it will never stop!!!!!!!!!

ugh i miss being smart and constantly being told by teachers that i “have a bright future ahead of me” but now i’m 2 years behind in school and all teachers ever do is give me sad looks and a soft “i know you can do this if you try”

What probably goes through their minds.
  • <p> <b>Tinnitus Stans:</b> "Why do people hate Tony so much?" As they stan him more than a Bataman fanboy with the prep time argument. That won't get annoying at all.<p/><b>Tinnitus Stans:</b> "It must be because of his PTSD!" Even though nearly everyone else does. Not just Tony.<p/><b>Tinnitus Stans:</b> "They blame him for Ultron, Bruce helped too and that Scarlet Bitch mind raped him!" He was making Ultron way before Wanda got close to him. Also, everyone else got a bad vision too?<p/><b>Tinnitus Stans:</b> "It must be his good looks that they hate" Bitch no. Just No.<p/><b>Tinnitus Stans:</b> "He pays everything for the Avengers and he gets taken advantage of" They. Had. Jobs. Steve fought a war and also worked for Shield. The government owns him a fuck load of money.<p/><b>Tinnitus Stans:</b> "He signed the Accords so they can be held accountable!" Then the fuck why did he ignore it and go to Siberia so quick then?<p/><b>Tinnitus Stans:</b> "He hides his pain behind a mask! Why can't they see that?" Because if you act like a jackass and be snarky all of time, they not going to think you have a mask, they are going to think you're a jackass. Not everyone will see through it.<p/><b>Tinnitus Stans:</b> "We just want to protect him!" As they type headcanons where the Avengers are verbally or physically hurt Tony and are demons in human skin. And are broke ass hobos who only want that Stark Money. Or make him "bitter" and make him into a huge douchebag where TeamCap has to come "crawling back" to Tinky. And has everyone ( i mean everyone ) kiss his ass because he's Tony Fucking Stark.<p/><b>Tinnitus Stans:</b> "It's definitely his PTSD. They hate him for it and i'll never understand those who hate this cinnamon roll" Peter Parker is one, that man is not a cinnamon roll and never will be.<p/></p>

5 Cute Things Your Muse Does

Exactly what it says on the tin! Do not reblog. Repost and tell your followers five cute facts about your muse then tag five people to see what cute things their muses do!

1. habitually, he tends to tilt his head down slightly when he smiles, as if he’s trying to hide it. but if you can get him to laugh, which is embarrassingly and adorably high-pitched, he laughs with his whole body. 

2. he has below average circulation and spends about three quarters of the year in sweaters because he’s always cold. he’s also,, completely incapable of staying awake when he’s warm. laying in the sun? he’s asleep. bundled in a blanket on the couch? having a nap. give him a hot bath? he’s passed out five minutes later. he’s always tired, wrap him up and let him rest 

3. he speaks to his oldest dog exclusively in french. and in the verses where he has children, he speaks to his kids in french almost more than he does in english when they’re young. this isn’t something he has a conscious reason for doing, but his mother did that to him when he was little  ( which is why he couldn’t read in english until he was almost 8 years old ), so it’s automatic for him. 

4. he’s a highly anxious person & having something to occupy his hands really helps him stay calm—— which means he’s 100% a handholder, and will absently toy with his s/o’s fingers A Lot if they let him. 

5. he’s 35 years old and still re-watches the iron giant when he’s sad. and he still cries at the ending. every single time. 

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