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English is Blake’s second language. There is a language the Faunus used to know but it’s rarely heard outside of Menagerie, that’s Blake’s first language. Her parents taught her both as she was growing up so things would be much easier for her, and she can speak both fluently.

There’s times she’ll stumble, but they’re very rare. And they’re usually if there’s a word she’s thinking of that she knows in her native language but there’s no English alternative for it.

Bonus; RW_Y actually discovered this through Blake sleep talking. Ruby remembered a few phrases and asked her what they meant and Blake was kinda embarrassed it was things like “But mom I already did the chores.”

A Court of Hearts and Darkness Chapter Fifteen

It’s been over a century since the epic and bloody war against Hybern, but a new, unprecedented horror lies in wait to threaten everything the Inner Circle holds dear.

At a mere 17, it seems that the only one who can save them is the Heir to the Night Court, Feyre and Rhysand’s daughter Eleana, but as a creature so vile promises to kill everyone she loves, she must combat the urge to succumb to the darkness herself. The key to success lies hidden within her mate, the bastard born Kaden, who is as oblivious to the bond as her Court is oblivious to the war on the horizon.

With the help of her cousin and warrior Felix, the son of the famed Nesta and Cassian, they will try to save everything they hold dear, hopefully before the darkness takes them all.

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Eleana was ready to go, just waiting for Kaden to hurry up. Who knew getting dressed could be such as task?

“Hurry up you bastard!” Felix was also impatient. He had offered them his house to get ready, since it’s not like they had anywhere else to go. For the next two days, Felix was taking the Elite on a mission to the mortal lands. Eleana’s mother was under the assumption that that’s where her daughter was going to be. It wasn’t a lie, per se, Eleana was going to be with a member of the Elite, just not the one she was related to.

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Things Said Between The INTX Twins At School

“I hate school”

“why are we here”

“actually, no”

“would it be easier to coat something in powdered aluminum or…”

“I hate to disappoint you, but unfortunately, you’re just completely wrong”

“yeah I did the homework two minutes ago”

“the teacher asked if I had prepared anything and I had meant to but I forgot so I just did it on the fly”

“see, I KNOW I’m a terrible student, but none of the teachers have to know that I don’t do the homework until class starts”

“apparently people still think I actually study”

“no I really don’t know that much about it”

“we pretty much only care about coffee, murder, and random history knowledge”

“what makes you think you can talk to us?”

“sorry, we couldn’t stand by and let you confuse these innocent people with your inaccurate information”

“if you seriously expected us to be in class together and not start debating each other for absolutely no other reason than the debate then you, dear human, were sorely mistaken”

“I’m sorry I completely decimated every point you tried to make, you were just so painfully wrong”

“yes, people are allowed to voice their opinions, but if I can better argue mine against someone else’s then that person is going to get wrecked and that’s that, deal with it”

“just because you can talk, doesn’t mean you should”

“please, shut up. your idiocy is lowering my IQ just from being in the same room as you”

“I thought about doing my homework before class started and then I played guitar for three hours”

“procrastination is our specialty”

“oh that sounded rehearsed? we just improvised as we went along”

“so bored”

“there’s nothing to psychoanalyze anymore”

“what’s the point of being logical in this place? it’s full of feelers”

“I’m going to lose any shred of sanity I have left stuck here”

“we shouldn’t act smarter than everyone, but we can’t really help it if everyone is is being stupid”

“it’s not our fault we’re emotionless robots”

“we haven’t had enough caffeine to deal with this”

“the air is thick with the stomach churning scent of emotion”

“if you can’t look at it objectively then I can’t help you”

“I wish I could explain exactly what I did, but the truth is I have absolutely no idea”

“i look at things three ways: cynical, critical, and sometimes hypothetical.”

“we aren’t ‘clingy and refusing to share each other with other people’, we’re possessive and aggressive”

“don’t try to placate me, somebody just misquoted Sherlock”

“I know I said I wouldn’t but I really want to fight someone”

“we’re too logical for this”

“that would never work in real life”

“the chemical symbol for platinum isn’t Pl, it’s Pt”

“I can’t proofread this unless you want the entire paper covered in red pen grammar corrections”

“no offense, but we really don’t care”

“someone tried to tell me I was wrong and then found out they were the one that was wrong”

“more coffee”

“we may not look like it, but there is enough concentrated sass, logic, and straight up savagery in these tiny bodies to wipe out the entire state”

“it’s called twin telepathy, don’t ask us to explain it”

“someone besides us mentioned Nietzsche oh my god”

“excuse you, you’re in our way”

“could you not”

“you need to stop”

“why are we here”

“I want to go home”

“I’m surrounded by extroverts”


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wait hold on... you mean dean REALLY gave castiel a mixtape with his favourite songs and ... that thing in 12x19 really happened?? i feel like it's fake, like it didn't happen :P the world is falling apart and i fell into the universe where the writers have the balls to follow through with destiel, but at what cost!?

Bad news, this actually happened.

Good news! They already killed Cas in front of Dean, made Dean react 10x what Sam did (and Sam was NOT HAPPY about this :P) and then left him to fall to his knees beside Cas in the mud so I mean it’s got to be anywhere but down from here. 

TBH I haven’t really processed that it happened either. I’m still at the stage where I was grimly accepting this would be the last shot we see of Dean n Cas together at the end of the show, and this exact image has been burned on my retinas since about the first time I ever stopped and thought, what what MIGHT happen at the end of the show? Now I’ve actually seen it it’s all slipped through my brain like fine sand and I haven’t put it all back together yet >.>

The mixtape was easier, it seemed like more of the same fuckery dialled up to… 13 (We already did Spinal Tap much earlier in the season - we’re past dialling up to 11 :P) I do feel like I need a proper run through the season collecting all the pieces because I feel like I’ve barely got anything coherent to say about the Destiel in it because it’s all so obvious and on the screen and went to an actual model of canon endgame Destiel that I have previously assumed would happen (but as the END end), and I’m like a GPS when you accidentally take a weird turning and end up in a field.

I mean. Without rewatching… They started us from Dean telling Cas he was their brother (speaking for him and Sam) and then had him and Cas working together to save Sam and it was cool because Sam wasn’t there to compare to and Cas was helping Dean, but THEN come 12x03, Cas decides to leave, and immediately we have the focus on Dean welcoming him to his table, and Sam being just an attachment when Dean runs after Cas when he leaves. Dean keeps in contact with Cas while he’s gone, Dean gets the weird back and forth with Cas when they meet up again, Dean gets the weird moment with Cas after the whole prison thing where he sits in the backseat with him and the camera sort of tips its head and squints at the fact they did that… And then we get to the good stuff where the season shifts to being REALLY REALLY about Cas… 

Here’s the anon above you:

And yep 12x10 was filled with the little connections where Dean was the one sulking at Cas but the one rushing into the cafe, the one snapping at Ishim and being concerned about Cas, while Sam is sitting crammed on the end of the bench that he barely fits on but he’s a part of this too dammit, he’s just learning his space in it too. And Dean is the one who tries calling Cas at the end, rushes off with him while Sam stays with Lily, and ends up in another highly charged confrontation where he represents humanity and human weakness to Cas which basically sums up all these previous encounters like it like 8x17 and 9x22… In an episode about sexual and romantic love between humans and angels. 

In 12x12 Dean pays extra attention to Cas when they meet him, distracts himself with aggressive over-helpfulness with the waitress on Cas’s behalf, and then when Cas is dying, is the one fretting and lurking over him and pretending it’s fine, seems to get the “i love you” and even if it’s not directed at him specifically, the camera DOES look directly at him and capture his reaction. And then the whole thing with the hand holding and clinging onto each other, earning several extra seconds clutching time compared to Sam and Cas - and yes Sam holds Cas’s hand and helps haul him up because they’re a team and a family and Sam cares, but Dean’s just thaaaat much more clingy.

And at some point he gives him a mixtape.

And 12x19 is a study in Sam being like, …. okay… how about a practical response? and Dean’s like !!?!? CAS!?!!  and it makes 12x10 look like a weaksauce character sketch in comparison :P 

And after all that quiet emphasis on Sam and Dean walking a similar side by side path watching Cas’s second half of the season nonsense and reacting to it and to each other reacting to it, Cas dies in front of Dean and Sam’s like, shit, the slightly more alarming antichrist than the last one we encountered was just born, brb going to see what new horrors await us, and Dean’s like, 404 CARING NOT FOUND as he slumps down beside Cas. 

Like… yeah. That happened. >.>

Remember in season 11 when Cas was possessed by Lucifer and Dean was sort of a wee bit more worried than Sam was? 

And pfft season 8 who?

Anyway idk what they’d plan to do from here, but if they stick with it, Dean’s going to be totalled and I don’t envy Sam’s job propping him up while trying to deal with the next great escalation of the drama :P If they bring back Cas immediately, Dean’s going to also need to have a very different reaction to Sam’s generic happy relief.


Liam Dunbar-Landfill-Daughter

“Y/n you can’t sit there all day"Liam said as he stood at your bedroom door, he walked over and sat down on the window seat next to you. Liam hesitated before reaching up and giving your shoulder a quick squeeze.

It was awkward between the both of you now that he was dating Hayden, you had been bestfriends and now you were hardly even friends, just strangers in the same pack.
Before he would wrap his arms around your body and hold you for hours where as now he was too scared to even look at you.

You didn’t know why he was trying to make you feel better, the whole pack had tried. In fact Stiles, Lydia and Scott had been in your room seconds before Liam turned up attempting to pull you out of your catatonic state. The difference was they cared, Liam was just there on duty you felt like this was a chore for him.

The window seat in your room had been kept warm for days now, you hadn’t left that space. Always watching out of the window for them to return, your parents.

You were an only child and you had gotten wrapped up in the supernatural, they had sacrificed their own freedom, their lives so that you could live out your years happy and safe.
Deep down you knew that you would never see them again, but a part of you wanted to wait just in case they decided to walk through those gates.

Your house was awful dull and dark without your parents, you were alone.
“Y/n, I said you can’t sit here all day"Liam snapped you out of your thoughts.

You ignored his plea, just like he’d ignored you when he was with Hayden. You could hear him swearing, he angrily pushed himself up from the seat. Raging out on the furniture in your room.

Tears fell down your face as you listened to the sounds of Liam’s cries. You just didn’t care anymore.
Liam rushed towards you, grabbing your face and turning it so that your eyes were align. His breathing stopped for a minute as he inspected your tired and red eyes.

"I said you can’t sit here all day, it’s unhealthy"he spoke gently, his own lips trembling as he thought about your parents and how he’d grown up around them. His tears nearly overtook yours as he thought about how hurt and lonely you had been in that house. The guilt consumed him.

"I can’t- I can’t sit around and watch you like this, you aren’t staying here alone you’re starting to scare me"his thumb brushed over your cheeks, warming them slightly.

"So now you know what’s best for me?"you asked, this was the first time you’d spoken in days. Your voice was shaky.

"This isn’t good for you, you’re going to get sick have you even eaten?!"Liam didn’t try and hold back his tears anymore, you both sat opposite each other sobbing. His fingers still tracing the features of your face.

"You aren’t good for me but here we are"you whispered.

"No don’t say that, we are-we are good for each other"Liam shook his head violently.

"Visiting hours are over, you can go now"you mumbled before looking back out of the window.
Liam’s hands dropped from your face, leaving you cold.

"No- no I’m not leaving without you, you’re coming to stay with me"he decided as he pulled out your suitcase from underneath your bed, he stuffed the contents of your wardrobe in it. Zipping it up quickly and placing it by the door.

He ran over to you again and sat back where he was.
"Y/n come on let’s go home"He tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear.

"Why, you didn’t care about me before so why now? What because you feel like you have to play your part. The whole pack is there for y/n so you have to look like you actually care. News flash Liam I don’t need you anymore!"you hissed back.

"BUT I NEED YOU!!"he shouted.
The room fell silent and your breathing was now in sync with Liam’s.

"I need you"he repeated much quieter than before.

"Y/n, all I’ve wanted to do is hold you. I feel sick not being around you I thought that being with Hayden would make my choice easier and it did. I choose you I’ve always chosen you I didn’t want to admit that I’d fallen in love with my best friend but I am now I’m admitting it. I love you y/n"Liam confessed, he stumbled on his words.

At this point your tears had dried.
"I love you too"you whispered before leaning forward and resting your head on his chest.

"Will you come home with me?"Liam asked as his arms wrapped around you.

You nodded slowly.
You weren’t alone anymore.

NCT MTL to date a cold vibed girl vs. warm vibed girl


Anon: Heyyya I was wondering who do you think in Nct 127 would date a cold vibed girl and who would date the caring kind vibed girl?? Thankyouu

I thought I’d do this as a MTL because it’s easier! I hope this is alright! I did this as cold vibed/warm vibed on first impression, because ofc you can look cold but actually be quite sweet *cough*me*cough*

anyway, tell me what you think!!

(y’all better be grateful i’m posting so much tonight lol)

Originally posted by nikaiv

Cold vibed girl


Warm vibed girl

Taeyong would be attracted to cold vibed girls. He’d find warm vibes girls (warm on first impression) a little pretentious and would like the mystery and suspense a cold vibed girl gave him. I see him as liking girls who were cold to everyone expect him, that’d really make him feel special.

Yuta is already in love with Taeyong who gives out a cold vibe himself. Like Taeyong, he’d like the challenge cold vibed girls gave him; he’d like them to carry on being a little cold throughout the relationship but only by being super sassy or sarcastic. That’d make the relationship last.

Taeil would like the introvertness a cold vibed girl had. Obviously, this might not be always true but someone who was very warm and outgoing would scare him off a little. At least with someone cold, he’d be less worried about approaching them. The whole “cold vibe” wouldn’t scare him that much.

Hansol is a little cold himself, but is a softie really, so I see him being attracted to someone with the same persona. He’d like being cold af to everyone else around him, but then in private you’d both change and be sweet and cuddly with one another.

Jaehyun would be incredibly attracted to old vibed girls, since he probably doesn’t see them often. But he’d find it even harder to approach them. It wouldn’t be that he was intimidated but rather he’d be worried of being rejected. If someone encourages him or over time, he’d be able to finally approach them.

Jisung would like the different personalities a cold vibed girl could have, depending on who she’s around. Obviously, he wouldn’t like them to be too different to the extent where he couldn’t tell if she was ever genuine. But he’d like how they could be sweet in private, louder around closer friends, polite with family and cold towards strangers.

Jeno is still a teenager but a fairly mature one, so wouldn’t be the type to misinterpret coldness as not-being-interested. I also think he’d know how to approach and handle someone with a cold vibe, but then again, I think he could go out with someone with a warm vibe too.

Jaemin would be like his hyungs and like a challenge that cold vibed girls can have. He’d be very persistent and would try with all his might to get to know the person underneath the hard exterior. However, he’d also give up very quickly and very easily, but then again he’d also be very convincing too lol.

Ten is in the middle because I think he could go for either. I don’t think he’s the type to judge someone solely on their first impression. If someone was quite cold towards him, but after loosened up or if someone who already quite open, it wouldn’t determine his decision. If he needed up liking you, he ended up liking you.

Renjun was hard because we don’t know much about him yet. Like Jeno, I do think he’s mature for his age and would be able to know how to handle and cold vibed girl and what to do to make her more relaxed sprung him. But in the end, I see him with a warmer person, or at least someone who developed to become warm to everyone over time.

Mark could go either way really. I’m not too sure what his ideal type would be or who I can see him with. However, What with still being a teenage boy, someone cute and sweet and caring might attract him more. Maybe as he grows up and gains more confidence, will he be more attracted to colder girls.

Kun would feel intimidated by a cold vibed girl but also if a warm girl was way too “comfortable” and “open”. He’d question their motives and might try to distance himself from them. But if they were genuine and not overly friendly, he’d definitely find their sweetness attractiveness.

WinWin, this was hard because I think he could go well with either in the long run. Someone with a secret warm side would really make him feel special but someone with an open warm side would also make his heart flutter. The only main decider would have to be how he approached them or vice versa. If someone cold approached them it’d have to go perfectly for him to want a relationship from it, but with a warm girl this be easier to achieve.

I think Doyoung would be attracted to someone with a strong motherly vibe, or someone who could potentially raise his kids. It’d be a subconscious attraction though, so he could date someone with a cold vibe to them but really, the longest relationships would be with someone with a warm and open vibe to them.

Chenle is way too adorable and sweet to be with someone who could come across like they weren’t. In a relationship, he’d really need someone who was sweet and friendly and just like him. Although a cold vibed girl could give him this, he’d want it from the start and would want someone who was warm towards everyone, not just to him in private.

Johnny would like a girl who was openly friendly and approachable, someone who likes kids and animals and doesn’t mind being teased. With cold vibed people, he wouldn’t be sure what to say or do to get a reaction out of them without offending them or saying the wrong thing. Someone who was visibly friendly would attract him more.

Haechan would suit perfectly with a small, lively and sweet girl. He’d also be the type that would not necessarily fall in love with someone, but would instantly like or dislike someone as soon as he met them. A cold vibed girl wouldn’t really be his type, preferring to stick with more openly warm people.

Give the People What They Want

here’s my first fic of the seven that are going up this week!

An accidental like on Twitter brings Dan more than he bargained for.

“Hey guys! I’m joined today by Dan, and we’re going to be doing the chapstick challenge!”

aka the one where Dan and Phil try to do the chapstick challenge and it doesn’t exactly go as planned

words: 2.8k

tags: chapstick challenge, friends to lovers, fluff, making out, slight grinding but no real smut

read it on ao3

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anonymous asked:

You and your friends have literally made people afraid to admit they love Cursed Child, even when they do. You're controlling bullies forcing your opinions on other people when you haven't even read the play. Do you feel at all bad about that? About making people who create fanart feel like they have to say 'I didn't like CC, even if I wanted to spend ten hours drawing art for it. Please don't hate me!' Why can't you let people enjoy it? Why do you have to shame people?

i started an answer to this seven times.

do i say ‘what the fuck??’

do i say ‘find a post on my blog where i’m shaming someone who likes cursed child????’

what do i say? 

so like this, in everything, i can’t go wrong by starting from a place of empathy:

i can only assume that you’re writing this message to me [and probably to others] because you are frustrated and upset. and if i felt like i was being shamed for liking part of a fandom, i’d be frustrated to.

i’m not going to lie - i don’t like cursed child. but to my knowledge, i have never disparaged anyone who does. and i know that on several occasions, i’ve gone out of my way to say that if you like it, that’s great for you! 

i’ve heard the play and the experience itself is phenomenal, even for people who don’t like the material. 

i’m sorry if reading this blog has made you (or anyone) feel that way. my disdain of cursed child is from a place of ‘i do not like this material’, not an attempt to shame others. i am expressing an opinion I have about a piece of media…nothing more, nothing less.

i do ack that i have a popular hp blog, and with that comes influence beyond what i sometimes think about.

so, to clarify:

1. i don’t like cursed child. i did try to read the play. it didn’t go well.

2. if you like, love, adore cursed child a little bit, or to the ends of the world, that is fantastic! i am genuinely happy for you.

3. i’m actually really upset that i don’t like cursed child. i wanted to love it! actually cursed child and the pottermore content from last year really did a # on me in terms of fandom. i almost walked away! i was so sad about it. fantastic beasts reignited it for me, but it would be SO MUCH EASIER if i loved cursed child.

5. but i don’t! and i’m not going to lie about that.

6. the fact that i hate cursed child and you love it are…completely separate things that can exist at the same time

7. make your art! make your fics! make your edits! there is a niche for you. don’t ever be afraid because someone doesn’t like something you do.

i’m not going to reblog, because 

  • i pretty much reblog marauders and trio era stuff, and that’s it
  • i don’t like cursed child

but i would never, say, reblog a cursed child post and say ‘aha, you suck’ or whatever it is you think i’m doing.

all that being said, don’t be a dick to people! this was a shitty ask to get! what the fuck? i am super conscientious about what i post, that the person on the other side of this screen is a HUMAN, that there’s nothing in fandom worth upsetting other poeple over, and i always say that my opinion is mine and it’s 100% okay to have a different one. i don’t answer 70% of my asks because i don’t. like. drama.

this damn ask sent me into a tailspin of anxiety until i meditated. THEN i thought about it rationally and decided i’m not intentionally doing the Thing you so happily accused me of doing.

also, if my (super infrequent?) posts do make people feel bad, i am happy to tag anti cursed child posts with whatever tag you’d like so you don’t see the fact that i don’t like cc on your dash. just let me know.

be well <3

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Any idea on what would happen if team Gai tried to set Neji up with his crush? To make their job easier let's say crush also happens to be Tenten's good friend

Ahahaha, this was so much fun. I love the dynamics of Team Gai and the potential shenanigans from the polar opposite personalities involved. Thanks for the request bby! ~Admin Axel

Team Gai Trying to Set Neji Up With His Crush Headcanons

Originally posted by namingart

  • For all of Gai’s exuberance and action posing he’s actually very observant, particularly with those whom he has taken a special interest in. Namely, his poor students. Neji did his best to avoid suspicion, but the second his gaze lingered on his crush a little too long, Gai slung an arm around his shoulder with a bellowing laugh and started going on about “seeing the flames of hot-blooded passion in his eyes.” All Neji could do was try in vain to shut him up before his crush overheard and silently hope that Gai’s fate involved him being struck with a memory altering jutsu. Sooner rather than later, preferably. 

  • Gai-sensei wastes no time in recruiting Lee and Tenten to help get Neji and his crush together. Lee does it with the same joyful determination as Gai-sensei, but Neji suspects Tenten is only along for the ride for a laugh at his expense.

  • Gai-sensei calls an emergency team meeting the next week, although it’s to be held in the middle of town for some reason. Instead of the mission briefing he expected, Neji is greeted by teammates who look like they all know something that he doesn’t. Gai-sensei loudly proclaims that “the first step to winning the love of a delicate flower is to impress them with a display of youthful energy and manly strength!” and challenges Neji to some sort of bizarre street fight in an area where his crush is likely to walk by according to Tenten (who gleefully provides information on the whereabouts of her friend because this is just too good.)

  • Neji tried to escape before he could get dragged into their idiotic plotting, he really did. But Gai-sensei wasn’t having it and kept following him and shouting challenges and people were beginning to stare. Grudgingly, Neji accepts the challenge with every intention of steering them somewhere more secluded where there would be less witnesses. Unfortunately, the moment he turns around he hears Lee shout, “The target has arrived, Gai-sensei!” 

  • He wishes he hadn’t agreed to this stupid challenge. Gai flamboyantly exaggerates damage from every hit that Neji lands. When Neji lands a strike that Gai ordinarily would have dodged, Gai goes careening backwards like he’d just been slammed with a bulldozer and gives Neji what he thinks is a sneaky thumbs-up in mid-air. It is not. Neji’s crush looks so confused, and Tenten’s snickering doesn’t help.

  • Neji finally says he’ll go talk to his crush and ask her out on the condition that the rest of his team stop trying to help. While they agree, it doesn’t stop them from following him and eavesdropping when he finally works up the nerve to walk up to his crush and ask them if they would like to have dinner with him.

  • When Neji leaves his crush with a promise that he will come by their house to escort them to dinner, he is immediately cornered by his team much to his exasperation. He spends the better part of an hour listening to the jubilant exclamations of Gai-sensei and Lee, who insist on going on about the “beauty of spirited young love” and embracing a stiff and unresponsive Neji with tears glistening on their cheeks.
Lifeguard!AU that doesn’t go how Lance expected

“Pidge, Pidge, listen to me. I need you to pretend to drown.”

Pidge spat out her mouthful of lemonade in a spray that only barely missed Lance’s face.

“What the fuck?” she spluttered.

Lance pulled his sunglasses off the top of his head to check them for lemonade splatter before replacing them and tousling his hair over them.

“I need you to pretend to drown.”

Hunk looked 110% skeptical of Lance’s ingenuity and Lance would be insulted but he’s still too busy ogling the hot lifeguard across the pool from the corner of his eye.

“Lance, I really don’t think that’s a safe–”

“Trust me, big guy, this plan is perfect. Pidge will go in and pretend to drown and shit, then I’m gonna jump in like a fucking hero and drag her out. Then I’ll put her on the deck and be all “everyone clear out! Give her some space!” and hot lifeguard dude will be so impressed with the speed of my response and he will definitely fall in love with me.”

“You want my sister to risk her life to be your inanimate wing-person?” Matt said incredulously.

“Well, I mean, she’s gonna be totally safe. I’m the–”

“–closest that Cuba’s ever gotten to a Michael Phelps, yeah, we’ve heard this before, McClain-the-almost-Olympian.” Lance pouted as Matt cut him off to finish his statement. “Okay, so it’s not like my sister’s life is in real jeopardy, fish man, but I still don’t like even the possibility of getting her in harm’s way, so I’ll be your wing–er, fin-person.”

Lance’s eyebrows flew up into his hairline.

“Oh my God, man, you’d do that for me?!”

“Well, no. I’d do it for Pidge, because I know you’d somehow guilt or challenge her into actually going along with your crap.”

Lance dragged Matt into the best rendition of a bone-crushing Hunk-hug he possibly could. The elder Holt let out a breathless “oof!”.

“Just so we’re clear, I’m not a fish man–no gills, just skills!”

Matt laughed and cuffed Lance in the shoulder.

“Sure, buddy.“

Yeah, that totally did not go according to plan. Instead of the heroic rescue Lance was envisioning (which would have been a million times easier if it had been Pidge’s tiny frame rather than Matt’s much taller and considerably bulkier one), somehow Matt’s overly-convincing flailing limbs (didn’t he know that drowning people were usually a lot more… still?) managed to catch Lance across the face, stunning him long enough to send him under. Normally Lance could shake it off and get back up for air, but in the panic Matt’s scene was causing, there were a bunch of pool patrons rapidly trying to flee the scene. Lance ended up getting buffeted by legs and arms of all shapes and sizes, and started to get seriously concerned he wasn’t gonna be able to come up for air. Finally, his vision started to blur as his lungs burned for oxygen and an arm curled around his chest, this time guiding him toward the air rather than further underwater.

As soon as his head broke the surface Lance coughed and choked on a massive gulp of air, his air-starved brain too addled to prioritize between clearing out the water or sucking in the precious, precious oxygen. He ended up inhaling about two-thirds water with that breath and couldn’t seem to cough it back out.

Next thing he knew, he was being lain out on the rough concrete of the pool deck and there were hands poised over his breastbone–


The hands paused and Lance blinked rapidly, trying to clear the dark spots from his vision. He looked up at his savior, and holy fucking shit, hot lifeguard dude was fucking gorgeous. And wet. And currently touching Lance’s bare chest over his hammering heart.

“The guy’s breathing, I think he’s just shocked. He’s got a pulse, he’s gonna be okay.”

Whoa, hot lifeguard dude’s friend, buff lifeguard dude, was also pretty hot. And super buff.

“Oh God, Shiro, he started choking once I got him out of the water, then went limp and unresponsive–”

“Hey, hey, I know, it’s okay.” Buff lifeguard dude’s hands closed over hot lifeguard dude’s wrists to help him stop his hands from shaking. Lance decided breathing would be a good thing to get the hang of right at that moment.

He coughed and hacked violently for a bit until he finally took in his surroundings. Matt was sitting not far from him, also dripping wet and looking mildly horrified but otherwise fine. Pidge was at her brother’s side, white as a ghost. Hunk was hovering behind them, wide, terrified eyes on Lance.

Both hot lifeguard dude and buff lifeguard dude were staring at him too.

Lance realized he should say something smooth and intelligent.

“Wow, dickwad, you didn’t even do a pulse check before attempting to break my fucking ribs?”

Ah, yes. Lance was the epitome of suave and charming.

Hot lifeguard dude went red–from rage or embarrassment, Lance had no idea.

“I just saved your life!” he exclaimed, gesticulating wildly. Buff lifeguard dude had to back off a few inches to avoid getting socked in the face. “I mean, you were unresponsive for thirty seconds, I figured you needed chest compressions just like any other unconscious choking person!”

Oh, right, he was technically choking on water.

“Yeah, well maybe I just wanted some mouth-to-mouth, okay?” he retorted.

Wait. Shit.

Hot lifeguard dude was red before, but now he was… really red.

Lance fumbled to sit up properly as they guy finally said, “But… that’s not… how CPR works? We start with chest compress–”

“I’m a paramedic, I know how fucking CPR works,” Lance interrupted. Hot lifeguard dude’s mouth clicked shut. He was really fucking cute, dammit. “I also know your ass looks amazing in those red trunks and I’d love for you to show me how that works.”

If Lance didn’t know better about human physiology, he would’ve assumed hot lifeguard dude was a few seconds away from spontaneously bursting into flames. The guy scrambled back a few inches, seemingly desperate to put a bit of space between them.

Okay, ouch, he didn’t mean to cause that much anxiety or anything.

“Hey, hey, no need to be a flustered mess. We can try this again.” He scooted forward a bit, watching hot lifeguard dude’s reactions very carefully. Dark indigo ink eyes tracked his advance warily, but he didn’t move any further back.

“Hi, I’m Lance. Wanna grab dinner with me and then watch Netflix in our jammies?”

“I’m Keith,” hot lifeguard dude said gruffly, thrusting out his hand. Lance shook it. They were both still wet from the whole nearly-dying-in-the-pool thing.

“Also… uh, that sounds… nice?”

Lance just laughed and let hot lifeg–Keith help him to his feet.

“I cannot believe that actually ended up fucking working,” Pidge said in awe.

Hunk shrugged, “Well, that’s Lance for you. Paramedic by day, and sometimes night, or whatever comes in between, and future Olympian in his spare time.”

Matt rolled his eyes from where he was sitting on one of the pool benches, toweling his hair dry-ish. “Yeah, so no one cares that I almost drowned?”

Just then, buff lifeguard dude (because seriously, this guy was fucking ripped) put a hand on Matt’s shoulder and Matt jumped nearly three feet into the air with a squeaky shriek.

“Don’t sneak up on me like that!” he yelled.

Buff lifeguard dude somehow looked bashful despite his buffness.

“Sorry, I just… I figured you need to get checked out properly, after all that.“

Matt’s eyes narrowed and he waggled his eyebrows in a weirdly Lance-like fashion that scared the shit out of Pidge. “So you’re saying you’re coming over here to check me out?”

Buff lifeguard dude looked stricken before he honest-to-God blushed.

“I’m Shiro,” he said, endearingly awkward as he extended his hand for Matt to shake.


“What the fuck,” Pidge said.

I couldn’t resist throwing in the Shatt… hahahaha

Happy Lance Month! Working another 26h shift tomorrow so probably won’t be posting anything. Hopefully I’ll have another little ficlet written on Sunday. Feel free to send me prompts, feedback, suggestions, or comments! :)

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Isn't it crazy that when Sherlock thinks John is coming on to him in Angelo's in ASiP, he doesn't say 'i'm not gay'. He doesn't deny the possibility that he might be attracted to Sherlock, he just says 'i'm not asking'. It would be so much easier to say 'oh, sorry, im not actually gay'

Right, Nonny? 

Sherlock CLEARLY knows what flirting is – he’s brushed off Molly enough times – so whether John meant it or not, Sherlock thought John was hitting on him, and if it WASN’T such a big deal, bros would have just “OH HAH HAH oh gosh, that did sound like I was flirting with you, didn’t it? Sorry, mate, I like women!” and laughed about it… rather than the awkward momentary silence they shared immediately after. 

GOD I hate them.

BTS reacting to a new foreign student in class (you)

A/N: Hello there, this is for the amazing @lovelife2708. The reactions requests were closed but I still did it bc I missed so much doing reactions lol. Thank you so much for your request and I hope you like it.


Oh boy, this sunshine would probably be all over you, trying to become your friend to the point he could actually get a little annoying sometimes. But you’d find it cute anyways. He would ask so many questions about your life back in your hometown, and he’d tell you lots of facts about Korea to make it easier for you to get used to it. And he’d do anything to make you laugh.

JHope: Hey, Y/N, wanna see something great?
You: Yeah…(???)

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This boy would be really excited about having a new class mate, but he would be so shy when you are around. As he knows you are from other country he would be afraid to say something wrong by accident. He would blush a lot anytime you talk to him and at first he’d get so nervous he would probably freeze right there. 

You: Excuse me, my pencil fell next to your desk, can you pick it up for me, please? 
You:Are you okay?

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He would be the cutest ever around you and he would try to make you feel comfortable as he knows it can be hard for you to be in a whole different place. He would sit next to you at lunch time, even though he would be lowkey shy about it,  and offer you some of his food.

Jin: Hey! May I sit here?
You: Sure, why not?
Jin: I know you are not from here so… I was wondering if you would like to try some Korean food…? I can teach you how to use the chopsticks

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(imagine spending lunch time with Jin kajsqwiodhwufhwjfwskfafjiwgfwi I’m crying)


Like Hobi, he’d try to be friends with you so you wouldn’t feel lonely. He would know that it would be really good for you having someone you can count on. And he would try saying some words or basic phrases in your language to make you feel a little bit like home, even if he missed he would always have that warm smile on his face that’s enough to make you happy.

Taehyung: Y/N, come on, let’s shit down here!
You: *giggles*
Taehyung: What’s wrong?
You: Tae.. It’s “sit down” not “shit down”

(isn’t he the cuetest thing on earth?)

Rap Monster

He would be really interested in talking to you, because he finds new people fascinating, especially if they come from overseas. He would like you already, without even talking to you, because he would be imagining how much you could learn from each other. He’d sit next to you waiting for the right time to find the tiniest excuse to actually talk to you. Looking all chill and cool.

Namjoon: So… do you like bread?

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(don’t we all…)


He would always be lowkey around you to be sure you are okay. He wouldn’t talk much at first because this baby can be a little shy sometimes, but he would be there whenever you need him always willing to help with anything you need.

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(And I’m already in tears bc of the feels)


He would be really chill about you, and even though he’d find really interesting the fact you are from other country he wouldn’t show it that much. He wouldn’t look for you often or be around to talk to you, but he would listen carefully to whaterver you say, asking a couple of questions if he wanted to know more, but keeping his interest really lowkey.

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That was it, I hope you all liked it :)
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I hope you liked this :) For more, check out the masterlist!
Thanks to @withnosuchgrace for helping me out here, you are the bestest lol.

a fanfic where janna can’t work up the nerves to ask star out in any way that isn’t a cheesy pick up line, and star’s too oblivious to get what these cheesy pick up lines are implying

the title says basically all you need to know. 

Word count: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im too lazy to copy and paste it into some sort of word-counting app. maybe 500? 1000? im bad at estimating words.

School’s out, and students have already begun shuffling off on their own respective paths. Save for Janna, who stood by the entrance of the school, trying to calm her nerves, but psych herself up. Today was the day she’s ask Star on a date. Speaking of, there she came, out the school doors, singing to herself about how she thinks Earth is a pretty great place. ‘You can do this, Janna,’ she thought to herself, ‘If everything works out, maybe you’ll even hold hands!’ With that in mind, she ran off, following Star, calling out to her.

“Hey, Star!” 

“Janna, what’s up?” Star turned around without missing a beat, greeting her close friend.

“Hey, I was just kinda wondering… if maybe you… and I could… Psch… I dunno, get some pizza? Together?” Janna briefly considered how lame she must have sounded through all the stuttering.

“Sure! Sounds fun!”

“Oh, awesome-”

“Lemme just invite Marco!”

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LINE | (One-sided MiSawa)x2

Fandom: Diamond no Ace
Characters: Miyuki Kazuya, Mima Soichiro, Sawamura Eijun
Pairings: one-sided MiyukixSawamura, one-sided MimaxSawamura, SawamuraxBaseball
Note: I’m delusional. I thought we already established that?
Warning: Spoiler for Act 2, chapter 75. Meant for comedic purposes. Do not take seriously.

“… Eh? LINE?”

Mima’s glare seems to all but intensify. Ahhhh, what a troublesome guy. Kazuya hates dealing with guys like these the most.

The catcher rubs the back of his neck. “Well… I use a flip phone. I don’t have a LINE account.”

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Pairing: Derek Morgan x Reader

Word Count: 1890

Warning: Fluffz

A/N: Derek and the reader are going out on their first date. (This is my first Criminal Minds post.  I am still binge watching the series and am only on season 6, so that’s as far as I go right now.  Will open up to more when I get through it all.)

“How about some fireworks tonight?”  Derek’s deep voice whispered into your ear from behind.  It startled you, causing you to jump in your chair.  You could feel your heart rate surge to some ridiculous rate.  Just as it always did when you were around him.

“Fireworks?”  Turning to look at him, he was far closer than you expected.  You were almost nose-to-nose with him.

“Yes, fireworks.  Real ones.  There is a festival going on downtown by the river.  Lots of good food and they are having fireworks tonight.  I thought you would like to go with me.” He took a seat on the edge of the shared desk.  The two of you flirted often but he also flirted with Garcia too so you never thought it would amount to anything.  Look at the man; he is a beautiful specimen of the human race.

“You want to go with me?” Crossing his arms over his chest, he smiled that Derek smile.

“Yes I want to go with you.”

“Like, a date, go with me, or like good friends/coworkers and you have no one else to ask?”  With a frown, he scooted closer to you.

“As in I want a date with you [Y/N].  A date like hold hands, talk about our favorite things, me getting the chance to stare more into those beautiful [Y/E/C] eyes, date.”  To say you were stunned was a bit of an understatement.  Somehow, in the stunned daze your brain was able to transmit to your mouth signals that made you agree.

“Yes.  I want to go with you to see the fireworks tonight.” Derek’s face lit up instantly as he stood from the desk.

“All right, baby girl. I will pick you up at seven, okay?” Nodding slowly, you watched him turn to walk away.  It took a moment for it to register.

“Wait?  Don’t you need to know where I live?”  Turning back to you, he was still walking backwards towards the door.  

“I work for the FBI baby; I think I can find it.”  With a wink, he was out the door.  Once you had the chance to catch your breath and let your heart rate return to normal, you finished your report setting it on Hotch’s desk for him to review.  He wished you a good night and went back to his work.

As you walked in the door of your apartment, you got a text message.  Once you finally fished the phone from your bag, you read it with a laugh. Garcia had wrote:

I knew you would say yes!  You had better tell me tomorrow EVERY detail!!!!

Of course, she knew. That woman knew everything.  You texted back quickly.

Did you put him up to it?

Waiting on her response did not take long.

Oh no girl.  He came to me asking how to do it.  Give yourself some more credit.  You are a kick ass FBI agent with a gun.  Why wouldn’t he find that sexy as hell?  

She ended the message with five kissy faces.  Penelope just knew how to make people feeling amazing about themselves.

You are the best.  Love you girl.  Let me go find something to wear now.

Yes, something hot but not slutty.  Can’t show the goods too soon.  Remember EVERY detail.

Laughing louder this time you threw the phone on the couch as you sorted through your closest.  This was going to be difficult.  It was not sundress weather and a festival really wasn’t dressy either.  So sleeveless aqua button up blouse with fitting pair of jeans and your sleeved black wrap and comfy calf high boots.  You pulled your hair up off your face and applied just a bit more makeup than you normally wore.  Tucking some money, ID and a credit card into a small wallet, you were set for the night.

Derek was exactly on time, which did not surprise you. He was on time for everything.  The man nearly took your breath away when you opened the door. Dark leather jacket over a dark blue shirt, jeans and boots.  He looked amazing.  “[Y/N], you look great.”

You could not help but grin at him as you moved to let him inside.  “Thank you.”

“You ready for a good time?”

“Definitely, let me just make sure I have all my stuff.”  He waited, watching you recheck your wallet; you pick up your keys and phone.  “Okay, let’s go!”

The car ride downtown was quiet, as you were nervous.  Any other time you would talk his ear off.  Whenever you partnered up for a case there was no shortage of conversation between you.  Now you were petrified of making a fool of yourself.  “We don’t have to make this weird, [Y/N].  We are two adults going out to have some fun.  No pressure, I promise.”

Looking over at him with a shy smile, you nodded.  “I know. I’m just… nervous.”

“Nervous?  Baby girl it’s me.  It’s still Derek.  Same guy you have worked with for a year now.”

“Worked with yes.  This is different.  I like you.  A lot more than a coworker should.  So when you asked me out, I was stunned.”  His quiet laugh forced you to look over at him, when you had been avoiding his gaze before.

“I like you too, [Y/N]. Definitely more than a coworker should. I have since the day you walked into the conference room and Hotch announced you were the new team member. Damn I wish I had known you felt like that.  I would have asked you out a while ago.”  You laughed quietly looking off to the city as it passed you.  The thudding in your chest had just started again.

There were vendors lined up down the street.  So many rich and wonderful aromas as you walked together.  There was display after display of merchandise to buy, trinkets and clothes.  A large stage was set up right in front of the water with a live band playing.  It was something that reminded you of home.   The little town in Pennsylvania where you were born would have festivals like this several times a year.  They were always so much fun.  Derek had chosen the perfect place for a first date.

“Where do you want to look first beautiful?  Food, music, see if anything looks like you can’t live without it?”  With a bright smile, you looked around, until one thing stopped you. Derek followed your gaze until he saw it.  The homemade fudge stall.  “Of course you want something sweet.  At least I know what kind of gift that would never fail.”  Pulling him along behind you, you laughed.

“Chocolate wins, always. Never know what to get me, get me chocolate.”  You ordered a palm size brick of peanut butter fudge for you and another brick of peppermint fudge to take to Penelope in the morning.  The woman deserved a treat after helping Derek.

The next few hours when faster than you could believe.  You and Derek danced down at the main stage for a while.  There had been many times when you were out with everyone from work, you had seen Derek dance.  It was far different being the one he danced with.  It felt so good.

The dancing had worked up quite the appetites.  Dinner consisted of an amazing Philly cheesesteak for both of you washed down with watery beer.  If you had to be honest, it was one of the best nights you had ever had. Derek was right. There was no pressure.  Just two people having a good time together.  The crowds had started to migrate towards the river and it closed in on the time for the fireworks.  The pair of you found a perfect spot to sit on the grass and watch. A few minutes before they began you felt a vibration of your phone from your pocket.  

Of course, Penelope wanted to know how it was going.

What’s going on?  How is it? Is he being all dreamy and acting like a total gentleman?

Returning your phone to its rightful spot, you left her unanswered.  A smirk grew on your face as you scooted closer to Derek.  “Good message?”

“Just Garcia being nosey. She can wait till tomorrow.”  He laughed making sure he was thigh to thigh with you now.

“Gotta love her.  She is the best.”  With the close proximity, you could feel when his phone vibrated.  “How much you want to bet that’s her?”

“I’m not betting against that.  I know it’s her.  I didn’t answer, so guess who it up next?”  The fireworks started just as you rested your head on his shoulder.  It had been ages since the last time you had seen fireworks. The bright and beautiful colors and the company made for a wonderful time.  By the end of the show, you were leaning against him, and he had his arm around your shoulder.  As the show finished, you turned to look at Derek and found he was staring at you.  “What?”

“I don’t think I have ever enjoyed fireworks like this.”  

“What do you mean?” He held you against him, not wanted to let go.

“The way you enjoyed something so simple.  Your face lit up, you relaxed and just enjoyed it.  This is what I wanted.  To have a great time with you.  I hope we can do it again.  [Y/N], I want to see you again.”  The flush appeared on your cheek quickly.  

“You get to see me a work, just about every day, if not every day.”

“Don’t play.  You know exactly what I meant.  I want to see you like this.  May I take you out again?  Soon?”  You pretended to think about it for a minute.  The suspense was killing him.

“I guess… we can talk about it if you buy me some of that homemade ice cream back there.”  Derek laughed loud.

“Woman I will buy you the whole damn stall if we can do more than talk about it.  Come on.” He stood up quickly offering his hand to help you up as well.

The ice cream was purchased and he watched you eat half of it before you offered him a bite.  “Hmm I will take the bite if you are going to go out with me again.”   There was no if about it.  You would continue to go out with him as long as he wanted; you just had not told him yet.

“Fine, I guess I will go out with you.  Now take a bite!”  You all but shoved it in his mouth, both of you laughing as you made a mess on his chin. He did enjoy it so much he actually walked back to get some of his own, which he happily shared with you ensuring you also had ice cream dripping down your chin.  The car ride home was easier.  You were talking and joking as you did when you were at work.  

Derek walked you up to your apartment like a gentleman.  “I will see you tomorrow baby girl.  At work, then for another night like tonight.” With a kiss on the hand, he left you on the verge of hyperventilating behind your closed door.

That wonderfully smart, funny, and beautiful man just stole your heart.  And you were perfectly happy with that.

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Blind Pt. 2 - Joe Sugg Imagine #6

Hey guys, 
Change of plans! It will take me another part to end the story, sorry.
But I hope you’re enjpying the second part anyways.
Kat xx.


It’s been a month since she left and Joe sorted everything out. He wasn’t missing her as much and the thought of coming home to an empty apartment wasn’t frightening anymore. He stopped worrying about her, because Caspar told him she was fine. But since she left he hasn’t had one one night stand. He would go out and he would drink but he couldn’t stand the looks or the smiles of any girl he thought was pretty. Because Caspar said they looked like her. Joe saw her face on every girl. And it drove him crazy. It was a Sunday morning and he was playing guitar, learning a new song as his phone rang. He didn’t even look on the screen while picking up. “Hello?” “Joe. It… It’s Y/N” Joe didn’t know what to say. “Are you still there?” “Yeah. Yeah I am, sorry.” Even in his ears his voice sounded weird. “How are you?” He didn’t know what to answer. His heart was pounding hard against his ribcage, he didn’t expect to hear from her that soon. Or ever again if he was honest. “I didn’t think you’d call.” “I wrote that I’d call. I just needed a few weeks to myself.” “Yeah. Yeah, right.” “How are you?” She asked again. And suddenly Joe had the urge to cry. He didn’t know why. “Fine. You?” You could hear the tears in his voice. “I’m good, thanks. Things are getting easier day by day. I never thought moving to another country was that exhausting.” Joe thought he misheard that. “Another country?” “Oh, I figured, Casper would tell you. I’ve moved in with Britt. I’m in LA now.” “YOU ARE WHERE?” “LA? Joe, is the service okay, aren’t you hearing me well?” “Why would you move that far away from me?” He couldn’t hold it back anymore. He always thought she weren’t far from him and that thought made it easier to be away from her. But LA? Did he broke her that much? “Joe, I was applying for a job at the youtube space here anyway. I got it, I had the choice between LA and London so I went for LA. I mean, I wanted a fresh start.” “You could’ve had a fresh start in London as well, Y/N.” “Yeah. I guess.” Her voice was filled with sadness. “I’m sorry, you know. I’m so fucking sorry and I miss you so much, Y/N. If I had known what I was putting you through, I never… I’m the worst best friend anyone could have.” She could clearly hear the tears in his voice. “Joe, no. Don’t say that. You had no idea I’m… I WAS in love with you. It’s fine. I just needed space. Space I now have. And… And I miss you too. So much.” Now Joe could hear the tears in her voice too. “So you don’t hate me?” “No, I don’t. You’re my best friend. Forever.”
From then on they called each other almost every day. They started where they left off. Joe even cancelled plans on the evenings to call her before her work. Everyone of his friends were happy, that they were getting on again. It was just as easy talking to her and he knew that LA really made her happy. She seemed so much more herself and that was making it easier to accept that they wouldn’t see each other.

“You’re coming to VidCon, right?” Joe made himself dinner, talking to Y/N on the phone. “Yeah, I planned it, I hope nothing happens.” “You know I’m actually working at VidCon this year, so we’ll see each other.” She told him and Joe’s heart skipped a beat. He would finally see his best friend again. “You are? That’s so cool! I’m really happy. I miss yooouuuu.” He really did. Even though they talked pretty much every day it wasn’t the same not having her there. She laughed. “I miss you, too. But don’t you think it’ll be awkward. I’m scared it’ll be.. you know… after everything what happened, the letter and stuff…” “Y/N, no. You’re my best friend. We talked about it, we worked it out, it’s fine. We’re fine, alright?” “Alright.” “Good. Now eat your breakfast you only have half an hour left before work.” Y/N laughed about his concern she wouldn’t eat enough. Joe was very caring about the ones he loved. They talked the whole time she had left and when they ended the call there were smiles on both faces.
But Y/N still was overthinking the get together with Joe. Was it too early? Since she moved to LA everything was going great. She made friends, she went out, she even went on a few dates. But could it be a backlash if she would see him again? “Why are you so quiet today?” Britt asked over dinner. “I’m just thinking about seeing Joe again. Do you think it’s right?” Britt shrugged. “I really don’t know, Y/N. I mean, you’re really getting over him. You even have a crush on someone that’s not him. For me that’s a really good sign. But you was head over heels for Joe. Seeing him again might not be making it better.” “That’s exactly what I thought! I mean, I miss him so much and everything in me just wants to see him, but that scares me and I don’t know if I’m just missing my best friend or.. if I really am still in love with him. On the other hand, I have a date with you know who tomorrow night.” “NO WAY!” Britt squeaked in excitement. “He asked you out? I’m so freaking happy for you. You almost talk as much about him as about Joe.” Y/N laughed. “I know, I thought he was kidding at first. But I’m really excited.”

VidCon was loud. Extremely loud and Y/N was getting a headache in the first two hours. She was running around between all the helpers who got problems, the security and the main stage. There were people everywhere and she could barely make her way through the masses. Joe did send a text, saying he arrived on time, which was good. He probably was giving autographs right now and would later be interviewed on some stage. It was the late afternoon of the first day and Y/N was exhausted. Two more hours to go, before she could leave. But Britt and her already made plans to go to the afterparty for influencers so she couldn’t just chill and watch Netflix although that was all she wanted to do right now. “Y/N!” Someone screamed over the noises and she saw Jack, Conor’s younger brother waving at her. She smiled and waved back, before making her way to him. ”Jack, oh my god, it’s so nice to see you.” They hugged. “Yeah, I’m glad to see you, too. Joe is on break and is looking for you everywhere.” “He is? Well, I think I’m giving him a call then, thank you for letting me know!” “Anytime, love. Do we see each other at the afterparty?” “Yes, a hundred percent. We’ll talk!” They hugged goodbye and Y/N was looking for a quieter area to call Joe. “I’m looking for you! I’m at stage 3, backstage.” “I’m coming, they have technical difficulties anyway.” And with that she went to stage 3 first helping with the problem and then looking for Joe backstage.
She saw him almost immediately. He looked good, like he slept well although he had to have a jetlag and with a hint of a tan. London seemed to have good weather too this summer, Y/N thought. He recently got a haircut, his hair was shorter than the last time she saw him. But the most interesting thing were his eyes. They were shining as he smiled at the man infront of him, probably a co-worker of Y/N’s but she wasn’t sure about that. His eyes were the first thing she fell in love with and they were the most difficult to forget. Not that she wanted to forget them as a whole. But she wanted to forget the dreamy look in them when he smiled, because it always made her heart skip a beat. As if he sensed her look, Joe turned to her and his face lit up completely. “Jesus…” Y/N sighed as her heart like she had predicted skipped a beat. Joe quickly made his way to her and pulled her into a warm hug. She breathed in his scent and hugged back.
“I missed you” She mumbled into the crease where his shoulder and his neck met, where his scent was the most intense. “I’m so glad to finally see you again, love.” They separated from each other and that closely Joe could see the little freckles on the top of her cheekbones, the sparkles of gold in her eyes and the crinkles under them from smiling. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, he thought. It was nothing he never thought before, you had to be blind to not see how beautiful she was. “How was your flight?” “Everything went perfectly fine. I didn’t sleep so I could sleep at night and my jetlag wouldn’t be as bad.” “Very smart, Joe. Very smart. Ugh, I’m exhausted. Being a supervisor at such a big event isn’t as easy as it seems, may I tell you that. I’m glad I’m nearly done for the day.” She couldn’t take her eyes of off him. It’s like she had a grainy picture of him in mind and now that he’s infront of her she had to take every little thing from him in to make it high quality. “Me too. If you want we could grab dinner together and after that we’ll meet the others and go to the afterparty.” She wanted to go with him so bad. “I can’t. I already made plans with Britt to eat at home, we both need a shower after today. But you can join us if you want.” “I.. don’t know I made plans with the boys, but maybe can cancel that…” “You don’t have to, it’s fine. We’ll see us at the party anyways. And tomorrow we could grab lunch together if you want. Or you could come over and see my new place.” “I know, but I want to spend as much time with you as I can before I have to leave again.” That melted her heart. She could see how genuinely happy he was to see her and that made her even happier. But she could practically feel herself falling for him again at every second.

I Thought You Were Different: Book 5 (Part 2/?) (Rogers/Avengers x reader)

Part 1

After everyone had found their way home and back to the tower for the night, it was a fast lights-out with the level of exhaustion that they were all feeling.  Even Bruce and Thor, who hadn’t even been at the hospital, were tired just from the stress of waiting for updates that weren’t coming in fast enough.  The building went into darkness as rooms closed down almost simultaneously, with the exception of one at the very back of the complex, where sleep seemed to be an unattainable goal.

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Body Positivity;WinWin

Request: hi hello yes I was wondering if I would be able to request a body positivity sicheng post 💕 (because I’m extremely insecure about my appearance, ranging from my large russian nose to my stretchmarks and cellulite) I just thought it would help to read about my bias loving me for me idk haha much love 🌸

  • i’d write this in a markdown format because it’s much easier for me!!
  • on a side note, i have many insecurities too so i’d probably do this as a series like the other ones of any of y'all request this for the other members!
  • hope this makes you feel better in a way or so,

  • so winwin’s your boyfriend of two years now

  • he knows you really well, even more than you actually know yourself
  • and he’s such a sweet and sincere person, you always wonder what you did to deserve such a wonderful person like that
  • you started getting even more insecure than you already were, after being together with him for a year
  • mainly because you’re dating such a flawless person who has the purest heart, you can’t help but feel that you’re not good enough
  • he probably noticed,
  • as he saw how you’d always get really sensitive to other people’s comments to your appearance,
  • and how you’d always ask him, “why do you love me babe?”, “do i look okay?”, “will people judge me?”
  • initially he wasn’t that vocal about his thoughts as he thought that you’d get over it quickly,
  • but as soon as he realised that it only made you more insecure, he started becoming more affectionate, never forgetting to show his genuine love for you everyday
  • always starts the day off with a “good morning my beautiful angel”
  • and ends it with, “you looked amazing like you always do today babe, i love you”
  • gives you lots of hugs and kisses when he notices you overthinking and turning upset over yourself,
  • and isn’t afraid to compliment you at all times
  • he posts random photographs and pictures of you on social media and likes to caption them
  • “isn’t she just stunning?”
  • “i"m glad i fell in love with her”
  • he’d do anything to make you feel more confident
  • afraid of being judged being together with him in public? winwin wouldn’t care at all and would hold your hand and have his arms around you at all times, showing others that you’re his, and that he’s happy
  • when he sees that you’re upset or feeling a little insecure, he flashes you his cute little adorable smile, which never fails to brighten up your day
  • “what.. if you leave me one day because you find someone better or prettier?”
  • “you’re wonderful the way you are and i love you for you, trust me baobei”
  • “i’m just scared, as compared to others im not as-”
  • “you’re you and you’re great just the way you are, don’t compare yourself to others. in my eyes you’re all i could ever ask for and you have the ability to make me happy and that’s good enough”
  • would also send you random texts and photos of positive quotes,
  • always accompanied by a selfie,
  • “know that i love you baby”
  • tries to make you smile at all times and he gets really happy when he sees you happy too!!
  • his actions always show how much he loves you so you can’t help but trust him fully, and let go of all your insecurities
  • and the fact that he literally worships you, makes you feel much better
  • thanks you him, you gained much confidence
  • and you can’t thank him enough
  • just know that winwin loves you for who you are and won’t ever judge you!!
  • i hope this helped a bit even though it’s really short omg

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im so sad about how terrified sasuke was of his bond to naruto (to the point of feeling like he had to kill him) for a lot of reasons but specifically how thats an indication of how superficial his connections with everyone else were. like no matter what he did he could not cut his bond with naruto for years and years! but the others were so much easier. and i think that’s because he very purposefully built emotional walls around himself - he worked with his team, he competed against his opponents, but that’s all it was for him, all he would let it be. naruto’s the only one who made it past those walls, and i don’t think he ever expected someone to actually manage that. it snuck up on him and by the time he realized it was too late to cut him out. and yeah this is a sasuke/naruto post but this is also a post about a sad pre-teen boy who was so scared of losing another person he loved that he decided to just never love anyone again instead

I’m still upset that mnet made the voting only for Koreans. You want the group to succeed internationally, don’t you? So why not give international fans the chance to vote?
I mean, they’ll succeed regardless, and I’ll still support them no matter who gets in, but still.
It’s so frustrating to just sit and watch my boys suffer and not be able to help them at all. 3 of my favorites were already eliminated, and while I doubt that if I could vote it would have helped much, it will at least make me feel a bit better knowing that I did everything I could…
It makes me enjoy the show a lot less than I wanted. I still enjoy it, but it would have been so much easier to watch if I could actually support my boys…