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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Finding the Words

8k words, G rated

Scorpius is being weird – more weird than normal, that is. He’s spending longer than ever in the library, he hasn’t spoken to Albus in weeks, and he keeps forgetting to do his homework. Albus is determined to find out what’s wrong with him and help. That’s just what you have to do when your best friend is upset. 

Thanks to @abradystrix for being a stellar human being and beta, and thanks to @the-eighth-story for nudging me to add the last scene. <3 

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The Ghost of Juice Ortiz - Shades Alvarez |1|

“Just one moment.”

For the first time in a long time you felt lost. Everything you’d known before was taken away from you in the blink of an eye. Juan Carlos Ortiz was your Ol'man. You’d been together for nearly three years and then suddenly he was just ripped from you in the blink of an eye.

You sat in your small bedroom. Your grandmother had welcomed you with open arms as you went to live with her. She had missed you and knew your reasoning for coming to live with her.

Jax Teller had told you the day Juice disappeared that Juice had betrayed the club and Mayhem would be in store for him if he ever returned.

You had hoped that Juice would have at least been smart enough to have ran, to stay away from the club. But the club was the last family he had left apart from you.

You remember that moment Jax had called you up telling you that Juice had returned and went crazy ending up in prison and then Juice had been killed.

You had never cried so much in such a long time that moment. It was then you decided you couldn’t stay in Charming any longer. You couldn’t stay around thr club. The pain of what use to be was too great on your mind and you needed family.

That’s when you decided it was time to move across the sates and go to live with your grandmother in New York.

The first year was extremely hard without Juice. You just couldn’t help but feel so alone and lost. The pain and aching in your heart from the loss.

It was unbearable.

But it finally started to become easier. You started to think less about it. You found your way through life again without Juice there by your side.

Then one day on your walk to a friend of your grandmother’s did you become startled and your heart ached once more.

“Hey – Pop….”

You said walking into the old little barber shop and noticed that he wasn’t alone. Two sharp dressed men sat side by side in two different barber chairs.

The first man didnt even bat an eyelash when you walked in he was the man receiving a haircut but the second man – the second man looked right at you from behind a dark pair of shades.

Luke stood there looking at you oddly.

“Afternoon, Y/N.”

He said with an unsure tone. You felt clammy as your eyes refused to leave the man wearing the shades. He sat there looking right back at you from what you could tell by the direction of his head that was facing you.

“Y/N? You alright honey?”

Pop’s asked. This time you snapped out of it and looked at the friend of your grandmother.

“Yeah, yeah, sorry.”

You said clearing your throat.

“Grandma wanted me to drop these off to you guys.”

You said holding up the small package of baked goods. Pop smiled and nodded his head as he motioned toward the backroom.

“That woman spoils us. Take em on back, I’ll be done in a minute.”

He told you. You nodded and walked over beside Luke and kept your gaze forward as you walked past the man who had gained your attention since you entered. Luke gave you another odd look as he realized you must have known the man wearing the shades as well and he was curious to find out just what it was you knew.

“Spill it.”

Luke said once the two of you were in the back room. You felt your heart plummet to the bottom of your stomach.


You asked, feeling shaken from what just haopened.

“That man in there. You know him.”

Luke said with his arms crossed over his chest. You shook your head quickly as you sat the package down on the small table that was in the backroom.

“No I… I don’t.”

You said, the pain in your voice clear. Luke gave you a look that meant he wasn’t convinced at all. You turned to face him and sighed deeply.

“He – he looks like someone that I use to know back in California… but the guy is dead. Died a little over a year ago.”

You explained feeling as if your heart never fully mended after all.

Lake’s arms dropped to the side as he seemed to understand now. He knew the pain of loss better than anyone else. He shook his head.

“I’m sorry. I thought you knew him.”

He explained himself. Had you actually known the man it would have been more trouble and complicated for Luke. You knew nothing about his past, and he planned on keeping it that way.

You were young and innocent to the ways of his past. He didn’t want you to see him for what he was then, but who he was now.

“Ghosts of the past are never good.”

He continued looking at you. You lowered your head as you nodded in agreement.

“Mind if I stay back here till they leave?”

You asked, not wanting to go back out there and having to deal with it again. Luke shook his head, he didn’t mind. He considered you a friend since you moved here a year ago. Pop and his friend introduced the two of you and you just seemed to click in a friendship.

“Thanks Luke.”

You said softly. He nodded his and gave a crooked smirk. Knowing that he’d do whatever he could to help you out.

Headcanon that there is a group of four friends at Hogwarts (one from each house) and each of them absolutely EMBODY their respective house stereotypes.
The Gryffindor and the Slytherin always butt heads, yet they’re also really protective and always defend each other and their other friends.
The Hufflepuff is always encouraging and a shoulder to cry on, probably the most stable person in the group.
And the Ravenclaw is constantly geeking out and never considers any consequences because MUST DO COOL NEW THING, so the others have to keep their friend out of trouble and are always doing their best to listen as the Ravenclaw rambles.
Just imagine the mayhem they would cause.

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But what if in some alternate universe, Jonas and Mitch become a superhero duo? Like they have costumes and shit and go around saving people? Mitch is much more an anti-hero because he mostly just looks after himself and Joey. What would their superhero personas be? For Mitch, I imagine "Migraine" or "Mayhem" something easy as shit but with an 'M' because he's not very creative. And for Jonas, maybe "Solaris" or "Spectrum"... Just a thought because I want Joey and Mitch kicking ass together...


They’d be such a dysfunctional hero pair I LOVE IT!! I want them to kick ass together too, although I Strongly Agree on the Mitch is an anti-hero bit, he’s fighting off assholes from Jonas that’s for sure!

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Soooo, I'm about to go so off topic from Thunderhoof.... But, like, does anyone like Overlord? Or is it just me? Cause I can't tell :D P.s LOOVE your blog :)

When he appears I’m always “OH MY GOD HE’S BACK!!!!” but once he starts causing mayhem I start wishing someone would beat him up. 

But I’ll admit when he easily beats up someone who is really arrogant(Tarn) I get really happy. :D

And thank you!!! :D

Masterclass themes

Masterclasses would develop themes based around their land and ow it would shale their future

Caliborn’s land was Colors and Mayhem
1: The leprechauns all had different colored hats and are quite frankly, a handful. They are quite the chaotic bunch to say the least
2: Clockwork majyyk which is also the rainbow infinity energy cherubs are tied to, just so happens to link up to the whole rainbow deal with pool
3: Pool. His session was framed as a pool game and Caliborn really just wanted to play a game. Pool which is infamous as organized chaos and with colors ricocheting everywhere
4: Doc Scratch. Clearly a cueball, linking to Lord English’s scepter, making Lord English the strike behind the colors and mayhem

They gradually grow into their theme over time in a myriad of closely related, interlocking ways
Just imagine what Calliope’s could have been if she actually survived a session

Unknown King - part II

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Great Gatsby AU

Summary: After moving to New York, aspiring author Y/N gets more than what she bargained for when she befriends her mysterious neighbor. In a blur of riches and beauty, she finds herself falling for the man who remains unknown.

A/N: Here’s part two, although part 1 only got a few notes, I will continue writing this story because I really like it

Word Count: 1.5k +

Part 1


Originally posted by fvckmxk

Two weeks passed, as well as two parties. It was a routine. Friday morning, workers would be getting ready for the night ahead. Decorating, making food and cleaning up for the mayhem that would occur later on that day. Mr. Barnes has invited you to every party. At around noon each Friday, the same butler would come to deliver the creme colored invitation. You almost never went to the parties.

Today, however, is different.

Emma slammed a stack of papers on your desk. She pushed her fringe out of her eyes and smiled, “I’m gonna go to Barnes’ party later on. You coming with?”

You shook your head, “I’m much too busy ”

“With what?” Emma scoffed. “That story on the Pigeon Lady can wait. Barnes has been sending you an invitation every week and you never go to his parties! What does that say?”

You never really thought of it like that. Mr. Barnes probably think that you’re rude for never accepting him invitations. Last week you found out that he only really invites a handful of people. You’re one of those. The rest somehow end up at his place.

“Only for two hours,” You said giving in. Emma smiled and pressed her hands together gleefully. “And no more than four drinks.”

“Finally! I thought you were gonna spend the rest of your life stuck in your small shack.” She tucked a strand of hair behind her cheek. “I’ll park in front of your house so that we can walk over there together. 8:20 okay. Be ready.”

You only brought three dresses with you. One for a casual day, another for the walk of shame and the last one was your most fancy dress that cost you $300. You slipped on your fancy dress and let your hair fall loosely around your shoulders. You finished the final touches on your makeup when a knock rang throughout your house. You got up and walked towards the front door.

You pulled the door open the reveal a clad covered Emma leaning against the threshold in a teal dress. She smiled at you and her eyes widened, “Rookie! You look hot!”

You did a small spin, “You like?”

“I love!” She exclaimed. “Now, c'mon let’s go before the drinks finish!” Emma took your hand and pulled you towards the mansion.

Once you stood in front, you were gawking at the palace before your eyes. You only saw it from the sidelines, never up close. Mr. Barnes is one rich man. You gulped and followed Emma inside. Once you stepped inside, you were overwhelmed with all the beauties the house had to offer. A beautiful crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, bathing the room in the most divine light texture. The bass of the music was felt in your chest. Drinks were shoved into your hand and you stupidly finished it in one swallow. Women and men all danced from here and there. Hanging from the most strange places. Yelling in delight and throwing their heads back lazily.

The outside pool was swarmed with people who were all dancing around the edge. As if playing a game of Who Could Dance Closest To The Edge. Music from all different corners flooded your ears. A live band in one section. A DJ in the pool area and a Jazz band in another. It was all so beautiful. You spun in a circle various times until Emma gripped your shoulders.

“Get it together, Y/L/N,” She said and shoved another drink in your hand.

You nodded and took a sip, “Have you ever met Mr. Barnes?”

Emma shook her head, “No one has!”

You furrowed your eyebrows, “Isn’t that strange?”

“Very. But he throws some of the best parties!” She hollered and finished her drink before grabbing a random girl and pulling her to dance. You have been left on the sidelines once again.

Your attention was gripped on your surroundings. Everything was so mesmerizing. Suddenly someone crashed into you. Three cups of colorful liquor spilled on you and your dress. The man apologized but you waved him off. You sighed, regretting the trip over here in the first place. You climbed the steps of the house in search of the bathroom. Each door you came across was locked and you really didn’t want to interrupt.

You opened the doorway just a slight crack and poked your head inside. The room was empty and dimly lit. You stepped inside and quietly closed the door behind you. The commotion was somewhat muffled. You scanned your surroundings and froze when you saw that you weren’t alone. A man, with his back facing you, stood in front of a window. You slowly began to take a step back, not wanting to draw attention to yourself. Your heel slammed against the floor, causing a loud bang! The man whirled around to face you. Your eyes widened.

“I’m so s-sorry, I shouldn’t be here,” You quickly said. “ I was looking for the bathroom.”

“No, no, please. You mean no harm,” He replied gently. “Please, stay.”

You really should have left right then and there, but there was something intriguing about this man. His hair was slicked back but a single strand of hair fell on his face. His complexion looked as if it were carved from the hand of a god. His suit was perfectly tailored. He was like an Adonis in the flesh.

“What happened to your dress?” He asked, turning to close the window he was previously looking out of.

“Oh,” You looked down to the mess that was your fancy dress. “Someone ran into me. It was my fault probably, I should’ve been paying attention.”

“I am so sorry,” he apologized as if it were his fault. “Please, allow me to have a new dress sent over to your place tomorrow.”

Your breath hitched at the words that left his mouth. A new dress? Bought by a stranger you just met? What is happening?

“Oh, no,” You quickly said. “I can’t let you do that. We barely know each other, you’re a stranger and you don’t even know where I live!”

“My apologies,” He looked confused. “I don’t understand. You live right next door, right? I’ve been wanting to introduce myself, but I’ve been much too busy.”

Realization struck hard you like a train, “You’re Mr. Barnes?”

“I am sorry,” He paused. “I thought you knew. I do believe I am not a very good host or neighbor.” He frowned, “I am James Buchanan Barnes. But you may call me James or Bucky.” He extended his hand and you shook it.

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N,” You said.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Y/N. If you ever need anything, don’t be afraid to come right over and ask.” He assured you.

You were still a bit dumbfounded. You didn’t know what to say. Then suddenly, you remembered all the rumors that you heard. Did you believe them? You weren’t even sure. You didn’t have a reason to. There was no proof and you couldn’t just accuse him of doing something without even meeting the man.

“Likewise, James,” You smiled. “The party is absolutely amazing.”

“Thank you, but I have only been to a handful of my own get-togethers,” He said. Before you said anything else, James spoke up. “I still feel terrible about the dress, at least let me take you out for lunch tomorrow. Have you seen the city, yet?”

“Only on the way to The Report,” You said. “But I can’t let you do that.”

“It’s a neighborly gesture,” He added. “I’d like to get to know you better and I’m sure you have questions yourself.”

“I do,” You admitted.

“Alright, then.” He said. “I’ll pick you up tomorrow at around noon.”

Before you said anything, one of the servants walked into the room. He walked towards James and whispered something in his ear. James nodded, “Thank you, Ace. Please, excuse me, Y/N but I must take a very important call.”

“Oh, okay,” You said. “No need to apologize.”

He smiled, “Ace, please escort Y/N to the bathroom and when she wishes to go home, make sure she gets there safely.” He bowed his head slightly, the strand of hair still dancing across his face. “I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”

You nodded and watched as he left the room. Ace led you towards the bathroom. “Can I ask you a question?” You asked the butler.

“What is it, Miss Y/N?” He asked.

“Are the rumors true?” You continued.

“I’m afraid I do not know what you speak of,” Ace frowned. “If you wish for answers, I suggest you get them from Mr. Barnes himself.”

Ace waited outside of the bathroom while you played the conversation you had with James over and over. He was so intriguing, every word that rolled off his tongue left you anticipated. Not to mention, he was extremely handsome and so young as well.

The alcohol that was spilled on your dress was now dry, but you knew it was gonna leave a stain. After splashing cold water on your face, you wiped your hands and opened the door to reveal a patiently waiting Ace.

“I wish to go home now,” You said.

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I’m pretty sure Newt’s a dangermancer, or at the very least a troublemancer.


But do you even understand what this means

It means that Newt uses danger in his spells

Can you just see what this would cause though? What chaos? Mayhem? He’s struggling to learn the banishing charm in the normal course of affairs but whoopsidaisy he’s just tripped and fallen off the astronomy tower and suddenly BAM that’s the strongest banishing charm anyone’s ever seen and he’s banished the ground so hard he’s now in the stratosphere

Or or or he’s trying to unlock a captive kirin’s chains but the damn thing won’t budge so he just shrugs and sends up a firecracker to wake the poachers up and woah hello spells flying people shouting is that a fucking bazooka and the kirin’s chains don’t just unlock, they transfigure themselves into a pair of basilisks that set upon the poachers while Newt and the newly christened Jeremy leg it for freedom.


Newt noticing there’s something odd about Credence but he can’t quite tell what, needs to give his divination a bit of a boost to get this one sorted out so bring on the dangermancy, let’s just unclasp this and swap this and oh deary me a muggle’s got my case of magical creatures and let them loose in a city where they’re all banned however did that happen but hey ho ERUMPETS IN HEAT and DEATH SENTENCES and EVADING CAPTURE and after all that Newt’s got enough juice in his truth-seeking spell that he not only works out what was bugging him about Credence but Grindelgraves is basically highlighted neon pink to his sight as suspicious and basically, if Grindelwald hadn’t tried to sentence Newt to death Newt wouldn’t have had enough dangermancy to unmask him and if you don’t think that’s poetic then I don’t know what is


BTS reaction: When somebody picks on you because of your height

Jin: Jin is the oldest, and in my opinion despite his cute character he is very protective of what he loves so he would at first talk calmly trying to just take you away from the shitty person but if they didn’t stop they would see the side of Jin who is kept secret locked deep inside and hidden by his cute and calm character.

Suga: The second he saw someone picking on you he would go mayhem, pushing the person into a wall.
You would have to stop him from breaking that persons’ face. But it wouldn’t be that easy to stop an angry Suga from taking revenge from someone who hurt what is his. He would also be angry at you for not telling him that someone was picking on you.

Jhope: Hobi Hobi would first of all pull you away from that person who was picking on you. Then you should be  ready for a fight because  as innocent as  Jhope may appear to be I’m pretty sure that he would make the person regret meeting him or every speaking to you.”

Rap Monster: He would first of all  pull you into his arms and snap a punch at that person but he wouldn’t pick a whole fight. He would mostly mentally destroy them. After that  he would have a long talk with you about it and would convince you that your height doesn’t matter to him he would  be really affectionate towards you.

Jimin: He would both verbally and physically abuse that person until they understood what a filthy person they actually were. After that he would  be worried about you and try to convince you in any way that whatever that person told you it wasn’t true.

V: Happy Tae would turn into something that everyone feared. That person would be so terrified by the look in Taehyungs eyes as he walked towards you two. He would just take you near him and just look at that person until they left you alone …forever.

Jung kook: Yep …Well… Be ready to call the police. Jung kook wouldn’t stop beating that person   until  they were sent to the hospital. So if you did not get terrorized by your boyfriends actions and remained there until he was finished beating that person up, be ready to have him shouting at you for not telling him. But when he would finally calm down he would just quietly hug you and whisper sweet nothings into your ear.

I would call this a headcanon but I’m 100% sure that it happened at some point in the series. 

The whole “Finch getting high” story probably got told to Shaw. I bet it was on one of their stake-outs, John and Shaw are swapping stories to stay awake and somehow it comes up and John’s like “oh, yeah like that one time Finch let himself get drugged” to which Shaw would demand details. John would try and deflect because he realizes he probably shouldn’t have mentioned that to Shaw of all people and Finch is super sensitive about the subject, but Shaw would drag it out of him like a little sister badgering her big bro and John would tell her all the gory details of Finch being high as a kite on ecstasy and babbling on and on incessantly, probably keeping John up all night until the effects wore off, all because he was taken in by a con artist with good taste in books. 

Then at the end of the case Shaw would probably just sit and grin at Finch all knowingly and he would get flustered like “what? what’s so funny?”

“so I hear you tried ecstasy, Harold”

Finch would then turn to John appalled. “I thought we agreed to never speak of that. Ever.”

“She dragged it out of me.”

“Well you better be glad I’ve never been so weak willed about some of your less stellar moments, Mr. Reese.”

Shaw would just lean forward. “It’s ok Harold, you can tell me all of them. As pay back. It’s only fair.”

Sometimes I think about the mayhem the new Friend of Red Jenny would cause post-Trespasser. 

Hello all and welcome to Mayhem’s Q&A with Claudio Marino (Vocalist/ Songwriter) and Martin Persner (Guitarist/Songwriter) of Tid.  This is another first for Mayhem Music Network! This is the first Q&A where questions were submitted by both Mayhem staff and fans of the artist. We would like to thank all those fans of Tid (you know who you are) who provided great questions for the guys. Great job everybody!!! And thanks again to Claudio and Martin for taking timeout of their busy schedules to answer these questions. Questions are in bold with answers provided by the guys in italics.  Enjoy!

 1.       Tid has a strong fan presence, not only in Sweden, but the US and other countries.  Many of the fans would like to know if the band will tour in support of the new album and previous works.  If so, where and when does the band plan on touring?

There are talks of shorter tours on smaller selected venues. Nothing set yet but hopefully in early to mid 2017. Probably in reverse order to how Leonard Cohen [toured]. *a reference to singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen’s touring in that he, “…took Manhattan before Berlin.”

2.       The band has already released 2 other EPs.  The fans have expressed interest in learning the lyrics and their meaning.  Are you planning on releasing those previous EPs on vinyl or CD, and will lyrics with translations be included?  Will you be releasing any additional lyric videos for this album or previous works?

Yes, we are planning to re-release the two previous albums in several formats, physical as well as digital. The translation we leave to the fans. About lyric videos – maybe so. We couldn’t very well disclose our working plans, could we? :)

3.       What are Tid’s influences and inspirations for: writing music; for artwork; and creating videos?

Lots and lots of things. Music of various kinds and age, paintings, cultures, history, fantasies of the future and lots and lots of movies and documentaries. Film and music can be said to be the main influences. It would be unfair to point at any specific music or movie as we take so much in and try to squeeze it in to the world that we decided that Tid is going to depict.

4.       There are many references in the band’s videos and artwork to Egyptian culture, anime, manga, mysticism and science fiction (Sci-Fi). Can you explain why this interesting mix is part of your art, music and videos?  

Tid is a balance between history and future. Ancient times and what is to come. Visually that could have been represented by knights in shining armor and Star Treks in tight overalls – we simply prefer it this way.  For us, an interesting thought has always been that maybe these ancient cultures understood or knew something that was lost as they perished. As much as humanity is striving to understand life and time – maybe we have already at times long gone.

5.       Can you explain to us the meaning behind the concept for the Aurora Surrealis video?  It blends between Sci-Fi and mystical genres.

The two aspects of Claudio represent the old and the new. Humanity and our travel in time between the two are represented by the wandering woman. As she progresses on her journey, we can see the Tid logo develop over time.

 6.       Tid has a unique sound.  Does the band plan on continuing in a more electronic direction with its sound?

Yes. Synthesizers can create sounds that “normal” instruments cannot. We invite these sounds. It is safe to say we will most probably always use guitars, bass and drums and vocals along with electronic stuff though.  But we actually don’t know. It would be awfully boring if we did. We will see where our imagination takes us.

7.       There was a difference with the vocals on Fix idé. On the previous EPs, the vocals were similar in part, but quite often death metal screams.  Claudio, your vocals/growls were strong, but with a subtle tone.  It sounds amazing!  Also, I noticed some of the other guys singing, specifically in Demimond and Nadir. Would that be all four of you guys singing, or outside parties brought in to provide additional vocals?

Some of us sang on this album because the songs demanded it and our imagination told us that it would sound good and serve the music good. We also brought in our friend Fia from a band called “The Great Discord” to help us depict the Goddess of Stupidity in “Dumhetens Gudinna.” Using other people’s voices is interesting and gives the songs depth and a sense of definition of the band.  People hear and sense it is strange and odd and new, and that means that we have succeeded in taking the songs beyond what people expect and thus we have also opened their imagination a little bit. And it sounds good simply. That’s our priority. We, like most bands have rules and directions of what our band should sound like. It is a living plan that develops. Thankfully.

8.    Can you take us through the production of this album?  Did you have clear concept or path in mind when work began on the album?   If so, what was that concept or path?  Was there a shift in “duties” within the band as far as who played what instrument or provided additional vocals?  Did you utilize any different instruments or production effects?

We had an exact idea of what it should sound and feel like. Down to the last note. When choosing Niels Nielsen as a producer and engineer, we did so because he had shown he understood what we wanted to do. A well planned recording, down to the last sample.

Yes, of course we used strange instruments and tried all kinds of things when it came to put the finishing touch to the album. And yes, to answer it clearly – it is Martin and Simon singing on Demimond.

9.    Does the band have plans to release any videos where we see the whole band playing? Something maybe similar to Världen Stannar Med Mig?

 No, not as of today.

 10.  What are the goals or plans for Tid in the future?

 Continue to write music, create artwork and do shorter tours.

 Specific questions for Claudio

 1.    Can you tell us about your musical background? Were you always a vocalist or do you play other instruments?  Did you have private vocal training or learn through a school/college music program? What inspired you to become a vocalist and musician?

I’m from a metal and hardcore background, grew up on Guns n’ Roses.  Apart from vocals I’ve only contributed with audio samples and such live. The only school I had for my vocals is the hard rehearse twice a week for about five years. Later on I started experimenting in the studio.

2.    I am a singer as well, how did you develop your tone?  Do you find the “death screams/growls” difficult physically on your vocal chords? How do you protect your vocal chords and your voice?

Not if you do it right. Real screaming should stem from the stomach not the throat. As for growlier results, I don’t think actual screaming is the way to do it.  

 3.    How did you first get into graphic design?

Well it all started when my first band (with Simon) needed a cover for our first demo tape. That was around 1996 and it was made in Windows Paint. From there on there was a lot of trial and error and late nights.

4.    How do you juggle multiple creatively intense careers (music, writing, performing and graphic design)?

It’s the way I live. I’m simply used to valuing my time.

5.    What kind of music is on your iPod (or other MP3 device) right now?

Wardruna, Die Antwoord, Suicide Commando, Pg Lost and Cult of Fire.

Specific Questions for Martin

1.       Can you also tell us a little about your musical background (how long you have been playing guitar, were you privately taught, learned by ear or have education through school/college music program)?  Is your primary focus guitar, or do you play other instruments in addition? Personally what inspired you to want to play guitar or become a musician?

 I have no musical education whatsoever. I started playing guitar when I was 10 years old. My dad is a music teacher, but he never pushed anything at all on me and never taught me to read or write sheet music or anything like that. It’s all by trial and error and learning by doing. I wanted to be a musician since forever. There was never talk of anything else at all.  Strangely it’s not dad that inspired me most to listen to music – it was my mum. And no, she is not a music teacher.

2.    With both you and Simon providing the guitar work for the album, how do you guys divide up the work?  Do you play lead on some songs, while Simon takes lead on others?

We have no real leads in Tid. It’s all about distributing parts between each other that make sense live. And we have different areas that we are good at. So naturally he does what he does best and I do what I do best.

3.    What equipment (guitars, amps, etc.) did you use for this album?

Oh, lots of different things. For all clean guitars we used VOX AC 30, and as for the distorted sounds we used Orange and lots of other amps and experimented til we found a good overall sound.

We used a wide range of guitars – Gibson’s, Fender’s, old shit guitars to get a specific sound for some songs, acoustic guitars – just lots of things.

4.    What kind of music is on your iPod (or other MP3 device) right now?

It’s constantly the same songs – I add to my list little by little everyday so it’s a long, long list of various songs that I like and probably listen too much to. But as for new albums in their whole:

 “Skeleton Tree” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

“Magnatron” - a various artist album with retro-wave synth music

“Give my Love to London” by Marianne Faithful.