it wont leave my head

i really wanna write a sterek au where stiles gets turned into a fox after the nogitsune, like scott has to bite him to save him and then on the next full moon stiles turns into a fox, but he gets so scared that he’s dreaming again and that he’s still stuck in his head that he freaks out and gets stuck as a fox and runs into the woods and just kinda disappears for awhile.

and maybe its a long time. maybe months and months and then one day the sheriff shows up at Derek’s door. because he knows derek still goes into the woods everyday, looking for his son, looking for stiles. and he tells derek that he had a dream or something, about this place in the woods that he used to take stiles and his mom when stiles was a little one. and so he and derek go out there, and they find a hyper little red fox running around, chasing birds away from his space. and Derek and John just smile. and the fox looks at them and runs over immediately, rubbing it face all over John’s legs. and then it kind of freezes and starts whimper. and John probably doesn’t know what to do, or how to help. But derek does.

so he just bends down and picks the little fox up and hold it to his chest and says “it’s okay stiles. i got you. we got you. let’s go home.” and he looks at the sheriff and says “We found him. We’ll figure the rest out later.” and john swallows hard around his tears and follows derek and stiles back to the car. they spend the next weeks (or months) trying to get stiles to shift back. and maybe derek takes him outside and shifts into his wolf and they play like that for hours and hours and hours. and eventually Stiles comes back. He comes back to his dad. And he comes back to Derek.


!headcanons I need to happen!

betty playing with jugheads fingers when she is bored

jughead giving her those cute feather kisses 

betty calling jughead romeo 

playing with his suspenders when they are hanging down (thanks to a fanfic for that idea thAT WONT LEAVE MY HEAD NOW)

raspberries on stomach (dont ask)

 jughead standing as close as possible to betty because she turned into a security blanket (help)

 only feeling comfortable with betty seeing him without his beanie crown

✗ “Why are you staring at me?” “Because you're beautiful” 

acting really shy/awkward and cute around the rest of the gang because they don’t know

✗ jughead kissing betty to give her a ‘light bulb’ moment when he really just wanted to kiss her

✗  jughead sneaking into betty’s room at night with a ladder he stole from archie’s house

 archie speaking about how his ladder went missing, jughead and betty acting concerned but give eachother side glances


An idea popped into my head and now it wont leave. I need someone to draw Steve with Diana on one of those little kiddie backpack leashes you see parents have on their kids when they’re at the zoo, because 50% of the movie was Steve desperately trying to keep track of Diana.

I have this idea in my head, it wont leave me alone… Maybe someone is writing it already, please, please don’t laugh at me 😂

OK.. So there is Detective Trevelyan from Skyhold department with her colleagues Pavus and Bull. They try to solve a case, explosion at the Conclave. Detectives Rutherford and Theirin from Denerim, and also detective Pentaghast from Nevarra county.

And what about special agent Arainai from FBI, Crows unit and special agent Nightingale from CIA. Along with special analyst Sera and Josephine Montilyet from General attorneys office. There is also a very annoying journalist Varric Tethras from Kirkwall News..

Am I going crazy… ?😷