it will just be stagnant

What Your Sign Has Taught Me
  • Aries: People are forever moving, and just because you're content with being stagnant doesn't mean everyone else is going to be too.
  • Taurus: People are going to do what they want to do at the end of the day. No amount of "warnings" or "Oh but I love yous" are going to stop them.
  • Gemini: Words are more than just words when they are articulated with passion and emotion. Be careful how you use them.
  • Cancer: There is an extremely thin line between a "joke" and blatant mocking and insulting. Sometimes, we cross it without even thinking, and that's simply unhealthy.
  • Leo: You should never apologize for dressing up, or spending money the way you want to, or being happy. If you're not hurting anyone, you should do as you wish.
  • Virgo: Some people just like to complain. It helps to take the edge off. So when they don't have anything to complain about, they might just pull something out of thin air.
  • Libra: As far as your first instincts about people go, you should trust them, at least a bit. Maybe she really is fishy, or maybe he can be a real douche. Just keep it in the back of your mind.
  • Scorpio: Just because someone can hold an intelligent conversation, talk with you all night, and make consistent, beautiful eye contact, doesn't mean they're hopelessly in love with you.
  • Sagittarius: There is still love in "tough love." While it can hurt, it does not create the absence of caring, nor should it.
  • Capricorn: It's okay to look up to others. Sometimes, through admiring another person's qualities, we can learn more about where it is we would like to someday be.
  • Aquarius: Although many people do not change, a change is possible. Sometimes it's just waiting for the right moment to develop.
  • Pisces: Don't confuse an emotional, sensitive person for a good friend or a good lover. Someone can be totally self-pitying and not care one bit how you feel.

Literally just as I was starting my shift at work today, I had the greatest idea for an AU ever and I had to suffer through my entire shift with this beautiful AU consuming my mind, so here, have a Victuuri rivals!au:

  • At twenty years old, Victor Nikiforov has been at the top of the figure skating world for four straight years, ever since his senior debut, and he is bored out of his skull. Everything is just so easy and there are no worthy rivals to push him to be better, so he’s just kind of standing, stagnant, at the top.
  • And then, in his fifth season, a dark horse appears from Japan, and his name is Yuri Katsuki. He appears from completely out of the blue, with no amateur or junior division experience under his belt, and he sweeps through the ranks at a terrifying pace, snatching the gold medal right from under Victor’s nose at the Grand Prix finals that year.
  • Victor is left stunned and frustrated, and most importantly, excited. Here is a man to push him to be better, to give him inspiration, to be the rival he’s so desperately yearned for these past four years. Victor can no longer afford to stay stagnant if he wants to keep his position at the top.
  • The two rivals fight neck and neck, always vying back and forth for first place. They’re so evenly matched that many in the industry consider them both tied for first place as the most talented figure skaters in the world, despite which of them has the gold that year.
  • The media just loves playing up their rivalry, especially since Victor and Yuri’s encounters always end with chilly stares and barbed taunts thrown at each other with sickeningly sweet false smiles plastered on both their faces. They seem to absolutely loathe each other.
  • The truth is though, Yuri absolutely worships the ground Victor walks on, because Victor had been his role model and his inspiration when he had first started skating, and he was so excited to be able to compete against him when he finally broke into the senior division. But he was so nervous when he met Victor for the first time that he accidentally came off as aloof and downright asshole-ish, and Victor had replied in kind and then the media blew the situation up, declaring that Yuri hated his rival, and so now Yuri feels compelled to pretend like he hates Victor so whenever they meet he puts up this facade, and he’s pretty sure by now that Victor completely hates him.
  • Victor, on the other hand, is sad that his rival hates him because he actually admires Yuri a lot, because Yuri is the only person Victor has acknowledged as being as talented as him, and he is Victor’s inspiration.
  • Then suddenly, Yuri is 23. He makes it to the Grand Prix finals, as expected. And he’s just so excited to face off against his rival and idol again. But just before he’s supposed to perform his free skate program, he gets a call from home. His beloved dog, Vicchan, has died. The news absolutely destroys him. He makes a few too many mistakes in his free skate program. And his stellar performance in the short program the day before can only take him so far. He ends up finishing in fourth, without a medal for the first time in his career. He’s crushed.
  • That year, Victor doesn’t smile as he is presented his gold medal. Because he is angry and disappointed, and the victory leaves a bitter taste in his mouth, without Yuri at his side accepting silver.
  • The two run into each other as they’re leaving to head back to their respective homes, and they get into a one-sided argument that is actually just Victor yelling at Yuri for messing up, for not taking the competition seriously, and Yuri just standing quietly, taking it all. This only makes Victor angrier. Why can’t Yuri just say something? Why won’t he just defend himself?
  • A few months later, rumours start emerging that Katsuki Yuri has retired, and Victor is having absolutely none of that. He books a plane ticket to Japan, shows up at his rival’s home, and ends up being naked for their first ever conversation outside of a competitive setting.
  • Yuri refuses to return to competitive skating, and Victor refuses to go home until Yuri has agreed to not retire.
  • As a result, Victor stays at Yu-topia for something like a week. During that week, he and Yuri get to know each other, and he realizes that his cute rival actually doesn’t hate him and that he actually idolizes him. And that makes Victor really fucking happy. Because, now that they both know they don’t hate each other, obviously that means they’re automatic best friends, right? Yuri is a little hesitant, but eventually he gives in and lets Victor befriend him.
  • Victor also finds out that the reason Yuri did so badly on his free skate program is because he found out that his dog had died, and Victor understands. Because he knows how absolutely heartbreaking it is to lose a dog. And he knows he’d probably have reacted similarly if he’d suddenly found out something had happened to Maccachin.
  • After a long heart-to-heart, and a surprise appearance from a very angry little Yurio, Victor is finally able to convince Yuri not to retire from ice skating.
  • But now, that begs the question. How the hell is Yuri going to find a coach on such short notice? He’d already cut off ties with Celestino, and while he’s sure the man would understand, Yuri is still too ashamed to face him.
  • Victor has the Best Idea Ever™.
  • Yuri is convinced it’s actually a terrible idea. But with Victor assuring him that everything’s going to be okay Yuri-kun, just trust me, he decides to take the leap.
  • And basically, that’s the story of how Yakov gets to his rink one day to find that his top skater, after a week and a half disappearance off the face of the Earth, has dragged home a little Japanese stray.
  • After a few hours of yelling, Yakov agrees to coach Yuri for the upcoming season.
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…failure and success are not so simply defined. That year may have been a failure in terms of tangible career growth, but the self-knowledge and acceptance was the success…It wasn’t a year of external gain, but of internal growth.
—  Hannah Hart, Buffering
# of episodes gems talk to humans

season 1A: 9 episodes (5 Not Counting Greg or Connie)
season 1B: 13.5 episodes (5.5 NCGoC)*
season 2: 11.5 episodes (5.5 NCGoC)**
season 3: 8 episodes (4 NCGoC)
season 4: 9 episodes (so far) (4 NCGoC)

*On The Run gets a technicality, as Amethyst is implied to talk with the Cool Kids in musical montage
**Does Say Uncle count? Does Uncle Grandpa count as human?

Early on in the show, I was under the impression that Steven’s role as a hybrid would be to, you know, help Gems better work with humans and bring two largely separate cultures together. Yet, the disconnect between humans and gems seems just as stagnant as ever. Even with new gems living on Earth with no set status quo to stop them from interacting with humans, they live far away by themselves instead of exploring new interactions. Humans have their own episodes, completely separate from the plot, with no apparent agency in the alien threat to their own home.

Season 4 shows promise for this to change, but time will tell if they get to fight alongside the gems, or continue being the damsels in the background. I’ve got my fingers crossed. 

malec: you’re here.

A/N - this is an odd occurrence for me. it’s extremely rare that i ever share my writing with anybody, and yet now i’m willingly choosing to post it on tumblr, haha. to be honest, i wrote this attempting to make my friend cry (it’s a thing we do sometimes) and it was all written in one sitting. part of me thinks it’s alright and part of me thinks it’s out of character (especially for magnus) but i enjoyed writing it anyway and would rather i shared it than just let it sit stagnant on my laptop forever, aha. 

after watching episode four, i began to consider what would happen if magnus told alec about his dark days in london and i decided to write it down because malec always get me thinking too much. this is the product. it’s set probably a few weeks later than the latest episode but it’s undetermined when. 

hope it’s alright!!

“Magnus?” Alec said as he walked into the warlock’s apartment, setting his bow and arrow down on the coffee table. It had been a long day at the Institute, and all Alec really wanted to do was relax and maybe have a few cocktails with his boyfriend. “Magnus? Mags?” he asked, his voice a little louder. The living room was empty, a rare occurrence for Magnus. Alec frowned, and his hand automatically inched closer to one of the blades he kept on his leather belt. Something was clearly wrong.

Alec took a few hasty steps through the apartment. There was no sign of a struggle, which confused him even more. Magnus was the strongest person he knew.

He sighed, dragging a hand through his dark messy hair, trying to calm himself down. Alec knew that he had a tendency to freak out unnecessarily, and instead forced the other hand away from his blade and to Magnus’ bedroom door, which was shut, but not locked.

“Mags?” he whispered. There was no light in the usually flamboyant room. “You in here?” There was no reply, but Alec creeped in and shut the door behind him once he saw something shaped like a body in the four poster bed. He gave a sigh of relief. Magnus was here. Magnus was safe.

Alec looked at Magnus in closer detail and immediately felt something fall through his body in a swift, swooping motion of sympathy. Magnus’ eyes seemed darker than usual, though the glamour was still up, hiding his warlock sign. Alec shrugged off his worn leather jacket and his shoes and laid next to Magnus, being careful not to touch him yet. Magnus lay on the right side; Alec on the left, and the warlock was curled on his side in thick pajamas, his face wiped clean on any makeup and his hair almost as wild as Alec’s.

Magnus blinked a few times, his eyes travelling up to Alec’s hazel ones.

“What do you need?” Alec asked quietly, not wanting to do something that would discomfort his boyfriend further.

Magnus shifted closer to Alec, laying his head on his chest. “Just… Can you stay?” he replied softly, Alec’s spare hand curling around his.

“Yeah,” Alec agreed, tightening his grip on Magnus’ waist. “Yeah. I can do that.” His lips dropped a light kiss on Magnus’ forehead, and the room returned to silence.

Soon enough, Magnus feel asleep, and Alec was glad that his mind had quietened down enough for him to be able to. He hated seeing Magnus like that. It was odd, and throughout their relationship so far, the warlock had always been the strong one.It was times like this that he bemoaned his inexperience in relationships. Alec really had no idea what to do. He also had didn’t understand why Magnus was so unresponsive. It terrified him; it shook him right down to his core to see the person he had grown to care for so profoundly suffer so harshly, and be seemingly unable to do a thing about it.

All Alec could really do was hold Magnus in his arms and pray that everything would be all right.


It was the middle of the night when Magnus woke up again, and Alec had stayed up just in case that happened. Magnus’ hair, tinted purple this time, tickled Alec’s chin as he shifted.

“Hey,” Alec murmured, offering a slight smile in comfort. He squeezed Magnus’ hand. “Everything all right?”

“Yeah,” Magnus replied quietly as he began to pull away from Alec. “Sorry abo-”

“Don’t, Mags,” Alec cut him off, but not harshly. “You don’t need to lie for me. To the outside world, sure, whatever. Outside, you’re the High Warlock of Brooklyn. But we’re not outside. We’re in here. In here you’re just Magnus Bane, my boyfriend, who is clearly hurting really badly right now.” His eyes softened. “Let me help… please.”

Magnus’ eyes shone with tears. “It’s been a long time since anybody’s said anything like that to me…” he said shakily. Alec didn’t reply, preferring to wait in silence for Magnus to continue. “I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t shut you out; especially not when I pulled you up for doing the same a few weeks ago.”

“It’s okay. You don’t need to apologise. I’m not mad.”

Magnus nodded. “I’m going to try and explain some things to you now, Alexander. But some of it I rarely tell anyone, and… well, some of it nobody knows but me.”

“Magnus, you don’t have to-”

Magnus shifted closer to Alec, shutting his eyes briefly. “I do. Alexander, I really do.” He sighed. “I’ve been alive a long time,” he began. “Obviously. I’ve known a lot of people - cared about a lot of them, too. But even less people are able to stay. Immortality is not that it’s all wrapped up to be. And-and I don’t hate that bit. Frankly, it’s not convenient but without it, I wouldn’t have met so many people.” He looked at Alec. “I wouldn’t have met you. Though, immortality does mean that you lose a lot of people. Sometimes you lose so many people -  get so sick of losing people that you just have enough of it.”

“Go on,” Alec encouraged, both with his voice and with the gentle squeeze of Magnus’ hand.

“It was when I was living in London in the 1870s that I hit rock bottom. I couldn’t really see a way out. I was just so.. so tired of living. One particularly stormy night I got as far as a local bridge in the city.” The warlock fell silent, letting his words sink in. Alec couldn’t stop a tear from falling down his cheek. He may be a warrior, but he was also extremely vulnerable.

“You… you…” Alec couldn’t string a full sentence together. His thoughts were so incredibly erratic. Being faced with the possibility of Magnus not being alive proved destructible to him.

“Yes,” Magnus confirmed, his voice sounding choked up as well. He drew Alec into a hug, and they both gripped onto each other so strongly.

“It was Camille who stopped me,” Magnus told his boyfriend a few moments later when they had both calmed down enough to speak.


“Yeah. So, now you understand why it was hard for me to turn her in a few weeks ago. Even though she’s a monster now… and maybe she always was a monster… without her, I wouldn’t be alive today,” Magnus uttered.

Alec nodded, running a hand through Magnus’ hair and laying a kiss on it. “Yeah, I get it.”

“I’m better now, don’t worry. It’s only every so often that I feel that low again, and it’s never as extreme. Today just happens to be one of those days.”

“I’m always going to worry about you, Magnus,” Alec proclaimed, though still he spoke softly, as if not wanting to disturb the atmosphere they had set in the bedroom. “I lo-I care about you, so so much.”

Magnus released his first true smile since Alec turned up the night before. “I care about you a lot too, Alexander.”

Alec squeezed Magnus tighter to him, and they were pressed together closely, intertwined. “Please never doubt that,” he whispered. “Please never think that there isn’t reason to live… even if I’m not here… you have to live for yourself, okay? You have every purpose in the world, Mags. It would be a much darker place without you in it.”

Magnus blinked as he looked up at Alec, and he leaned in to give him a quick kiss in thanks. “I’ll try, Alexander. I’ll try.” He settled back onto Alec’s chest. “Get some sleep. I know you’ve been up all night worried. But there’s no need to be now.”

“What changed?” Alec asked.

Magnus opened his eyes to look at Alec. “You’re here,” he replied simply, and Alec gave a small gasp before eventually settling down to sleep too, feeling relieved that he had been able to help, and even more glad that Magnus really would be all right.

I sound awful saying it but I think it can be like that. I see a lot of people in unstimulating relationships. And not just boyfriend-girlfriend relationships. They find themselves in stagnant friendships. If people were a little less scared of ending things they’d get more out of life… You meet the right person at the right time and they fulfill a certain something in your life. You fulfill something in theirs. But there’s a time limit to that.
—  Laura Marling

as a woman and being surrounded by women i can see we’re all constantly improving ourselves trying to make ourselves nicer, prettier, more forgiving whatever but men just stay stagnant and never changing



Plz don’t make me sleep on the couch. It lonely there. 

Ever Evolving

Every once in a while, a show like Arrow comes along (and there are not many like it) that just settles in on me.  It has sailed along now for 5 ½ seasons, and I’ve become familiar with the characters and the story narrative. It takes me on a journey. Yes, occasionally it will throw me some curves, but over time, I see the rhythms and the speed of the pitch, and I learn how to recognize the dips and swerves of the ball and can swing at it and make a connection (sorry for the baseball analogy.)  Tonight, at times, those curves left me frozen at the plate. What was familiar and comfortable became unknown and unexpected. And I loved every minute of it.

There is a certain symmetry to storytelling. When it evolves, the characters and their motivations evolve with it. If everything just stayed the same in every episode, those characters become predictable and stagnant and uninteresting. The story feels flat and one-dimensional. The excitement is gone, and not having to think or speculate or invest myself in the tale—I am just left wanting to get up and change the channel. I am sure that I will probably not do justice adding my two cents to this episode, and I will more than likely omit some of the other elements that made it good. But these thoughts are first impressions and they are bursting to come out. So I apologize in advance.

Talia. Her training Yao Fei was out of the blue (and now I want to watch Season 1 again and try to recognize that training.) Her giving Oliver his first bow; it felt like she was passing on some kind of family heirloom. Her telling Oliver that when the monster inside of him becomes someone else, something else, then he will be free to become Oliver Queen. Felicity said essentially the same thing to him at the end of Season 3, just before they rode off into the sunset. I guess it didn’t take hold then. That somebody/something else turned out to be just another part of their fantasy together. The monster in him (fear and uncertainty) awoke when he lied to Felicity and started all of us down the road that led to where we are now—Oliver and Felicity devoured by said monster, (well, mostly Felicity was, but she has her own monster inside of her now.) I’m sure I am leaving out more about Talia, but this is what jumped out at me about her.

Tina was another breath of fresh air.  I agree with everyone who is saying she is going to be a fantastic Black Canary. Her attitude and toughness and skills definitely remind me of Sara. Even it Laurel hadn’t died, it would have taken her a few more years to come close to this version of BC. Tina just doesn’t hold back; case in point, killing that dude in cold blood. It was brutal and savage and really good stuff. She also is not going to take any shit from Oliver and the rest of the team. She is like Felicity in that way. Felicity is badass in her computer skills, (and last week she showed everybody that she is also badass throwing a straight right hand); it really isn’t her forte. Tina is skilled, temperamental at times, brash and tough as nails. She is also beautiful. I am curious if she and Wild Dog do have a background. If they do, maybe Tina can be the person (like Felicity is to Oliver) who can temper him and teach him how not to be so abrasive and grating and annoying. We’ll see. Anyway, I am looking forward to watching her evolve into this new version of BC.

I want to step out of my main narrative for a second here and just say that James Bamford and the whole stunt crew really made it happen in the action scenes. Just phenomenal.

OTA. I felt, finally for maybe the first time this season, the writers brought them together in a way not seen since it was just the three of them. Their dynamic, their love and trust and need to protect one another—their sense of family. Felicity putting herself out there to save John was a refreshing change of pace. Usually, it is John who is the protector and the strong shoulder to lean on. I know that this story arc is just beginning and Felicity is going to sink down into the darkness through grief (for Billy) revenge (Prometheus) anger, pain and deep lose (Oliver). I’m not sure what Helix is (it was a good show on SyFy Channel) but I think it is going to be the vehicle that carries her forward, and will give her character a new direction and motivation. The look in her eyes when she was looking at the information she got from her hacker disciple was haunting. It reminded me of the glare that Oliver displayed in Hong Kong after he tortured and killed that General. It was a seed, and it is going to sprout into those ‘morally questionable’ things she is supposed to involve herself in. But because Felicity is strong, made so by all that she has gone through all these years, that part of her is going to keep afloat, because she is subconsciously doing it out of love and the need to protect those she loves the most—namely Oliver and DIggle. I think it is going to be a treat to watch her, (and EBR as well.) Already, this is having payoffs. John is free. He found his own ‘another way’ by choosing to fight back, legally and morally. He was not going to give up this time. When he found out (and Oliver too) that he was going home, that moment was worth me having to wait for half a season.

And Oliver. He is just cruising towards the complete and flawed man and hero he is destined to become. And Felicity, I think, has acknowledged this, if not to him, to herself. Their banter with each other tonight was pretty special, even though the scenes were brief. I think they are becoming more familiar with each other’s rhythms again—one shoe size fits both of them. They still have a bit to go, but I can sense at the end of that journey, they will arrive together at their ultimate destination—happiness and endgame and a nursery full of babies.

Like I said at the beginning of this, I might have skipped over some things. But my ultimate point is—the show is evolving. And I am evolving with it, as fan and as someone who just appreciates a good story.

I can’t wait for the next chapter.

don’t actually have much to say about this chapter.

i don’t know how to explain it, but this arc just feels stagnant. i realize that people are accomplishing things, but it just doesn’t feel that way. when i think back on this arc, the things i most remember is luffy and nami stuck in the book and chopper and carrot stuck in mirror world. and they’re just, not. progressing. and yeah, i realize brook did some important shit, and yeah i realize that chopper and carrot being in the mirror world was important for other things, but brook’s thing wasn’t much focused on so it’s not stuck in my mind as much, while chopper and carrot the thing i most remember is them running around lost.

the problem is, is the way oda wrote this, sanji’s rescue team can’t rescue sanji, so he wrote around it by having them trapped in some manner, but that just makes them feel irrelevant and useless, and it’s unexciting. usually in one piece you’ve got different groups of strawhats dealing with different pans in the fire and everybody’s at least doing something. even robin was an active character in enies lobby, and it was some really hard and heart-wrenching stuff, it felt meaningful, if that’s the right word. this arc, it just feels like other characters are just being pushed away by the narrative in order for sanji to be able to do his thing. maybe it has to do with having to read these chapters week by week, rather than all at once? but then again, say what i will about dressrosa, i wouldn’t say that i felt like certain characters were being useless…

I wish I was more social n my life was more eventful n I created lasting memories with lasting friends on a regular basis. part of me wants so bad to have a group of good friends that I can gather with and just talk or go eat dinner with without having to make up 74 group chats, all which I instigated because I’m the lonely one. it’s the time of my life where so many of my ‘friends’ go on trips with their partners, best friends, classmates and I’m just here…forever staying stagnant. I hate to admit it but it gets really lonely, but I don’t have the energy and the bravery to go out and meet new people, do new things, live my life and I wish I did. I don’t want to look back on my youth when I’m 80 thinking about how many opportunities and memories I missed because I didn’t join that club, didn’t volunteer for that position, didn’t initiated that conversation….but, it’s hard you know.

anonymous asked:

Do you think SU could ever improve to a watchable state? like, S1/S2 watchable?

Eeeeeeeh no. Because a lot of previous episodes have hindered my enjoyment for the plot and the characters (like the BD sympathy, Barn Mates, Gem Harvest, the bismuth episode) and I think even if SU kept producing really top notch episodes it just won’t feel the same as Season 1 because of the lack of heart previous episodes had in them.

Is there a possibility it could be better? Well yeah of course anythings possible! But the fact that the writers are incredibly self indulgent, react poorly to criticism and don’t even interact with each other outside of twitter, kinda tells me that this show is just going to be stagnant in it’s poor quality with REALLY bad eps popping up from time to time.

Do I join a second gym?

They have a better class schedule with more types of classes that I want to try and is equally convenient as my current gym.

I just got a raise with my promotion, so I have the money to spend. And I think it will help me push my fitness and workout schedule to the next level and have more of a purpose/cross-training.

I don’t want to get rid of my current gym because a) it is pretty cheap, b) my husband and best friend both belong and we occasionally work out together, and c) I LOVE my Sunday step class. But I do feel like my routine is getting fairly stagnant. 

So do I just do both?

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" I never used to know it was exciting n fun but now it just seen misguided" different anon but can I say how unbelievable this statement is. Like if we go based on Caroline's characteristics from s1 she does nothing without planning, hell she planned an entire SJW within two class periods could she possibly not know or not have an idea of what future she wanted with Stefan??? & why & since when has the unknown been exciting. I'm just like how thirsty are you???

LOL it’s true though. The SC future was also … I mean SC never talked about their future but I never thought that a lack of dialogue surrounding it meant that it was supposed to be this unknown mystery, I took it as everything was going to remain the same since nothing seems to actually change within the SC relationship except for circumstance. Like they move in and get engaged but what about them has grown or developed? Nothing. They just seem stagnant and that’s what I expected in the future.