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Big day for PST! One of our organizers received this letter from the MLB today!

Someone is seeing our letters and postcards. The biggest someone in Major League Baseball is seeing our letters and postcards. 

 Keep. Writing. 

 Your voice matters.  

 You’re making a difference.


I love this teasing tone Peggy uses with Angie sometimes (◡‿◡✿)

Modern Cullen AU

Started! Have a read of the beginning here…..I am writing right now and he’s about to meet Leaena for the first time <3 this is a slow burn with some angst thanks to exes who won’t stay exes and I can’t wait to write it :D The flow is there after so many months of nothing wooooooo

Cullen stretched his legs under the dining table, yawned and looked around with satisfaction at his home for the coming year. It was a typical tall, old-world Dutch townhouse, all low eaves, wooden floors and exposed beams with a modern twist. He looked with appreciation at the modern kitchen and dining room, all decked out in cream tones that suited the 17th century character of the building. At the sound of distant laughter, Cullen’s eyes were drawn to the open sash doors leading to a cozy living room to the bay window beyond. A bevy of blonde children rode past on bicycles followed by their mothers at a leisurely pace. The street then quietened again, Cullen beyond pleased with the location he’d chosen in the ancient university town of Groningen.

All in all, he reflected as he sipped his coffee thoughtfully, it couldn’t have been further from his former life.

Exactly as planned.

Well done, Rutherford. Now bloody what?

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3, nathan and toniko

Lmao thanks, nonny!

“Shit, they spotted us. Quick, put your Obama mask on.”

It seemed like your average day in Starlight Shores. The hustle and bustle of the main boulevard, buskers on every street corner trying to get noticed, tourists posing up a storm by the palm trees. But something was amiss. Nathan Gardner and his girlfriend Toniko Fletcher were conducting a stakeout on Toniko’s younger brother, Logan, who was on a ‘date’ with his ‘special friend’, Carrie, who was an aspiring singer. Mostly for the sheer hell of it.

“Sometimes I wonder how I’m related to him,” Toniko sighed. “We couldn’t be more different even if we tried.”

“Well, I have to admit that this is pretty entertaining to watch. How can one person be so bad at bowling?” Nathan chuckled.

“Beats me. I get strikes almost every time, y’know.” Toniko winked, taking a bite of her sandwich. 

“Pfft, right. Hey, we aren’t exactly keeping a low profile here, you do realise that?”

“It’ll be fine. Logan’s really oblivious, he won’t pay any attention to anything other than his immediate surroundings.”

“Right… well, remember our backup plan.” Nathan pointed to the plastic bag full of junk that the pair had bought from the costume store.

After a while, the two had forgotten their mission and were chatting away, in their own little bubble. That was until Nathan suddenly snapped out of his daze to find Carrie looking over, before turning to show Logan. His eyes widened in horror.

“Shit, they spotted us. Quick, put your Obama mask on.” 

“Obama mask?! Seriously, Nathan?”

“Just do it! I wasn’t really looking when I bought that! Now c’mon!”

overwatch heroes rated by their likely responses to having their purse snatched by a purse snatcher on a motorcycle,an ultimate shitpost:
  • genji: have you ever seen someone outrun a cyborg ninja? no? there's a reason for that. 5/10
  • mccree: this is a man we have already established to be incredibly dramatic,in addition to having the ability to summon tumbleweed and eagles at will. he would probably manage to whistle for a horse in the middle of the city somehow,and ride up alongside the purse snatcher to casually grab his purse back,while delivering a quip like "that wasn't much of a purse-uit,now was it?". lone ranger/10
  • pharah: would probably give them like 5 seconds head start,before soaring into the air and knocking their motorcycle over with her concussive blast,casually landing to pluck her purse from their unconscious form. (what do you mean,she doesn't wear full armor while going about daily business?) 9/10
  • reaper: doesn't need to respond,because he probably carries a leather purse 100% covered in various spikes,pins and studs,making it totally punk. good luck grabbing that thing. 9/10
  • soldier 76: probably carries one of those purses designed to detach from the strap when pulled,but sprints after them anyway. keeps up just long enough with the motorcycle to tackle them down and kick the shit out of them. (all that super soldier serum wasn't for nothing.) 4/10
  • sombra: they seem to get away at first,but soon a mysterious skull emblem appears everywhere they look. every camera and screen turns to display them and anything they touch bricks. after a while,they are never seen again. [data corrupted]/10
  • tracer: would easily blink after them and kick the purse out of their hand,or just rewind and give them a good roundhouse kick off their motorcycle when they try to come at her. 5/10
  • bastion: any bag she carries would probably just be filled with pretty rocks and leaves,as well as bugs and worms for ganymede. she'd probably just shrug and go back to hugging a tree or whatever. 0/10
  • hanzo: if mccree is present,refer to mccree's entry. if not,he'd probably try to expertly shoot out their tires,only to accidentally hit them in the knee or something. would also spend the entire time loudly insisting that it's a murse. 4/10
  • junkrat: would try to mine jump onto them,only to land flat on his face. 1/10
  • mei: petrol fuel can probably melt ice beams. would try to put up a wall to block them,only to fuck up and place it just slightly behind them. 2/10
  • torbjorn: carries a 200 pound purse from ikea. if anyone tries to ride by and snatch it they'd be dragged right down. 8/10
  • widowmaker: probably would actually carry some expensive french shit with a spider motif or something. she'd grapple onto the nearest surface and swing off it to kick them off their bike. wall-crawler/10
  • instantly summons her mech to give chase,flies after them and rams them to the ground live on stream. makes sure to pose for news photos after and gives an interview so that the korean army can use it for recruitment. for several months after,image and video edits of the incident become a meme where her mech is replaced with various other objects. 9/10
  • reinhardt: smashes the ground to knock them down with the shockwave,then tosses his hammer aside and challenges them to unarmed combat for the contents of his purse. it won't end well for them,but it's the honor that counts. (of course he carries his hammer with him at all times.) 9/10
  • roadhog: they won't get far. also gets back junkrat's purse for him. 8/10
  • winston: his spare glasses are in there. boosts straight onto them and lets them get away with everything except his glasses. the only other things in there were peanut butter and bananas anyway. 7/10
  • zarya: instinctively grabs onto the back of their motorcycle and laughs as the wheels spin. lifts them over the top of her head for show,before placing them back down and turning them away with a stern warning. this also gets recorded and turned into a meme. women everywhere swoon. wet panties/10
  • ana: like mother,like daughter. she just fires a sleep dart at them and leaves them lying in the road. 8/10
  • lucio: lets them get away with it,they need whatever's in there more than him. within a few days,the area his purse got snatched receives sizable anonymous donations for the purposes of development and welfare. eradicating the root causes of crime/10
  • mercy: the caduceus staff is surprisingly heavy. 6/10
  • zenyatta: doesn't react. just sends the orb of discord to follow them and waits for them to turn around and give it back to him. also gives a lecture about non-attachment and invites them to begin a path of self-cultivation. zen out of ten.
  • symmetra: she carries a turret in her purse. 11/10
Yes, no, maybe
  • Scene: Naruto and Sakura sitting on a bench. Without warning Naruto busts out a ring.
  • Naruto: Babbles incoherently
  • Sakura: ......
  • *Quiet settles in*
  • Naruto: Is that a yes?
  • Sakura: have to ask me a question before I can give you an answer.
  • Naruto: I thought I just did...
  • Sakura: No, you kind of just....I'm not sure what that was but it was sweet.
  • Naruto: Let's start over.
  • Sakura: Okay wait let me help. It's got to go like this. Naruto will you marry me?
  • Naruto: Yes, of course
  • Sakura: See? It's that easy
  • Naruto: Maybe too easy, have you done this before?
  • Sakura: No, it's my first time. Some people are just naturally talented at getting others to say yes. If I wasn't so good at medicine I'd be a world class merchant.
  • Naruto: Talented and humble.
  • Sakura: Is that why you want to marry me because I'm so humble?
  • Naruto: Who said I wanted to marry you?
  • Sakura: That ring in your hand can't keep a secret.
  • Naruo: Oh this old thing? I brought it for myself. I think it really matches my eyes.
  • Sakura: It does their colors really accentuate each other
  • Naruto: I thought the same thing when I brought it
  • Sakura: It's too bad your fingers are so muscular. That ring will never fit.
  • Naruto: You think so?
  • Sakura: It'll definitely be a tight squeeze. It might even cut off the circulation of blood to your finger.
  • Naruto: Well you are the medic you would know what's best. So what am I going to do with this thing?
  • *Gently takes Sakura's hand and slips on the ring*
  • Naruto: Hey will you look at that it fits you!
  • Sakura: How convenient!
  • Naruto: It's yours, if you want it?
  • Sakura: The ring?
  • Naruto: The ring and me and my love they're all yours if you want them
  • Sakura: So the ring comes with a price?
  • Naruto: Oh yeah! It's packaged deal. Lifetime guarantee too...
  • Sakura: Hmmm So I'll get to see your face every morning
  • Naruto: You'll hear me snore every night.
  • Sakura: *laughs* You're an honest salesmen. You won't get too far in this business.
  • Naruto: I believe in my product. And I promise it'll make you happy for the rest of your life.
  • Sakura: I am quite happy right now to be honest.
  • Naruto: See I am already keeping my promise. So what's your answer?
  • Sakura: What's the question?
  • Naruto: Will you marry me Sakura?
  • *Sakura leans over and kisses him, lightly at first, then she pulls him closer, and their lips melt into each other's*
  • Sakura: *When kiss breaks* I love you.
  • Naruto: *smiles mischievously* Is that a yes?
  • A quick story to get myself back in grove for the oncoming April 3rd holiday. Let me know if you like it

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There's been a lot of issues at the store I work at for the past six months or so. I've been debating giving my notice for so long, but I love the people I work with and I love what I do. I finally was forced to get a new job to avoid ending up on the street and now I'm only working retail part time. It's so freeing to be able to get a shift covered or take some time away from retail without being scared that my next paycheck won't go far enough. It gets to be my fun job again.

tbh this is my favorite jack kelly/katherine plumber exchange i've written and i had to make an entire newsies as lilo and stitch characters au just to write it and that post won't go far but i need the dialogue to get the attention it deserves
  • Katherine (walks in, everything is a mess, Jack is holding Race under one arm while multiple pots boil over and drip food on the counter): What are you doing?!!?
  • Jack (breathing heavily): MY DAMN BEST!!!

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Maria do you know what you want to study in college?

Hmmm… I was thinking something to do with graphic design and management? It’s something that interests me and I think the work would fit well with me. 

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Okay so like I don't even know half the characters in YOI but I found your art and now I wanna start watching it ;;v;; (probs won't get far, I have so much studying to do;;;)

Woah, that’s so flattering to hear!!! :D
SO glad you like my art that much to give YOI a go!! o3o
you will not regret~
But I know that feeling XD
watch it whenever you have the time :3

  • Amy Rose: I just feel like a lot of people think my design doesn't match up to what Sonic would want in a girlfriend.
  • Sega: -feet kicked up on his desk, drinking out of a mug, tilts hat up- Darlin', what are you talkin' about!? Your design is FLAWLESS. ... I should know, I designed it. -takes a drink-
  • Amy Rose: Ooohhh... -looks away, sad-
  • Sega: -looks over his mug he's drinking and has a fatherly look of concern cross his face.- -he lowers drink- Have you ever wondered about your height before?
  • Amy Rose: -head perks up-
  • Sega: -sighs, looks down and away, placing mug to the side- It's so that your muzzle is in line with his mouth, makes you at a 'kissable' level. So he can look down into your eyes. -puts hands together and sits more upright in his chair- And your nose? Well, we had to change that. What if he DID want to kiss you? We wouldn't want him having to 'duel your nose' to get to it, haha!
  • Amy Rose: -slightly begins to smile-
  • Sega: And why do you think we gave you an open back? Well, I won't get too far into that, but I will say that we cut off your spikes so he could hug you anytime he wanted too and wouldn't have to worry about getting spiked.
  • Amy Rose: -puts hand over mouth, giggling- R-really? You thought of all that... for him?
  • Sega: -smiles sweetly to her- Oh, hon. -picks up a newspaper, and flips it out so it holds up straight, leaning back in chair- We think of EVERYTHING.