “And any random papers that came in yesterday have already been completed.”

           You looked up and blinked. “By who?”

           "Your very awesome boyfriend.“ he whispered smugly and you chuckled.

           "Well good, it was my very awesome boyfriend’s paperwork in the first place.”

           He frowned. “Gosh, how do I get you to be grateful?”

           You smiled. “I’m already grateful. How do you want me to act when I’m grateful?”

           "Mmmm…“ Yoongi hummed. "How about giving me a kiss?”

           You turned red. “No way.”

           "You’re no fun.“

           "We’re going to work, not a date.”

           "So it’d be okay to do during a date?“

           You blushed.

           He nudged you playfully. "Oh ~ I didn’t know you wanted to kiss me so badly? I’m that irresistible to you?”

           "Shut up.“ You huffed and pried your hand away from his, seeing your office building just up ahead.

           "Yah.” he called after you sternly.

           You stuck your tongue out and scurried ahead of him.


           You ducked your head down since the media crew was in the lobby as always and made your way to the elevators. You heard them cheering and you knew Yoongi had arrived shortly after you. You turned around and saw him glancing your way. You smiled and pressed the elevator button, watching the numbers light up as it made its way down.

           A minute or two later, you felt a warm hand on top of your head.

           "What was that?”

           You looked up to find a frowning Yoongi beside you. His eyes told you he was worried and a bit hurt by your behavior.

           The elevator opened and luckily, it was empty.

           "Let’s get on first.“ You smiled and stepped in. He followed you in silence, but grabbed onto your wrist just in case you tried to escape.

           "I’m not leaving, Yoongi.” You chuckled.

           "Then why did you do that?“

           "You’re still famous and you’re my boss here.” You explained. “Even though our relationship changed outside, it doesn’t change professionally.”

           "So…you want to hide it in the office.“ he got the gist of what you were saying.

           "Is that okay?”

           It was your turn to look up at him worriedly. He slid his hand down from your wrist to your hand and gave it a light squeeze.

           "Of course it’s okay.“ he chuckled. "I was just worried you were mad at me or you changed your mind or something…”

           You snorted. “Do I seem like a fickle woman to you?”

           "I don’t know.“ Yoongi stared at you, his eyes twinkling. "You keep surprising me still.”

           "Do I?“ You batted your eyes.

           "You…” Yoongi pointed at you seriously. “Don’t do those eyes to Mr. Park, you hear me? And don’t stay in a room alone with him for too long.”

           "Is Mr. Min jealous?“ You smirked.

           "No!” he averted his eyes. “People might misunderstand you and Mr. Park.”

           "Oh, is that all?“ You sang, amused.

           "Yes, that’s all.”

           "Too bad I have a lot of things to discuss with Mr. Park today in his office.“ You teased.

           "Yah.” Yoongi called dangerously.

           You giggled.

           Yoongi tugged your hand so you were pulled even closer to him. “I mean it.”

           "Relax.“ You cupped his cheek gently. "Mr. Park is not my type at all. I can assure you.”

           "Really?“ he perked up.

           You nodded.

           Suddenly, the elevator doors opened and your hands flew away from his face to instinctively shove Yoongi away hurriedly. He glared at you as he rubbed his shoulder that had impacted with the elevator wall and you smiled apologetically at your behavior.

           People piled in bowing to you and Yoongi respectfully. They were from a different section of the building, but everyone knew everyone and their statuses.

           "Good morning Mr. Min.” They all greeted warmly.

           "Good morning.“ Yoongi smiled amiably.

           You squeezed yourself into the opposite corner of the elevator to try to avoid his burning and scolding glare. You regretted shoving him away, but you had panicked at the possibility of being caught in such a questionable position. Now you were embarrassed and didn’t want to look at him.

           "There are a lot of people here so early.” he commented.

           "Oh yes. We have an early morning meeting today to make sure everyone is on the same page.“ Someone answered him.

           "Ah I see. Good luck.”

           "The other floors are having them as well, so I’m sure a lot of people will be coming and going.“

           Yoongi nodded understandably and kept an eye over at you. You had your back turned to him and your forehead resting on the elevator wall.

           When the doors opened, some people piled off, easing up the packed elevator enough for him to reach over and pull you towards him before new workers climbed on. Your eyes widened as you were pushed into him by people trying to squeeze as many bodies into one elevator as possible, not wanting to be late to their meeting.

           Your faces were inches apart and you felt yourself tense up, in panic. He smirked as he stared at you, knowing all too well you were freaking out about being so close to each other. But he furthered your anxiety by sneakily holding your hand. You wanted to glance around to see if anybody was watching, but you were too squished to even do that. Your heart was racing as you had nowhere to look, but at him in front of you. The feeling of his hand caressing your skin was both soothing and nerve-wrecking. This was so dangerous, but a part of you enjoyed the feeling, knowing that he wanted to and liked keeping you close; that even though it was unprofessional, he still wanted to show his feelings for you.

           He playfully jutted out his lips and you gave him a stern look in return, causing him to grin sheepishly. After a few more floors, you two were finally alone again.

           You exhaled, finally feeling like you could breathe properly.

           "What a morning.”

           "A pleasantly unexpected surprise.“ Yoongi grinned.

           You huffed as the elevator finally opened up to the top floor where you two were getting off. You stepped out and straightened out your hair before making your way to the entrance of the office.

           Yoongi watched you fondly as you adjusted your outfit and made sure everything was still inside your bag. When he saw you taking a step forward towards the office, he grabbed your arm and turned you around.

           "Yoongi?” you questioned.

           He simply smiled and pressed a light kiss on top of your lips. “I couldn’t go the rest of the day without doing that.”

           You stood there in surprise. You weren’t sure if you were ever going to get used to him kissing you out of the blue like that. He grinned and waved nonchalantly.

           "I’ll be heading in first then. Don’t get behind schedule.“ he snorted as he disappeared from view.

           You exhaled and chuckled, bewildered at his behavior. Work was definitely going to be quite an adventure from now on.

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The House In the Suburbs

This is a Hotch x reader requested by an awesome anon where Hotch kept his relationship with you a secret from the team because he wanted to see where it went then about a year or two later, hotch, jack, and you, are moving into a house in the suburbs and when Hotch is submitting the change in address to update his file Garcia notices and notifies the rest of the team, leading Hotch to confess the relationship and invite the team over for a barbecue to meet you. This one ended up being kinda long, but I actually really like it and I hope you guys do, too! Please enjoy! :)

Originally posted by nevermindtheb0ll0cks

“Why do you refuse to tell them about our relationship, Hotch?” You barked, “I know that they’re like family to you!”

“Y/n,” Your boyfriend warned you, his voice low. He could feel the heated argument hurtling toward him, like an eager grenade clip barely hanging on.

You took a deep breath, steadying your heart rate for a moment, “Do you not think we’re going to last? Is that it?” You were hurt and confused, red in the face, doing all that you could to control your rampant anger at your boyfriend.

“I don’t think that at all,” Hotch took a number of large steps toward you. You could tell he was tempted to wrap his arms around your shoulders, but the anger still emanating from you warned him to do otherwise, “Y/n, I really like us. And that’s it right there. I don’t want us to be us and six other people- just us,”

You thought for a moment and Hotch could physically see you softening at his words. He laughed a little under his breath, “Us and Jack of course if that’s alright,”

“Are you kidding!” You couldn’t hide your smile anymore as your anger evaporated, “Jack is literally the best kid in the world!”

“Well,” Hotch chuckled, finally allowing his palms to settle around you, “Then I don’t see a problem here,” And with that, he pressed a kiss to your lips, the argument from mere moments before completely vanished from all mediums around.

“Hotch, babe, do you know if I have any more pairs of socks here?” You called from your boyfriend’s bedroom. It had been over a year since the long-ago fight.

He boyfriend stepped out of the bathroom, still-foamy toothbrush stuck into his palm like a wand, “What?” Hotch thought aloud, “I don’t think so,”

You groaned loudly, “It’s so difficult to have stuff in two different houses! I never know what I have at one and not at the other,” You resigned to stealing one of Hotch’s warm pairs of socks that were three times too big for your feet but would make do.

“Well, why don’t we just get a house together?” Hotch shrugged as if the suggestion was the most natural, easy thing to say in the entire world.

“What did you just say?” You looked up at Hotch in shock, eyes wide in surprise, only one sock slipped loosely onto your feet. His notion was flooded with such excited, crazy spotaneity, it threw you off your feet.

“Let’s sell our places and find one for just us,” Hotch was smirking, enjoying the thought of his own idea. It was rather romantic of him, so spontaneous yet so earnest and meditated.

You were frozen, still in shock. How could such a life-changing idea be uttered with such impossible nonchalance? Hotch was getting uneasy at your lack of response, but within another moment, your face burst into a gargantuan smile. Leaping off the bed, ignoring the cold feeling of the hard wood slapping the bottom of your sock-less foot, you wrapped your arms around Hotch, pressing your lips to his in another fateful kiss. When you pulled away, you were smiling like the Chesire cat.

“What do you say we start house hunting?” Hotch laughed

“I’ll go get my laptop!” You squealed in excitement, jutting out of the room like a train on fire. Hotch’s laughter at your enthusiasm drifted into the hallway. You could hear him finally putting his toothbrush away as you returned.

“Garcia?” Hotch knocked on the technical analyst’s door, pulling it open and entering, “Do you have access to my personal file? I need to update it,”

“Of course, boss man,” Garcia smiled, hot pink lipstick pulling apart to reveal an ivory set of sunshine. She turned to her computer, typing away momentarily before the printer in the corner of her office spurred to life, coughing up his personal file, “Make the changes on that paper then send it to HR, sir,”

“Thanks, Garcia,” Hotch said, marking the paper against her desk.

“Sir, do you mind if I ask you what exactly you’re changing?”

“My address.”

“I didn’t know you were moving!” Garcia cheered, “How exciting! Is Jack thrilled about the whole thing?” She twirled a dancing purple pen between her fingers, feeling the soft ball of fluff perched on the end brush softly against her fingertips.

“Oh yeah, Jack is ecstatic about the whole thing. Of course he’s hesitant about having a woman in the house again,” Hotch answered distractedly, focused on writing the correct words and numbers on the paper.

Hotch didn’t notice the way Garcia’s jaw completely dropped all the way to the floor, revealing a cavern of awe between the fuschia paint of her lips. She had to shake herself out of her astonished trance. Hotch hadn’t even noticed.

“Hold up, please,” Garcia stopped him from writing any farther, leaning forward and snatching the pen right out of Hotch’s hand.

“Garcia! What are you doing?”

“What woman are you moving in with?” The vibrant blonde questioned. When it came to the personal lives of her friends, Garcia’s interrogation skills rivaled that of the BAU’s. The technical analyst’s bright orange floral sweater combated the stern line that consumed her now-unsmiling lips, a curious eyebrow raised.

Hotch backtracked in his mind, flushing white, “My girlfriend,” He answered, accepting his route of no escape from his allied cohort, “We’ve been keeping the relationship to ourselves for awhile. Less pressure and all that. Please, don’t tell the rest of the team, Garcia,” Hotch practically begged.

She leapt from her seat, “Oh no, oh no, oh no,” Garcia shook her head, rising to Hotch’s height with the aid of her much-too-high heels, “Hotch, you know me, there’s no way I can keep a secret like this!”

“Can you at least try?” Hotch pleaded with her, “I don’t think we’re ready to have the rest of the team know about our relationship yet,”

“I’ll try,” Penelope emphasized the pivotal word, drawing it out so that he would remember that she had used it, “But I can’t make any promises. You know how antsy I get when people tell me secrets!”

Okay, so maybe Hotch really shouldn’t trust Garcia with secrets. Nobody should. It took one single day for Garcia to spill the news about Hotch’s secret to the rest of the team. 

“Hotch, I’m so sorry,” Garcia rushed into his office nearly out of breath. She panted the words without context.


“Forgive me?” The technical analyst cringed at her own words. She still hadn’t confirmed why exactly she was apologizing to her boss. But she didn’t need to because a mere moment later, in walked the exact reason itself. The team.

“So, Aaron,” David smirked, leaning nonchalantly against a bookcase, “We hear you have a girlfriend,”

“Yeah, when can we meet her?” Emily added, getting straight to the point

They were all smirking. Why did they have to be smirking?!

Garcia looked like a puppy that had been kicked. There was no way he wasn’t going to forgive her, but still he couldn’t help but feel helpless as his mind grappled for an answer. Hotch finally opted for an easy sigh, looking wordlessly up at them.

“Oh, come on Hotch! You have to let us meet her!” JJ pleaded. Spencer chimed in in agreement a moment later. Even Spencer was desperate to meet their his girlfriend. There was no way he could keep this contained anymore. No way. All hope was lost. Abort mission.

Hotch sighed again, “Alright, why don’t you guys come over to our new place on Sunday? We’ll have a barbecue and you guys can meet her. JJ, you can bring the kids,”

“There ya’ go,” Morgan smiled, patting his boss on the back, “Now was that so hard?” He laughed.

The agents all filed out in one globular mess of a mob, like a clique of raucous rabbits. Garcia stayed behind, wringing the rows of rainbow bracelets climbing up her arms.

“Sir?” She asked hesitantly, “I’m sorry for telling them. I know how much you wanted to keep it a secret. I’ll make it up to you. I’ll tell you one of secrets then you can tell them! No, I’ll babysit Jack for a whole day! Actually, I’ve been told I’m not very good at babysitting… How about I-”

Hotch caught her off with a laugh and a wave of his hand, “It’s fine, Garcia. Really. It was only a matter of time until you guys found out anyway. If you want to do something to make it up to me, then you can show up at the barbecue on Sunday, how does that sound?”

Garcia’s lips exploded once again, “I’m very excited to meet her, sir,”

And with that, Garcia scurried out of the unit chief’s office without another word.

The barbecue. The day had finally arrived and the freshly painted house buried deep in the suburbs was buzzing with palpable excitement. Jack couldn’t wait for all of his favorite people to visit, overjoyed to see Uncle Spencer and Uncle Dave and Henry once again. The adults on the other hand (you especially) were incredibly nervous. 

All morning you were fidgety and anxious, wracked with never ending nerves. Hotch did what he could to comfort you, reassure you that these people were going to adore you, but you could tell that deep, deep down, he was just a little nervous, too.

The sound of the doorbell startled you to attention, and you anxiously followed your boyfriend to the door. As the door swung open, you were met with the sight of a bustling group of seven adults, two bustling kids that must have belonged to JJ trailing behind with laughs mounting jubilantly across their faces before they disappeared into the backyard in search of Jack.

Introductions were made and it became fretfully obvious that these people were nothing if not welcoming, if not friendly. Especially Garcia. Instead of a polite hand shake, the enthusiastic woman opted for an energetic hug, wrapping her arms around you in exuberant welcome.

“I’m Penelope, it is so nice to meet you,” The vibrantly robed woman gushed

“Oh, you, too, Penelope,” You smiled back warmly, rapidly feeling more and more comfortable in the presence of your boyfriend’s team.

“What do you say we take this outside?” Hotch suggestion, his arm wrapped naturally around your waist after several minutes of casual small talk.

Laughs and smiles filled the warm afternoon under the smiling golden sun. The kids laughed and played while the adults had their own fun, chit chatting easily the entire afternoon, seizing their rare opportunity for a stress-less day without work.

Garcia and Hotch barely left your side. Garcia, eager to learn all about you and seemingly become best of friends, and Hotch simply never wanting to leave your side. The food was delicious, a scrumptious summer treat on tired tongues fatigued from laughter, yet another embellishment of the increasingly delightful day.

As the food sitting on dinner plates began to disappear, Jack tried to capture your attention, waving his hands in the air from a couple seats down the table. After a moment of zero acknowledgement, Jack said rather loudly across the table, “Mom!”

And just like that, you felt everybody freeze around you, Hotch’s muscles tensed up as if the muscles themselves were additional bones. Garcia’s sharp intake of breath on your other side was painfully audible. You knew about what had happened to Jack’s mother, what had happened to Hotch’s ex-wife. It was awful, a trauma that would forever change Hotch and his son and everybody around them in so many infinite ways. The name that Jack called you could have scared you, could have changed everything, but it was Jack for Pete’s sake, so you turned to him with a muted smile, eyes soft, “Yeah, Jack?”

You slowly felt everybody around you let out a breath. Hotch’s arm tightened around your waist in a different way this time. He pressed a kiss to your cheek, “Thank you,” He whispered subtly to you as chatter resumed. And once again, all was good.

After awhile, Hotch filtered away to work at the grill to finish cooking off the last of the patties simultaneously chatting with Dave, matching beers in hand. You, Garcia, and Spencer, had ventured into the grassy abyss of the delightful backyard to join the boys in their game, running wildly and falling about in the dewy wonderland of afternoon joy.

“I like this one, Aaron,” Rossi commented, watching as you tumbled to the ground with Jack, Garcia plunging down along with the two of you moments later, “Would’ve liked to meet her earlier but…. she’s still a keeper,”

Hotch couldn’t hid the smile that reached his lips even as he brought his drink up to his mouth, “Yeah,” He said happily, watching you from the homely backyard the two of you now shared together, “I know,”

A Soulmate to remember chap 7

A/N- Hey guys! Just wanted you to know that my request box is open and empty

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5Chapter 6

Tags: @welcometothecity, @miss-nerdalots,@marvelsimaginess, @naturalnation123 , @suavehayes (let me know if I missed you/you want to be tagged) so I can add you to the list! Hope you enjoyed!

TW: Churches? Otherwise, none

Y/N- Your name 

L/N- Last Name

Word count: 1,863

You were sitting in an extra little sitting room, and You had just finished checking up on all of your college classes, and making sure you had completed all of the homework, when your mother let out a shrill call, “Y/N- phone!”

“Make sure you don’t listen in this time,” You call back a you reached over to the still-operable landline- that your mother refuses to get rid of -with your free hand. I pick it up and press the button, “Hello, Y/N L/N speaking.”


You immediately stop typing on your laptop and set it aside on the couch, “Jason! How are you, I saw a little bit of the situation on the TV - are you okay?”

He seemed taken aback for a moment, but cleared his throat and said, “Yeah, Yeah, a little bruised up, but I’m fine.”

You let out the breath, “Good, good, I’m glad, I knew you could probably take care of yourself, but still.”

Jason was silent for a moment, and you didn’t know wether to break the silence or wait until he felt like talking, and before you could make your decision he spoke, “So, I, uh, found your cellphone today.”

You blinked in surprise, “Really? You did? I ah, mean Thank you, but, uh, when in the world did you find time to find it?”

Jason was smirking, you could tell by his tone, “Oh, just found a little time, no big deal. When can I get it too you, I figured you need it.”

You nodded, “yeah, say I’ve got work in the morning, would you like to come with me to-“

The phone started ringing and You muttered under your breath when you noticed it was your boss, ‘hey it’s my boss, I should really take this… could I put you on hold real quick?”


“Thanks I’l make it quick, I promise.”

You quickly put Jason on hold before accepting the call from your boss, Steph who is quick to ask, “Oh, my gosh I saw on the news about your Uncle’s party- are you okay?”

You laughed, “Yeah Steph, I’m fine, just surprised you haven’t asked yet.”

Steph squealed, “Oh- M-Gee, about Jason Wayne meeting his soul mate, I was gonna, do you know who the mystery woman is?”

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Boss With Benefits

Summary: AU: You’re Charlie’s assistant, and Dean wants you to make a move. 

Word Count: 1010

Warnings: None

A/N: I keep getting all of these drabble ideas whenever I have to homework and I have absolutely no self control, so here’s my first Charlie drabble!! 

“When are you gonna make your move?” your friend asked over the phone.

You rolled your eyes at Dean’s question and tapped your finger on the desk. Charlie—Ms. Bradbury wasn’t scheduled to be back from her meeting for at least another five minutes, so it was safe to talk about her.

“I’m not gonna make my move. Dean, she’s my boss.”

“She’s hot in that geeky kind of way that you’ve always liked. And she broke up with her girlfriend, what, three months ago? That’s an acceptable time to wait.”

“What would you know about acceptable times, Mr. One-Night-Stand?” You really hoped he would drop the you-and-Charlie thing because thinking about the you-and-Charlie thing always made you so distracted. Sure, you considered her your friend. And sure, you two joked around in ways that could be construed as flirting… but she was still your boss and didn’t think of you that way.

“I know stuff,” he answered, sounding affronted. “And about the whole boss thing… didn’t your job come with benefits?”

“Insurance and a 401(k), Dean! Not—” You lowered your voice and glanced around to make sure no one could hear. “There was nothing in the contract about a boss-with-benefits.”

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The Dark Prophecy:

So I got another list of stuff for you since I just finished Rick’s new book. And I am SHOOK. Jesus freaking Christ. And SOO many CAMEOS ITS AMAZING. 10/10 would recommend guys. Now for your viewing pleasure- here’s The Dark Prophecy:

- Apollo talking shit about Hera’s liquorice and throwing shade
- “Hey, you two! No ancient dialects. Spanish or English please. Or Machine.”
- Leo calling Calypso babe omg Caleo <3
- LEONIDAS !!!!!!!!
- Hephaestus insulted Ares’ bellbottoms and caused a nuclear meltdown. That’s it. Those are the Olympians.\
- Like any decent god, demigod or engineer, Leo Valdez refused to be stopped by the laws of physics
- freaky ass blemmyae
- Hijo
- Leo being short is canon YESSS
- Lester most worthless of teens oh my god
- AWESOME sentient building!!
- “I’ll be hexed” is my new fav expressionnnnn
- All these people whose names ended with o suddenly made me feel like my brand was being diluted. DEAD
- The Magic 8 Ball struck me as a very shady form of divination—more like a Hermes game of chance than an Oracle worthy of me.
- “We’ve been aging together ever since. Very happily.”
- What did he do with Georgina?” IS GEORGINA MEG?!
- “Hey, abuelita,” Leo said. “All da cows love Leo.” He grinned at me. “And these cows are red, man. Like… bright red.”
- When I am a god again, I will make a constellation out of you. I will call it the Small Exploding Latino.”
- We get Festus back, then we look up this place on Google Maps and fly down there.”
- “Griffins? Uh… Hazel and Frank told me about griffins. They fought some in Alaska. Said they were like rabid hyenas with wings.” I MISS FRAZEL
- Leo muttered a curse in Spanish. “I keep thinking about my little bro Harley back at camp. If somebody tried to hurt him…”BIG BRO LEO
- The young woman sat on the molding ledge, playfully swinging her legs. Her braided auburn hair made a ponytail so long it wrapped around her neck like a scarf
- Leo caught her wrist. “Hold up.” From his tool belt he pulled a folding yardstick. He extended it and poked the chair’s seat cushion. A bear trap snapped shut, ripping through stuffing and fabric like an upholstery sharknado. LEO BEING BADASS WITH TRAPS
- Leo. “I’m new to this heroic-quest business. Shouldn’t there be a reward at the end? Not just more deadly quests?” “Nope,” Leo said. “This is pretty standard.”
- “How can you be so calm?” I demanded. “I am going on a dangerous quest tomorrow with your girlfriend!”
- “These tofu enchiladas are sabrosas. Gotta get the recipe from Josephine. My homegirl Piper would love them.” LEO AND PIPER IM CRYING OMG
- Why me? Sob. Sob. Sob.
- yes, Trophonius clearly got his knockout good looks from me. MODEST.
- Not just because I still found Commodus attractive after so many centuries, not just because we had a, er, complicated history, but also because he reminded me what I used to be like. MODEST.
- Marcus the blinged-out jackal boy, and Vortigern the barbarian. Ookay.
- His hand rested easily on the pommel of a sword. His face was a patchwork of scars. His clothes were casual—just jeans, a red-and-white T-shirt that read CORNHUSKERS, and a red bandana tied across his curly dark hair— OH MY GOD. LOST HERO CAMEO
- The emperor clapped with delight. “Oh, nice! That was very entertaining, Lityerses!” “Thank you, sire.” The Cornhusker. SHIT MAN.
- Leo and tater tots
- The sorceress muttered another Minoan curse, naming a part of Zeus’s body that I did not want to think about.
- “You’re a handsome idiot.”
- I gasped and collapsed. Through my half-lidded eyes, I watched Calypso turn on our enemies. “Now it is your turn, fools!” She began making the same rude gestures toward the Germani. The first one stopped. His face paled. He glanced at me lying on the ground, then turned and fled, barreling past his friend. The Germanus with the wounded foot hesitated. Judging from the hatred in his eyes, he wanted revenge for the missile weapon that had ruined his left boot. Calypso, undaunted, waved her arms and began to incant. Her tone made it sound as if she were raising the worst daimons from Tartarus, though her words, in ancient Phoenician, were actually a recipe for making pancakes. The wounded Germanus yelped and hobbled away, leaving a trail of smeared red prints behind him. CALYPSO YOU BADASS!
- Three passengers. I very much want to see Leo Valdez again. We have unfinished business.” “You know Leo?” Despite the danger we were in, I felt a small sense of relief. Finally, some villain wanted to kill Leo more than he wanted to kill me.
- Lityerses narrowed his eyes. “You’re not the same girl who was with him before. Her name was Piper. You wouldn’t happen to be Leo’s girlfriend?”
- Calypso nodded as if she’d come to a decision. “It’s going to take both of us. We’ll sing a duet. You have a decent voice.” “I have a…” My mouth was paralyzed from shock. Telling me, the god of music, that I had a decent voice was like telling Shaquille O’Neal he played decent offense, or telling Annie Oakley she was a decent shot.
- I blinked. “Zeus… singing?” I found the concept mildly horrifying. My father thundered. He punished. He scolded. He glowered like a champion. But he did not sing. Calypso’s eyes got a little dreamy. “In the palace at Mount Othrys, when he was Kronos’s cupbearer, Zeus used to entertain the court with songs.”
- It was a song older than empires—about two lovers separated and longing to be together.
- She would have toppled off the ledge if Leo hadn’t caught her. “Whoa, mamacita,” he said. “You okay?” She blinked sleepily. “I’m fine. Don’t fuss. And don’t call me—” She crumpled against Leo, who struggled to keep her upright. He glared at me. “What did you do to her?”
- Leo wagged a finger at Britomartis. “You’re lucky these ladies are such bosses.
- He decided to liberate a teal plastic pedal boat, and insisted we call him the Dread Pirate Valdez. (Meg loved this. I refused.)
- “We’ll get Peaches back,” I promised her. “Yeah, chica,” Leo agreed.
- “Hey.” Meg poked me in the back of the neck. “Remember what Percy told us? Never say stuff like We made it or That was easy. You’ll jinx us!” “My entire existence is a jinx.”
- He glanced over—no snappy comeback, no playful grin. “Just… Leo and Calypso’s Garage: Auto Repair and Mechanical Monsters.” “What?” “Something Cal and I used to joke about.”
- “Oh, come now,” I protested. “You like my singing.”
- a girl in gray camouflage paced like a jaguar. Her shoulder-length hair was stark white, though she looked no more than fifteen.
- a young girl in a lavender wool sweater and green jeans. Her tufts of brown hair looked like she’d cut them herself with gardening shears.
- I hoped Athena was watching, because WISDOM, BABY!
- Livia
- “What is this? Not nectar…” “No,” Thalia agreed. “It’s moonwater.”
- “I think you decided to help me because you like me.” The corner of Thalia’s mouth twitched. “What makes you say that?” “Oh, come now. The first time we met, you said I was hot. Don’t think I didn’t hear that comment.” I was gratified to see her face turn red.
- Emmie says we could live like normal young people in this city. Even go to the local high school.”
- At some point, I gotta reconnect with my other peeps: Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank. Lotta people out there still want to punch me.”
- I wasn’t sure I’d heard her correctly. “Piano lessons? Now?” “Not now, dummy. But sometime. Can you teach me?”
- She’d been trying to convince Zeus to forgive me. That was so sweet!
- Shit Apollo’s tripping
- Oh my god this is horrifying
- Oh my GOD
- “Let the girl go,” I whimpered through the pain. “Kill me and let her go.” I surprised myself. These were not the last words I had planned.
- Oh my god peach babies
- Jimmy is GREAT
- Jimmy’s electricity was different—a more humid scent of ozone, a darker red hue to the flashes.
- Damnnnn Apollo!
- “No,” Leo corrected. “He Lityerses-ly flew out the window. Am I right? Those were some sweet moves, man.” Lit nodded. “Thanks.” The two bumped fists as if they hadn’t spent the last few days talking about how much they wanted to kill each other. They would have made fine Olympian gods.
- Cloven?! Cloven? GROVER!
- Buy one prophecy, get three free? That was a lot of lines.” “It was a sonnet,” I said, still in disbelief. “May the gods help us; it was a Shakespearean sonnet.”
- “I—I might be, Georgina. I don’t know.” “’ Kay.” She held up the thing she was holding—a figure made of pipe cleaners—and pressed it into my hands. “Made this for you. You can take it with you when you go away.”
- “Yeah. The changeling lord… that’s gotta be my homeboy Frank Zhang. And the Devil’s Mount, that’s Mount Diablo, right near the camp. I hate Mount Diablo. I fought Enchiladas there once.”
- “The Teumessian Fox? That’s the monster you’ve been hunting?”
- His strange bronze hockey-stick weapon was nowhere to be seen. So the mysterious Olujime was a pit fighter, an accountant, a magical warrior, and an ostrich whisperer. Somehow I was not surprised.
- uh… a Greek-Roman type, is he? I mean, he’s not a legacy of you guys, the Olympians.” “No,” I agreed. “He is from a different tradition and parentage entirely.” Thalia’s short spiky hair rippled in the wind, as if reacting to her uneasiness. “You mean from other gods.”
- We Olympians have always been used to living in close proximity to, ah… the competition.” “So you’re the sun god,” Thalia said. “But some other deity from some other culture is also the sun god?”
- “If you wish,” I said, “when I attain my godhood again, I will personally visit the Underworld. I will petition Hades to let your soul pass on to Elysium.” Agamethus offered me his 8 Ball.
- The dirt rolled away, revealing the form of a young man sleeping on his side. He looked about seventeen, perhaps younger. He wore a black collarless jacket over a green shirt, and jeans much too baggy for his legs. Over his curly hair flopped a red knit cap. A scruffy goatee clung to his chin.

Conclusion: SHOOK featuring Caleo


So, the flu is awful.  This we know.  But, holy CRAP…the lingering after-effects.  I have been so exhausted lately that I came home from work today and just wanted to collapse and not move again for the rest of the day.  It hasn’t helped that work has been especially busy (I also got into it with my boss today because the woman has the memory of a gnat), my mom is pretty much in the midst of a nervous breakdown, and my child has been testing my patience (although the that situation seems to be improving…he hasn’t made me tempted to kill him at all yesterday or today–A+).

One of my mom’s biggest issues is her complete lack of a support network.  Her network consists of me, me, and me.  I honestly don’t know how I would cope without my fabulous friends (and the husband…and even Conner when he’s not being a delinquent ;)).  Yesterday, I hosted gym book club at my house and it was SO wonderful to be surrounded by so many awesome people.  I made margaritas and ordered pizza, and we enjoyed a beautiful night outside on the patio.  The husband and Conner joined us and enjoyed taking everyone on at ping pong. Lol  Since I have embraced the attitude of “those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” about having people over, it’s been very freeing.  Nope, my house is not perfect.  It has plenty of flaws and with two pets and two men in my house, it is NEVER perfectly clean.  But, that’s ok.  :)

There are a few limes left, so I think I’m going to make myself a margarita and get started on our new gym book club read.  :)  It was my turn to pick and this one is a no-brainer.  I LOVE Fredrik Backman and had this one on pre-order for FOREVER!

Finally - Chapter 10: Finally

aka: 9 times Jay tries to win Voight over (intentionally and not so intentionally) and the 1 time he doesn’t need to.

Also on and AO3.

Many, many thanks to @justkillingtimewhileiwait for all of her help, listening to me bounce ideas off her, ramble on about what I wanted to write and mostly, the beta-ing. You are awesome! :)

This is the last chapter, folks. Thank you to everyone who has read, commented, liked, and reblogged this fic. It was so much fun to write! And, once again, I need to thank @justkillingtimewhileiwait for her motivation and support whilst writing this (and my fics to come!).

It only occurred to him once he was fully recovered and back to work from the shooting that Erin hadn’t disputed his want to spend the rest of their lives together. Even if he had been joking about annoying her for the most of it.

It hadn’t come up again, but in true Erin fashion, Jay wasn’t sure if that was because she had brushed it off or was refusing to deal with it. He had experienced the same kind of doubts when he had asked her to move in with him a year earlier, where she hadn’t directly addressed that step in their relationship until he had pressed her. And when he had, he had been pleasantly surprised to find that she was at the same place as he had been.

But this? This was something he definitely wanted. And unless he was actually asking her the question, it wasn’t something he could ask her about. So instead he had dropped a couple of hints to try to gauge her reaction to a bigger commitment and a future together, mentioning retiring in Wisconsin again and investing in a new car because, let’s face it, both of theirs had seen much better days.

Erin had smiled at the idea of Wisconsin, jibing carelessly about needing to sort out the creaking panels on the stairs, however, if she was going to stay there for more than a week. But it was her reply to the car which had given him the reassurance he had needed.

“Okay, but babe, you do realise we still have like 4 years left on paying off this place right? Unless something spectacular happens to them, why don’t we just put it on the back burner until we’re official homeowners?” she reasoned as they sat lazily on the couch in front of the TV, relaxing after a finishing up a tough case that had last for the better part of the past week.

Jay smiled to himself at her reply, glad she was unable to see from her position sprawled across his chest. “Yeah, I guess so. We do use the GMC more often than not these days, anyways.”

“Exactly. And who knows what else might happen in the next 4 years. If there’s one thing my sabbatical taught me, it was that saving up for rainy days isn’t the worst idea,” Erin added. The subject of her relapse over two years earlier was barely ever addressed, but when it was, Jay had found that she had made her peace with it. It had been a terrible time in her life, but pretending it hadn’t happened would only mean she hadn’t dealt with it.

Pressing his lips to the top of her head, he muttered into her hair, “I really hope your sabbatical taught you more than that, otherwise we’re gonna need to have a talk.” He tightened the arm around her waist to show he was just joking, laughing when she slapped him on the abdomen with a dramatically outraged gasp.

“You’re lucky you’re cute, you know that? ‘Cause your sense of humour is nonexistent, and that’s just sadly unattractive,” she told him with a huff, tilting her head up to glare at him though the smile she couldn’t keep back ruined the effect completely.

Jay leaned down to kiss her chastely. “Yeah, well, the joke’s on you because you’re the one who’s stuck with me.” Erin hummed noncommittally at that and he took it as a win.

Which was how he had found himself texting his boss the next free Saturday they had, asking if he could pop over for a quick visit. He had done it without thinking, knowing any second guessing would give him cold feet, or worse, doubts.

Voight had replied not 10 minutes later, telling him he had some time that morning if he made it quick. So with an excuse of seeing Will and making sure he was alright after his break up with Nina, Jay had kissed Erin goodbye and headed straight out.

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Sexism in One Piece

I was asked to collab in a youtube video about sexism in One Piece and accidentally got upset about it. I did not realise that I would get this worked up about it and I think that’s because when you’re watching the series, there are little moments of sexism that you can ignore. But when you actually research it and think about all the moments that have made you feel uncomfortable, it becomes overwhelmingly clear that One Piece is sexist.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m embarrassed to tell my friends that I watch One Piece, because I know that they’re going to google it to check it out and they’re just going to see boobs. I would never buy a figurine of a female character in One Piece because I wouldn’t even be able to look at it.  I’m not saying that large boobs don’t exist in real life but it’s a problem in One Piece because it’s gotten to the point where every young and attractive female character has giant boobs. There is barely any diversity between female characters. And to be honest this isn’t the type of anime I signed up for. The first time I remember feeling uncomfortable when watching the anime was in the Alabasta arc and seeing Miss Doublefinger outfit. I was like wtf, who would dress like that but I could just write it off to her being a crazy villain. But after that moment the boobs grew bigger every One Piece arc, until after the timeskip when in the manga you couldn’t even tell which female character was speaking because they all looked the same.

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Guzma Therapy session 3

(i continue to be impressed by my editor and friend @supersquiddle who takes my coal and helps me make diamonds.)

“So you actually showed up,” the woman said smugly.

“No I’m the ghost of kiss my ass,” the boss told her, “where are the tools?” He was visibly dulled and annoyed that someone with a reputation like his would be stuck doing yard work. He smoked a cigarette on her porch, not completely facing the door or her. She pointed over at a few tools scattered against her fence. “Fine now leave me alone” he grumbled as he walked over to the fence. Guzma leaned a shovel against it upright before taking his jacket off and hanging it on it. He then placed his chain and other accessories in the pockets of the jacket, grabbed the hula hoe and got to work. It wasn’t long until the heat of the sun and the repetitive activity began to wear at him. He paused, put the tool down and walked over to where his jacket hung. He took his shirt off and draped it over as well before stretching a bit. While he was stretching he noticed the woman sitting at her porch, staring at him with a grin. She then whistled suggestively and waved a dollar bill in the air. “Son of a bitch…” he muttered before lighting a cigarette and getting back to work….

“The fuck are you looking at. Why’re ya eyes so big?.” he asked her seemingly irritated, having now gathered his things and put the tools away. He had put his jacket on but decided to carry his now sweat-stained shirt.

“You actually finished? I’ve been trying to get the yard in order all month. I figured you would have ran off the moment I went in to lay down. Or robbed me at the very least,” she remarked.

“I did harder chores as a child,” he stated, rubbing the sweat from his brow, “don’t you have pokemon that could help with this? I remember you had a Scyther; that thing would’ve loved to cut down half them weeds… And the fence.”

“I…uh,” she slowly frowned, “…come inside.” She turned, walking into her house and leaving the door open for him.

Guzma chuckled. “Lady i ain’t try’na to sleep with you. I’m all sweaty an’ shit,” he said with a concieted grin as he followed her.

She rolled her eyes and groaned, “shut up… And look at this.”

“Huh?” He then caught up, the woman stood in front of a wall; a few pictures of a Scyther were hung up surrounding a pokeball. Guzma grimaced as the realization hit. “Shit bro… I’m sorry…” his eyes then lit up when he saw a photograph of the tag he did all those years ago. He smiled, reached into his backpack and took out a folded piece of paper. Without speaking he took out a tack from another photo that had four, then tacked the paper next to the photo of his past work. It was an oddly decent sketch of a Scyther, the words at the bottom read “I love my bitchy mom.” The woman stared at the drawing for a moment as tears came to her eyes. She covered her face with her hands; Guzma then slowly put an arm around her shoulders, allowing her to lean into him. He soon left the house; he considered that a positive moment for both of them, yet despite how important it was to her the one consistent thought dancing through the boss’s mind was: “i can never let that doctor know he was right.”

He began walking down the road, took a check list out of his pocket and marked off “pull the bitches weeds”. Listed below it was “help a stranger” and “take over the world”. Guzma soon made it back to the mansion, where he saw two of his grunts playfully wrestling around with a small Stufful. He could not help but smile, for once he felt as if a weight was lifted off his shoulders. He went up the stairs and changed into clean clothes before strolling through the halls towards the kitchen. He glanced briefly into one of the grunt’s room and noticed a bed with a broken leg. The boss wondered how long some grunts been sleeping on that lopsided mess. Guzma then gathered a drill and a small toolbelt. By the time he had repaired the bed he noticed a number of other damages just in that one room. A loose doorknob, a broken tv and various other broken things. He spent such little time in their rooms that he hadn’t noticed how much they had deteriorated. He rubbed his eyes tiredly and mumbled, “fucking kids don’t know how to take care of their shit” -he sighed- “then again neither did I…” One by one he restored everything that he could in that one room. Night soon fell; the grunts were either returning from playing outside or roaming Po Town, engaging in failed attempts at petty theft. The boss now slouched in his throne, smoking a cigarette; tired and proud of the work he did that day. A small grunt approached him and asked curiously, “hey, who fixed my bed while i was gone?” Guzma stifled a laugh, he was still wearing the tool belt but the grunt was apparently too stupid to notice. “You did.”

“I DID?!” The little grunt’s eyes were wide.He smirked. “Yeah, and you don’t even remember doin’ it. Prob’ly were sleepwalking or somethin’.”

They stared up at him, astonished. “Holy hell… I’m awesome!”

Guzma sat up further in his throne and leaned towards him. “Hey ankle-biter, I got a question. How have I been around here since I’ve been going to the doc?”

The grunt looked at their feet unsure of what he was referring to until they remembered.“Oh! That place… You’ve been a bit more happy and relaxed… But we don’t trust it boss! Its some kinda crazy magic that makes you say things about yourself! Its gonna eat your soul and replace you with lizard people! Or at least that’s what some of the grunts are saying. Its voodoo!”

He smirked at that response. “You’re cute when you’re stupid…” he said as he tousled the grunt’s hair, “go clean up the place; we’re watching a movie tonight.” The grunt nodded and ran off. Under his breath he thought to himself and muttered under his breath, “maybe the doc is a lizard person?“ he chuckled to himself, “holy shit… I just did my homework and I didn’t even try to brag… Maybe I’m becoming a lizard person…? No, that’s stupid. Lizard Guzma, what’s wrong with you?”

anonymous asked:

Can you write a non-powered soulmate fic?

Here you go!

Title: Filling The Space

Pairings: Karamel; Sanvers; James/Lucy.

“I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride”.

Kara watched with bated breath as her colleague and former boyfriend James Olsen married his soul mate, her cousin-in-law’s sister Lucy.

Tears filled her blue eyes as her heart was struck with pain. Even though when she’d begun dating James she knew they were not soul mates, she had hoped that it wouldn’t change things between the two of them. And James had tried to make their relationship work after he met Lucy but things had slowly begun to break down.

“Are you alright?” Kara’s elder sister, Alex, whispered as she stood beside her with her soul mate Maggie on her other side. The two of them had come along for moral support since Kara had insisted on going. She’d been invited by the both of them and they were all friends, even if it still stung whenever she saw them together though to be fair it was more the loneliness that hurt than anything else. For all her life she’d imagined what it would be like to have a soul mate but her body remained frustratingly blank.

There were people who were blank for their entire lives that somehow managed to be happy and there were those that started off blank and suddenly woke up with a mark but Kara was growing impatient. It felt like everyone around her was finding their soul mate or another blank and finding happiness while she was on the outside looking in. She wanted what they had so badly. Even her boss Cat Grant had a soul mate. Maxwell Lord was a sleaze ball but he adored Cat in an almost sickening way.

“I’m fine” Kara smiled, knowing that Alex would see right through her but not wanting to talk about her feelings right there and then. She watched the wedding party walk out of the chapel before she followed the rest of the guests outside to where pictures were being taken. As Kara began to walk down the small concrete steps, she was startled by a sudden burning on her ankle and found herself stumbling down the steps and onto the ground in front of James, Lucy and their entire family and friends.

Her face burned as she looked up to see some people sniggering and some looking concerned. “Kara, oh my god, are you alright?!”  Alex yelled as she raced to her side.

“No, my ankle started to burn when I was coming down the steps”, the junior reporter complained and frowned as she pulled her left ankle up to inspect it. Her heart stopped as she saw a messy scrawl of writing there that had definitely not been there when she had been inside the chapel. “Oh my god, Alex! I have a mark, I have a mark!”

Alex made an excited noise before grabbing her sister’s ankle and immediately bursting out into laughter when she read the words on her leg. Kara glanced at her with annoyance, wondering what was so funny about her mark. “Kara, your soul mates first words to you are going to be…I prefer the front entrance, it has much better access”.

“What?!” Kara exclaimed, her cheeks reddening. “Why…why would those be my first words burned into my skin for the rest of my life?”

Her sister just sniggered as she put her foot back down onto the floor gently. “I don’t even want to know”.

“Kara, are you alright?” Maggie asked, joining them.

“Yeah but she has a mark now”.

The dark haired cop grinned at her sister-in-law happily. “That’s awesome!”

Meanwhile, Mike Matthews was in the middle of working his shift at the bar when his bicep suddenly started to burn like it was on fire. He winced and pulled up the sleeve of his Henley to see words written on his arm in a delicate, feminine script that had not been there before.

He swallowed as he realised what this meant. He had words…a mark…which meant there was a soul mate out there for him. Something that he never thought he would have, that he ever thought he deserved to have. His parents had drilled it into his head that there was something wrong with him because he was born blank; that he was evil or bad and therefore didn’t get a mark.

Now he was an adult he knew that was all crap coming from two abusive assholes but Mike still had never believed that he’d ever get a mark. He took in the words greedily like a thirsty man in a desert that had found water for the first time in years.  The perfect writing didn’t really match the tone of the sentence which said ‘Move before you get us both caught and arrested”. He wondered what the hell his soul mate was doing that would lead to her…or him….saying that words.

Deciding to push it to the back of his mind, Mike turned back to the customers and continued serving until it was time to lock up.  The day after he went down to the Town Hall of National City to get his name legally changed to Matthews (it had been something he’d been going by so his parents couldn’t track him down but he wanted to make it official) and spotted something weird near the back entrance of the major’s office. He frowned and walked towards it, spotting a beautiful blonde woman in a smart outfit trying to break the door open.

“Personally I prefer the front entrance. It has better access”, he remarked causing the blonde to jump out of fright and hiss at him in surprise.

“Move before you get us both caught and arrested!” she exclaimed, grabbing him by the wrist and dragging his shell-shocked frozen body around the corner and out of sight of the back entrance. “You…you’re my soul mate?”

“Seems like it”, Mike confirmed with a frown. “Wait, what the hell were you doing back there?”

“I’m a reporter”, she huffed. “My name is Kara, I work for Cat-Co. I heard rumours that the Major has connections to the Intergang and I wanted to sniff around for evidence”.

His eyes bugged out of their sockets almost. “Are you crazy? If he’d caught you, you could have been in serious trouble like the shot and thrown off the pier kind of trouble”.

Kara rolled her eyes. “I know what I’m doing”.

“Figures my soul mate has a death wish”, he huffed.

“So are you going to ask me out for a drink or just stand here questioning me about my career choices?”

There are many things we could talk about when we wonder where Arrow went wrong. Most people might say it started with the beginning of season 3 (which was definitely a garbage start to a garbage season) but I’d argue that it started midway through the second season.

That was when I fell in love with Arrow, actually, when the show was at its peak IMO. I watched the entire first season in less than 24 hours, and while I would never hold Arrow season 1 up as a beacon of diverse racial or queer representation, the ladies in it were amazing. We had Moira Queen, who was the sort of complex, morally questionable middle-aged woman character I don’t know that I’d ever seen before. And Thea was fierce and such a teenager–she whined, she argued, she rebelled, but she had such a good heart. Laurel was such a staunch protector of justice and I loved watching her in the courtroom. I loved seeing such a badass female lawyer on the screen (this was, of course, before Viola Davis graced us with her own astonishing performance as a badass female lawyer).

And there was Felicity, too, who got to be the tech genius, and she was awkward and funny and adorable. And we were introduced to McKenna Hall (awesome detective) and Joanna de la Vega (another lawyer) and Helena Bertinelli (vigilante/vindictive widow/daughter of a mob boss). In the flashbacks, we got Shado, who was a martial artist and archer, one of Oliver Queen’s mentors, and someone who was shown to care deeply for her family and friends and was such a fascinating character. There were a few more even that I can’t remember exactly right now. There was such a wide range of female characters and shortly after season 2 began, we were gifted with Sara Lance, a bisexual martial artist and precious cupcake, and Nyssa al Ghul, a lesbian assassin made of fire and steel.

Now, McKenna, Joanna, Shado, Nyssa, and Helena were all relatively minor characters from the start, but it doesn’t change the fact that of all the characters I just mentioned, in the seasons following, only two have never been bussed off the show or brutally murdered for the sake of manpain. And then again, of those two, one of them was *almost* killed for the sake of manpain.

It was like, after they killed Shado in 2x09, they thought “wow!!!! murdering women is a great plot point let’s continue it!!!”

So my point here is: Arrow made some <i>amazing</i> female characters, but later it was as though they were like:

“shit we have too many women what do we do i dunno i guess it’s M U R D E R T I M E”

And I see that trend in a lot of CW shows? Like the 100 had a lot of women and POC and queer folk in positions of power like I’d never seen before but then they started to fuck it all up :/

Anyway, I’m tired of my ladies being hurt.

SCAMMED {part 1 of DELINQUENTS: Hobi Series}

Hey, Hobi, what are you doing? Jimin walked into Hobi’s room as he scrolled down a page on his laptop.

The new psychiatrist is coming in tomorrow, I want to be prepared. Hobi responded and Jimin rolled his eyes.

Maybe you just wait until we meet the doctor? He mentioned and Hobi shook his head. He was never good with surprises and wanted to know as much as he could about the person that was going to be judging him. Jimin sat next to him and scanned over his shoulder. Alright, well then what have you found out?

Well-qualified guy, no records other than a speeding ticket. Hobi tsked. He loved to be able to use something against the doctors that came in, but there was nothing out of the ordinary on the records that sat in front of him. I can’t even find anything on family. Just seems like a normal guy. Hobi continued and Jimin patted him on the back.

See? Not everyone has something to hide. Now put that away and get some sleep because of Tae pulling that prank, we have to do clean up early tomorrow morning. Jimin told him and Hobi chuckled.

You have to admit, Tae climbing the chandelier was pretty awesome. Jimin rolled his eyes and giggled in response. Hobi went to sleep that night completely baffled that he couldn’t find anything.

The next morning he stood there in complete shock.

YOU’RE our psych? He kept repeating as you unpacked various files in your office.

For the millionth time, yes. Now shouldn’t you be doing something, Inmate Hoseok? You asked and Hobi just continued to stare at you. Because none of the records specified your sex, he assumed you were a man, but now that he saw a woman in front of him, he couldn’t really contain himself. He continued to watch as you placed things all over the office, finally you pulled your hair up and Hobi saw a small bit of a tattoo peek out from behind your shirt collar.

Ah, tattoo? He asked and pointed as you put your hand to the area on your lower neck.

You saw that? Sorry. You said and continued to work. Hobi began to get frustrated, it’s like you didn’t want to talk to him. You on the other hand were trying to keep your cool, but the words from Hobi’s file were ringing in your head. Please be careful about keeping your personal information private. But Hobi kept prying for information. Finally, you turned to Hobi. Inmate Hoseok –

You can call me Hobi. He said.

Alright, Hobi. He smiled and nodded. I have a project for you. You said and Hobi’s eyebrows raised. Pulling out a massive amount of papers, you slammed them down in front of him. So these are all of the program worksheets that I need in order by phase and then I want you to color code them. You started and Hobi’s shoulders slumped. I need this done as soon as possible, so since there’s nothing else for you to do, why don’t you start with that. And with that Hobi sat down and began looking at the sea of papers.

You left Hobi in the office as you started speaking with the other inmates, Hobi sat, working diligently as he would scan the papers. He looked up from his spot a couple hours later and stretched his arms. The office was rather bare, but you had been hanging various degrees and photos when he walked in. After standing, he walked over to the wall of diplomas. Well aren’t you a little over achiever? He asked the framed papers as he scanned them. They all had your name written in beautiful calligraphy. Bachelors of Science, Masters of Science, PhD. He named off the degrees and the correlating photos of you shaking the hands of deans and professors. Then turning around he saw photos laying on your desks. Hmmm. He went over. Pictures of you with parents and friends were strewn about. Finally turning, he saw a myriad of newspaper clippings, all of them comprised into a book, he flipped through it.

He could hear his mother in his ear, telling him to stop snooping, but there was always some rush he got from looking at people’s things. The newspaper clippings all had something to do with you. Y/N (pictured right) with Professor Lee (pictured left) as they worked on Project X, a program to help rehabilitate those with severe addiction disorders. He looked at the professor close up and his eyes went wide. Closing the book, he went back over to his file project, he tried to continue to work, but he found his mind constantly wandering.

It was late afternoon by the time you came back to his office. Hobi? Wow, you got a lot done! You exclaimed as Hobi looked up from his papers. He was finishing up the color coding when you walked in and smiled.

You don’t need to chastise me. I’m not a child. I have a degree. He mumbled and you looked at him with a small tilt to your head.

You do? You asked and he nodded.

Business management and computer science. He said, still looking at the files and you laughed a little.

Makes sense. You mumbled and he chuckled and looked back up at you. It was at that moment that you saw his face full-on, it was beautiful. If it was possible for someone’s face to embody the idea of comfort, it would be Hobi’s. He had calm features, nothing about his face seemed sharp or scary, and he just seemed like an open person. You thought back to his crimes and it made sense, which worried you. You were scared to put your guard down in case he would try and pull something on you, instead you shook your head and went back to putting your walls up. Well thank you for your help today. Maybe you can be my little assistant. You joked and Hobi smiled.

That could be fun! He exclaimed and clapped his hands together. Giving you a small bow, he made his way to the doorway. Well have a good night, Y/N. He quipped before he left the office and went back to his room. The guys were gathered in the hall, all giving their impressions of you to one another, but Hobi walked right up to them.

She’s being scammed. He said and Namjoon looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

Explain. He commanded and Hobi rolled his eyes.

I was looking through some of her things and noticed some clippings. One of the ‘professors’ that she is working with is a huge identity thief. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s taking her work and just going to run with it. Hobi stated and Jin looked at him.

How do you know him? Jin replied and Hobi looked him dead in the eye.

He was my boss. Hobi responded and the guys all shook their heads and looked down.

She seems like a nice enough person, that’s too bad she’s getting mixed up in this. Jimin said and Hobi nodded. Walking into his room, Hobi started looking through his computer to see what exactly he could do.