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Wait how many bones do whale sharks have? I thought they were cartilaginous?

They are cartilaginous. I’m guessing this question is in response to today’s shark fact, where they were referred to as vertebrates (feel free to correct me if that’s wrong).

Sharks and other cartilaginous fishes do fall into the vertebrate category even though they don’t have bones, because the classification is based on the presence of the vertebral column (backbone/spine). Sharks do have spines, they just aren’t made out of bones.

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I like to headcanon that whenever one of the boys make a comment like that Akira just sighs and makes a mental note to either berate them later or skip them a turn on healing. 'Oh you want a heal? You shouldn't have said that about Ann's boobs earlier. You can wait another turn.' 'I'M LITERALLY DYING JOKER!' 'Then be nicer to Ann next time.'

You know what? I’m taking this. This is now the only response acceptable. I’m making it canon.

But then xyz came before abc
321 was the new 123
He loves me he loved me not
Those roses aren’t red anymore
They’d turn brown eventually, so I was taught

A world came crashing down
Upon arrival to the ground, upside down
Taunting,chanting, loudly replays that cliche “nothings ever as it seems”
I guess I didn’t notice until things fell apart at the seams

Did I have it in me to set things straight?
Maybe, could it be a new kind of fate?
Replacing what I knew for something new
Is there anything left I need to see through?

Something ending
Something starting
A continuation or two
What’s ended
What’s started

Attempting to glance over my shoulder
For once Im not getting colder
I think I’m getting closer
I’d figure it out but there’s no time to think
Only time to swim or sink.

—  @sandralidell



Well, we have our fucking answers, lads.

From left to right… Summer, Taiyang, Yang’s yet unnamed Mother, and the individual just now pictured with Winter(?), who must be Qrow.

Look at that…! Summer has silver eyes! My guess about Ozpin’s interest in Ruby’s eyes were right on the money. All that’s left is to discover the actual meaning of silver eyes… Unless, of course, Ozpin recognizing Ruby’s heritage was the sole meaning of that little event.

So! One last thing to talk about. Qrow is Ruby’s uncle, yes? Which means he is the brother of either Summer or Yang’s mother. Wait, actually, couldn’t he also possibly be Taiyang’s brother? Okay, there’s no resemblance whatsoever, so I think I can discount Taiyang.

Qrow as Summer’s brother… Or Qrow as Unnamed Lady’s brother…

I have absolutely no way of knowing. Oh well.

I guess that wraps up today’s liveblog session! Volume 3 is having a fantastic start. The pacing is so much better, the art is so much more refined, the facial expressions and motion capture on the characters are vastly improved…

Yep, I’m happy with it. See you with more RWBY tomorrow! (I better get that JNPR fight)

Saturday Sickness

Rooster was extra tired at daycare yesterday and woke up from his afternoon nap with a fever. Was cranky all evening, awake screaming most of the night, even with alternating Tylenol and Motrin. Just miserable. (And I got 4 hours of sleep. Yay.)

Why does stuff like this always start on a Fridat afternoon, when there is no open doctors office until Monday?

I’m betting it is another ear infection. I knew it as soon as the fever spiked, but it was already too late to get to the doctor. I hate having to go to the ER for non-emergencies, but also don’t want to wait until Monday to start antibiotics, especially since he’s had a ruptured eardrum before.

He’s happy now so I guess we will wait and see how the day goes.

Today we are having a birthday party for 20ish kids at our house to celebrate my now 8-year old. I am not ready at all. There is so much to do, cupcakes to bake, decorations, games to set up. Waiting for the never ending rain to stop (should stop in an hour!) so we can set up outside…

I’m not sure I’m going to pull off the party that I wanted, but I bet the kids will have fun anyway. I hope.

Hey guys

So I thought I should share with y'all my new findings.

You all know classic werewolf fics, with alpha mates and the rebellious MC. Little did you know, there is a whole new level to werewolf stories. I present to you:

Multiple mate stories. Yes, there are people who believe that a girl having multiple mates is a decent plot.

What was that? You think this is bad too? Just wait.

Three mates, because two wasn’t enough. It’s never enough.

Hmmmmmm. I wonder what this one is about.

If having four guys be perfect for you isn’t enough, why not five? I mean, based on the cover it seems like a very diverse bunch.

And I have bleeding eyes!!!!!! Do you think they’re excited about it?

I couldn’t find one with seven, so I guess we must simply settle with having eight fucking soul mates my god. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE MEN ON THE COVER. (In the book it is mentioned that the men on the cover are all the girl’s mates) Look at what a diverse group she has to date from, I mean, one is in shorts and one even has a hat on guys.

If those were all a little too much, here;s a much classier one for those who prefer the fancy font and beach sunset backgrounds. Nothing strange about this one folks, at least, nothing that’s strange anymore.


There was nothing in between, so lets jump straight to







wait, wait, wait.

First off, if you’ve read this far, I just have to say,


Now, let me show my favorite finding.

Not just 100 mates, one hundred and fucking one. She has 101 mates and they all are destined to be with her. This isn’t one where she picks one to be with. No. SHE IS SIMULTANEOUSLY DATING ONE HUNDRED AND ONE MEN.

Thanks for reading,

and I am so sorry you read this

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DjWiFi and the prompt is "First Home"



“It’s smaller than I remember…did it shrink since the last time we’ve been here?”

Nino glanced over at his tired wife, who was slumped against him, her thick hair tied back in a high ponytail as she fanned herself with a makeshift fan.

“It only looks smaller because all our crap is in here now.” He pointed out. He watched as Alya’s brow furrowed.

“Oh…I guess so.” She glanced around, frowning. “Why the hell do we have so much junk?” She asked for what seemed like the fiftieth time since they’d started packing two months ago. Nino laughed, leaning over to kiss the furrow from her brow.

“Just wait–tomorrow we get to unpack all this junk.”

Alya groaned and slumped lower, looking completely done.

“Think we could bribe Adrien and Marinette to help us again tomorrow?”

“I don’t know; they seemed pretty exhausted after today. This might just be up to us, babe.”

“Ugh. Moving sucks.”

“Yeah, kinda does,” Nino admitted. He smiled at the bare walls around them, surrounded by boxes and boxes and boxes. “But you know what? It’s nice to have a place that’s just ours now.”

Alya sighed again, but Nino peeked over in time to see the slow smile creeping across her face.

“Our first home,” she agreed, fingers grasping Nino’s and giving them a squeeze. Nino’s smile warmed, and he squeezed her hand in return.

“Yeah…and hopefully we won’t have to do this moving crap again for another few years.”


A comfortable silence fell…until Alya sat up, sending a mischievous glance her husband’s way.

“Wanna christen our bedroom?”

“Race you,” Nino announced, scrambling to his feet to sprint to the bedroom, Alya’s laughter chasing him the whole way.

So I have a couple of questions (it’s semi spoilery I guess???)

First off, how and when did Bumblebee get the weird reassembly power? Like he can take himself apart and put himself back together. I kept waiting for the film to explain it but they never did. Also, how did he gain the ability to talk again? Like he was able to say a substantial amount and again none of it was explained. I’m just confused and I want to know if anyone else knew or maybe I missed something.

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Is someone saying that they wouldn't be offended that you cheated with or left them for a certain gender a form of biphobia? I don't understand this logic so I was trying to see what the basis for it was.

I’ve been having trouble even understanding the logic of what you mean… so…. wait… someone said to you they wouldn’t mind if you cheated on them with someone of a different gender than theirs? Is that what happened?

I guess you could argue that this sentiment stems from the misconception that bi people cannot feel “fulfilled” in a monogamous relationship because they’d somehow “miss” being with someone of another gender than their partner’s. So basically saying “I don’t mind if you cheated on me” could be interpreted as “I know you can’t help yourself because all bisexual people are cheaters, it’s just in their nature” - now that is definitly some twistedly sublte way of being biphobic.

But it could also be that the person is trying to express that they don’t mind having an open or polyamorous relationship (as in “I don’t think it’s cheating if we agreed on being non-monogamous”) but they may not know the terminology or didn’t think it through well enough and thus chose a very unfortunate phrasing.

But yeah…. I get that it’s a very weird thing to say and I understand if you felt offended or upset about it.


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Hi, I've recently come out to my mom, and while she said that she supports me... in the same breath she told me that she wouldn't help me talk to the rest of my family and .... I just kinda feel that she just tolerates me. Plus the fact that she asked to wait to transition until after november because my relatives are coming over from overseas... what was her end goal on that? does she thinks that I'm never going to talk to them again... I'm just so sad

I’m so sorry your mom is being so unsupportive. You deserve so much better than that.

You shouldn’t have to put off your transition just because some relatives are coming to visit. That’s ridiculous. And honestly, I would guess that your mom is at least on some level aware of that it is ridiculous and that she’s just looking for excuses to delay giving you the help that you need.

I don’t know how old you are or what the laws are like where you live, but you might be able to start working towards your transition even without your mother’s help.

If the process where you live works anything like it does here in Sweden, you could try to get in touch with your regular doctor, come out to them and ask them to send you a referral to someone who can help you on your way to starting to medically transitoning.

But it also might be worth getting in touch with your local lgbt+ center, if you have one. They probably have some more information and resources that could help you.

If any of my followers have any other advice or suggestions for anon, please do feel free to add to this post!


Hey guys, Mel here.

I don’t think you guys really noticed, but I’ve been kind of MIA for a few days. It’s actually fairly normal for me to just slip back for a bit, which is why you may not have noticed.

Some of you are waiting for things from me. More SLD celebration fics. More KinkBingo fun. SLD edited and posted. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer. And I’m glad to say I know you guys won’t mind. Thank you for that.

I decided to write this so you can get to learn a bit more about me, and find out why I sometimes just disappear.

So let’s learn a bit more about the girl you guys call Mel.

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Rosso is playing pranks on all of the tall El Masters (Solace, Ebalon, Gaia and Ventus). Denif finds out that it was Rosso causing all the mischief and is not amused. But Rosso was apparently just paying back all the short jokes he had to endure from them. (Nobody dares to joke about Denif, because Denif is an ancient dragon, but Rosso is just as short.) I leave it to you how Denif reacts C:

“Wait, so you’re the one who put a scorpion in Gaia’s pillowcase.”

Rosso grimaced.  That was confirmation enough for Denif, that he didn’t deny it.

“And replaced Ebalon’s sunscreen with tanning cream, and covered every surface of Ventus’ room with sticky notes?  What were you planning to do with all those cat pictures you have now, then?”

Rosso looked down at the massive stack of cat pictures he was carrying.  “Well… Um.  I was going to replace all of Solace’s pictures of Harnier with these, but I guess you’re going to stop me now, huh?”

“No, I’m not.”  Denif shrugged.  “I might have stopped you for literally anyone else, but for Solace, I’m inclined to actually help you.  Any reason why, though?”

“They teased me for my height.  We can’t all be ancient, all-powerful dragons who never get made fun of.”

Denif laughs, and Rosso actually grins.  So maybe he’ll get away with this after all.

Aaah I waited for 1 month for this wig and it’s finally here!
It’s the first lacefront wig I ever bought and I’M SO IN LOVE
It looks fantastic and is soo comfortable!! Usually wigs give me headaches bc my head is too big but apart from the unfamiliar feeling of having long af hair it feels like I’m not even wearing a wig

Aaand it’s not as bright red as in the pictures which is a serious relief

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I'm rly scared you're gonna start putting some of your art as "sensitive content" and I won't be able to see it bc I'm "too young" :/

Yeah, I’ve seen some of the posts floating around about the new algorithms and safe mode… If my work starts getting flagged as sensitive content it will mostly be by accident I guess. Like I personally prefer to keep my Mob Psycho 100 stuff in the range of the demographic it was intended for, and so while there is violence, blood, etc I don’t think much of it is beyond canon typical. That and I probably swear too often hahaha. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens for now while they work through the kinks? I personally think most of my current work is totally safe for teenagers but machine code could think differently.

Hey guys!

Helloooo! Guess who’s back? (do people still remember me? 😅) I have finally finished all my exams and I’m back here! 😎 I so missed this place and doing things here! I promise to start editing and making gifs again!

A lot has been going on recently in the fandom and with the boys but don’t think that I am not informed! Just there are some things that are not my business! 😉

Thank you all so much for your support and for your understanding! Can’t wait to be around you here again! 😍

i need ideas for my animation... what else

it’s about my newest oc Question and he has a glitch (the glitch makes him kill people but i haven’t discussed about his background yet so wait for that) and the part i left off was when he was drinking some bitter coffee too. (he doesn’t drink it i guess because he has no entrance in his face… so i guess he just holds the coffee until it gets cold and then throws it away. waste much)

I just need ideas for the next part

but yea that’s all i have one part i would like to show you guys though!! 

here’s a glitch picture of Quest

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Tyrion touched not one but two of the dragons, does that mean the audience now believes he's a legalized Targaryen²? Some will say anything to deny that Jon touching Drogon has more to do with connecting with Dany than the dragons. Get over it.

Hiya anon,

Exactly! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out. But this is my interpretation of why it’s happening in this particular way. 


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To Asher, how did you know how to create your own custom cart and do you create them for others as well?

ever since i was younger, i really loved cart racing. so i guess it was a logical jump for me to start workin’ on ‘em?

ASHER: i mean, karts are usually given out for free, and i saw you could buy stuff for ‘em, and i liked doin’ that.. and i saw there was no rule for doin’ it yerself, so i started testin’ stuff out, right? cuz you have to start somewhere.

ASHER: back when i first started, i was younger, so i had some… pretty weird ideas….

ASHER: plus, it’s not like i started out super good or knowin’ how to do it right off the bat, so stuff would fall off aaaall the time and get all mangled on the track. so rather than just supergluin’ stuff on, i read up on how i could do it the right way.

ASHER: i still ain’t a professional or anything, but i fancy i’m pretty alright at what i do… and i like doin’ it.

ASHER: well i mean, at first, not really, cuz i wasn’t really vocal or much of a braggart about it, i kinda kept to myself… i guess once in a while id get a guy or two who wanted me to do somethin’ with their cart, so i made a bit of bean off the initial requests…

ASHER: but a’ course, now that i’m workin’ with rivet, that’s what the shop is for, right?