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Lines that should definitely have been in the new BATB movie:

Belle: I don’t know your real name.

Beast: Adam. My name is Adam.

Belle: Nice to meet you, Adam. 

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P.S. I wish it would be in the movie 😍  Nevertheless, I think the movie is aaaaabsolutely precious, the actors are great, the songs are amazing, and I replay some scenes in my head over and over again 🌹

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Could I request the Sakamakis learning that their daughter has her first S/O?


Shu would be stunned to learn that his daughter has her first lover. He would brush off his daughter’s attempts to introduce her lover to him, and he may come off as a little cold but in reality, he just doesn’t want to believe that his little girl is all grown up now. It would take him years to open up to his daughter’s new s/o but until then, he’s going to refrain from supporting his daughter’s decision. It’s not like he wants her to be alone forever; he just wants to keep her at his side for a little longer.

“Don’t ask. I won’t agree to it anyway.”


Reiji would not accept the fact that his precious daughter is now with some other disgusting being. Initially, he would be furious about her decision to have a lover without his knowledge or approval. He’d probably argue and fight with her about it until his wife steps in and tells him to stop. After that, Reiji’s daughter’s relationship with Reiji will take on a strain until he properly holds a mature conversation with her to clear the air. He’ll have to give up on his original idea to arrange a marriage with someone suitable for his daughter.

“I only want the best for you. You shouldn’t lower your standards for anyone.”


Ayato would be extremely upset when he finds out, and he’ll throw a fit immediately. He’ll demand that his daughter break up with her lover or else she will face consequences and forever be bounded to the Sakamaki mansion. Of course, Ayato’s daughter would yell back and disobey her father’s commands, declaring that she will do whatever she wants. Angered by her words, Ayato would further unleash his frustration out on her, warning her that she will regret her words if she doesn’t give up on her lover.

“You better beg for Ore-sama’s forgiveness! Tch, you’re gonna need it!”


Kanato would not be happy to hear that his daughter now has a lover of her own. Shouldn’t she only pay attention to her parents? He would not forget this day, and he would vow to his daughter that if he ever met her significant other, he would create a way to scare them off or even kill them. He will never let her be in love with anyone else. After all, she is his dear doll, and it would take centuries for him to even consider her a full grown vampire lady. 

“Ne Teddy, don’t you think she’s better off without someone at her side? Me too.”


Laito would try to play off everything as though he was perfectly fine with his daughter’s decision to be with someone else. He’d want to meet this person though, and if he saw that this person was unfit to be with his daughter, you should expect him to exchange some nasty remarks at the dinner table when your daughter finally brings her lover home to meet you two. It won’t be easy for his daughter’s lover to please Laito, even though he’s a little more lenient than the rest of his brothers.

“Marriage? I think my little dove is far too valuable to be given away to someone like you.”


Subaru won’t care as much as his brothers, knowing that she was of age to have lovers now and that she would have to leave the nest soon. He asks that his daughter be treated correctly and kindly because she is the product of his love for his wife. He’s not afraid to fight for his daughter if she is mistreated by her lover though, so his daughter’s lover ought to be aware of this fact too. No one escapes from Subaru’s smash.

“I don’t care, do what you want. Just don’t forget your mother and I.”


When Kino finds out about this, he gets a little cheeky with his daughter, almost taunting her when he questions her choice. His daughter would beg him to give her lover a chance, but he won’t be easily persuaded by her. As a sadistic vampire, he is not hesitant in playing a few tricks and giving his daughter’s lover a few tests to prove their worth. He’s just a little worried that his daughter is being used for other purposes, so he’s very protective.

“Your lover will have to face a few trials first if they want to be with you!”

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I'm here with kitties!!! *gives precious kittens to.* Whenever you have time, would you mind some Yoshikage Kira with a s/o with a pet? I'm sorry. I'm a sucker for antagonists.

Kira was such a cool guy. Aside from the serial killer stuff, I think he’d be a nice boyfriend or husband. Too bad he’s dead via ghost hands now.

Headcanons for Yoshikage Kira (DiU) with S/O who Owns a Pet

  • Kira would be a bit curious about S/O’s pet when they first told him about it. He doesn’t particularly mind animals, but he finds that they can sometimes be messy and hard to take care of. If he owned a pet himself, he’d have to change his daily schedule and it’d be tiresome to him.
  • When he first meets their pet, he’d probably just look at it first. He’d be a little hesitant to touch it if it has feathers or fur, since he doesn’t want to clean his suit.
  • He’d ask S/O about the animal. What its name was, how they got it, how long they’ve had it for and so on. He’d want to know how to take care of it in case S/O ever asks him to watch it.
  • If he stays over at S/O’s house, he’d mostly ignore the pet. He wouldn’t pay much attention to it and just let it be.
  • As time passed, Kira would get more comfortable with the pet. He might touch it sometimes or let it sit in his lap. Once in a while he’d buy a treat or toy for it.
  • If he lives with S/O, he’d take good care of the pet, maybe even to the point of spoiling it. He’d groom it, feed it, take it on walks and so on. If it’s something that’s not a fish, he’d play with it and cuddle with it. It would take time for him to start liking the pet, but he’d grow to love it.

ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 2

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@klancemasweek: Day 3 - Cold / Warmth (a tad bit late but I loved this theme so I wanted to wark a little harder on it)

Fire being his natural element, Keith hates the cold. Good thing he has a warm boyfriend to snuggle up with!

  • remus: I wish I had some chocolate... if only someone would get me a piece...
  • sirius: *pushes james into peter, sprints out of the common room to honeydukes, buys 50 bars of chocolate* I GOT YOU SOME MY LOVE THEY WERE JUST LYING AROUND

God SEVEN-ZERO-SEVEN is Team Litten, of course.

someone said in the tags here, that Seven is def Team Litten and yes, yes, person i cannot find, of course he is!!!

mm/pkmn!au, with another RFA for Team Litten. already decided Yoosung will be Team Rowlet and Zen - Team Poplio.


he’s so cute i’m going to dieee

Sometimes I think it’s weird that Zenyatta is as young as he is, cause he always seems so much more mature than you’d think a 20 year old would be, but then I see his emotes and

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A quiet breakfast of green goo in the castle, when suddenly...

Lance: Bacon.
Coran: What?
Lance: I miss bacon
[Hunk begins to sob.]
Pidge: Dammit, Lance
Shiro: Language, Pidge!
Allura: Who is bacon?
Keith: No, bacon is a food.
Hunk: A glorious amazing and delicious food that tastes like heaven!!
Shiro: Hunk stop crying. You’ll be okay.
Hunk: I can’t help it! I

Interviewer: “So what’s the relationship between Lance and Keith?”