it will never stop!!!!!!!!!

i’m so tired but i can’t sleep because whenever i sleep i dream of you and i’m so tired of waking up crying.

the littlest things remind me of you, things i never expect to, and i break down in the middle of conversations with your name on my lips.

i wish you would say something - anything - to me, i’m desperate to know how you’re doing and if you’re okay, how your mom is and if your dog got any new toys.. or you could tell me to fuck off, tell me you hate me, and i would take if because this silence between us is killing me.

have you blocked my number or are you just ignoring me?

it hurts i don’t know how to make it stop hurting i can’t breathe i wanna die everything hurts so bad please help me if hurts

i just want to come home.

please let me come home.
—  texts i’ll never send
(cc, 2017)
Sound of Nostalgia

Beloved themes from years ago

i can’t believe that it has been    four months   since i started on this wonderful journey with you all !!! during the past four months i have grown and learned so much, and it’s all thanks to you wonderful cupcakes which stood by me. you have been there during the  BAD  and the  GOOD  days and i am simple blessed to have you guys with me at this important point of my life ♥. 


@physiiologic // @siideraliis ; you came into my life at a moment when i only saw darkness, you were ( and still are ) one of the few brighter spots during my day. i hope that you’re living a good life, that you’re happy and loved by those around you. i hope that there are flowers resting on your hair and growing out of your heart ; keep on sharing love, because you saved my life, and that surely adds to your good karma jar.  

@absintheabsence ; ‘ and when the morning light, decides to shine. you will find, i’m still here. ’ once i send you that poem ; said that it reminded me of you. and it still does. you have such a kind and loving heart and i can’t believe i’m lucky enough to have gotten to know you. your kindness is unmatched, it truly is. you have helped me realise that shit wasn’t right, you have helped me see exactly how bad things were. you opened my eyes and gave me strength to get out of there, and nothing i say can ever thank you enough for that. 

@rinmorxn // @featheredfiend ; you are president of the mani fanclub, and honest to god, i don’t know why you even waste your time with me. i still cannot understand why you put up with my broken english, my horrible plot ideas, my awful edits ( and above all ) my paranoid nights. but oh, my darling, you deserve the world and the stars. you deserve flower-filled fields and kisses of the spring sun. don’t ever forget that, and don’t ever forget that if i could, i would give all of those things and more to you.    

@rolcplaycr ; my sister from another mister ! i know life is hard, i know that it’s trying to drag you down, but my darling, never forget that you’re an angel with your wings clipped. flight is still a part of you, and even if the world gives you a hard time, know that you hold divinity between your hands ; know that you are worth so much more than people want you to believe. keep on being the way you are, my sweetheart. because soon the world will be at your feet, because i know that you’re gonna go far in life ( i only hope that you’ll think of me once you reach the top


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I really hate the bus!