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So I leave in about two hours to head to the airport with my show choir group for our tour- I will be gone for about 5 days, returning late Tuesday night. Originally I had planned to schedule replies and asks but tumblr no longer lets you do that on mobile (and the scheduling feature on my laptop never works properly) so replies and asks won’t be replied to until I return. I should be active once again on Wednesday March 29th. Sorry for the inconvenience!!

I’m going to tag people I owe just as a heads up to myself and them!! (I don’t want anyone to think I’m ignoring them!) Once again sorry about me being a slow trash can.












If I forgot anyone please just message me letting me know what’s up!! I might’ve not mentioned everyone in my asks due to the fact there were some anons. Even though I owe like 20+ memes, feel from to send me more or message me!! I’ll see ya’ll Wednesday.

my friend irl: Oh my god! There’s a Kara and Lena kiss gif on Twitter. Look… *links me to a Supercorp manip kiss gif I made*. Who has even time to do that lmao… that’s so wrong.

my gay ass:

I don't usually make text posts but,

Kinda tired of seeing how some people view Killing Stalking as porn or fetishization of gay men. I personally don’t believe the manga fetishizes gay people at all, in itself. The fans, maybe, but if they think it’s hot, just let them think it’s hot. They’re not hurting anyone. Just don’t confuse the actual story with the fandom.
I personally don’t believe KS is specifically trying to make a point to “represent gay people”, because it doesn’t really. Koogi is just giving us an interesting psychological horror manga so we can enjoy the actual story, which is indeed terrifying because it’s realistic. Keep in mind that anything that has happened in KS, can most definitely happen in real life, the characters just so happen to be gay.
Why are gay people inherently more sexualized than straight people? Calling it fetishization is making it seem like gay people having sex is wrong or shocking. ((not to mention most of the people I see saying this are allegedly queer/gay.)) The story would be just as fucked up and interesting if Bum was a woman, bc the situation is scary. It makes no difference unless you make it different.

Pls quit trying to make it seem like Koogi is a bad person, or that she’s writing her story to appeal only to “fujoshi”. You’re disregarding her hard work.

It’s imagination. Have none of you seen a horror film/comic/novel before? It’s supposed to be disturbing.
A good story is a good story. If you don’t like it, just don’t read it. 🤔

Seriously, guys. We need to stop being toxic, comparing people to other people, anonymously putting people down, and just being all together mean; it’s truly ridiculous. We are in a time where now, more than ever, where we need to LOVE and ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT one another. Spread love and kindness, don’t sow hate and distrust. 🌱💕


Alt!Carmilla losing Laura again.


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