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Is it just me or does Jack and Dan almost always look at the camera like they’re actually looking at us? It feels like forever since we’ve had a vlog from Jack and it just warms my heart that when he talks to us, it feels like there’s actually eye contact. And Dan does the same too. It’s just nice to feel like you’re having a conversation rather than watching a video.

Black Star Nonsense

The wrench slowed in its final turn as Rosalie realized it had been some time. She wasn’t even sure how much time. Judging from the spark plugs, the routine check over, the cleaning of the engine…Anything from one to two hours.

One to two hours of silence in the garage.

One to two hours of not saying a damn word to Bella.

Bella, who didn’t even have her phone.

So not only had Bella made the mistake everyone did at some point, but she’d committed to it. Everyone asked or tried to relax in the garage with her once. Only Esme and Jasper survived an entire hour before excusing themselves.

But Bella was still here, still being too good to her, still being bored out of her fucking mind, probably.

And then the inevitable sign came.

The chair she’d rolled out to Bella had started giving off the tell-tale squeak of it spinning.

Slowly, precisely, Rosalie straightened enough to pretend to be looking over the car. She swiped up a red towel to clean her hands on while she noted Bella in her peripherals.

She didn’t exactly seem ready to bolt, but she was good at masking things.

The silence rang in Rosalie’s ears, whispered how long it’d been there, reminded her that music followed Bella like her own shadow.

And Rosalie had failed at welcoming Bella into her space with such a simple, basic thing.

She sucked in a breath to try fixing this even though she still hadn’t put together what to say.


The plastic of the wheels screeched against the concrete floor, followed by the leg, part of the seat, and finally Bella herself faceplanting with the chair on top of her. She didn’t move. One wheel still spun, the only sound other than Bella’s heart since she’d stopped breathing.

Rosalie dropped the hood, blinking.

A slow breath filled Bella’s lungs just to rattle out as a tired sigh. “Ow.”

At least there wasn’t any blood.

By the time Rosalie started walking over, Bella was pushing the chair off of herself and rolling over to stare up at the ceiling. She got in the way of Bella’s view as she knelt beside her. Brown eyes moved to her with a quiet betrayal she’d come to recognize.

“If you killed me now, I’d be okay with it.”

Rosalie hummed. “No, I don’t think so. Though I must say you didn’t have to go to such lengths to leave.”

And Bella did that thing were she focused on the wrong topic and her eyebrows drew together. “Who said I was trying to leave?”

“Everyone leaves.” It wasn’t meant to garner pity or anything, it was just a fact. A fact she cursed the same way she cursed Bella for making her so relaxed her filter utterly disappeared sometimes.

Bella didn’t say anything.

Rosalie reached out to brush Bella’s hair from her face and ran a finger across her jawline. It was still so odd, whenever it circled around her mind and insisted on being thought about. They’d been together for three months and twelve days and Bella hadn’t flinched from her sharp edges once. She was so patient and so rash at once, so calm and yet so quick to be livid.

Rosalie was often called a storm, but Bella Swan was definitely one, and she loved every moment of it.

“I’m trying and failing to think of a joke involving oil.”

For just a moment, Rosalie’s brow furrowed. And then she realized she’d somehow gotten some grease or…honestly anything at this point, on Bella’s cheek.

But Bella just offered her traditional half smile and took the towel from Rosalie’s pocket to reach up and clean her chin instead of cleaning her own face.


And brown eyes were on her. Waiting.

She never knew what she intended to say in these moments. She never knew what she wanted or hoped for.

Rosalie bent down to kiss Bella’s forehead and was rewarded with a smile she matched.

Bella’s, however, shifted and her eyes moved away. “I’ve been worried spinning would bother you.”

Gold eyes slid over to the chair and back. Clearly she’d discovered an easy gift Bella would treasure. “You wouldn’t have.”

“I dunno.” Bella finally tuned into what a sane person did after they fell and sat up. Her right arm swept in a wide arc around the garage. “You make art here, you know?”

“Bella, Esme and Alice are the artists. You know that.”

She was staring at an old Chevy at an in-between state of being repainted. “Art is arbitrary, Venus. Yours is very detailed. Very precise. Everything from the wax job to the sound of revving the engine. You create that. An experience. It’s beautiful and I didn’t want to disrupt that or fucking T-bone a car worth more than me with my late model spinny chair of doom.”

“Nothing’s worth more than you,” Rosalie murmured. She meant it. She’d torch the whole garage for Bella any day of the week. But Bella would never ask that of her, or even ask her to compromise her personal space.

“Ah, well, you know what I mean, Rose.”

“Say my name.”

Bella’s eyebrow went into an intense arch. “Rose?”




The wheels turned in Bella’s head, her eyes moving to and from Rosalie. “Uhm…Rosalie Lillian Hale?”

“I enjoy your voice.”

Bella’s jaw popped from how hard she clenched her teeth and Rosalie couldn’t help a small laugh that dissolved into a smile.

“So you aren’t ready to run away?”

Running a hand through her hair, Bella looked like she was actually thinking about it. “Have I ever?”

“No. No you haven’t.” She rose, pulling Bella to her feet as she did. She righted the chair with a click of her tongue. “I suppose you’d be more at ease with music, regardless. Where’d you leave your phone?”


Rosalie cocked her head. “Never mind. Alice said you can’t have it back.”

“Sounds fair.” She accepted Rosalie’s phone, but she just stared down at it. “What?”

Gold eyes rolled as she crossed her arms. “Since the early 1900s, mobile phones have come a long way. Shockingly, you can use them as a device to entertain yourself.”

“Oh, I’m entertained. I’m just…contained. There’s a joke here, but I’m not sure what it is.”


Bella clapped her hand on the back of the chair. “Oh, no reason. Just a bunch of expensive stuff around me. And, well, you know how human stains can be.”

“Bella, you,” Rosalie blinked, her arms slowly falling to her sides. “Bella, all of the keys are on the wall. You can touch whatever you like.”

Bella Swan charmed her further by simply poking her shoulder for all of five seconds.

“I detest you.”

“I detest you too, Rose!”

She made a disgusted noise in the back of her throat to keep the smile off her face. “Well, you never seem to detest food, and I’d ask when you last ate, but it never matters. So where would you like to go?”

“Nowhere. I’m good for a bit. You can keep making art, I’ll just admire your process. And your work.”

Though she backed up with a slight bow and an entirely awkward smile, Bella kept her hands in her pockets as she began to wander the garage.

It was another hour or so before she heard Bella’s stomach and had to choose food because Bella couldn’t decide.

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if they can change james's entire face they can fix the rest of the crew's god awful haircuts @ pixelberry pLEASE

truly i will never be over #jamesgate like this is the most egregious stunt they’ve pulled yet,, i am so offended honestly like???? zig is the only one left how are they gonna fuck him up like is he gonna get braces or something im HIGHLY concerned

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