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Alright something really weird just happened. I was rewatching 3.15 because i thought it would be good to rewatch the two finale eps of season 3 before 4.06 airs and when clarke and co say goodbye to raven and the others who stay in arkadia they have used scenes of the hugs from 3.12? At first I thought my stream was broken but I watched the same scenes on youtube and it's real. Did you notice that too?

yeah i noticed it and i thought it was a terrible editing choice, because the shots created this contrast that broke the moment for me instead of making it flow. i mean, it’s probably not that much of a big deal, but it isn’t great either lol.

i think the biggest difference in the 3x15 goodbye sequence is clarke’s hair.

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sweats would you be willing to do klavier/blackquill then

I?? didnt even know people shipped this lol xp but sure, why not! (I dont…. know what boys are tho so be prepaired all of my aa fandom overthinking goes to my baby gals)

who’s the cuddler:Simon is, he nests like a bird.

who makes the bed: Probably Simon! it needs to be neat and perfect, thats just how it is

who wakes up first: Probably Klavier? he may seem laid back but he works hard

who has the weird taste in music: Klavier’s a musician so he’s into a lot of very obscure stuff he’s found. Simon listens to very old japanese music and no one can stop him.

who is more protective: Oh definetly simon. Simon is a take a bullet for you kinda dude… i mean, hes legit willing to die for people.

who sings in the shower: Simon probably sings opera in the shower. tbh… Klavier needs to save his pipes for the stage, so he doesn’t belt stuff in the shower, but he might sing stuff very easily in his range :0

who cries during movies: Simon cries anytime an animal gets hurt in a movie… but very stoicly and angrily.

who spends the most while out shopping: Klavier does! he’s a rockstar, baby, he don’t gotta save.

who kisses more roughly: Simon probably does, if i had to guess. But Klavier might be into like… kinky biting and shit lol

who is more dominate: Simon. Definetly

my rating of the ship from 1-10:mmmm like a 3 or 4??? nothing against it, im just not super invested in either of these chars… tbh ^^’

thank you so much for asking though!! this was an interesting challenge xp

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Oh i wasnt saying the person that saw martin was embarrassing. I was saying a fan tweeting at that person was embarrassing. They said " i want to say that this is fake, but i got personal evidence" and then tweeted that theyre pretty sure Martin stalks us (i guess they meant in tumblr? But what would tht have to do with someone running into him in rl?) They didnt seem to be joking it was weird. Most fans responded like normal humans tho lol. i guess there's always gonna be an odd ball.

Oooh! I’m sorry I misunderstood your message!!And yes, I do agree with you on that. I roll my eyes when I see those kind of messages. I’ve had it with people claiming to know something others don’t and I do have personal experience with that (some chick claiming she knew martin’s agent and some people, myself included fell for it). I’m back to ‘trust no one’ motto. I’m happy some people have big egos that think it’s all about them, I hope that when they realise it’s not like that, it doesn’t take them too long to get over themselves.

What would you say Stefan’s main focus is right now?
In a weird way, his main focus is Caroline. That’s sort of been his M.O. lately. She’s sort of a huge part of his life now as a friend. Stefan and Elena were so inseparable, bonded, etc., and Caroline and Stefan are now sort of the duo. Everything he does revolves around Caroline at this point.
—  Paul Wesley [x]
little mix fan event stockholm - highlights

well my personal highlights…… i was having a breakdown most of the time so i cant really give a proper summary of events lol

  • there was a signing first i got to give jesy and leigh anne my drawings!! we were so unprepared for the signing but im glad i brought something, jade and perrie were at each ends of the table so i kinda passed them too quickly and didnt really have time to stop but i hope they still know i love them too and i was freaking out so much i cant remember a single thing from the signing part tbh
  • then there was a short interview with them where they were asked what they like about sweden (”meatballs”), what their album would be like (i think they said smth like “weird, fun, pop”), then they were asked to pronounce the words “köttbullar” (meatballs lol) and “vi älskar er” (we love you) and on the last one leigh anne tried so hard but she was so confused cause the crowd was all screaming VI ÄLSKAR ER at them to get them to say it and she was like “Vilsk.. err??” her face was SO CUTE

  • they were asked to sign this huge poster of the black magic cover that was the backdrop on stage and jesy started writing/drawing stuff on her own face on the poster and then they all started drawing on each other’s and perrie was like “NOT MY TEETH” but they all drew glasses or mustaches or black teeth on each other and were so satisfied with themselves lmao

  • someone yelled “JADE WHY ARE YOU SO BEAUTIFUL” and she went “i don’t know!”

  • i was #15 in line and we got the BEST SPOTS first row, holding on to the railing, i had serious eye contact with all the girls at different times because they all looked at the first few rows and smiled and waved at us and stuff

  • of course they did the thing where they asked us to sing wings before they performed it and it was so beautiful tbh i love that part

  • most special thing for me was during jesy’s solo in little me when she saw me crying in the first row and she looked straight at me and pointed and sang AT me like i seriously remember it like that like thinking “oh my god she is singing to me” it was insane she was like at the other side of the stage from me as well and later in the same song leigh looked right at me too when she was in front of us and ohh my god….. also leighadekiss got amazing eye contact with perrie (she describes it as “it’s like we were on a date” lmao) AND jade pointed right at her after she blew her a kiss….. all of these times we just turned to each other and CRIED our eyes out

  • they did the how ya doin ACAPELLA it was AMAZING i cant believe i got to see that live that is literally?? all ive ever wanted?????they were all on POINT i cant believe their harmonies are real but IVE HEARD THEM! IVE SEEN THEM WITH MY OWN TWO EYES

  • they did the extended intro to black magic and we were all dying by that point i seriously felt like throwing up from emotion and it was SO GOOD they were SO GOOD

  • when we left i just felt?? complete??? like there was nothing disappointing about this event AT ALL it was more than we expected we got AMAZING spots and we got to give them our art and they LOOKED at us and little mix are real and i’ve met them and seen them perform and i’m crying again now