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I didnt wanna have a huge text on the pic haha…anyway now that we’ve reached 400 followers I’m gonna start doing commissions :D but I don’t have a commission sheet or anything to put on it, so REBLOG THIS POST (the picture not the psa) with a reference picture and your favorite food and you may get a free commission to be put into the sheet! aside from having it yourself lol, Go for it even if you don’t have a reference but understand that the one or 2 pics you have of your OC better be hella-awesome and the character design solid. (I’m still trying to tag the rest but it’s not working?) CONTEST ENDS ON APRIL 10

“She wasn’t naming things like other children her age. She wasn’t pointing at things. She would never respond when we tried to correct her. Often small things would upset her, and we’d try to comfort her, but nothing worked. All I wanted to do was tell her that I loved her and everything would be ‘ok.’ But she would push away if I tried to hug or kiss her. She was my little girl but I couldn’t even hold her. All I ever did was worry about her. We go to a therapist twice a week now, and things are getting better. Everything began to change a few months ago. She pulled me by the hand one morning to show me what she found. And sometimes she looks at me and listens. She’s the first one to wake up in the morning, and she’ll come to the side of the bed, and ask to lie next to us. And she even loves to get hugs and kisses.”

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

“Vincent Van Gogh used to eat yellow paint because he thought it would get the happiness inside him. Many people thought he was mad and stupid for doing so because the paint was toxic, never mind that it was obvious that eating paint couldn’t possible have any direct correlation to one’s happiness, but I never saw that. If you were so unhappy that even the maddest ideas could possible work, like painting the walls of your internal organs yellow, that you are going to do it. It’s really no different than falling in love or taking drugs. There is a greater risk of getting your heart broken or overdosing, but people still do it everyday because there was always that chance it could make things better. Everyone has their yellow paint.” 

how to stick your plans

by a horrible procrastinator


  • keep things realistic. you may think you can read 200 pages of jane eyre in one night, and honestly, you could…but you won’t unless that essay that’s 30% of your grade is due, you know, tomorrow.
    • you know your habits better than anyone. try to work around what you know you’re going to do. can you read about 25 pages without getting totally bored/sidetracked? well, make yourself do that. it’s only 25 pages, right?
  • try to accomplish one thing every day. don’t ever let your day slip away from you without doing anything. even if that “one accomplishment” is making a stupid text post on tumblr or revising your notes or washing your sheets…just be productive!
    • this is especially important for those of you with mental illness! having a “zero day” can really plummet your mood or set you in an unproductive rut.
    • if you really feel like you need a day to just chill out, napping can count as your accomplishment
  • don’t push studying off! you’ve probably heard this one a million times, but seriously. don’t. you’re not going to retain 10 weeks worth of information with one study session…okay, maybe you can, but do you really want to?
    • the best, low-effort way of remembering information is to, at first, review it often. right after you learn the material, review it a couple times during the week. maybe re-write your notes that weekend. then, the next week, visit one or two times, just glazing over parts you don’t really remember well. then, maybe once every two weeks, etc…by the time you get to finals, you’ll be familiar with all the information! trust me, it works.
  • organize your to-do’s. personally, i make a huge to-do list for the entire week. then, i delegate different ‘levels’ of urgency to it (see below.) you can do this however you want, but i do it this way to help me visualize how lazy i can be and not pay for it…
    • i tend to organize it by these ‘categories’ / ‘urgent levels’
      • is there a quiz on the material due soon
      • how likely is there to be a pop quiz
      • what’s my grade in the class like / how badly do i need that ‘a’
      • does the homework/assignment need to be turned in
      • etc

actually doing it:

  • studyspo helps. okay, i know this is kind of obvious considering i’m a studyblr, but… you see that notebook you just bought? isn’t it fucking adorable? don’t you want to make some sweet, sweet note-love to it? you know you do.
    • don’t spend too much time setting up your work space or browsing tumblr. seriously. you know when you’re overstepping.
  • have some nice playlists. preferably with music you already know! if you don’t know the song already, chances are it’s just going to become a distraction.
    • 8tracks is a great site for this! you can make your own mixes or take a listen to one of the many, many study / chill playlists available. again, take a listen to the track on your way to class or whatever before actually trying to study with it on.
    • instrumentals + classical + video game music are the standard
  • get organized. messy = stressy. seriously. organize your desk, organize your notes. even if it’s not really your style, at least try to keep things ‘in your personal order.’ try to pretend you have your shit together. you will be so much more productive & confident if you feel in control of your situation.
    • if you’re a perfectionist, you may want to disregard this. really. you don’t want to put ‘tidiness’ above productivity.
    • taking pictures of your awesome, super-nice work space is awesome motivation. give that illusion of productivity. become tumblr famous.
    • if you can afford it, matching stationary and cute shit like that is super awesome feeling. it makes studying aesthetically satisfying.
  • take care of yourself. brush your teeth, put on that nice-smelling lotion, drink water. eating healthy foods, getting some exercise, all that good shit people tell you to do…it really is important. it’s kind of hard to focus or remain motivated if you’re miserably bloated & haven’t showered in 3 days.
    • especially for my neurod or mentally ill followers!

i fucked up

  • repeat after me: IT’S OKAY. IT’S OKAY. we all fuck up. you’re allowed to fuck up. sometimes assignments don’t get done, sometimes we don’t do as well on tests as we’d like. it’s okay. you’re okay.
  • recovery. alright, so, now that we’ve accepted that we’re human beans who sometimes grow upside-down…
    • cuddle in a blanket, and write down what you think you did wrong. did you not study enough? do you need to go to your professors office hours? write down your ideas.
    • let your failure motivate you! you hit your lowest point, alright? now you can focus on doing better, even if it’s just a few points difference.
    • you can do some things wrong. you don’t need to get an A every single time. did you understand 50% of the material? well, that’s halfway there!
    • you’re not going to be perfect at everything. we all have growing pains.

well, that’s all i have to say. keep growing towards the sun, kids.


“Did you know,” Mikael says to Yousef, one Friday evening, whilst they’re both lying in bed because nothing could be better than this, with the curtains shut, “that the Prophet Yusuf was given half the beauty of the entire world to him? It says in the Qur’aan that when he used to pass by women who were working, the women would end up cutting their fingers off because they couldn’t stop looking at how beautiful the Prophet Yusuf was.” 

“Aha, I knew that. Why do you think my Mum called me Yousef, huh?” Yousef chuckles, raising his eyebrow in question at Mikael, as he holds him a little more tighter, a little more closer to his body. 

Mikael doesn’t reply back immediately; he just has the ghost of a smile on his lips. He lets his eyes wander, his gaze linger, studying Yousef’s face as if for the first time. His eyes, his nose, his lips. He lets himself give in to the simple pleasure of feeling Yousef’s skin under his own, before he exhales out all the air his lungs were holding in. 

“Wallah, Yousef …” says Mikael, you’re the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen.”

Little Beauty and the Beast 2017 things that I really loved:

*that opening ballroom scene with all the people and grandeur it was so cool
*Emma Watson. Just her in her entirety as a person
*the effects and all the townsfolk and the choreography it looked like so much work went into it I am stunned
*Maurice’s little song I almost cried
*more Mom backstory!
*Le Fou’s big gay crush on Gaston like did you see those loving looks
*that one guy who after being made over by the wardrobe smiled and flounced away
*Le Fou: “I was on Gaston’s side but we’re kinda going through a rough time right now” Mrs Potts: “you deserve better than him”
*Beast/Adam making fun of Romeo and Juliet
*the wait for the happy ending- all was almost lost
*the little extra songs that weren’t in the original animated version

Overall, I recommend it! It was far better than you would expect a simple live-action remake to be.


(SOME OF) Aurora’s Isak & Even fan fic recommendations:

work in progress:

*** in better light, everything changes by TimeInABottle

“I just checked the revue website and blackmailing people for smoking weed wasn’t listed under the Kosegruppa description”

Isak accidentally texts a stranger (Even) while trying to text Sana.

*** life is now (and now, and now) by FlyByNightGirl

What do you mean season 3 of Skam ended?? Nei ???

In which the clips for season 3 update, because there is so much more of Isak and Even’s relationship we haven’t seen, so. Here it is, congratulations.

*** love’s ignorant of time by mishabloom

That time Isak found himself feeling a lot more like Sonja, when he got a call from the only person he didn’t think he’d ever hear from, or Isak decides to save Even and uncovers all the feelings he’s been bottling up since their break up

run boy run by pansexuaIeven

In the season 1 timeline, Eva decides to transfer schools after all and ends up at Elvebakken. When her and Even become friends and decide to fake date in order to make their exes jealous, what happens when Isak and Even meet?

lost boys (not ready to be found) by kittpurrson

Even is a disillusioned media studies student who wishes he hadn’t screwed up his film school applications. Isak is a prickly bioscience student who figured leaving his mother’s house for UiO would magically fix all of his problems.

AKA a college AU, wherein Isak and Even meet later than they were destined to, but still save each other right back.

learning as we go by robotmogul

(the fan fic is now sadly gone, but hopefully it will come back to me)

the curtains are blue by daigina

There are a million Even and Isaks in a million different universes. This is one of them.

or, the coffee shop au no one asked for

Headed Straight for the Castle  by boxesofflowers, Eeyoreneedsahug, safficwriter

Isak is the heir to the throne of one of the most powerful nations in the world, but he would rather be anyone else. Being a prince, growing up in the public eye, never making any choices of his own - it’s all been overwhelming. After sneaking out one night, he meets a college student that makes him smile for what feels like the first time. Can he cling to this one point of normality? And will his family - and the tabloids - find out the truth?

Lost In Reality by hippopotamus

When Isak first starts at Nissen, there’s a third year boy, Even, who likes to make fun of him, always pretending to ask him out on dates and calling him beautiful. For some reason Even disappears in february of that first year, and Isak doesn’t think he’ll ever seen him again, but clearly fate has different plans, when he walks into school to start second year and Even is back, repeating his third year and back to taunting Isak as if nothings changed (except maybe how Isak feels about it).

The Boy Who Couldn’t Hold His Breath Under Water by nklngrm

A story about 17-years-old Isak Valtersen who goes to a summer camp, to one where he has been going for a few years now. Little did he know that this year was going to change his whole life as in there’s a new, very attractive supervisor who turns Isak’s world upside down.


*** something more by milk_o_vich

(Chris/Isak & Even&Isak fan fic)

Isak had always felt something more. And he knew Chris was probably doing it on purpose. He was teasing Isak – teasing him with the possibility that maybe, someday, they might be more than this, whatever this was. And Isak had fallen for it, hook line and sinker, because it had been one year and whilst Chris continued to fuck anyone he liked, Isak only ever had eyes for Chris.

The Comments Below  by DickAnderton

Isak is a notoriously lazy gamer living with lgbt icon Eskild. When they invite youtube sensation Even Bech Naesheim over for a collaboration, #Evak is born. But it is not only their viewers who are falling in love.

*** that’s not my name  by cuteandtwisted

“Isak.” Even smiled, then licked his lips. “Wanna go back to my place?”


aka: Isak is an exchange student in new york city where he meets a very forward and bewitching Even.

Or: The one-night stand AU some of you asked for.

I’m not in love by cuteandtwisted

Isak was not in love. Nope. Not even close.

Or: Even never transferred to Nissen in his third year, so they meet in college instead.
Uni AU in which Isak doesn’t believe in love but Even Bech Næsheim won’t stop kissing him.

would it be a sin if if i can’t help falling in love with you? by cosetties

“I mean, I already have a thing with – “ Isak waves his hand in the air. Conjuring up a girl should be way easier than this. Magnus had a girlfriend at Bakka for three months, and Isak doubts that she ever existed. All Isak has to do is make up a name, but his mouth dries up. He clears his throat. “A thing with – “

“Even,” the guy says, extending his hand for Emma to shake.

(Or, the fake relationship AU.)

Show Me Where My Armor Ends by ikerestrella

“Oh, do you also need tissues?”
That’s what the trespasser says when he goes home and finds him in the bathroom. He’s grasping at least ten tissues in one hand, while the other rubbing up and down his denim jacket. The trespasser raises his head, mouth shaped into a comical “O”, and extends the boy his paper-ridden hand.

The next second the boy has his shovel pointed at him.
“Get out of my house.”

OR: A very loosely-based The Little Prince AU where Even, the cool astronaut who travels around the universe with a self-made spaceship, accidentally lands on a baobab-covered asteroid and—as he definitely does in every parallel universe—steals some toilet paper, and gets caught red-handed by Isak, the sulking blonde boy who lives alone on the little planet.

Wrong number by IsakEven

Isak wants to text Jonas but he accidentally texts Even.

possibly (maybe) i’m falling for you by boxesofflowers, Eeyoreneedsahug, safficwriter

Even tries to get Isak to smile with coffee. Every time he buys Isak coffee, he becomes more determined to find the perfect drink (and falls in love along the way

Ground Me by Bellakitse

In which despite his father helping with rent, Isak still needs money and therefore a job.

Isak gets a job at a cafe and meets a barista who’s beauty blows Isak away.

*A coffee shop AU where pretty boys fall in love*

One Shots:

True or False by iriswests

Seven moments between Isak and Even (+1 with Sonja), ranging from the ages of four and six to the ages of seventeen and nineteen, respectively.

Or, the childhood best friends AU no one asked me for.

Sideways and Slantways  by iriswests

Isak gets stuck in an elevator with the one person he’s vowed never to speak to again. This eventually prompts a conversation long overdue, but not without the memories flooding his brain like a broken dam first.

The hot muffin thief by Bellakitse

There is a magical muffin at the café where Isak’s buddy Jonas works. It’s Isak’s lifeline, he has it every day and then one day some hot art hipster steals his muffin.

hey little firecracker, baby, tell me where you’ve been by gravinnen

Isak’s been so focused on Even’s birthday, he’s kind of forgotten Valentine’s Day is a thing that exists.

the end

*** will probably destroy you, and you’ll need years to recover. Also these are probably my top 5, so def recommend those but all the ones I have up here are amazing.

ALSO, so sorry if your favorite fic isn’t here. I probably just missed it or haven’t read it (if that’s the case, please do link ;) ) Anyway this list turned out longer than expected. 

BTS Reacts - Meeting A Cute Make-Up Stylist

Min Yoongi: Min Yoongi doesn’t say a word to you the whole time you’re brushing his eyelids. You don’t think much of his quiet attitude, because from what you’ve seen and heard, he isn’t one to talk much when he’s not in front of a camera. Yoongi does admit to himself that you’re very attractive, and he’s a bit apprehensive around you, because of your good-looks. He’s not sure if he can even muster the courage to talk to you - he doesn’t know if he’s going to bother you when you’re working, and he doesn’t want to be a nuisance to someone he wants to get to know better. You’re just about done with his make-up, when he finally speaks up. Yoongi doesn’t want this to be his last encounter with you.

“Hey, are you going to be my regular stylist from now on? I mean, I’m just curious. We should probably get to know each other better, if that’s the case.”

Kim Taehyung: Taehyung would do everything in his power to get your attention - you’re a fresh face backstage, and he’s completely unaware that you’re meant to be his new stylist. Your delightful appearance is undeniable to him - when you near him in dressing room, he introduces himself to you excitedly. Tae is great at making people feel right at home with him; so much so, that you don’t realize the time flying by. When you get up to finally get to work on his face, he gets visibly upset in his chair because he thinks you’re about to leave. You swivel his seat around to face the mirror, about to wipe a dollop of foundation on his forehead when he grabs your wrists, bursting out laughing; not realizing why exactly you’re standing so dangerously close to his face.

“W-What are you doing!?”
( Taehyung, I’m your new make-up artist, I have to start on you eventually! )
“… Huh? Really!? I thought you were just some cute staff member! Why didn’t you say something?”

Park Jimin: Jimin is timid at first when he’s greeted by the sight of a new make-up stylist. He’s not sure how to act around you, since he’s just met you. He doesn’t like it when someone is uncomfortable being with him - this sentiment rings strongest in this instance, especially since you’re going to be working on his make-up from here on out; he doesn’t want someone as comely as you, who’s obliged to pretty him up, feel like they can’t talk openly to him. Jimin won’t make any obvious advances - at least, not just yet - he’d like to get to know you as a friend, first. If he does flirt with you, he does so incrementally. Deciding to break the tension in the air, he bats his eyelashes at you while you do so, coyly smiling at you while you puff his reddened cheeks.

“Ah, you’re really doing a great job, ____________. I think I’m almost as pretty as you now!”

Kim Namjoon: Jungkook notices his hyung constantly staring at you as you ready your make-up equipment for the rapper. ‘Ah, Namjoon-hyung, do you think the new stylist is cute?’, asks the curious maknae. Taehyung stares at him expectantly, too. Namjoon turns to his group members in suspicion, however, he knows there’s no use hiding his thoughts; he’s a relatively bad liar, and they’re nosy beyond all compare. He nods in agreement, and as soon as you turn around to powder his skin, they yell Namjoon’s confession, startling you. The rapper shuts his eyes and chuckles anxiously, denying their claims. You end up joining in on the laughter anyway, even as they persistently tell you that Kim Namjoon has the hots for you.

“Aish, stop it, you morons - they’re trying to do their job! I hope you can get used to doing this with them around; they’re not going to stop teasing us.”

Jung Hoseok: He can’t believe that the person he was admiring from across the room is actually his new make-up artist; he can’t stop himself from blushing when you introduce yourself. He doesn’t know what he’s done to receive such good luck, to have someone like you get assigned to him. He breaks the ice with a bit of small talk first, which eventually escalates into tongue-in-cheek teasing, and it makes him happy to see you comfortable with him. Hobi knows he has to keep things professional between the two of you, but it doesn’t stop him from getting chummy with you often - you are too irresistible to him, not to. When you’re done, he indirectly compliments you, staring into the mirror before him as he facetiously asks:

“Oh my god, who is that handsome man staring right back at me!?”
( You giggle when he raises his two thumbs in approval with a large grin on him. )
“Let’s look forward to more shows together, okay, ____________?”

Kim Seokjin: Jin would be the most welcoming member of all. As soon as he lays his eyes on you, he’s immediately appeased by your loveliness. You drop your kit on the way to Seokjin, and he rushes over to help you. He smiles to himself when he touches your fingers occasionally, bumping hands with you when fumbling for your make-up. He jokes about your clumsiness while sneaking a glance at your pleasant face every so often. You tell him you’re sorry, which makes him laugh at how unnecessarily apologetic you are. Seokjin wants to make the best impression that he can on you, so that you can feel close to him immediately, not wanting a second wasted on being strangers. He waves cutely at you after helping you up, introducing himself innocently:

“Nice to meet you, ___________ - I’ll do my best as Bangtan’s visual with your make-up skills, so please take care of me!”

Jeon Jungkook: Even though Kook is all grown up, able to handle his shy self pretty well now, he still gets the jitters when he sees you approaching with a make-up brush in hand. You’re not the usual make-up noona that touches up his face. He may act the player in front of fans, but because he’s backstage, he has his guard down. His anxiety doubles when he realizes how adorable you are. The both of you introduce yourself without much trouble, but when you lean in to enhance his features, he gulps nervously. His heart is thumping wildly - how is he supposed to attend stages with you around to make him feel uptight just before a performance? He even has to call for one of his hyungs to distract him. Yoongi, who sits beside him while being primped, ignores the maknae completely. You pull away from Jungkook, asking him if he’s unhappy with his make-up.

“Wha-? Ah, no, you’re beautifu - I MEAN, IT’S beautiful! I just… nevermind, it’s nothing! Sorry!” 

Enjoy, anon! <3

{PART 15} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Jungkook decides to unleash the truth that he has kept locked inside his Pandora’s box. But you open up to him first; revealing something far worse than anything Jungkook could have ever imagined.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

{Part 1} //{Part 14} {Part 15} {Part 16}

Keep reading

Princess of Themyscira: Part 3

AN: I re-wrote this twice. I love how it turned out though.

Words: 1564

Part One, Part Two

    Your entire body aches, but you can’t find any anger for the feeling. It’s a good sort of pain, the kind that says your body has been worked and your muscles have been stretched. You might even go as far as to say it’s a good feeling.

    There’s just one little problem, there’s a mound of bodies lying on top of you, and sand sticking to your skin. An early morning training session had very quickly turned into an all day hunting game with you as the prey. The sheer fact that you had managed to evade this particular group of Amazons for hours on end was impressive and you knew it.

    Artemis, Io, Calyce, Hellene, and Euboea knew you better than almost anyone you’d ever met. The only exception would have had to have been your parents, and perhaps Alfred. This group of women had become your closest friends, they were your sisters; and the fact that they had done their very best to keep you distracted today meant the world to you.

    Eventually, the hurt turned to actual pain and you were forced to crawl out of the dog pile. Once you were free, you stood and turned to face your friends. They were just as dirty and sweaty as you were, and you were all covered in sand.

    But your heart is light and free, and that’s something to be said, especially on today of all days. “Well that was fun.”

    Artemis grins at you, “This is just the start, little sister! We still have the entire night!” You glance back at the others, at Io, Calyce, Hellene, and Euboea. They’re all smiling, but you can see the sadness there, hidden under their smiles.

    You take a deep breath and glance up at the sky, at the sunset, “Hard to believe it’s already been three years.”

    Euboea crawls over to you and places a hand on your shoulder, “Once enough time passes you’ll begin to lose the years, Little One. Time will pass seamlessly.”

    You smile at your mother’s old friend, and your new one. All of the women surrounding you had been friends with your mother. Had cared for her. Io had even loved her. You sometimes wondered if their devotion to you, their sisterhood, came out of obligation to your mother or out of caring for you.

    In the past three years, you had truly become one of the Amazons. They had accepted you, cared for you, and trained you. You were rarely alone, and no matter where their dedication came from, you loved your sisters.

You decide to change the subject, “I’m officially sick of the beach.”

Artemis smirks, “You love the beach,

you just hate the sand.”

“Fair enough.” Without another word,

you run straight for the water. The water is clear and cool, and the moment you’re underneath, the rest of the world vanishes. You have several seconds of perfect silence before there are five splashes, and you’re brought back.

You push above the water and take

a deep gulp of air, before slicking your hair back from your face. You stare at your laughing sisters before diving back under and rinsing the rest of the sand away.

You listen to them talk back and forth to each other for a while, before swimming back to shore. The long walk home is filled with talk about the previous day’s spars, and the feast being prepared for dinner. You listened a bit absentmindedly, adding input where you could, and doing your best to not show just how deep your thoughts were going.

    The six of you split up once you reach the city, so that you can bathe and change in time for the banquet that night. You make your way down the streets silently. You greet your fellow sisters, and watch as they interact. They laugh and talk, and seem so carefree that you can’t help but smile.

    Your home sits in the middle of the city, guarded by your mother’s royal guard. You’re given smiles at your return, and more than one chuckles at your appearance. Your grandmother is waiting for you, the amusement clear on her face. “Welcome home, my little moon and stars, I see you had an adventurous day.”  

    You smile, “To say the least. I am in dire need of a bath.”

    “One has been prepared for you, we will dine once you are finished.”

    Without another word, you make your way to the bathing area. There are a few other women there, guards and the sort. Any initial embarrassment you had felt at the beginning of your stay had disappeared in the first month. After three years, it is simply the norm now. You listen to the chatter, while enjoying the warmth of the water.

    It eases the aches and pains from the day, and you relish the sensation of the last of the sand being washed away. You’re the last one to leave, and on your way out, you catch of glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

You stare for a minute. Your body has become toned in the three years since you’d come to your new home. Muscle lines your arms and thighs, and your skin is littered with little scars from training mishaps, and such.

You realize that you look more like your mother now than you ever have before. You still favor your grandmothers in the looks department, but in your body shape and the way you carry yourself is all your mother. Then you narrow in on your eyes, and you smile, because you have your father’s eyes.

Turning away, you quickly dry yourself and dress in fresh clothes. The dress is light in the summer air, and smooth against your skin. Your grandmother and sisters are waiting for you in the dining hall. Most of Themyscira has turned out for the banquet. Your friends sit halfway down the table dressed in their best clothes. You take the seat to your grandmother’s right, and you wait.

Your grandmother stands, and the entire hall quiets. She gives you a small smile before she begins, “It has been three years since my daughter, our Diana left us for the last time. She left us in order to save Man’s World, a world she came to love. A world where she built a second home, and where she gave us my grand-daughter, your sister Y/N.”

There’s a pause as all eyes turn to you. You bow your head in acknowledgement, and she continues, “Though we have lost Diana, her spirit lives on in each of us, and she has left us with the wonderful blessing that is her daughter. In these three years, my grand-daughter has lived with us, trained with us, and become one of us. She is an Amazon, and Diana’s legacy. Tonight we eat and drink in the memory of our sister, my daughter, Diana, Princess of Themyscira.”

You raise your goblet in a toast before you take a sip. You listen to stories of your mother for the next several hours. You wait until the wine is gone and your sisters are lost in their memories before you slip away.

You slip into your room, and make your way to the locked trunk on the other side. You remove the key from around your neck and unlock it. Inside remains what few things you have of your past. Pictures, clothes, stuffed animals, home videos, the works. You slip out of the dress and put on your old workout clothes. You close and lock the trunk, before grabbing the bow and arrow in the corner of the room.

You slip out of the palace and through the deserted streets to the practice grounds. Finally alone, you allow yourself to remember. You remember your mother, your brothers, Alfred, your friends, and of course, your father. You can almost hear his voice as you move into your stance and shoot the first arrow.

You remember the family cookouts, playing at the station, cooking with Alfred, reading with your father, playing with your brothers, gardening with your mother. You remember Christmases and birthdays. You go through every memory you have, trying to remember every little detail.

Through the memories and the tears, you continue to shoot. Arrow after arrow, and they all hit dead center. When you’re out of arrows, and your breathing is staggered, you allow yourself to collapse. You sink to your knees, and you allow yourself to cry.

And when the tears disappear, you lie down on the ground and turn to the sky. You stare at the stars, and picture your parents looking down on you.

Your grandmother watches you from a distance. Her heart aches for you and the mother you’ve lost. It aches for the daughter she’s lost. Your friends come up behind her, but they don’t say anything.

“We’ve spent so many years reminiscing the Diana we knew that we have never given her the chance to tell us about the Diana she knew.”

Io’s voice is soft, “Would they really be so different, my Queen?”

“For Diana to leave us and fall in love with a man, I imagine they are two very different people. I, for one, am curious as to who she was when she was away from us. I think it is time we found out.” 

My whole school was going on a week long retreat. We were in groups of 10-15 with four or five parent and teacher chaperones. We were supposed to get to know each other and ourselves better, but most of us were just glad to get out of school.
My group (which consisted of the theater kids) was different. We only had one chaperone, and we had no idea who this guy was (he reminded me of Count Olaf but with no motivation).
We were locked up in his house all of the time, and he pretty much never even saw us. The only thing we had to eat for each meal was a ton of fruit and cakes made of hair. Needless to say, we ate a lot of fruit.
All we did was take pictures and videos as evidence to get this guy arrested or something. We didn’t do any of the group bonding activities but I think the whole thing brought us closer together.

  • Emma: Okay kid, let's take that canoeing trip.
  • Henry: Do you really think now is the best time for a canoeing trip?
  • Emma: Of course. I know how important it is to you. That's why we constantly mention our plans to go canoeing. Not a day goes by that we don't curse the newest villain for trying to destroy the town because it delays our chance to canoe.
  • Henry: When have we ever talked about canoeing?
  • Emma: This might be our only chance to go off and do this before Gideon regroups and attacks me again.
  • Henry: Was the canoeing trip even my idea?
  • Emma: Let's go make one last memory as mother and son before the forces of evil attack again and the show remembers that I'm the main character.
  • Henry: Oh! This is a plot dodging trip.
  • Emma: Obviously. And it would work a lot better if you played along.
  • Henry: You're still bringing your gun in case Gideon decides to poof in and attack us on the river though, right?
  • Emma: Of course.
  • Henry: Canoeing is my passion.
  • Emma: There we go.
café blues

genre: coffeeshop!au

star of the show: NCT’s Yuta

word count: 2,004 words

author’s note: the coffeeshop!au I said I wouldn’t write but then I saw Yuta and yeah… 

Originally posted by taei

opening line: “I’d mess up your order any day if that gives me a chance to talk to you whenever you come in for coffee.” 

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there really is no one size fits all when it comes to dating. that’s why it’s important to pay attention to your intuition and your spirit. you have to learn to trust yourself and be in a place where you can tell what is and isn’t right for you. you know better than anyone else whether or not the relationship can and will work. yes, you can listen to your instincts and get blind sighted when the person you love and trust hurts you. but even in that situation, you have to know what’s best for you so you know if you should stay or go. so much of dating is just knowing who you are and what you want and what you deserve. no one can give you that instinct but you. 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why do people hate ron weasley for having such human reactions? why can't they understand he was raised in near poverty and didn't feel like he had any special talents compared to his brothers? it's like people want realistic characters until they're presented with one. it would have been so boring if ron didn't have jealousy and doubt and faltering confidence. he could've been written off as a one-dimensional best friend character but that's not how life works. so many people can identify with ron, he adds a different level to the friendship that creates tension but also makes the golden trio way more meaningful because through all the crap they go through they are always together in the end. how on earth would a perfect, unrealistic ron be any better? and i'm not even done sit down we have at least 500 more pages to go, janice pull up a chair it's going to be a long night
Imagine: Kinda - Connor McDavid

Requested: Yes | No

Word Count: 639

Summary: You’re out at your bestfriend Connor’s cabin during the summer and you have a nightmare, you decide to crawl into bed with Connor and you find out something new about him. 

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I thought id share my own little protection/self love poppet i made last night. Ive been feeling pretty down on myself and wanted to make something to make me feel better all around.

This poppet has a cats head for my goddess Bast, feel free to use your own goddess. if you dont follow any goddess you could also carve a sigil on their back.

Material: white candle (or wax flakes) small stone to go with your situation, your own hair, white tread (or black) and herbs of your choice (for this one i used seasalt and sage, to block out negativity and help my spirituality grow.)
Before you begin do what ever ritual you have in place for yourself before spell work, i find that even while carving and molding it, its good to be in a spell mind state so you can put your purpose in

Light the candle until the wax is soft and melted, than behind the mold. I started with the head than body. Once your body is FINISHED carve a hole into the heart. Add your small stone. Its okay if the stone ends up more im the middle. (For my stone i used watermelon tourmaline). reshape it again until the body is smooth. (You may have to soften and reshape many times until satisfactory, this is not a quick little spell)

Next add your herbs! I slighty soften the chest on candle flame again so they would not fall out.

And now the important parts. Wrap your hair around the whole doll starting at the head. I went around the neck, arms and legs in a loop one time. Just make sure its going from head to toes. Soften wax again until hair dissapears, be careful not to singe it.
Next you will take your white or black thread depending on purpose. I used white for purity and protection, black will also work for protection. As you wrap the thread say something like
“Only i can undo the thread, only i can influence the doll” be very specific on what this doll is for. But above all MAKE SURE you say the thread is to bind it from outside unfluence, and that you are the owner. This is not a “voodoo” doll that you can prick and cause harm to. It is for protection. Be very clear when binding with the thread.

And thats it! Do what feels right for you and your practice, i just thought id share this because when i was looking to make my mini me doll, i didnt see any floating in the tags that were for GOOD purpose.

(To undo incase its needed) remove your hair. Every bit. So if you plan on making an only temporary doll do not melt hair into wax or its gonna be a b*tch

General things I’ve gathered from the seven-ish years I’ve been in choir

1. Nobody likes the sopranos

2. The sopranos don’t even like the sopranos

3. The only people that like sopranos are the ones that write the music and that one soprano that dominates the rest

4. The altos are never loud enough

5. But when they are, they’re the most beautiful sounding creatures and make the sopranos jealous of their rich tones

6. Basses hardly get the attention they deserve because their parts are so. dull. And yet they have the most work to do because singers barely know how to sight read and these basses have to read the goddamn bass cleft does anyone even understand that shit???

7. But you better believe everyone is going to pay attention when it’s just the basses practicing because holy shit have you heard a bass sing

8. No one knows how to sight read. Literally everyone is doing it by ear. And half the time, the sopranos don’t even have to sight read because they have the melody. Again. 

9. The tenors have the entire music industry catered to them, and yet they will always be secretly jealous of the basses

10. A first soprano will be offended if you demote her to second soprano for even one song. No one knows why. 

11. The choir director is always tired. And angry. And passive aggressive. Do not chew gum in front of them unless you want to be chewed on yourself. 

12. If you think having Christmas decorations being sold in November is ridiculous, don’t speak to someone in the choir. They have been practicing every Christmas carol since the first week of September. The Christmas Spirit does not exist for a choir soul. They are numb to it. 

13. Do not make the choir sing anything by Handel. That is a form of Torture. Please be kind to the choir. They’ve been through enough already.

14. Stay away from the piano. Especially if it’s a Steinway. Firstly, no one likes that one douchebag that plays Heart and Soul every goddamn time they touch the keys. Secondly, that’s a Steinway and the choir director will have a heart attack if it’s even slightly damaged. 

15. The most common phrase heard in choir is “SOPRANOS, NOT SO LOUD”

Fact: villain or hero/villain ships took over the Star Wars fandom at the same time as the cast of Star Wars becoming more diverse (and those villain or hero/villain ships are entirely white).

Also fact: those two things are related, which is proven when you look at other diverse works of fiction (or even any where there is a token poc who is the white lead’s love interest) and you find the exact same shit going on.

“It has nothing to do with racism!” is not an argument you can make.

“Umm, but, actually! There used to be smaller, much, much smaller villain and hero/villain ships before!” is not an argument.

Having internalized racism and refusing to try to better yourself means you’re a terrible person.

So, @Reylos, @Kyluxes, @Jynnics, and @other Rogue One villain ship shippers, it’s time to get out of the denial phase and start dealing with your problems.

“The first time I met Jack, I thought to myself: ‘Here’s a gay guy who’s not cynical, who’s not sarcastic, who enjoys life.’ He had so much energy. He was a fifth grade teacher and he’d always get so excited when he talked about his work. He’d produce these plays where he’d let the kids choose their own characters. He’d spend hours writing out their dialogue. And then I’d pretend to be one of the fathers and go sit in the audience. It was so fun. We had so much fun together. But the whole time we were dating, there was always part of me that thought I could do better. I was a fancy lawyer. Jack never seemed ‘cool enough’ for me. And so I left him for a gorgeous twenty-one year old. Jack and I remained friends. We even continued living together. But his therapist told him never to date me again. So he dated other people. And he got sick. Both of us got sick, but Jack was the one who died. And he might have lived if I hadn’t been such a bad person. If he’d been ‘enough’ for me, he’d never have gotten HIV. The funny thing is I’d grown up thinking that I’d never be loved. Then a wonderful person loved me. And I left him to have sex with somebody who wasn’t a wonderful person. Jack died thirty years ago. I dream about him almost every night. It always feels good to see him alive. For a moment, I don’t have to blame myself for his death. I usually ask him for forgiveness. And some nights he forgives me. But other nights he doesn’t.”