it wont let me delete them either

who am i...?

… you know who i am, right?

this is me; i draw myself a lot with a look and style that can be distinguished from other people. i try and make myself stand out, but only because its actually who i am irl. my main purpose for looking like who i am is because its the look im comfortable with, and the look that shows who i really am inside.

i have built up my look for the past 5+ years to be who i am today.

for a little trivia for you guys who dont understand why these looks are important to me:

  • i created this ahoge way before my hetalia craze
  • my hairstyle is, i admit, based off of aph husband america (because i love him ok-) but its how i base my irl hairstyle off of because it represents me
  • my underlashes are a style that i built on my own, with some inspiration from other artists, and one that i tend to draw on a lot of my characters a lot
  • this motherfuckin’ bowtie has a really long (almost tragic) backstory to my real life that is kinda hard to talk about but tl;dr means a whole lot to me and all you need to know is that my irl bowtie means way too much to me to be a fucking trend-setter.

whats the point of this post, you ask..?

you have herd of art theft and tracing right? yes, this is one of those posts. i wish i didnt have to do this, but i have no choice but to make this clear right now before it happens again.

there is a reason why i semi-left deviantART and why i post most of my stuff here now. there have been countless events of tracing/art theft on my deviantART that makes me wanna gag. but i let them go because i was nice about it at the time. but i wont be from here on out.

to cut to the crap, i wont name any names because they either deleted their account or apologized, there has been a recent incident where ME AS A PERSON/my “internet persona” has been outright taken. here is my point:

fIRST OF ALL: in the point mentioned above, it all looks like it has been HEAVILY “influenced” my my style of drawing and me and my gf’s ACTUAL SELVES. we both first thought their gallery was full of just “fanart” of me and her, but when we read the desc.’s it was “supposed” to be “them and their gf”??? plus their coloring style and other styles of drawing look really really similar to my way of doing things and it just doesnt seem right,

i wont get into the nitty gritty because you can tell just by this that our designs of our actual irl selves were taken and claimed as their actual own selves.

its kinda awkward, because these arnt just our “oc’s”. THIS IS HOW WE ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE.

this is my gf, with all the stand-out qualities that make her, well, herself. we draw each other a lot, so there is no arguing that our faces are everywhere in our galleries. but seriously? i dont think anyone looks exactly like us and are happening to be dating also? weird…

sure, we dye and cut our hair a lot recently, but these are OUR staple looks overall. we might update how we actually look as of the present moment, but these are the designs we have made clear are US.

and for another piece of evidence i would like to show you is one that is actual tracing/copying w/o permission:

this sketch is in the depths of my tumblr posts, but it is myself as a gemsona, with my signature looks and everything, so its hard to believe that this person (who is following me and my gf’s accounts) “happened” to draw the same post w/ the same clothing folds and hands and hair and ahoge and EVERYTHING??? this is inexcusable.

this shit isnt the first time this has happened, as i have stated b4, but i never acted upon it because they either ran away or i let it go:

this is just an example… out of many. not just tracing, but outright stealing the way i made myself look.

these acts of theft are really offensive to me, because as i stated:

i am not an oc. i am not a character to be stolen. i am not a design to be tampered with by simply changing the eye color.


any other type of fucking with me and my art would have been settled privately, but this is crossing the line. i wont let anyone take away my identity. this is personal.

so to try and make this abso-fucking-lutaly clear to any future offenders: