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Hello! I saw you were looking for requests so could you please do RFA+ Saeran meeting MCs first love? Like the first guy/girl she was ever super in love with etc? Thanks for your awesome blog!

Ah yeah the sweet first love -

Of course anon  and thank you for liking my blog !

Also Im sorry this took all day minor writing block.

I hope you like this ^-^

gender neutral



  • You where on date with him you ever enjoyed these rare times in public together.
  • Since with Zens profession you ever had to be careful with fans and paparazzi.
  • You where on a walk in a park with him and the weather was really great it was perfect at least till you spotted a familiar face and it was not anyone but your first love you had not seen them ever since you broke up.
  • You where waving to them and they also recognized you right away they where smiling at you really widely.
  • Zen felt quite uncomfortable with this but he said nothing since he had no idea who this was.
  • They came over to you it was a bit awkward at first you it almost where like in old times as you still where together it was nostalgic for both of you.
  • It was really awkward for Zen since you two just had that bound still and he felt not really good about it.
  • Later as you where alone again he was asking you why did you even break up you still seem so close .
  • You had no hate for them it was just you moved away and they moved away so you you both decided to break up since your feelings for each other where just not strong enough anymore.
  • Yes that realization had hurt but you moved on and you found someone new someone you love even more maybe your first love was over but you are sure that your new love will be much better.
  • Then you give Zen a deep kiss to show him your love and he understands.


  • You two where out to watch a movie together you where really exited you really where waiting for this movie it was based on something that you loved as you where younger.
  • Then you saw them your first love and it was so strange to them after all these years it still was hurting a bit to see them.
  • They looked happy with their new (Bf/Gf) you held Yoosungs hand a bit more tight and before he could ask you what is up they came closer when they saw you.
  • They happily greeted you and you tried to look happy to see them too you really almost felt like on the day he broke up with you.
  • They introduced themselves and their new (Gf/Bf) and Yoosung heard their name and he knew right away who it was.
  • You told him before about your first love and how he just broke up with you without really telling you why and how hard that was for you.
  • Yoosung felt like you are still not over them since you are clearly in pain.
  • It made him sad since you where with him now you should be over them.
  • You have a short chat with your first love but it just feels really wrong you really don´t even want to talk to them anymore before you met them you thought you would want o know the reason why he left you but now it actually does not matter anymore.
  • You realize that you not care about him anymore at all.
  • After they are gone you turn to Yoosung and tell him how truly glad you are to have him now since he would be never such a jerk to you.
  • You feel guilty that you where still even sad about seeing them but now you really see that your feelings for Yoosung are so much stronger then the ones you had for them you tell that to Yoosung and it really makes him happy to hear that.
  • Your first love might not ended nicely but your true love for Yoosung will last.


  • You been together with her for a while now and you have a nice date in a restaurant.
  • It was really nice for you to be together with her like this.
  • At least till you saw your first love and they where sitting on the bar you where not sure if you should go and say hello or not.
  • You where not sure what to do it had been years since you even had spoken with them.
  • Jaehee saw you where uncomfortable and as she was about to ask you what happen your Ex (Bf/GF) came up to you and greeted you in a really friendly way.
  • You also where really friendly to him it been so long and you where happy to see them.
  • At some point it became clear to Jaehee that you once where a couple and that they where the one you had been talking about.
  • You first love in high school you broke up before going to college and lost contact ever since then.
  • It was sad for you and I took years to get over this for you.
  • Now where you two met again Jaehee feels like you still getting very well along she starts to think  that you might would be better off getting back together with them.
  • You then introduce Jaehee as your girlfriend and your ex is actual really happy for you since both of you just broke up since your feelings where not strong enough anymore.
  • Jaehee understands that she hopes that this wont happen to you two but you tell her that there is nothing to worry about.
  • You truly love her.


  • You two where on a business trip to Italy – because why not-
  • You been here once before on a long vacation with your family it brings so many good memories back.
  • You want to show him all the spots you been at as you where a child.
  • You go with him in a restaurant and you have some wine and then a (m/f) comes to your table and they ask you if you are (Y/N) and you are confused and say you are .
  • They say they where with you during your time here and then you remember your first love.
  • It´s been so long you never thought you would ever meet again.
  • You talk with them  for a while about your sweet young love memoirs.
  • As soon as Jumin catches on how you been with that person before him he is really not happy.
  • Of course you told Jumin about that summer love you had but never even imaged you would meet them again.
  • They flirt with you too what makes Jumin really uncomfortable and you too since you are here with him and you really don´t have any feelings for that person anymore.
  • You just want to get out of the restaurant now and you are happy when Jumin just pays the bill so you can go.
  • Yo are really thankful since it became really strange to you and you really love Jumin now anyways that old Holiday romance never meant much to you.
  • Even when it was your first love they never could come any close to Jumin and he feels that too.
  • After all Jumin is really special to you.


  • It was one of the rare times where you could bring him to go outside with you to get some fresh air.
  • He knew he could use it so he not really complains plus he loves to spend time with you.
  • So you two are walking and thinking on nothing evil till someone yells out you name and you turn to them and you are not sure where you know them from until they reveal that they where your first love.
  • You remember them of course you went in the same elementary school and then you had to move away and it was really heart breaking.
  • It so nice to see them and how did they actual recognized you ? You have so much to catch up on and Saeyoung feels just so awkward.
  • He thinks that you would fit so  much better with them then with him.
  • You tell your old love how you fell for Saeyoung and their just really so happy that you found someone new its actual quite sweet and Saeyoung feels kind of stupid that he thought you would rather be with someone else then him.
  • He really needs to stop thinking that since you ever just show him how much you love him.


  • You where eating icecream together in a park watching some clouds together it was really relaxing to both of you.
  • Then someone was suddenly in front of you and you knew who it was your first love.
  • You where clearly very surprised and it felt no that good to you that they where here now.
  • You told Saeran before about them you had a short but intensive time in school till they broke up for a different (G/B).
  • They looked still the same as back then but you changed a lot since then and you moved on and now you are with Saeran.
  • You not really want to stay around them anymore specially since they make Saeran really uneasy.
  • You want to get up and go but they are quite annoying they think you should get together with him instead of wasting your time with Saeran.
  • But that just makes you really angry and before Saeran can even say anything - since he also got really angry at them- you just glare at them and tell them to go away you are really happy with your boyfriend.
  • You love Saeran much more then you ever loved them and then you just grab Saeran and walk off.
  • And Saeran is happy and also quite empressed.

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Two Roads Meet - Chapter 4

A/N: It’s back hello wow yeah sorry for my shameful updating habits

Summary: Phil Lester, a shy, poetic hipster, is talented at a lot of things; social interaction not being one of them. But when his best friend Tom, a popular socialite, wins a competition for a Road Trip, Phil suddenly finds himself meeting a whole new group of friends, including the total stud Dan Howell; a flirt-machine in a leather jacket. But will Phil’s awkwardly interesting personality intrigue Dan, or completely freak him out?

DISCLAIMER: Obviously (and unfortunately) everything I have written is entirely fictional. I am not claiming Phan is real



The night was actually pretty clear, much to Phil’s surprise. Having such a clear night for a town that was either raining or clouded over with grey weather was pretty unusual to say the least.
The rain didn’t bother him that much. He was never really out of the house enough to be bothered by it. The clouds bothered him more, especially at night, on account of the fact they were almost constantly blocking out the beautiful stretch of starlit sky behind it. 
He loved the stars. They were behind most of the inspiration that he wrote into his songbook. They were what he’d longed to gaze up at every night, but obviously that was something he could so rarely do, which meant noticing how clear the sky was tonight had him almost so distracted he nearly ended up abandoning all of his bags and laying himself down, the hard road against his back as his eyes trailed over every constellation he could see.
Of course, he didn’t do this. Passers-by would probably either think he’d spontaneously fainted onto the road, or that he was completely out of his head (which, to be honest, they probably did anyway). But he managed to sneak up as many glances at the sky as he could, painting the pictures of the Big Dipper, Orion’s Belt and the Polaris in the blackness that the glimmering pinpoints were surrounded by. He’d always felt as if the stars had so much freedom that he lacked. They were all constantly burning alongside each other in the colossally infinite universe, each and every one of them effortlessly beautiful. They were what people would gaze up to on romantic dates sitting on a balcony in Paris, or what astronomers, or even college students studying astronomy, would peer at every night into their professional telescopes, expertly studying and naming all the pictures in the sky the stars joined up into, most of which outside his limited knowledge of them. He wasn’t even widely educated on the stars. He was just consumed in utter fascination by them. And, admittedly, he was even jealous of them. 
Well, stars don’t have to do homework.
He grinned to himself, dragging his suitcase along the pavement and hearing the hollow sound of its clunky wheels pierce through the silent atmosphere of the night. It wasn’t even late yet; it was only 7pm, so the noise of his old suitcase probably wasn’t too much of a disturbance for the neighbourhood. The heaviness of his guitar on his back was becoming a chore to keep lugging around, and he was beginning to debate whether it was worth even bringing or not. But then again, if he couldn’t spend more than 2 days without it, that would make spending 4 whole weeks without it even less likely. It was as if it was his life source. Which, in a case, it was. Songwriting and guitar playing were playing a significant role in keeping him alive. Alongside his favourite bands, such as the Maine, for one. They were the source of a considerable amount of inspiration that went into the lyrics of his songs, and also the band that inspired him to start playing the guitar in the first place. So, in which sense, if they were the cause of his songwriting and guitar playing, he had the Maine to thank for keeping him alive altogether.
He tightened his grip on the suitcase, staring up at the sky again in complete mesmerisation until he felt himself suddenly halt with a bump. His eyes shot down from the sky and down to the indignant-looking teenager he had just accidentally rammed into.
“Watch where you’re going!” The teenager called out rudely as Phil flushed red, trying to hide his face. “Freak…” 
He ducked his head, quickening his pace and refusing to look up again. Overcome with painful embarrassment, he hadn’t actually noticed that he was already nearly at Tom’s house, which slightly helped with the relief. The house was actually in his vision, meaning he didn’t have that long to walk and even he could probably manage it without walking into some other person while looking upwards and feeling jealous of burning balls of gas.
Once he was making his way up the driveway, the front door opened, Tom standing in the hallway lit with the golden lamp, surrounded by his ridiculously large house. Thanks to his parent’s well-paid jobs of £500,000 a year, a fraction of Tom’s mansion-like accommodation outsized the whole of his ordinary-sized house, plus our garden. Phil always envied it, for everything his house wasn’t; from the glossy marble kitchen surfaces, the winding staircases that he couldn’t manage to run up without collapsing out of breath after the first tiny flight, right down to the gentle twinkle of the chandeliers that hung in every room. He loved them the most, because of how much they reminded him of the stars. It was as if Tom had his very own galaxy in the comfort of his own house. And in nearly every room. 
“Hey, Phil!” He jogged along the main driveway (one of multiple) to greet him, and help him with the disastrous amount of bags that were attacking his shoulders.
“Thanks.” Phil thanked him breathlessly, feeling a little of the strain of his muscles release, filling him with relief as Tom took the heaviest bags off him, although Phil kept hold of his guitar case, firmly. He wanted the sense of security of keeping it near him as often as he could manage. And also because he’d risked taking his songbook with him, tucked right away in one of the blank-looking folders, which he especially didn’t want Tom to find. He didn’t want anyone to find it. He’d only brought it along with him to wait until he was certain absolutely everyone was asleep, and sneak outside to write. He always found it easier to write when he was outside, at night, he felt as if the stars were encouraging him, sending down glimmers of inspiration from their infinite world that seemed so far-fetched from the dull, confined, polluted world Phil was stuck in. It was as if they were sending a piece of their world down to him, one that he could use to write down on paper and carry around with him in a very thick, messily decorated folder. One that he was desperately trying hard to hide right now. 
It was also probably an explanation to the reason why he always tried to protect the folder with all of his life’s worth, away from the prying eyes of anyone else apart from himself. Because he didn’t want to share his world with them, as horrendously selfish as it sounded. They had their own worlds. Their own, individual, exciting worlds in which they lived their event-filled lives of being a sociable extrovert. They didn’t care about the stars. They didn’t need them like Phil did.
“I’ll put these in the luggage carrier underneath the bus. Look at this.” Tom hauled the heaviest bags over to one of his huge garages, busily tapping in an elaborate code before the door jerked to life, slowly lifting up and revealing a giant, single decker bus, covered with faded red paint, and outdated billboard adverts covering the sides, and judging by the style of the soup cans and beach illustrations, they looked as if they’d stepped right out from the 1950’s. In fact, the whole bus did. And it probably had.
“Wow…” Phil could feel his eyes staring into this magnificent vehicle that lay in the garage, as Tom smirked at it proudly, yanking open some sort of door underneath the main door to the entrance of the bus, and shoved his bags in there. He felt anxiety sweep over him as he was forced to hand over his guitar, hearing the clunk of the folder inside it. As Tom prised it off his hands, covered in cold sweat, he pushed all of the luggage in order to pack it all firmly together, before slamming the door shut. 
“Ah, there we go.” He brushed his hands after twisting the key in the lock, and his face suddenly lit up with realization. “Oh, yeah, I don’t think I showed you this.” He beckoned Phil over to where he was standing, by the main door of the bus.
“What?” Phil walked around to where Tom was standing, staring at the door doubtfully. 
Tom flashed Phil a grin, before unlocking the door and pushing it aside, walking up the steps expectantly as he followed closely behind.
“Look at this.” He gestured to the corridor-like interior of the bus, as Phil froze, caught off guard in pure astonishment. In contrary to his expectation of being met with the several orderly rows of bus seats, sitting in what would have been their place, were what seemed like giant sofa-like mattresses, cushions and pillows. Everywhere. It certainly looked a hell of a lot more comfortable than sitting upright on a hard, badly-coloured bus seat with the feeling of school-trip awkwardness when you never quite knew whether your popular friend would sit next to you or someone higher up in the social scale. But this had completely destroyed that worry, much to his delight. Not only did this look like something out of some kind of typical ‘summer’ themed movie you’d see people talking about on Tumblr every now-and-then, but it also saved him thinking about the dread of actually camping out in tents. Phil had had his fair share of unpleasant experiences at various festivals that had completely put him off sleeping in a tent for the foreseeable future, and on top of not feeling like a total prick anymore, he was also relieved.
“You like?” He grinned at his reaction, obviously slightly understanding his thoughts.
“I love it!” Phil responded through an astonished chuckle, still admiring the bus that had exceeded his expectations so pleasantly. “When are we leaving?” 
“Er…” Tom squinted at his watch. “About half an hour. Come on, the others will start planning a search party if we’re out here much longer!” He hopped out of the bus as Phil mirrored his actions, before turning back around and locking it up firmly behind us. They left the garage, hearing the automatic door shut loudly behind them after Tom tapped in the same code for a second time. They walked wordlessly up the seemingly endless driveway, the silence of the night hanging heavily across the atmosphere as Phil resisted the urge to stare up into the sky. He knew that Tom knew about his strange obsession; ever since he’d caught him wandering outside in the middle of the night at the sleepover for his 10th birthday party, but he equally knew that these people weren’t carelessly naïve 10 year olds anymore. These were real, judgemental friends of his who he felt obliged to make this first impression one he’d be thankful for later, and not people who he’d want to see him stargazing in his driveway like a complete twat. Besides, the patio lights would probably be shielding at least 80% of the sky with its artificially golden glow, so he’d be considered lucky to spot anything much more than the moon.
“Where is everyone?” Phil frowned into the bare hall as if he’d expected a crowd of people to just magically appear. 
“They’re all in the lounge. Go in, I’ll follow you up.” 
Phil gulped. “What are you doing, then?”
Tom gave him a puzzled look. “Calm down, Sherlock – I’m just going to fix up some more drinks. And I think the crisp bowl is running nearly empty,” he chuckled. “Excuse me for being a good host.” 
“I’ll help you.” Phil insisted firmly, his palms sweating up as he heard the hum of chatter escape the lounge and travel into the hallway. He couldn’t go in there alone.
Tom smile faded as he took in Phil’s expression that didn’t display any signs of joking along with him. 
“Phil…” he sighed. “You’ve gotta start talking to people more often. I know you’d get on with them; that’s why they’re invited. You need to at least try to make an effort with them.”
If Tom wasn’t Phil’s absolute best friend, he would’ve really irritated him. He knew he meant well, and it wasn’t exactly his fault, but he just didn’t understand. He didn’t understand the effort Phil was actually putting in, although it was all concentrated into stupid worries like not tripping over his own feet or not saying something stupid mid-conversation. Phil just didn’t have the same social knack of effortless small talk like he, and the rest of the people in the lounge, did. And that was something Tom couldn’t grasp.
Phil sighed, rolling his eyes and ignoring his comment. He figured that’d be safer than bickering in the kitchen with him, especially as he’s the only one, apart from Dexter, that he’d feel 100% comfortable with talking to. Tom didn’t object any further to his presence as Phil worked his way through the maze of marble surfaces and cupboards to prepare more crisps and take out more drink glasses for him.
“There.” Phil thrust him the glass bowls full of the salted snacks along with the clinks of the empty glasses for him to prepare. “Is that enough effort for you?” he added self-righteously, although he’d added enough sarcasm to let him know he was joking.
“Oh, piss off.” Tom rolled his eyes, chuckling at Phil as he took the bowls off hi, putting them down on the counter before hesitating. “Actually…” he turned to Phil, picking the bowls back up. “You take these in. I’ll just do the drinks.” 
“Tom, I-” 
“Do it.” Tom gave him a hard yet somewhat encouraging stare, thrusting the bowls back at him. “Come on. They’re friends. It’s not like I’m asking you to jump into a pit of lava.” 
“Well to be honest, I’d probably prefer that.” Phil mumbled, although took the bowls off of him. 
“I won’t be long!” Tom called from the kitchen as Phil swallowed his nerves, hovering outside the lounge for a few moments, gathering up courage as he couldn’t help but listen into their conversation. He couldn’t actually make out any solid topics amongst the number of chattering voices that were all layering over each-other, but they were probably about something completely out of his league. His very small, boring league that to be honest wasn’t really worthy of being a league at all.
Okay. Phil took a deep breath, feeling worse than he did before going on the Infusion rollercoaster when he was 12, although part of him knew Tom was right. They weren’ t actual monsters, despite whatever his distorted perception of them was. They were humans. On the same level as them. 
And these are crisps. His mind chimed in. That I’m pretty sure you’re about to drop if you don’t man up and go into that room.
The thought of Tom’s pristine white carpet being ruined by an array of crisp crumbs and salt grains was enough to send him tiptoeing into the room, clutching the bowls for all his life’s worth as he almost-dropped them onto the table and hurriedly searched for any kind of seat he could perch himself on. 
Thankfully, no-one seemed to take that much notice of Phil. The room didn’t fall silent with his awkward entrance, he didn’t trip over anyone or anything, and the crisp bowls and carpet were still in tact. 
But the only free space, seemed to be next to a certain boy who currently was sprawled out in animated relaxation over the creamy-white leather of the sofa, Amelia nudged up close to him, hanging onto his every word and staring into every feature of his face with her crystal blue eyes. The rest of the girls were practically surrounding him, and even by simply standing and watching, Phil could sense the envy they all felt for Amelia in the current position she was in now.
Dan flicked his fringe out of his face with a grin, before the same almond-coloured eyes flashed up to Phil’s as he eyed him up-and-down, noticing he didn’t have anywhere to sit. Phil stared back at him, taking in his appearance. He tilted his head slightly, a soft grin appearing on his face as his dimple appeared.
“Phil,” he pronounced his name softly, with a slight nod. 
“You remembered my name.” Phil laughed shakily, although his attempts at sarcasm had probably already failed miserably.
“Sure did. Amelia, move,” he nudged her, budging up to make the space for Phil larger. She shot him an indignant look, tossing her blonde waves behind her skinny shoulders and turning to make conversation with Aimee.
“Well, you’re the first person in here who seemed to acknowledge my existence.” Phil widened his eyes, wondering why on earth he had even bothered to make extra space for him to sit. He’d have thought that space would’ve been reserved for Tom, or at least someone a lot more significantly popular than he happened to be. He apprehensively lowered himself onto the seat, staring at Dan suspiciously as if he’d planted a practical joke or some kind of explosive into the space of the sofa he was about to sit himself down onto. 
Dan noticed his nerves, and chuckled. “No, don’t worry. The whoopee cushion’s in that one.” He pointed to the sofa over there, as Phil froze in shock, recoiling from the sofa and lifting up the cushion apprehensively.
Dan suddenly cracked up laughing, his eyes twinkling with humour and the creases in his cheeks crinkling up, his laughter filling the whole room.
Phil felt himself going bright red as his humour and joy was obviously attracting some female attention (as if he didn’t get enough of that already) as they turned their heads in order to see what the hilarity was over. 
“No, no…” He began after he had calmed down. “No, there are no whoopee cushions. Or hidden fireworks. Besides, I think it would take more than a DFS sale to fix one of these if I ever destroyed it,” he indicated to the size of the sofa, raising his eyebrows as he considered the cost of just one of these pieces of furniture, as Phil knew for a fact Tom had several of them situated around his Mansion-like house. Several being a severe understatement.
“Tell me about it.” Phil widened his eyes. “Don’t even get me started on the time we were playing Grand Theft Auto in the gaming room.” 
Dan frowned, his perfectly plucked eyebrows furrowing. “What? Were any explosives involved?” 
Phil half-grinned. “Nope. Or novelty farting cushions. But there was an insanely expensive suite of cream sofas in there. The leather must have been made from some diamond cow, or something.”
Phil smirked. “Well, there was an incident with the jug of cranberry juice-…” 
Dan stared, open-mouthed. “You didn’t…?!” 
Phil responded with a sheepish nod, keeping his eyes to the floor as he tried to hide his grin.
“Phil!” Dan exclaimed, letting out another surprise-filled laugh that echoed in Phil’s ears moments after. His eyes glittered in the light of the chandelier, and for a split-second Phil caught sight of the mini constellation of stars in his eyes created by the crystal droplets, reflecting off the surface of his pupils in sparkles of silver light against the deep brown. It seemed exactly like the type of astonishing feature that would end up in his songbook somewhere. 
“Oh Phil, I’ve heard a lot of embarrassing anecdotes.” Dan sighed after he’d finished laughing. “But that…”
Phil smirked, trying to hide his incoming blush. “Well, I have plenty more. I’m a walking embarrassing anecdote,” he raised his eyebrows, overcome with the unintentional truth of his own joke.
Dan held his stare towards Phil for a few minutes, almost as if he was searching for his own hidden constellation of stars deep inside his eyes with the way his chestnut coloured eyes pierced straight through Phil’s own blue ones in a meteorite-like behaviour.
“Nah, you’re alright,” he broke the atmosphere, pulling Phil back down to Earth with a force reminding him that people who fit into the general concept of normality don’t ‘look for stars’ in other human’s eyes halfway through a conversation. To them, stars were nothing more than a few dots in the sky you’d get to see on a clear night if you were lucky, and if the streetlights weren’t blocking the view. They didn’t mean anything. They just meant it was… night. And dark. 
“Yeah, my table’s fascinating.” Tom chuckled fondly at Phil, budging up next to Dan and throwing himself on the end of the sofa with the leg rest. Phil broke out of his daze, realizing his eyes had completely defocused on his lounge table and made him look as if he were studying it as the finest piece of furniture the world had ever beheld. 
“Where have you been?” Dan asked, frowning. “You keep on disappearing.” 
“Okay, I’ll go call the Dorito hotline and ask for self-serving chips, then, shall I?” Tom retorted with the witty smoothness that Phil often quietly envied him for. Not in a malign way, of course. Benign envy. One of the many default emotions of his, regardless of who he were with, although it seemed to take a significant place whenever he was in Tom’s presence. 
“I’m sure the Doritos would arrive quicker by themselves,” Dan widened his eyes, taking another sip from his glass. 
“Oh, leave it out,” Tom laughed, giving him a playful punch. “No, I was showing Phil the bus.”
“Oh, yeah, the bus.” Dan nodded, turning to him. “You like it?” 
Phil nodded in very much the same fashion, silently thankful he’d been at least included in the conversation. “Yeah, it’s amazing. When are we leaving?” 
Tom peered at his Ice watch. “Like, now, I guess. I‘ll get the Au Pair to clear that up,” he gestured to the many empty crisp bowls and drink glasses, before hauling himself up off the sofa, standing upright and gathering everyone’s attention with a raise of his voice. 
“Er, okay, everyone, are we all ready to go?” his voice travelled across the lounge and through to every person in the room, who also stood up from where they were sitting in their separate individual groups in mid-conversations and grabbed their bags, nodding at him for approval. 
“Right, okay, well I’ve shown you all the garage, so…” He urged us to keep moving out into the spacious corridor, sending the crowd of (still fairly anonymous) teenagers surging forward and out of the lounge door until we were all standing in the spacious corridor, awaiting the unlock of the front door. Once we had all departed out onto the driveway, his eyes couldn’t help but immediately travel up to the sky, despite telling himself that was exactly what he wouldn’t do tonight. It felt as inevitable as a magnetic force. 
The stars were drowned out with too much atmosphere from the ‘real world’, from the floods of chatting voices, including the girly laughs surrounding Dan, and the porch lights which outshined the sky. Despite his disappointment, Phil was met up with relief that he’d have nothing to get too distracted over in this case, and instead followed closely behind the back of the group as our feet crunched against the gravel on the way to the garage. 
“They’re not so good in this light.” Phil suddenly heard a voice from behind him. He violently jumped out of his involuntary daydream, and swivelled round to find Dan in nearly exactly the same position as him, his eyes now staring straight up at the sky with slight struggle on his face as he attempted to see anything worth seeing. 
“I- yeah. I know.” Phil stuttered a response, deciding to keep from questioning him about the stars. He didn’t need them. He had his own stars. Phil assumed he was just… admiring them in a ‘normal’ way. Simply as a ‘thing to look at’.
“What are you doing…?” Amelia strutted up beside Dan, staring up into the sky with a blank, slightly confused expression. “There’s like, nothing up there.” 
“No, no… look. There’s, er- oh I cant really see it.” Dan peered up, narrowing his eyes further. “Orion’s belt. It’s there.” Phil’s eyes travelled up to the 3 stars, Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka, in-line with each-other, shining way back down at us with a sense of order and normality that we humans supposedly lacked.
“/Who’s/ belt?!” Amelia stared at Dan, almost disgusted. Mild annoyance began to simmer inside Phil with every expression she made against the stars. His stars. “The hell are you on?” She gave out a catty laugh at her own joke.
“Oh, never mind.” Dan sighed quietly, his gaze breaking off from the stars and back down to the gravel. The tone in his voice almost took Phil aback. Although he had known him for a very short time as it was, it was the first time he’d heard him say anything in such a soft, dismissive voice. It didn’t suit him.
“Whatever. Sit next to me on the bus, yeah?” She changed the subject, smiling sweetly up at Dan, her crystal blue eyes shining with a glint Phil could only determine as evil. He stifled a sigh of defeat, before grinning back down at her.
“Of course.” He agreed smoothly as we made our way into the garage. Feeling detached, Phil wandered in a few paces behind the rest of the group, wishing he could be as beautiful, orderly and simple as Alnitak, Anilam and Mintaka.


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I got over it faster than I thought, probably because Kyungsoo is my bias. But to be honest, if I found out Kyungsoo was dating someone I think I would feel hurt/betrayed. To be real, all fans really have is imagination, you know the imagination that maybe once in a life time that they'll end up with their bias. The thing is baekyun fans imagination was taking away prematurely. They weren't given enough time to just be idol and a fan. Now they're crushed. And personally, that's not right.

Yeah, but maybe we need to take a step back and look at the whole picture. we are fans. and fans only. the idols never said they would date any of us. they arent looking to do it either. they are entertainers and get paid to do so. idols are not responsible for the fans’ imagination that run wild and make them become delusional. they are there to entertain us for the time being. they have their own lives and we should have our own as well.

And everyone is acting like its impossible for baek and taeyeon to date. they are under the same company. I’m sure theyve known each other quite well after all these years. Did they even think that they actually might connect without it being a big deal? Idk..maybe its just me but i was actually happy to see him dating. because that means he that he didn’t have to wait until he was like 30 to start dating hahah. it would be quite awkward actually to date later on like that, right?

And as a kyungsoo biased fan, I probably would be hella jealous if i found out he was dating someone. Im not gonna lie hahaa. BUT I wouldn’t be mad. I don’t know this guy personally. I’m not his mom. I don’t have any right to really judge his decisions. I can see if it was something horrible and quite alarming that could affect others but this situation is just about dating. they deserve to have cute relationships. they deserve to be happy~ if you find someone you like in real life, you’ll see that you need to separate yourself from becoming personally involved in idols lives and stop worrying so much. they are adults and should be able to make their own decisions without people saying what’s wrong and what’s right to satisfy YOU.y'know? Awhh *shakes head* guise, just try not to get too involved with their lives. youre making it harder than it should be. idols are human too :/

Reasons why you should stop shit on Magnus for what he did in CoA & CoG

Can’t believe i’m sitting here writing about this again …

Okay, so most people I saw complain about Magnus in CoA & CoG for 2 reasons:
1. He (& Jace) outed Alec againts his will
2. He cut all connection with Alec without properly telling him to pressure Alec to come out!

Here is the reasons why you should rethink about it:

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