it would be interesting if he was still drunk though

Tyler Seguin- Buzzed?

I was at the bar with my friend Jamie and his teammates. I was letting loose and having fun. Of course everyone was either drunk or really buzzed at this point, including me. We had been there for about two hours.

I was on the dance floor having fun and letting loose when I felt hands wrap around my hips and the persons lips touch the back on my neck. When I turned around I saw one of the nicest guys I have met since being in Dallas, Tyler Seguin. He was standing there with a smirk on his face

“So a couple days ago I heard something quite interesting from Jamie.” He says

“What would that be?”

“That you like me.”

Though it was true I was not about to admit that while he was still somewhat sober because it would make everything more awkward.

“How drunk are you?”

“I’m just buzzed.” He says with a drunken giggle.

“How about we talk about this at the bar?”

“Trying to get me drunk?”

“Maybe, but you won’t find out if you don’t come with me now will you?” I ask then break out of his arms and walk to the bar him not far behind.

We order a couple drinks and sit on the bar stools.

“Jamie was right.” I say turning to face him.

“So what are your feelings toward me?” He asks pulling me slightly closer to him from my seat.

“I don’t know, man, it’s like I’m addicted to you or something. I have liked you since we met. I always thought you were hot and a nice guy but I figured it would make things weird for Jamie.”

“What do you say about going on a date with me?” He asks as he sips his drink.

“No, you don’t even like me.”

“I’m addicted to you too. How about this, if I remember this conversation you will let me take you on a date?” He bargains.

“Fine, drink up.” I say pushing his drink to him.

“Really don’t want me to remember do you.”

“Not really. You do look really hot tonight.” I say the alcohol speaking for me at this point. I start to get off my stool when he stops me.

“What no kiss?” He asks taking my chin in his hand and moving his face to mine.

“You gotta earn it buddy.”

“Okay, how do I do that?”

“I’ll tell you later.” I reply after that he looks somewhat defeated. He takes a long sip of his drink.

“Screw it.” I say grabbing him by the shirt crashing my lips to his. When I pull away I leave but not before giving him my number and throwing him a wink.

The next morning I woke up with a text on my phone from an unknown number

Hey beautiful, I’ll pick you up tonight at seven. Wear something warm.~Tyler

I smiled even though my head was pounding.

All and all best night out in a while.

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What kind of drunks do you think the gom + nijimura are?

MIDORIMA and NIJIMURA done here.


  • Actually a pretty damn sweet drunk. He’ll be whispering sweet words in your ear all night and making sure that you were happy. He gets very touchy too and would stroke your hair or kiss you softly. Little touches here and there.
  • But he’s still a very aware drunk. As he always is. He’ll make sure nobody touches you inappropriately and that he behaves as an Akashi normally would in public.
  • Sample drunk texts:
    • This is odd. What are these circle things.
    • 😂 why are bubbles coming out of the eyes.
    • Oh, they’re tears.
    • 💩 why does the poop have a face.


  • Loud and annoying as hell. He yaps nonstop and would talk about basketball and whatever was going through his head the whole time. Though he wouldn’t be an angsty drunk and would be really, really happy.
  • He’s got strong tolerance so you won’t see him drunk that often. But when he goes hard, he really goes hard. You might find him with his shirt off dancing with someone on a table.
  • Sample drunk texts:
    • Are u naked I bet ur naked
    • i wanna see u naked too
    • naked. nude. strip. imma go take off my shirt.


  • Even happier than usual. You won’t be surprised to find people actually tying him to a chair just for him to settle his ass down. He’ll be bouncing all over the place otherwise and showing off dance moves he learned from TV.
  • Kissy drunk too. He’s the type of drunk who’ll attempt to kiss everyone in sight so better watch out.
  • Sample drunk texts:
    • Ur cute
    • im cute
    • we’re all cute
    • CUTE


  • Very quiet drunk until you get him talking and he can go on on some deep existential shit that you really don’t want to hear. Like he ages a billion years and will have a midlife crisis.
  • He’s still very responsible though and will be the DD most of the time. He’ll make sure no one throws up on each other (it has happened) and that everyone’s back in their own homes in one piece. Also, he’ll take embarrassing drunk photos of everyone.
  • Sample drunk texts:
    • Have you thought about the afterlife?
    • People with different religions would have different afterlives?
    • That’s an interesting idea. Hm. Much to think about.
    • No, I haven’t been drinking. Much.


  • Gets very aggressive but sleepy at the same time. He gets super tired so better let him rest up on the table instead of pushing him to dance or drink more because he will go Hulk on your ass.
  • Pretty weak tolerance so he’s usually the first to get drunk if he drinks too much. He doesn’t really like the taste of alcohol but prefers champagne and dessert wines over anything else.
  • Sample drunk texts:
    • I want candy
    • Give me candy
    • Where’s my candy
    • Neruerneruenreu
Caged [26]

Characters: NamjoonxReader
Length: 3061 words
Genre: Mafia AU
Warnings: Violence

I am so sorry I am still slow with updating. Work has been pretty wild and I was down with a fever for most of last week. I hope things will calm down soon, but in the meantime please bear with me <3

Part 25  Part 27

The moment he saw Taehyung, Hoseok knew.

He opened the door to his hotel room wide and stepped aside to let Taehyung in. The younger boy staggered past him without a word, heading towards one of the armchairs in front of the TV and, once seated, turned into a deflated lump of bones, flesh, and regret.

Hoseok sighed and closed the door. The mini bar only had stiff liquor like vodka and schnapps, but Taehyung looked like he could use a proper amount of either – or both. Hoseok remembered the last time he and Taehyung had gotten drunk together at some hotel bar, making a silly bet about who could get more girls’ phone numbers, even though they both could not care less. Hoseok wasn’t interested in girls, and Taehyung wasn’t interested in anyone but Hoseok.

Hoseok had won.

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agent carter. (steve rogers x reader)

summary: steve takes his new girl to meet his best girl.

word count: 3308

trigger warnings: angst, angst, and more angst. I’m so sorry.

okay this is seriously my most favorite thing that I’ve ever written, period. it kind of leans more steggy at times, but I promise, there’s still a big chunk of steve x reader in there.

also– would you guys be interested to see this expanded into a part II? let me know. x

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"Who's Weak Now?"

Anonymous said
Imagine being a new avenger and Tony challenges you thinking you’re weak and you knock him out in one punch while his wearing his suit. And Steve laughing.

By: @marvel-watch-your-language

“Piss me off. Go ahead,” you threatened Tony.

“Ooh dangerous are we?” Tony slurred, drunken.

The Avengers sat in the vast living room after the buzz of Stark’s latest party had died down. Being a new member of the team, you felt a pang every now and then about not belonging. Though everyone welcomed you with open arms.

“Y/N, I don’t think now would be a good time to shit around with him. When he’s drunk off his ass like this, he’ll get in that suit. Small chance of death. Just a warning,” Natasha deadpanned.

“As you Midgardians would say, ‘do not screw with the man of iron,’” Thor’s attempt at speaking like everyone else was valiant, but coming out of his mouth, it sounded unusual.

Steve sat with an expression of boredom, knowing full well what followed Tony’s taunting, whether he was drunk or not. Previously, before you joined the team, you were friends with Steve, so he knew you and your plans for retaliation. His eyes still had a small glint of interest as in what would come from the two of you this time.

“I don’t care if you’re drunk, you want to fight me? Let’s go.”

“You don’t wanna fight me……you’re weaker than….than….than I don’t know……..but whatever,” he laughed at his own idiotic joke.

Though you knew his mind was elsewhere, the comment still started a fire in your eyes. Nobody called you weak. Nobody. You had overcome the little voices in your brain that were constantly screaming that you couldn’t do things. Now, you believed in yourself. But somehow, what Stark had said hit you where it hurt.

Tony spread his arms wide and his suit folded like puzzle pieces over him. Shit, you thought, oh well I can still whoop his ass. “Come at me, Stark. I’m not afraid of a metal suit.”

The helmet folded back as JARVIS’s monotonous
Voice warned Tony. “Sir, I would not challenge Ms. Y/N.”

Tony rolled his eyes, shrugged, deciding that fighting you was more fun, and lunged toward you. Seeing it coming from a mile away, you stepped out of his path. Crashing into the couch before him, he groaned audibly.

“Haha….I missed. Let’s go again. JARVIS? Pump up music.”

“Of course, Mr. Stark.” JARVIS set the stereo to play some heavy metal song with men screaming incomprehensible words no one could understand.

Rushing forward once again, Tony screamed something along with the music. He reached you quicker than anticipated, wrapping his arms around your waist.

Reacting as fast as possible, you flipped your body over Stark’s iron shoulder then rolled across the floor in a graceful stop. Breathless, Tony pushed himself back up by the arm of the sofa where Clint was laughing hysterically. Swaying your hips triumphantly, you sauntered over to Stark. Swinging your shoulder back then pushing forward, your fist connected with his exposed face. You could see his eyes close as he dropped to the floor, passed out.

“Who’s the weak one now?”

Your seriousness in the current situation caused everyone to let their laughs loose. With your arms crossed over your chest, you shot them all looks. Despite your death look, they couldn’t compress the chuckles that were being suppressed during your little showdown with Tony.

“Okay maybe that was a little funny,” you admit, revealing an almost nonexistent grin.

In between gasps of laughter, Steve managed “Stark…got his ass whooped good by you, Y/N!”

Titans Hunt is a Disgrace to Everything Titans Pt.1 "Roy Harper"

(note: only covering the first 3 issues)

When the opening line was “…Roy Harper gets scared and does something dumb, spectacularly dumb, even by his own high standards.” I knew this comic was going to be a treat.

I mean it’s not like Roy was cannonly one of the greatest weapons experts in the DCU,

who founded the Outsiders,

was a competent single father,

and used his skills and knowledge to save the day all the time.

However Abnett seems to think Roy is an idiot. Throughout the first three issues alone he makes, idiotic or rookie mistakes that any seasoned hero, let alone one that’s been doing this for so long, would never make.

For starters, he mistakes a tornado siren for ringing in his head, which is on par with a mistake Caboose from “Red vs. Blue” would make.

Other mistakes include; leaving his equipment out for all to see in the back of his truck,

gets out in the middle of a road wielding a weapon because he thinks he saw something (he’s also drunk at this point but I’ll get to that),

asking an officer “Can I go?” after he was caught driving drunk and brandishing a weapon in the road,

instead of explaining the situation he just attacks the cops,

seems to think it can get worse than being charged with attempted murder (but hey at least it’s not murder right),

says his highly customized and lethal bow is used on “vermin

and proceeds to freak the hell out even though a few panels later he has the situation under control. And this is just the first three issues, there’s more to come in the future.

Not that I trust the future of this comic when it starts with Roy getting drunk in the bed of his truck, outside, during a tornado warning.

It’s also important to note that in this universe he was never a heroin addict, rather an alcoholic, you know because additions are just interchangeable. So why did he fall of the wagon and get drunk in the back of his pick up? He felt uncomfortable. I’m not kidding, a water tower that vaguely looks like a “T” freaks him out. This water tower, that he had to pass several hundred that looked just like it, freaks him out so bad he says screw sobriety and gets drunk.

In the past when Roy fell off the wagon it was for reasons like the death of his daughter, or a trick from Deathstroke, never because he was scared for unknown reasons or vaguely uncomfortable. And most certainly not because of a water tower.

If Adnett wanted to bring up Roy’s addiction and have him fall off the wagon, there are so many better ways than this. For example in “The West Wing” one of the main characters, Leo, is an alcoholic. While trying to raise money for his friend’s campaign he’s in a room with several highly powerful politicians, who brought along some very expensive scotch. He’s forced to listen to them talk about how good the scotch is, on top of that it’s one of the last debates, and he needs the money for the rest of the campaign. It’s an extremely stressful situation and it’s not helped by the addition of liquor.

Adnett could have easily done something similar, introduce a stressful situation, add liquor, you have yourself a situation where Roy would need to call his counselor, who is Lilith in this universe.

But an interesting thing to note, Roy already had a meeting with Lilith scheduled and was on his way there when he decided “screw it”. On top of that he still decides to drive to the meeting, even though he’s drunk. The owner of the liquor store clearly didn’t mind him loitering, he couldn’t have stayed until he was sober? He couldn’t have rescheduled? He clearly had a phone that he had already used to call Lilith. There wasn’t an AA meeting somewhere in town that he could have gone to? He absolutely had to drive drunk, across country? If I’m supposed to feel sorry that he got thrown in the drunk tank and was almost charged with attempted murder, after attacking two cops, I don’t.

This comic also goes against cannon from both PreNu52 and Nu52, with lines like “…not his friends, when he had any.” Or this one here, my personal favorite “Roy doesn’t have demons, it’s the lack of them that scares him dumb.”       

Starting with the first quote here, in the PreNu52 there is a laundry list of people Roy had always considered his friends, even when he was in a bad place. And while yes they probably couldn’t completely understand what he was going through, he still had friends who cared about him. And in Nu52 hasn’t there been 2 different comics about his newfound, and out of character, friendship with Jason? On top of that in one of the first issues of “RHatO” when he’s talking to Starfire, he directly mentions the Titans. Also in the unpublished “Nightwing” comic, it clearly touches on his friendship with Dick.

The second line just proves to me that DC doesn’t care about proper characterization. Roy Harper is all about overcoming his demons. It’s one of his character traits. Here are just a few examples of his demons in the PreNu52:

And even more slimmed down than just the Nu52, this comic is about him facing his demons. For starters they’re clearly putting a focus on his addition, his plotline has to collide with the others so he’ll have to deal with that, then you have this scene:

As a closing note, for anyone who was wondering if Roy was raised on the reservation in this universe, I’m going to have to say he wasn’t considering when asked about his tattoos he couldn’t even remember their significates.

Because in the PreNu52 they didn’t have any personal significance to him at all.

Radio Tidbits 2012.09.08, Part 2

Kame: It’s really surreal with Hikaru. With my other kouhai it’s usually not like this. Only Hikaru and Yabu. Because I’ve known you since you were little, this rapport has never changed. You’ve really grown up huh… and aren’t you too skinny? [Translator’s Note: Right, like you weren’t scrawny at 21 -_-]
Hikaru: I’m not able to gain weight
Kame: What’s up with that?
Hikaru: I’m not good with summer weather *LOL*
Kame: *LOL* Oh you can’t eat? What are you weak to?
Hikaru: *stifles laughter* My physique is definitey weak to the summer. It’s like my arch enemy

- - - - - -

Kame: Are you the oldest in JUMP?
Hikaru: Yabu and Takagi are the oldest
Kame: Eh? Aren’t you the same age as Yabu?
Hikaru: No, Yabu is a year older
Kame: Oh really… Yuto and…
Hikaru: and Yamada and Chinen are in the same grade in school
Kame: How old are they now?
Hikaru: Um, they graduated high school, so… 18. Yuto turned 19
Kame: Scary! Yuto was so tiny during Nobuta, he was really just a kid
Hikaru: He’s going to be 20 soon [Translator’s Note: Coming of age in Japan is at age 20]
Kame: Nooooo… Hikaru and Yuto, and Yamada and Yabu too, you guys used to walk around with bags of candy in your backpacks. I used to watch that.
Hikaru: *giggles*
Kame: Right now Fuku from Youkai Ningen Bem is like that, but soon he’s going to grow up too
Hikaru: I wonder what he’s going to be like
Kame: (Describes teasing Fuku)

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