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“Ready?,” Lance grins as he steps out of the bathroom, fully dressed in the costume he’s spent all week preparing for Allura’s upcoming Halloween party. “What do you think?,” he asks, giving a little twirl and striking a pose afterwards, hands on his hips, chin over his shoulder, somehow managing to tilt his hips backwards so that his butt would be accentuated.

Kolivan lifts his gaze from his book, lowering it onto his lap as he studies Lance from head to toe. He looks breathtaking. Tempting. Like a strawberry dipped in cream on the top layer of a chocolate cake.

“You make a beautiful Morticia,” he says then, still letting his eyes travel the expanse of Lance’s long leg that can be seen thanks to the slit in the dress’ skirt. Chuckling a bit, he sets the book aside as he stands up, walking towards the other, “I don’t think I’ll be able to leave your side all night long.”

“Really?,” Lance’s eyes shine with mirth while he extends one arm towards Kolivan’s direction, who in turn holds his hand carefully and begins pressing kisses over his wrist, slowly working his way up to Lance’s shoulder.

“I also think you were aiming for that.”

Lance’s laughter warms Kolivan’s chest.

“You are right about that.”

  • Interviewer: One of you once stated that your lyrics are autobiographical. That there is a certain degree of self-contempt, since [you] are part of the world's problems just like everyone else...[W]hen did you give up the hope that you could change the world?
  • Omega: I can change the world everyday, and you can too, you know? I wouldn't say it's hopeless. Of course it's not. Otherwise, why live on? Everything, every day is a struggle. If I didn't want to change anything in that, why live another minute?
  • Interviewer: [laughs] Tragic.
  • Omega: No, no. It's not tragic. Everyone's got to struggle a bit.

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