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A Clint Barton Prompt: “Are we lost or do you know where are?” & “Get your beautiful ass back here.”

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“That was the worst idea you ever had!” you groaned. Clint laughed next to you. He decided that you needed some vacation and that a camping trip with just the two of you would be just perfect.

Which could be true…if you knew where to go. Because you were now in the middle of nowhere, your car almost empty of gas- because Clint had ignored your protests of stopping at a gas station a few miles back, cause apparently ‘The gas was enough.’- and your phones out of signal.

“It’s alone time, after all, bright up!” he replied. “I asked for a bit of alone time, honey.” You mocked. “Not for the rest of my life.”

“Now you are becoming dramatic.” He shot you a fake glare as you rolled your eyes.

“Yeah, let’s see what you will say when the night falls.” You huffed, much to Clint’s amusement.

“Don’t worry, peach. I got this.” He planted a kiss on your cheek and you hummed.

“To be honest it’s nice here.” You said as you looked out of the window. Green coated everything around you and it was a great contrast to New York’s stark grey.

“I was certain that you would like it. That’s why I brought you here.” Clint said playing with a stray lock of your hair.

You smiled at him as he pulled over, the gas now had been burned out completely.

“Now, be honest, Clint.” You turned to face him. “Are we lost or do you know where we are?” you looked in his eyes and cocked your brows.

“We might be a little lost.” He admitted as he shrugged.

“Ha! I knew it!” you replied and laughed, soon he joined you, surprised by how you reacted to the news.

You spent some time in the car, listening to music and eating snacks. The sun was now touching the mountains and you got out the car.

“Hey, where are you going? Get your beautiful ass back here.” Clint whistled as he took a good look at your backside.

“Oh, hush.” You said blushing. “I want to see the sunset.” You explained as you found a high spot and started climbing. You heard the car door opening and closing and you smiled.

You sat down to the spot and Clint soon joined you. You watched the sunset in each other’s arms, smiling like schoolkids.

Now the sun had set and Clint was staring at your amused eyes. You felt his warm gaze on you and turned to face him, planting kisses on his face in the process.

As soon as your lips met, you climbed Clint’s legs. Straddling him, you kissed him passionately and he responded with equal passion. His back was soon touching the ground.

“Ok, ok!!! That was too much. I saw too much!” Tony’s voice snapped you out from your make out session.

The simulation started falling apart and you removed your glasses. You blushed as the whole team was looking at you and Clint. Natasha, Bucky, Sam and Pietro looked at you amused, while Tony, Bruce, Steve, and Wanda were horrified.

“The point was to manage to find your way to the nearby town. To learn to navigate without a map. Not to make out in the woods, for Christ’s sake.” Steve said wide-eyed.

“Oops.” You muttered.


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Karedevil was so forced and felt so wrong in the plot of season 2. But everything they did together was super cute I’ll let it slide (Plus Charlie & Deborah are both so beautiful) The thing that the fans love from S2 is Karen and Frank. Kastle is such a perfect ship. They both just had such good chemistry. It’s way more natural and fitting to Karen’s character. I hope just this once they’ll ignore the comics and let it be. I really hope they bring Karen into the Punisher spin-off. That would be beyond perfect

Gordon Ramsay Cutthroat Kitchen idea

Sorry for all the Cutthroat kitchen stuff. I’ve been marathoning it. I had a perfect idea though. For a celebrity edition, what would happen if we had GORDON FUCKING RAMSAY on the show. It would be comedy gold. We could throw in Robert Irvine in there too.  

But seriously.

Think about it.

Respond with your own “script” or way you could imagine this going.

snazzyskeletor  asked:

Ok who do you think has had more sexual partners, Laurent or Larry? ๐Ÿค”

i would say Lau 🤔🤔🤔

@molded-from-clay said:

I want protective!Ame so bad ;_;

Omg, you don’t even know how bad I want this. You don’t even know.

Like, we’ve seen how supportive Amethyst can be, especially with Gems who are uncertain about themselves; like in Too Short To Ride when she said all those amazing, self-affirming things to Peridot. “We don’t hang out with you for who you could be. We like you.”

Now just imagine that same kinship turned to Jasper, whom Amethyst sees a lot of herself in. Imagine how downright protective she would be, because that’s her sister, her sister who has been through a lot of stuff okay, she’s still figuring things out, of course she’s going to make mistakes, it’s okay sis, you don’t have to be perfect…!

That would be so much of it, wouldn’t it? Amethyst, showing Jasper that it’s okay not to be perfect, that it’s okay to just be themselves, two wonderfully flawed Earthlings. Maybe she would take Jasper to hang out with Vidalia (”Hey, V! Check it out! This is my SISTER! My SISTER from ANOTHER INJECTOR!”) and of course Vidalia would be inspired by Jasper and want to paint her right away. She would depict Jasper as this beautiful, glorious amazonian and Jasper would just be completely blown away by how powerful she looks through someone else’s eyes. Just, seeing herself as others see her would be such an important, meaningful moment for Jasper and Amethyst would just beam with happiness and pride ahhhhhhhh.

There’s just so much untapped potential in their relationship! *sobs*

ohmax  asked:


Dear diary,

it is day 4589327 and Maxwell still has to prove to me he’s not an idiot. Will the day ever come?
He also finally admitted his true feelings -took him long enough. Oh well, he takes his time and that’s okay. As long as he’s happy, because he deserves to be.

click click bang bang gun kapow pew pew pew.

galickgvn  asked:

oh my god realization hit me like A TON OF BRICKS after reading your post that harley's hair is flawless when she's changing into her battle outfit!! i want to SCREAM maybe the squad had a few hours to prep beforehand?? idk how long hair dye takes to dry or w/e tho.. i'm so bothered by this

Lmao as someone who has dip dyed her hair several times, it’s a long, messy process that’s actually more difficult than just doing your whole head. 30 minutes to apply, with blonde hair, maybe 20 mins MINIMUM to set (30-45 is ideal), time to rinse it clear (20 minutes ish). And that’s if we are to assume she didn’t shampoo it after which would make her hair sticky and she’s rocking perfect dip dyed fluffy hair so the entire thing is bullshit.

So you’re looking at well over an hour not even mentioning you 100% need running water for it so I call BULLSHIT.