it would be weird if you didnt lol

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Just wanted to let you know that the stanford prison experiment film is now on netflix (just in case you didnt lol) and I recently watched it. Also what do you think of philip zimbardo? I think he's a piece of shit that deserves to choke. Its just weird how so many people admire him I mean I guess considering some other great things hes done. But idk

I completely agree with you. He would have carried that experiment on until somebody died if it wasn’t for his partner. I haven’t seen the film yet but I’ll watch it tonight!

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hey hey I have an ask thing for you - have people explain their first crush (on a girl of course :))!!

omg i’ll start

there was my first crush that i didnt know at the time when i was in first grade she was in second grade and she had long pretty hair and a ton of freckles and i thought she was really pretty and i wanted to be Best Friends :) with her and i ALMOST gave this girl i had never spoken to a present about our friendship but my mom was like “maybe dont” bc that would have been Weird lol

the first crush that i recognized was on a classmate and i like Really Liked Her and wanted to be around her All The Time but ALSO go nervous as hell around her and i would be s w e a t y but i like. always wanted to make her laugh and i liked it when she talked to me but a l s o was So Nervous! i wanted to impress her so badly tho omg

feel free to reblog this with a description of your first crush or send in an anon!

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Emily Uncensored released a video saying that you hit on her and she rejected you. Would you really hit the tho?

lol. I didnt know who that was till I googled it. I do remember her being at my festival and trying to get my attention by starting up some drama.

Fuck man these people need to get some purpose in their lives lol. You know you lack personality in real life when your biggest hitting video is knocking durianrider.

She did go on a date with a mate of mine and he cancelled it mid way thru and said he had to have an early night for a TT the next day. He said she had ‘weird vibes’ but I cant remember exactly why he said that.

CM seems to attract a lot of good people but also a lot of crackpots looking for a free ride. I would put that chick in the later category.

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Hey, just so you know it's canon that McCree met Gabriel aged 17 at most, the devs confirmed it! Gabriel would have been about 35 meeting a teenage McCree.

hmm at this one id wanna see the source lol just cuz im curious about it but even then i think mcreyes AUs can be ok as long as mccree is aged up a lot and they didnt meet at like 17. Phara/mercy kinda weirds me out for that reason, being an adult and then waiting till somenes of age and then liking them is kinda creepy. But thats also a reason why im so skeptical seieng any mcreyes too cuz ik theres people that LIKE that so i always try to stray very far away. 

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Hi! First of all, I would like to tell you that your blog is probably the greatest thing in the world and its entirety. Second of all (I know this may sound a tad bit weird lol), but can you do all of the hosts reacting to their S/O having really cold hands? Thanks so much!

WHUUUZZZ WHAT DO U MEAN GREatEST THING //blushes intensely //runs away// 

but lolz, my crush during my 4 years in high school, had sweaty and cold hands but but omygahhh i seriously didnt mind when we held hands 

Tamaki: Doesn’t mention it at all when he holds your hands, and just goes about life, with his talking and you listening. And when you bring it up, he just smiles and says “I don’t mind at all, because it’s you.”

Kyoya: Raises an eyebrow when you two hold hands, but doesn’t make a peep. He couldn’t care less about the whole thing. And when you mention your hands, he doesn’t respond, only holds your hand even tighter.

Kaoru: Asks why you have cold hands and if they’re hurting you in some way. He gets worried, because maybe it’s a symptom of some sort, and when you shrug him off saying that’s just how your hands are, he smiles and holds hands with you still.

Hikaru: Immediately asks why the hell are your hands so cold like that, and your response is a bit snappy as well, it wasn’t your fault anyway, so he shuts up and puts your hand in his coat pocket, intertwined with his. 

Mori: Really doesn’t mind. And is probably too occupied thinking of the fact that you two were holding hands, to even register in his mind that you had cold hands. So when you bring it up, his face goes blank. “Ah.?”

Hani: Is, as usual, the chirpy bunny. He makes a whole monologue out of being the knight who warms up the ice princess in no time, and it makes you blush so badly, but even more so when he suddenly decides to kiss the back of your hand.

Haruhi: Goes on and on about possible remedies, about her dad’s hand-warmers ((if that’s a thing)), and lectures you on how to take care of your hands from now on. “When you go home after a sweaty day, you never wash your hands immediately, okay? Because…”

OKAY SO MAYBE I HAD THIS NOTION ALL WRONG? HAHAHAHA that maybe you had asked if it was a winter day, and their S/O had cold hands..? IDK IDK :(( but this is how it goes in my country, so I apologize! you can send me an ask if I did it wrong TT^TT

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My theory - harry and Camilla from 5H got the same kind of treatment Separation, 'he/she thinks theyre better than the others', he/she really is better than the others' because they have 'star quality' etc. The difference is that H didnt fall for it and I think the reason is that his relationship with Louis has kept him grounded in a way few teens would have managed in his circs. Maybe thats another reason Louis & larry are so hated by Syco and Sony if that cost them a malleable solo H Styles.

I absolutely agree with you.  In general, I’ve never seen a band like One Direction.  ALL of the members are so incredibly grounded and kind and polite. It’s…weird lol.  I think they’ve all kept each other pretty grounded an I think it’s definitely a testament to how they were all raised.  It honestly amazes me sometimes.  And I do think that Louis definitely had that extra special influence as well.  

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Psstt XharukiSenpai Can you draw SpringTrap x LongHaired Mangle please?;v; That would be amazing! Also,which ship do you like the most?I wanted to draw it for you;v; And I LOOOVE your arts;w; Stay awesome and have a good day/night Hope you answer ;v;

did a quick doodle of them to practice 8′>

sorry if it looks weird i didnt draw much recently cuz i injured my hand :(

i ship bonnie x foxy & foxy x mangle (cant pick one LOL)

What would you say Stefan’s main focus is right now?
In a weird way, his main focus is Caroline. That’s sort of been his M.O. lately. She’s sort of a huge part of his life now as a friend. Stefan and Elena were so inseparable, bonded, etc., and Caroline and Stefan are now sort of the duo. Everything he does revolves around Caroline at this point.
—  Paul Wesley [x]
little mix fan event stockholm - highlights

well my personal highlights…… i was having a breakdown most of the time so i cant really give a proper summary of events lol

  • there was a signing first i got to give jesy and leigh anne my drawings!! we were so unprepared for the signing but im glad i brought something, jade and perrie were at each ends of the table so i kinda passed them too quickly and didnt really have time to stop but i hope they still know i love them too and i was freaking out so much i cant remember a single thing from the signing part tbh
  • then there was a short interview with them where they were asked what they like about sweden (”meatballs”), what their album would be like (i think they said smth like “weird, fun, pop”), then they were asked to pronounce the words “köttbullar” (meatballs lol) and “vi älskar er” (we love you) and on the last one leigh anne tried so hard but she was so confused cause the crowd was all screaming VI ÄLSKAR ER at them to get them to say it and she was like “Vilsk.. err??” her face was SO CUTE

  • they were asked to sign this huge poster of the black magic cover that was the backdrop on stage and jesy started writing/drawing stuff on her own face on the poster and then they all started drawing on each other’s and perrie was like “NOT MY TEETH” but they all drew glasses or mustaches or black teeth on each other and were so satisfied with themselves lmao

  • someone yelled “JADE WHY ARE YOU SO BEAUTIFUL” and she went “i don’t know!”

  • i was #15 in line and we got the BEST SPOTS first row, holding on to the railing, i had serious eye contact with all the girls at different times because they all looked at the first few rows and smiled and waved at us and stuff

  • of course they did the thing where they asked us to sing wings before they performed it and it was so beautiful tbh i love that part

  • most special thing for me was during jesy’s solo in little me when she saw me crying in the first row and she looked straight at me and pointed and sang AT me like i seriously remember it like that like thinking “oh my god she is singing to me” it was insane she was like at the other side of the stage from me as well and later in the same song leigh looked right at me too when she was in front of us and ohh my god….. also leighadekiss got amazing eye contact with perrie (she describes it as “it’s like we were on a date” lmao) AND jade pointed right at her after she blew her a kiss….. all of these times we just turned to each other and CRIED our eyes out

  • they did the how ya doin ACAPELLA it was AMAZING i cant believe i got to see that live that is literally?? all ive ever wanted?????they were all on POINT i cant believe their harmonies are real but IVE HEARD THEM! IVE SEEN THEM WITH MY OWN TWO EYES

  • they did the extended intro to black magic and we were all dying by that point i seriously felt like throwing up from emotion and it was SO GOOD they were SO GOOD

  • when we left i just felt?? complete??? like there was nothing disappointing about this event AT ALL it was more than we expected we got AMAZING spots and we got to give them our art and they LOOKED at us and little mix are real and i’ve met them and seen them perform and i’m crying again now

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Sorry if you don't want to answer this, and it's pretty weird but I want to get it out. I see a lot of people turn to you with questions about sexuality so... I think I might be bi. But... And here's the weird part, I don't want to be. Am I just strange? Or what? What should I do? Thanks!

Thats actually perfectly natural and heres why

Compulsory heterosexuality is a sad norm still. It’s always in media and by some parents, and just generally expected that you will grow up, fall in love with the man or woman of your dreams, get married and have kids and live happily ever after. It might feel odd if you begin to look at others of the same gender and be attracted to them if all you’ve been told is the ‘haha yeah you’ll get a boyfriend/girlfriend!’

I myself actually felt very similar when I was younger! I was always attracted to well, nearly everyone aesthetically (though it wouldnt be for sometime that I actually KNEW it was only aesthetically and not actual attraction attraction you know? So at some point I would look at girls and basically (and quite cringe worthy) go ‘ohh shes so pretty…no homo tho lol’ ( I was young and didnt know as much as I do now lol)

But as I got older, the more I became like ‘oh yeah theyre pretty, im not going to lie’ and the more I found out more about it and that it ISNT something weird or if I’m some sort of rare entity, It happens all the time, there are BILLIONS of people who fill the same. It’s just that heteronormativity has made it so we’re SCARED to be anything other then straight. (And I sure dropped kick THAT right to the curb ohh boy)

If you believe that you might not be straight, then thats just FINE. So what if you also happen to like others of your same gender? It’s none of their business who you like and are attracted to, that is YOUR business.

What I’m saying is that you might be a bit scared to consider other Options other than being straight and thats perfectly natural! Because for so long it was thought as WEIRD and UNNATURAL, But it ISN’T. You’re just fine, okay? Be sure to do what feels RIGHT and COMFORTABLE for you okay?