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rich kid | pjm

summary: park jimin is a rich kid.

{rich kid au}

pairing: jimin x reader
word count: 5k
genre: fluff
a/n: this was supposed to be a warm up!! i don’t know what happened!!

You’d be a goddamn liar if you said you didn’t know Park Jimin. Everybody knows Park Jimin, and if they don’t, everybody knows of Park Jimin.

Park Jimin walks around campus like he owns the entire university, hands casually thrown into the pockets of his expensive black pants, sunglasses balancing on top of his intentionally disheveled black hair, silver earrings and studs and rods decorating his earlobes, leather jacket not worn, but strewn over his shoulders, complementing that delicate silver chain around his neck perfectly. Or perhaps, he isn’t wearing a fully black ensemble that likely costs more than your tuition. Maybe he’s a bit more laid back, with an outrageously vibrant sweater, the Gucci logo stamped all over it, blue jeans, ripped at the knee like he had worn right through them. He’s got circular frames surrounding his eyes even though he doesn’t need glasses, a beanie or beret sitting happily on his head if he didn’t have time to put his usual amount of product in his hair, Rolex watch peeking out from the oversized sleeves of his sweater. Park Jimin knows how to wear everything and anything with confidence, flair, so he is hardly difficult to miss.

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In His Sleep

Member: Eunwoo {Astro}
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1402
A/N: Hello I am back unannounced with some Eunwoo fluff I desperately need! I just want cuddles rn istg…This is based off my tags when I found out this: (1) (2). Thank you soooo much to @leedeermin for the gif!! Happy Reading! - Rhin

  Boy, were you glad to walk in the door of your apartment.
  Work was just too stressful today, you thought as your purse thumped down on the counter. Your coat landed somewhere on the floor near the recliner. The bun in your hair fell as the tie snapped back on your wrist. Rubbing your eyes, not really caring about smudging your makeup, you entered your bedroom and prepared to hop in the shower.
  Except there was something in your bed. Someone in your bed, looking up from his phone and smiling a smile that rivaled sunshine.
  In a different situation, you would’ve screamed and bolted back out of the room. However, this was a normal situation. In normal situations, you would smile back, say hello, give the someone a kiss or two, and go about your business. Which was exactly what you did.
  “How was work?” The someone asked as he returned your kisses and settled back into the pillows.
  “It was… work.” you replied, him chuckling. He totally understood. “I would love to talk about it, but I really need a shower right now.” You continued taking off your jewelry and shoes, gathering your pajamas to change into. “How was your day?”
  “Same old, same old. I dealt with four guys and one dumb maknae and cling wrap [aka saran wrap] taped up in all the doorways this morning, then I went off to do other things. Now we’re on vacation!”
  “You are? That’s great! Finally we’ll have some time to ourselves!”
  “Yeah, finally! There’s so much I want to do with you, you have no idea…” the handsome man in your bed yawned widely and ruffled his hair.
  “Well, mister, what you need to do right now is sleep. Get off your phone and close your eyes and I’ll be with you in a bit.”
  He rolled his eyes. “Yes, Mom.”
  “I love you, Dongmin!” you called as you closed the bathroom door behind you.  
  “I love you too, (Y/N)!”
  Fifteen minutes later, you hung up your towel, threw your hair up into a bun again, and crawled in under the comforter next to your conked-out boyfriend. For a while you just admired his face, the thing that made him so sought-after. His slightly puffy eyes from inadequate hours of sleep, his nose that cutely flared with each intake of breath, his lips that just look so kissable.
  How did I get so lucky? you thought for the millionth time since Dongmin asked you to be his. He had told you the answer a hundred times, but it had crossed your mind way more times than that. You reminded yourself that looks are not everything. You love this man because he is a goofball. A loyal, hardworking, talented goofball that just so happened to fall in love with you and make the feelings mutual.
  Careful not to wake Dongmin, you made yourself comfortable as the little spoon and tried to lull yourself to sleep. Closing your eyes and listening to the steady breathing behind you didn’t work as it usually did. Too much was on your mind. So, you talked.
  “A lot of things have happened since I saw you last, Dongminnie. As I’ve already told you, I got that promotion, but with it came responsibilities I was not mentally prepared for. I mean, I knew all the information and what I was expected to do, but I just wasn’t ready for it, you know? Yeah, you probably know since a lot more modelling and advertising gigs have been added to your schedule lately.
  Drama Mama ([we all have that person in our lives, right? Put her name here]) keeps coming over to me during her break to tell me company gossip I don’t really want to hear. It’s getting annoying but I’m afraid to tell her because she’ll start talking about me and I’ll get demoted. She’s a backstabbing snake, I don’t trust her at all. Well, nobody does anymore, except the boss.
  Did you notice the time when I got home? I think it was 7:30, I don’t remember. Oh, did you eat supper, Dongmin? A very nice janitor has been bringing me food from the break room when she noticed that I’ve been staying way past closing time to finish up the projects I’ve been given. I usually don’t come home this early anymore.”
  You didn’t really expect Dongmin to answer those questions, but when you paused to think of more things to get off your mind, he made a small “mm-hm”, which made you pause even more. You mean, you wouldn’t mind if he was actually awake and listening, but if he actually was awake you felt a bit guilty for keeping him up.
  A soft snore floated out of Dongmin’s mouth, confirming that he was, in fact, asleep. A voice popped up in your head, reminding you that he has a habit of talking and laughing in his sleep. It sounded suspiciously like Bin, probably because it was him that told you this information.
  Ah, it’s been too long. It had been almost three months since you shared a bed with Dongmin. He was so busy with the Dream Store comeback, modelling, and CF and drama filming that he simply didn’t have time to come visit you. You understood, but it never felt quite right without him occupying the left side of your favorite piece of furniture.
  “Anyway, the company’s absorbing another small firm soon, so all of that paperwork has been pushed on to me.” Words kept flowing.  
  Pretty soon you found yourself nodding off, which was your goal in the first place. You’d better wrap up, or soon you’d be talking gibberish all night.
  “One more thing, then I’ll sleep. Someone pulled a prank in the copier room today.” you giggled at the thought. “Someone rigged the printers and copiers to spew papers for five minutes whenever a person entered in a command. Then they’d have to dig around to find what they needed. I think they accused a tech dude from the third floor.”
  Apparently Dongmin’s subconscious found that funny, so he chuckled. However, he did so in your ear.
  Everyone who knew about it teased you incessantly with it. They used it against you, surprising you at the randomest of times, which usually led to yelling and chasing. Therefore, you didn’t tell a lot of people that your right ear was sensitive in a weird way. If a person’s voice was just the right pitch and close enough to your ear, it would tickle and send a weird feeling down your spine. Dongmin’s laugh was just that right pitch.
  Squealing, you squirmed away from your sleeping boyfriend and rubbed your ear in an attempt to ease the weird feeling. You were surprised he didn’t wake up at the movement; he was certainly exhausted.
  The feeling passed. You were considering staying in this position and giving Dongmin some space, just in case he woke up before you and wanted to get up and make breakfast or something. Once again, his subconscious made his wants known, and a whine emitted from your partner’s throat. His hands blindly searched the sheets until he found your form, then he pulled you back into his arms, snaking them around your waist. It never failed to amaze you how naturally your two bodies fit together.  
  “Okay, okay, Dongmin. Geez, I didn’t know you were that needy,” you joked. There were times in the past (when you first started dating him and when Astro came back with Autumn Story) when he was way needier than that, not even in a sexual sense. In those times he needed physical contact at all times, so he would just attach himself to you and wouldn’t let go until hours later. If you wiggled out of his grip to go do something, he would either follow you or just whine until you came back. Cuddles and/or kisses were needed at least twice every time he saw you. You low-key missed that side of Dongmin.
  Minutely readjusting and making yourself more comfortable once again, you relaxed, taking in the faint aroma of his day-old cologne. Taking your own advice, you closed your eyes and floated off to dreamland with Captain Ddana, very glad and thankful for the person beside you.    
  “Thanks for listening, Minnie. Whether you knew it or not.”

I don't even know your name.
  • *based off the song by Shawn Mendes*
  • *I kinda cringe at this but it's worth a shot*
  • I saw you standing there, My mind was taken over by your brown eyes that somehow shined in the dim room.
  • I dont know if I was drunk or not, I didn't remember much from that day.
  • It was long before I saw you sit down. Alone.
  • I would have walked up to You, Would have talked to you, I would have done anything to see them eyes again.
  • But I was pulled back by Pj, He asked what drink i wanted, I replied to him quickly without thinking.
  • As I turned around you weren't on the sofa any more, I searched the room for you, only to see you beside Me, ordering from the bartender.
  • _______
  • I said hi and you replied with a slightly drunk smile, But I could tell it was genuine.
  • "Hey", You said, taking a sip of your drink.
  • "How are You?", I asked, trying to make small talk.
  • "I'm good now that I have someone to talk to", You smiled.
  • I remember, we talked for a few hours, I made a stupid joke and you laughed at it, Your smile was somehow beautiful.
  • We ordered more drinks, both of us becoming even more intoxicated.
  • You led me to the bathroom, your hand in mine.
  • You pinned me against the wall, Gently somehow, You were so gentle with everything you did, wether that was with the way you spoke or the way you touched Me, You were always so gentle.
  • You had your lips against mine, my hands tugging at your shirt.
  • It was a drunken mess but it felt right, I knew I wouldn t regret it.
  • We didn't take it far, we both knew that was going too fast.
  • I led you away, we smiled at eachother, My head hurt from the amount of alcohol I had consumed but it didnt matter when you smiled at me and the pain was gone.
  • We saw a group of people, you looked like you were trying to hide from Them, they had cameras, I understood.
  • But of course they saw you, we both saw them walk up to us and you quickly scribbled on a piece of paper, I took it without looking at it.
  • And then you were gone, Taken with the crowd.
  • _________
  • Turns out you were a celebrity I had never heard of.
  • I walked- no, I staggered home and almost immediately collapsed on my bed, The alcohol I had drunk that night was too much.
  • I forgot to check that piece of paper.
  • I think I dreamt about You, I don't remember properly.
  • I only remember waking up, In the dream, I only saw a tall silhouette, somehow the dark eyes glowed and it's the only feature i could see.
  • Nothing happened, I was propped on my elbows, just watching the shadows and it was doing the same.
  • Then I woke up.
  • Everything was so quiet and lifeless, my head hurt so much and my throat was dry, I went to the kitchen and downed a few pain killers with water.
  • I remember staggering to the kitchen and putting my clothes into the washing machine, a piece of paper fell out of the pocket of my jeans, I checked it and saw a number written messily on it.
  • Someone picked up the call on the third ring.
  • "Hello?", They said, they're voice hoarse.
  • "Who is this?"
  • "You called Me.."
  • "I found your number on a piece of paper in my jeans"
  • "Ah, You", I could hear your grin, "How are You?"
  • "You still haven't told me your name"
  • "That doesn't matter right now"
  • "But-"
  • "We made out last night"
  • ""
  • "Don't worry, It was great"
  • _____
  • You were always on my mind, I couldn't  sleep properly, couldn't eat, I could barely form a sentence.
  • It had it been a few days, I hadn t called you, I was too shy.
  • I got through work somehow, altough I was constantly drawing you on my notebook, I would get weird looks from my co-workers but I didn't really care, How could I care about other people when you were on my mind?
  • "Why do you keep drawing that one random person?", Pj asked as he say down to eat lunch with Me, of course I left my sandwich untouched.
  • "Um-I, No reason, I just like drawing it", I spluttered, stuffing my notebook into my briefcase and bending the pages slightly.
  • "You know, He looked a bit like someone I keep seeing in magazines", Pj told me.
  • I knew he was talking about you, "W-what's his name?", I asked, desperate to know who you were.
  • "I don't know, I just keep seeing him"
  • I sighed without replying.
  • "What?"
  • "Nothing", I said, getting up and leaving.
  • I took my phone out of my pocket and picked the contact I had saved as 'nameless'.
  • _______
  • "Hey, you", You said down the phone, it made me blush, I'll admit that.
  • "Hi, Can you please tell me your name?"
  • "Why would you want to know my name? Names are just sounds we use to label ourselves"
  • "Shut up, you dork", I laughed, I could hear you laughing to.
  • "I dont know your name either actually"
  • "You mean the sound used to label me?", I smirked.
  • "Yes, I dont know the sound that is used to label you"
  • "That sound is Phil"
  • "Nice sound"
  • "Thank you, altough, you should probably thank my parents"
  • "Ah, Yes, the parents, when do I meet them?"
  • "After you tell me your name.....and buy me dinner"
  • "I'll have to wait then"
  • "Why wont you tell me your name?"
  • "I don't know, it's fun to know you're thinking about me"
  • "Seriously?"
  • "Yeah, Its cute"
  • "Shut up!", I laugh down the phone.
  • "Make me"
  • "I will if we meet up"
  • "Sounds like a plan"
  • You told me to meet you at the coffee shop that was just around the corner from me.
  • It wasn't long until you had your lips against mine and my hands travelling up to your hair.
  • The coffee shop was luckily empty, apart from the woman behind the bar that was listening to music through her headphones and couldn't care less that we were making out in the corner.
  • I pushed you away, "I-I still dont know your name", I muttered, Looking into your lustful eyes.
  • You held a finger to my lips, "soon", You whispered softly.
  • _______
  • The morning after tore me apart, The daily newspaper was delivered, I looked through it and suddenly stopped, dropping the paper immediately, Running into my room and grabbing my phone, I was reading the words over and over, They were imprinted into my mind:
  • Dan Howell caught making out in corner of local coffee shop with mystery man.
  • Followed by a picture of us on the green armchair that I remembered as a place of happiness.
  • I didn't even think this sort of stuff would be printed into a newspaper, It wasn't news-worthy.
  • I called you, You answered, The fist thing you said to me was "I'm sorry", Followed by a small sob.
  • "I-Dan.."
  • "Well now you know my name"
  • "Yeah"
  • "I'm sorry", You said again.
  • "Its-It's okay", I replied.
  • "Really?"
  • "Yeah, Dan, It isn't your fault"
  • "Thank you so much"
  • "Its no proble-", I heard shouting coming from your end of the line.
  • I could only hear a few "Dan Howell!"'s and one person shouted, "Who was that man?!"
  • "Shit, They found out where I live"
  • "Dan?"
  • "Ive gotta go"
  • "Dan?", The line went dead.
  • I didn't hear back from you since.
  • ______
  • I hadn t heard from you in at least a week, your calls went voicemail, you didn't reply to my messages.
  • I searched your name, It said you were some sort of ex-band member.
  • It made sense.
  • I had no idea where to start looking, I didn't know where to go, who to talk to.
  • I called again, It went to voicemail, again.
  • I spent hours everyday, just wandering up streets, Looking  for any sign of you, I found nothing.
  • I searched through magazines, nothing.
  • Nothing.
  • I couldn't take it, I sat in bed, tugging at my hair, Craving you and your beautiful smile, your eyes that seemed to brighten my day, your soft voice and kind words, I missed it all.
  • _______
  • Even the lack of the 10 minute phonecalls we had was killing me slowly.
  • I missed your cocky personality.
  • I missed your stupid remarks.
  • I missed your lips.
  • I missed your name.
  • I missed you.
  • If I couldn't sleep, eat or work earlier, I definetly couldn't now, It wasn't good, It wasn't healthy and I didn't know why you were doing it to me.
  • ____
  • I remember when I found you, I should have been happy but you were shaking, You were crying, you were curled into a ball in the corner of your living room, your for head resting on your knees.
  • You called me, told me the address, I got in the back, past the paparazzi, You told me you couldn't take it anymore, you wanted to be normal, you did want people chasing you around with cameras, making everthing you do public.
  • And I understood.
  • I sat down next to you and wrapped my arms around you, I felt your body relax and I laid your head on my lap, stroking your hair in a comforting manner.
  • You were breaking and I was trying to fix you, bit by bit.
  • It was slow, but it worked.
  • I snuk you through the back of your house, you had a small bag of only important belongings, I held your hand, Running my thumb over he back of it.
  • We walked back to my flat, I let you sleep, you needed it, I saw the bags under your eyes and the way your hands shook slightly.
  • I got in bed beside you and you immediately wrapped your arms and legs around me and nuzzled your head into my chest.
  • I hugged you back, It was comforting for the both of us.
  • "Thank you", I heard you whisper, And you hugged me a little tighter, I stoked your hair.
  • "No Thank you", I whispered back.
  • ________
  • We had been together for 2 years and engaged for 3  months.
  • remember when I proposed.
  • We went on holiday, to Paris.
  • I brought you onto the Eiffel Tower, I giggled when you covered your eyes, you were scared of the height.
  • I told you not to worry, I held both of your hands and told you I was there for you and wouldn t let you fall, I would never let you fall.
  • You smiled at me and kissed my cheek.
  • It was such a beautiful view, you were looking out the window when I laced my hand in yours and kissed it.
  • I got down on one knee and saw your lips stretch into a smile.
  • I pulled out the ring and uttered the words I had been wanting to say since I laid eyes on you.
  • "Will you marry me"
  • You said yes, You said yes and slipped the ring onto your finger, you pulled me into a kiss, cupping my cheeks, I held your waist gently.
  • It was beautiful.
  • ______
  • The wedding was even better somehow.
  • Our families both came together, our friends joined to.
  • No one disturbed the wedding.
  • We said "I do"
  • We told eachother that we Loved one another.
  • It was all true, every word.
  • ' Till death do us part.
  • I remember the after party, we cut the cake and you smashed some into my face as a joke, I laughed with you and did the same.
  • You held my hand while Pj gave the best man speech.
  • We watched our mother's tear up and our father's hug us with a pat on the back.
  • We were told we were perfect for eachother, 'a match made in heaven'
  • We were.
  • We were told our love was from a movie.
  • It felt like it.
  • We were told to take care of eachother.
  • And we did.
  • For a while.
  • _______
  • I miss you.
  • We were married for 3 years.
  • It was the best fucking three years of my entire life.
  • I remember waking up every morning to the smell do you cooking breakfast.
  • I remember how I would lace my arms around your bare back in the shower and wash your hair.
  • The nights we spent watching movies, a bowl of popcorn in front of us, we normally got too involved in eachother to focus on the movie, Sharing soft kisses.
  • The way we would talk about adoption.
  • That never happened.
  • We planned to travel the world.
  • That never happened.
  • I miss the way you would whisper in my ear at night, you would always say "We're in love, aren't we?"
  • It made me smile and I would kiss you before laying down and letting you rest your head on my chest.
  • I would stroke your hair until you fell asleep and let out soft snores.
  • I remember Christmas, we'd put the tree up together and you would make fun of my wrapping skills.
  • I loved it.
  • I loved you.
  • I love you.
  • Our movie-romance soon ended.
  • You became weaker, you couldn't do much.
  • I had to help you get dressed.
  • I had to help feed you.
  • You couldn't whisper to me at night any more and make me smile.
  • You were in hospital most nights and I wasn't allowed to stay.
  • I would grip the space on the mattress where you used to lay.
  • They never did diagnose you.
  • I guess, Just like your name, It was just a sound to label you.
  • You wouldn't have wanted to know What It was, you really did hate labels.
  • And I love you for that.
  • Rest In peace....Nameless.
  • I love you.
  • __________
  • The end 
  • You can call me a liar but you just witnessed the death of Danisnotonfire.
  • (Sorry not sorry)
  • P.s I wrote this at 12am
The Trinity: Part Five

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Paring: Reader x Teen Wolf Cast
Preface, Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four
You came to Beacon Hills to get away from your past, to find a fresh start. But after you save Scott and Stiles from a mysterious creature you find that the town is not all it seems. The more you get involved with “the pack” the more they start digging into your past and the less they trust you.

Originally posted by halewinchester

The throbbing in your head brought you back to reality. 
You squeezed your eyes trying to clear the black spots out of your vision, and lifted a hand to touch the right side of your face. But your hand wouldn’t move. Fear rushed through you, suddenly alert you looked around wildly. You were sitting in a chair in the middle of a big, empty loft. Your hands and feet were bound to the chair with several feet of rope. In a panic you tried to rip them free, but the ropes were so tight you barely moved.

You opened your mouth to scream. 
“Go ahead.” Peter stepped off the staircase he had been sitting on and walked toward you. “I’d love to see if you howl like a Banshee.” 
You shut your mouth in protest. You noticed Derek move out of the corner of your eye. “Let’s get this over with,” he said.

“What do you want?” you asked, pushing the fear out of your voice.
“I’m not sure yet…” Peter said, pacing in front of you. “See, at first I wanted to kill you. Nothing personal, I just don’t like having someone with the mark of the Trinity in town. But now, I want to see what you can do.”  
He walked up to you, putting both of his hands on top of the ropes holding your wrists down and leaning in close. “See if I can use you.” 
You breathed out sharply through your nose and met his gaze. He cocked his head like he could find his answer by reading your face. 

He stood up straight again. “So let’s see it.” 
“I can’t do anything.” you said defensively. “I don’t know what the Trinity means to you, but mine is not a ‘mark’ it’s just a tattoo.” 
“Oh I highly doubt that.”
“Look asshole I-” Peter flicked his head, transforming his features from human to werewolf, and with a growl rushed at you.
You jumped, pressing yourself as far back into the chair as you could. 
Peter stopped, just inches from you.
“Not an automatic response…” Peter noted out loud. “Guess we have to try triggering it.” He smiled, showing his fangs and letting his eyes glow.
“I can’t do anything!” you insisted as you watched Peter’s claws slowly come out. 
Peter raised his hand, poised to dig his claws into your shoulder.
You screamed and shut your eyes as has he brought his hand down on you. 

Nothing. You felt nothing.
You opened your eyes and looked at Peter. He was staring at his hand. You followed his eyes and your mouth fell open. His hand looked…normal. It looked human. It had landed on your shoulder like he intended, but the minute it attempted to tear through the flannel shirt and into your skin his claws retracted. Leaving him harmless.  

Peter stumbled back. “What- what did you do?” He kept staring at his hand, flexing it and trying to get his claws to return.
Now Derek was interested. He went between watching Peter and looking over you, trying to sense any change in your emotions.
“What the hell did you do?” Peter growled spinning around and glaring at you. He took a deep breath and focused, turning his eyes blue. Suddenly his claws grew back out. 

“She reeks of confusion.” Derek said to Peter.
You shot him an angry look, “and you smell like wet dog.”
Peter’s lapse in werewolf abilities had given you a small bout of confidence. You were ok. Peter tried to maim you but you were ok. For a moment you felt like you had the upper hand. Until Peter pushed past Derek and got in your face.
“Well she looks like a liar,” he said. “How did you do that?”
“I don’t know.”
Peter grabbed you by the neck. “I know what you are and what you can do. So be a good girl and tell me how you do it.”

You didn’t respond. He didn’t believe you the first time you told him and he sure as hell wasn’t going to listen after what just happened. Either way, you figured not answering him would keep you alive a little longer…or at least give you a chance to change him again.
“Why do you have to know how she does it?” Derek asked, sensing that Peter’s motives ran deeper than preserving werewolves. With Peter it was always about self-preservation.
“Know thy enemy.” He said snarling at you.
Even you could tell he was up to something bigger. After a moment of silence he released his grip on your neck and turned his back to you.
“I may be used to clawing what I want out of people, but I’m not opposed to more traditional methods.” He said. “I’m going to ask you again. How did you do it?”
“Bite me.”
Both of you knew if he tried he would risk losing his fangs too.
Peter responded by back handing you across the face. Your left cheek stung, you ear was ringing. 

“How do you do it?”
You didn’t answer. Peter landed a punch across your jaw. You tasted blood.
This time he didn’t ask, another hit came and left your head spinning.
“How do you-”
“Peter,” Derek grabbed the arm Peter had raised for another hit. “They’re here.” You spat out some blood and let your head hang down. You didn’t have the strength to lift it. You started to slip out of consciousness when Scott flung open the loft door.

Scott tensed when he saw you tied up in the Hale loft. He sensed the rest of the Pack running in behind him and put out an arm to keep them from running to you. 
“Stiles, dont.”
“Peter.” Scott flashed his red eyes at the Beta standing behind you.
“I’m a little busy at the moment,” Peter said.
”Y/N,” Stiles called out to you, hoping to get a reaction, some sign that you were ok. 
Scott left himself change and Liam and Malia did the same, ready to lunge at Peter and Derek. 
Peter wasn’t through with you, but he also wasn’t ready to fight Scott. Not until you answered his questions. As much as it killed him to back down from a challenge he chose to lose the battle to win the war. 
“There’s no need for that,” Peter said, casually motioning to you, “I’m finished for now.”
And with that he turned and walked away.
Derek stayed in the room, wanting to watch you a bit longer and see if anything else happened. He gave Scott a look saying he wasn’t a threat but that they would talk later. 

The second Peter left, Stiles rushed toward you. When he lifted up your face you came to, remember bits and pieces of what followed Peter’s punch. 
“Jesus Y/N.” Stiles said, his eyes taking in your bruised cheekbone, your busted lip and the blood running down the side of your head. 
“It’s ok. You’re ok. We’re getting you out of here.” Stiles started tugging at the ropes, trying to untie them. The harder he tried the more anger and hurt came to the surface. He just couldn’t stop looking at your face. 
“Scott!” he called in frustration. Scott came over and helped Stiles untie you. Scotts and the Pack avoided eye contact when they saw the damage Peter had done. You were too exhausted to give them a reassuring smile, so you just let Stiles pick you up and carry you out to his jeep. 

Originally posted by martinlydias

“I must look like shit.” you said, flinching as Lydia dabbed the cut near your hairline. 
The pack had returned to the Stilinski’s house and the first thing Lydia did was march you up to the bathroom to clean you up.
“Why do you say that?” Lydia was taking her nurse role too seriously to catch your awkward attempt at a joke.
“The way you all look at me. I mean, I know my face could use some work but come on…”
That broke her. Lydia looked up at you and smiled, “well, we can’t all be perfect.” she tossed her hair over her shoulder to add extra flair to her statement. “All done.”
She stepped back and you looked at yourself in the mirror. 
You didn’t look at bad as you imagined with the blood wiped away. You lightly traced the cut on your forehead, the bruise under you eye and the cut on your lip with your fingertips. “Looks like I’ll be wearing a lot of makeup this week.”
“A red lip always makes a girl feel better,” Lydia said giving your sleeve a tug and opening the door for you. 
You both walked downstairs and joined the rest of the pack. The air was nervous, and you had the feeling that they knew more about tonight’s events than just what had happened in the loft. You looked at Stiles face but couldn’t read past his expression of pain. 
“I know it looks bad, but I’m still prettier than some of the supernatural creatures you’ve seen,” you said trying to break the ice, “I mean, I could have scales or something.”
“I think you look like a bad ass.” Malia said from her perch on the couch. 
“Thanks Malia.” You appreciated the unexpected compliment, and it made the room relax.

“Derek told me what happened,” Scott said, “he said you were just as surprised as Peter.”
“He’s right. I don’t know what was happening or how, but I was able to…” you struggled to find the right word, “change Peter.”
You continued, “from what I could tell it only worked as a defense mechanism. It’s like this thing inside of me knew Peter was going to hurt me, kill me even, and it fought back. It was temporary but effective.”

“So what does this mean for us?” Malia said, eyeing you cautiously.
“Well there’s one way to find out…” you offered your arm to Scott. “Try to sink your claws into me.”
“No, woah!” Stiles said stepping forward. “There’s got to be another way to figure this out.” 
“Stiles, this is the best way to test the boundaries. If Scott claws me without intentions of harming me and he keeps his claws then we know it’s defensive,” you explained.
Scot was clearly uncomfortable but knew it was worth a try. “Are you sure Y/N?” he asked. 
“Before we start scratching each other, let’s draw out a plan or something-” Stiles’s object was cut short when Scott grabbed your arm. 
He gently squeezed it, his claws digging in deep enough to make some blood to trickle down to your elbow. 
But nothing happened. His claws stayed out, his eyes still red.

“Ok now come at me.”
“What?” Scott wasn’t sure he heard you right.
“Come at me, go all werewolf and try to attack me. Then we can see if whatever it is I can do kicks in.”
“No way!” Stiles jumped in. “No one’s attacking anyone!”
“Stiles is right,” said Malia, “Scott would never be able to attack you. He’s too nice. Let me try.”
“NO-” Before Stiles was silenced by Malia lunging for you.
You hit the floor, hard, with Malia on top of you. You saw her face change and her eyes flash blue before she raised her head to take a bite out of you. You knew she was a friend, but you also knew she her lack of emotions would make it easy for her to rip you apart. 

“Ahh!” Malia yelped and jumped off of you, holding her head in your hands. 
You all watched her werewolf features fade, her claws and fang retract. 
“It’s like something pushed me back the second I tried to bite her,” Malia explained. “Gave me a bitch of a headache.”
“Now we know,” you said from the ground looking up at the rest of the pack.
“Now we know.” Scott repeated, seeming very relieved.
“So can I join the cool, supernatural club now?” you asked. 
“Not until we pick a nickname for whatever it is you are,”Stiles said helping you up, “it’s for the back of our jerseys.”

All the stress from that evening and all the secrets from the last several weeks came crashing down. You may not have all the answers but everyone knew enough that the walls between you and the pack were down. It’s like you were finally friends.
“What are we going to do about the…home situation?” Kira asked looking between Scott and Stiles. 
“Figured that would come out,” you said giving Stiles a look that let him know you weren’t mad. 
“There’s one place i know you’ll be safe,” Scott said, “even from Peter…”
“The Argents.” Lydia finished. 

Wanted (1)

Title: Wanted

Summary: Rhys just has the worst of luck when it comes to people with ill intentions. He attracts all the baddies, creepers, and well… murderers. All he wants is to live peacefully with a cute boyfriend to call his own. So at the behest at of his long time pen pals, the Lawrence twins, he decides to take the leap in moving to their area.

Oh but the madness that will ensue might be a bit more than he bargained for.

Be careful what you wish for, Rhysie…

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Rucas AU | The Bet.

Prompt: After damaging $1000 worth of private property on a dare Lucas needs a quick way to make the money to pay the guy back. When Charlie Gardner suggests a bet Lucas takes him up on his offer. And what is the bet? Get into the pants of Riley Matthews, the schools very own goody two-shoes princess.
A/N: Inspired by the classic ‘bet’ movies: She’s All That, 10 Things I Hate About You, Cruel Intentions…You get the picture lol. I just wanted to write another highschool fic. Let me know if you like it and if I should continue. xo
Word Count: 1,695 (short one)

♡ ♡ ♡

The loud screeching of the tires is still ringing in Lucas’ ears as he and his friends pile out of the car to inspect the damage. The whole front of the car had smashed into, and ran over, a large section of someone’s fence, knocking over their mailbox and ruining their lawn in the process. “Shit shit shit.” He mumbles underneath his breath, taking his anger out on the closest tire as his friends laugh hysterically in the background. He knew this was the moment he really messed up.

It was close to 3 a.m. so whoever owned the house was more than likely sleeping. However, there was no way in hell they didn’t hear the loud noise the car made when he rammed into their front gate and over their precious mailbox.

As he’s shushing his friends to be quiet, the front door swings open and out steps an older man with a phone pressed to his ear.

“Wait right there!” He calls out as the boys scurry off, leaving Lucas there alone.

“You there.” He points to Lucas, “What’s your name?”

“Lucas, sir. Lucas Friar.” He answers reluctantly. He knew there was no getting out of this one.

“Friar?” He raises an eyebrow. “Sheriffs kid?”

He nods his head, rolling his eyes slightly. “That’s the one.”

Lucas rubs the sleep out of his eyes as he makes his way down the hall to the bathroom. Last night was a blur, he could barely remember anything, and he wasn’t sure if the parts he did remember actually happened. But there was only one way to find out.

After getting ready, he shuffles down the stairs into the kitchen to find his mother and father both sitting at the table. Usually they were already gone, or at the very least on their way out of the door when he gets downstairs. Today however, they were sitting silently, just waiting for him.

“Sit.” His father instructs before he has the chance to dart out.

“Do you have any idea how much trouble you could’ve gotten in?” He raises his voice only slightly, but clenches his fist as he speaks. “You should be grateful Mr. Jefferson didn’t press charges!”

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anonymous asked:

consider: 76 angst (With perhaps a side of fluff or i will mcfreakin die bc your angst is so good honestly) where they've been kinda...dancin around eachother for awhile before the age old "you deserve someone better" argument crops up. s/o is resistant (listen there is no one better than 76 dont lie to me) and Jack ultimately has to break down and reveal his identity. It's awful. It's so awful. (gosh this got specific oh geez)

Thank you, dear!

Have some old man angst.

And don’t feel bad about it being specific! At least I know what you want.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Ive failed this subject in the past, but I have to pass it this year. The only problem is, I plan to study this subject - but when the time comes Im just so filled with dred that I dont even approach it, put it off and the feel very guilty and disgusted at myself. Please help :(

Hi! This is the worse kind of studying panic, isn’t it!? :-( Planning and actually executing your study time are two very different things. How I would look at it is, you’ve had a practice run already. You know the kind of things that will be taught, the types of assessments you’ve given or the exam systems that they use. You probably have an idea of how to do parts of the course but just need to refine your skills. You have the bonus that not everything will be brand new to you! Use the need to pass as your motivation. Or even better set a goal of achieving a certain grade and work to get there. Can you imagine how you will feel at the end of the year when it says you’ve passed and exceeded your own expectations!? You’ll know all the hard work was worth it!! Here are a couple of things that might help you as well:

  • organise all your past work - since you’ve already done the subject, you’ll have notes/worksheets/etc. Go through and order them. Put them somewhere you can find easily! That will make them easy to review when you’re going over the content.
  • be active in the classes - try to forget that you’ve previous struggled with the class and make it your goal to focus and learn. Always go to class, attempt the homework (even if it is hard, at least you have tried!), take down the best notes you can.
  • find a note-taking method that is effective - everyone is different so figure out what kind style works for you. Mine is here - it is really simple and will probably be quite easy to follow for anyone. 
  • review regularly - information goes in and out of you. You can’t be expected to remember every single thing from class. Here is a graphic on the curve of forgetting. As you can see with the blue line, most of what you learn is forgotten if you don’t review it. But what the other lines show is how is can be retained if you review consistently. Make an effort to review your notes after class, after a day, after a week, and after a month. If you find rewriting notes helps you, try that!
  • talk with your teachers - most teachers are willing to help you more than it may seem. If you show an interest they will generally give more time to help you when you need it. If you want, try chatting with your teacher. Explain your circumstance and say you’d like to do as best as you can so if you’ve got any pointers/tips/extra worksheets you can do, you’d love that. When you get an assessment and have maybe lost a few marks, make an effort to ask why and how you can improve!
  • make a study group - friends can make studying fun (with a little bit of distraction mixed in)! Having a study group means you can regularly meet up for a study session, share notes, debate ideas, get answers to things you might not understand in a very non-judging and easy-to-understand environment.
  • don’t avoid getting help - like I’ve mention in the two points above people are available to help you when you’re struggling. Don’t let yourself be convinced you’re in it alone. When you are doing some work and find it hard, make a note about what it is and what you don’t get. Try chatting with or emailing your teacher/friends and see if they can help you. It is better to ask for help than just forget about it and panic if it comes up in a test!
  • stay positive - try not to worry about your previous time in the subject, you’ve grown since then and know that it is important to study! Whilst you might feel doubt and dread looming over you, push it off and start doing something. Even if you do one task or dedicated 30 minutes of time to studying, you’re making progress! Just repeat until this are done!
  • reward yourself - if you completed everything you need to for that subject, give yourself some time for fun!! Don’t feel guilty about having a break or relaxing. If you’ve done some hard work, you deserve it!

Hope that helps. Best of luck xx

Don’t Defy Me, Doll pt. 8

FINALLY. UGH. enjoy, my sweet bbys.


It was time to get your life back on track. Your heart didn’t know what was up and what was down, and your head didn’t want to look forward. All you really wanted was to hear from him again, see him smile, maybe hold his hand or something. But you didn’t have time to feel sorry for yourself while you were busy making sure that bastard wasn’t following you everywhere you went. He’s a professional, you knew your efforts were pointless, but they made you feel better knowing you were trying.

Joker hasn’t contacted you in three days. “Third time’s a charm” rang in the back of your head, knowing you’d hear from him soon. Your gut was never wrong about those things. You were trying to figure out a way to make yourself feel better. You didn’t have any friends to speak of, so there was no planning a girl’s night. No family nearby, so no family dinner at home. But there were lots of clubs nearby, and lots of lonely men are usually at clubs, so that means free drinks. But which club… you played with the idea of going to Joker’s club and hoping he was there to watch you ignore him. You were safe from him as long as you stayed in the public eye. Would going to his club to antagonize him really help you forget about him, though? No, it wouldn’t. But maybe he’d have some sort of ill-feeling emotion from it. It was settled. You were going to get dressed up and go to Joker’s club, Empusa.

You rummaged through your closet until you found your tightest fitting dress; it was mid-thigh length, strapless, and was a deep red. You paired it with black stilettos and dark red lipstick. You left your hair down, you thought it made you look more attractive. Now all you needed was to grab your ID and debit card, and you were good for the night. You started to close the front door, but decided to go grab your cell phone. Just in case Mister J wanted to speak with you. You shook your head at how clingy that idea was.

Now you were out the door and headed towards Empusa, the luxurious gold and purple nightclub Joker owned and frequently visited. Luckily, it was within walking distance, so even if you got too drunk, you could still find your way home to your couch. Your heart was pounding in your ears as you walked. What if he wasn’t there? What if he was? What if he gets mad?

You stopped and adjusted your dress before going up to the bouncer and blurting out “I’m with The Joker.” with a blank expression. The bouncer seemed a bit confused, nobody ever says they’re with the boss. But he must have heard of you, because somehow that worked and you were now walking into the club without even paying a cover charge. The ceilings were high and there were green-lighted chandeliers hanging down low. The floors were shimmery and purple, and the club’s logo was elegantly placed on the bar and on the wall of the second floor in a back-lighted purple. Everything else was gold. The walls, the tables, the chairs, the bar, everything. You almost felt underdressed until you saw all the other patrons. You were going to fit in just fine. Scanning the room, you couldn’t find him. He was probably upstairs in the VIP section. Better go get a drink.

You had made yourself at home on the corner of the bar when you saw a familiar face two seats down from you. Harvey Dent. Does he even know who’s club he’s in? You walked over to see what he was doing here, maybe try hustling a drink out of him. Harvey noticed you before you had gotten to him, and he was elated to see you. ‘He’s so drunk,’ you thought to yourself, ‘this will be easy.’ “Officer Dent? What are you doing here?! I never thought i’d see you being a real person!” You made sure to be extra heavy with the cheese, hoping he wouldn’t notice in the loud music. “Yeah! You know, cops are people too, I guess. Hey! What are you drinking?!” he made this even easier than you’d imagined. You faced the bartender, “just something fruity is fine.” You were promptly handed a fancy hurricane glass with a drink fading from green to blue. “So, Harvey… It’s Harvey, right?” he shook his head yes. “You gunna dance with me, or what?” You knew Joker was here, he had to be. And if he was, he had to be watching you. Harvey guzzled down the rest of his drink and stumbled onto the floor with you.

Dent was barely able to stand, let alone dance. At least he was kind of cute, that was his only saving grace at the moment. You tried to be sexy dancing around him, grabbing his hair every now and then, swaying your hips to get his attention. He grabbed your hips and swayed with you to the beat of the music. You actually started to have a good time with him and forgot the real reason you had come here in the first place. It wasn’t very disappointing to have ended up hanging out with a drunk Harvey instead of intentionally pissing off Joker. You excused yourself from Harvey and told him you’d be back after going to the restroom.

You came back as quickly as you could, to make sure he wasn’t buying someone else drinks. You scanned the room and found him at the bar again, talking to someone with perfectly slicked back green hair. Fuck. You tried to be calm and not trip over your too-high heels as you made your way over to them. You got close enough to hear part of the conversation, but stayed far enough back to not draw attention to yourself just yet.

“What do you mean she’s yours? Did you buy her or somethin’?”

“What does it matter? She is mine. Leave, copper, before I ask again.”

You interrupted them before Joker got too worked up. “Hello, boys. Glad to see you’ve met.” you tried to act nonchalant and flashed Joker an innocent grin. His snarl was unreal and you almost couldn’t blame him. Harvey slurred, “Hey, you know this guy? This… clown looking motherfucker?” He thought he was being funny and burst into laughter. Joker laughed along with him. “Oh, yeah, you’re really funny, guy.” His smile got wider and wider, his eyes went from angry to crazy, and finally his hands went from in his pockets to wresting Harvey’s hands behind his back. Harvey was too busy trying to stand than to fight back. “Look here, pal. Leave my fucking club, and don’t touch my fucking girl.” One of Joker’s guards came and took over, escorting Harvey outside the club. ‘Thanks for the drink, dude.’ you thought to yourself as you watched him be dragged away. You could feel Joker stare you down from behind. You had to face him, that’s what you came here to do, after all.

His face didn’t change. He wasn’t ready to deal with your bullshit tonight, and that was painfully plain to see. You managed to stammer out an excuse, “Mister J, I just wanted to go out for a bit. And this just happened to be the closest place to my apartment.” That was a lie and you both knew it. He grabbed your hand so tight you thought he might break something. He dragged you up the stairs and past the VIP section, into a narrow hallway with mirrored walls. There were doors on either side, it reminded you of an office building. He took you all the way to the end and brought you into an empty conference room. He was growling as he went to pour himself a drink. “Doll… why did you come in to my club?”

“I told you, I wanted to go out.” You could feel your own sass, and you knew that was mistake. Joker was still fiddling with the bottles of liquor, “There are plenty of other clubs. Why mine?”

“I… I wanted to see you. I wanted to make you jealous.” You blurted out. He had defeated your ability to stand up for yourself and he hadn’t even gotten started. Hearing your answer, he swung around and made himself over to you in an instant. “You did that shit on purpose?! The one, single man in this entire establishment that was absolute trash and you decided to get all bump-and-grind on him?! To piss me off?!” He was yelling now and you were extremely impressed that he hadn’t hit you again yet. He was oddly still, except for his hands, they were shaking from being clenched together so tightly. “Answer me, baby.” his voice revved under his breath.

“Yes, I came here, to your club, to rile you up. I felt like you deserved it.” Your word vomit might be followed by fear vomit soon.

“Ohhhhh, sweetness. You poor, naive thing,” he was walking away from you now, he held his hands in the air, dancing slowly. “Haven’t i told you before… Not to defy me? Do not, do NOT defy me, doll.” On his last word he was facing you again from the opposite head of the table. You could see his brain working hard to decide what to do next, while yours was at a stand still.

It felt like he was staring at you with his powerful eyes for an eternity before he spoke again, “Doll… I know you’re a smart woman. And I know you came here to my club looking for some kind of reassurance. I’ll do you one better and I’ll apologize.” You were completely taken aback by what he was saying. “Honey, I’m sorry for hitting you. I can’t promise I won’t do it again, but I can promise to keep you safe if you don’t go behind my back again to purposely agitate me.” His voice pin balled from soft and sweet to trying very hard not to sound angry.

You couldn’t afford to leave him hanging, and your heart couldn’t afford to lie. “Mister J, I want to be around you, I want to be with you, and I want to trust you. But I’m kind of afraid of you. We were having such a great night together, and you fucking hit me. You held me down, choked me, and hit me. Why should I stay with you?” Your voice was wobbling. He was quick to respond, “It’s not a matter of ‘staying,’ per se, rather than choosing a life with me, or no life.” You sprang back at him, “No life? What does th-“ “That’s not the point, doll. Are you going to be my princess or not? I can make you a very happy woman. Give you everything your little heart desires, keep you away from sleazy men like Dent…” His tone dropped saying his name like he was talking about trash. “Baby, be mine, and you’ll be okay. That’s my offer to you.” He had his hands on the table and watched you for an answer. When you didn’t answer him quick enough, he threw his glass he’d poured for himself earlier at the wall, the shatter made you jump. He didn’t look at you again when he walked toward the door, not waiting any longer for an answer. “Okay! Okay. J, okay.” You panicked at the thought of not having him around, and what he might do if you dared say no. “If you promise to keep me safe… I’ll stay with you. I want you.” Your words rolled out of your mouth before you could hear what you were saying.

A smile crept up on his face as he spun around to come back to you. “Oh, baby,” he purred, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you in tight. His actions are getting scarier, but at least he’s still in your life, and that’s all you could ask for. His grip on you didn’t get any looser, “I missed you, princess. Why don’t we finish what we started the other evening before things got sour?” You could feel his breath on your neck, tickling your senses. “You promise to keep me safe this time?” You joked at him, hoping this wouldn’t be another trigger. “Even from myself,” he whispered.

Joker lifted you up by your thighs onto the cold conference table and kissed your neck, biting and kissing you until you let out a quiet moan. “Mmmm, that’s what i like to hear.” His silver teeth shined at you, and you knew you’d be okay this time. All your fear was gone and had turned into lust for this unpredictable man. His hand rested on your knee, while the other snaked it’s way up your dress, around your waist, and further up until he was holding your breast. The hand on your knee slowly started making it’s way up your leg, your skin tingled at his touch. You started laying back onto the table, he followed as he climbed onto the table on top of you. You thought it best not to speak, silence was golden until you knew him better.

Joker was relentless in kissing you everywhere he could. He made his way from your lips, to your collarbone, tracing his way with his tongue down your chest. He stopped and looked up at you to give you a teasing grin. “Let’s get this show on the road.” He hopped off the table, pulling you off with him. He grabbed your shoulders and turned you around, giving you a hard smack on the ass. It made you jump again, but you liked it. He fiddled with the zipper of your dress for only a few seconds before he muttered “fuck this” under his breath and pulled a knife out of his back pocket. With his free hand, he pushed you back onto the table, shifting from side to side and looking at you like you were going to be the most delicious dessert he’d ever had. He began slicing a perfectly clean line right up the center of your tight dress and you could feel the cold blade on your stomach giving you goosebumps. He kept eye contact with you the entire time, his mouth hanging open, loving every second of what he was doing. “Baby, you’re making this too hard,” he said with a fiendish grin, glancing down at himself. You couldn’t help breathing heavier the more his hands rushed over you feeling every inch until he found what he was looking for. With two fingers he rubbed your clit and purred, “Ready for me so soon? You’re so good.” By the end of his sentence he already had his belt undone and pants unzipped. He pulled out his firm member and started stroking himself, watching you squirm waiting for his next move. “Please, Mister J…”

He grabbed your hips and pulled you to the edge of the table to him, flashing his silver grill at you. Joker’s eyes were reflecting the lustful frenzy in his head. He closed his eyes and let out a quiet moan as he slid himself into you. Thrusting hard and fast, he didn’t give you any time to adjust to his size. Throwing his head back, he laughed his laugh that you loved so much, and in some twisted way that was a major turn on. He kept his head back as he slid in and out, the feeling was making you arch your back in ecstasy. With a deep moan from Joker you could feel him finish on your stomach, making your skin feel warm and tingly. “Sorry, baby,” he lowered his head to half smile at you, “I have other things to do tonight.” You scoffed at his selfishness, but couldn’t help laughing.

Clearing his throat, he pulled up his slacks and tightened his belt. He was surprisingly good at adjusting himself back to normal without the help of a mirror. You were still sitting on the cold table, naked, waiting for him to notice. “Mister J, I think I need you to help me out of here before you leave me for whatever business you have planned,” you said with a playful note in your voice. He glanced at your from under his disheveled hair and chuckled to himself, “Whoops.” He turned back to the bar to pour himself a new drink, stepping over the broken glass still on the floor. “I’ll be right back, sweetness. Stay here.” He shot you a look as he commanded you to stay. A few moments later, Joker sauntered back into the room with a slim brown box and handed it to you, “I got this for you after what happened, as an apology of sorts, i guess.” He looked uncomfortable while sheepishly motioning you to come get the box from him. “Put it on and I’ll take you home.” You took the box with a smile hoping he’d return the gesture, but he kept his face serious. You secretly hoped he felt bad about what happened at his mansion. He should. But perhaps crazy doesn’t have remorse.

Inside the box was a scarlet red mini dress with so many sequins you wondered if there was any fabric underneath all the sparkle. It wasn’t much of a surprise, of course it was flashy. The sweetheart neckline was flattering and you thought your ass might fall out at any second, but he finally smiled when he saw you in it.

Joker picked up your hand from your side and held it in both his hands. Keeping his gaze on you, he was deep in thought. “What is it, Mister J?” “This is just odd, is all. C’mon, let’s take you home, doll.”

Joker was forgiven by your heart, and your head was following in close pursuit.


wowowow. my longest part yet and i reeeeallllly hope you guys like it. I haven’t tried writing smut before, so let me know what you think! AM I A WEENIE OR WHAT?! 

Real talk though, what do you want to see happen next? any ideas?

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Chained Rose, Chapter IV

Summary: Set in an alternate universe where Ruby and Yang never went to Beacon and a terrifying virus threatens the populace instead of Grimm, Ruby Rose is hired by Cinder Fall to be her bodyguard.

A/N: Thanks so much for waiting! Here is the next chapter.

As before, you can also read this story on AO3.

Or if you want, read it here on my blog in chronological order 

Chapter Four: I Actually Did Just Want To Help But I Have A Reputation To Maintain

Daddy took us to the wishing tree.

The ground rumbled. Yang sat behind him on the bike, clinging to his back, and I rode in the sidecar because I was smaller.

Patch was a small island full of mountain roads, twisting and turning around nameless streets and neighborhoods without numbers or walls. We turned and turned, my jacket’s collar flapping in the winds.

When we’d reached the park, Daddy parked the bike and lifted me out of the sidecar. The rest of the trip was a long trek through the woods, off the beaten trails. Grimm territory, Daddy said, but that meant nothing to me. There hadn’t been a Grimm on Patch Island in at least thirty years.

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'Don't pretend you don't care.." (Caryl scene day 6)

I just keep going folks.. like the energizer bunny… and i since I see that someone opened their yap again in the confessions.. I figured it would be a good time fore my next one.. 

(and once again I apologize for the lateness of it and all) 

This was a scene I wished they’d left in, because it was so good, so revealing.  The fact that  it starts with Daryl looking at his bloody hands, as if contemplating them is a great touch. He’s just beaten the kid, ttaking the henchmen role for the group, to do the thing Rick and others don’t have the stomach for. And Carl, asking him if it hurts and hurts, and his answer? 

“I’ve been hurt worse.." 

Which saddens me. It’s sort of thrown away but very insightful at the same time. And Daryl is sort of gently dismissive of Carl, sitting out away from the house, by himself. Isolation yet again. And Carol approaches, less timid,more determined than she was just the night before. And gives him the rag to clean himself up with. 

"did you get what you wanted? Approval? Thanks? You couldn’t hit me so you beat up a kid is that who you are now? " 

She already knows him, gets it. She essentially tells him exactly what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. And expresses her disappointment in this as well. She’s knows he’s better than that but she’s tired of being gentle. She’s telling him exactly what he needs to hear. Some people criticize that for being harsh or cruel. And they are right, but it totally necessary. And considering what he threw at her the night before, well-deserved.  And she’s not hearing or caring about the explanation for it. 

"Wasn’t no kid..he’d do a lot worse than hitting if you gave him a chance.." 

"That’s not what this is about and you know it.." 

Once again he can’t take the look, the condemnation from her, because he dosen’t feel too good at this moment and tries a little more of the ‘i don’t give a shit..’ routine, hoping she’s go away.

"What do you want to do? Huh? I dont need this.." 

"Don’t pretend like you don’t care..You want your friendship back take it..take back every kind, smart thing you ever said, I don’t care i’ve lost worse.." 

"But don’t sit back here and tend to your bloody fists.. and pretend you don’t care.." 

Carol is telling she dosen’t care if she loses him, as long as he dosen’t lose himself here. She’s tired of fighting about it,  but is telling him straight with no punches pulled that she knows he fucking cares.He wouldn’t have those bloody fists if he didn’t.  And dosen’t want him to pull away, to stop caring if that means he’s pissed at her so be it. 

Sometimes you have to tell someone the harsh truth to get their attention. She basically told him his real reasons for beating the kid up. To make himself feel better. To feel useful by being that guy. Even Dale tells him this later, and the weight of both of them had impact. 

She’d told him the night before that he’d earned his place and what she’s implying now is that your better than just the guy that does the dirty work. And she lets him stew on that thought for awhile. 

It’s worth noting that later, after this and his conversation with Dale he does show up for the non-productive meeting about what to do with Randall. And cleaned up a bit too. 

And she’s happy to see him… and lets him know with one look.

And even if by the end, when she walks past him, he’s still not particularly happy with her or the situation at least.. he was there. He was taking part in things without necessarily using his fists. Being the henchman. 

(shit the way his eyes follow her.. dammit all to hell..) 

Now Daryl may stalk off after this, whether it’s out of disgust for the way the meeting dissolved or whetther its still being irritated with her, getting under his skin like she did , it dosen’t matter Becauset what she was trying to do, in spite of her own heartache and pain, was to get him here. to pull him back. To not let him lose himelf  And in this case she succeed in doing just that. Even if he is still pissed, still not completly sure he wants to be here, he is here. 

And he cares, in spite of what he says to the contrary, just like she always  always knew he did. 

Behold the power of Carol :) 

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Okay DONT kill me

i have this headcanon that lance totally knows how to dance, and with dancing i mean he adapts to any music.

I mean imagine for a second: a little kid in Varadero, a tourist city 80% beaches, living with a big family of older brothers, sisters, parents and uncles who manage a beach bar. 

He’s raised around all kinds of dancing music from mambo, cha-cha-cha, or salsa to latin/tropical house and dance pop, both in spanish and in english, depending on who is manning the radio that day; when their parents tidy up for the day they pause from time to time to catch eachother and dance a little, tired but still in a good mood; lance, taken care of by his siblings while rinsing glasess and stacking chairs would totally love seeing them so animated. 

Back in his house the music would follow them; lance grows fond both of his grandparents’s and his siblings tastes, of seeing his big family at house parties dancing with eachother, and asks his mom to dance with him, standing on her feet or on his eldest sister’s arms.

As he grows older and takes an interest on girls, his sisters first tease him and immediately after give him this piece of advice: girls love boys who can dance (evidently it only accounts for the tastes of two girls, one in her teens and one already reaching twenty) but lance has already latched onto music AND girls, and learning to dance properly becomes a Serious Matter; he enlists his mother, in those pockets of time she is not working or corraling all the children in the house, or his aunts.

evidently such a big family all in one house cant keep a secret for the life of them, so soon everyone with any kind of experience on a dancefloor is taking this gangly kid and showing him how its done (each one arguing they do it better than the other, yes, Mario, you cant take two steps without tripping so let me teach the kid!)

So miraculously lance comes out of that gallinero with coherent pieces of knowledge, and puts them to use every time he can, the radio in the background while he helps at home or sitting in class, miming the steps under the table with the tune in his head, teaching it to his younger brothers and sisters…

The problem comes when he actually gets an opportunity to dance with any girl his age:

He chickens out.

While at home he feels at ease with dancing, knowing how to dance seems to be a source of cruel fun for his classmates, who vastly prefer other “cooler” methods of getting close to girls, and lance ends up with a bunch of very shy girls who dont know how to dance themselves and a beating from the other boys. After seeing his family dancing with boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wifes, he thinks that opinion is stupid, but silence is much better than another hit.

When anyone asks him if hes got any girl at his feet yet, he changes the subject as best as any thirteen year old can.

Music never stops being an important part of his life, even when he leaves for the Garrison, but dancing has taken a sort of background position when it comes to his free time. Hunk has seen him more than once fooling around in their quarters to every kind of music imaginable, and lance convinced pidge after MUCH pestering to illegally hook him up to Itunes from the other side of the solar sistem so he could get new music anytime.

And then dancing comes around again; first unauthorised party the cadets organise everyone is invited, no one is thirteen anymore, and lance discovers mostly everyone has a newfound admiration for his ridiculously big music collection and his dancing, even if that admiration doesnt extend to his flirting.

Evidently none of that matters when they are flung through a wormhole in order to fight and integalactic dictatorial empire, at least at the beggining.

One of the more peaceful days, during their downtime at the castle, Allura and Coran start bittersweetly reminiscing about their culture and sharing stories with the paladins: the food, the religion, the singing…

And the dancing.

After talking about late king Alfor leading allura around a ballroom in one if her first offcial galas, when allura asks innocently but somewhat sadly if there are any special dance rituals or styles back in earth, the response around the room is vague but positive, and lance feels a prick of annoyance, because the answer should be much larger than a “yeah, i guess”

lance has never been shy about oversharing, but music and dance are his family, his afternoons full of laughter and fumbling steps until he got them right, his mother feeling amused while his father caught her by the waist and convinced her to stop sweeping and start basic salsa moves around the bar. 

He thinks that maybe, a family memory for a family memory fair. He starts talking.

they all end up on one of the long unused ballrooms of the castle, now newly reilluminated and cleaned after the Arusian celebration, showing eachother different dance steps, using the ipod that traveled the whole galaxy in lance’s jacket poquet to help along. Neither pidge nor Hunk are surprised about how free lance seems while leading the princess around in a circle (after profusely swearing not to touch ANYWHERE suspicious, not unless you ask, princess–ouch!) but shiro, keith and coran might need some time to get accustomed.

Not that they have it, once lance gets in his head that shiro should totally know how to cha-cha-cha.

(everyone gets a good laugh and a bit of bonding out of it, so its good)

title: the flowers at your feet, the sky at your fingertips
pairing: kenma/hinata
rating: t
summary: in which the boys are classmates and kenma has a secret | nail painting and trying on makeup and shy kisses


The first time Hinata notices, they’re a very pale pink.

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