it would be different if it was another show

It amazes me how ‘Bones’ changed from what it was originally supposed to be purely thanks to the casting. It’s like the stars aligned and the universe gave Hart/Bones the perfect cast.

Like Booth was supposed to be only in 2/3 of the show, different law enforcement officers would work with Brennan in the rest of the episodes. But thanks to the immediate incredible chemistry between David and Emily, they asked David to be on the show full time. And HE AGREED. 

And Hart and David always say their first meeting didn’t go well because David didn’t like the fact that they didn’t even have the leading lady (actress to play Brennan) when they talked to him. And now we know Barry Josephson got them another meeting. And he also found Emily, who was the only actress to audition who had it all: she was funny, smart and beautiful. Which is what they wanted. And let’s be honest, she is the perfect Brennan.

Hodgins was originally supposed to be completely different. Kinda looking like a bug, wearing glasses and flip-flops, would be over 45 years old in the pilot… instead we got TJ Thyne. And thanks to Michaela and TJ and their chemistry we got Hodgela, because getting Hodgins and Angela together was not something Hart intented to do.

Cam was supposed to die after few episodes in S2 but they/people liked her so much- which was thanks to Tamara obviously - the writers decided to let her live. And what a good decision that was. 

And I’m gonna digress a bit here, but thanks to the fact that Hart and co. would always listen to the cast and let them have input (which isn’t that common), so many things got better because of them; like Booth and Brennan’s vows that they helped write so much; David and Emily also ad-lib a lot and make everything better because of it. “Sometimes you just have to say “cut” to get them to stop talking.” And we know others improvise as well (“Now you made Dr. B. disappear”). I would also like to remind everyone that David and Emily worked on weekends together with an acting coach for six years because they’re that dedicated. And TJ helped make Hodgins’ paralysis as realistic as possible by wanting to do more and more, though luckily they knew where to stop because it hurt.  And I could just go on and on and on…

All I’m saying is I love the Bones cast, they are absolutely the best group of people that ever got to work together, they formed a wonderful team and became a family, and there’s never ever going to be another cast like them, and I just want to thank them so much because they helped make the show be as wonderful as it has been. Without them we wouldn’t have the Bones we love, it would be an entirely different show. But the Bones they helped create is the best show I could ever ask for. ♡♡

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Hey I've seen a lot of discourse about this and I'm genuinely curious for an asexual person's opinion: do you think asexual people don't belong in the LGBT community because they don't experience the same sex attraction or gender dysphoria that would open them up to homophobia and transphobia? Really just want to hear another side of the discussion. Thanks!

Well, just know that I am not the most informed person on these issues.  I am definitely not aware of all the different hardships that various people in the LGBT+ community face.  

Here is what personal experience as shown me:

I went to my company’s LGBT christmas party a few weeks ago(super nervous btw).  I was talking to the few girls that were there and when one who was a lesbian asked me about dating I clarified that I was asexual.  She had no reaction that showed she thought I didn’t belong there.  Instead she brought up how her daughter had considered if she was asexual and we continued talking as normally as before.  

Farther back, at a tech conference I went to a Lesbians Who Tech panel.  At the very end I went of to the founder of Lesbians Who Tech and asked her if there was a point where asexuals might be overstepping their bounds by coming to these events.  She said absolutely not.

In college, the LGBT+ group had a webpage and pdf that gave definitions about all the different orientations.  Asexual and Aromantic were both included as if it was natural.

Here is what I think:

Every letter in the everchanging acronym(LGBT, LGBTQA, LGBTQIA, LGBTQIAP, etc.) involves a different set of experiences, struggles, and issues.  Some are obviously much more dire than others.  I read about a trans person who walked down the street after midnight in fear, because of the cases where men have done terrible things to them because they felt ‘deceived’ about their gender after hitting on them.  Clearly I will never fully understand or have that same fear.

The issues faced are different, but just because an issue is not as bad it does not make it unimportant or nonexistent.  It does not mean we shouldn’t work on fixing it along with the others.

LGBT+ seems to be a community where those who do not fall under the sexuality or gender norm can go to be surrounded by others like that.  Others who unquestionably see you as valid when you say you don’t feel how you are ‘expected’ to.  This community can then be used to meet people, become more educated, raise awareness, and take action to solve issues.  A trans person and a gay person face different issues, but together they have more power and influence for solving both their issues.

Asexuals and aromantics are definitely not straight(half the jokes on this blog are about how we don’t feel the same things that straight people feel).  As long as they are respectful of other’s issues, and understand that they have different issues than those faced by others, I believe it makes logical sense for them to be included.  The inclusion will also allow more conversations to form over sexuality and identity, hopefully furthering human’s understanding of it.

That turned out long, sorry.  I just kind of said what came to me.  Honestly I could right 5 more pages with my thoughts but I’m sure I’ve put you to sleep already ;)

[trans] Key’s interview with Ceci (Dec. 2016)

※ Please do not re-translate into another language

“To wear being yourself”, what does this mean to Key?
K: Fashion is my competitiveness when I look at it in a professional point of view.

Would that mean fashion might have had a different meaning if you weren’t a singer?
K: Yes, that’s correct. If I were not a singer, I would be wearing in a different style than now. In other words, fashion is my medium to stay competitive among other colleagues or celebrities. I tend to think deeply and worry about the image that I show through my fashion. If I think I would be less competitive when I wear a certain style, I will never wear that look. I would rather pick a style that will stand out. For me, it’s a fun thing when people’s eyes all turn to me due to my fashion.

Are you the type that tends to stick to your fashion? Or do you listen to others’ words well?
K: I think fashion is controlled heavily by the environment. That is, just like how there is a suitable attire depending on the job, there is definitely a style that brings favourable reviews even though there is no correct answer. Especially as I have a career that interacts with the public, it’s natural to maintain that favourableness.

You recently did a collaboration with the brand ‘Charms’ that is led by designer Yohan Kang.
K: I tried various attempts when I first directed the outfits for SHINee. If we needed 6 or 7 set of outfits, I tried designing each look all differently and also personally purchased clothes that I like in order to realize the unique image of SHINee. I have also tried the method of making clothes by drawing an illustration of the design I wanted. After going through this process, I kept in mind to cooperate with designers that are on the same wavelength. But it’s not an easy thing to meet a person with the same sensibility and preference and the designer I met along the way was Charms’ Yohan Kang.

On which part did you two feel compatible with each other?
K: Whenever I spoke an opinion, he always spoke similarly to what I thought. And most importantly, I thought he was a partner that can create a synergy by working together with SHINee. It’s a work that we literally work together so it’s more worthy when we each demonstrate a synergy.

It wouldn’t be possible to insist only your own style when working together. How do you resolve in this kind of circumstances?
K: You shouldn’t ignore the role that the other person plays when all kinds of fields and arts are bound together. We interact freely on the things we want to request additionally based on the respect of each other’s preference. Perhaps that is the way to lead a successful collaboration? I think Yohan Kang of Charms was being considerate of others based on this.

SHINee, including Key, is a representative of idols of the Korean Wave that leads the K-pop craze. Do you usually feel a sense of responsibility on the culture of the Korean Wave?
K: Various newly-coined terms that refer to ‘K’ like Korean food, beauty, fashion, etc. were born. This makes me realize clearly about the Korean Wave that has been rapidly growing recently. Thankfully, as someone with a career of a singer, I have a stage to use as equipment and many types of equipment, not only music and performance but fashion, stage management, images exist all over on stage too. I cannot say that I endeavor for Seoul fashion on every stage but I always hope that our music and Seoul fashion grow together.

I felt this throughout the shooting and also during the interview too. I think the designer that work together should really thank Key. Honestly, I have never seen anyone who loves Seoul fashion and gets involved in a concrete way as this much. (He has actually engaged in the shooting thinking what kind of pose would express the clothing well or help its sales).
K: No. It’s not only me that works hard and there are definitely parts done by the designer that work hard for us. That is why I think this is something created together.

You have a lot of opportunities to encounter foreign brands too. What’s the biggest difference with the Korean designer brand?
K: It is true that fashion in Milan, Paris, New York, etc. has a much more progressive/liberal tendency than in Korea. However, there is definitely an individuality of only Korean designers too. If I think of it, it wasn’t a common thing for many people including me to purchase clothes by individual designers. But now, including the young generation and even the people in the fashion industry, they wonder who the hottest Korean designer is right now or when they find clothes they like, the first thing they are curious about is which designer label it is from. Just like how it is proven by this phenomenon, the Korean fashion is growing very rapidly currently. Isn’t it fun how people are interested in the airport fashion and the daily fashion of stars? It is only natural that overseas countries are highly interested in Seoul fashion because we have achieved such a rapid growth. When they realize Seoul fashion is actually created by outstanding skills and creative ideas after encountering it just out of curiosity, it is only natural that more opportunities are given to the Korean designers. This is why my team (SHINee) prefers to work together with the Korean designers.

If you were to be given an opportunity to do something else that is related not only to music and acting but also fashion too, what would you like to try doing? If you could imagine regardless of its likelihood.
K: Um. Well, I’m not dreaming something very big. I am fully satisfied by showing good music on a good stage as a singer and also showing sincere acting as an actor. I just hope the collaboration I’m doing now becomes more active so that everyone, not only me, can be together in this process more easily.

Key feels like someone who enjoys fashion. You look like you’re just enjoying it having fun, not wishing for some kind of reward.
K: Ah, do I look that way? (laughs) The reason why I like fashion is… it’s straight forward. It’s the most stylish way in the world to show my current mood and my own identity. (laughs) And also, fashion is the most important thing to me after music.


MD: “We have a similar process,” says Davenport of her and Cotrona’s approach to their roles. “D.J. and I are not Method actors so we kind of just played it as ourselves, but thought about what our characters had gone through and how that would influence our feelings toward one another. [Seth and Kate] kind of hate each other and love each other at the same time; D.J. and I have the same thing. Sometimes I tell him I’m going to murder him in his sleep, and he says the same to me!”

DJ: Madison [Davenport], in my opinion, is the most talented actor on the show. She’s a beast; she’s so good and effortless, so I have a lot of fun and learn a lot from working with her. We both enjoy the fact that we have such different characters.

Feel You (M)

Long but Amusing List of Warnings:

Asshole Jungkook, Jealousy, Angst if you squint, Eventual lovemaking, Slight Good Boy Jungkook, Muscle Pig makes an appearance, for those who want an emotional fap, Slight Dom Reader, Jeongguk likes that ass, in which Jeongguk really sucks at romance, but is good at fucking, etc etc

Word Count: 5.9k+


Jungkook could love you, if he would only let you show him what love really was.  


“Can I have a smut jungkook when he is very arrogant and he thinks he have any girl but you decide to show him if the another girl had sex with him you want to do something differently like make love with him?”


Here you go, babe. Enjoy. Title is based off of a song by Blackbear, it’s a 10/10 recommended listen.

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anyway full offence but the fact that the Riverdale tv show has decided not to make Jughead asexual like he canonly is in the comics is so fucking ugly and y’all won’t ever convince me otherwise like let me just  explain it to y’all

  1. as I stated: he is canonly ace in the comics!!! openly ace!! a confirmed ace!!! so they’re basically erasing a characters canon sexuality. And before y’all @ me with the whole “the comic and tv show are 2 different things!!!!” remember I don’t give a flying fuck. If this was another sexuality people wouldn’t be saying that. i don’t give a fuck that the comic and the show aren’t gonna be identical ofc they’re not but honestly changing something like this is so dumb and ugly and there’s no point to it if u deny that then ur also  annoying as Fuck
  2. referring to the point above: changing his sexuality is so fucking pointless like,, boy wtf would making him ace do in relation to the plot?? he can still have a relationship or romance if they Need him too?? hell asexual can still have sex  if they desperately thought lmao jughead needs a sex scene they could have still made him ace and have sex??? all they needed to do was maybe have him mention the word and explain what it means for people to be happy. it would take what… 5 minutes of screen time?? and would change the plot in no way at all?? so What The Fuck was the point in not adding what the hell has erasing his asexuality done other then Piss people off
  4. they have no Reason for doing it. there’s no explanation as to why they did it. like don’t we at least deserve that.
  5. the actor of the character was prepared to play an ace character. seemed happy to do so.  like… they can’t even use him not wanting to play him that way as an excuse.
  6. also bonus point the way all the articles are saying “lmao jughead ain’t ace he’ll have romance in the show!!” is so ugly bc it shows people still don’t get the difference between asexual and aromantic and the show had such a good platform to show what asexuality actually is and had a chance to show the difference between aro and ace to people But! They! Wasted! It!

anyway in conclusion the cw riverdale is Cancelled to me after this and y’all can call me petty all u want but if this happened to a character of ur sexuality half of y’all would act in the exact same way so don’t even try with me goodbye

EDIT: anyway I’ve been informed that he the character is aro ace so I’d like to also mention how it’s ugly that they’re ignoring both parts of his orientation and would also like to apologize for my unawareness on this fact as it’s resulted in some ignorant and incorrect information in this post. I’d like to apologize to anyone who may have been upset or angry by this post and thought I was ignoring the fact he was also aro, I was simply not aware of this as I haven’t read the comics and was only gather facts from what I know from tumblr and twitter. I’d never intentionally ignore or erase a character’s sexuality or romantic orientation and I’d hate to think people assumed that’s what I was aiming to do in this post. My last point still stands in some ways as the articles keep saying the fact he’s getting romance means he’s no longer ACE when in reality it means he’s no longer aromantic and it still shows how people can’t understand the difference. Yet the article is still relevant as the fact he is going have romance is a valid point and is still ugly towards his character considering he is also aromantic and me completely dismising that point and saying it was wrong without full knowledge was rude and disrespectful. Also my point in relationships could still be valid as I know some aros do still get in relationships but I’ve crossed it so it’s still included in the post bit isn’t something that’s erasing he’s aro. Again sorry for any upset this may have caused, I hope this apology sort of thing makes sense and thank you to the people who helped me become aware of the mistake I had made.

Champagne Kisses

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A Chris Evans one shot

Warning: None i dont think

Summary: From those hurt/comfort prompts: “I could just use a hug” Chris Evans and a friend who becomes more?

Tags: @always-an-evans-addict @emilyevanston @ariallane @alievans007 @theycallmebecca @myluvislikewow @heather-lynn @misshyen @toc1985 @evansscruff @thelookingglassalice @avenger-nerd-mom  @musicalninja @jennymagicalheart @soulful-ofevans @chrisevans-imagines @daisykane535 @raveviolet @writingcreatingstorytelling @lillianfromaccounting

You ever feel like you’re just never good enough for this world? When you finally think something goes your way and it seems like the universe just doesn’t want you happy? That’s how you would describe this very moment. 

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Dating Newt Scamander

A/n: cuz this blog is a multifandom blog i hope you don’t mind me adding the Fantastic beast fandom here :3 hope you like it .

Dating Newt Scamander would include :

-forehead kisses

-nose kisses

-hugs from behind, you both did it to one another

-helping him with the creatures

-lazy mornings in bed

-him showing you completely different world that you were used to

-tea hours when you two would enjoy a cup or two of tea blends that you two never tried before

-him absolutely adoring your small hight

-slightly teasing you about it

-him calling you : love , darling and button

-you calling him : sweetheart, my love , cinnamon roll

-helping him catch Niffler

-you drawing him when he falls asleep behind his desk working on his book and teasing about it the next morning

-learning about Hogwarst

-stealing his hufflepuff scarf

-wearing his coat around the apartment

-him secretly enjoying it

-hugs , lots and lots of hugs

-helping him keep mostly out if trouble

-calling your self mommy to the beasts as soon as they start taking a liking to you

-Newt blushing each time you call yourself “Mommy” and him “daddy” to the beasts

-loving each other with all your heart

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This is not a thank you.

We know! We know in the deepest and the darkest crevices that we fill with denial that would never suffice.

To the mother

What do I say for granting me life?
What words can be uttered for receiving the love that runs through me – begging to be offered to another – making sure it spreads its wings from one soul to another?

To the lover

It was not always the lesson I understood – not in that moment
A lesson that needed to be learnt
What do I say for breaking my heart and showing me love forms and spreads differently?

To the friend

The conversations still echo in my ears – call it advice, but it was mostly me talking
And the silences filled with smoke from cheap cigarettes
3 a.m. conversations when nothing needed to be said, except that we were going to be okay

To the woman in my bed

Even if it was for a night – I will remember the kindness
Call it flesh on flesh, or simply fucking – it doesn’t matter. In the dark space we shared, the colour of my skin, the sound of my voice, my name, and where I was from didn’t matter. If that isn’t tolerance, then what is?

This is not a thank you.

My words are a recognition that I know everything you have done for me – coming into my life in different forms – a mother, a sister, a friend, a lover, a guardian, a soul mate, and just a passer-by.

I cannot thank you for one thing or put you in a box of labels.

What I will say is that I know, even if many do not recognise – I still know to never put you in a box of labels. You are and have never been one thing or another. Your dimensions, I do not recognise. Your strength, I do not possess.

But, I love you in all your different forms.

—  Navin E.(to all the women in my life - this isn’t a thank you, for that would never be enough. This is acknowledgement that I love you in all your different forms, for everything I have been taught and everything I am yet to learn).
Internalized biphobia for the lose

In a recent interview, Amber Rose said she’d never date a bisexual man, despite being bisexual herself.  While obviously it’s her right to choose who she wants to date, I’m really tired of this sort of double standard where bisexual men are concerned.  If a bisexual male character shows up in a book, movie, or TV show, you know it’s just a matter of time (and usually a very short time) before they start up with the cracks about how he’s not bi and he needs to just admit that he’s gay.  A female bisexual character won’t be treated the same way (they still come in for a hearty helping of biphobia and bisexual erasure, but it manifest differently).

On further questioning, Rose admitted that this blanket ban on bisexual men was because she was afraid he would cheat on her with another man.  So apparently instead of the “all bi men are really gay” stereotype, she’d rather go with the “bisexuals are greedy and untrustworthy” stereotype.  Way to stay classy, Amber Rose.  It’s bad enough that bisexual people have to put up with this kind of biphobia and bi erasure from both straight and gay people, but now you’ve demonstrated that they have to put up with it from each other.

To all the bisexual people out there:  I believe you.  I believe you are who you say you are and that you like what you say you like.  I believe that you’re just as trustworthy as any other group of people - and sometimes more so because you know that people are going to be watching you extra carefully and ready to pounce on the slightest hint of infidelity.  I’m not dating right now, but if I was, I’d have no problem with dating a bisexual person.

The Meta of Pitch Perfect: the Shower Scene

LOOK WHAT I FOUND. READ THIS. ITS ‘Wordpress" talking about the bechloe shower scene, written by corikane

That infamous shower scene. A discussion of the movie would not be complete without at least mentioning it. Its function within the movie is obvious and yet, as a mere plot device, the movie could have done without it. The scene is unconventional on different levels and the fact that it has made it into the script (and ultimately into the movie) is probably due to one deciding factor: it is a parody/reference to another (popular) text – Glee.

You don’t have to look far to see Pitch Perfect’s symbiosis with Glee, the whole concept of the movie seems to build on the show’s popularity with criticism and mockery thrown in for good measure. The shower scene is put in as a reference to what I coined ‘locker room gaiety.’ There are several instances on the show where recruitment is preceded by a shower scene – Will Shuester (Matthew Morrison) hears Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith) sing in the shower and although he refrains from entering the shower stall, he recruits Finn on the grounds of having heard him sing in the shower. This scene is paralleled by one where Finn hears Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) sing in the shower and recruits him later.

Pitch Perfect takes this up but follows through, if you want. Chloe (Brittany Snow) barges into Beca’s (Anna Kendrick) shower and makes her audition for the Bellas. But this is just the part of the plot that could have been established differently. The important part is the popcultural reference to Glee, the laugh it elicits among those who love or hate the show.

But the scene has another meaning, another purpose – one that may have been underestimated by the makers of the movie. The lesbian innuendo. While the scene is meant as a comedic nod toward another text, it quite effectively unleashes ‘the gay.’ And it doesn’t matter that gray sweater guy/Tom (Cameron Stewart) is put into the scene as a heteronormative convention, a buffer to contain the homoerotic tension between Beca and Chloe – the mere fact of two women, naked in a shower stall, singing to each other while looking deeply into each other’s eyes… it’s too gay to not function.

And the scene works on this premise, and it works for several reasons: one is that it is a scene between two women. Considering the plot of the movie, it, of course, had to be two women. The premise of the plot works with two same-sex a cappella singing groups and the focus is on the Bellas and Beca Mitchell as unrivaled lead. But even if the premise was another, it would not have worked with another pairing. A man walking into the shower of another man? Unthinkable (Hollywood is too sensitive toward its male audience; just ask the makers of Glee why they never actually did it). A man walking in on a woman showering? Sexual harrassment! A woman walking in on a man showering… well, that could work in a society which does not constantly perpetuate the male as the dominant and the female as the passive part of a heterosexual relationship. The dominant female in Hollywood is a man-eater, not a likable lead character in a mainstream Hollywood production.

Another reason the scene works is Chloe’s character – someone who is insensitive to personal boundaries. She is the one person who the audience can ‘forgive’ this indiscretion, and also the one Beca would forgive. There is an underlying reasoning of ‘she doesn’t know better.’ Of course, this is also meant to disable the homoeroticism of the scene, same as Tom. These obvious devices, however, do not work; and one can easily argue that they are not supposed to work either. Neither Chloe or Beca are ultimately labeled as straight. Sure, there are Tom and Jesse (Skylar Astin) who act as love interests but the great thing about Pitch Perfect is that it does not focus on these heterosexual love stories; it focuses on the Bellas as a diverse group of strong women who come together as friends, allys and – in possibility, at least – lovers.

The shower scene conveys this possibility. And it is not the only scene which hints at it, either. This could easily be interpreted as ‘queer baiting’ but for the fact that there is a nonchalance about these scenes, they are not drawn out, there are no flashy neon signs pointing them out to the audience. They are altogether too subtle, too unselfconcious, more endearing than sexy. They live from the one thing that is so rare, so special and at the same time inexplicable: chemistry. The chemistry between two characters that more often than not equals the chemistry between the actors portraying these characters. Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow alias Beca Mitchell and Chloe Beale have it. And that’s the ultimate reason the shower scene works.

you-dropped-your-forgiveness: I agree with the OP of certain points.  The show really did alienate the fans the movies and books.  Saying otherwise is a lie. I get why that happened of course. No SoTL rights will do that.  I have to wonder how different the show would be if they had been all clear for all rights.

You know, though, as a book and movie fan, I take exception to the idea that it’s a foregone conclusion that the show alienated fans of the books and movies. I think that’s another one of those things that has been repeated on Tumblr so many times that people think it’s true. I mean, surely some fans were alienated by it–there always are–but just as surely, some fans, such as @existingcharactersdiehorribly and myself, who have been book and film fans for literally decades, were actually drawn back into the franchise because of the show, after being alienated by the cash grabs that were Hannibal Rising and to some extent Red Dragon (speaking for myself there). I know it seems impossible for the Tumblr hive-mind to believe, but there are people out there who have been people who have been fans of Will Graham longer than others have been fans of Hannibal Lecter, and longer than Clarice Starling has even existed.

What I’ve seen in the Tumblr discourse has repeatedly assumed that fans of the books/films = fans of SOTL and Hannibal (and perhaps Hannibal Rising), and furthermore that fans of the books/films are also Clannibal shippers. Those are the people who voice their opinions around here and, it’s become shorthand to differentiate between the groups of “TV show fans” and “book/film fans” because it’s a little less ship-war-ish (which is a no-no) than Clanniballers and Hannigrammers. 

But that does not fairly represent book and film fans. There are film and book fans who ship Hannigram. There are film and book fans who don’t, but still love the show. There are film and book fans I get every year in my Horror and Suspense class (not a lot, but a few), and they don’t have that notion that the TV show is heresy. Most of them like it. Most of my students like it in general, even though we watch SOTL first, or they’ve all the films already.

This notion that the TV show didn’t honor the original works in the opinion of the book and film fans is a few people claiming to speak for a whole, when they just don’t

And if I really had to go back to what are the majority of book and film fans really doing–well, the majority I’ve seen never gave the show a chance at all. Because Anthony Hopkins is their Hannibal Lecter, and that’s the end of the story for them. 

So yeah, those fans were alienated. But there was precious little the show could do to alleviate that. And we’d all be pretty naive to think that we aren’t largely hiding a ship war between the lines when we talk about book and film fans being alienated from the TV show, when it comes to the conversation on Tumblr. 

Tyrian is not a normal faunus

There’s too many inconsistencies surrounding Tyrian just to label him as a normal faunus. I mean, in V4 EP1, he didn’t have a tail at all.

(curse you all for making me stare at Tyrian’s ass)

There’s a couple possible theories.

Tyrian could be a human, but his Semblance allows him to steal body parts from other people. We would have to see this in action for it to be confirmed.

Another theory is that Tyrian is a different breed of faunus. One that has multiple traits. Perhaps he can hide different traits while he’s not using them. If Tyrian shows up with a different faunus trait, such as bat wings or talons or fangs, then it could only be one thing.


Mythical faunus could open up a world of possibilities. Dragons, basilisks, chimeras. It would also make Tyrian even more dangerous than we thought possible. He could be hiding even more dangerous abilities within his sleeve.


Oh shit, Tyrian’s eyes turned purple. What’s the fucking deal with characters and their eyes changing colors?

Is2g all you Muslims who are like “DONT SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS DONT BE PART OF THE KUFFAR” don’t have any??? bit??? of respect??? for other religions???? Like Allah literally told us to respect Christianity and Judaism because their holy books have the word of God in them and like in general why do you guys like to slander Christmas and Christians and Jewish people’s Hanukkah as “made up holidays that should never be celebrated” like do you guys not realize how disgusting you sound? Do you guys literally not see the type of message you give to people of other faiths? If another faith talked about Eid or Ramadan the way we talk about Christmas we would be all up in their face telling them to respect other religions so???? Like Christmas comes around suddenly we forget how to respect different people? Not just Christianity and Judaism but ALL faiths. Actually it tells a lot about a person, it shows you never had respect for the religion/culture in the first place. Pretty sure Allah has more mercy and kindness and understanding than any of us put together, for the whole of humanity.

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the boys reacting to you kissing them out of nowhere.

Ian: you lean back looking into his eyes only to see him showing all his teeth and breathing heavily. “edubs did noat geev consent” he says as he crawls into your broom closet

Joji: Joji immediately condenses into his celestial orb form. His powers are too strong right now - if he were to reciprocate any emotion, you would likely be vaporized and launched into another dimension due to the sheer, pure form his angelic emotions were in. He often shows only a sliver of his true form, and even then he comes off as overly emotional. He exists on a different plane and therefore his true range and potency of emotions is incomprehensible. Despite this, he harvests the love birthed from your kiss and distributes it to every human on the planet. All they needed was a little compassion. Every act of hate is not reversed, but another one does not occur. Instead, they look back on their old ways and learn instead of sulk. They forgive themselves. No animal roams the street hungry. No family cannot afford to cloth their child. Every school has the budget they need. The earth is at peace. Joji closes his eyes. A white mist forms around him and he condenses back into his human form, the form you have come to know and love. He gives you a squinty smile and kisses your forehead, “everything is okay.” He whispers. A single tear rolls down his face. The clouds part to reveal a rainbow and yet it is still lightly raining on the two of you.


Jake Virtanen #2

Requested by Anon:  Love your stories! Sorry if it’s a long prompt but… Can you please write a JV one where he always had a lil crush on you since meeting you in Calgary during jr. days. But Jake’s hockey career takes off and you go off to uni in another city. You guys would always try to find ways to visit each other over the years. Eventually Jake shows up at grad to confess and convince you to move to Van. Thanks 😘

*Hiiii!! Don’t worry about the long prompt. :) Anyway, this is a two-parter because of the length so I hope you enjoy this one and actually want to read the next one. Haha Thank you soooo much!!*

Part 2 this way. :)

Word count: 972

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The first time you met Jake Virtanen, he was a scrawny sixteen year old kid from a different city and you were just a girl whose number one problem was what you were going to wear to school the next day. Every time someone mentions him now, a hundred years later, you still smile at the memory of him face planting on the ice, trying to show off his hockey skills. God, that was such a long time ago. Who knew that kid would grow up to play for the Vancouver Canucks? He must be floating in cloud nine.

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Bookmas Series: 18th December 2016
A review by my grandmother Helen Moore.

Life after Life - kate Atkinson

Rating: 9/10

This book covers life from 1910 - 1967 which encompasses living during both World wars. It is an extremely unusual book and is an ingenious idea for a novel that I really enjoyed it once I understood the story line and is about the possibility of being able to live your life more than once.

The novel is about a girl and her family during 1910-1967 and shows the families lives as they continue through the book. However, the girl Ursula dies and relives her life more than once and in many different ways; some lives are happier and more successful than others. Her various deaths are varied and sometimes unexpected and the narrative jumps from one life to another as you progress through the book.

It is a very clever but complex story that I would recommend it to anyone who likes something a bit quirky and different!

NCT Reaction to: Dating An Older Man

exo version; here

Taeil: sometimes feels insecure about the age difference, wondering if he’s too juvenile for you or too inexperienced. but as long as you show him that he’s your everything, that disappears and he feels secure with you, showing you his love in little ways like with flowers or phone calls when he’s away

Taeyong: his past still haunts him so he’s careful not to reveal your age, knowing that the age gap alongside you being a man would only cause another scandal. but apart from that, it’s just your normal relationship really

Yuta: king of dinosaur jokes and pointing at every old granddad in a movie like “look, there’s you.”

Doyoung: discreet about the age gap but not out of shame or anything. he gets enough hate already (visual hole of nct my ass >:( screw whoever thinks that) so being teased for a “daddy kink” or the age gap is too much for him, he’s a very sensitive guy

Ten: likes to show off his dance moves to impress you. he feels so smug about being younger yet already accomplishing so much in his career; “ah, I can see why you fell for me” *hair flip*

Jaehyun: “no matter the age or gender, I’m attractive to everyone,” he likes to brag. but deep down, loves that he can go to you for advice and looks up to you. but that won’t stop him from teasing you a lot

Winwin: knows how to charm his hyungs & you’re no exception. if anything, you’re even weaker for him than taeyong. but repays your affection with an equal amount of love, always remembering to text you when he’s away or saving up for weeks to buy you something really great for your bday

for the babies I’m gonna say that you’re a lil bit older but not a “man,” bc no :^)

Mark: imo he’s rather mature for his age & wouldn’t appreciate being treated like a child (I mean, have u seen how awkward his aegyo is? or just him in the “nct dream” concept in general?) so having someone a bit older around makes him feel that bit closer to being a “grown up”

Renjun: doesn’t want you to see him as a kid so tries to show off his talent or show you around sm then introduce you to anyone he knows. he’s trying to show how he’s not a child, that he can perform alongside all these great artists too

Jeno: the slight age gap means you’re a year ahead of him in school so he often goes to you for help with homework: “you did this last year, right? what’s the answer … please :)”

Haechan: bribes and blackmails you into buying him sweets; “yah, I’ll tell the press that I’m being forced to date such an older guy if you don’t!” but you’re only a few weeks older so wth don’t be so dramatic. loves being cared for though & appreciates all your attention and love

Jaemin: looks out for you, esp. if you’re sick, and doesn’t really think about the slight age gap. it’s not a big deal in his mind

Chenle: teases you that you may be older in age but when it comes to experience in the industry, he’s your sunbae >:) reminds you of this often

Jisung: doesn’t see it as a big deal, you’re only a little older, so what? still plays games with you or fools around, like his would with his other hyungs. except his skinship with you makes his heart race & palms sweaty aww bless

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PSA to anyone taking photos at conventions

Mostly directed at people taking photos of cosplayers, but still applies to all.

- If a cosplayer is posing for another photographer, ask both the cosplayer and photographer if you can take a photo before doing so. Sniping is rude to everyone involved.

- In general, do not take photos of anyone without asking them first. If you ask them, they will pose (or say no). They almost definitely do not want that photo of them on the phone/talking to friends/eating a sandwich to exist anywhere. In any other situation it would be considered rude to take photos of strangers without consent, why are conventions any different??

- If you absolutely must take candids, show the subject of the photo afterwards. Ask them if they’re cool with it. If they ask you to delete it, do so. 

- It really shouldn’t need to be said, but don’t stand on a balcony/under the stairs and take perv shots. Just. No. Stop.

- As a general rule, if you wouldn’t feel comfortable showing the subject of the picture the photo you just took, do not take the photo

Just be polite and respectful, people. It’s really not that hard, and cosplayers are there to enjoy the convention the same as you are. We aren’t there for your entertainment.