it worked out for the best i think

Yoosung, Zen, Jaehee, Jumin and Seven’s shirts

I was looking at random ideas for shirts at Pinterest and I just had to make this 😂😂

I don’t have an official blog or anything like that, I just thought it would be funny:


  • I headcanon he knows a lot about Disney stuff, he thinks every girl wants her Disney prince and he wanted to be prepared!! He saw this in a store when he was single and he thought how cute it would be to wear this with your family and now…

  • He’s so down for this! When MC showed him these shirts at the store he just had to buy them.

So cute!!! >///< ❤


  • I headcanon he works out with MC, there’s nothing better than doing something you love with someone you love~
  • It’s canon he’s not the best with technology… He knows a lot about the old stuff though.


  • Do I need to explain this? He would will treat MC as his queen and that lucky baby will be the prince(ss) of the world
  • He can be the father, husband, chairman and everything else, but the baby has as much power over him as MC, if not more

It’s so elegant and cute!!!!❤


  • A Sunday morning, our precious Jaehee and MC just chilling on the sofa watching one of Zen’s plays and wearing these shirts:
  • She would totally wear this with her daughter/son:


  • I headcanon they like to wear funny shirts, it became a thing between the two of them to give each other the most awesome shirt.
  • MC wakes up and doesn’t find him anywhere, there’s the white shirt and a letter on the table telling her to go to different places during the day and at the end he’s waiting for her wearing the black shirt and she finally gets it.
  • An afternoon after years of living together our dear hacker is just chilling at the couch and MC gives him a box, he asks if he forgot an anniversary or birthday but she just laughs and tells him to open it:

“You’ll have to wait nine months to wear it, but I just couldn’t resist to give it to you. Saeyoung… we’re having a baby”

I wanted to add V and maybe (just maybe) Saeran, but I can only put 10 images per post 😱💔 I will do a separate post for him(them?)

Oh and I’m learning English, if you notice any mistake please tell me :D

jack-not-jacque  asked:

Somewhat urgent: advice for people working with kids on coming out to/explaining trans-ness to parents and small children? A family I used to babysit for before my transition emailed me asking if I can sit again. I want to respond to them soon and explain in the email that I'm trans and using a different name and pronouns now. I'm scared they won't want me to sit after they know, and I don't think I could back pass my way through it since my voice had changed a lot.

Your best option is just to write a business friendly email explaining the situation and then asking them if they still need a baby sitter, putting the ball in their court. I can’t say what they’ll respond but whatever it is, it’s all on them.

A decent email could be:

“Hello —,

I would love to babysit for you again but I would like to inform you that since we have last spoken I have transitioned to male. My name is — and I go by –/– pronouns and I would kindly ask that you use these in reference to me. Would you still like a baby sitter? If so which days etc.”

- Michael

So, I’m listening to Spotify and this song came on I’ve never heard before and I’m listening to the lyrics and it struck me that this song would be a perfect Bughead breakup song.

Listen, don’t hate me, I DON’T WANT IT TO HAPPEN. But just read these lyrics - and think of Jughead Jones - and please don’t hate me.

I’ve seen you break yourself to build yourself up

You’re too hard on yourself, and now you’re throwing everything; everything we had it gone

I hope you find the one you need, so everything will be resolved

I hope you find the one you need to better yourself

Cause I always wanted  the best for you, so please don’t let anyone

Hold you down

It isn’t getting easier I tell myself it will all work out

But it’s becoming clearer now

You need me less than I need you

Cause I always wanted the best for you, so please don’t let anyone

Hold you down

And when things get better you grow old just know

I will always remember you

Cause I always wanted the best for you, so please don’t let anyone

Hold you down

- Hold You Down by Nick Wilson

One of the first things I did to help jumpstart my personal art training when I was just 12 years old, was copying by eye artwork by LionHeartCartoons, who drew a lot of Kim Possible fanart back around 2004 and 2005. I would pull up some of my favorite works of his, take out bit 12x18 pieces of paper, and try to copy the drawing as best I could. After doing that for over a year, my own art rapidly improved.

I still credit LionHeart, and the Kim Possible show itself for inspiring me to start drawing my own art and creating my own characters. I may not see his stuff much these days, but it still serves as inspiration to me, including the few animated pieces he did.

It’s surprising then to think that after all this time, this is the first drawing of Kim that I’ve ever done by myself. My character Tiffany was inspired by Kim, but I’ve never drawn Kim in any stand-alone piece. So I’m glad to have now done that. I’ve actually got a few crossover ideas I’m planning on trying, and some other ideas for Kim, Ron, and Drakken. So we’ll see what happens next.

I’ve been struggling with my social media presence lately. By that I mean I don’t know who I want to be on the internet. Obviously I want to be myself but I also don’t want to just shout into an empty void and it’s starting to take its toll.⠀

Do I share the image of a super popular book so my account receives a little attention? Do I just post whatever and hope for the best? I’d love to do the latter, to just share whatever and have it work the same as when I post more popular/recognizable stuff but that doesn’t happen and it kind of sucks.⠀

I don’t know, I’ve been questioning why I bother with social media sometimes. It stresses me out more often than not. I tend to just do my own thing but it’s been a struggle. I think the community as a whole (on here, on instagram, on twitter, etc) is in a bit of turmoil lately for all sorts of reasons and I’ve lost that spark, that desire, to put the effort in and stick around when I could be doing a million other things. Think I’m just in one massive slump. Blogging, reading, the whole deal.⠀

Alright, end… whatever that was. Just needed to vent.⠀

How are y'all doing? Anything exciting happening with you?

anonymous asked:

how skilled do you think tom is with his mouth because part of me wants to say he's a clumsy dork and while he's going down on you he would just goof around and hope it all works out but sometimes i think he's gotta be talented bc he seems like the type to try to be the best at everything he does and won't quit until he's got you shaking and screaming

I think a combination of these things like I think he probably would really try to impress the first time but then like in a relationship he’d sometimes goof around and make you laugh and also like experiment to see what you reacted best to. but he definitely cares a LOT about making you feel great like both bc he loves you and bc it feeds his ego lol so a lot of the time once he’d figured out what you like he would just grip your hips and go to town

anonymous asked:

My boyfriend said he needed a break to find himself and who he is without me and said that he wouldn’t look for anyone else cause he doesn’t want a relationship right now but one of my friends found him on dating apps. I still really love him because we’ve been together for 3 years and I don’t want to start over and lose him. What do I do?

I’d say that you have to just trust him but I know how a mind will only think what it wants. I would take this time to find yourself too, see who you are as a person and what you really want, what life without him is like, and just try to live as best as you can with these new feelings. If it all works out then it will, but you have to prepare for the worst just in case too 

mosaicbrokenheartx  asked:

I want to lose 13 kg / 29 lbs by January. I'm not planning on fasting or anything, just consuming about 1100 - 1200 cal every day, and working out of course. Do you think it's an unrealistic goal?

your goal is very realistic! losing 3 - 5 kgs each month may be hard but as long as you stay focused and work hard for your goals you can definitely do it. 

i wish you the best 💙

I relate to Keith because I too am an autistic person who’s had a late diagnosis, is bad with social stuff, doesn’t get memes, has analogous issues to his abandonment ones and few friends, and tends to default to my gut instinctive reactions without thinking about what’ll happen after that, and I haven’t shown outright obvious interest in anyone, despite what anyone else says on the matter. I know what it’s like to be told you aren’t doing enough, or that you aren’t participating enough, when this wasn’t what I wanted in the first place.

I relate to Lance because I too have ADHD that makes me blurt things out sometimes without thinking, not always the best at math, constantly feeling like I have to measure up to other people, still figuring out my thing because I still don’t think I’ve found it yet (I’m hoping I will soon, though, or that something will work out, like it did for him). I like to present myself as more capable of hanging out with people than I actually am (though Lance is better at this), there’s a tendency we have to ramble on at practical if not outright strangers, and if we want someone to love it’s going to be for the long haul.

I relate to Lotor because I learned from a young age that the authority figures in my life couldn’t always be trusted, I have trust issues with pretty much anyone else I interact with. I don’t have claustrophobia, I have a phobia of being trapped, and I will literally destroy the entirety of whatever’s keeping me trapped in order to free myself. I, too, would actively choose drastic situations of my own volition in order to not be anywhere near certain people or places ever again. I relate because I know that feeling of being so very alone, and not knowing who is safe to turn to. He’s also someone who tends to go for mercy and (comparatively, at least) kindness in a world that punishes those who aren’t callous and those who don’t serve the state. 

My experiences, disabilities and personality don’t always match up perfectly, but then I’m not attempting to say I ‘am’ any of these characters, because they’re different people. But they’re relatable to me. 

I want to talk about personal stuff on here, but I haven’t for so long, and I don’t even know where to fucking begin, soooooo….

Things I’ve been thinking about recently:
-Active Imagination (as referenced in Inner Work by R Johnson…highly recommend)
-buying land and/or a house again someday
-writing things down more
-getting out of the grocery store job
-how to best give love without being a martyr

Don’t be fooled by his peaceful appearance- he’s probably playing the spongebob campfire song™ on repeat

mavelon  asked:

Any tips on how to do poses or body proportions?

Oh boy, I struggle with that too tbh! What I do is look at references and often go for a feeling like “this looks nice” and be my own critique.

I don’t do this that often anymore but you can try to decompose in geometric shapes/basic lines some poses you find interesting (either be in the internet or magazines~) what I think helps the most it’s the movement lines which, I drew red in these examples~~

Proportions may be the basics but those can be different for each drawing style, still I do recommend to study some anatomy and practice a lot!! Try to start with something simple and not to complicated like some torso pics and don’t be afraid to look at references or to do mistakes, we all are learning so it’s totally ok!

Here more stuff and as you may notice, not all of them have the same proportions but somehow they look “proportional” and since I’m still not confident enough in complicated poses, these are some simple ones :3

Also you can try simple skeletons with just circles and lines, then you can start building the pose from that.

Hope this helps you! I’m not that good explaining things

The Signs as People I’ve Known

Aries: She was the epitome of a free spirit. Her blunt and aggressive personality wore on me at times, but she was a genuine person who struggled in her mind more than she let show. She could kick anyone’s ass, and she knew it.

Taurus: The first guy I hooked up with in college that was actually good. Short with broad shoulders, he was intimidating in public, but a vulnerable romantic in private. He was hard to connect with, but he continued to pop up here and there. I think he’s a newscaster now.

Gemini: My favorite teacher of all time. Junior English and Journalism, which I had back to back. She taught me the importance of writing through the blocks. We’re now good friends years later. She told me I changed her life as a student. She inspires me to this day.

Cancer: She’s obsessed with history, the moon, and nature. I met her on the first day of high school and we’ve been friends ever since. A Leslie Knope type. I consider her my family. A giant nerd with a lot of love to give. Crazy hair and wears her heart on her sleeve. She likes to dance on the roof with her cat.

Leo: He married one of my best friends, a redneck with a giant heart. He’s a ‘straight’ white male redneck from Virginia who loves drag race, admits everyone’s a little gay, and would literally do anything for his wife. He can fix anything, or will drive everyone crazy trying. One of the shyest guys I know at first.

Virgo: My momma. I’m biased, but everyone agree she’s probably the most selfless hard working person I know. Shes prone to disappear without warning, but she deserves it after spending every day helping people. She’d be happy living in a shack in the mountains as long as she could see her loved ones.

Libra: My first best friend, we spent every weekend together playing pretend and video games. He encouraged me to be myself and to do what I love. He was always taller than me, and had a new girlfriend every few months.

Scorpio: I met her my first night working at forever21. She was genuinely the most beautiful woman I’d ever met, and still is. Me and her would be stationed by the front doors to intimidate shoplifters with our Scorpio glare. She went on to be a fitness guru in California living the most aesthetic ass life ever.

Sagittarius: This is the bitch you want on your side in an argument. If Daria was done by Disney, she’d be it. Art ho and owns it. She’s an underrated fashion icon and scrapbooking addict. A walking contradiction, and I can relate to that. Just wants to hold tiny animals and talk shit about your enemies while watching YouTube poop.

Capricorn: One of my dearest friends who moved away. Prone to bad choices, she was born a rebel. She can pull of any look, and probably has. Most woke friend in the group. Covered in freckles. She has pet rabbits she treats better than herself and most people. Extremely difficult to read sometimes.

Aquarius: We go way back, and he is the wildest craziest fucker I’ve ever known. From sexual escapades, possibly not legal ventures, and his encyclopedia-like knowledge of film and music, he’s an enigma unlike any other being on earth. Tall and lanky with a perpetual baby face. Don’t pick up his phone call if you don’t have at least half an hour to lose.

Pisces: The best sex I’ve ever had, and one of the dreamiest souls ever. He keeps a lot to himself, but randomly his emotions and thoughts would pour out at 3am. He has a beautiful voice, and is really well liked. Works well with kids too! The ideal boyfriend on paper, but we both agreed that’s not in our cards. I was lying, but I don’t think he was. Hates social media, but loves social gatherings.

And we’re back with another collab swoot, this time with @dimfann!

Dim is one of those artists that every time I see them draw anything I’m just totally mystified. Real talk, a big reason why I switched over from doing painterly stuff to doing colored sketches like this is because of Dim and @verulence. I’m completely infatuated by their volumes, and the past year has basically been just me trying to catch up to that crazy high standard they set. Very excited I got to work on this one (Sorry for making you wait so long on it though Dim lol, school gets in the way). I think I learned a good deal from this, especially about staying loose, it really opens up some expression stuff.

In other notes beyond me geeking out over Dim’s crazy volumes, if you get a fallout vibe that’s my 🅱. Granted the jacket colors were inspired by fallout but it’s not really supposed to be an explicit reference. Also no cutie mark is best cutie mark fight me.

bin-of-gayness  asked:

Another prompt, sorry I’m sending you another one but I just thought of this, Keith listening to Lance and Allura’s Allurance moment over the comms in the new defender and getting hurt and jealous because he thinks Lance is replacing him or something??

Hey so I’m not going to do exactly this prompt, but I like the idea of Keith noticing Lance and Allura growing closer, so he starts to feel sad and insecure about potentially losing what small chance he had with Lance. So here’s that!

Keith pilots his ship into the caste’s hangar with the adrenaline of their recent fight still coursing through his veins. His uneasiness over his near-death experience has been temporarily forgotten as he prepares himself to see his friends again. He knows they’re alive, but he won’t feel calm until he can see them with his own eyes. Touch them. Hear their voices without the aid of communicators.

Keith fumbles with his seat belt before he launches himself out of the ship and into the castle’s halls. He still remembers its complicated layout like he was here yesterday. His heavy footfalls clang against the metal floor. 

He reaches the armoury at the same time as the other paladins. Shirt has ripped and is almost back in his civvies. Hunk is giving Pidge a congratulatory pat on the shoulder.


But Keith is cut off by the sounds of whooping echoing through the halls. Allura jogs into the room and Lance sprints in from the other side.

“Allura!” He calls. Even underneath his helmet his brilliant smile is visible. Allura laughs and prepares herself.

Lance whips her up into his arms, spinning her around and laughing. She clings tightly to his neck and kicks out her feet.

“You did so well!” Lance slows down and starts to slowly set Allura’s feet on the ground. He continue to hold onto her waist as she removes her helmet. A few strands of hair have been loosened from her bun, but she otherwise looks perfect.

“I knew you could do it! Didn’t I say? Aren’t I always right?” Lance moves his hands to Alura’s shoulders and shakes her good naturedly. Allura laughs and reaches out remove Lance’s helmet for him. 

“Well I couldn’t have done it without you.” She smiles. Lance flushes.

“Aw nah, that was all you I promise.” He nervously rubs behind his neck.

“Even so, Lance…” Allura steps closer and passes him his helmet. Their fingers touch when Lance takes it.

“Thank you.” Allura says seriously. “For believing in me.”

Lance blinks. He’s surprised at the Princess’ gratitude, and isn’t sure how to respond. His open mouth quickly slips into an easy smile. 

“You’re amazing, Allura. I’ll never doubt you for a second.” His voice is low and intimate.

Allura’s cheeks grow dark. She forces Lance’s helmet into his grip and quickly lets go. 

“R…right well uh…” She stammers. Lance laughs and scoops her into a big hug before she can protest. Allura stiffens, then relaxes into the embrace. 

“I knew Blue chose the right person.” Lance sighs. Allura grips Lance tighter.

“My father would definitely approve of you, Lance.” She smiles and the two begin to separate. The air between them is warm.

Keith’s gut feels icy. He stares, transfixed on the spot. He can’t bring himself to emerge from the shadows.

Allura coughs. Lance casts his eyes down.

“We need to get ready…”

“Yes, the Blades of Marmara will be docking soon so…” Allura’s eyes flit sideways and she does a double take as she makes out a figure in the shadows. She jumps slightly, then relaxes when she realises who it is.


The room falls silent. Everyone’s eyes move over to where Keith hangs in the dark. His hood is still up, but his face is exposed. He holds up a weak hand in a wave.

“Uh… h…hey,” He steps into the room. Lance lights up. Keith hates how it makes his stomach flutter. 

“Keith! How long…?”

“Guys, Kolivan and Captain Olia have docked. We need to meet them in the common room in five.” Shiro announces. Everyone starts to file out of the room, except for Lance. When Keith moves past, Lance reaches out and tugs him back to his side. 

“We’ll catch up in a bit.” Lance calls. Shiro nods and continues to move out.

When the room has grown quiet, Lance turns to Keith with a beaming smile.

“Hey man! How are you?”

Keith stares at him with a skeptical glare.

“You kept me behind for that?” 

C’mon, I know as soon as we walk through these doors you’re going to get swept up in blades junk and it’s gonna be all ‘Lotor this’ and ‘Knowledge or death’ that.” Lance talks animatedly with his arms. It makes Keith smile.

“I’m fine.” He sighs.

“Yeah? We appreciated your cannon work out there. Some real nice shots.” Lance punches him in the bicep. “Though of course, I think you should leave the shooting to the best shot next time, ok?” He winks. Keith rolls his eyes with a grin.

“Sure thing. Though it looked like you had your hands full.” Keith chuckles. “Wandering into that mine field and all.”

“Hey, hey I’m just an arm now!” Lance holds up his hands defensively. “And oh man! Did you see how Allura froze them all! Man it was so easy once she…”

“She’s really great.” Keith interrupts suddenly. Lance is taken aback.

He stares at Keith’s unreadable expression. He looks calculatingly calm. Like he’s intentionally trying to look blank. 

“Hey…” Lance steps forward. “You ok?”

“Fine.” Keith sighs. Lance’s eyebrows scrunch together.

“Are you… listen if you’re jealous because Allura has cooler moves than you…”

“She doesn’t have…”

“Just come back. If you wanna be a big hero again, just come back.” Lance states. Frustration taints his words. Keith shakes his head.

“That’s not it. I’m sorry. You two….” He closes his eyes and steals himself. He relaxes into a sad smile.

“You two make a good team.” He states.

The words sink in Lance’s stomach. Keith goes to move past him, but Lance’s grip is on him again. He almost loses his sense of balance as he is yanked into a crushing embrace. Lance’s breath is warm on his ear.

“Hey,” Lance speaks quietly. His grip on Keith is bruising, but Keith doesn’t pull away. Instead his nails begin to dig into the soft body suit Lance wears underneath his armour.

“I’m your right hand man. Don’t forget that.” 

Keith nods. He doesn’t dare to open his mouth out of fear of all the confessions that may come pouring out. 

How To Send Dreams 💤

This post explains how to send a dream to another person. I’ve done this before many times and it’s always worked for me. I’m not here to boss anyone around, but it’s best to get permission to do it first. If not, that’s on you.

  • Read this post I made about energy work. (x) You’re going to want a little experience with energy work if you want to do this, otherwise it won’t work.
  • Print out a picture or pull up a picture on your phone of the person you wish to send the dream to.
  • Create a ball of energy in your hand. Infuse the ball of energy with images or words by thinking it, then imagining the thought or word going down your arm from your head, into the ball of energy.
  • Slowly push the ball of energy into the picture while imagining that you are in front of that person and physically putting it into their head. Do your best to feel yourself doing it.

Feel free to send me an ask on how it works for you or if you have any questions! :)

~ Eris
Not A Joke - Soulmate AU! Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Soulmate tattoo - Your soulmates birthdays appears on your body. Imagine being a young adult in the year 2017 and having ‘March 10th, 1917’ written on your arm (REQUEST BY ANON)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: None, really ! Enjoy,,,,

Word count: 2K

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A/N: Requests are open and I absolutely am open to anything! I love speaking to you guys and receiving any type of feed back so please don’t hesitate to send an ask or message (:


March 10th, 1917
She didn’t get it; nobody did. How could she, a woman that lived in the year 2017, have a soulmate that is 100 years old? She always thought it was a painful joke. Everyone around her had years written on their wrist, arms, legs, you name it. But from the year 1917? No. She was the only one. The one who had a joke for a soulmate.

Yeah, sure, maybe there was one old man still kickin’ it out there, but there was no chance in hell she’d marry him. There was no chance she’d put herself in that type of predicament, therefore, her tattoo was a joke.

It pissed her off, beyond what anyone could imagine. Everyday, she was reminded by the date, the date tattooed in the crease of her arm. It pissed her off because she wasn’t the type that normally attracted anyone. She wasn’t the one for love, or so that’s what she thought. Nobody was really interested in her, and the only chance of someone liking her was for a laugh.

She was deep in her thoughts when someone brought her back to reality.

“Hey, (Y/N)! Don’t want to be caught dozing off on the job, do you?” Her friend, Austin, threw a hacky sack at her arm.

Laughing, she picked it up and swung it back at him. “You need these for the customers! Don’t go throwing them at your friends!”

He swiftly grabbed the toy before setting it on the small counter. There were a handful of booths in the amusement park, and they just had to make him watch over the ones with miniature bing bags.

While Austin was taking over the booth called ‘Tin Can Toss’, she was in charge of the ‘I Can Guess Your Weight/Age!’ game. She hated it, really, but she had to make money some how, and for her it was guessing something she didn’t nearly care about.

It’s not that it was boring, but it was stupid. They had her take special classes, 45 minutes a day wasted on learning what was the best way to guess someone’s age or weight. Sure, she’d rather be working at a Starbucks or any old candy store, but for now she was stuck on a guessing game.

“Keep an eye out, I think that group over there is planning on playing your game” Austin spoke up, pointing in the direction behind her.

She looked over her shoulder and groaned. Three guys and girl were leaning up against a fence that surrounded the carousel nearby, their eyes stuck on the booth you sat in. A darker male was laughing loudly, nudging another man with long brown hair your way.

“Nah, they’re just laughing at how stupid the game is.”

“I don’t know, (Y/N). I think they’re coming!” He nodded his head in their direction, clearly pointing out that the group was making their way toward you.

She practically whined at her friend before turning towards the customers with a fake smile.

“Hello! Plan on playing?” She kept that fake smile plastered on her face, observing each and every one of them.

“Yeah, actually, my friend here wants you to guess his age.” The darker man from before clamped his hands on the back of the brunettes shoulders, pushing him even closer to her.

“Oh, yeah? Alright, let’s give it a go! It’ll just be 5 dollars.” She watched as the third man dug his wallet out of his pocket. After a few moments, he handed her the bill and she stuck it in the apron around her waist.

“Okay, so let’s see.” She walked toward the shy man, looking him up and down, studying his facial features and body shape. “You don’t mind if I just… awkward check you out, right? I promise, it’s part of the job.”

He smiled, chuckling silently. His eyes observed the woman before him, watching her study his body as if it were an art piece in a gallery.

“Well, before I guess, remember that if I’m 2 years off, it counts. Alright?” She crossed her arms, thinking one last time before receiving a nod from the male.

“Okay, give it your best.” His friends behind him laughed, covering their mouths. She knew something wasn’t right, but she didn’t know what. The whole group was acting weird. Why were they acting weird?

“28.” She shrugged her shoulders, wrinkling her eyes in uncertainty. She watched them as they held their laughter in, trying not to seem like they were laughing at her guess.

“Way off?” She dropped her arms, sighing. “I’m new to this job. I lost, go ahead and grab a prize.” She placed a hand on her hip, the other rubbing her face as she closed her eyes.

“Don’t even want to know my actual age?” He hesitantly stood there, looking back at his friend, then returning his gaze back at her.

“To see how much I failed? Nah, I’ll pass.” She smiled while doubting herself, watching the man rub his stubble.

“You technically are around that age physically, Bucky. Cut her some slack, she was right.” The blond friend set his hand on Buckys shoulder.

She furrowed her eyebrows, giving a confused smile. “Whatever that’s suppose to mean.”

He looked back at his friends, receiving an ‘approval’ nod. Not only did she notice, but she was even more confused as she was before.

“Well, I don’t know how to say this but,” He trailed off, looking behind him at his blond friend again. She could tell he was looking for reassurance, but not what for. “I’m 100 years old. My body looks around 28 years old, but technically I’m 100.”

She put on a humorous smile, looking over at Austin who was eavesdropping from the booth. He hid his laugh, shrugging at her.

“100? Glad I know someone around the same age, I’m 97.” She held her hand out at Bucky, smiling mischievously while he gave her a serious look.

“Don’t believe me?” She dropped he hand, rolling her eyes at how serious he was taking the act.

“Why would I? There is no way in hell you’re 100 years old. You don’t even look old enough to have your own children.” She leaned against the back of the booth, crossing her arms and laughing dryly.

“He’s not lying.” The friend from earlier walked forward, setting his hand on Buckys shoulder. “Ever heard of Captain America?”

She continued to stare strangely at the men, wondering why they’re even telling her this. Even if they were telling the truth, why go as far as this to prove it to her?

“Steve Rogers, the face of America! A man who was frozen in ice, brought back, and now works for the Avengers or something. Are you telling me you’re Captain America?” She sarcastically explained, rubbing her eyes, and growing tired of the conversation. None of it made sense to her, and she didn’t care anyways.

“Well, I am. This here is my friend Bucky.” The blond claimed, staring at her as if not an ounce of what he said was a lie.

She leaned her head back, looking at the sky.
Great, (Y/N). Here you are, sitting at a worthless booth being told this man is 100 years old and is best friends with Captain America.

“Okay, but why are you telling me this?” She straightened her back, grabbing the nearby water bottle and taking a long drink.

“We walked past this booth earlier, and uh,” He trailed off, looking towards the darker man that had kept quiet this whole time. “My friend, Sam, noticed your arm.”

“My arm?” She looked down at her arm, seeing nothing out of the ordinary.

“Well, it says the 10th of March, 1917.” His finger pointed toward the part of your arm which had the birthdate of your soulmate.

“You’re not implying that-“

“Is your birthday (DD/MM/1989)? That’s all I want to know.” Bucky cut her off, staring at her arm and then into her eyes. “I just want to make for sure.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” She furrowed her eyebrows, staring at the floor. There was no way he was he soulmate, this made no sense.

She took a deep breath, accepting the situation and began to believe it. Why would they lie about this? It had to be true, right?

“All this time I thought I was going to be this old mans soulmate. There’s no way! This has to be a joke!” She ran her hands through her hair, looking over at her friend for support. He shrugged his shoulders before giving her a smile that basically said ‘it’s all on you’.

She inhaled deeply, staring at the blue-eyed man in front of her. “If you are my soulmate, then this whole time I actually had one, and it wasn’t some old man on life support. Holy shit! I can’t believe this! I never thought this day would come! I think I’m actually-“

“Calm down, Doll.” His voice spoke deeply to her, calming her down instantly. “Breathe. Just breathe.”

She slowly nodded, taking in a deep breath and calming her heart beat.

Someone scoffed loudly behind him, speaking up in a humorous voice. “Don’t tell her to calm down, you were practically the same way before we calmed you down and brought you over here.”

Bucky rolled his eyes, looking behind him and slapping the mans arm, receiving a troublesome grin. “Sam. You’ve stayed quiet, and then you decided to speak at the worse time?”

Bucky turned back to her, looking at her arm once again before pulling his left sleeve up. “I always thought that God put a date from many generations after me on my arm as a joke. As if I couldn’t love anyone from my own generation. I surrounded myself with different woman, hoping to just prove to myself that I could love someone. Then I lost my arm, and for the longest I couldn’t remember the date that was printed there.”

“Your arm-“ She instantly grabbed his left arm, holding it in her hands and admiring the metal blades. She would have felt sorry, but she somewhat found it amazing. “You can use this as your arm? How is that possible?”

She traced her fingers against the patterns on his arm, holding them strongly in her grip as if it was as fragile as a glass plate.

“Maybe you can explain it to her over dinner tonight.” The woman finally spoke up, giving you both a smirk.

Bucky looked over his shoulder, laughing at what she had said “Did you just hit on her for me?”

“Someone had to do it.”

“Agreed” Steve spoke up, earning a nod from Sam.

“Keep in mind that you were the back alley kid once.” Bucky shook his head before pulling his sleeve back down and shoving his hands into his pockets.

Steve walked up, giving him a pat on the back. “Hey, I’ll leave you two alone for now. Call me when you’re ready.

They shared a smile before exchanging a few words, and parting ways. The three traveled to a food stand across the walkway, slowly watching them both out of the corner of their eyes.

He began to speak, trying to start a small conversation and learn the basics but he kept noticing the obvious glances from across the park.

“Obvious, aren’t they?” He looked across the area, watching them as they quickly look the other way as if they weren’t staring moments before.


He smiled awkwardly before hesitantly holding out his human arm towards her. She gave him a confusing, but humorous look before slowly accepting it and shaking.

“Sorry, I just never got to introduce myself properly. Bucky Barnes, well, James Barnes. I’d like to go by Bucky though.”

“I kinda like James, I don’t know.” She teased, giving him a quick wink and setting her hands on her hips. “Nice to meet you, bucky.”

“C’mon now, Darlin’. I need a name in return.” He sheepishly smiled at her, receiving a blush and an awkward smile.

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