it will last longer tour

Take Cover - London 10/3/17

(ft. my finger) i hate myself
Pop punk problem #41
  • Favourite band: "We're stoked to announce our new album!"
  • Me: *Pre-orders album*
  • Favourite band: "We have a new shirt in our store, there's a pizza picture on there so you know we are pop punk!"
  • Me: *buys t-shirt*
  • Favourite band: "We're touring!"
  • Me: *Books tickets to see them as many days as possible*
  • Favourite band: "We're very sad to announce this will be our last tour and we will no longer be making anymore music."

So the technical difficulties lasted longer than expected so CC did another drum solo haha XD no complaints from the crowd

Requested? | Yes.
Request?| Can I have a Taylor imagine where’s he’s been on tour and we haven’t seen each other since he’s gone on tour and its a cute and romantic reunion?

It had been forever since I had last seen the love of my life, Taylor. He was currently on tour and each day seemed longer than the last. I missed him being here to cuddle or tell his stupid jokes. FaceTime was okay for a while but I was sick and tired of seeing his face just over a screen.

It was a hot day out so I decided to go out and tan. I changed into my swimming suit and walked into the backyard. I tanned for maybe 15 minutes and then it seemed darker. I opened my eyes to see someone standing in front of me. I screamed and began to scramble away when I heard someone laughing.

I looked to see Taylor laughing. “Taylor?” I gasped. “In the flesh, babe.” He smirked and opened his arms for a hug. I ran and jumped into his arms, missing his embrace for so long. “What are you doing here?” I mumbled into his chest.

“I came home early. I couldn’t stand not being around you.” He whispered into my ear. I jumped out of his arms and landed back on my feet. “I missed you so much.” I said and planted a sweet kiss on his plump, pink lips.

“I missed you more, beautiful.” He returned the kiss. “I think we should go inside and cuddle.” I said. “I think we should too.” He said. So we went inside and cuddled.