it would be a glorious might

Y'all: Capitalism is evil, we live in a freemium society that might as well be pay-to-play, you aren’t special your money is, you bought your power instead of earning it, who do you th

Also y'all: I would pay Batman just to sniff one of his glorious superhero farts

“Here’s a side to the Christmas story that isn’t often told: Those soft little hands, fashioned by the Holy Spirit in Mary’s womb, were made so that nails might be driven through them. Those baby feet, pink and unable to walk, would one day walk up a dusty hill to be nailed to a cross. That sweet infant’s head with sparkling eyes and eager mouth was formed so that someday men might force a crown of thorns onto it. That tender body, warm and soft, wrapped in swaddling clothes, would one day be ripped open by a spear. Jesus was born to die…

It’s appropriate to commemorate the birth of Christ. But don’t make the mistake of leaving Him as a baby in a manger. Keep in mind that His birth was just the first step in God’s glorious plan of redemption. Remember that it’s the triumph of Christ’s sacrificial death that gives meaning to His humble birth. You can’t truly celebrate one without the other.”

John MacArthur

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I just watched Moana for the first time and honestly my life is changed??? It's now my favourite, tied with Princess and the Frog. I was hoping you might recommend blogs dedicated to her?

wasn’t it so gorgeous and amazing?? with wonderfully rounded characters, beautiful animation and a glorious soundtrack??

literally everyone involved in that movie (especially Auli'i Cravahlo):

i loved it and i’m glad you did too…here’s a few blogs that post content from the movie:

@oceanianetwork @moana-daily @moanasource @mohanas

it would also be worth tracking the #moanaedit tag as well for more original content as well :)

Daryl Dixon | Tattoos

Request: May I have a fic of the reader and Daryl Dixon where she has a bunch of tattoos and Daryl thinks it’s so sexy it turns him on (smut!!!)

Warnings: smut

He watched your every move – like he did most of the day. There was something about you that got his pulse raising. Not only his pulse.

Your arms were covered in tattoos. They all had a valuable meaning to you and you loved them more than anything. They were a reminder as to what your life was before the world went to shit.

Many people would turn away if they’d see you but he was intrigued by the many tattoos covering your glorious body. He was sure there were a lot more which he wasn’t able to see without taking off your clothes.

“She might catch you staring.” Rick said, as he leaned against the wall of the prison as he followed Daryl’s eyes that lead to you as you helped Maggie with something.

“Shut up,” Daryl grunted.

“You think we haven’t noticed?” Rick asked sending a smirk his way. “Make a move before someone else will, Daryl. I heard Tyreese has taken a liking towards her as well.”

Daryl’s head snapped up and saw that Tyreese was indeed staring at you as well. This made Daryl mad. He saw you first, and even though you were know ones property he couldn’t help but feel angry.

“Make you move, brother.” Rick grinned, as he smacked the redneck on the shoulder before going to Judith and Carl.

He glanced back to where you were standing and noticed you were gone. His eyebrows furrowed as he glanced around the prison courtyard and saw you going up the watch tower by yourself.

He made sure no one followed him as he went up the stairs himself to look for you.

“You found me.” You said with a slight grin in your voice. Daryl spun around and saw you leaning against the table. “I knew you’d follow me.”

“How so?” he grunted.

“You’ve been staring at me for weeks, Dixon.” You said. “I wonder why.”

“I want you.” he said bluntly and you raised your eyebrows. “You turn me on.”

You smirked and walked closer to him. You brushed your lips along his jaw and he shuddered at the contact. “I want you too.”

In a swift motion you were pushed against the wall and his lips clashed to yours. He grabbed your ass roughly and you squealed as you wrapped your legs around his waist.

A moan escaped your lips as he bit onto your neck. Your hands ran over his back and he lifted you up higher before walking over to the table that stood in the watch tower room.

He laid you down gently and kissed up your jaw. He played with the hem of your shirt before pulling it over your head and admiring your body. The colourful and black and white ink everywhere made him even more aroused and he almost grunted at the sight.

“Fucking beautiful.” he murmured.

You sat up on the table and took off his shirt – unbuttoning it slowly. His breath hitched in his throat as he reached behind you and took off your bra. Your breasts sprung free and he moaned before grabbing them in both his hands.

You worked his jeans as he attached his lips to your nipples. His long fingers pulled your jeans and panties down after you did the same with his clothing – leaving you both completely bare.

His lips trailed down the valley of your breast and down your stomach till he stopped in front of your dripping womanhood. He cupped your sex in his large hand and began sliding his fingers through your folds to feel your wetness.

“So wet already.” he grinned, bringing his face closer to your sensitive part and slowly licking up and down your folds. You moaned and threw your head back at the sensation.

His hand firmly gripped your thighs as he worked his magic on you. You ground your hips towards his face making him grunt in response. His fingers dug into your skin while he continued to suck on your clit.

You whimpered when he stopped and you lost the warm contact he gave you. His lips smashed against yours; tongues fighting with each other when suddenly he slammed into you making you cry out in both pain and pleasure.

You nails ran over his back as he kept thrusting into you with a fast and harsh pace. Moans and groans along with the sound of skin slapping against skin echoed throughout the tiny room. Waves of pleasure washed over you when he began to rub your clit as he leaned forward on the table.

“God, please…faster.” you moaned, your eyes closing at the sensational feeling.

“So tight, baby.” Daryl grunted, rubbing your clit harder which sent you over the edge and you came with a loud cry – he followed soon and bit onto your shoulder not to moan that loudly.

You both collapsed onto the table as he rested his head on your heaving chest.

“You’re the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on.”

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hi! can i ask why you stan for season three? i personally had a lot of issues with that season so i would love to hear you opinion :)

Oh, this is an exciting ask!

Before I explain why I stan S3, I need to point out that I realise the writers made a couple of horrendous mistakes. For me, personally, those mistakes did not overshadow what was a pretty damn glorious season in many respects. Of course, the season suited my interests and my tastes (other than those awful things) so what I loved, others might have loathed.


1. It is the best Bellarke season SO FAR AT LEAST. S1 Bellarke is wonderful and loaded with nostalgia. S2 Bellarke had some incredible moments but also a LOT of seperation. S3 Bellarke was OFF THE CHAIN. Yes, there wasn’t a ton in 3A but we got some brilliant stuff there AND THEN 3B.

2. While I agree that mistakes were made with both Clarke and Bellamy’s arcs in 3A, I stand by my opinion that the arcs themselves were perfectly in character and made sense given how S2 ended and how S3 began. At no point in 3A did I struggle to understand why Bellamy was doing what he was doing. Did I LIKE what he was doing? Of course not! But loving characters means accepting their full arc, which means weeping through the darker bits while you wait for the light again. Clarke’s situation was similar! I didn’t like the execution of it necessarily, but I could understand why Clarke was where she was and what she was doing there.

3. RAVEN’S WHOLE ENTIRE ARC. This one is definitely personal to me, but her arc in S3 was pretty damn transformative for me so yeah, there’s that.

4. My all time favourite scene from the show ever came from S3, and that’s the Bellarke fight in Hakeldama. And while I obviously ship them hardcore, I firmly believe that if we all listed scenes with no ship bias from best to worst, the Hakeldama fight would beat literally everything else.

5. It has possibly…probably…maybe my top three episodes from the show of all time? 3x15 FOR SURE, was just…a perfect episode. 3x11 too was pretty spectacular (who wrote that one again? oh, funny that). And 3x02, from a purely Bellarke perspective was a delight.

These are the core reasons off the top of my head, anon!

Coming from the Bellarke fandom, I think there was a lot of stress involved in 3A inspired by both the show itself AND by the ship war. It got really nasty. I think that too has influenced how we look back at S3, and how we read the show now too.

Again, there were obviously huge flaws. I guess I stan S3 because people tend to write it off entirely as bad and awful and OOC, which I just don’t think it was? Sure, there are episodes that I’d skip - but there are episodes that I’d skip in S2 as well so.

WIP Bitching

Since I am such a renowned and prolific fanfic writer, I thought you guys would enjoy seeing me slowly lose the last bit of court-mandated sanity I have left trying to rangle this chapter of Pulsion into something post-worthy.

See, I have oodles of the fic written *after* this part. It’s the ending section. I can see the distant light. I’ve almost actually completed a fic. It’s glorious, it’s wonderful, it’s held back by the fact that I put ‘figure this shit out later’ between where the last chapter ended to where that ending section.

So I did what every good writer does in a situation like that: I sank to my knees and cried for about twenty minutes over the futility of it all, weighed the pros and cons of giving up, considered the possibility of throwing it at someone else and bolting, and, finally, actually sat down to begin writing through it. After I made a rough, cuss-filled outline.

The thing about this section that is making me want to pull my brains out through my left nostril and put them in a blender, beside the fucking action sequences Jesus fuck, is the fact that *12* other characters show up. 12! Do you know how hard it is to introduce 12 characters and make it interesting?? Figuring out what the motivation is for each one and how they interact with the main characters? All while keeping it interesting?? It’s a fucking nightmare.

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I just saw the Shodai!Touka comment, and who wants to bet that Tobirama helped keep them distracted while she took the hat? Or at least made sure the ceremony went smoothly so there was no chance to interrupt once they pulled themselves together. He'd be overjoyed to have someone sensible in charge - less work for him (you know Hashirama probably lets him take over most of the paperwork). :) I can also see this with Mito, only they wouldn't realize what happened until the cheering started. :)


It would be glorious and so amusing, and Tobirama would absolutely help. (Makes me wonder what form ‘distracting’ Madara might take :P) 

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Hello. There's a fic I think you might enjoy, called Whip Crack by Quarra? Have you read it? After a little lurking on your blog, I dare say it's right up your alley! XD Great artwork by the way :) xoxo

I am very, very familiar with Whip Crack, my dearest Anon XD

I was even lucky enough to be present during it’s glorious creation. Needless to say, the Reverse Big Bang Slack chat would not be the same without its tentacles ;) 

And thank you so much!!! <3

*What topics would you like us to talk about in March? Send us a message and let us know!*
His Power

“…being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience”
—Colossians 1:11

Paul wrote this letter to the Colossians while he was a prisoner in Rome. At the time he wrote the letter, the church of Colossae was in need of prayer and reminders as they were beginning to encounter false teachers who were causing confusion, saying that Jesus was not God.

In today’s verse, Paul is challenging them to be strengthened with all power according to God’s glorious might. Not by their own might, and not by anyone else’s. Remember this in those moments where:

1. You feel as if you’re getting weaker instead of stronger
2. You feel as if you’re moving backwards instead of forward
3, You are beginning to doubt yourself and what you’re capable of
4. Your finances/resources are running low and you’re not sure how you’re going to make it
5. Your boss/professor(s) are giving you a hard time and you’re not sure if you can keep up

No matter what you’re faced with, remember, you were not meant to conquer this world alone or through your own might. You can mentally prepare yourself for tasks and work as hard as you can toward achieving your goals, but until you begin to lean on His power, you won’t be complete! Experience true power and glorious might because of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It makes all the difference!

Daily Challenge:
Listen to In Christ Alone

Daily Reading:
Colossians 1:3-23, 1 Corinthians 16:13

Request: Girlfriends

Request: Could you write one where Ima introduces her best friend Y/N to the club and they all are surprised because Ima’s best friend is young and really sweet and haven’t dating yet and they don’t know why she’s friend with Ima, but she just is. And Ima is a real friend for Y/N

Yes, I did it, somehow I managed to include glorious Happy moments on this imagine…I hope it’s okay.

Originally posted by minddykaling

Your best friend promised Charming would be a good place for you and though your beliefs might differ a little, Ima never had put you in bad situations before. You packed your stuff and drove to that little town in California, crashing on Ima’s place until you find your own. She was really excited about having you there and took you to meet her other friend, Lyla.

Lyla was a really nice girl, she worked in a porn studio called Red Woody and though you were a little out of your element there, getting constantly blushed, it was fun to hang out with the girls. There was this new girl there, who just had broken up with her boyfriend, making a show right in front of the studio. However, she didn’t seem so bad, she turned on the stereo, some happy song playing. You recognized “Ugly Heart”, by G.R.L and smiled. The song was perfect for the moment.

You started to move your hips as you helped Lyla to put some things back in place inside the studio. She laughed and started to dance too. You were making funny faces and weird moves when someone cleared his throat behind you. You turned around to see this blond guy smirking as he looked at you, behind him there were a few other guys, also smirking.

“Hi Jax”, Lyla said, not embarrassed at all, walking towards the blond to hug him.

“Hi sweetheart”, he said hugging her. So this was the famous Jax Teller that Ima talked about so much? He was handsome and as she had feeling his presence, Ima came from her room, stopping next to you.

“There you go…Samcro”, she said, pursing her lips as you looked up to her, taller then you with her heels.

“Who is your friend?”, this bald guy asked to Lyla, looking you up and down. You were about to introduce yourself when Ima stepped ahead, like she was protecting you.

“She is Y/N”, she said, hands on her hips. “My best friend”

“You? A best friend?”, a dark haired guy laughed. “I didn’t think whores had BFF”

“You better stay away from her”, Ima said, narrowing her eyes.

“Let her decided that”, the bald guy said, still looking at you like you were a prey.

“Ima…”, Lyla interrupted the conversation before your friend could do any damage. “You have things to do”

Ima looked at the boys once more, her eyes piercing at them, like a warning and walked away. “Yell if you need me”, she said before leave you with Lyla.

“Sorry”, you mumbled walking with Lyla to the bar where the boys where sitting around, she was introducing them to you. “She is super protective”

“Ima? Protective?”, Jax said, lightning a cigarette. “How did you ended up being her best friend?”

“Well, Ima was always a solitary person”, you said, putting on the fridge the bottles Lyla was handing to you. “She may seems the Prom Queen, but it was not like that”

“How about you?”, the bald guy, you learnt to be called Happy asked, everybody looking at him. You blinked a few times before answer.

“I was a solitary girl too”, you said blushing.

“Y/N just lost her parents”, Lyla said, smiling to you. “She is staying with Ima for a while”

“Christ!”, the black haired guy, named Tig, said. “Good luck girl”

“She is not that bad”, you said, defending your friend. “Ima always had been a good friend to me. I mean, she can be a bitch sometimes, but she is a good person”

“If you say so”, the Irishman, Chibs, shrugged. “Okay…We wanted to talk to you, Lyla. We need to throw a party here, Jackie boy needs it as a favor”

“Of course”, Lyla said without a second thought. “When?”

“Tonight”, Jax shrugged. Lyla grimace for a second and then nodded. “We can make work right?”

She looked at you, waiting for your answer. You weren’t that much for parties and it seemed it would be a hell of a one. Blushing, you nodded, “Okay, I can help”

“You are blushing”, Happy said, everybody looking at him again, shocked.

“I’m not a party girl”, you said in a low tone, Lyla smiling to you. “But I can help, don’t worry”

“Are you sure you are Ima’s friend?”, Tig asked again. You laughed and ignored them. Lyla needed help to prepared everything for the party and you stayed at Red Woody all day long. The boys had a private meeting at one room in the back of the studio and Happy looked at you before they left. You waved at him, blushing again, receiving a smile in response.


Red Woody was looking incredible and people didn’t stop arriving. Ima was close to you, being all mamma bird.

“Seriously, I’m fine”, you said for the thousand time. You knew she wanted to dance and flirt with the guys, but she was stuck with you. “Go have fun”

“I don’t want any of these pigs messing with you”, she said. “I have to protect you”

“Ima, I’m not a child”, you whined, looking at the not alcohol drink in your hands. She huffed and stayed by your side. Suddenly, you felt a presence by your side and turned to see Happy there. “Hi”

“Hi”, he said, making Ima notice him. She narrowed her eyes, ready to shove him away. “Easy…I’m not going to hurt her”

“You better not to”, she said, trying to pull you away with her. You pushed your hand back. She looked at you and hissed. “You can’t stay here with him. You don’t know who he is. You never dated before, and suddenly you are here with the Killer”

“I’m here, you know”, Happy said. Ima pursed her lips and looked at you again. You nodded and she left, huffing on her way.

“Sorry about her”, you said to Happy. He shrugged and took a swig of his beer. You blushed, thinking about what you would talk about, you didn’t want to look weird, keeping the awkward silence all night. “Uh…Thanks for…Keeping me company…I mean, you don’t need too…miss all the fun”

“I’m having fun”, he said in a low tone that sent shivers down your spine and then he said something that almost made you squeal. “Believe me, little girl”

Read Taken - Part 1

I force my dad to listen to kpop: the drive to grandma's house

EXO-K “Overdose”

[chorus plays]

Dad: this is very autotuned

[Baekhyun sings]

Dad: /grumbles to self

[Rap section begins]

Dad: /turns up louder

Me: ??????????

Mamamoo “Piano Man”

Dad: /sings along to chorus/ ba-ba-ba-da-da

Seungri “Gotta Talk to You”

Dad: /allows song to be played at loud volume

Me: /remembers how strange a song might sound if the only lines you understand are “I’m hustlin, hustlin”

EXO “Black Pearl [Remixed]”

[proceeds to ignore glorious remix]

Dad: You know how stupid people are too stupid to know they’re stupid? Sometimes I wonder if there are smart people that are too smart to know they’re smart. [commenting on how he wishes my mom and sister would stop calling themselves stupid]

EXO “Growl”

Me: I’ve played this before


Epik High “Amor Fati”

Me: This is a rap song

Dad: Is this gonna be a whiny love song?

Tablo: God doesn’t love me

Me: No

Hyosung “Goodnight Kiss”

[ignores song]

Dad: y'know I really like your sister’s boyfriend. she’s become less materialistic because of him

[chorus comes on]

Dad: /sings along

Dad: mama’s gonna buy you a diamond ring~ see the tune is the same!

Me: 0.0

GOT7 “A”


Dad: /mocks Mark’s whiny part

[ignores song]

Dad: It’s problematic that your brother is 21 now. That means I have to offer him wine. I buy the wine because of him- it’s therapeutic. Now I might need to go see an actual therapist. 

Crush ft. Zion.T “Hey Baby”


Dad: /sings along to ba-ba part

[ignores song]

Dad: I don’t understand why people think I look young for my age- I’m balding. Maybe it’s because I have this pimple? [points to forehead]

[Interlude to listen to “Uptown Funk” because one does not simply skip over “Uptown Funk”]

EXID “Up & Down”

[LE comes on]

Dad: is this the korean version of iggy azalea?

Me: nah, that’s someone else.

Junsu ft. Tablo “Flower”

Dad: are these the type of ballads your roommate likes?

Me: nah, she likes the boring ones with pianos

Dad: so no fake symphonies?

MFBTY “Sweet Dream”

Dad: /proceeds to jam


Me: y'know I’m gonna make a post about your reactions, right?

Dad: but I’m not reacting. I’m just sitting here like this [blank face]

Me: if you say so.


Me: I’ll just play the most kpoppish thing ever for you.

Dad: Bring it on.

EXO “Wolf”

Dad: /listens

[song ends]

Dad: were they saying the n-word?

Me: no. they were saying ‘naega.’ that’s how they say “I”

Dad: I think I heard them say sodomy at one point too, so I thought this song was about some anal sex ritual

Me: /dies

Part 2:

If someone were to ask me what I thought the most glorious screenshot of Tadashi was….

…..this would have to be my answer


happy yoongi day! ♥

i couldn’t write much for him on this glorious day but i hope these texts would suffice!
spread the love for min yoongi! i hope you guys like ‘em! ;)

(i) going to Japan to surprise him for his birthday
(ii) when articles of the both of you dating goes out and he doesn’t want you read/get affected by the comments
(iii) when you thought jimin told him you liked him and you tried texting him about it… but whoops
(iv) taking yoongi’s sweater, beanie and glasses because you miss him when he’s away
(v) him wanting to hear your voice when he misses you so much
(vi) sitting beside him but texting him you love him

Anon Submit: Here we go again!

Yeah-I saw the surreal chain of posts and comments about a woman that I’ve never met and don’t recognize. (Actually 2). They really are unglued. They live in a warped alternative universe where everyone (anyone) gives a s**t about their posts. I would feel bad if they weren’t so scary and stalkers. And WTF are the “nans”? Never got that. Maybe someone who doesn’t hate Sophie?
Saving grace-major tap dancing on the “article”. Don’t want to out “Secret Squirrel”! 😂
God I can’t wait for the birth announcement! It’ll be glorious!


Oh the meltdown will be spectacular! I might even screencap for a day or so. Just to record the monumental tantrums you know will come. 😂

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What would Draven think of Jhin if he met him?

There have been so many different interpretations and incarnations of Jhin in this fandom that I almost feel like my answer has to be, ‘depends on the Jhin.’ 

It’s important to understand that the only person DRAVEN dedicates any real significant amount of thought to – aside from DRAVEN, of course – is Darius. And if a woman was ever fortunate enough to be in such a GLORIOUS position, the same could be said of a significant other. Even then, both are practically inconsequential when compared to the amount of time DRAVEN spends thinking about DRAAAAVEN!

So, when you ask what DRAVEN would think of Jhin, regardless of the Jhin in question, it wouldn’t be very much. He’s a man in a mask who kills people and calls it art; DRAVEN probably considers Jhin’s ‘audience’ lucky, because if they lived through the actual ‘show,’ then they’d definitely die from boredomDRAVEN might find him mildly interesting for an Ionian –  a novelty, really – but unnecessary in virtually every other aspect.

DRAVEN wouldn’t view Jhin as a rival, as that would imply a degree of equalness – and no one is equal to DRAVEN – but the virtuoso’s role as a ‘performer’ might put him ‘on the radar,’ so to speak. I can imagine a scenario in which DRAVEN struggles to understand the purpose behind Jhin’s ‘performances,’ as no one lives to appreciate it. I can also imagine a scenario in which DRAVEN becomes antagonistic towards Jhin, especially if Sona became the target of the virtuoso’s machinations. And I can imagine the most likely scenario, where DRAVEN just doesn’t give a fuck.

It all really depends on the Jhin.

anonymous asked:

I just hate how alone Aaron will be with Chas and Liv gone. He finds out his husband cheated on him and he won't have the support of the two people closest to him

Yeah I was just thinking about this but then I realised the two people he does have then are Paddy and Adam. So I’m counting on Padron and Bartsy scenes which would just be glorious!!

But also, and this is a selfish thing for me because I just wanna see them get back together I’ll be honest, but both Paddy and Adam have done what Robert did, and can then maybe help Aaron to come to terms with it and to forgive Robert. I mean, Adam had practically the EXACT same storyline with Vic/Vanessa, minus prison. Like, I expect Aaron to be devastated and angry, but if he’s surrounded by people who can maybe see Roberts point of view in all of this, it might help Aaron to also do the same, and to be able to forgive him?

Maybe I’m deluded - I mean Paddy clearly hates Robert so I’m not gonna hold my breath that he’ll even think about trying to help Robert - but it could happen. I just have a lot of hope for what we’re gonna get over the next few weeks/months.

Limited Supply: Hugs!

First, I’ve been scarce on the internet. And while you might blame Breath of the Wild - AKA The Love Of My Life - and while that blame would not be entirely misplaced, the true culprit is a complete lack of free time. 

Between Zelda dropping, and my glorious husband going out while I was at work, finding a console (because I didn’t pre-order because I am a fool), setting it up, and waiting for me to come home to boot it up… I mean, besides that, PAX EAST is this weekend and I had to get the house turned over for my house sitter, house guests, and OH YEAH THANKS FOR COMING BACK, WINTER. Oh, and overtime at work. And some ethical/legal concerns with one of my coworkers causing a stupid amount of phone calls and meetings and a potential new client requiring a bunch of work on my part and yeah.

Life, man.

BUT I AM AT PAX EAST and if you see a dude with carbon fiber and titanium feetsies wandering around, ask if he is Mary’s Gatekeeper and if he’s my hubbs he’ll potentially allow you to acquire Mary Hugs. Which, I have heard, are awesome. 

Also I have an epic bath tub and a bath bomb and I am getting off the internets again to go soak. Deuces. 

Sasil Ficlet Masterpost

Now that I’ve written a fair number of these (and at this point, honestly, I’m surprised there have been so many!), I thought I might create a list of all the ficlets, grouped together, just for organization and reference’s sake. I know there are going to be more of them, so I’ll definitely try to update this list as needed. I’m really pleased that people have seemed to enjoy them so far (thanks for the likes, replies, reblogs, etc.)… and I’m always happy to get new prompts!

Secret Couple Sasil (somewhere between Episode 5 and Episode 6):
Sally Ann and Hasil Netflix and chill
Sally Ann runs into Hasil’s arms
Sally Ann teaches Hasil how to write his name
Sally Ann and Hasil have a nap
Sally Ann talks about her new boyfriend

Sasil Goes Up the Mountain:
Part 1Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

Within the Show’s Narrative:
Hasil finds Sally Ann at Naomi’s house (following Episode 6)
Sally Ann and Hasil visit the big city (following Episode 9)
Hasil takes a shower (between Episode 9 and Episode 10)

Moonshiners (Great Depression AU)
Hasil and Sally Ann meet as children


So after seeing yet another GLORIOUS gif of the Fitzsimmons kiss/kisses, I was reminded yet again of how careful Fitz has been with Jemma.

He never pushes her or does things to make her uncomfortable. He’s never even mentioned what happened at the bottom of the ocean. He’d rather beat himself up than do anything that might upset her. He never does anything to her that would imply anything other than friendship. He doesn’t even touch her unless she needs it. He never takes any liberties with her. Because being near her as just a friend is better than being apart.

So how huge is it that in this scene between the two of them, his control fractures and breaks - if only for a few short moments. This is the first time he has faltered since his confession.

You can kind of see it when he kisses her. The split second where he looks at her and weighs his decision, before he just goes “fuck it” (as Iain said here). And why not? He knows she cares about him - just not exactly how much. Sure, it’s poorly timed, since she just admitted her feelings for Will. But then, when has there ever been a better time? They’re both hurt, frustrated, confused, etc. I don’t blame him for taking the only shot he may ever have.

It’s perfectly imperfect.

But you know what really gets me?

He loses it for just a second, kisses her, and then lets her go and takes a step backward. Look at how his hands drop from her neck and waist so quickly. He knows what he’s done. And the consequences he could face - losing her friendship all-together. Now he’s probably expecting rejection.

He gets the opposite.

Jemma is shocked. She, like the rest of us, probably never expected Fitz to be so bold. But she decides to throw caution to the wind as well, and we’re lucky enough to be left with a truly magical scene.

Honetly I couldn’t have come up with a better scene for their first kiss. After dancing around their feelings for each other 30 episodes or so, they finally get at least some of their thoughts/feelings out in the open. They finally talk about it. It’s not perfect. There is still so much left unsaid. And even now, nothing is really clear. We’re going to be guessing at the state of their relationship in 3B for another 58 long days. But you know what?

It’s going to be worth it.

They’re a beautiful disaster. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Book of the Week is

The Gold Seer Trilogy, which includes

Walk the Earth a Stranger
Like a River Glorious
Into the Bright Unknown (Releases Oct, 10, 2017)

By Rae Carson

Walk the Earth a Stranger

Lee Westfall has a strong, loving family. She has a home she loves and a loyal steed. She has a best friend – who might want to be something more.

She also has a secret.

Lee can sense gold in the world around her. Veins deep in the Earth. Small nuggets in a stream. Even gold dust caught underneath a fingernail. She has kept her family safe and able to buy provisions, even through the harshest winters. But what would someone do to control a girl with that kind of power? A person might murder for it.

When everything Lee holds dear is ripped away, she flees west to California – where gold has just been discovered. Perhaps this will be the one place a magical girl can be herself. If she survives the journey.

I really enjoy this series. I don’t always enjoy historical fiction, however the Gold Rush atmosphere and the Magic abilities make it worth the read. This series needs more love, I hope you check it out. Plus those covers. 😍

I can’t wait for book 3.