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a favor & a kiss

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member: lai guanlin 
genre: very fluffy
summary: you’ve always had a crush on guanlin but you never thought he would like you back, what happens when he asks you to wear his varsity jacket to be his lucky charm at his final basketball game?

  • you and guanlin were friends because you sat in maths class together
  • which mostly consisted of you and him complaining about the class and not doing the assigned work
  • “guanlin it’s been exactly 23 minutes and 16 seconds that we’ve been in this class but why does it feel like two weeks” you’d groan
  • he would smirk at you, and reply “we have 67 minutes and 44 seconds to go” you’d huff and puff but then you’d finally do you work
  • by work you mean copying off the answers from guanlin 
  • the thing is for you it was weird to be his friend 
  • well you didn’t want to be only his friend but you pushed your feelings in the deepest place in you mind
  • why?
  • because he was probably the most popular guy of your grade and you were just one of those people who blended into the background 
  • he was the star player of the basketball team, nice, funny, smart and not to mention his ridiculously good looks
  • because of this he had A HUGE FAN CLUB like no joke even like girls three years older than him wanted to date him
  • Guanlin also had very popular friends across the grades even some in university 
  • he was exciting and fun and you were plain and boring 
  • you had absolutely no chance with him
  • you happily settled with just being his friend but you couldn’t sometimes help but wish that maybe one day something would happen
  • one maths class guanlin asked you to go to the final of his basketball game 
  • you agreed cause you had nothing planned for that night other than binge watching netflix
  • the day of the game guanlin came to you when you were eating lunch  which was a very unusual occurence
  • you could feel the glares and whispers of other girls
  • feeling awkward and uncomfortable you asked him “whats up?”
  • unexpectedly he looked even more nervous than you and said
  • “uhhhh i have a favour to ask? i always have someone who’s important to me wear my varsity jacket at my final games. Is it okay if you could wear it tomorrow?”
  • he said looking at the ground and rubbing his neck which you knew was nervous habit of his from the hours of staring at him
  • your heart was beating SO FAST you think that everyone could hear it
  • you tried to muster a normal (not too excited so i seem chill) smile without squealing 
  • guess what, you failed, you literally squeaked in response
  • but after freaking out you finally beamed a smile and replied “i’d love to”
  • he gave you his most heart melting gummy smile which you literally thought could melt you
  • he started to ramble after you said yes “like i didn’t mean to be weird it’s just my sister always wore my varsity jacket at my final games but she’s still in taipei and i don’t have any other important girls in my life other than you”
  • your heart then was torn in two parts 
  • complete devastation because HE SAW YOU LIKE A SISTER not just a friend A SISTER
  • but also just pure bliss because you’re the only important girl in his life other than his family 
  • you just ended up smiling and saying “it’s not weird at all, i’d love to be your good luck charm” you said with a joking wink
  • then of course guanlin proceeds TO BLUSH 
  • you freaked out because 
  • 1. you are NEVER that flirty (but it’s probably because of the panic that he looks at you like a sister which of course causes you to awkwardly flirt)
  • 2. HE BLUSHED this cool gorgeous guy BLUSHED because of you
  • he mumbled a few incoherent words something along the lines of “see you at the game” and handed you his varsity jacket
  • before you know it your one and only close best friend looked at you with her jaw open and simply said like the dirty minded hoe she is 
  • “he totally wants to get in your pants, GO FOR IT HONEY!”
  • you whacked her in the arm and said disappointedly “he only likes me as a friend even a sister”
  • “keep on telling yourself that” she smirked
  • because of your friend teasing you you didn’t notice guanlin getting teased by ALL of his friends
  • “yah! guanlin giving her your jacket is not good enough bloody confess to her already!” jihoon said 
  • “aw you and y/n would be sooo cute” daehwi cooed who else would it be
  • “not as cute as us though” jinyoung said while wrapping his arm around daehwi jokingly totally not joking
  • “hmm guanlin-ah after we win because we’re totally gonna win, KISS HER” seongwoo cockily remarked
  • “do that confess, ask her out and boom you’re a couple” added daniel
  • “you’ll be fine” woojin said reassuringly while patting his shoulder
  • he just basically groaned the whole time his hyungs were talking and just wanted it to be at the game already 
  • *the game*
  • you were wearing a plain white tshirt dress which was a bit short for your comfort with Guanlin’s varsity jacket and your hair in a loose kinda messy bun with minimal makeup
  • you gotta admit you looked pre cute
  • especially because at school you wear baggy sweatpants and worn out t shirts, you hair is a mess and you’re sure sometimes you have some dried drool on your cheek
  • you were on the bleacher closest to the court so you could see guanlin play and cheer for him
  • unbeknownest to you guanlin had checked if you were there and once seeing you his heart was beating so rapidly
  • more than if he sprinted for like 30 minutes
  • because you looked so beautiful
  • he literally screamed in the locker room to jihoon
  • jihoon was like woah dude calm down and like damn you’re really in love with this chick aren’t ya you little giant baby
  • and guanlin just blushes and nods 
  • *okay time skip to the actual game*
  • you couldn’t help but appreciate how hot guanlin looked in his basketball tank top which showed off his lean but muscular arms 
  • and his uniform just made him look taller than usual
  • but first half the team played really well thrashing the other team 
  • guanlin was shooting most of the goals and you were like 
  • that’s my man but like lol no he’ll never be intersted in me 
  • in the break between the halves he gave you a wave and a warm smile
  • you smiled back, showing off your jacket and giving him a hwaiting gesture
  • he gave you a thumbs up back
  • in the second second half the other team catched up because one of the best players (seongwoo) injured his ankle and couldn’t play
  • he totally swore so loudly when he got injured for like 10 minutes straight 
  • with only 2 minutes to go it was a tie and the ball was on the opposite side of the court of the boys goal
  • you were so anxious you were screaming encouragements hoping that the guys would win
  • suddenly guanlin blocks the ball from going into the goal and then grabs and dribbles it super fast to the middle of the court
  • with only a few seconds left he shoots a three pointer
  • you tried to fight your way to Guanlin but he was being so crowded you waited for everyone to calm down
  • before you know it Guanlin was right in front of you
  • and whispers in your ear 
  • “i deserve a reward for shooting the winning goal don’t ya think? my sister would always give me a peck on the cheek if we won?” 
  • he said cheekily and suggestively
  • you were blushing so hard not just because of his request but also because his face was only centimetres away from yours
  • and you just blushed and tried to be hard to get but totally failed
  • “just because you scored the winning goal” you replied
  • you stood on you tip toes to kiss his cheek cause you were short af
  • as you were leaning in to kiss his cheek you closed your eyes
  • you didn’t realise he twisted his head to face yours for your lips to reach his
  • he didn’t even know what he was doing because he never kissed anyone
  • cause like even him the swaggiest of rappers can have zero experience
  • his mind was freaking out and he knew it was because of the adreanaline of the game which made him so daring
  • and before you both knew it
  • you felt a pair of lips warm and soft on yours
  • YOU FREAKED OUT INTERNALLY but honey you weren’t gonna stop
  • you felt one of guanlin’s hands cupping your cheek and one on your lower back 
  • you could hear the wolf whistles and cheers and shouts of “YEAH FINALLY!!!” from literally all the wanna one boys and basketball team
  • you slowly parted away from your first but probably the best kiss you’ll ever experience
  • and guanlin just looks down on you he’s a giant and you see his gummiest smile and his eyes are just shining of happiness
  • you mirrored basically the same expression but also like confusion 
  • cause thoughts being like what the fuck just happened does this mean he likes me WHAT??!!!
  • before you could express any of these thoughts
  • Guanlin tells you super shyly and sweetly
  • “um well first of all i like you a lot LIKE A LOT i have since our first conversation, i kinda really fell for your smile and personality and looks and just everything i guess” he continues by saying
  • “i thought you’d never like me cause you’re basically perfect but like i think you do?? cause like yeah”
  • he awkwardly ended it with an adorable smile and you burst out laughing
  • “you thought i’d never like you, boi you so swaggy” you said with wiggly eyebrows trying to diffuse the kinda awkward but not really but also super endearing situation
  • guanlin laughed and whispered under his breath which you only just heard 
  • “this is why i love you”
  • “wait shit i said that out loud, ugh shit well whatever at least it’s true”
  • he said looking sooooo embarassed
  • you laughed softly and said “i love you too guanlin-ah”
  • he smiled broadly and without hesitation he asked 
  • “since you love me so much, will you be my girlfriend?” he said with a teasing tone
  • “hmmm i’m not sure cause jihoon’s pretty cute, don’t ya think?” you said jokingly
  • “HEY! i’m so much better than jihoon hyung” guanlin pouted
  • “guanlin trust me you’re not” jihoon commented butting into your moment
  • guanlin just sulked before you giggled and cupped his cheeks 
  • “of course guanlin, I’d love to be your girlfriend.” you said kissing his cheek for real this time
  • he smiles and says in awe “y/n is actually my girlfriend i don’t believe it”
  • you just smile and the crowd errupts into cheers 
  • seongwoo taps guanlin on the shoulder and tells him
  • “guanlin as much as i enjoy young love and you actually having some guts to ask a girl out, coach wants us in the lockeroom” he said smirking and winking at you
  • you laugh cause seongwoo is always funny 
  • “yeah i’m coming hyung” guanlin replied
  • “but before i leave” he says to you
  • he kisses you on the forehead and whispers to you sweetly
  • “wait for me princess, i’ll be back soon”
  • and wow you just became an absolute puddle of goo
  • you just nod and say “of course i’ll be waiting aren’t i your lucky charm?” you say with a wink
  • he laughs and sends you a gummy smile as he runs towards the locker room
  • you hug his jacket around yourself and just process everything that happened 
  • you’re wearing the jacket of your crush-wait no boyfriend-and you’re so glad guanlin asked you to wear it
  • and you end up wearing it to every single game after that one

lol i’m sorry i went so overboard i did not expect this to be this long especially a bullet point scenario. but i hope you enjoyed it anyways! also please send requests in! or just send me a message for a chat because i’d love to talk to anyone about kpop tbh lmao. But thank you for reading!

how pentagon kisses their s/o

how would ptg kiss their s/o?  - anon


  • tbh with jinho, i don’t think kissing would occur very much bc he’s the type of person that doesn’t really seek physical contact if he’s in a relationship. but he can be a very romantic kisser when he does kiss you. his kisses would contain his feelings for you and it would really just mean a lot. after a kiss, he would most likely give you a really cute smile before pecking your lips once more. overall it would just be really cute.


  • kisses with hui are very memorable bc they would be sweet. he would definitely cup your face gently with one hand, while the other is wrapped around your waist. he tries to make every kiss with you special to let you know how much he loves you. and bc of this, you look forward to his kisses every now and then. it would just be very natural between you two. 


  • definitely a passionate kisser. his kisses always prove one point: that you’re his and only his. most of the time, it’s hongseok that initiates the kiss first and when he does kiss you, he’ll have both his hands around your waist. if the kiss gets deeper, and he uses tongue, he would let his hands wander around your body.


  • he loves to tease. he would kiss you when you two are cuddling in bed under all the blankets and it would just be the sweetest thing bc you two would just close yourselves off from the rest of the world. he seems like the type to enjoy lazy kisses, so his lips will most likely be moving lazily against yours before biting your lower lip. 


  • kisses would just come very naturally with shinwon. he doesn’t even think about when or how to kiss you, he’ll just go for it. just like hongseok, he would be very passionate. and between you two, there would be so much intimacy. his hand would be cupping your chin, and you would just love the way you feel the warmth of his breath against your skin.

Yeo One

  • i think his kisses would be very playful. his kisses are just so soft and loving that you can’t help but smile and giggle into the kiss. in between kisses however, he would probably pull away and randomly give you an eskimo kiss. which would be sooo cute. there would be a lot of eye contact as well as long, meaningful hugs.


  • everything yanan does would just seem so innocent, him kissing you especially. i think for him, it would take a while until he finally kisses you bc he wants to pour his soul into it just for you. he’ll kiss your cheek and your forehead as a sign of affection before he goes for your lips. but he would be so shy afterwards.


  • with yuto, i think he would be very smooth when initiating a kiss. he wouldn’t think and plan out his kisses very much, but rather he would just kiss you when he felt like it. which are at the most randomest times. to you, these type of kisses would be so unexpected but fun and loving at the same time.


  • this guy would be the most sweetest and playful amongst the members. i think he would be the type to cover your face with gentle, little pecks while giggling in between. at times when you’re laughing at his jokes, he would suddenly kiss your lips just bc he thinks you’re so adorable. basically, your kisses with him would be so cute.


  • i feel like he’ll definitely be nervous whenever he wants to give you a kiss. but when he does kiss you, they would be very gentle. he would always make you feel safe and protected in his arms and you would really love this. i feel like he’ll start to become more confident and enthusiastic once he gets the hang of it.

ok, consider this: izumi’s daughter and wei beifong

i know bryke wanted to pair her with mako, and i like the ship, but what if she met wei and they end up falling in love? i love the twins, especially wei, and i love izumi’s daughter - even though we don’t know anything about her. i think i love the idea of her character. 

i have this headcanon where ursa (that’s my name for her) is opal’s best friend. it works for both ways, if she dates mako or wei - with mako they would hang out all the time cause opal dates bolin, and they are brothers. in wei’s case opal would be the one to introduce them. i like to think that she invites ursa to go to zaofu with her, and when they get there, wei is playing power disc with wing. ursa is like all impressed and wei is embarrased cause he’s very sweaty

they spend a lot of time together during the time she stays in zaofu, it’s kinda hard when she needs to leave. wei talks to opal, he ask her to bring ursa more often, and then she realizes they like each other. opal starts to ursa about wei, and to wei about ursa. opal’s is their angel and she’s SO happy when they finally announce they’re together

su and izumi think their relationship is the cutest thing. iroh, opal, wing and huan went out to dinner with ursa and wei to celebrate it. and of course it would be sooo cute to see toph teasing zuko about those two. in my head zuko is very protective over his grandchildren - his whole family, actually - and he gets kinda………hm okay……. when ursa tells him about wei. toph loves it. in the end, zuko ends up loving wei, he thinks he’s such a good boy

so that’s it! i still like ursa x mako, but ursa x wei is so cute. love my little headcanon that brings together my two favorite families from tlok <3

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Hi, how would bts react if their smoll gf hides behind their back whenever she gets scared 🐥


Jin would be completely in love with this habit of yours. No matter the situation, he would have to giggle at you for at least a minute. And later probably crack up at your cute actions.

“Ahh- You’re to much! Just too cute!”

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He’d find it absolutely adorable. Cheesy, but adorable. Some moments he may cringe, but other moments he’d only fall more in love with you. This move will most likely make his cute gummy smile come right out of its shell.

“Really, Y/n?”

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Hoseok, being the scardy cat he is, might hide behind you. But when he sees you do this, he would explode! He wouldn’t be able to handle the cuteness at all. He would have to turn around and give you the longest hug with the hugest smile on his face.

“YOu aRe so aDOrabLe I LovE yoU!”

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I feel like Namjoon would blush a lot, with a closed smile that shoes of his dimples. For some reason he would become a little shy, but still think you are super cute when you do it.

“Ahh, Y/n! I’ll protect you.”

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Jimin would LOVE this. No matter how serious the situation was, his smile would always creep onto his face. The blush on his face would be no joke, yet he would still protect you.

“It’s Ok, Y/n. It’s ok.”

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Tae would melt on the floor from how cute you are. He would grab your hand from behind and kiss it, since it was the only way he could express his strong love for you at the moment.

“Jagiiiii, You’re sooo cute”

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He would be so amused by you, and love it so much. Everytime you did it, he’d smirk to himself and later after what was happening, he give you all his attention in love because he just thinks you are such a cute baby bean.

“Y/n, why are you so smoll and adorable?”

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Harrison Osterfield Sexual Life (headcanon)

Requested: yes

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Harrison Osterfield Sexual Life

- Everything started at a random party where the both of you had too much to drink;
- You woke up with the biggest headache ever and you almost had a heart attack when you saw a sleepy naked Harrison next to you;
- At first you’d be pretty embarrassed and did not know what to do;
- “Maybe we can do it again” Harrison proposed you;
- That’s more or less how this whole thing started;
- Ok but I have the strong feeling that Harrison wants to spice up things and try something new to make everything special;
- Also because with his busy schedule you can also spend months without seeing each other;
- Since his eyes are just so beautiful, I think eye contact is a must.
- Back muscle kink because have you seen that body?!
- Ok but no one (apart from you and Harry that once walked in on you two making out) knew about your special friendship so when you visited the boys Harrison would tell you to keep quite or he stop making you feel good;
- “Stay still, pretty girl”;
- The day later Tom noticed the big hickey on your neck and he said something like “Was it good?”;
- You answered looking into Harrison’s eyes and with a smirk “Not that much”;
- Oh boy, when you were left alone he came from behind and whispered something like “Not that much? Darling, you’re in troubles;”
- Biting his neck;
- Phone sex because, why not?
- His voice would be something incredible, like he would be sooo deep and scratched;
- Praising kink;
- Wearing cute lingerie just for him;
- “God, darling, you are so beautiful” and he would pass his hand through his hair like he always does!!!;
- Moaning into kisses;
- Caressing every inch of your body;
- Ok but at some point everything got more intense, it wasn’t just fucking there was a new bond;
- So he started to stay the night and this led to morning sex (and maybe also a third round in the shower???)
- “Maybe there’s not just physical attraction between us”;
- “You should probably ask me out”;
- Open mouth kisses;
- One night you scratched his back so hard that the following evening he tied you up and said something like “let’s see if next time you’ll scratch me again, kitten”;
- His jaw clenched every time you went down on him;
- His jaw is just so beautiful;
- Telling the rest of the boys about the two of you and finding out they already knew/suspected;
- “That’s because Y/N can’t be quiet” Tom said whit nonchalance;
- Harrison chucked “Maybe I’m just good at it”;
- I bet he is;
- To sum up you sex life would be incredible and I’m very jealous about it;
- Bye;

“I told you I like posting things that make me happy.” His eyes twinkle in the dimness of the room, and the fondness in his expression is unmistakeable as he lands back on the mattress.

@ingthing‘s new update on the wp/f au was sooo cute I wish my art would give it justice!! lol good thing ing draws victuuri WAAAYYY better but please accept this selfie 🙏

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Ohhh in family au does Hunk, Lance, and Pidge ever find the 1980s Voltron show. That would be sooo cute if they did and Keith and Shiro would be like, "What?" lol.

[The Voltron Family] Shiro and Keith would take their usual nap around lunch on weekends while the kids do what they want: watch movies or play video games in the living room. So when they woke up, Keith heard the kids laughing and so he got up from bed.

Shiro: Hey, it’s not even three yet. *yawns* Get back to bed.
Keith: True. But I can’t go back to sleep now. I’m hungry. *pouts*
Shiro: *chuckles* But we just ate lunch.
Keith: Well excuse me for being hungry. *crosses arms* I’m getting ice cream whether you like it or not.
Shiro: I’ll go with you. You know I can’t sleep without you beside me.
Keith: *rolls eyes* My god. Stop flirting after our nap time.
Shiro: *smirks* I’m your husband. I can flirt with you whenever I want. *gets up and pulls Keith into a bone crushing hug*
Keith: Apparently that involves killing me. *tries to escape* Let go of me you, gigantic crab.
Shiro: *blinks* Gigantic crab? Last week I was a cute shrimp.
Keith: You’re like seafood to me.
Shiro: Really now? Why so?
Keith: I love seafood.
Shiro: *hugs tightly* NOW WHO’S FLIRTING?!!! You know I love you right?
Keith: *chuckles* Yeah. Everyday. Can we please get my ice cream now? 

When they got out of their bedroom, they noticed the kids all eating ice cream while watching an anime series. What caught Keith’s attention was someone shouting “SHIROGANE!”

Keith: *turns to the tv* What did he just say?
Lance: *laughs* Did you know Voltron has our names? 
Shiro: Oh my god. *gapes* That’s so true. 
Keith: What?
Hunk: The red lion pilot is called Shirogane and the black one is called Keith or Akira? Which is funny cause those are your colours but like opposites. *giggles*
Pidge: And a dude is named Darrell a.k.a. Pidge. I feel like Matt was a Voltron fan and used that nickname for me. *laughs* And Lance is there too and Tsuyoshi which is Hunk.
Shiro: *sits down on the sofa with the kids* *grabs the ice cream from Lance*
Lance: *shock* DADDY SHIRO!!!
Shiro: Shush, child. I technically paid for this. Oh my god.
Lance: *pouts*
Shiro: *kisses Lance’s head* You can share with me. *turns back to the tv* This is such an old anime. I was a kid when it came out.
Keith: What? *still standing unmoved* 
Shiro: When I watched this I was pretty sure Shirogane and Akira had a thing. *raises eyebrows up and down* But they didn’t push through with it. Shame.
Hunk: So you and Daddy Keith made it a reality instead. *laughs*
Shiro: The names can’t be a coincidence. *looks at Keith*
Keith: What?
Shiro: For such an anime fan you didn’t know about Voltron? I trusted you and you failed me! *absolutely shocked*
Keith: WHAT?
Shiro: *laughs* C’mon, love. Sit down and let’s watch.
Pidge: Sit beside me, Daddy Keith!  *pulls Keith down*
Shiro: *sits back and eats more ice cream* Let’s start with episode one.
Three kids: *groans* But we’re episode 4 already!!
Shiro: Oh quiet you. My house, my rules. Now go back to episode one. 

After the marathon, the kids named their school bus “Voltron.”

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This is sooo cute omg!

Dick would really like The Regular Show.
Jason would watch Bob’s Burgers
This boy is so into Gravity Falls
Insists cartoons are stupid but has been caught watching Avatar the Last Airbender
Bruce would be secretly very enthusiastic about Phineas and Ferb and has been heard humming the theme song.
Likes Adventure Time!
Her fave cartoon is Scooby Doo! Any version except the weird new one (yuck)
Shamelessly watches Totally Spies. Has gotten Jason to watch with her.
Rick and Morty!