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GENRE: noona&youngerboy, smut

BACKGROUND: Jungkook’s first time had left him traumatized of having sex ever again. It had gone so far to the point that a rumor had even spread about him not being able to get hard-ons. You then decide to step in and prove the rumor wrong. What was supposed to be a simple test of theory leads to a night that you weren’t going to forget for the rest of your life.

AUTHORS NOTE: Omg I haven’t written something in so long. I’m so sorry this took me quite a while. This actually started as a drabble but I kind of got too into it and finished it into a full blown story. I’ll be working on the remaining requests sent to me before, soon I promise you guys, I’m just trying to come up with ideas! But I do hope you enjoy this, tell me what you think. 

Jeon, as forever, is a sinful little shit. 

If there are any errors, I am sorry about those! I did proof read but I know I still missed some. 

Your pen hangs off of your lips, fingers tapping lightly against the glass table as you study the boy in front of you. He has his face buried between the pages of his Physics book, eyes scanning through each paragraph in close precision, oblvious of your scrutiny. You slowly turn your logistics book shut, choosing to ignore your studies as the conversation you had with your brother during last night’s party flashes through your mind.

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Let’s Talk About Tina Goldstein

So lately I have been hearing people talk about how boring Tina was as a character and it absolutely blows my mind that so many people think this when I immediately thought she was one of the most well-developed and interesting characters of the movie. Since so many people seem to be of the same mindset about her character, I feel that I need to remain people of a few key things and point a few other things out.

Allow me to present the facts:

1. Tina is part of the law enforcement in the 1920s, and seems to be quite good at her job

Although it is evident that the magical community in America at this time displays less gender discrimination than the non-magical community, the fact that she became Auror is a feat of its own. We know from the Harry Potter series that becoming an Auror required extensive training and top marks in school, so this means that Tina is not only at least a decent student, but a highly trained wizard. She also seems to have been doing her job for quite some time, which means that she has experience. Another thing to note is that, even after she was removed from her Auror position, she still felt comfortable enough to approach her higher-ups when she took Newt to MACUSA. I mean, she literally walked straight up to Graves and the president of the American Wizarding Community and started talking. Although she was turned away, the fact that she felt comfortable enough to approach them indicates that prior to her removal, she was respected and treated as an equal. If that isn’t the case, her boldness in speaking to Piquery shows that she is very brave and has a heart to do the right thing. By Tina’s attempts to keep doing her job even after she has been fired, we can see that she both loves her job and knows that she needs to do the right thing, even when there are restrictions in the way.

2. Tina fought Grindlewald

I would like to start off by saying: WHY AREN’T MORE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THIS.

I mean, come on. Tina went up against freaking Grindlewald one-on-one and held her own up until the point that he threw a freaking car at her. The fact that she was able to engage in a duel with him and nearly be successful in at least subduing him shows that Tina is indeed a powerful duelist and wizard as a whole. Grindlewald was considered the most powerful dark wizard besides Voldemort, and she actually faced him. Although she didn’t know Graves was actually Grindlewald, Tina had to have known that Graves was a powerful wizard from working with him, and the fact that she stood up to him is another show of her bravery.

3. Tina is occasionally emotionally vulnerable

So often in pop culture we define a strong female character as one who shows zero emotion and refuses to be scared, sad, or any emotion thereof. As stated in points 1 and 2, we already know that Tina is a badass, but the true depth of her character lies in that she is capable of kicking butt, but she also is not afraid to show when she is scared. In the scene where Tina and Newt are in the Death Chamber, Tina is visibly afraid and does not seem to make any attempt to hide it. Again, we later see that she is frightened when the lights go out in the street, and once more when she is facing Credence as the Obscurus. Besides fear, she displays a wide variety of other emotions throughout the movie, such as hope, calm, happiness, giddiness, embarrassment, annoyance, fondness, etc. Athough I am all for snarky females who don’t give a dang, Tina’s ability to show emotion is a breath of fresh air.

4. Tina calmed down Credence

And it would have worked too, if it weren’t for MACUSA’s interference.The fact that she was able to get Credence to trust her and listen to her shows a different depth of character that really doesn’t require explanation.

(side note: the fact that Tina is able to clam things down like Newt does with his animals really connects these two characters. Just sayin.)

5. Tina has a very close connection with her sister

The relationship between the Goldstein sisters is another thing we could microanalyze, but I think that their closeness is generally fascinating, even from a distance. For one, Tina does not really seem to envy her sister in any way, despite the fact that Queenie is a Legilimens and would have fit the “perfect beauty” of the time period. Tina does make a little quip once, but for the most part, Tina seems comfortable with who she is. Queenie also doesn’t seem to display any jealousy towards Tina, who is a powerful duelist and, as mentioned in point 1, seemingly well respected with higher-ups up until the point of her removal. Besides not showing jealousy, Tina looks out for her sister both physically and emotionally (as shown by her not wanting Queenie to get attached to Jacob when he will need to be obliterated). The sisters display a huge level of trust between the two of them throughout the whole movie, with their closeness being built on the fact that they raised each other after their parents’ passing. The fact that Tina is the older sister also shows that she probably grew up a bit too fast, and knows how to take care of herself.

Thus, I am continually confused by people who thought Tina was a boring or underdeveloped character when she is, in fact, a powerful duelist, a brave-hearted Auror, in touch with her emotions, a loving sister, a person who wants to do the right thing, and a generally caring person. Besides this, I thought she was funny at points, and Katherine Waterston did a wonderful job portraying this character. I think that J.K. Rowling left Tina plenty of room to grow and develop, and I look forward to seeing the role that she plays in future movies.

There are a lot more things I could have brought up, but this post was getting long. Feel free to add your own thoughts.

Homie out.

“She should cut her nails” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : The men of the Justice League tease Batman about the scratches on his back, and the love bites on his chest…Bruce is not amused.

Just a silly fic cause why not. Wrote it in literally fifteen minutes because I was bored, and didn’t proofread (as usual really) so it’s quite meh, hope you’ll still like it though :

(My masterlist blog here :

I wrote some sort of part two to this, it’s here if you’re interested : “Bruce…sucks !”


Bruce could feel their gaze on his back. He knew they were smiling like idiots behind him, and he heard them giggle a few times, like goddamned teenagers.

He finally turned around to face his fellow Justice League members, that had been staring at him for the past hour. They were in the men shower room of the headquarter, and the fact that they were all half-dressed made them look even more ridiculous, with their idiotic smile on their faces.

Hell, even J’onn was snickering with them ! Bruce would expect from Clark, Oliver, Barry and maybe Arthur to laugh like nitwits, but J’onn ? He thought he was better than this.

And yet, here he was, grinning at the Batman like a moron.

-What ?

Bruce asked a bit coldly, even though he already knew what was going on.

Clark answered, a sly smile on his stupid handsome face :

-We were just wondering…When did you got those scratches on your back ? Like, which villain inflicted you such terrible wounds ?

Bruce rolled his eyes. By now, Barry and Oliver couldn’t hold their laughter, though the look the Bat gave them stopped them cold in their track. Damn that man could be intimidating, even for them…Bruce, glaring at them, went on :

-Are you guys fifteen ?

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Being In A Relationship With Loki Laufeyson Would Go A Little Something Like.....

Requested by @rindulacre! Thanks!!^.^


In The Beginning…

~ Loki avoids you like the plague. There is no way he’s attracted to a weak, fragile, mortal. Even if you do have beautiful eyes and a stunning smile and the way you laugh makes his breath catch in his chest like he’s been hit with his brother’s hammer. Nope. He’s not attracted. Not at all.

~ He does a pretty good job of avoiding you until he sees you talking with Thor one day and it sets him off

~ Loki takes immediate action and interrupts the (completely innocent) conversation your having with Thor to ask you on a date, something that couldn’t make Thor happier

~ Later Loki has to ask Thor what exactly a date entails as he has no idea what he’s doing

~ Your first date consists of Loki arriving right on time with a large bouquet of your favorite flowers. 

~ He takes you to a carnival where you introduce him to all kinds of new foods (most of which he is extremely hesitant to try). You also drag him through the house of mirrors and onto most of the rides. He wins you a huge stuffed tiger at a booth that is obviously rigged (he swears he didn’t use magic though). And at the end of the night you share a kiss at the top of the Ferris Wheel as fireworks go off in the back ground.

~ Loki takes you out on only three more movie worthy dates before asking if you would like to “go steady” 

As A New Couple…

~ Everyone thinks you guys are joking until Loki pulls you in for a deep kiss to prove them wrong

~ Thor is so excited he drags you and Loki out on a double date with him and Jane. (Most of the night is spent with you and Jane in tears of laughter as the two brothers try to top each others embarrassing stories about the other).

~ Loki is constantly sending you flowers and poetic handwritten notes

~  Loki is an extremely jealous person and every time he even sees someone look at you too long he pulls you in for a passionate kiss until he knows whoever was looking gets the point

~ Loki never lets you out of his sight because he knows there’s some serious people after him, and he doesn’t really trust anyone else to protect you like he would

~ After eight months of being together Loki takes you to Asgard to meet his parents. It’s when he sees the approval and excitement in his mother’s eyes that he knows it’s the right time to ask you to move in with him.

As An Established Couple Who Lives Together…

~ Your apartment is absolutely covered in bookshelves which are not only full of books (both Midgardian and Asgardian) but also little trinkets Loki has collected from all nine realms. 

~ Loki talks in his sleep. Sometimes it’s random things, but mostly he quotes really strange lines from poems and books. He once quoted the entire first act of Hamlet

~ Whenever he thinks you’re not looking Loki will “cheat” with his chores and just use magic

~  You two spend a lot of nights on your apartment roof, stargazing as Loki tells you stories about the history of Asgard and the other realms

~ You love getting to introduce Loki to new Midgardian things. The best thing so far has been when you went camping and introduced him to s’mores. Loki ended up freaking out so bad when his marshmellow caught on fire that he ended up freezing your entire fire

~ Loki has come home on more than a handful of occasions to find you using his cape as a blanket

~ Loki has a “hidden” stash of girl scout cookies. He hides them on the top shelf of his closet

~ It’s one of those nights after Loki has read you to sleep when he’s carding his fingers through your hair and he can feel the smile on his face when it hits him. He realizes how much you trust him as you look so happy and peaceful and vulnerable curled into his side without care of who he was or what he did to get here by your side and he feels a warmth in his chest he hasn’t felt in years.

Which Leads To…

~ Loki taking a secret trip to Asgard in order to ask Odin and Frigga if he can permanently borrow one of the many rings locked away in the royal vaults in order to make you his queen


Hope you guys liked it!(:

Making out with... Haechan


Anon: No one requested a making out with haechan yet so I thought I would - after reading the first kiss w/ haechan and making out with mark I’m so soft for a cute shy haechan

Anon: if it aint too much too ask can u make a making out with haechan ndnxxnx im so flustered asking this

Anon: Hey!! Make out w donghyuck? Innocent ofc 💓💓💓

Anon: would be really nice if you’d do a make out with haechan too 💖

Since Mark’s was so heavily appreciated (thank you for that btw!) I decided to post Haechan’s sooner than expected too! hopefully y’all like this, and don’t worry - it’s very fluffy and cute and beware for shy Haechan (ya ikr wtf) 💓also its quite long srry

Originally posted by donghyukslee

  • Your relationship with Donghyuk would be a very playful and teasing one
  • It’s very likely that you’d have started off as best friends
  • Or at least, your relationship resembled one strongly
  • So there wouldn’t be much kissing or PDA or skinship of any sort
  • Of course it wouldn’t mean he didn’t care about you or thought of you as a friend rather than a girlfriend
  • But it’d be a subconscious, mutual decision
  • Neither of you were ever that into it and you weren’t intending to start doing so soon
  • However, saying this, further into the relationship
  • As the pair of you grew more mature and your feelings for one another became deeper,
  • Haechan would need more of something to how his affection and love towards you
  • The teasing and jokes you shared were great to him, of course, but he’d be scared of losing you or not showing enough emotion physically to you
  • As if he needed something new and exciting to express his feelings
  • So he’d start doing just that - skin ship
  • You’d notice how he’d start holding you’re hand more, wrap his arms around your waist instead of your shoulders, tuck strands of your hair behind your ear occasionally
  • You’d know what he was doing and what his intentions were, which would make your heart go all soft and think of him as fluffy whenever he did so
  • You couldn’t help but blush whenever he touched you softly like that, your heart racing and your palms sweaty
  • Haechan would act so casually and it’d annoy you so god damn much
  • How could he possibly show you this kind of affection, without reacting like you awkwardly?
  • But really he’d be freaking out, cursing himself for not being direct enough or affectionate enough
  • He’d just wan to show you his feelings but he was also scared of rejection
  • He didn’t want you to turn him down or reject him, so only took baby steps
  • Eventually there’d be more cuddled, then more kisses, starting with your forehead, then cheeks, then nose and then lips
  • Soon skin ship would be so natural to you two
  • Kissing and cuddling one anther would be a normal thing unlike months before where it was basically nonexistent
  • And with more skin ship, means making out
  • The first time yo made out with Haechan, it was the most awkward and weird experience of your life, worse than your first kiss with him
  • Neither of you would know what to do or how to kiss for “making out” time
  • It’d be a casual date for you, just laying around chatting at the NCT dorms whilst the other members are out shopping for things
  • He would go in to kiss you, just like any other time - just a sweet and soft peck
  • And when he pulls back, he’ll stop moving when his face is only a few inches away from you
  • Staring at one another, you watched as he glances at your lips, a subtle way of asking if you were okay with what he was going to do next
  • You licked your lips, your breathing starting to become heavier and faster
  • Haechan gulps, wiping the palms of this hands on his pats, before awkwardly placing one on your hip and lacing the their one with your hand
  • Slowly you both lean in, eyes fluttering shut
  • And he’s so close that you can hear him quietly breathing heavily like you
  • Your lips meet and linger for a few seconds
  • There’s literally no movement or emotion in the kiss, not that either of you were trying to not put any into it
  • It was just because neither of you knew what to do
  • You’d open your eyes, lips still pressed to Haechan’s stiffly, and you cringe internally at the awkwardness of the situation
  • He looked so painfully cute and being this close to him meant you could see that his cheeks were tinted pink in embarrassment
  • Eventually, you wouldn’t be able to hold it in, but would start giggling, pushing him away from you and covering your face with your hands
  • Haechan looks at you, a pout forming on his lips and a look af sadness across his face - he’d think you were laughing at him which was kinda the case but okay
  • You’d try to tell him, but it would be virtually impossible so he’d have to wait a couple of hours sulking before you told him, to which he sighed in relief and found it amusing too
  • But anYWAY
  • yes ik i didnt end that well and it was rushed bUT
  • Haechan would always be shy before and after making out with you, but somehow he was the complete opposite when he was actually doing it like ???
  • I can guarantee you that he will have asked the older and only the nicer members for tips and probably went on wiki how for some advice and practised on the back of his hand lmao
  • Which really worked for him and you could tell
  • Although the next few make out session after your first would be a little stiff as well, very quickly they’d blossom into really nice and meaningful sessions
  • He’d like it if you were leaning on something like a wardrobe or table or kitchen counter because it’d mean he could control the kiss plus the other members said it would make your heart flutter which was definitely the case
  • Haechan would be so gentle and sweet with you, as if, if he held you too tightly or kissed you too roughly, you’d just break
  • He’d also be very slow and steady, not making things too heated and keeping it fluffy and with just the right amount of passion
  • One hand would cup your face, his thumb gently rubbing your jawline which would cause you to naturally loosen your jaw and relax
  • And his other hand would play with your hair, a gesture which would make your heart race
  • His kisses would start off very short and very many of them, just pressing them to your lips and smiling in between them
  • But then they’d become longer and slower, his tongue occasionally brushing your lips to pry them open
  • And no, not for PG reasons jfc
  • Sometimes, he’d slip his tongue into your mouth, but this would be very rare and the moment would quickly pass
  • He’d have a sudden jolt of confidence to do something daring, but then the thought would scare him and cause him to retreat back again
  • Not that you would mind, if he was uncomfortable, then you’re weren’t going to say anything to make him awkward
  • anyway back to it
  • He’d use his jaw a lot, so much so, he’d even complain about the pain he was having after
  • He couldn’t help but move his jaw whenever he kissed you, in attempt to make the kiss deeper and somehow press his lips even closer to yours
  • Humming occasionally, the vibrations would send shivers down your spine, making Haechan chuckle at your easily blushy self
  • He’d also be a fan of kissing your jaw srsly he has some kind of creepy and satanic obsession with it its not healthy
  • He’s always peppering kisses along your jaw and down your neck, teeth nibbling on your collar bone as a joke causing you to raise your shoulders instinctively and giggle
  • He likes to hold your face/hair but he’d also like holding your sides and giving them a quick squeeze every now and then
  • This would make you jump and squeal from how sensitive and ticklish you were there, and he’d blush at you getting all blushy at him
  • Also, one last note before we go to blushy/awkward/weird Haechan again,
  • I think his lips are super soft and well-cared for
  • He probably doesn’t want to embarrass himself and do something wrong
  • He just really wants to be a good boyfriend and make sure you actually do like kissing him and being with him
  • TBH he probably worries all the time about your relationship
  • Scared that you’ll leave him or something, so he tries his best to be the best he can be
  • Which you really admire and love about him, and try to do the same back
  • After making out with Haechan, expect him to literally stay away from you
  • He’d feel so awkward and stiff afterwards, as if he committed a sin or something
  • Internally prays for his sins too
  • He’s also freaking out about what happened, shocked that he gained the confidence he did
  • Really red faced and you can literally see drops of sweat rolling down his face
  • Best thing to do is let him be and not dwell on it
  • Since he’ll always comes and find you later to basically smother you in affection and apologise and say he loves you and aWE
  • he just really loves you
  • And even though, he’d usually show his affection by teasing you and making fun of you like friends would,
  • It’d be in rare moments like this that you’d realise how much he really does love your guts you

Making out with… series

Prompt:  “I’m really drunk, please help me get safely out of the way so I don’t ruin our friend’s wedding.”

Character: Peter Maximoff (For @petey-maximoff)

Warning: Alcohol? Don’t drink heavily, kids!

You’re really drunk. You know you’re really drunk because this is your 5th drink and everything seems really funny. You know you’re drunk because you’re feeling that familiar urge to get up on a table and dance. You know you’re drunk because you’re starting to hiccup. You know you’re drunk. And even drunk you knows what you’re like when you get too drunk. Too drunk means ruining Jean’s wedding and ruining Jean’s wedding means losing a friend and you really don’t want to do that. 

So somehow you manage to hobble your way over to Peter and you know he’s still sober because alcohol goes through his system so quickly that he’s barely drunk for more than a few minutes. You wonder what that’s like? To drink and not really get drunk. But you know that’s not your priority right now.

“Hey, Y/N, how you doin’?” He has that adorable grin on his face and it distracts you for a  moment and you forget why you came over before realising again that wait. You’re drunk. Too drunk. Shit. He’s too cute. 

“I’m really drunk, please help me get safely out of the way so I don’t ruin our friend’s wedding. Please.” It doesn’t come out as clearly as you want it to. Mostly because your words are slurred but he seems to understand even if he is way too amused for his own good. 

“Alright, c’mon.” He doesn’t speed you away and you’re really grateful because you’d probably have thrown up all over his suit and that would have simply been embarrassing. Instead he puts his arm behind your back and starts to guide you outside to the fresh air and to his car. 

The fresh air does little for the way you feel, if anything it manages to make you tired and you find yourself lagging as you move nearer to the car. You don’t realise that you’ve fallen asleep until you wake up in your bed, tucked under the covers, shoes neatly by the bed and a little note on your table.

‘Get better soon, babe ;) x’ it has you laughing despite the oncoming hangover because he’s adorable and you hate him for it but you love him for it as well. 

|A Theory pt 2|


GENRE: Smut, Angst, Pure unadulterated nonsense 


My eyes widened at Yugyeom’s words.

“E-excuse me?” I squeaked.

Yugyeom chuckled, burying his face in my neck.

“I didn’t stutter sweetheart” he whispered, heartedly kissing the side of my neck.

“So I raised a sex fiend is what you’re telling me?” Jinyoung tsked again while Yugyeom just chuckled.

“Sex fiend is a bit much hyung” Yugyeom spoke, his shy nature slipping through.

The whiplash with this boy was ridiculous.

“You have no damn right to talk about what’s too much after that” Jackson spoke up, dusting himself from off and standing up straight.

“What was this theory though?” Mark asked with an eyebrow raised.

Why did he have to fucking ask that? I felt my cheeks burn at the question and I began to fidget, lowering my gaze.

“Please. You’ve almost fucked the maknae in front of us and now you’re embarrassed? Really?” JB pointed out, obviously amused.

Yugyeom pulled me over to one of the couches where he sat down, pulling me into his lap and wrapping his arms around my waist. He kissed my cheek sweetly and I had to tone down my heart’s exaggerated reaction so I wouldn’t over think his actions.

“Go on, talk” He encouraged gently.

“Is he seducing her?” Jinyoung asked incredulously.

“What did I fucking tell you?” Bambam exclaimed.

“Look we can discuss Yugyeom’s sex  preferences later. As for right now, answer the question princess” JB said, effectively turning the conversation back to me.

I ignored the slight raise in my pulse at the nickname best I could as I hid my face behind my mass of curls.

“Do I have to?” I whined.

I felt a hand brush my curls away from my neck, placing a kiss to the base of it. The tension from my body disappeared almost altogether but was immediately replaced by sexual frustration and longing. His lips were so close to my spot. A few inches down and I’d be done for. I barely registered Yugyeom’s low and breathy “please” as scenarios involving both my spine and a certain group of boys invaded my thoughts. In my blissed out state I began to talk.

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the one where she said...

Originally posted by secondleadclub

request: can you do a smut scenario with amber from f(x) where the reader calls her mommy and the reader gets embarrassed for a minute and amber just gets really fucking happy ?????

author’s response: thank you once again for requesting! i hope you enjoy it and have a good day!

note: if anyone would like a version of this with a male reader, please let me know and i’ll write it!

otp(s): amber liu x female!reader

genre: smut

word count: 942

synopsis: amber’s fucking kinky. 

slow, sultry music swelled and rose throughout the room, but not loud enough to make the rose petals adorning the wooden floor shift a centimeter. everything was warm with the gentle scent of sandalwood, the flask of the substance lying discarded several feet away from the entanglement of bare, damp skin on the wooden floor. amber liu lay hunched over her softly gasping, writhing lover, the fingers of her right hand supporting her weight against the wooden floor, her left hand drawing soft moans and shudders from the latter beneath her.

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The Katsudeku headcanons no one asked for:

• Kacchan gets really nervous whenever Deku wants to hold hands so his hands starts sweating a lot and it makes him really embarrassed but deku just smiles up at him and holds his hand tighter

• Deku will tell him how he doesn’t mind and he’ll keep holding kacchan’s hand despite kacchan’s shouts of protest and pointless threats because the smile on kacchan’s face is something he’d like to see more often

• Kacchan would feign in difference/show no interest whenever deku talks about something he’s interested in or loves but he’s secretly taking note and trying to remember everything deku says

• Kacchan would the be the surprisingly sweet boyfriend, he’d go out of his way to do something really nice for deku when deku isnt paying attention (remembering to cook deku’s favorite food, using a photo he took of deku as his phone’s lockscreen)

• Deku likes petting kacchan’s hair, mostly out of habit and cause kacchan has the softest hair. Kacchan would get annoyed and say some really lame threats to get him to stop but he still falls asleep to deku gently petting his hair

• Kacchan loves laying on deku’s lap, its comforting and he likes how deku would just talk abt anything and everything to him while constantly petting his hair, he likes listening to deku talk and it lulls him to one of the most peaceful sleep he’s ever had

• Kacchan would kiss every scar and wound on deku’s body whenever deku gets injured while repeatedly telling him how beautiful he is and just how much stronger he’s become and promising deku that he’ll work harder to be there to protect the both of them

• Deku would keep these notebooks filled with every memorable day he’d spent with kacchan and every reason why he chose to stay with him all these time, he’d hide it from kacchan because its embarrassing but kacchan knows where it is and would read it whenever he feels like he isnt good enough for deku

• Deku would hold kacchan’s hand whenever he feels anxious and kacchan would talk to him in the most gentle voice he can muster to tell him that its okay and that he knows deku will do great and he’ll kiss deku on the forehead until all his anxiousness disappears

• Kacchan has a lot of insecurities and sometimes they’d appear on his dreams and turn it into nightmares and he’d wake up with tears on his eyes but deku will always be there when he wakes to comfort him with hugs and kisses and his soft voice with encouraging words to lull him back to sleep

• Deku gets frustrated with himself and sometimes he’d just keep worrying about others and would stop caring about himself, kacchan would get worried and would do things for him and would constantly remind him that he’s not alone and that he should share his burden with him as well

• Kacchan would hate himself sometimes when he’s reminded of the past, of the things he’s said and done to deku and he believes that distancing himself from deku would be the best thing to do because he believes he isn’t worthy of deku or deku’s love

• Deku would remind him that he was young and stupid before but he’s grown and matured and that he’s forgiven him long ago, but kacchan would still keep apologizing and deku would keep telling him that it was okay and he’d start crying and kacchan’s crying as well and they’ll notice the state theyre both in and just laugh at mess they’ve made because they’re still stupid but theyre also very much in love with each other

• They’d fall asleep on each other’s arms with deku falling asleep first and kacchan would wipe the tears on deku’s face and kiss him first on the forehead, then on the nose and finally on his lips. he’d lie awake on their bed with a smile he couldn’t wipe off his face no matter what with thoughts of deku, just deku to cloud his mind until he falls asleep with the most content smile on his face

new-recipe  asked:


Who said “I love you” first

  • I like to think it was Hanzo.  Like they were cuddling on the couch watching a movie, and Hanzo just kind of said it with out really thinking.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

  • They both would.  They are grossly cute like that.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

  • Both. However, McCree was the one who did it first.  At first it was cute things like “I love you” but now it’s just “we need milk”

Who buys the other cheesy gifts

  • Both but McCree does it more.  He will use any chance he gets to buy things for Hanzo

Who initiated the first kiss

  • McCree and I like to think it was right after Hanzo said I love you.  He was so embarrassed about it that all he could do was apologize and then McCree just leaves over and kisses him

Who kisses the other awake in the morning

  • Hanzo.  He’s usually the first one awake, and will let McCree sleep in for bit.  Tho sometimes McCree is already awake but just wants the kisses.

Who starts tickle fights

  • McCree for sure.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

  • At first it was McCree but now they don’t even ask they kind of just show up lol

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

  • Hanzo.  He will spend all morning while McCree is at work cooking.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date

  • I think they both were, but McCree didn’t really show it all that much.

Who kills/takes out the spiders

  • Hanzo.  I like to think that McCree isn’t a big fan of them

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

  • Oh McCree for sure.  Doesn’t matter who is around, where they are, if he is drunk you best believe that everyone is going to know how much he loves Hanzo.

anonymous asked:

I bet Kaneki had some fantasies that he was embarrassed about and Touka is happy to oblige and vise versa (well knowing Kaneki, some are probably about boobs) I love being Touken trash

i would love them to talk about those things eventually, they’re trying to get more intimate with each other and feel comfortable now that they’re waifu&husbando and touka has no filter, as always, and tells him the huge list of things she wants to try and he’s like ……………. his face matches the color of his hands, and she tries to make him say his fantasies and he really wants to say it but they imply the use of many very dirty words and he’s too shy to pronounce them, so he decides to write them down instead because it’s less embarrassing… 

he writes the note when she’s not around and leaves it on her desk? because he’s embarrassed to personally give it to her, imagine what a disaster would it be if someone else (NAKI) finds that note instead of toukachan, with all the dirty (but very poetic, he can’t help it..)  words and everything… 😂 

Beautiful the Way You Are~ Peter Maximoff x Reader

Originally posted by imaginecabin

Requested by: hi um can u do a peter maximoff x shy wheelchair reader imagine the reader is insecure and thinks no one will love her bc of her disability but gets proven wrong with lots of fluff and a kiss {readers first kiss} and the reader gets embarrassed when one of the xmen walk in and its really fluffy and cute I hope u can do this it would mean a lot xxxx of if not just a quicksilver dating shy wheelchair reader would include or somthing

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x shy wheelchair reader

Warnings: a little negative self talk

Note: I’m sorry if this wasn’t exactly what you wanted but I really liked this. Hopefully you will too!

It had been extremely awkward the first time you had come to the mansion. There were no actual ramps for you to use to get in or out of the building so guess who had to get carried? That’s right. First day and you were being carried around by your dad like a baby. It was mortifying. Thankfully Professor Xavier had been just as mortified and insisted ramps be built the next day. But the one thing you couldn’t forget from that day was the silver haired boy running up to you and giving you that little half smile.

“How fast can you go in that chair?”

“Um- what?”

“I said how fast can you go in that chair?”

“Um I don’t know, fast-ish?”

“Hmmm would you want to race?”

“I doubt I could beat you.”

He smirked and pulled his googles down. You could help but smile back, placing your hands on either side of your chair.

“Okay, so last one to the end of the hall has to buy the other one dinner. On your mark! Get set! Go!”

Before Peter even started to run, you felt everything slow down, time slowing down second by second. Peter was frozen in place as you rolled down to the end of the hallway. You let out a breath as time continued at regular place and in half a second Peter was beside you. He glanced back to where he thought you were, his brow furrowing when he realized you weren’t there. You let out a little cough. He spun around on his heel to face you, mouth hanging open. He stood like that for a minute, staring. A bright red flushed your cheeks under his hard stare.

“H-How did you do that!?”

“Well I can control time so I can slow it down or speed it up to what I want it. “

“Wow, you-you are awesome!”

And that was how you and Peter had become inseparable. There had been so many movie nights, late night talks, and outings where Peter had slowed down for you. But today, he had gone out on a mission and you had to stay behind. It was days like these where you had felt useless. You weren’t able to go on missions because your chair was too bulky and too hard to move. You stared at your legs, willing them to move, willing them to stop making you even more “abnormal”. Tears welled up in your eyes.
“Why are you like this,” you whispered, “why can’t you be like everyone else? Why can’t you just be normal! Do you think anyone is going to love you when you look like this?“

The whispers had turned into a yell, tears streaming down your face. Suddenly you heard a creak, and when you turned around it was Peter. His face was red and his eyes were full of anger. He blurred in your vision as more tears fell down your face. In a heartbeat he was at your side, hands on either side of your face. He was staring at you, eye to eye. Then he closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against yours, letting out a long sigh.

“I want you, Y/N. I want you just the way that you are. You are beautiful. And I wouldn’t have you any other way. So don’t you dare so anyone wouldn’t love you when you are in this wheelchair. Because I love you and I love that you see the world from a different view. I love it. I love you,” Peter whispered, his eyes still closed.

You let out a half sob, half laugh. Peter opened up his eyes, staring right into your eyes, and kissed you. It was the softest kiss but it felt like a lifetime. You slowed down time, taking in every second of this moment. How soft his lips were, how his long fingers were tangled into your hair, how beautiful his face was this close. Then time started again.

anonymous asked:

Hi, first time ever making a request, sorry if it doesn't make sense or is not specific enough. Iwaizumi and Kuroo scenario please, where on Valentines day, the school has an event where people can buy a rose and have it delivered anonymously or with a note. The girl receives a rose anonymously (or with a vague note, not saying who it's from) and tries to find the sender, how would the boys go about confessing and basically saying that it's from them. Love your blog by the way <3

It makes perfect sense don’t worry! - Admin Hope

Iwaizumi Hajime 

  • To be honest I feel like this girl would get so determined that she would start asking the people in student council, because they organize the whole thing, who was the person who sent it
  • Some of them said they didn’t know but one person said it was someone from the boys volleyball team and her eyes would basically light up because she would be one step closer to finding out who this guy was
  • She would like burst into the boys volleyball gym and hold up the rose and the little note that was attached and ask who it was from
  • Oikawa would smirk and glance over at Iwaizumi who was suddenly blushing like crazy
  • Oikawa would shove him her way and she would smile holding the items in her hand and ask if it was him that sent it to her
  • Iwaizumi would be really embarrassed because although he liked her a lot he wanted to confess on his own time because his nerves liked to get to him at times
  • He would be stuttering and rubbing the back of his head and she would get kind of discouraged thinking that he may have did it as some random prank and he didn’t actually like her
  • He would finally get out that he was in fact the person who sent the rose to her and that he thought she was super cute and he had a bit of a crush on her for awhile now just didn’t know how to say it
  • Her spirits would lift and she would wrap her arms around him for a hug and he would ever so gently hug her back; she would give him her number and tell him to text her so that they could make plans to go on a date together
  • She would wave him goodbye so that he could get back to practice and say how they could maybe walk home together and would leave with that
  • Iwaizumi would turn back to his team making his way back to the court and no one really said anything because they knew he was very happy but they also knew that he was still slightly embarrassed about the whole thing
  • You all know damn well that Oikawa would make some snarky comment but Iwaizumi would by that point be very content and just smile at him saying that at least he had a girlfriend now rather than getting empty confessions all day
  • Matsukawa and Hanamaki would holler that Oikawa got so roasted and laugh in Oikawa’s face

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Let’s be real Kuroo would have some really shitty pick-up line on it signing it off with a - K and the girl would be on the hut to find him from that day on
  • Kuroo noticed very well her efforts to find him and it kind of make him happy seeing how hard she was looking for him
  • He would want to go and confess that it was him but kind of held himself back thinking that if she could find out that it was him then he would definitly confess
  • It would be close to last period of the day before club and he would start to get a bit discouraged becasue she still hadent found out it was him yet
  • He really likes her and didn’t want anyone else that had a letter K at the beginning of their name to take what he did for her
  • Yet she mainly looked at their handwriting to see if it was really the person who wrote her the little note and gave her the flower and if it didn’t match what she had she knew it wasn’t them
  • Then finally she came into his classroom and slammed a hand on his desk making him look up from his notes to see that it was her
  • She said she knew that his last name was Kuroo and that she had been looking all around the school for a person’s name to start with the letter K and once she glanced down to see his notes seeing his handwriting she knew it was him
  • He would give her a kind smile saying that it was him that sent her the rose and that he did have a crush on her but kept it anonymous for the most part because he wasn’t sure if she was going to feel the same way
  • She scribbled down a shitty pick-up line of her own along with her number on a piece of paper telling him to text her sometime
  • Kuroo would feel completely triumphed with the whole thing and be very excited to start a relationship with her

anonymous asked:

Hooola, could you make headcanons (idk if this is too long to request) of the Konoha's 11 (+Sai) receiving a sexual education class of Jiraiya? Like, the 4 teams in the same room and their senseis supervising and Jiraiya, a bit unconfortable, trying to explain the methods and stuff. I imagine this and their reactions would be sooo funny. (esto sonaba menos estúpido en mi cabeza, perdón)

no te preocupes (: I hope these are alright. It is a long request so I had to write really short ones for some people

•First of all, Jiraiya thinks that sexual education constitutes him taking excerpts from his Icha Icha books and reading it aloud to the class okay

Kakashi blushes because as soon as Jiraiya starts reciting a passage, Kakashi recognizes it. And he’s like…. is Jiraiya-sensei really doing this. Is he really. He’s even more embarrassed that he knows the book word for word though

Naruto is used to enduring Jiraiya’s sex talks, so he just sinks down into his seat and groans. If he was convinced that this would be an interesting discussion, he would listen. But Jiraiya doesn’t make these talks fun at all. It’s not enough to indulge that pervert side of Naruto. He knows this is going to be stupid

Sai is the only one who really listens and takes everything seriously. Probably takes notes. But his sensei will tell him afterward to forget literally everything he’s heard because it’s not right

Neji sits there listening to this, frowning suspiciously every so often. He doesn’t know much about sex, but he’s pretty sure Jiraiya-sensei is not explaining it the right way. You can just see the confusion on his face. And the embarrassment, when Jiraiya gets a little descriptive. Hinata is blushing red the whole time. Jiraiya might ask her what’s wrong at some point, and she can’t even speak. She just blushes harder and shakes her head. Neji just tells her to cover her ears. Kurenai calms her down afterward

Shino zones out after a while. Listen, I headcanon that Shino has his shit together when it comes to sex. He knows what to do. Knows how to do it. He’s just… good. He doesn’t need lessons. So while he’s sitting here listening to Jiraiya blatantly skew a real sex ed lesson, he’s just like nah. I’m out. Tell me when it’s over. I’ll be daydreaming about something else

Kiba comes into this very eager because nice!!! A sex lesson!!! But also a little cocky. He’s 100% sure he knows all there is to know about sex already. Even if he’s still a virgin. Which he probably most definitely is. I don’t know how descriptive I can get with these headcanons. But the first time Jiraiya mentions “the clitoris” Kiba is like…. wtf is that

Rock Lee tries too hard to concentrate because hey. This is a lesson. From Jiraiya-sensei. Even if it’s on sexual education, Lee only thinks it’s appropriate and respectful that he listen. But his eager, determined expression slowly shifts to confusion and he just doesn’t understand what’s happening

Tenten and Sakura are just annoyed. Why do they have to sit here and listen to a perverted old man talk about this?? Talk about female anatomy?? And not even give them the right information either???

Ino tries really hard to listen because she thinks she might get some good info out of this. But after a while she’s just in shock. Once Jiraiya passes out a list (with visuals) of the ‘best’ sex positions, she’s done. She’s so embarrassed 

Shikamaru was done before he even walked into the room. He’ll fall asleep. It’s the only way he can see to escape the dumb lecture. His dad probably had the talk with him anyway, so he’s good 

Choji was enduring it until Jiraiya took out the banana

Jiraiya figured he needed to explain erections. And the issues that some people might have with erections. Jiraiya literally “You see this? This is a banana”

and Sai nods like. Ah yes. That’s a banana. Of course. I know what that is. *Sketches the banana*

Jiraiya proceeds to take out a condom (did they have condoms in Naruto?? Idk) “This is how you put on a condom”

Jiraiya proceeds to struggle with putting this condom on the banana. Probably breaks it bc he stretches it too much 

He quickly moves on from that and then… He gets a rotten banana that’s sagging. “Sometimes you won’t be able to put a condom on, and the… penis will look like this. In which case, all you have to do is—” and Kurenai stops the lesson at that point

In the Interest of Justice (Real World AU) Part IV

Sengoku should have known. He really, really, really should have known. He had been willfully blind, and now was paying the consequences.



Monkey D. Motherf*cking Garp.

Of course that was Kitsune’s father. Who else could it possibly be?!

He had thought himself free at last. Spending his entire stint on the Police Academy babysitting that maniac may have been what convinced his superiors to give him a position of responsability so soon, but it hadn’t been worth it. Nothing could possibly be worth Monkey D. Goddamned Garp.

And now they were *shudder* family.

(Sengoku stands by his opinion that trying to escape through the window was a perfectly reasonable reaction after being informed by his son that he would be attending a family dinner with that man. Rosinante’s reaction of heaving a relieved sigh, of all things, and saying “I had been worried, but it seems you’ll fit right in!” had done the oppossite of filling him with confidence)

Of course, considering just which family that family dinner would consist of, it wouldn’t be so simple. Nothing was ever so simple with them.

The “dinner” was more of a “hanging out in a bar” and the “family” included all kinds of friends, coworkers, old classmates… 

(Poor Johnson. He hadn’t known that his newest recruit had been with Kitsune on the Police Academy, but he pitied the man for being dragged there. Especially because as soon as Kitsune graduated she was going towards their station. He could only pray she wouldn’t be bringing her father along, but his hopes were pretty dashed)

And of course there were all kinds of other characters that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to know how they fit in there.

(Seriously, how did that headache “explorer” Shanks that always gleefully ignored the visa and customs normative count as family, exactly? And was that the World Champion fencer over there?!)

At least there was entertainment. Kitsune and Rosinante had been the first to get drunk (wonderful role models, those two…) and promptly started gushing about how smart, strong and altogether wonderful their children were.

Holding Law and Ace so they couldn’t silence their parents or escape had to have been the first thing Sengoku and Garp had agreed on in decades. All four of those children probably had needed to hear something like that for some time, really. At least Sabo and Luffy didn’t seem to mind, even if Sabo looked a bit embarrassed.

This new family of his son’s may be one big headache on a particularly loud package, but he was a grandfather now and would make sure that those children realized (and experienced) that they were loved.

(Johnson’s comment that he was just getting petty vengeance for all the headaches those brats had caused was completely ridiculous, and Law’s betrayed look at hearing that had been totally unwarranted. He was a mature adult. He was not petty.

On a completely unrelated note, Johnson was going to spend the next three months directing traffic).

Damn, Sengoku sure loves to rant. It was the first time he didn’t point out some kind of “natural stopping point”.

He also insisted on giving Garp an insulting second name whenever I wrote his full name for some reason. *shrugs helplessly*

My mind is a weird place.

Jung Jaehyun | Uni!au

Pairing: jaehyun x reader (you)
Summary: just a uni!au with jung jaehyun<3
Notes: hii! So this is my first scenario since a long time, i’ll mainly be doing nct fluff scenarios tho haha hope you enjoy it! I’ll be doing them i the list format, but if you prefer it in a fic format i can work on them for my next ones (please tell me ^^) enjoy!

  • so like i absolutely love jaehyun that’s why i decided to make one first (the next one might be a boyfriend jaehyun even hehe :> )  
  • i was going to write a coffee shop au but there’s many out there already so why not a uni au right never outdated ahhahaha
  • let’s go  

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skybolina  asked:

Okay this just came to me after eating cereal but can you please do some headcannons of Shinsou and Tokoyami reacting to (accidentally) hearing their s/o singing for the first time and they're actually quite good? I didn't know I needed this before but now I'm extremely curious so I would be really happy if you could write it (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Shinsou Hitoshi

  • He would peak through the door inconspicuously and would want to hear his partner sing again but clearer 
  • He would be pleasantly surprised at the discovery, he knew his partner was talented but singing wasn’t the first thing he would’ve thought of
  • He would compliment them right after they finish singing and would embarrass his partner
  • He’d ask for his significant other to sing again if they were comfortable with doing that, he could never get over the way they sang

Tokoyami Fumikage

  • He would just be stunned and be in awe the entire time his partner sang, to put it simply, he was captivated by his partner’s voice
  • He would be really quiet when his partner sings and would want to hear every note 
  • He would praise and compliment his partner’s voice and style, also might encourage them to go further into singing and not just make it a hobby
  • Hopes that one day his partner sings to him, he finds their voice relaxing and it just puts him in a good mood 

anonymous asked:

You know, I saw where you did a request with rfa + v + saeran reacting to a young MC. But what if it was the opposite? What if they were reacting to an older MC who was, like, 30 instead? How would they (and possibly MC) feel about that?

This request made me realize how young I am whoa. I’m so sorry that these turned out short, if they are too short please let me know and I’ll think of things to add! I really hope that you enjoy!! :)

Side Note: Holy geez I got a bunch of requests last night so thank you for that! I promise to get to all of them as soon as possible! I really appreciate you all sending me these requests and I’ll write them as good as possible! Thank you all as always!! :D


  • Yoosung is extremely embarrassed when he finds out that you’re thirty years old
  • This poor boy become so flustered and confused since he’s about ten years younger than you
  • Plus Seven’s constant teasing isn’t helping matters out
  • You say to him how sorry you are that you didn’t tell him sooner, it was just that you felt genuinely connected to him and wanted to talk to him
  • Yoosung’s touched by your kindness and explains to you that he’s confused by his feelings towards you
  • You reassure him that you don’t have to be a couple, you understand that the age gap is pretty big so it’s altight for the two of you to just be friends
  • Yoosung is incredibly thankful for you being so understanding so the two of you do become friends, so the two of you are always able to enjoy each other’s company even with an age gap


  • Zen is quite surprised when he finds out that you’re thirty years old
  • He tries to act cool about it but he’s worried about the media
  • Not because he’s embarrassed to be with you, Zen’s worried that you’ll find out just how harsh the media is and they’ll make you feel uncomfortable since you’re about six years older than Zen
  • You tell him that the media doesn’t bother you but if it makes Zen feel awkward, then you can, sadly, call off your relationship because you know how much Zen’s career means to him
  • But Zen’s not having it, he says screw the media, he doesn’t care if you’re older than him since he still loves you all the same
  • You’ve helped Zen through so much hardship that he’d be an idiot not to fall in loves with you, no matter your age
  • Zen constantly tells you how much he loves you and how he’ll kick the media’s ass if they ever say one rude thing about your age


  • Jaehee is a mixture of confused, surprised, and happy when she finds out that you’re thirty
  • The age gap isn’t really that big so she’s fine with that, she just can’t believe that she didn’t figure it out sooner
  • She’s never really seen age as an issue, in fact, Jaehee realizes that she may be into older woman, something she never would have thought about for herself
  • The comments that other people would say bother her at first because she doesn’t want you to feel hurt by them saying things about the age gap
  • But you tell Jaehee that it’s okay, the opinions of other people don’t matter to you and as long as you and Jaehee continue to love each other, then the comments of others are irrelevant
  • Even with your words, Jaehee is still a little bit cautious of other’s opinions but slowly learns to accept her feelings
  • Jaehee realizes that your age gap really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things because you love her and she loves you regardless of your ages and that’s all that matters to each of you


  • Jumin is surprisingly really pleased when he finds out that you’re thirty years old
  • It’s only about a two year age gap, something that Jumin is honestly fine with
  • He thinks that since you’re a little bit older than him, you’re more mature and can appreciate him more
  • Plus maybe it means that you’re wine palate has fully developed so Jumin can finally have a wine buddy
  • Jumin really doesn’t care about the opinions on others about the two of you dating, people are actually really supportive of him and you dating
  • But that doesn’t mean Jumin will stop being protective of you, he still ensures your safety at all times
  • Jumin’s really chill about your age and sincerely believes that he would love you no matter what your age is


  • Seven really isn’t all that bothered that you’re older than him, in fact he really likes it
  • He feels like for the first time in his life, he’s found an older woman who is kind and loving, someone who can be comfortable around
  • Honestly, your age never had any impact on Seven’s feelings towards you, he was attracted to you because of your personality not age
  • When you tell him your worry about what others will think because of you age gap, Seven just smiles and says screw people, he loves you and you love him, that’s all that matters
  • Seven constantly asks you for advice since he thinks that you’re older you have lots of knowledge
  • Then you have to calmly remind him that you’re only around five years older than him and not some old timer
  • Life with Seven is always fun and he’ll constantly remind you how much he loves you, whatever your age may be


  • V is honestly fine that you’re older than him since the age gap is small
  • He appreciates older woman and secretly finds you being older really attractive
  • When you tell V your concerns about what people will think since you’re older than him and you don’t want to damage his reputation in the art industry, V just smiles
  • He tells you that being older isn’t a bad thing and he fell in love with you because of your kind-heart and not age
  • V likes having intellectual conversations with you since you’re older and more mature
  • V is overall comfortable with your age, he really doesn’t find any problems with you being thirty and it won’t make him stop loving you any less


  • Saeran didn’t realize that you were thirty whenever he led you to the apartment and becomes super flustered when he finds out your age
  • He’s pretty hesitant at first to get close to you since his experience with older woman in the past isn’t very good
  • You feel so awful for Saeran and apologize to him for not telling him sooner
  • Over time, Saeran slowly starts warming up to you and finds you being older comforting
  • He becomes super clingy since you’re the first older woman that he’s been happy to be around with
  • Saeran starts to accept his feelings for you and doesn’t care about the age gap, he loves you and that’s that
  • He reassures you that your age is fine with you, for the first time in Saeran’s life he’s in love with another woman and to him age is just a number
Tyler Down With Crush On The Reader

Request: Can you please do headcanons on Tyler Down having a crush on the reader? Thank you lovelie!

Could you do headcanons on Tyler having a crush on reader, and then the reader soon finds out and they start dating? Thank you!


A/N: I’m sorry there isn’t really a lot on them actually getting together, but I hope you like it :)


Warnings: You will probably get second-hand embarrassment.


Tyler Down With Crush On The Reader…

  • He’s so blushy

  • And a shy baby
  • And tragically hard on himself

  • Tyler would think that he had absolutely no chance with you
  • He wouldn’t really know how to start talking to you either

  • He’d just spend a lot of time hoping that maybe one day you’d just something to say to him
  • He’d try and get your attention all the time, asking you to smile for yearbook pictures for him

  • Or trying to make sure you guys sat side by side in class
  • He was absolutely just silently pining over you

  • Anonymous little notes in your locker
  • Little flowers on your desk and lunch table, without any notes or anything

  • You’re always nice to him, unlike everyone else, that’s why he likes you
  • He probably mentions you all the time to his parents, not as his crush, but just as a general person at school

  • But they know
  • Cause everyone knows especially your friends

  • It’s your friends who first tell you that he’s crushing on you, but you don’t believe it for the longest time
  • You don’t think anyone could ever crush on you, so you’re tragically oblivious to his feelings

  • He practically melts into a puddle every time you play with his hair, which you start to do a lot
  • He’s often staring at your hand, wishing he could hold it

  • He totally has your wedding and kids names planned out
  • The closer you get, the more he tries to change his personality and be considered more likeable

  • When you call him out on it though he apologises and admits he was just trying to impress you
  • That just warms your heart, and that’s probably the moment you start to spend a lot more time together

  • Your own crush develops on him, and yet you both stay totally oblivious to your feelings
  • Until one day, when it’s just the perfect moment for a kiss, and so he leans in and presses your lips together

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OUR PRIVATE LIFE: We’ll Tell You About Our Secrets♡ (Sakurauchi Riko)
Caption:Come, open wide♪
Chika-chan’s smile that looks like she’s enjoying the food is wonderful♡

“Come, open wide♪”
— Even though I half meant that as a joke.
The smiling Chika-chan just went “Yay, aaah!!” and held her mouth wide open—.
When I saw that face, it somehow made me happy, and I unconsciously became serious— It was almost like feeding a small child, placing a tomato into Chika-chan’s mouth.
The cherry tomato that was in her lunch box.
Though small, the round tomato was placed in as it was, so no matter how many times Chika-chan tried, it kept rolling about in the lunch box making noises— Since it seemed like she couldn’t stop it, I reached out to help her—.
Really, sometimes Chika-chan just seems as cute as a child— So docile and honest.
All the things I could never do, yet Chika-chan simply confronts them head-on, maybe her secret is this honest nature of hers.
Becoming friends with such a Chika-chan, I’m really glad for that♡


To Ohara Mari: What do you wear when you go to sleep!?
Asked by ポイントBさん @Twitter

The answers everyone is looking forward to are of course, “Only underwear♡” or “Negligee”, or maybe “Just perfume♡”— That’s right, isn’t it?
No no, that’s no good~, having such perverted expectations♪
But I’m sure if I don’t tell you all, you would have a looot more anticipation, and might not be able to sleep well so— I’ll tell you specially just this once♡
I’m the sort who always sleeps in a camisole♪
T-shirts always feel constrictive around my chest and make it painful so I don’t really wear them much, I think?

To Sakurauchi Riko: If you were to try helping out at one of the members’ family businesses, what would you like to try doing?
Asked by ハマチャさん @Twitter

Everyone is always helping out with their own family businesses, they’re such great girls— As for me, I really don’t do anything— It makes me embarrassed!
But, even for such a person like me, if I could help out with something—.
That’s right, as I thought, I would want to try working at Chika-chan’s family inn♪
Though it would be impossible for me to work with the guests, I might be able to do the subordinate work, and it seems fun to wear those traditional Japanese uniforms♡
I would have to learn lots of things from Chika-chan♪

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine June 2016

TL note: Maru’s 4-koma will wait until we get better scans to work with.