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The game already explained the bathroom thing. Monster food doesn't cause you to expel anything after you eat it, so there was no need for bathrooms.

It’s true that monster food absorbs converts perfectly into energy! This is why there is no need for a single toilet anywhere in Undertale. However, where would a human fit into all this? First, here’s what we know.

Hmmm… Isn’t human food different from monster food?
It does things like “spoil.”
And when you eat it, it passes all the way through your whole body.
I’d love to try it sometime. 

And I’ve heard they have things called bathrooms.

MONSTER IN GRILLBY’S (after Undyne battle):
 To a human, monster food would be very interesting.
As soon as you eat it, it converts perfectly into energy.
…that makes me wonder. How do humans do it?
Eat during battle…?
Ice cream in one hand, sword in the other.
That’s the way of the monster warrior…

MONSTER IN GRILLBY’S (after Asriel battle):
Soon, I’ll be able to try some human food…
And then I guess I’ll try a human bathroom, too.

Toby didn’t cover his bases very well though. Despite this monster never hearing of a “bathroom” before, bathrooms are mentioned a few times in Undertale.

Jerry tells everyone it has to go to the bathroom.


Now we’re officially friends! Ehehehe!
I’m going to the bathroom.

I’m going to the bathroom, so I’ll be MIA for a bit.
I’m… I’m sure you can handle this puzzle yourself!

Considering that showers are mentioned by both Sans and Alphys, chances are these bathrooms are literally for bathing or showering (Alphys even has a tub in the True Lab). Toilets don’t seem to exist, especially considering Papyrus’ phone call:



NARRATION (during Shyren battle):
Sans is selling tickets made of toilet paper.

Sans, why? Toilet paper could come from the dump, though that doesn’t seem hygienic. But this leads to the next question: how would Chara get by in a toilet free world, and what effect would a monster food diet have on them?

I admit that when it comes to Caretaker AU, I have given this more thought than is probably necessary. I’m not a doctor, but I do have a basic understanding of physiology so please bear with me and my reasoning.

Humans have very complex systems for absorbing food (digestive system) and for keeping the blood clean (urinary system). Chara would not be able to survive long without water, and even magical water wouldn’t cut it: kidneys create urine in order to get rid of waste built up in the blood. And while a lot of this is metabolic (food) waste, the kidneys also clear out other waste such as dead blood cells. Urine plays an important role in staying healthy, which goes beyond just food.

As for the digestive system, food with perfect absorption into pure energy might actually cause terrible long term effects. While I don’t have any data on what happens if the lower intestine stops being used completely, I can say that an organ that stops being used has a tendency develop problems and/or fail. With how dependent humans are on regular eating cycles, I would be concerned that instantly converted food in the stomach would end up causing the the unused lower digestive tract to stagnate and even fail.

Therefore, while the monster in Grillby’s assumes that humans would experience the same perfect conversion from food into energy that monsters do, I theorize the experience would not quite be identical. Monster food would be immediately energizing and healing with a very efficient absorption rate, but some waste would still pass through the body, due to a non-magical human body being unable to convert all of it. Small amounts of monster food would still pass through the entire digestive tract, ensuring all organs are still functioning regularly.

And that’s why in this AU some buildings had to be outfitted with toilets in the Underground for Chara.
Slavery returns to Africa: Migrants sold at open markets in Libya
Vulnerable refugees from West Africa often arrive in the country with no money and no papers.

Migrants from West Africa are being openly traded in “public slave markets” across Libya.

As a departure point for refugees trying to get to Europe, migrants arriving in Libya from sub-Saharan Africa are particularly vulnerable due to a lack of money and little in the way of documentation.

Survivors have told the International Organization for Migration (IOM) how there are slave markets and private prisons all over Libya.

Mohammed Abdiker, IOM’s head of operation and emergencies, said: “The situation is dire. The more IOM engages inside Libya, the more we learn that it is a vale of tears for all too many migrants.”

One survivor from Senegal spoke of how he was brought by smugglers across Niger in a bus to the southern Libyan city of Sabha, where he was due to risk a boat trip to Europe. When the middleman did not get his fee, the survivor was put up for sale along with other passengers.

He was taken to a prison where he worked without pay while the captors demanded 300,000 West African francs (about £380) before selling him on to a larger jail. Livia Manante, an IOM officer based in Niger, said migrants would be brought to a square where they were put up for sale.

Manante said: “IOM Italy has confirmed that this story is similar to many stories reported by migrants and collected at landing points in southern Italy, including the slave market reports.”

Those who did not get their ransom paid were often taken away and killed while others would die of hunger and disease in unsanitary conditions.

“If the number of migrants goes down, because of death or someone is ransomed, the kidnappers just go to the market and buy one,” Manente said.

The going rate for a migrant was between $200 (£160) and $500 (£400) each, with many forced into captivity for months before they are freed or sold on. So far this year more than 170 bodies have washed up on the shores of the Mediterranean while the Libyan Coast Guard has also rescued thousands more.

IOM has helped repatriate 1,500 people back to West Africa so far this year where it is trying to inform people not to risk the journey to Libya where they face exploitation.

“Migrants who go to Libya while trying to get to Europe, have no idea of the torture archipelago that awaits them just over the border,” said Leonard Doyle, chief IOM spokesman in Geneva. “There they become commodities to be bought, sold and discarded when they have no more value.”


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Oooo I have a headcannon request! RFA +V 7 minutes in heaven?

(✿╹◡╹) hello :3 this will be pure fluff because i don’t write nsfw, hope you don’t mind! they aren’t dating in this one btw~


~he accepted to playing this game without knowing what was going to happen

~7 minutes in heaven sounded pure to him

~ofc seven had a completely different idea and was trying to set him up with mc

~it was so rigged to land on mc for yoosungs turn

~don’t question sevens magic

~zen started yelling cheering on yoosung

~”guys wyd i’m just going to talk to her for 7 minutes”

~once they had gone into the closet together mc told him what the point of the game actually was


~mc reassured him they didn’t have to do said things and could just talk

~so they spend 7 minutes just talking

~more or less yoosung talking about LOLOL and mc listening




~he suggested the game

~he rigged said game

~but once he was in the closet with mc they told him they didn’t want to do anything sexual they just wanted to enjoy his company
~kokoro go doki doki

~so they just talked about memes

~why wouldn’t they

~and seven just told really bad puns they didn’t even make the seven minutes cause zen was outside (making sure nothing weird was going on) and he stopped them because he couldn’t handle the puns


~what is a seven minutes in heaven

~luciel is this a game where we die and go to heaven?

~this game wasn’t rigged

~he still got to go into the closet with mc

~he stood in the closet

~why would i sit on a floor that is unsanitary

~he didn’t know what to actually do

~mc stood up with him and just kinda stood there and hugged this precious bean

~for seven


~that’s all just hugging in silence



~but i think the fuck not zenny boi

~once in said closet with mc he kissed them

~but they refused to go any further than cuddling and kissing in the closet

~”mc wHY”

~that’s really all that happened for seven minutes

~other than zen talking about how gr8 he looked

~and mc agreeing

~we agree zen

~we agree



~she has heard of the game

~never played it until now

~you held her hand before she had spun it and when it landed on you she was really happy

~wow my best friend yAY

~gal pals

~nothing special went on just lovely conversations

~and talk about what aesthetics the coffee shop should have

V :


~knows the game but his intention is just a good conversation

~he  is too pure

~once you got into the closet the first thing he said was that he just wanted to talk

~and that’s all that happened

~but at the end of it you kissed him quickly and smiled and left the closet

It’s eight o'clock in the evening and you’re sitting on the floor with a writing journal in front of your crossed legs and the couch your father is sitting on at your back. A half-written essay decorates the page you’re open on. The Catcher in the Rye wasn’t even a boring book, but this is your third attempt at writing an essay on it, and you’re beginning to lose focus. On your knee is a scabbed-over war-wound from your fight with Tommy Young on the bank of Morrison Creek and you start to idly pick at it as you stare blankly at the page in front of you. Your father thumps your thigh with his foot to get you to stop and makes a point frowning at the lack of progress you’ve made in the essay, so you scowl right back at him.

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Cappuccino- Childhood Friends AU (Taehyung)

genre: fluff 

words: 1544 

prompt: Childhood friends taehyung au? Where he miss you after 4 years without communication?

His fingertips grazed against the grass, enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun with her right by his side. When she was little, every summer she came to visit her grandparents’ farm and play with the little animals.


Taehyung always visited her grandparents as well. This started when they found him wandering around their farm, curious on what did they plant and observed how they changed. The old couple was very kind and they let him come anytime he wanted, to which he eagerly accepted.


He found her sitting at the grassfield, his safe haven. He was 8 and she was 7. She sat there with her head tilted up towards the yellow-orange sky, with her cat he assumed, on her lap. He walked towards her and she let out a little yelp at his sudden appearance, making him laugh.

“You scared me! Don’t you ever do that again!” She pouted and huffed.

He was amused with her fuming face. Her cheeks were pink and the way they puffed made her look like she was 5.

“Who are you?” Her small, brown eyes gazed at him with curiosity.

“I’m Taehyung. Pleasure to meet ya!” He gave her a grin with a missing tooth or two and she laughed and shook his hand. “I’m Y/N.”


Ever since, they started to wander around the farm together. Her grandparents were happy that the both of them found each other and they grew fond of each other. Her grandmother would always find it hard to separate the both of them. Whether it be eating cookies, both of them would always share even a glass of milk. She would scold her since it was unsanitary to share one glass with someone. “But Gramma, he’s my best friend, kind of like a family to me. I don’t mind sharing at all!” She sighed in defeat and she let her share with him.



It’s been four years since he saw her but she never left his mind. After being scouted, he never spoke to her again. He was happy to be able to fulfill his dream being an artist . His co-members were absolutely nice and funny. He loved being an idol, being able to meet new people and he thanked each one of them who appreciated his hard work. But he felt that something was still lacking.

“y/n stop throwing those pineapples at me! I know how much you hate them on pizza but you don’t have to throw them to me.” He glared at her and she shrugged. He was 17 and she was 16.

“Meh, I don’t care. I like throwing them at you.” She threw another pineapple at him and he quickly caught it with his mouth, chewing it with a smirk on his face. She rolled her eyes at her cockiness.


“What would happen if we got separated?” She randomly asked. He froze and it was his turn to throw a pillow. “I won’t allow it.” They were attached to the hip. She hook her head. “I wouldn’t allow it either. Come one let’s watch a movie.”



She invited him to go to the city and he quickly agreed. Her family warmly welcomed him and offered him to go and tour him around the city, to which she volunteered to do. She knew how uncomfortable he still felt around her family and he was more than happy to know that she was going with him.


Taehyung tightly held onto her fingertips, afraid that he might get lost. He was 18 but he still felt a bit vulnerable around strange places.Her tracks stopped and soon he followed. He looked at her amd wondered she stopped, only to find her gazing at the tall building with hopeful eyes.

“I wanted to be an artist Tae…”

“Then why don’t you become one? You can sing, dance and hell you can rap!” She gave a small smile.

“My Dad doesn’t want me to.” She smiled but sadness was visible on her face.

He frowned. He knew that he couldn’t do anything but he wanted to help. She started tugging his hands but came to a halt again when they were faced with a man. She froze and her eyes widen.

“Who is he?” He asked.

“Uh.. A..” She stuttered.

“I’m sure she’s aware that I’m here to scout and my boy you’re lucky.”

Her grasp loosen and her eyes were looking down on the floor.


“Come with me boy and I’ll train you. Albeit you’ll be a great performer!” He held his wrist and dragged him towards the building. “Wait! Y/N! Don’t choose me choose her.” She calmly smiled at him. “It’s okay Tae, just go. I know you’ll do well.” She waved at him one last time as he followed the man, his heart heavy from taking her dream away.



He walked around the city again with a cap and mask, remembering the times they walked into different coffee shops just to compare their coffees. He laughed at the memory of her having to throw up after drinking 10 cups of coffee and he held her hair. He knew he loved having her with him and it was a horrible memory that he left her behind.

He sighed and walked into the first coffee shop you went to back then. He pulled his mask down and the scent of coffee and oatmeal cookies invaded his senses. “Nostalgic…” He breathed and he walked towards the counter. “Iced Cappuccino would be nice. V.” He gave the girl behind counter his name and he walked back to his seat, waiting for his name to be called.

His fingers tapped against the table, still recalling those small moment he had with her. He remembered that she ordered her favorite blueberry cheesecake and she shoved a huge slice of it in his mouth, making him slightly choke. He shook his head with a small smile playing on his face. “I really do miss her.”

“V! For customer V!” Was it possible to lift your head less than a second? He was sure he was going to break his neck when he did. That voice sounded so familiar, and blood felt like they were cold water running in his veins. He gulped as he walked towards the claiming section, scared that his speculation was wrong.

He wasn’t though.

There she stood with a wide smile on her face as she held the cup towards him. Her soft brown hair was now cut short  and hidden under her cap but she looked even more beautiful than he remembered. Her cheeks were a shade of soft pink and her eyes widen at the sight of him.

“Tae…?” He swore he felt that he was going to melt right on the spot.

“Come on just get that damn coffee!” The man behind him yelled and he jumped a little walking back to his seat. She went back to work, handing the coffee to the grumpy customer, but her mind wandered off.

“Chief, can I get a few minutes of break?” Her manager smiled and nodded. “Go ahead. Looks like you need it.” She gave him a smile and thanked him.

She immediately rushed out to him, calling out his name before he left the café. He looked around for her and he found her running towards him and shamelessly hugging him. He was startled at first. He thought that she was upset with him. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, and nuzzled his nose on the crook of her neck. She can’t fight the tears anymore.

“You don’t know how much I’ve missed you.” He sighed and held her waist even tighter but she looseness her hold. She pulled back a little and gave him a little glare. “Taehyung I’ve waited four years for you! You don’t know painful it was for me… We didn’t even talk.”

“I know… Besides time constraint, I was scared to contact you.”


“I took away your dream.”

She smiled at him and held his cheek. “Tae, you don’t have to worry about that. I found that there are much more important things I should focus on. I guess that dream was just a small wish and I knew I wouldn’t really reach it.”

“Bu-” She put a finger on his lips.

“Sh. Like I said, there are more important things I need to focus on. Like you.”


“Kim Taehyung, I’ve been in love with ever since puberty started.” He laughed at her confession but at the same time his heart pounded. He never thought she would confess first.

He held her face and slowly brought her closer to his. He always wondered how her lips felt. He pressed his lips against hers, making her wrap her arms around his neck. She felt like she was about to explode. Her longing of his presence finally washed away with a sweet kiss.

He slowly pulled back with his forehead resting on hers, one hand on her neck and the other, brushing his fingertips on her hair.

“I love you Y/N, more than you know it.” She looked at him with a sweet smile and sighed.

“I’m glad you remembered this café.”

“hell I’m glad I did.”

Hello! This is my first scenario and I hope you guys like it. 

I honestly love Taehyung mehehe. But I love all of the Bangtan boys, :* 

Enjoy reading!

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Cherry (Part 5)- wolf!jikook story

There’s been a lot of changes since Jungkook became friends with Taehyung. Not that he’s caused a rift in Jimin’s and Taehyung’s relationship, for the two are always together, giggling about something. At school, they’re the best of friends.

Most of the drama happens at the Friday sleepovers, anyways.

1) Jimin’s constantly separating the two with his body if they get a little too close. Taehyung makes it a point to nuzzle Jungkook’s neck whenever he wants, which is basically all the time, regardless of who’s in the room. When this happens, Jimin’s over there in less than a second, clawing at his face and threatening to tell his mom.

“You’re a bad wolf!” Jimin growls after shoving him away from Jungkook, wrapping an arm around Jungkook’s tiny shoulders. “You can’t lick his ears!”

“They taste good,” Taehyung grins. “Like cotton candy.”


2) When it’s time to sleep, Jimin and Jungkook always share a sleeping bag.

Taehyung started this tradition by creeping into Jungkook’s sleeping bag one night and snuggling into the blankets. When Jimin had lazily cracked open an eye and caught sight of that extra bulge in the sheets, his ears had instantly perked and his body practically flew through the air.

“Out!” he kept pushing at the sheets, growling and snarling. “It’s not your sleeping bag, Taehyung! Get off!”

When Taehyung had rushed out, Jimin made himself at home in the sleeping bag, Jungkook’s body right next to his. The beach scent was quickly replaced with cherries, and Taehyung stood outside the sleeping bag, complaining.

“Why can you sleep with Kook but I can’t?” Taehyung whined, pulling up his baggy pajama pants.

“I’m his neighbor,” Jimin huffed happily, tail batting against Jungkook’s knee underneath the covers. “That means we’re best friends.”

Really, Jungkook didn’t mind who slept in his sleeping bag; both of them were warm. However, he enjoyed the scent of cherries much more than the beach.

3) Jimin cried when he found out that Jungkook only invited Taehyung to the city’s waterpark for a playdate.

Listen to this! Jungkook constantly talked to Jimin about the waterpark, wondering why the older wolf seemed to dislike the place. Whenever he’d mention swimming there, Jimin would tell him how ‘unsanitary’ and ‘boring’ it was.

“I only went there once, and it was so boring! I also got this sunburn on my back.” As if the mark would still be there, Jimin had lifted his shirt and pointed at a random part of his back. “It was here!”

So Jungkook was surprised to hear that Jimin, after hearing Taehyung boast about their upcoming playdate, hid in his room and bawled. Jimin’s mother was quite irritated, not understanding that Jimin didn’t like the waterpark. Jungkook’s heard his complaints many times! She should know what her son likes and doesn’t like

“Do you wanna come with us?” Jungkook had asked, lifting up the blanket Jimin was hiding under.

Wiping away the tears from his chubby cheeks, Jimin glanced up at him with hurt eyes. “Y-Yeah.”

“I thought you hated the pool, Jimin.”

“Not w-when I’m with you.”

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Headcanon: Although ace eats just about anything, his favorites are Leigh cooking. He loves her cooking the most.

Leith’s not a master chef, so really her food is just kinda average. She can follow a recipe and maybe remember one or two things off the top of her head, but otherwise her food isn’t really anything to get excited about. She doesn’t even like cooking most days.

Ace doesn’t so much as love her cooking, as he loves messing with her while she’s cooking.

“What’chu makin?”

Leith jumped with a screech, her entire body jolting in surprise as warm breath tickled behind her ear. She cursed herself to hell and back for teaching the jerk how to conceal his presence.

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thank you so much for all the amazing writing!! if you're not too overwhelmed with prompts, could you write something with andreil + protectiveness??

Reading this back, I’m not sure this is quite the protectiveness you were looking for, but hopefully you still enjoy? Like wow did I diverge. Please message if you want a take 2. Also, fun fact: this is based off a true story in that I too thought Ratatouille was a safe and good movie to watch with my four year old nephew. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t and he cried.

Being a witness in the FBI’s trial takes more out of Neil than he anticipated. Hearing every detail and seeing the photos presented to the court leaves his stomach rolling. It leaves fear and dread crawling through his veins and gnawing at his bones. It leaves the itch to run sparking with each beat of his heart. Andrew is always there, though, to quiet the urge. With a look. With a touch. With simple but strong words. 

But when they finally make it back to PSU, Neil still feels off, like he hasn’t quite got his feet righted against the ground. The Foxes are both suffocating and overly cautious at the same time. They don’t leave him alone, and yet they tip-toe around him, talking in hushed tones they don’t think he hears and watching him with concerned eyes they don’t think he sees. Even if it does start to get under his skin after a few days, they’re his family, and really, Neil does appreciate the gesture. So when Dan suggests a movie night, Neil can’t find it in his heart to decline. 

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Daisuga (NSFW/Omegaverse)

I told myself to get over my embarrassment, finish this fic and post it. Might as well get over it, right. 

Don’t read this if you don’t like nsfw and omegaverse and breeding kink and fluids and unbeta’d works. Srsly. 

So sorry. I’m on mobile so.


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Have you ever wanted to make butter out of human fat?

Ok. I was actually fazed by this question and this has been in my inbox for awhile, but I’ve recently gotten a couple more questions and

…I have so many questions right now.