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Holy crap Silver Ravenwolf's books are bad

Okay, for those laughing right now, shut up. I’d heard rumours to the effect but had never actually read them. I downloaded them as ebooks and ohhhh myyyy goddddds, no wonder newbie Wiccans get a bad reputation. If that kind of crap is among the most widely accessible 101 books, one can hardly blame them for coming up with some real gems. How could they do otherwise when it’s likely to be one of the first sources they read?

Less than a hundred pages in, highlights include:

- Talking about the Crusaders going to Persia and running into a nasty horned God there who they decided would make a great Satan, bringing him back to Europe and telling them he was Satan and a fallen angel. Just, what? Firstly, Crusaders = post conversion, and in fact that was the point. Secondly, weren’t they hanging around Jerusalem to, you know, fight off the Muslims, as part of the perpetual fight over that tiny strip of land? Also, what Persian horned God? Not only was there not one (unless you go back to say, Babylonian conquest over two thousand years earlier) but by that point I believe Persian was Muslim, so seriously, what horned God?

- Saying witches don’t believe in Satan. Well shit, anyone give you that memo, fellow demonolaters? Also, which Satan exactly? Are we talking Lucifer? The demons referred to in that role? Iblis? Angra Mainyu? Or the big red guy of pop culture Christianity?

- Saying that mixing pantheons is advanced work made me facepalm. Just, it’s not that I object to say, working with one pantheon at a time to learn about those Gods very well, but the phrasing is weird, and it looked more like she was talking about mishmashing them inappopriately anyway. I mean, nothing wrong with working with different pantheons, but ye gods the piecemeal shoving them together and ignoring individual likes on the parts of the deities involved, including of ritual structure, and the fact some of them don’t get on? Yeah, that can’t possibly go bad, sure. -_-

- Also, the line, ‘rubbing their hands excitedly together’ is kind of tragic, as I doubt the Crusaders were Disney villains in how they planned to convert the populace.

- Her list of the deities as a, 'pick one of these!’ made my brain bleed. Two, frequently inaccurate, lines about each deity? Referring to Inanna solely as a mother Goddess when she’s, among other things, a badass Queen of Heaven war Goddess? Referring to Hecate as a Crone moon Goddess when statues from the ancients portray her like this? Being inaccurate with basically every other deity listed too? Listing them together, A to Z in a, 'pick one that sounds good’? And so on? Urggggghhhh.

- Wow, even the sources she cited at the end of that particular chapter consisted largely of non-peer reviewed and likely non-edited generic new age and/or fluffy pagan crap, there were no actual mythology books - scholarly or otherwise.

Bitching aside, the sad thing is, when I first stated looking at Wicca, when I was about 11, I remember seeing on suggested reading lists back before there were really many good resources on the net like there are now. I never wound up reading her because I couldn’t actually find her books in any bookstores, which further highlights the lack of news available. But if I had read her? I imagine I probably would have thought it amazing and she was amazing, and because I was young, wouldn’t have known to fact check. And considering this was 1999ish, there weren’t really many places to fact check anyway.

I guess what I’m saying is that it’s pretty great there’s so many resource blogs around, including specifically niche ones dealing with specific aspects of polytheism, demonolatry and the occult that weren’t around then. And while occasionally noobs can kind of grate a bit with asking what seem like really basic questions, it’s actually awesome that they can, instead of having to take at face value poorly researched crap. I’d rather get Pagan 101 questions than deal with people who stay willfully ignorant because holy crap, this is Tumblr, it’s exploding with resources if you go looking for them!

I really wish there were better Pagan 101 books though, or even Pagan books in general because there is a serious shortage of good quality ones that are widely distributed even now. Granted this may not be the case in overseas (I live in Australia), but there’s seriously just the one large Pagan/New Age specific bookshop in my city with over a million population. The store is quite big… but filled mostly with New Age crap about self-proclaim psychic messiahs, crystal vibrations, mystical healing aliens, etc. There is all of one bookcase filled with Pagan books, most of which aren’t particularly great. Most of the Pagans I run into offline are way more ignorant than those online, as most of the non-geeks don’t have any idea about the internet resources that are out there. And with no good reading materials… well, the cycle of fail just goes on.

(Also, because I’m a masochist I’m going to keep reading Silver Ravenwolf. It’s terrible reading but I want to know what sort of misinformation she’s spreading about her own damn religion. Wish me luck, gentle Tumblrites, I may end up with a brain hemorrhage.)

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GoM scenario: Their girlfriends' skirt blows up in the wind... only to reveal she wears shorts under her skirts. Whether they're disappointed or relieved, she teases that she'll let them see more when they're alone.

Thank you for the request! Also smart move sending it twice!! Tumblr does some crazy things sometimes!!! I hope you like this!

Akashi~ The wind was something fierce today, Akashi did his best to shield you from the wind. Suddenly the wind blew upwards. Akashi glanced over at your skirt. You had noticed that every time the wind blew, he looked down at your skirt.

This time the wind blew your skirt upwards. Akashi noticed that you were wearing shorts underneath and sighed slightly. He was relieved that no one was able to see your panties, but slightly disappointed that he wasn’t able to sneak a glance.

“Hmm? Disappointed Seijuro??” You tilted your head and got close to him, whispering in his ear. “If you want, I can show you what’s under these shorts later…” His face turned red, he then smiled and kissed your hand.

“I would like that very much, my love.”

Aomine~ He took you out to an amusement park. He was hoping to really impress you today. He already knew he was the best, but now he needed to prove it to you. He took you towards a small bridge next to a roller coaster. He was going to tell you he loved you.

“____-chan, i-I lo-” Suddenly the roller coaster came zooming by. The force of the machine created a wind that blew your skirt up. Aomine looked down and saw a pair of cute shorts under the skirt. He raised his eyebrows. He chuckled a bit. “Damn, I was hoping for a show.”

“Well if you feel that way, maybe I could show you the real thing later?” You winked at him and kissed his cheek. He blushed and rubbed his head smiling.

“Haha, I love you.”

Kise~ He took you for a day on the town. He offered to buy you a cute new outfit too. You agreed to go, mainly because you love to spend time with him. You two were having a great time, suddenly the wind started to pick up.

“Be careful ___-cchi, otherwise I may get a peek up your skirt.” Kise teased. You chuckled and held his hand. You continued your walk for awhile and talked the entire time.

The wind blew harder and blew your skirt up, Kise peeked behind to catch a glimpse of your ass. He was disappointed to see the shorts underneath.

“___-cchi!!! Why do you have to tease me like that?” He pouted. You kissed him on the cheek and smiled.

“Don’t worry, I will show you underneath later.”

Kuroko~ Kuroko and you were on a date, you normally spent your days off from school going on dates. You loved spending time with him, and obviously he felt the same way. You were at the bus stop, Kuroko went to grab you a drink from the vending machine. He turned around and the stop was full of people.

A car zoomed past, creating wind strong enough to blow your skirt up. His eyes widened, full of worry. He then saw your shorts and smiled. He walked over and handed you your drink.

“Thank goodness you are wearing those shorts ____-chan, someone may have tried to look at your panties.” 

“Oh? You seemed to have no problem looking.” You teased. He blushed slightly.

“Well… I-”

“It’s okay, I can show you the real thing if you want.” Kuroko covered his face.

“I will only agree if you want to. I won’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable.”

Midorima~ He was walking you home, you stayed to watch him practice. He was happy you did, but would never tell you. You just seemed to know how happy it made him. He was letting his hand linger near yours. He wouldn’t look at you, at least not when he was nervous about something.

You smiled and took his hand in yours. He flinched slightly, his face turned red. The blush seemed to spread down to his neck quite a bit. You giggled softly to yourself.

The train gates came down and the train passed by creating a long wind, blowing your skirt up in the process. Midorima glanced down to see you not even attempting to hide. He looked down further to notice you were wearing shorts underneath. You looked up and saw him looking down your body.

“Are you disappointed? If you want I can take my shorts off for you when we get to my place.”

“W-WHAT?! Why would I want you to do that? I’m not some pervert. b-But… if you wanted to I wouldn’t object…” He adjusted his glasses, looking away.

Murasakibara~ It was a really hot day outside, you ended up going to the ice cream shop with Murasakibara. He insisted it was necessary. You of course agreed, because you love ice cream, and you love your Mukkun.

While at the store, Murasakibara sat down and complained he was dying. So you agreed to get the ice cream. As you stood up, you noticed some stares. A few other guys were looking in your direction. The shop had a fan pointed in your direction.

Your skirt was flying up, and revealing your shorts underneath. Murasakibara was emitting a dark and dangerous aura. He noticed your shorts and calmed down. You bought the ice cream and sat down again.

“You are so protective of me Mukkun.” You kissed his cheek.

“No one is allowed to see ____-chin’s panties but me.” He pouted and took a bite.

“In that case, would you like to see them when we get back to my place?” Murasakibara suddenly choked. He nodded and started to eat again.

Submit Anon: Phoenix vs Britannia: Stalker From Hell
I think I’ll tell the tale of someone who is a thorn in my side to this day.  He was king of the weebs, and dreamed of becoming, well, an ace attorney.  And becoming Lelouch/Zero from Code Geass.  …And apparently devoting his life to ruining mine.  As much as I’d like to spread his name around the Internet as much as he did mine, I’ll call him A.

This story begins some years ago into today, so it might be a little lengthy.

Every school has its weeaboos, and my school was definitely not an exception to this.  I entered high school a totally normal freshman, having just grown out of my weeaboo/wapanese phase of middle school days.  I was still into anime but I had gotten into other things as well, and I mostly kept my passions to myself.  I was a quiet, artistic girl who played tennis and liked to occasionally watch an episode of Naruto, but my life never revolved around it.

During an art class a classmate saw my anime-ish art style and suggested I join the school’s anime club.  I joined because I didn’t have much better to do, not knowing it would be a huge mistake.  I walked into the room and locked eyes with a senior boy, who at the time, I thought was pretty cute.  I learned later that his name was A and that he was the president of the anime club.

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fic update: Let Your Heart Be Light, Olicity, rated M, chapter 11/15

Let Your Heart Be Light (45991 words) by callistawolf
Chapters: 11/15
Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Thea Queen, Roy Harper, Tommy Merlyn, Moira Queen, Walter Steele, Laurel Lance, Sara Lance, Malcolm Merlyn
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Christmas, Romance, Friends to Lovers, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Romantic Fluff, Angst and Fluff and Smut, Eventual Smut
Summary: It’s time for Christmas Dinner with the Queen Family!  What surprises are in store for our beloved characters? 

Author’s Note: Well, here we are guys. I know people have been dreading this and I did draw it out a bit, getting here.  Here is where not just the other shoe drops but ALL the shoes drop.  Please don’t hurt me. ;)  Also, thanks again for the continued outpouring of support over this story.  Words can’t express how happy I am that this story is making some of you feel better about this hiatus (and that finale!).  Feel free to drop me a line here, on tumblr or on twitter.  I’m happy to chat!  

You can read this chapter on Ao3 or FF

Christmas dinner looked amazing.  Oliver wondered if everything had always looked this good, spread across the table, or if he was just noticing it this year because he was riding high on cloud nine.  There was a huge roasted turkey, its skin golden brown and glistening in the candlelight.  Bowls and serving dishes of stuffing, salad, potatoes and roasted vegetables ran the length of the table, with bottles of wine interspersed at regular intervals.  The fine china was set out, the silverware glinting in the atmospheric light.  And the smells!  Suddenly, Oliver was very aware that they hadn’t had much to eat all day and he couldn’t wait to dive right in. 

Felicity took the seat to his right and he immediately reached underneath the tablecloth to squeeze her knee.  She smiled but gave him a quelling look.  The message was clear: hands off till later, buddy.  

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