it would be for her

Me: hey mom i want to bring my mini travel size watercolor set that weighs less than a wallet or phone and is like 4 inches long to europe so that if theres a break or something i can paint the architecture and stuff :)

My mom: *nearly has a conniption out of rage*

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To that DP anon, please get your facts straight. Danielle NEVER AUDITIONED for the Flash. The role of C. Snow was given to her by Andrew K. Same as Shantel, she didn't audition too. AJK lied at first about Shantel but the truth came out eventually.Never believe anything coming from DP's annoying fandom lol

Fandom 👏 Stop 👏 Erasing 👏 Selina 👏 Kyle 👏 From 👏 Helena 👏 Wayne’s 👏 Narrative 👏


who!!! should!! i!!! idolize!!!!

Wait, so…

There was that post going around last week theorising that Nicole is a werewolf or something, and I know it was crack, but:

This week, in 2x03, when Nedley was talking to Nicole about the importance of looking after Purgatory’s human residents, he described them at one point as “non-werewolf”. Now, who knows? Maybe he’s just picking supernatural entities out of thin air. There was that thing with the skinwalker - a shapeshifter who sometimes showed up as a wolf - but that was a bit removed from Purgatory, not something Nedley would have reason to know about, and not actually a werewolf.

Purgatory has revenants, tentacle monsters, other monsters, and now apparently wish-granting devil spirits. It has witches black and white, demons, immortals, giant spiders, and whatever the hell Dolls is. But Purgatory does not, so far, have werewolves.

So. Was Nedley referring to anything - or anyone - in particular?


I dreamt that I was at my old elementary school. And we were eating lunch outside, me and Caroline, who was my girlfriend in fourth grade and then you were walking past and I was like “Wow, damn”! And then I walked up to you and I was like “Hey, do you wanna date me?” in front of Caroline.


But we’re a million worlds apart..