it will just be stagnant

tbh 99% of the time it’s useless to make a film adaptation of a video game. its not the same as making a book-to-film adaptation because at least you’re changing from a written medium to a visual one. but visual-to-visual just seems like you don’t want to respect video games’ interactive way of telling a narrative. like if you want to create a film with a unique story using that universe? fine. but whats the point of forcing a dynamic visual form into a stagnant visual form? you’re just always going to lose something significant in that translation while not really gaining anything in return

Okay, trying not to feel like a failure right now. I just dropped out of the MEBB. I’ve been absolutely stagnant, creative wise these past few weeks and I can actually pinpoint the day it started, which is the day I signed up. 

This always happens. I sign up for something like this and then my creativity is zapped. I wish I understood why, but it happens. I just don’t work well on a schedule or on someone else’s timeline. Hopefully I can actually learn this lesson this time!

And in case anyone is curious, I’ve decided that in order to jump start my brain, I’m going to hold a Hippo’s Creativity Challenge in June. Details in a few days!

The 3 Elements of a FLAWED Character

You know that moment when you find an old notebook, and you start reading the story you were writing years ago, and after about one page…  

And then after a few more paragraphs … 

This has happened to me several times. On every occasion I want to curl up in a small box and wait until everyone forgets I was ever a writer. And every time, no matter which old story it is, what sends me crawling into that box is the same thing: the main character. Even after I had learned to incorporate empathetic qualities into my heroes (as listed in the last post), my protagonists were still deeply annoying – if not more unbearable than before. 

Why? What made them this way? They had winningly empathetic traits! Were they terrible people still? No, and that was the problem. They were perfect. Smart. Noble. Brave. They had dazzling martial arts skills. They loved people and people loved them. They were Chosen in some way and destined for greatness. Angst-plagued though, of course. They were tragic little heroes, misunderstood and abused, driven by the desire to vanquish all who caused them suffering.  

I could’ve composed a Gaston-like song enumerating their virtues and sorrows. 

And the only thing that would’ve made them more punchable is if they did use antlers in all of their decorating.

Characters can’t be completely likable. Yes, they must possess strengths that win the reader’s empathy, but without an equal amount of flaws … they can’t function. If they’re not flawed, they shouldn’t be the main character. Story is about someone changing, for better or worse. Under the surface, all good stories are about this process of human growth or decline. So if a hero is perfect from the beginning, there’s nowhere they need to go. And consequently, there’s no reason for a reader to follow. 

The inclination to follow a story is begun with interest in the premise, of course – but it is locked in when empathy occurs, when we begin to care – the moment the reader transposes their own external and internal lives onto a character’s life. A process which starts when a reader recognizes a shared something between themselves and the hero. Sometimes, this is a goal or strength or situation. And sometimes, it’s a flaw. We meet a character that is weak in the same way we are, and a strong internal connection is born between the reader’s life and the life on the page. On a deep level we’re thinking “This person is like me. What happens to them? How do they deal with it?” And because of this connection based on what is lacking in our lives, we want to live the story, see how it ends, and find out how the main character – who is just like us – reached that ending. Because it’s our lives we’re reading about, and if we play it out in advance, maybe we can reach a positive ending too. 

So! In what way should a main character be FLAWED? 

1) Weak in a way that only hurts themselves. 

Let’s call these MIND.

2) Flawed in a way that hurts others. 

Let’s call these MORAL.

The most realistic – and most compelling – characters have both types.  

And if a character has these flaws, the story must be steering them towards what they NEED to overcome them. The main character needs to learn something, a truth, a new way to live. This is the theme of the story. Theme is a statement the story seeks to prove, to the main character and the reader, about how to live a better life. It’s the solution to whatever moral and mental conundrum they’re facing. So … 

3) The SOLUTION to their moral and mental weaknesses. 

How does that work? To illustrate, let’s look at Stitch and Alexander Hamilton. (What a combination.) 


Moral: He’s destructive. Violent. Rude. Vindictive.  Manipulative. Enjoys the suffering of his enemies.

 And in general, pushes everyone and everything away.  

Mind: Despite his violent ways, he yearns to belong, and senses that he can’t.

He believes he’s alone, he’s unlovable, he’s monstrous, he’s never had a family and never will – he’s lost, like the Ugly Duckling. He’s missing a family he’s never had.  

Solution: He just needs to start treating people like family to be accepted into one. 


Moral: He’s selfish. (“Be careful with that one love, he will do what it takes to survive.”) He’s arrogant. He’s self-centered. (Think of the entirety of Burn.) And in his obsessive journey to succeed, he pushes everyone out of his path.  

Mind: He has a fixation on death, on time running out, which drives his manic desire to achieve. (“I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory.) He’s insecure. ("Graduate in two and join the revolution. He looked at me like I was stupid. I’m not stupid.”) 

Solution: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story? Eliza tells his story. Hamilton’s goal throughout the story is a legacy; he strives to achieve this immortality in any way possible, even if it means neglecting his loved ones, or even ruining their lives. He needs to learn that his loved ones are enough. Eliza is enough. And through her, he will live on. 

What would have happened if they weren’t flawed? The stories would have been boring. What would have happened if their flaws had been treated like attributes that didn’t have to change? The stories would have ceased to be. Progress couldn’t happen, because by accepting the status quo of their mental and moral states, we’re refusing the call to adventure outright. They’d just exist in the same state they were in the setup, stagnant, somewhat lifeless. Flawed characters must motor towards that NEED, or solution, that will save their lives. 

(I realize this “need” element is rather vague, so it’ll get its own post.)  

But in conclusion, this balance of strengths and flaws – and how this fictional person deals with the adventure they’re thrown into – is what makes a main character compelling, empathetic, and real. 

So when I unearth a notebook years in the future, containing one of stories I’m writing now, maybe the main character won’t make me feel like this:

Maybe it’ll even be like this: 

And best of all, maybe one of those characters will make a reader somewhere feel understood and helped and not alone. Wow. That would be amazing.

Well, there’s my writing motivation for today. I’m going to go make my main character more of a lovable jerk.

What Your Sign Has Taught Me
  • Aries: People are forever moving, and just because you're content with being stagnant doesn't mean everyone else is going to be too.
  • Taurus: People are going to do what they want to do at the end of the day. No amount of "warnings" or "Oh but I love yous" are going to stop them.
  • Gemini: Words are more than just words when they are articulated with passion and emotion. Be careful how you use them.
  • Cancer: There is an extremely thin line between a "joke" and blatant mocking and insulting. Sometimes, we cross it without even thinking, and that's simply unhealthy.
  • Leo: You should never apologize for dressing up, or spending money the way you want to, or being happy. If you're not hurting anyone, you should do as you wish.
  • Virgo: Some people just like to complain. It helps to take the edge off. So when they don't have anything to complain about, they might just pull something out of thin air.
  • Libra: As far as your first instincts about people go, you should trust them, at least a bit. Maybe she really is fishy, or maybe he can be a real douche. Just keep it in the back of your mind.
  • Scorpio: Just because someone can hold an intelligent conversation, talk with you all night, and make consistent, beautiful eye contact, doesn't mean they're hopelessly in love with you.
  • Sagittarius: There is still love in "tough love." While it can hurt, it does not create the absence of caring, nor should it.
  • Capricorn: It's okay to look up to others. Sometimes, through admiring another person's qualities, we can learn more about where it is we would like to someday be.
  • Aquarius: Although many people do not change, a change is possible. Sometimes it's just waiting for the right moment to develop.
  • Pisces: Don't confuse an emotional, sensitive person for a good friend or a good lover. Someone can be totally self-pitying and not care one bit how you feel.
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life is full of very long stagnant periods where everything is the same for too long and then all of the sudden literally everything starts changing at once. but you always adjust you know like in the middle of an avalanche of change you’re thinking it’ll never be the same and you’re sad and scared to say goodbye to what you know and then months later life is back to stagnant again and it just feels like normal. you’ve adapted through so much change and you’ll continue to even when you think this time you won’t, you will.

cleansing yourself when your disorder is acting up

notes from things i personally do. for when you can’t bring yourself to shower or do rituals, when you can barely get out of bed and when you’re just exhausted

  • wash your hands, feet and face. water and soap, classic
  • or wipe them with wet wipes/toner/etc. who says they don’t have energy cleansing properties?
  • brush your teeth. mint helps with healing, plus you’ll feel better and cleaner physically
  • drink water. both important for your body and cleanses from the inside
  • lie down. just lie down on your bed or anywhere else and imagine your stagnant, stuffy energy being replaced with a new and comforting one
  • eat something. a piece of toast? great! cereal at 2 am? no problem. eating is good to help clear out any blockages caused by hunger and you’ll feel your energy circulating a lot smoother after
  • listen to music. lie down with your phone and blast some songs you associate with cleansing, bam
  • watch your favorite videos! they act just like songs, plus you’ll be having some fun too
  • say, “i am cleansed and feel better the moment i wake up.” mean it. really mean it, then take your nap or sleep for hours on end. whatever makes you feel better
  • and just be mundane for a little while. your craft won’t go anywhere, it’s always waiting for you when you’re ready to dive back in again

thefoxninja17  asked:

As a Christian, how have you responded to the people who try to disprove and denounce your faith with science and evolution?


I don’t agree with the belief that science and faith cannot coexist. Yes, many of the greatest minds in history never practiced religion, however, just as many of the greatest minds did. These minds did not believe their faith contradicted what they studied from the world around them, and these individuals have greatly impacted the way we study the world. Max Planck? Issac Newton? Lord Kelvin? The very men we name units of measurement after? They believed in God. In fact, many of them became stronger believers the MORE science marched forwards.

“In the last few years astronomy has come together so that we’re now able to tell a coherent story of how the universe began. This story does not contradict God, but instead enlarges [the idea of] God.”

Joel Primack, co-developer of the cold dark matter theory

However, I also believe that denying science is just as narrow-minded and arrogant as denouncing religion as intellectually stagnant. I believe that is completely disrespectful towards those individuals who have dedicated their lives towards the noble goal of understanding the world around us. Yes, some scientists are arrogant and dishonest, but every group has some of those kinds of people so let’s not paint in broad strokes. Scientists put a lot of work into what they do; show them some appreciation.

Literally just as I was starting my shift at work today, I had the greatest idea for an AU ever and I had to suffer through my entire shift with this beautiful AU consuming my mind, so here, have a Victuuri rivals!au:

  • At twenty years old, Victor Nikiforov has been at the top of the figure skating world for four straight years, ever since his senior debut, and he is bored out of his skull. Everything is just so easy and there are no worthy rivals to push him to be better, so he’s just kind of standing, stagnant, at the top.
  • And then, in his fifth season, a dark horse appears from Japan, and his name is Yuri Katsuki. He appears from completely out of the blue, with no amateur or junior division experience under his belt, and he sweeps through the ranks at a terrifying pace, snatching the gold medal right from under Victor’s nose at the Grand Prix finals that year.
  • Victor is left stunned and frustrated, and most importantly, excited. Here is a man to push him to be better, to give him inspiration, to be the rival he’s so desperately yearned for these past four years. Victor can no longer afford to stay stagnant if he wants to keep his position at the top.
  • The two rivals fight neck and neck, always vying back and forth for first place. They’re so evenly matched that many in the industry consider them both tied for first place as the most talented figure skaters in the world, despite which of them has the gold that year.
  • The media just loves playing up their rivalry, especially since Victor and Yuri’s encounters always end with chilly stares and barbed taunts thrown at each other with sickeningly sweet false smiles plastered on both their faces. They seem to absolutely loathe each other.
  • The truth is though, Yuri absolutely worships the ground Victor walks on, because Victor had been his role model and his inspiration when he had first started skating, and he was so excited to be able to compete against him when he finally broke into the senior division. But he was so nervous when he met Victor for the first time that he accidentally came off as aloof and downright asshole-ish, and Victor had replied in kind and then the media blew the situation up, declaring that Yuri hated his rival, and so now Yuri feels compelled to pretend like he hates Victor so whenever they meet he puts up this facade, and he’s pretty sure by now that Victor completely hates him.
  • Victor, on the other hand, is sad that his rival hates him because he actually admires Yuri a lot, because Yuri is the only person Victor has acknowledged as being as talented as him, and he is Victor’s inspiration.
  • Then suddenly, Yuri is 23. He makes it to the Grand Prix finals, as expected. And he’s just so excited to face off against his rival and idol again. But just before he’s supposed to perform his free skate program, he gets a call from home. His beloved dog, Vicchan, has died. The news absolutely destroys him. He makes a few too many mistakes in his free skate program. And his stellar performance in the short program the day before can only take him so far. He ends up finishing in fourth, without a medal for the first time in his career. He’s crushed.
  • That year, Victor doesn’t smile as he is presented his gold medal. Because he is angry and disappointed, and the victory leaves a bitter taste in his mouth, without Yuri at his side accepting silver.
  • The two run into each other as they’re leaving to head back to their respective homes, and they get into a one-sided argument that is actually just Victor yelling at Yuri for messing up, for not taking the competition seriously, and Yuri just standing quietly, taking it all. This only makes Victor angrier. Why can’t Yuri just say something? Why won’t he just defend himself?
  • A few months later, rumours start emerging that Katsuki Yuri has retired, and Victor is having absolutely none of that. He books a plane ticket to Japan, shows up at his rival’s home, and ends up being naked for their first ever conversation outside of a competitive setting.
  • Yuri refuses to return to competitive skating, and Victor refuses to go home until Yuri has agreed to not retire.
  • As a result, Victor stays at Yu-topia for something like a week. During that week, he and Yuri get to know each other, and he realizes that his cute rival actually doesn’t hate him and that he actually idolizes him. And that makes Victor really fucking happy. Because, now that they both know they don’t hate each other, obviously that means they’re automatic best friends, right? Yuri is a little hesitant, but eventually he gives in and lets Victor befriend him.
  • Victor also finds out that the reason Yuri did so badly on his free skate program is because he found out that his dog had died, and Victor understands. Because he knows how absolutely heartbreaking it is to lose a dog. And he knows he’d probably have reacted similarly if he’d suddenly found out something had happened to Maccachin.
  • After a long heart-to-heart, and a surprise appearance from a very angry little Yurio, Victor is finally able to convince Yuri not to retire from ice skating.
  • But now, that begs the question. How the hell is Yuri going to find a coach on such short notice? He’d already cut off ties with Celestino, and while he’s sure the man would understand, Yuri is still too ashamed to face him.
  • Victor has the Best Idea Ever™.
  • Yuri is convinced it’s actually a terrible idea. But with Victor assuring him that everything’s going to be okay Yuri-kun, just trust me, he decides to take the leap.
  • And basically, that’s the story of how Yakov gets to his rink one day to find that his top skater, after a week and a half disappearance off the face of the Earth, has dragged home a little Japanese stray.
  • After a few hours of yelling, Yakov agrees to coach Yuri for the upcoming season.

Here’s a fic based on the first part of this post w/ College AU klance, Lance sick and stranded at the airport, and Keith knowing what caretaking is.

For Lance, bad news comes in the form of a woman’s voice, calmly notifying the lobby full of passengers that their flight to Michigan has been delayed for five hours due to severe weather conditions. His stomach drops. Uncomfortable dread washes over him. He can’t take another five hours in the airport, he just can’t.

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# of episodes gems talk to humans

season 1A: 9 episodes (5 Not Counting Greg or Connie)
season 1B: 13.5 episodes (5.5 NCGoC)*
season 2: 11.5 episodes (5.5 NCGoC)**
season 3: 8 episodes (4 NCGoC)
season 4: 9 episodes (so far) (4 NCGoC)

*On The Run gets a technicality, as Amethyst is implied to talk with the Cool Kids in musical montage
**Does Say Uncle count? Does Uncle Grandpa count as human?

Early on in the show, I was under the impression that Steven’s role as a hybrid would be to, you know, help Gems better work with humans and bring two largely separate cultures together. Yet, the disconnect between humans and gems seems just as stagnant as ever. Even with new gems living on Earth with no set status quo to stop them from interacting with humans, they live far away by themselves instead of exploring new interactions. Humans have their own episodes, completely separate from the plot, with no apparent agency in the alien threat to their own home.

Season 4 shows promise for this to change, but time will tell if they get to fight alongside the gems, or continue being the damsels in the background. I’ve got my fingers crossed. 

Lars is sooo fucking weird as a character because he’s the most complex human character in the show but the writers have done nothing to show character development.

Like so far we know that Lars:

-is horribly insecure
-feels like no one understands him
-wants to keep a “tough guy” persona
-cares about Sadie but doesn’t want to be public about it
-has a strained relationship with his parents and is struggling in school
-was friends with Ronaldo at some point!

So you would think a character with so many issues to him would develop in some way but instead his personality is stagnant. He’s nicer to Sadie which is good but I’d much rather SEE him being more open with Sadie. Or try to get along with the cool kids. Or make amends with Ronaldo. Like why put so much on this character if you’re just gonna make him as stagnant as all the other human characters in the show.

i’m gearing up to head home for a bit and am so excited just to get on a plane. i’m realizing i’m not good with stagnant. i enjoy coming home after being away from it, but i like different destinations. different weather and seasons, different food, a different view out of my window, a different running trail. trying my best to find those things in a time that has felt like so much of the same thing. can anyone relate?

Cry Three - Just Give Me A Reason

The night of the FBI Ball had been emotional. Physically and mentally. You and Spencer hadn’t slept at all, staying together until five am in the morning. There hadn’t been much talking, only love making if you dared to call it that. It definitely wasn’t just sex but it seemed strange to refer to it as making love because you were no longer a couple.

Over and over you’d devoured each other, tears from both of you sometimes mixing with the sweat your bodies were producing from the activity. You tasted every part of each other that night, barely having a moment where you weren’t physically connected in one way or another.

When it had gotten to five am Spencer had glanced at the clock and announced he should get getting back to his own room. The team were meeting for breakfast in a few hours and he wanted to try and get some rest. He thanked you for the time you’d spent together, apologising for it as well, as you both knew it would complicate things even further.

Rather than joining the team for breakfast you showered, packed up your things, and drove home. You texted Penny to say that you still didn’t feel well and just wanted your own bed. It was partially true at least. Your head was now a mess and you did feel slightly sick. If Spencer had been doing things with JJ and then had come to you last night, well….. It all seemed a massive contradiction.

When you got home you changed into your pajamas and crawled into bed, sleeping for the next ten hours. It sounded like a lot but over the past few months, you’d had tons of sleepless nights. Yet today it finally felt like you could sleep. Maybe because you’d had the perfect goodbye? The goodbye to Spencer you should have had?

When you did wake up it was to a pounding on your apartment door.

You checked your phone seeing that it was close to eight pm.

Dragging yourself out of bed and to the door, you quickly checked the peep hole to see that it was Reid. Twice in the space of twenty four hours he’d now shown up at your door.

You opened it, stepping back without words so that he could come in.

Not even greeting you, he turned to you and blurted out, “If you could erase these last six months, would you?”

Without having to think, you nodded. Because you would, without a doubt. Spencer had held your heart from almost the moment you met him.

Right from the start
You were a thief
You stole my heart
And I your willing victim

“We can’t erase them though Spencer. Too much has happened.”

You watched him take a seat in his old spot on your couch, the leather material remembering his shape and moulding to fit his body.

“So if we can’t erase them, then can we…. paint over them?”

“What are you saying Spencer?” you stayed stood, not trusting yourself to be close enough so that he could touch you. One touch and you’d be a goner just like last night.

You wished he’d given you warning that he was coming over. You were a mess, eyes still red from the tears you’d shed last night and this morning in the shower, and your hair was a tangled hive of knots.

But then again… he’d seen you at much worse. This was the man that had held your hair back whilst you vomited, had cleared up your soiled tissues when you had the flu. This was the man who had simply laughed and carried you into the shower the night you’d been having sex and your period had made an unexpected appearance. The man who stayed awake with you all night when your Nana passed away. He’d seen every part of you. Maybe he didn’t even see red eyes or the messy hair, maybe he just looked past them now.

I let you see the parts of me
That weren’t all that pretty
And with every touch you fixed them

“I’m saying that….. Oh god….I had the perfect speech planned out and it’s just gone. I’m saying that, I don’t want to be in a world where I’m not with you.”


“Spencer…. What about… Everything? What I did, JJ? We can’t just forget they happened.”

You couldn’t… They happened, you’d always know that they happened.

But…. Here was the man who you’d hurt so badly, but still telling you that he didn’t want to be without you.

“I know we can’t forget it. But could we paint over it, like I said?”

You wanted to say yes. But you couldn’t just white wash over the last few months.

“It’ll still be there Spencer. If we try to forget it and pretend it never happened, then the paint will start to flake off. It’ll still be there underneath. That was part of the problem. Both of us were feeling things that we didn’t talk about.”

Now you’ve been talking in your sleep, oh, oh
Things you never say to me, oh, oh
Tell me that you’ve had enough
Of our love, our love

“So you don’t want us to get back together?” He went to stand, the evening obviously not going how he’d expected it to.

“I’m not saying that, not at all. I just….. How can you forgive what I did?”

He settled back into his seat and looked up at you.

“Because I can understand why you did it”

Just give me a reason
Just a little bit’s enough

“Because…. of JJ?” you whispered.

“That’s part of it yes. I know she’s felt her relationship with Will has become stagnant, and it was easier to reach out to someone else for comfort than to talk to him.”

“I didn’t think we’d become stagnant Spencer. We just…. ” You couldn’t think of how to word it.

“I was keeping things from you, because I didn’t want to worry you when you were injured. And that put up a barrier. What happened was my fault too, Y/N.”

Just a second we’re not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again

Hearing the admittance that he felt this was somehow his fault too, made you sit down next to him. Because whilst you didn’t want to proportion blame here, you knew it was true. Had he not shut himself off and had talked to you about his own issues, then you maybe wouldn’t have felt so closed off.

“I’m still the one who did it, Spencer,” you said softly.

“True. But people make mistakes. I have a little more perspective on this now. Y/N, I love you. I didn’t want us to break up remember, that was you. I thought we could move past it. I never stopped loving you.”

“I never stopped loving you either. I just didn’t think we’d be able to get past it.”

“I think we can. In fact, I know we can. But we have to both really want it.”

It’s in the stars
It’s been written in the scars on our hearts
We’re not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again

You did want it. But….

“But what about JJ? I know you’ve not told me what happened between you two but I know something did.”

“You’re right, something did. We turned to each other in a time of sadness for both of us, for our own different reasons. You may have slept with someone else, but I did something almost just as bad. It’s different because I wasn’t in a relationship but it was still morally wrong.”

He paused to readjust his position, and then continued.

“JJ will never leave Will though. No matter how bad it gets, she won’t leave because of Henry. And their problems aren’t terrible, they just need to communicate.”


“So are you only here because she’s told you she won’t leave him? You can’t have her so you come back here?”

“That’s not it at all. I haven’t even asked her to leave him.”

“Really? Because everyone knows that you used to have a crush on her?” you were starting to get emotional again.

“Y/N, did you not listen to me last night? I said that yes I loved JJ, but not like I loved you. Not like I LOVE you.”

The emphasis on the love, without the d on the end.

“What happened between JJ and I was a mistake. It shouldn’t have happened and me and her have talked long and hard about it. We’re not going to bring it up again. And she’s going to talk to Will about their problems and try to work through them. Which is what I want to do with you. People make mistakes Y/N. We’re only human. I love you so much, yes you hurt me but you hurt yourself too. I know you well enough to see that you’ve spent the last six months beating yourself up about this. If I’m mistaken though…”

Oh, tear ducts and rust
I’ll fix it for us
We’re collecting dust
But our love’s enough

You were quiet for a moment, thinking.

“Y/N… Do you still love me? Answer me that.”

“Yes. I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving you Spencer. I just hate myself for what I did.”

You’re holding it in
You’re pouring a drink
No nothing is as bad as it seems
We’ll come clean

“Then stop. Forgive yourself. You did what you did and I understand why. I’ve made my own mistakes and I forgive myself for them. Because I have to, to be able to move on. I want to move on with you, no one else. You’re everything to me. The sun, the stars…the world.”

“How do we go back though?”

Just give me a reason
Just a little bit’s enough
Just a second we’re not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again

“We don’t go back. We go forward. If we can’t erase it, and we can’t paint over it, we’ll set it aside. A piece of artwork from a bad time in our lives. Maybe we’ll have to take it out occasionally and reflect on it and what it meant to us or for us, but we can start with a new canvas. We’ll take pieces of past works, all the good parts, the things that worked, and we’ll make a masterpiece out of them. The things that didn’t work, and let’s be honest Y/N, there wasn’t a lot was there? We’ll learn from those few things. We can do this. If you want to. Because I want to.”

So did you, more than anything. Could you forgive yourself?

Maybe with Spencer’s help, you could.

“I want to. So much. I love you Spencer, my life has been hell without you.”

“Mine too. I couldn’t stay away from you last night when I saw you leaving the room. And as soon as you were in my arms again, I knew that I never wanted to let you go again. We belong together.”

It’s in the stars
It’s been written in the scars on our hearts
That we’re not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again

anonymous asked:

Can you give some tips for hp rp newcomers? Like tips on threads and acting? I think it would be incredibly helpful coming from you 💖

I don’t know how qualified I am for this, I kinda just do it…

For me, as an actor and writer, it’s always been really important for me to deeply understand the characters that I’m creating or bringing to life.


Playing Pansy as a stereotypical bitch doesn’t work for me, nor does it work for any bitchy character (which I tend to play pretty often irl). For me, Pansy is a guarded person, and she puts up a bitchy front so that she doesn’t have to come to terms with her personal issues–at least with people she doesn’t know. Pansy would never make a deep confession about herself without someone in the room who she trusted more than anything egging her on (i.e. Draco) so I’ll support that in creating a scenario with him involved. And granted, this is just my perception of her, it’s important to me to keep that consistent.

Writing threads? In general, I’ve learned that keeping them concise tends to work best, or adding a “keep reading” underneath if it’s gonna be longer so people don’t get annoyed. But in general, plots need to move somewhere. Angst only works if there’s a point to it. I don’t think(?) I’m wrong when I’m say that no one wants to see someone sitting around moping for no reason in a non-comedic way (See Harry in Order of the Phoenix). Fluffy/cute/happy/comic stuff can be more stagnant and take place as just a conversation.

On Acting? Nuances are great. One of the things that a lot of RPers have mastered is the little differences in the way their characters behave. The one that immediately comes to mind for me is Laina’s portrayal of Newt:

@ohtheclevernessofme1972 LIKE HOW ACCURATE TO THE CHARACTER. The would-be-threatening words hidden behind a smile that truly shows the love he has for his creatures, all wrapped behind this little ball of awkwardness who doesn’t know how to handle the fact that he just said something he knows is pretty funny… ugh. It kills me. A+ acting. Discovering those accurate types of nuances that will sort of, in a way, Trademark your portrayal is a great little way to differentiate your characters.

I hope this helps???

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Can you swim well? If so where do you like to swim the best. If not was it because of past events or something tragic.

Sure I can swim! Contrary to popular belief, that’s not reserved for just water types. And I’ll swim anywhere but stagnant water sources, really. And I don’t care a ton for chlorine swimming pools either. And the ocean can be fun but the salt and the seaweed and all the Tentacool…

#you have any tips on expressions??#because your art is very expressive and I love that @words-not-working-for-mouth

Well, thank you :) tho I have a long way to go with expressions but I can try and give some tips. Nothing like a full on tutorial but like, little things. (please excuse the poorly drawn circles, this was done pretty quick)

like for example, these are pretty good expressions on there own, but you can push them further by tilting the face a little bit. like this:

It puts more emphasis on the expression when you do it this way and also you can get more emotion in a way, if that makes sense. 

Also little things can help your expressions too, Like adding little smile lines and creases by the eyebrows.

See, it creates a more realistic feel, even if it’s subtle.

And another thing that’s important to remember is squishing and stretching your face. You don’t want to leave the face stagnant because then it just looks weird. You can only create so much expression without stretching/ squishing the face.

I find this part really important, I usually draw all my characters with a stretch/squished face before anything else because it pushes the face and the expressions too. 

I mean, there’s a lot I could say about this, but I’ll be honest, I’m not the best at giving tips. But just, working from references is great even if it’s just your own face and practicing a lot helps too. Like drawing little circles and experimenting with different expressions. 

Like this is something that I did because I got bored and I’ll be the first to admit that some of these aren’t the best but, it was practice. and it’s nice because with just the circles, you can focus more on the expression and less on the face shape (which is an important part of expression but when you’re just practicing it’s nice to keep it simple)

So, yeah, I hope these tips are good enough. :/ Just, experimenting and stuff is good. And also, don’t be afraid of making “ugly” expressions, because very few expressions are perfect and the more you can push the expression the better.