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'who would you rather fuck?' that's yikes, but I hope it doesn't bother you if I ask you a question that goes in the same route. IH's often says that Ichigo wasn't attracted to Rukia in the least, which is stupid considering Ichigo's actions (what he feels for her is so much more than a simple attraction) When Ichigo was 15 yo he wasn't normal but he was a teen nonetheless, so from the point of view of a guy, would you have liked the pretty girl sleeping in your closet when you were 15 yo?

Would I have liked it? Yeah, probably. Mostly. It’s a bit of a mixed bag in that you’d suddenly be losing a fair amount of privacy, and gaining more than a few responsibilities, but it would also be interesting and exciting, if mostly for the company one would gain.

People like to cast relationships and even proximity as being about sex and physical intimacy, and those certainly can be very important if you’re establishing a relationship, or in one, for a wide variety of reasons. But at the end of the day, relationships are really about company. They’re about not being alone. A lot of people will settle for subpar relationships purely out of fear of being alone.

And I think that’s a large part of the allure of Rukia-in-your-closet. It’s not being alone. We never see them have late-night talks or anything else, but you know they could’ve, and probably did. That’s what I would’ve enjoyed most even at that age, and what I enjoy most now: sharing experiences with others.

Another thing that would be appealing is the exotic possibility. It’s not so much the hope that something might happen between you, whatever that might be, it’s simply the possibility that any number of things could. There is this element of “the surprise of the unknown” inherent in the situation, as well as a certain thrill that his family might discover her. It would be exciting. I don’t mean that even sexually, although you can imagine incidents that would occur from people sharing space, I mean that it’s simply an unusual and therefore intriguing situation.

I would have likely enjoyed it, though I doubt I’d have been so thoughtful about it as Ichigo is.

As to him, you can tell he liked it a lot, because he assumed she’d want to just go right on back to doing it before she stated her intent to stay in Soul Society, and you could see his disappointment before he accepted that what she wanted was what mattered. Those two months were honestly probably the best of his life.


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Paring; Min Yoongi x Reader

✎ Words; 3.4k

✎ Genre; Slight angst, smut, some fluff (Mostly smut) 

Warnings; Cussing, face riding, light bondage, Min Yoongi being called ‘Kitten’ 

✎ Summary; Despite Yoongi promising to be home early on your anniversary, he completely forgets. The two of you end up having an argument and you offer him a way to make it up to you. 


You and Yoongi have makeup sex, plot twist, he’s the sub (well kinda a sub, for a little anyway)

Request from: @taehyungieshands

A/N: I’m sorry it took so long.

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Or Nah (One - Shot)

Or Nah: Reader and Bucky are doing their routine workout before an extremely important mission, which doesn't go as planned when Bucky shows her his own playlist he made.

A/N: I've always wondered what would happen if Sam introduced Bucky to some really dirty songs! I was dying while writing this haha! If you want to hear the song while you read it’s right here! :D I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Very dirty song lyrics, pls beware lol. Bucky being a flirty little shit. Slight secondhand embarrassment. 

You let out a small sigh as you placed the weight in your hand down. You had been in the gym for a solid two hours, working out for the mission that was coming up later that week. It was a pretty big one, and you wanted to make sure you were ready for anything and everything. Bucky, who would be your partner for the mission had agreed to join you for the workout, and to your surprise, he even offered to chose the playlist. 

Ever since he and Sam had been hanging out more often, they’ve been able to catch him up on various modern things, mostly music. You knew that Bucky had been spending time listening to the new wave of music on his little ipod you had given him for his birthday, but you had no idea what songs Sam had put on there for him. 

You and he had grown pretty close ever since Bucharest, and dare you admit, you liked him. A bit much for just friends, but you’d never tell him. There were sometimes when you swore he was reciprocating your feelings, but you always brushed it off as simple flirtatious teasing. Steve always said that’s how he used to be back in the day. 

You just figured it was some nineties rap or something, which wasn’t unlikely. 

The last song had ended, leaving the two of you in that awkward five second silence before the next song began. 

Do you like the way I flick my tongue or nah?
You can ride my face until you dripping cum
Can you lick the tip then throat the dick or nah?
Can you let me stretch that pussy out or nah?

Your eyes nearly fell out of your head at how wide you were staring at him. He paid no attention to you, as he was in his own little world. He lowly sung along to the song as he lifted the weights in his hands. The way he spoke the lyrics, you knew damn well that he had heard the song quite a bit. 

You swallowed loudly as you watched Bucky work out. The black tank top he wore clung to his body, which was glistening with a thin layer of sweat. His arms flexed in such a delicious way each time he brought the weight up, almost as if he was showing off everything he had. 

His hair was pulled back in a messy bun, with a few rebellious strands falling in front of his face. Your eyes analyzed the way his jaw clenched each time he flexed, and the way his lips pursed. His brow was furrowed with concentration as he worked out, his eyes staring forward at the grand mirror in front of him as he watched himself. 

And Jesus, that metal arm. It shifted and clicked with each movement, and you honestly found yourself wondering how on earth you could be attracted to a prosthetic limb. Regardless, you’ve wanted it and him. 

After making sure you weren’t drooling over him, you peered back up at his face, expecting him to still be in his own little world. But to your horror, he was staring right at you. His mouth was curved upwards into a little, fascinated smile as he watched you. Regardless, he continued singing along to the song. 

You gonna run it for these hundreds, girl, or nah?
Show me is you really ‘bout your money, girl, or nah?
Don’t play with a boss, girl, take it off
Take it for a real one
You gonna get it all

You watched as he sung to you, his eyes traveling down your body. You blushed even deeper as you took in the raunchy lyrics. You had no idea why Sam would introduce him to this. Steve would probably have several heart attacks at once if he showed up. 

Bucky set down the weights in his hand with a loud clank, pulling you out of your thoughts. He made sure to give you a show as he reached behind himself and slipped the tank top from his body, tossing it to the side. He made his way over to the chin up bar, which was located directly across from you. By now, you were trying to relieve some of the arousal that was pooling between your legs by pressing them together. 

Bucky placed his hands on the bar, and slowly began lifting himself upwards, peering over at you, still singing those damn lyrics. 

Is you really 'bout your money or nah?
Can you really take dick or nah?
Can I bring another bitch or nah?
Is you with this shit or nah?

Your eyes immediately went to his body, watching as every single muscle flexed as he lifted himself up. His gray sweatpants hung low on his waist, giving you a perfect view of the V of his waist. You so desperately wanted to see just a few more inches, but you knew better. He was teasing you, and you were falling right into the trap. 

Not being able to take it anymore, you stood from your seat and began walking towards the bench press. You lie back onto the bench, pressing your hands onto the bar tightly. But before you could even get started, you felt a pair of hands wrap around your legs and pull you away. 

You squeaked, trying to balance yourself. Before you could sit upwards, you were pressed back down by a metal hand. Bucky hovered over you, smirking devilishly as he placed both of his hands on either sides of your head, trapping you underneath him. You felt so small, and couldn't fight the blush that was now spread throughout your chest and face. 

Girl, is you sucking me or fucking me or nah?
Can I bring another bitch? Let’s have a threesome
Keep saying you’s a freak, you gon’ prove it or nah?

“Hey, Buck,” Sam called as he entered the room. His eyes staring down at the ipod in his hands, completely unaware of what was going on in front of him. 

“I think I accidentally took yo- WHOA!

You immediately covered your face with your hands. This was not what you hoped the outcome would be at all! You were hoping for some steamy make out sessions or maybe even Bucky’s head between your legs, but this was absolutely not what you wanted. Sam would never let you guys live this down. 

Bucky cleared his throat awkwardly as he stared at his friend, his eyes flickering between the two of you with a sheepish smile. 

“Man,” He whistled as he listened to the song blaring from the speakers. “I always knew you were a closet freak, Y/N.’” With a cackle, Sam turned on his heel and exited the gym. 

Not before calling over his shoulder that he had a very interesting story for dinner tonight. 


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Do You Love Him?

Summary: Fiona wants to meet the boy who occupies Ian’s heart, but after the latest encounter between the closeted couple, Ian believes it will never happen.

Word Count: 1983

“Do you love him?” Fiona smiles at her brother who is clearly distracted by something.

His head jolts to the side so he can see his sister and make sure that the question was meant for him, which is was. “What? Love who?” Ian blabbers.

She chuckles softly. “Whatever boy it is that’s got your mind so fucking occupied.” Fiona turns to her brother, who is obviously still distracted. “Yo, Ian, you okay?”

“Yeah, I love him,” Ian replies to the first question as he turns his head to look out of the window. He is doing everything he can to mask his unsteady breath.

“I want to meet him then,” Fi says sternly. “Love is a big deal, bud. I can tell it’s pretty serious between you two—”

Ian dryly laughs. “Don’t know about that,” he says under his breath. “But he’s closeted, Fi. If it was easy enough to bring him over for dinner and introduce him to the whole family, I would.”

The eldest sister frowns at the sadness in the redhead’s voice. “Well, if it’s meant to be, it will be,” she slightly smiles. “Y’know, good things take time.”

“I guess,” Ian forces a smile.

“Talk to him about comin’ over to meet us,” Fiona says and exits the room without giving Ian a chance to respond.

* * *

As Ian walks to his job at the Kash n Grab, he thinks deeply about the last few words Mickey said to him.

What do you think we’re boyfriend and girlfriend?

You’re nothin’ but a warm mouth to me.

His heart breaks as he thinks about that boy. He then winces as he thinks about how hard it had been for him to hold back his tears in that moment. Would’ve been a pussy move to cry over a fucking Milkovich.

To Ian’s surprise, when he walks into the store, he sees Mickey leaning on the countertop with his head in his hands. “What are you doing here?” Ian speaks harshly to get the older boy’s attention.

“I did try to kill Frank,” Mickey says. “Wanted nothing more to kill that fucker, but your stupid face kept coming into my mind and fucking everything up.”

Ian scoffs. “Cut the shit, Mickey. I’m mean fuck all to you. If you really wanted him dead you would have done it.” He proceeds to the back room, but Mickey follows.

“You’re that fucking naive, aren’t you?” There’s a tone behind Mickey’s voice that Ian has never heard. It’s something he cannot understand.

The redheaded boy ignores Mickey and begins on his work, avoiding all eye contact.

Mickey lets out a frustrated groan. “Fuck,” he says to himself. “Do you know how much easier it would be for you to hate me, Gallagher? Do you fucking know how much that would benefit you?”

“How do you know what’s right for me? Huh?” Ian’s voice raises with every word.

“Because you deserve more than me! You deserve someone who will give you the world, and I can’t do that because I’m too fucking scared!” Mickey’s screams make Ian’s heart drop into the pit of his stomach. The thought of Mickey Milkovich being afraid is something that no one would ever believe.

Ian’s angry facial expression falls as he notices how anxious the other boy is. “What are you scared of?”

Instead of replying, Mickey shakes his has and lets out a heavy breath.

“Mick,” Ian walks closer.

“You’re not just a warm mouth to me, Ian. You’re everything. You’re all that fucking matters and it scares the shit out of me because we would both be dead if my dad finds out,” he responds quickly and jumbles his words together.

At first Ian doesn’t know what to do or say so he freezes in his tracks. Truthfully, he didn’t think that Mickey was capable of saying so much in on conversation, but he was happy to be proven wrong.

Ian then walks to Mickey and places both hands on either side of his face. He turns the shorter boy’s head to face him so they are forced to look into each other’s eyes. “I don’t care about any of that shit with Terry because he won’t find out. I want you, I need you.”

“You’d be better off without–”

“Mickey, stop.”

Suddenly, Mickey surprises Ian and even himself by crashing his lips against the other boys. Once Ian realizes he needs to reciprocate, the kiss deepens. Their hands run over each other’s body and through each other’s hair. The separate eventually, but only because they need to breathe.

Ian kisses him again and smiles into mouth. “Y’know how long I’ve wanted to kiss you?”

“Too long,” Mickey says happily.

“Please, don’t give up on us, Mick.”

Mickey nods. “I won’t.” The boy’s stare at each other for along time, just taking in what just happened between them.

“I– Um– I don’t want to go home tonight. Terry was bad this morning,” Mickey breaks the silence and looks down at his feet. Ian can tell he feels embarrassed about saying that to him.

Ian nods. “Come to my house. No one will suspect anything, I promise. I mean, they know I’m gay and all, but obviously not you,” he starts blabbering.

“Alright,” Mickey says. “Let’s get back to fucking working.” Ian agrees and smiles as he watches Mickey turn away. It will never fail to amaze Ian on how fast he can put his guard back up.

* * *

The walk home from the Kash n Grab was fairly quiet. The boys found an odd amount of comfort and safety being in each other’s presence so the silence was not awkward. Mickey was smoking a cigarette, but would thoughtlessly pass it over to Ian whenever he was done taking a drag of it.

When they arrived to the house, Ian noticed how Mickey started to rub his hand against the back of his neck and bite his lip. Being that Mickey was nervous and uncomfortable, Ian was going to make an effort to make him feel okay.

“Hey, guys,” Ian said to his siblings. “Mickey told me he needs a place to stay tonight so I brought him here.”

Everyone looked at the thug with shocked faces. They knew he and Ian worked together, but no one realized that they could actually be friends.

Ian gave Fiona a look that only she could understand– a look to remind her of their previous conservation. “That cool, Fi?”

“Uh, umm, yeah,” she stutters. “Hey, Mickey,” she tries to smile. He only nods at her in return.

After a few moments of awkwardness, everyone gathered in the kitchen for dinner. No one knew where Lip was, but Debbie helped her sister out by watching Liam while Fiona cooked, and Ian set the table. On the other hand, Carl was talking Mickey’s ear off by asking him all sorts of criminal-like questions that he felt obliged to answer.

Once the food was ready, everyone took their seats. Mickey made sure to find his way next to his secret boyfriend and whispered, “Gallagher, you’re brother is a fucking sociopath.”

Ian laughed in return. “Maybe.”

People started to chow down on their food, and talk some more, which made Mickey shift in his seat. He wasn’t used to the loudness and the laughing, instead he’s used to fighting and threatening.

Fiona notices the way Ian is repeatedly checking to make sure if Mickey is okay, but she also notices how the dark haired boy’s gaze never leaves Ian. It kind of looks like they’re in the own little world. She wasn’t sure if this was the boy that Ian was claiming to love, but with the look Ian gave her when he entered the house and the glances the boys are giving each other now, it all adds up.

The eldest sister doesn’t want her brothers secret boyfriend to feel uncomfortable in this house, so he decides to start conversation with him. “So, Mickey, how long have you been working at the Kash n Grab?”

“Since I got outta juvie,” he states with no emotion. When things start to silence, he says, “I gotta hit the bathroom.”

Ian puts his head down and shakes it. He knew his family would make things worse for the Milkovich boy.

Suddenly, Kev and V walk in with more beer. They greet everyone and take their seats like usual. “So, sweetheart,” V says to Ian. “Fi says you’re head over heels in love with some Southside boy. Wanna tell us who it is?”

Ian’s eyes widen when Mickey comes out of the bathroom. Mickey’s facial expression tells Ian that he heard every word that V said. “Fuck,” he says to himself.

“Gotta smoke,” Mickey stumbles out of the house through the backdoor.

“Fuck!” Ian goes outside after him.

V’s jaw drops open when she realize what’s going on. “Oh, shit.”

Kev and the kids all share the same confused looks. “What?” Kev says.

Fiona shakes her head and then notices the window is open. “Guys! Let’s go watch through the window, we’ll be able to hear them too,” she whispers just in case the boys can hear. They all quietly crowd around to see what’s going on.

Mickey’s hands are on his head and he’s walking back and forth when Ian is approaching him. Once he feels Ian’s close proximity, he stops in his tracks to look at the younger boy. When he sees the apologetic look in eyes, he puts his head down. “What the fuck, Ian?”

“I didn’t tell her,” he says sheepishly. “She doesn’t know it’s you.”

“Does now,” he snorts out an embarrassed laugh. “Shit.”

“M’sorry,” Ian says and backs away.

Mickey shakes his head. “Is it true what she said?”


“That you’re head over heels in love with me– is it true?”

Ian lets out a huge gulp. He’s scared of what Mickey’s reaction would be if he answers truthfully, but he’s always scared of what he’d do if he lied. “Yeah, it’s true,” he says honestly.

Mickey slowly steps closer. “Fuck,” he stops before he gets any closer. “I fuckin’ told you that you deserve more than me.”

“Would you stop saying that, Mick. You don’t know what’s good for me and what isn’t, I do. If I thought I deserved more than you, I’d make sure I–” he gets cut off by Mickey’s lips falling into his once again.

When the separate they lean their foreheads together for a moment. “I love you too, asshole,” Mickey says nervously. Ian’s big smile calms his nerves though, so he can’t help but smile back.

“Holy shit!” The boys here Carl yell from the window.

“Goddamnit,” Ian shakes his head at the group of people huddled around the window. “Let’s get outta here.”

Mickey chuckles. “Dine and dash? We never got to finish our food so I’m still hungry.”

“Works for me,” Ian says and follows behind Mickey.

V, Kev, Fiona, Debbie, and Carl stare at the two boys until they are out of sight. All of their jaws are dropped wide opened in astonishment.

“Mickey fucking Milkovich?” Fiona giggles a bit harshly.

V sucks in a breath. “Yeah, but hey, looks like Ian’s got a tight grip on the dirtiest white boy in America.”

“I think it’s cool,” Carl says as he beams over the thought of being friends with a Milkovich thug.

“I don’t mind it either,” Debbie says as she takes Liam out of his high chair.

Fiona laughs. “Glad to have you two as optimists.”

“Holy fuck,” Kev exclaims once he finally gains awareness.

V cocks an eyebrow at her husband. “You good, baby?”

“That’s some true fuckin’ love right there. Did you see that? Ian got Mickey Milkovich to feel something. Holy shit,” Kev rambles.

“Maybe it won’t be so bad. Ian must love him for a reason,” Fi smiles.

today at preschool
  • 3 yo: take home this drawing and put it in the closet
  • me: why would i put it there?
  • 3 yo: so you can go in the closet and look at it
  • me: noooo i haven't been in the closet since 2007
  • 3 yo:
  • me:
  • 3 yo:
  • me: that was a really great joke, you'll get it when you're older and be really impressed

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Characters reacting to MC fangirling over anime characters?

Author’s note: what shows do you guys watch??? I’ve seen so many animes and read so many mangas it’s ridiculous


  • tbh he probably fangirls over LOLOL as much as you do over your anime
  • he would try to get into the anime that you were watching so he could understand what you were crying talking about
  • “Now you know why I was crying a couple nights ago.”
  • now every Thursday when it comes on he makes popcorn and you watch it togehter


  • when you told him that he was working with a voice actor from your ALL TIME FAVORITE anime, he was pretty confused
  • later that night when you went to bed he searched it up 
  • that next day he came home with a signed poster and a note from them
  • yOU WERE JUST SO HAPPY AND he was so happy that you were happy
  • little did you know he spent all day trying to get an autograph for you and worked really hard to think of what you would want your fave to say


  • already being fan girl herself, she knew how draining it could be
  • she asked a TON of questions
  • “Have you ever written a fanfic? Do you have a blog? lol guilty What about posters?”
  • as long as you went to a Zen concert with her she would be more than happy to attend anime expo with you


  • when he opened your closet and all of your fan gear came out, he was so confused
  • even when you explained what a fan girl was he still didn’t get it
  • it wasn’t until you compared your love of this anime to his love of Elly that he understood
  • “So it’s something very precious to you? I see… tell me more.”
  • He would actually be very intrigued and want to learn more about it
  • little did he know once yo start an anime you can never stop


  • when you made reference to your favorite anime and he understood, you were pretty surprised
  • when he ran away and came back in full cosplay
  • you
  • died
  • that was probably the moment you knew you were in love with him
  • you two went ON AND ON about crazy theories and then went online and bought tickets for the nearest anime con avaiable

Kay so i’m gonna tell yall about my Klance dance studio AU headcanons mmm

-They are from two different large dance studios. Both great at what they do, but by competition standings from their individual dancers Keith’s team could be considered better. Group wise, Lance’s is.

-They aren’t captains, but are pretty prized dancers.

- Keith does Acro and Contemporary, Lance sticks with Hip Hop.

-They are HuuuuUUUUGE rivals. Lance’s team is considered more fun, laid back. Keith’s team is all work and no joke.

-But keith’s team is homophobic?? crap, no

-Lance’s team has multiple people in the LGBT community, lance being one of them. the only problem they have with him is his constant flirting

-Keith keeps his sexuality a secret from them and has to deal with them bad mouthing Lance’s team for having LGBT people on it.

-They go to a competition. They both need towels in their rooms for their dancers who just got of stage, but crap? there arent any

-Keith goes at the same time Lance does

-“Dude why are you following me??”

-Whoops, locked in a closet together

-After bickering a while, get into some p good conversations. “Yo this lance kid is a pain in the ass but is a pretty nice guy”

-Become low key friends. can’t tell their teams, but they aren’t so hard on eachother in spirit.

-Secretly start talking outside of the studio. Just casually asks to go out for coffee or something. why not right??? keith is flabbergasted because he wonders what his team would think, but does so anyway out of temptation. He’s just a bud right?

-They become really good buds. They keep up their act in studio, but cant stay away from eachother outside of the studio.

-Lance is the first one keith ever comes out too. There are a few tears, keith thinks this is so stupid, why am i telling you, but he truly trusts him

-Lance tells Keith he’s bi. Keith is all smiles, he has nothing to worry about with Lance. but he has something to worry about with his studio

-They start dancing together on their free time. It starts off showing what they got individually. When they dance together, it slowly becomes so much more.. of a bond? So comfortable? and they have such a unique dynamic together

-Was. was Lance always this beautiful?

-He realizes. Yeah, wow, he was

-When their dancing leads to some kissing one night led by lance, he knows he feels the same

-So, they hold a relationship outside of the studio.

-Until Lance loses his phone!! And someone from keith’s team picks it up at a competition hoping to return it. until he realizes who owns it. he can get some dirt on him?

-Oops, keith is with lance. That got out pretty fast.

-Lance’s team is PISSED. Keith is getting kicked off his team. that won’t stand with lance.

-Lance convinces his team to let Keith onto theirs. “Think about it! Keith, from that team or not, is here to support OURS now! they gave up something huge over something stupid, and its ours now! I did us all a favour, tsk”

-Keith is himself on that team, with people who cherish him for more than his dancing ability, and his boyfriend. They cherish his well being and personality too, now and don’t focus on who someone falls in loves with.

Ooh i love it wowow

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How can everybody say that Levin is canonly gay????? Like I'd love that, but it's never said or shown clearly, is it?

“Hi anon! Very easily: because he is!

Ok, so maybe it’s a bit more coy than that. But it’s not like any of the other characters I mentioned as being canonically gay ever came outright in the manga saying “yo, i am the gayest shit since sliced bread”. Yumikuri, from my understanding, was confirmed by the editor, and Reiner is probably the closet to saying it outright himself, but people get confused with him and his infatuation with Krista (important to note that it’s KRISTA and not HISTORIA).

We have two important things to look at when it comes to Levi being canonically gay, and they both come straight from Isayama in interviews.

When asked what type of women Levi would be into, he said “… Would he like women?” And then proceeds to talk about how people that are short tend to like those that are tall. But that’s neither here nor there *cough*eruri is canon*cough*…

Also, he has stated in interviews that he creates characters for his settings. There was a need for Levi in the story, so he looked for inspiration to create this character… He looked at Rorschach from Watchmen, went to give him some dashing good looks, and then realized “hmm, he’ll be pretty popular with yaoi doujinshi authors I think.”

Again, it’s probably a death sentence to come out and say outright that a character is gay given the circumstances. It’s cool that Yumikuri is basically there. But given the evidence, I’d say Levi is pretty gay.

Also there’s all this shit too you should probably read:

“Favorite posts on Erwin and Levi”

“Eruri receipts post”

Hope that answers your question!

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you remember that.. one time you said "Life ain't gonna become better if you don't move yo ass"?? like I want to write that down on my closet door and walls, but I don't think my parents would really appreciate it if I used the word "ass".

What about butt, b side, buttocks, poopoo, that one thing attached to the legs

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my dog, a duck, several very good books, cup o noodles, and my love and support -🌹

Catch my ass outside your house tonight at 3 am prepare the dog for Excessive Cuddling, I’ll bring the kettle for the noodles.

Klance LoveChild

so let’s say, keith and lance are out on a mission and lance stumbles upon this alien, turns out they’re a shape-shifter, a baby at that, all alone. so of course, the first people they come in contact with are their parents, aka lance and keith. they take the form of something of a perfect mix of keith and lance and call them their dads. keith and lance completely spazz like “what did it just say?!” “i-i don’t know!” “did it just call us it’s dads?!” “hey, don’t call them ‘it’ that’s offensive” “LANCE” “dada” “//collective shrieks” “okay, okay, calm down, this is nothing.” “calm down?!” “okay, maybe it’s major” “they think we’re it’s parents!!” “…great” “what do we do?” “what do you mean?” “we can’t exactly leave a baby out here, let alone one that claims us as their parents” “so? do we just? take them with us?” “i don’t know, i’m asking you! this is all your fault!” “mine?!” “yes you! you’re the one that came into contact with them!” “…how do we explain it to the rest of them?” “just, i dunno, tell it to them straight?” “we’re gonna get hell for this, you do know that right” “affirmative” and so they take the wee bab with them and get teased by the rest of team voltron, but everyone warms up to them. keith and lance are forced to share a room after because the baby doesn’t want to be away from either of them. and yeah, i could go on and on

and then comes the time to introduce the kid and keith to lance’s family

[extensive back and forth convo with @echgoing to depict events + name meaning under the cut because loooooong]

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Christmas miracle

Requested by Anonymous:  hello ~ can you please write a suga scenario where he confesses to you on a snowy christmas day but is shy and struggles to say the words right ? that would be perfect<3 also, merry christmas!

I still have a few others requests waiting in my ask box but I just had to do this one since it’s Christmas themed!   (*´▽`*)

‘’Woah, look! It’s snowing!’’ you shouted, feeling the touch of fragile snowflakes on your face for the first time this winter. And to think it was even Christmas day. ‘’So we’re going to have a white Christmas after all!’’

You jogged back to where Yoongi was and pulled him by his scarf. Your best friend was pretty quite today. Not that he’s usually really talkative, but he kind of seemed so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t even mind when you dragged him out for a walk even though it was freezing outside.

‘’Yo, Yoongi.’’ you waved your hand in front of his face. ‘’Earth to Yoongi!’’

‘’Did you just ‘’yo’’ me?’’ he chuckled, finally showing something that is not a confused expression he was wearing the whole day.

‘’Oh, come on!’’ you whined, still pulling him by the ends of his fluffy scarf. He was actually considering wearing one more but you managed to stop him. Considering that he already had half of his closet on him right now you highly doubted that one more scarf would help him in any way. 

‘’It’s finally snowing and it’s Christmas day and we’re actually spending some time together after not seeing each other for a whole week! Show me a happy face!’’ You poked his cheek expecting him to brush off your request like his grumpy old self.

But his gummy smile took you by surprise. You couldn’t help but blush a little seeing how his face lit up. Not going to lie, you always felt something for him but never actually showed it. You were satisfied with just being by his side and ruining your friendship with a silly confession was never an option…since him saying ‘’yes’’ to it was only something you could dream of…something that would never happen in reality.

You quickly grabbed his hand and started dragging him towards the first caffe you saw, turning your head away from him trying desperately to hide your blushing face. What a great time for your feeling to start resurfacing again….

‘’We should go in and get some hot chocolate.’’ you said, trying pretty hard to make your voice sound normal. But you weren’t even convincing yourself.

Turning back to Yoongi when he stopped and refused to move you couldn’t help but notice that you weren’t the only one who was troubled by something.

‘’Any other time I would say yes but…’’ he stopped for a moment looking like he’s having a hard time deciding if he should continue or not. ‘’I need to talk to you about something and…I kind of don’t want that many people to be around so…if you don’t mind…’’ he pointed towards a nearby park.

You just nodded and you two started walking again. Considering how lost in thoughts he was earlier you just hoped there weren’t any problems with the groups. But you decided it was highly unlikely knowing how close they were.

When you two reached the park he stopped and looked around kind of nervously. You were watching him curiously while he started moving closer to you.

‘’So…’’ he was facing you now and you noticed his red cheeks, wondering if it was because of how cold he was or something else caused it  

‘’Yes, Yoongi?’’ you asked, furrowing your eyebrows…still clueless. 

‘’You know that I’m not good with expressing my feelings.’’ he was looking you straight in the eyes but his hands were clutching his own scarf pretty desperately. ‘’I would rather write you a song, but…boys said I should just be straightforward.’’

This is not happening. Yoongi is not confessing to you. You got something wrong. There’s not way something like that would ever happen…right?

Yoongi was the one who answered your question. ‘’What I wanted to say is…well, I like you. I like you a lot. I can’t even explain how much you mean to me, so,um…’’ he chuckled nervously when he saw your face. ‘’ I knew the song would be better than this!’’

At that moment you just had to laugh at how fidgety he was. The usual Yoongi full of swag disappeared and this little nervous ball of fluff wrapped in a huge scarf took his place. 

You weren’t getting anything wrong. That though finally hit you and you took a step closer to him and finally whispered. ‘’I’m sure the song would be amazing but this was enough for me. Just the thought that you feel the same…’’

‘’You mean…?’’ his face was now so close to yours and you could see his lips forming an adorable smile before you whispered ‘’I love you too, Yoongi.’’ and your lips connected in a kiss both of you probably waited for too long.

It finally snowed and your best friend confessed his love for you. And that was the day you started believing in Christmas miracles.

people who force other people to get out of the closet are honestly so annoying and shitty,why would you make someone come out when they don’t feel like they want to or because they aren’t ready yet.

Especially people in relationships who are like ‘’ if you wont tell yo ur parents and friends that you are gay and we are together, we are gonna break up and i’ll tell them my self’’ like bitch no, if the other has informed you about their feelings of not being ready yet you are gonna respect it. 

Vixx React To You Self harming.


I am not to be held accountable if you are triggered while reading this, as there is an obvious mention of self-harming. Please read at your own risk. 


He comes back early from promotions. You weren’t expecting him for another week but he took early time off yo spend it with you, because he knew as soon as he came back, he would have to get straight to work. He doesn’t see you in the living room so he decides to take his bags up to his room. He rolled his suitcase in the room, placing it by the closet, smiling as he saw you asleep in your shared bed with his sweater, almost completely enveloping you since you were no doubt, smaller than he is. Your computer was laid out in front of you and your headphones were right beside it. He thought nothing of it, he just assumed you were watching your favourite drama since another episode came out today. He came over to you, but as he got closer he saw thin red lines on your wrist.


His eyes grew wide, his mouth did the same. He stood there for what seemed like the longest time, trying to keep the tears inside of his eyes, but it was no use. He sank to the floor, as quietly as possible and started silently sobbing. He knew that his career was taking a toll on you but he really believed you when you said it was okay. You opened your eyes to see him on the ground, tears spilling down his cheeks. You quickly got up and hugged him as he cried, unsure of why he was. “Hakyeon, what’s wrong. It is okay, please stop crying, I am here.” He soon stopped, and grabbed your arm. He lifted up your sleeve and soon you realized what was wrong. You pulled your sleeve down and hugged him. “I am okay. I promise it’s not because of you. Please don’t think it’s because of you. My mother called me again and started going off at me and I couldn’t handle it. I promise I will never do it again.” You said quickly, making sure he understood.


“Y/N,” He said as he noticed what the lines meant. You were confused and then you looked down to where his eyes were staring. You quickly moved your sleeve back over your arm. You looked back at him and you could see tears brimming his eyes. “Y/N, what are those..” He said, looking you in the eyes, trying to keep a stern look even thought you knew he was going to break. You quickly got up and hugged him as tight as you can. At first, he didn’t hug you, but then you felt his arms wrap around you, and his face nuzzles into your neck. “Please don’t cry. I promise I will never do it again. Please don’t cry!” You said, looking at him and wiping his tears.


He comes in, and immediately you wake up, when you open your eyes he is sitting on the ground with his head on his knees, his body bobbing up and down as he softly sobs. You  immediately jump up beside him, “I’m so sorry Y/N. I shouldn’t have to be away from you for this long. If this is what it’s causing then I will quit.” He said softly. your face contorted into confusion as you sit back. You tilt his chin up and stare at him. Even though he has a weird looking crying face, it breaks your heart into pieces seeing him like this. “Jaehwan, it’s not your fault, I promise it’s not because of you. Please don’t ever think its because of you.” You said, hugging him tightly. He hugged you so tight you almost couldn’t breathe. You looked at him, he has calmed down a bit but he is still crying. “Y/N, I just love you so much. I couldn’t even think of what would happen if I lost you. Please stop this.” You agreed to stop and agreed to counselling.


He comes in the door, staring at your arm immediately. You had never done this before (at least, with him finding out) and he was extremely worried. “Y/N, wake up right now.” He said, kneeling down by you, no sign of emotion but frustration coming from his voice. You opened your eyes and smiled, but your smile soon changed when you saw his serious expression. “What the hell is that? Why are you hurting yourself? Why would you think this is a smart idea?” He said, waving his arms to make a point. You looked down and frowned. “I am sorry Ravi, my mother called me and started saying a lot of stuff that made me sad okay? I really didn’t know how to handle it. It was stupid and I am sorry. I promise I will never do it again.” You said he hugged you tightly, trying not to cry as you two sat there. “I love you, Ravi, please forgive me.” His chin rested on your shoulder as a tear slid down his cheek, he couldn’t even begin to think of what it would be like if he lost you.


He immediately was beside you, tracing the lines with his fingers and kissing every line on your wrist. You opened your eyes to see him beside you, you saw tears streaming down his face as you realized what he was doing. “Y/N, why?” He choked out, staring into your eyes. You felt your heart completely shatter, you explained what had happened with your parents. Even though he understood he still cried. You held him in your arms for twenty minutes trying to calm him. As he calmed down, he placed kisses all over your face. “I love you so much, please stop hurting yourself,” He said. You agreed to never hurt yourself again. “I love you so much Hongbin, you don’t even know how much I love you. I will stop, I promise.”


He immediately grabbed bandaids from the bathroom, even though the cuts were scabs and they wouldn’t bleed, he didn’t want to see them. He placed the band-aids one by one up your arm until the scars weren’t visible. A total of 10 bandaids. You woke up as he placed the last one on your arm, tears slipping from his eyes. “What are you doing?” You asked, wiping tears from his eyes. “I am making them go away, what you can’t see is not there.” He said, your heart shattered in your chest. Tears spilled from your eyes as he looked deeply into your eyes. You hugged him tightly and felt your shoulder become wet as his tears spilled onto it. “Please stop, please, please, please, please…” You nodded over and over again, his voice cracked as he pleaded for you to stop. “I will stop, I promise I will stop.” You two sat there for what seemed like hours in each others arms. 

A/N: Sorry if I broke te entirety of your being. Whoopsies. 


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26 johnson

“Did I just say that out loud?”-Jack Johnson

It was a typical friday night at the Maloley household and that meant movie night. “(y/n), is all the popcorn made”,Nate asked. “Yes Nate”, you said filling the last bowl. “Listen, don’t flirt with my friends. They already know you off limits”,Nate said. He was a bit on the over protective brother side. “I know the drill Nate”,you said rolling your eyes. Just then the doorbell rand indicating the boy have arrived.

You opened the door to see the whole squad. They all made their way through and you shut the door behind them. As you were locking the door, you were quickly pulled to the side away from plain sight. “Jack Johnson don’t scare me like that”,you said smacking his arm. “I’m sorry, I just needed to see you before Nate’s radar goes wild. See you and Johnson have been “together” for about 2 months. You felt terrible for keeping it away from Nate, but you felt something with him. “Did you get more sexier over the past couple days”,he said pushing your hair behind your ear. You giggled and pulled him into a kiss. “Yo, wheres Johnson?”,you heard in the background. “We’ve got to get out there before they flip their shit”,you said quietly. “I don’t wanna go, then I can’t be with you”, he said rubbing your cheek. “I know”,you said sighing. He exited the closet and you waited about 2 minutes to exit the closet.

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We all were now in the living room about to start the movie. “Hey guys I popped some popcorn, would you like some”,you asked from the kitchen. “Yea sure!”,Gilinsky shouted. Gilinsky has always had a crush on you, and you thought it was cute. “Need help”,Gilinsky said rushing into the kitchen. “Yea actually. Will you carry those bowls while I grab some waters”,you said. We made our way into the living room and Nate insisted you sit by him and the end of the couch so no is on the other side of you. 

“Dude where were you? Where you talking to Vanessa”,Sammy said nudging Johnson’s side. “Oh-um yea dude. You know she’s obsessed with me”,Johnson said looking down. You tried to focus on the movie but your eyes kept meeting Johnson’s apologetic ones. You just smiled and pretended not to be hurt. Throughout the movie, Johnson kept texting you.

Johnson- Vanessa and I are just friends, I just told the guys we were talking so they wouldn’t be suspicious.

You- Okay

Johnson- You believe me right baby?

You- read at 9:42

You got up and walked toward the stairs. “Hey, where you going”,Nate asked. “Oh, I’m gonna go shower and get ready for bed. I forgot I’ve already seen this movie,you smiled. “Aight, goodnight sis”,Nate said. “Goodnight (y/n),gilinsky said smiling at you. “Night G”,you said going up the stairs. You walked into your room and ran the bath. You did most of your thoughts and concerts in this bath. You wanted to believe him, You mostly did. Its just he could have any girl, like Vanessa.

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You finally got out of the bath and got ready for bed. You were reading in bed when you got a text from Jack.

Johnson- can I come up and talk?

You- of course

Johnson- lemme convince Nate to stay the night real quick.

You- i’ll be here.

About 15 minutes later, you heard a light knock. You got up and opened the door quietly. “Hi”,he said shutting the door slowly. “Hi”,you said sitting on your bed in your pajamas. “Cute shorts”,Johnson giggled. “Hey, I like my duck shorts”,you said laughing. “So what’s up? What do you wanna talk about”,you said already knowing the answer. “C’mon (y/n), you know”,he said sitting by you. “Look, if you like her go for it. Don’t let me be the one setting you back from looking for love”,you said running your hands through your hair. “You’re not setting me back. You don’t understand how much I like you. I love you”,he said so fast he didn’t catch what he just said. “ love me”,you said shocked. “Yea, yea I do. I love you”,he said looking into your eyes. “I love you too”,you said. “Thank God, that would’ve been embarassing”, he said tackling you making you fall back on the bed. You both laid their for what felt like forever. “I’m so glad I’ve got you”,he said drifting off to sleep. “Ditto”,you said falling asleep.

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The Arcobaleno seeking out their secret love interest/crush they never made a move on due to their former baby bodies in hopes of upgrading them to s/o.

Reborn: The hitman took a seat in one of the empty chairs outside of the cafe you had just walked into and waited.  His leg shook as he thought about what to say to you.  You knew him sure, but not like this.  You were used to his baby form and now that he was back to his adult form, he was nervous at what you might think.

A couple minutes later, you came out of the little shop with a cup of hot coffee and a muffin in your hands.  You took a bite of your muffin as you walked past the man, unaware of who he was.  

Jumping to his feet, Reborn came up behind you and tapped on your shoulder to get your attention.  Turning you stared up at the tall man with a quizzical look.  He looked familiar.  “Hi, Y/N,” he said with a smile.

“Do I know you?” you asked.

“Yes and no.  It’s me, Reborn,” he answered, even doing a little twirl.  “The curse on my body was lifted so now I’m back to my adult self.”

“Reborn?!” you asked, nearly dropping your coffee.  “I can’t believe it, when did this happen?”

“Yesterday,” the assassin laughed, “but i was wondering if you wanted to go out for dinner or something tonight?”

Colonnello: The blonde shifted his weight from one foot to the other as he waited outside your apartment building.  He had been wanting to ask you out for over a year now, but chose to wait until his curse was removed and was back to his own body.  

But now that he was back to his adult form, he was nervous.  A part of him thought that curse would never be lifted.  He was snapped out of his thoughts when the door to the building opened and you came out.  He stepped out to great you and you ended up running into him.  

Yo let out a startled yelp and nearly fell on your butt had he not caught you.  “Thank you, and I’m sorry for running into you, I didn’t see you,” you said.  “Do I know you?” you asked after a minute.

“I know I grew a little overnight, but I thought you would at least recognize me,” the man laughed.

“Colonnello?” you answered, unsure.  

“Yup!” the man grinned.  

“What happened?” you asked, looking him up and down.

“Why don’t I tell you over lunch?” he offered.

Verde: The scientist dug through the small closet in his lab, looking for his old lab coat, the one that fit his adult body.  It was a strange thing he decided, having gone to sleep in the form of a baby and waking up back as an adult.  Luckily, he still had all of his adult clothes.  

Walking into the lab, you looked around.  Verde was usually in his chair working on his projects already, yet the baby was no where in sight.  

With a shrug, you grabbed your lab coat from the hook by the door and headed to your work station.  

“Y/N?” Verde called out to, pocking his head into your lab.  “Do you know if there are any spare lab coats around?” 

“Did yours get dirty or something?” you asked, not looking up from your microscope.

“Let’s go with the ‘or something’,” he responded.  

Curious, you looked up and spotted a full grown Verde standing at your office door.  “Definitely ‘or something’,” you said, getting up from your desk and heading to the closet to find something for him.

“I woke up like this,” he added, watching you did through some old clothes.  You tugged on the white sleeve of a lab coat, pulling it out of the pile to test the size.  

“Does this mean I wont have to help you reach the tools on the top shelf,” you teased, handing the man the coat.

“Not if you don’t want to,” he replied, trying the coat on.  It was a bit tight, but it would have to do for the day.  “Also, do you want to watch the eclipse with me tonight?” he asked as he tugged on the sleeves a little.  

Skull: The man was bouncing, he was having such a hard time concealing his excitement.  He was finally back to his adult body and now he could ask you out.  He had taken a seat at the bar where you were serving drinks and waited for you to come over.

“Hey, Y/N,” he smiled at you when you came to take his order.  

“I recognize those piercings, but not the body,” you smiled.  “Finally broke the curse then?” you asked with a grin.

“Yeah, last week,” he said.  

“Well,then it’s time to celebrate,” you smiled, grabbing a bottle from the top shelf and pouring him a drink.  “Just don’t tell anyone,” you smiled, before replacing the bottle and going to make a couple more drinks for the others at the bar.  

Downing the drink with a grin, the man waited for you to come back.  Now that he had some liquid courage in him, he figured it would be easier to ask you out.  And it was.

“Go out with me,” he blurted out when you came to check on him.

Fon: The martial artist missed his smaller body a little, but at the same time, he was happy that he was able to do more things.  Including trying to start a relationship with you.  

He had watched you as you entered into the training room of the Vongola headquarters before following you in.  Leaning against the wall, he waited until you had finished your warm up and stretched before asking if you needed a sparring partner.  

Turning sharply, you gave the man a once over, immediately recognizing him.  Launching at him, you wrapped him up in a hug.  “When did this happen?” you asked as you took a step back to look at his adult body form.

He chuckled at your reaction, it giving him hope that you would say yes when he finally asked you out.  “Two days ago,” he answered.  

“Well, I’m happy for you,” you smiled, “and yes, I do need a sparring partner.”

He followed you to the mats and got into a ready position.  “If I win, how about you go on a date with me?” he asked, catching you off guard.

Mammon/Viper: The illusionist paced nervously as he waited for you to show up to work.  You were the resident secretary at the Varia mansion and one of the few people he liked.  Mainly because you told Xanxus and Bel off when they were being brats.  

With the curse lifted, he was back to his normal size and every since he it was lifted, he thought about you more and more often.  Maybe this was his chance.  

When you finally showed up, taking your seat and turning the computer on, he came up to you.

“Is there something I can help you with sir?” you asked, logging into the computer.

“You don’t recognize me?” he asked, a little crestfallen.  

“Mammon?” you asked, your head snapping to face him.  “Is that you?” you asked, peering into the darkness the hood cast over his face. 

“Yeah, the curse got lifted, so I’m back to my old body,” he explained.

“That’s great, when did it happen?” you asked, turning all your attention to him.

“About three days ago while I was on my mission,” he answered.  “I, I uh, wanted to ask you something,” he stuttered, cursing himself for his lack of bravery.

“He’s trying to ask you out,” Bel called from across the room where he was lounging on the couch and eating grapes.  

“Shut up blondie!” Mammon yelled at him before turning back to you, waiting for an answer. 

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Yo nerd, what would happen if one of the grunts came out of the closet(and legit jumped out of closet)


~ Imagine; a room of grunts on Team Skull’s movie night. They’re all flopped around on the floor watching some random thing they decided upon. Guzma and Plumeria are laying on each other on a couch, occasionally showing each other funny pictures.

~ It’s dead fucking silent because some giant surprise twist happened, and everyone’s just staring in shock because they comments and shouting hasn’t began yet.

~ All of a sudden:

~ //CLOSET DOOR BANGS OPEN. A GRUNT FALLS OUT COVERED IN LIPSTICK MARKS// “GUYS I THINK I’M GAY” Everyone screams. Objects are thrown. Chaos ensues until Guzma blows an air horn for order. The second girl grunt from the closet leans out over the chick she was smoochin’.

~ Plumeria speaks first. “Bitch the fuck we know. We all knew. How the fuck did you not know?”

i’m so fucking glad there’s a pride month and just pride in general. i remember countless occasions i literally cried because i felt attracted to girls at a young age. i would dream about kissing girls and then wake up and HATE myself because i thought i was going to hell for something i couldn’t control. i stayed in the closet for so fucking long because i was just so ashamed. the first porn i literally ever watched was lesbian porn and i HATED myself for it because i knew that my family and church said it was wrong in every way. i would sit at church and pray so much about how sorry i was. i’d tell everyone i was straight or “pretty much straight.” it’s so good to be out and real about being bisexual. i’m just so happy to be happy with every part of myself