it will just be stagnant

Ughh I feel like Im in a slump. I know i just need to keep pressing forward. Life feels very stagnant and insecure right now–you know that place where you’ve gone so long without change that on the one hand you’re despairingly bored, but on the other hand you can’t help but anticipate cataclysm?–but I just need to keep trucking one day at a time and let time do whatever work it will

People who say that if Abbie were in a relationship with Ichabod it would stunt her growth..

But don’t say a word about Katrina being a literal plot device and the fact that her relationship with Ichabod literally cannot go anywhere at this point..


A couple of months ago my dad moved out and then cut off our contract for wifi. I was told it would be cut off on the 24th and we had set up a new contract to be started on the 25th.

It looks like my wifi has been cut off early, so I won’t be online until my new wifi is set up. I’m also sorry to say I haven’t set my queue yet (I was literally just about to do it), so this blog might be stagnant for a couple of days at most. Sorry.

I have the first two seasons of Pokemon downloaded and I just started playing Fallout 4, so I’ll survive. This is being posted from a phone with not much data on it left.

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I remember being 10 and watching The Hack regularly. I used to hate it when you branched out and stopped but I'm not 10 anymore and I like your new content a lot!

Aww, I’m glad you like my new stuff. It’s always a worry if I want to change that people won’t be receptive to it, but without change it just becomes stagnant and boring doing the same thing for too long. 

so this is a sort of semi-hiatus notice??

i’ve been feeling really disheartened about writing recently and out of place in the rp community. combined w/ irl things its just not good u____u’’ and as much as i’ve been trying to keep it down and not talk about it anymore, the brain hasn’t been doing all that well either and trying to get a new prescription for all the Issues has been all uphill because of not having insurance anymore.

so idk i’ll be around to try and write but it’ll probably be scarce if i keep feeling like this

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hi um you dont have to andwer this but like, what is sexual attraction anyway? bc a few years ago i was questioning asexuality bc id never had a sex drive or anything and according to aven that fidnt necessarily make me ace you just have to "not feel sexual atteaction"?

Sorry for taking so long to answer this, it’s because it’s such a hard thing to describe??

This is under a readmore just because it’s long not because it’s that explicit? Though, like, inevitably I do talk about people’s junk

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The thing about being sick, Jack deemed, was that every day was a fortune wheel - he really could never guess what would come next when he woke up in the morning. It was a rigged game, he couldn’t do anything to predict what his day was going to be like and boy, didn’t that keep him on his toes. Not knowing what was gonna be like was infuriating to say the least and basically his days were divided between three types - the really good ones, the shitty ones and the not-so-bad-but-not-so-good ones and those, like today, were the ones he hated most. Because on a bad day he could try and force himself powered by his anger and good days, of course, his favourite. But stagnant, blank days like today were just frustrating. He got out of bed and went on to classes like a decent human being but halfway through his day apparently that tiredness that settled into his bones decided to give him a call. Defeated by the moment Jackson found the nicest courtyard bench under a nice shadow and propped his backpack as a pillow, going for a nap right there and then.

Only to wake Merlin knows how long later to see someone’s butt. “Hey,” He groggily smirked at himself, holding back the reflex to slap said butt. “Never thought I’d say the works but please don’t sit on me,” He didn’t even know who it was by, well, their back, but it didn’t matter, clearly the person hadn’t seen him too. “As cute as your arse is, ‘course.”

god i want another obsidian fallout game so badly

new vegas, i think, struck a really good balance between the very alive feeling world and the RPG aspects that make fallout 1 and 2 appealing as they are with a 3d format and combat mechanics that while not flawless managed to appeal to the modern game market

though like 

there’s not much i can say about how fallout 4 feels like an FPS and the limited dialogue options and stuff that hasn’t already been said by someone much more articulate than me but like… 

what gets to me the most about fallout 3 and 4 is it just feels so stagnant 

like it doesn’t feel like the world ended like two centuries ago, it feels more like the world ended like 20 years ago. society hasn’t really rebuilt itself. there’s like… towns here and there but that’s it really. and there’s barely anything in the way of culturally distinct groups that have risen up

like things like arroyo, the boomers, and the NCR are exactly why fallout’s world appeals so much to me. like seeing what new cultures rose up after the bombs fell, seeing how people have tried to establish systems of government again.

and bethesda doesn’t really explore that much at all which is just such a shame cause like they’ve shown themselves to be excellent world builders in the past. morrowind deserves all the praise it gets on the intricate world building front. and while oblivion was fairly underdeveloped feeling and rather generic as far as world building goes skyrim was a step back in the right direction i feel like, like if they keep heading in that direction they could do some incredible stuff

sighhhh my memory has been getting worse and worse lately and so has my motivation and also ive been becoming a lot more numb and everything is just so so stagnant and uneventful and hopeless and nothing makes me excited anymore im just in this fucking pit and i dont have any friends anymore and i wish i had the guts to end it

why do people act like friends have to be in agreement about everything??? like there are some things my friends and i majorly disagree on but im not about to drop everyone because of it??? im talking pretty big shit too. just saying yall, if your friends enrich your life and make you happy its totally fine to not agree as long as you dont let it get in the way of shit!!! life is too short,,,, besides surrounding yourself with people who believe the exact same thing as u about everything just isnt healthy. you become stagnant. no personal growth!!! :(

YEA I MEAN HONESTLY. it’s obviously a cheap way to get writers and artists to feel bad about themselves. like honestly neither dusty’s nor oswald, violet, and clyde’s stories are going to have much physical violence (if any at all) but i can just feel it in my bones that someone, someday is going to think they’re edgy just because they have drama and actual emotions in them instead of just being stagnant and having zero conflict whatsoever.

at least one person will think just about anything is “edgy” so long as it’s not the happiest thing on the freaking planet.

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For the fandom thing: A, D, R

  • ❤️ A - Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s) 

Laura/Alex are still hovering over me for the summer thanks in part to @jeauxlyne and @lovedeluxegod since they’ve been providing cute arts and the like. With the re-release of RE5, Sheva/Billy is making another annual visit to remind me of what coulda been. 

  • ❤️ D- A pairing you wish you liked but just can’t (again: be nice)

I am not nice. Lol no fine I guess if I had to pick then I’ll go on a tangent about Chris and Sheva. Which I’ll have to rephrase as wish I liked but can’t “anymore”. Keyword.  When RE5 first came out I was all for it, but over time and with the release of subsequent games starring Chris (REV and RE6) Sheva’s just too good for him. Chris as a character is wrecked and stagnant he’s not very good for anyone in the cast if I’m being perfectly honest. In the context of RE5 like if it were a stand alone game it’s still a ship I can support but overall I can’t. I’m a Sheva fan first and foremost and again  she deserves more than to be subjected to Chris’ white man angst over Jill, and his one track mind hulk smash brand of bullshit. 

  • ❤️  R - A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships

All my ships tend to have black women, so pretty much everything I ship nobody ships lol. I also tend to aesthetic ship in fighters alot a genre not exactly known for deep stories and developed character relationships, but even there I do manage to pick up a few stragglers.  I guess as it stands I’m still the only person who legit ships Aloen(Sheva and Billy). There used to be RPers here on Tumblr who did but I think they’ve since moved on long ago. Fortunately most people who hear about it don’t object so that’s a bonus I wager.   


//SOrry for lack of activity. Tbh I’ve been a bit hung up on another blog I started. You can HMU there for the time being, again its a read rules first kinda blog and such that follows diff rules than I have setup on Kat.

 I’m still on Kat ofc, i just dont have the inspiration for her atm… Not much at least. However I’m slowly putting together a good thing for this blog ;u; Kats been neglected and i have NO INTENTION of leaving! I’m just… kinna stagnant rn -lays on face and suffocates in shame-

my eyebrows are finally really starting to grow! my mom had me get them waxed pretty regularly as a teen and they really suffered. so i’ve maybe gone about a year sans waxing (just plucking the stray occasionally). they’ve been pretty stagnant but when i was washing my face i noticed them and they are finally starting to come in, quick and thick! if i ever have a daughter, I’m not gonna allow her to touch her brows 

Dollar Extends Drop as Faltering Economy Pares Rate-Boost Wagers

The dollar extended last week’s decline as investors became less optimistic about a 2016 interest-rate increase before the release of the minutes of the Federal Reserve’s July meeting.

The chance of the Fed raising rates before the year is out have fallen to 42 percent, from just shy of 50 percent before stagnant retail-sales data on Friday cast doubt over the strength of the U.S. recovery. The odds, as measured by futures data tracked by Bloomberg, had started to climb after a better-than-forecast jobs report the previous week. That data pushed Treasury yields higher, supporting the dollar.

“A week ago, U.S. yields spiked up on the back of the really strong payrolls, but since then they’ve actually given back quite a bit,” said Steven Saywell, head of currency strategy at BNP Paribas SA in London. “So the market has taken back expectations for the Fed to hike.”

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Still, he said, there’s still reason to be optimistic about the greenback. The Fed is due Wednesday to publish the minutes of its July 26-27 meeting, when it upgraded its assessment of the U.S. economy while signaling it’ll take a gradual approach toward tightening policy.

Nervous Fed?

“The Fed is biased toward hiking, and for them not to hike, you need some kind of headwinds or for them to be nervous about downside risks to the economy,” Saywell said. “Yields may jump up again, and the dollar could do well.”

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The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index, which tracks the currency against 10 major counterparts, fell 0.2 percent as of 6:25 a.m. in New York, extending last week’s 0.7 percent slide. On Friday, it reached the lowest since June 24, the day the U.K. announced it had voted to leave the European Union.

The yen strengthened 0.3 percent to 101.01 per dollar, extending three weeks of gains, while the euro was little changed at $1.1171, after rising 0.7 percent last week.

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