it would be precious

The Summoning

A intent flicker of candle makes itself known outside the makeshift circle you find yourself sitting in.  The room is mostly darkness aside from the small, solitary light that sits quietly opposite your cross-legged seat.

Around the white chalk circle that you’ve drawn around yourself, there lie scattered a variety of other paraphernalia – salts, pendants and symbols that only precious few would realize as truly occult materials. You’ve positioned them elaborately as part of the ritual, knowing that one misplaced object and you would never have the chance to have the encounter you so desperately craved.

A quick glance to the left reveals the time- it’s three minutes closer to midnight. Normally you would have checked the glowing screen of your phone, but there can’t be other light aside from the single candle in the room.

You know that they’re already waiting.

The knife clutched in your spare hand slides over the surface of your palm. You hold it firmly, trying to ignore the sharp throb of pain as red droplets begin to swell past the broken skin. You raise your wounded hand over your head, allowing a few scarlet droplets to fall onto the ground as your slowly start to murmur an ancient incantation under your breath.

It won’t be long now.

     A swirling, smoky vortex opens in the ceiling as the room starts shaking with an unknown energy. The numerous objects are rattled about on the floor and the candle shivers in the invisible breeze, threatening to extinguish. The slight twinge of fear you feel is almost enough to make you leave your circle.

But restraint pulls you back. You know you can’t ever leave the circle- not until the ritual has finished.

You know that there are others out there- others who are far more malevolent than the one that you intend to bring into this world. And that stepping out of the circle will ensure that you probably won’t leave this room alive either.

Just keep calm until dawn, you remind yourself. After all, it’s not just you that you’re doing this for.

The violent rumbles cease, the room suddenly plunged into darkness. Your ribcage hitches with fear as you look around into the darkness, but the candle suddenly reanimates to illuminate a figure that has materialized outside the circle, with a pair of eyes that glow with a bright, otherworldly energy, directly fixed on you.

The form that sits in front of you is humanoid, yes. But you know deep within that this appearance is only for you, that their true form would be too much for your mind to take, despite your decidedly different tastes. It is a form that could be called ‘hideous’ by other humans, if they didn’t scream first. A human face sits like a mask over a pair of slobbering, sharp-toothed jaws that stand over a mass of pulsating tentacles.

Amidst the terror and the trepidation that roots you to the spot, you feel an overwhelming love for the barely human presence that faces you.  You extend your hands, making sure not to leave your circle as you slowly embrace them.

       They purr into your neck as they practically encase you within a living cocoon of their tentacles. A massive pulsating tongue leaves their now extended jaws and eagerly licks the side of your face, smooth and intimate. They murmur low throaty growls, or perhaps words of an ancient language now lost upon human ears. Although you can never truly understand what they are saying, you understand the intimacy of their actions.

After all, they’ve been waiting for you.

You take in the sight of them, their fleshly, tentacled, vaguely humanoid outline that so eagerly embraces you and their sweet scent, something that seems to belong to something so much purer than a creature whose whole form is the living embodiment of decadence and decay.

The mockery of the human form which they take only reminds you of the drastic differences between you. They’re different from you, so different that it should be impossible for you both to look each other in the eyes, let alone love like this. Your lover exists beyond the realms of mortal comprehension, beyond the limits of imagination. They come from a place which few know about, and even fewer believe in. A place beyond all time and space.

That mask-like face gleams out at you with a twisted grin. It’s enough to fuel the nightmares of anyone else who would have laid eyes on it, but when you look at those otherworldly eyes, all you see is love. An ancient, unyielding love, reserved entirely for you.

As hideous as they are, you can’t help but love them.

You feel their many limbs sucker onto your skin., rubbing up and down your body as they pull you closer. Shuddering, you can only find yourself falling further into them.

Even though it was you who brought them here, it’s they who have you now- mind, body and soul.

And you couldn’t be happier.

     A tentacle caresses the side of your face, dusky surface shimmering in the wavering candlelight like the most unknowable depths of the universe. Before, you never thought that something so simple could make you feel so complete.

You wish that you could somehow leave the chalk circle you’re confined in, to hold them in your arms the way they hold you, the way you’ve always wanted to. It pains you from the bottom of your heart that you can’t.

It was a rift in space time that brought you both together, but two worlds that forever separate you. You know that you can’t belong in theirs, and neither can they belong in yours. The sights of their world would blind your eyes, the sounds would destroy your ears, the alien sensations would all but shred your skin from your body.

You know that this is the only way that you can truly be together.

And somehow, it pains you more than comforts you.

But you find yourself determined to make the most of what little time you have left with them. With how much they mean to you, you want to treat them like the untouchable treasure that they are.

      After your long, passionate embrace together, your eyelids shudder into the temptation of sleep, you find yourself being lightly nudged awake by a tentacle. There’s a low, concerned growl as the many eyes on your lover’s lower body turn in the direction of the flickering candle.

Still drowsy, you initially struggle to understand their meaning. Then your pain returns tenfold.

It’s almost warning, they tell you through their touches, warning you that they must return to their own dimension before dawn. The ritual only offers so little time together.

With a pained sigh, you press your head to the bony, unnatural surface of their false one, feeling a guttural, sad moan reverberate up from their massive anglerfish-like jaws beneath. You don’t want to leave them.

But you know you have to.

Stifling back the tears that threaten to break your vision, you allow them to hold you for one last time, their high, unnatural whine breaking the unnatural silence of the room.

You exhale.

“I love you,” you tell them.

They growl again, still as deep and intimidating as before, but you hear the affection they hold for you in it. Your head falls into their lap, cradled by a writhing mass of eldritch tentacles, more content than you’ve ever been before in your life. Their mask of a face stares down at you as you look at up at it, forever watching over you.

      Streams of dawn break through your shuttered eyelids and you awaken to find yourself alone in the centre of the room. It’s the early morning and sunlight now streams through the windows in place of the tepid darkness you had lost yourself in last night- lost yourself with them.

By this time, they’re long since gone. The room holds no trace of either them or your nightly encounter, pardon a sweetish smell, like wilted spring flowers. It was as if they were nothing but a bittersweet nightmare.

You pick up the long extinguished candle with a sad smile.

It’s better this way, you try to tell yourself.

Turning back to the morning sun, you try to forget the past night and all that happened, try to forget the ritual as just a dream. Even as you face the new day, you already notice that the sides of your face are already wet with tears of past memories.

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May I have the boys reacting to their s/o giving them a bento box that they've prepared for them?

- small gasp Akira’s eyes start to shine as he accepts the bento box graciously , a large , goofy grin forming on his face. He thanks his S/O , expressing his appreciation before immediately digging into the food.

- Though his expression barely changes , you can see the happiness reflected in his eyes as he swallows the content. Not before long , he is done with his meal. He praises his partner , saying that their bento box was the most delicious thing that he had ever eaten.

- Ryuji yells in disbelief , “ No way , for me?! ” as he looks at the bento box as if it was a precious stone that would shatter the minute he touched it. In just a moment , his face has the widest grin on it as he thanks you for the meal.

- ripping it open excitedly , he starts to swallow the pieces of food , clearing the lunch box so quickly you wouldn’t believe that he wasn’t choking. In the middle of chews , he exclaims that the food was delicious.

- Yusuke is startled as his eyes go wide. “ f-for me? ” he asks , his mouth open with disbelief. His stomach rumbles in delight as he opens the lunch box slowly , as if revealing a masterpiece. The aroma of the food causes him to let out a sigh of delight as he looks at the food with pride.

- He fights back his hunger as he uses his phone to snap a picture of the bento , before happily digging into the lbento box. as soon as the food melts in his mouth , yusuke had already decided : he wanted to marry them.

- mishima stares at the bento box in disbelief for a good 10 minutes , before his partner had to remind him that the food was getting cold. A permanent smile was glued to his face as he repeatedly thanks his partner for the food.

- I swear , this boy starts to cry as he eats the food. to think that he would be blessed with the opportunity to be able to eat a bento , from his S/O! overwhelmed with emotion , he thanks his partner for the amazing meal.

- Akechi is speechless as he looks at his partner. did they really want to give him a bento? He thanks them as he receives the bento with shaky hands. After asking his partner if he could start eating , he immediately digs in.

- His heart died right then and there once he removes the lid. the cute ketchup heart , warm , fluffy rice , he loved it all. He kisses his partner gingerly , thanking them for the wonderful surprise.

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if you're given a chance to meet kaisoo, what would you do?

So so so so many things! because they’ve honestly had such a great influence on me and I support their relationship wholeheartedly. I’ve said this many times but their relationship is a perfect example of how actions speak louder than words. There are no words to describe how beautiful their love is, it shines simply through their loving gazes and how they gravitate to one another like stars that collide and we can see the sparks that fly. The glimpses of their relationship that we’ve seen, moments on stage, are so utterly precious to me and I would want to compile an album of those moments to give to them. 

I think it would be beautiful because they’ve been in a relationship for so many years, a moment for us is like a second in their infinite love. All those candid moments, all the times they’ve smiled when the other sang, the times when their bodies would mirror each other, showing just how much they’re connected. There’s something beautiful in a tiny action that they do, not meant to show the world or anybody their love. It’s just something they do naturally without even knowing because similar to a Pablo Neruda poem I read once, loving them is in their nature. I want them to open up an album of those moments, all the times Kyungsoo lovingly gazed at Jongin from afar and the latter didn’t know, all the times that Jongin would do the same even if Kyungsoo isn’t doing anything. I hope they will be able to feel why us shippers love them through pictures that speak a thousand words and I hope they can laugh and remember all those memories and see how far they’ve come. I hope they will laugh at all the times they got jealous…which is never-ending. But I’m sure they’ve already seen some of their photos. :) I would just like to put all of it into something that’s put together with love and something they can actually flip through like a story. A timeline of their relationship through the eyes of Kaisoo shippers in photos, you can say. 

I would want to thank them for everything because they’re two wonderful individuals (which is why this relationship works) and I would let them know how much people support them which I’m sure they already know. Even if people didn’t support them, they would still love each other though because it’s important to know that the people that matter the most is the people within that relationship. What a hater says about them won’t change anything. Someone who doesn’t believe in them won’t change the fact that they are real. I would also want to include letters from fellow shippers who I gush about kaisoo with (winku winku) and if possible, I would like to buy Jongin chicken, ask Kyungsoo for his kimchi spaghetti recipe and what other things he make for Jongin, a list of movie recommendations from Kyungsoo, a list of book recommendations from Jongin etc. etc. and a photo of them for remembrance. I would look back on it, even when I’m not in fandom and smile because no matter what, I support true love.  

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Could you do a preference for Wilford, Google and Dark with their S/O who likes to come up from behind and hug them? How do they react?

Awww!!! Thank you for requesting this! Its so precious.

Wilford would love it, he’d giggle and put his hands over yours. And the second you move to end the hug he would turn and scoop you into another hug and give you forehead kisses. From there he would probably start saying how sweet it was that you ‘couldn’t resist him’.

Google would take a second to smile too himself, happy with the affection. He would look over his shoulder at you and ask if he could assist you in any way. when you tell him you are fine, he nods and happily lets the hug go on as long as you wish it to.

Dark would chuckle and say something like “feeling affectionate, are we, dear?” Before turning and placing you in a comforting embrace. He would pet your hair and let you stay in his arms for as long as you want. Be warned, hugs from Dark are very  relaxing

  • Nevra: Do you like me in neon purple?
  • Gardienne: Hurts my eyes.
  • Gardienne: No. I'd make me sexier and full of awesomeness.
  • Nevra: ...That's very manipulative.
  • Nevra: I'm feeling myself right now, so you get a pass.
Monsta X and superpowers: MINHYUK

Time travel/control: the ability to move through time.

“Time travel is theoretically impossible, but I wouldn’t want to give it up as a plot gimmick.”― Isaac Asimov

Above all things, he despised people that would abuse the universe’s most precious gift: time. So many people carelessly lived their pathetic lives without caring how much time they had left, not knowing how graceful, yet abominably cruel it was to be forced to live as a time shifter, nearly incapable of choosing when to live. Lee Minhyuk had learned to cope with transitioning from one life to another, never settling, never fully happy, but, oh, the disrespectful people around him… oh, they would pay as well. For why couldn’t he share the curse of time control with others as well? 

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The one where tae called hoseok the most handsome. You're the only one who giffed that precious moment. I really wish more people would be able to see it.

Anonymous said: Thanks ❤❤ 

We aim to please :-)

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yuuri is indeed precious, if anyone insulted him i would be very upset but I wouldn't say anything to them. on the contrary, yurio is a gremlin child. he's a fifteen y/o (sorry) boy, so angry growing up; but still no excuse to be mean to yuuri, who is nothing but kind. no need to insult yuuri from anywhere, he is lovely. yurio has faults to be addressed ? (needs to stop, needs development, only good at naming kitties).

yuuri obviously has his flaws too, like being mislead by his anxiety (ha relatable !) and making judgements based on those assumptions instead of the truth, and that time where he ignored minami before a competition but he always tries to correct his mistakes after he realises he made them. whereas yurio kinda offhandedly apologises to victor that one time after insulting yuuri (‘this place reminds me of hasetsu’ at least i think that was his attempt at an apology) but then carries on being an ass anyway like. was some yurio character development too much to ask for ???


ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 2

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so guess who picked up the game just in time again????? AND BOY AM I GLAD THAT I DID.

rapper!Jumin is my new ultimate fav (second to real Jumin, and the comes cat!Jumin).

drop the beat yo~ MC likes, she’s a fan, but then we’re all fans here.

yes, Jumin, MC will show you her cherry~