it would be weird if you didnt lol


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This is completely dedicated to my one and only bestfriend on here, Miss Cherry. You must follow her due to the fact that she is a sparkly, amazing editor, sweetheart princess. Cherry: I know you love Nessie so I hope you like this because I adore everything you do. I tried really hard on this! Did I do well? Anyways, I love you with everything I have. You’re incredible. Bless your kind heart. 


“And then we got a lot of money and we had some fun in the arcade! …I-is the crush really that obvious…?”

((i thought it would come out sso much better but it didnt D’: > i had an idea in my mind that didn’t come out half as good xD i’d love some feedback on the backgrounds lol this is the first time i’ve ever done an actual background… ;w;))

((azazel completely forgot of the tinted rock bc of maggy otp confirmed))

((cain is ddedded if something happens to maggy))((…AND 100 FOLLOWERS AAAAAAAAA WHAT THE FUUUCK I LOVE YOU GUUUUYSSSSSS ;______; !!! AAAAAA))

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Psstt XharukiSenpai Can you draw SpringTrap x LongHaired Mangle please?;v; That would be amazing! Also,which ship do you like the most?I wanted to draw it for you;v; And I LOOOVE your arts;w; Stay awesome and have a good day/night Hope you answer ;v;

did a quick doodle of them to practice 8′>

sorry if it looks weird i didnt draw much recently cuz i injured my hand :(

i ship bonnie x foxy & foxy x mangle (cant pick one LOL)


why was tanner/toby like lol hey hastings your kid, ya know, not the one who murdered an innocent girl in your backyard and was in weird cahoots with you, dad, the other one, ya know, crazy, took some pills, IM DATING HER…OH, AND she was just arrested…again???? for murder…she diDnt…commit….AGAIN…you ignore her a lot tbh so ill go slow. she’s been kidnapped on her way to another facility. with three of her other inmate friends. but we cant tell anybody lol. dont tell the others’ moms and dads. or anybody. lol. cant do that. lol. they’re minors. we lost them. but dont tell their parents that would be rude af. they also may be murderers. we lost them lolz isnt dat funnie. dont tell shhhh got a secret can u keep it? thhnx

Today after lunch at school while I waited for my next class a guy asked me “is this where i would find food?” as he held the door to the cafe building

I was like “Yeah” 

He opened it and let a guy walk out and than randomly walked up to me and said “hey look what i have on my phone today I’ve had it for a while” and he showed his lock screen with some quote i didnt even see it well lol but i was like “cool…” and looked away and than he was like “what am i making you feel uncomfortable?” 

“no” i mutter 

“well I’m gonna go get some food now” walks in the building

lol it was so awkward and random :/ of course it would feel weird some stranger coming up to you and saying “oh look what i have on my phone!” :/

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What do you like most about your art style? How would you explain what a Beech is to someone who's never heard of the word?

idk about my art style man, its flexible? and simple. Its like a weird comic style that i cant explain. I like it tho and my friends do too. Oh, and it lets me draw hella fast bc its so simple.

Beesh == bitch lol, its a thing from middle school where my friend and i spoke gibberish to each other to confuse people. we called each other our “beeshes” or “bitches” rly but since we pronounced it differently teachers didnt care

apparently the way we pronounced it means “loved one” in french or something like that, which was a coincidence lol

My friend and I were playing would you rather and there are these twins and she asked me which one I would rather make out with and one guy had stubble and his twin didnt so I turned around and saw the guy with stubble and I LOVE STUBBLE SO MUCH ONG so I didn’t the sign of the cross (?) and start praying to the lord bc he looked so good

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omg that’s a lot lmao

1: Kitchen counter, couch, or on top of the dryer? kitchen counter

2: Your last sexual encounter: Good or bad, and why? bad bc it didn’t happen lol

3: A fictional person that you think would be good in bed: NOAH SHAW

4: Something that never fails to make you horny:fuck idk the persons voice maybe?

5: Where is one place you would never have sex: the beach. ever.

6: The most awkward moment during a sexual experience was when: i didnt have sex

7: Weirdest thing that ever made you horny: nothing weird im so boring lol

8: What is the best way to sexually bind someone:
 idk what this means???

9: What is the fastest way to make you horny: saying ur julian casablancas ha

10: Top or bottom? ummmmmmmm top??? top.

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hey sry i accidentally posted my reply to you lel, i didnt realize tumblr would send me notifications on my phone thru the app thats neat lol, only did it for urs tho i never get them its weird i guess anyway how ya doin

Lol you did not know that? I been all right just got done streaming right now in bed

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need an opinion! in college there is this boy i like, he is beautiful. tall, curly hair, into amazing music, funniest guy i've met, has good opinions u get the idea. i've known him for nearly two years and college is nearly over and then i might never see him again. but we nearly never talk, occasionally he'll take the piss or laugh at things i've done. but he's nice always helps out. once we were paired up tho and he didn't speak to me :// he's quite popular and good looking so idk what to do??

im no expert or anything, but maybe he just didnt know what to say, you know? i would try talking to him. if its too weird in person at first, i always like to use good old social media as a crutch lol. thats how i first stared with my boyfriend. if he likes something, “coincidentally” come across something that he would like, like a picture or something, to send and like start a conversation you know? obviously it shouldnt all be internet or you could even try that face to face? idk. i would give it a shot, and if it doesnt work, theres plenty of others :) im sorry if this is lame advice lmao