it would be cool ok

What I want to do: tell people I’m asexual so it’s out of the way and they can stop assuming I’m allosexual

What I don’t want to do: give a 5 minute explanation of what asexuality is followed by a 10 minute debate on whether or not it’s actually a real thing followed by yet another another 10 minutes of uncomfortable questions as they continue to try and disprove my sexuality to me 

ok but imagine all ur favorite movies with nothing but women. fight club? all girl secret fighting circle. shrek? two tough ogre chicks in love. brokeback mountain? two friendly cowgirls herd sheep together in love. grease? two girls from rival gangs meet at the beach and sing songs together. mission impossible? ive never seen it but nothing is impossible for girls.

  • Maggie: You love Kara huh?
  • Alex: Of course I love her, I would do anything for my sister
  • Maggie: Cool, ok
  • -------
  • Maggie: Kara, can you convince Alex to get me a tortoise?
  • --------
  • Kara: Hey, can you do something for me?
  • Alex: Anything
  • Kara: Tortoise?
  • --------
  • Maggie: :) <3
  • Alex: I can't believe you used my own sister against me

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Do your forms have different personalities? If so, what are they like? Does this include combined?

Is this good enough for you

is what they call you;

is what you are;

—  they should concede to call you Ares | s.m.

My humble contribution to Levi’s birthday. Work is a bitch, folks. But whatever, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HUMANITY’S HOTTEST…ERR, I MEANT STRONGEST, OBVIOUSLY! I hope all of you are celebrating the special day of this precious dwarf (i seriously tried not making him look like a kid, but Mike is a freaking giant, it’s his fault, not mine), ‘cause to hell with Christmas. 

petition to put all of the characters that are jewish or played by jewish actors in Hanukkah sweaters because as a Jew I feel very underrepresented, so artists of tumblr people please do this please and thank you :)

Riley: [ in a crowd and can’t find Will ] ‘this calls for drastic measures’

Riley: [ cups her hands like a megaphone ] “RILEY BLUE SUCKS”

Will: [ flips over a hot dog stand and rolls out from under a baby stroller ] “whaT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY”

Capheus: [ almost hits a tree with the Van Damn ] “haha I’m sure I just didn’t hear you right but WHAT THE HELL”

Sun:  [ trips over her dog’s leash ] “excUSE me”

Nomi: [ knocks her coffee over onto her laptop ] “i’m sorry did I just hear you INSULT the cinnamon roll?????”

Lito: [ bursts out of his trailer and looks around wildly ] “WHERE IS THIS FUCKING VILLAIN”

Kala: [ throws a vial across the room ] “SHOW YOUR FACE MONSTER”

Wolfgang: [ calmly pulls rocket propelled grenade launcher out of fridge ] “it’s murder time”

Riley: “… that worked a little too well”

I ACCEPT (1x07)

Because you are all to blame for this, I wanna draw more Raven now.

This is all your fault.

You are all bad influences. 

If you have any ideas for arts you wanna see of her, feel free to send em my way. I wanna get some ideas brewing before I start on anything.

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  • king garon: do this evil thing
  • fire emblem fates conquest protagonist: what?!?!? no!!!! that's evil and i refuse!!!
  • king garon: do it or i'll kill you and everyone you love
  • protag: never!! how dare y-
  • leo: holy shit protag shhhh sh shh. sorry, dad, they're just feeling weird right now, ignore them, we'll do the evil thing
  • protag: no we wo-mmmmphpphph
  • leo: ha ha ha see yes everything is fine
  • king garon: ok cool *leaves*
  • protag: why would you ever do the evil thing?!? you're evil!!!
  • leo: oh my god
  • leo: listen
  • leo: listen
  • leo: have you heard of
  • leo: "Lies"