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Now I can draw pages while I munch on my Mc Crea’s Caramels and premium quality milk chocolate, that’s the good stuff <3

Also now I have a pusheen plush!! ENVY ME

 Ok, no, really…. now I’ll get to draw more xD Wait for updates!!

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Hey I just wanted to ask if you're still alive D: You haven't posted anything since February it feels like. (Also I got my book in the mail (finally) it looks AMAZING thank yooou!)

oh……………… uh, I guess I’ve been in this sad-hole for awhile now, whoops. I lose track of time down here sometimes. 

I’m ok, tho, thanks for checking in. 

(PS if you were waiting for something from me, those have all been sent, sorry for the delay.)

hey… you know that story i was writing? well as you probably guessed, it’s on a hiatus. Wait, don’t freak out, i will continue it at some point. I don’t think I could ever completely cancel it because i’ve grown a liiitle too attached to Amara sdjassddf. But besides the fact that the teleporter isn’t working, the main reason I haven’t been updating it was because i’m not 100% sure on where i want the plot to go. Like there are a lot of different directions i want to take the plot and im not sure which way to go? If that makes sense? Anyway, to make up for the lack of updates, have this edit i made a month ago of toddler Amara and her mom!

Tale as Old As Time: Chapter 2 The Deal

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((I'v been working on this since 3 pm this afternoon, it’s now 12:38. aahhhHHHHH))

Contains: Angst.

Part 1


As the night approached and chased out the sunset, Diana started to lose her way through the forest. She was too resilient to ever admit that she couldn’t remember the correct path, or that she had trouble focusing lately.

“We should be there by now.  Maybe we missed a turn. I guess I should have taken a…wait a minute.” She rubbed her temples, trying to think straight, Philippe still trotting until he was blocked.

“What’s this…?” She wondered out loud, lifting her lantern to see signs pointing to Anaheim and Valencia. “Valencia connects to Geneva right? Geneva goes to…to Paris right? Let’s go this way…” She pulled Philippe’s reigns over to the right, heading down the path. Her confidence started to gain back until out of nowhere, snow littered the forest floor.

“This can’t be right.  Where have you taken us, Phillippe?  We’d better turn around…and…whoa…” Diana looked up to see a castle in the distance. It was her last resort. She had no idea where she was truthfully, and maybe in the morning, after a good nights rest, she would be able to get back on track.

As she led Phillippe up to the castle, lighting tuck a tree right by her, and she was off, holding on to her horse who galloped through the wood, frightened. When she finally reached the monumental building, she was able to calm the horse down, finding somehow, a perfectly set up stable although deserted…

Diana shivered in the cold, the ground covered with thick flakes of snow. It coated the millions of steps she would have to take to reach the castle. She pulled her shawl around her, not thinking in a million years that in July it would come in handy, but taking it with her nonetheless.

Diana groaned, legs aching painfully after such a trek, only to have to push the heavy doors open. How unusual for a castle…when did the small town have something like this? Had it always been here?

The door opened with a giant clunk and a cloud of dust hit the woman in the face, making her cough loudly and deeply. “Hello!  Is someone there?’ She was met with silence. "Hello? Hello?” She was so busy looking for another human that she didn’t notice the candlestick and the clock by the hearth that was also lit.

“Poor woman must have lost his way in the woods.” The candlestick whispered, unnoticed by the new intruder. Upon closer inspection the candlestick seemed to have human-like traits. So did the clock….

“Keep quiet Derek!  Maybe she’ll go away.” The clock peeked one eye open, hissing at his companion. At the harsh sound Diana turned around from her position by the stairs. “Is someone there?”

“Not a word,Derek Morgan. Not one word!” The machine whispered in a harsher tone, doing his best to look inanimate.

“I don’t mean to intrude, but I need a place to stay for the night. Please, it’s cold and I’m lost…” Diana looked ragged, truly roughed up by the forest and its horrors.

“Oh Aaron, have a heart.” Derek turned to face his friend whos eyes popped open as he sternly tried to shush the annoying stick, unfortunately his attempts were futile. “Of course, mademoiselle , you are welcome here.” He called out, and she spun trying to find the voice.

“Who said that?” She called out, the candlestick finally coming into view. “Wow… what craftsmanship..” She fiddled with the clock, before noticing a light in the other room before Derek could out another word.

“Hello?” She called out once more, noticing that she stumbled into the dining room which had a plateful of food already lain out. “If you don’t mind….please…” Her pleas had gotten softer as she approached the table, sitting down  and taking a moment before digging into the food.

As she ate, a teacup was slid across the table, no one in sight. Maybe it was just another hallucination of hers, she had been having some of those lately. She decided to take a sip when she distinctly heard the teacup…laugh. She set the cup down, inspecting it.

“Sorry… Momma said I wasn’t allowed to do that…” The cup apologized in a hushed tone. Diana nodded, before bolting out of the dining room and running past the candlestick and clock.

“I’m sorry but I must be going!” She cried, fear overtaking her. This couldn’t be a hallucination could it? it was too real! “Thank you for your hospitality but goodbye!” She ran down the steps, almost tripping.

“Phillippe!” She ran back to where she had safely left her horse, pulling him by the reigns until they could leave the palace grounds. Something red caught her eye in the white blanket surrounding them and she sighed in relief.

A beautiful red rose, petals full and somehow still growing in the winter snow. It was surrounded by other red roses, but that one was perfect. Perfect for Spencer.

She ignored Phillippe’s whinnies, startled by the dark looming shadow that seemed to be getting closer to the pair as she approached the flower. The shadow seemed to watch her for a moment, tension thick as Diana’s fingers cupped the bud. As soon as the snap resounded as the flower was plucked, a thunderous roar went off and a large animal slammed on the stone fixtures in front of her.

(Your POV)

“Who are you!  What are you doing here?” You screeched, furious that a stranger would enter into your property and steal anything. Even if it was a stupid rose, but roses were evil. A rose is what put you under this curse.

Every year you tried to cut the roses, remove them in some way, but they would never leave. Probably part of the spell. And now this stranger could just come in and pick a rose?

The woman trembled beneath your gaze, intimidated by your size. “I was lost in the woods and…” She tried to whimper but you cut her off, your temper growing.

“You are not welcome here! Do you often invite yourself into others homes and take what isn’t yours?”

“I-I’m sor-” you notice her falter as she looked at you and embarrassment only spiked your anger even more.

“W-What are you staring at?” You knew with your large over-sized teeth, horns, fur, cape, blouse and skirt you were just atrocious to look at. “Why were you taking my rose?” You asked harshly, folding your arms and eyes narrowing.

“Noth-noth-nothing! Please, I meant no harm! I only took the rose because my son asks for one every year. I just needed a place to stay but, I realized no one was home so I decided to leave!” he begged and you grunted, your warmth breath fogging in the harsh weather.

“A place to stay hm? A place to stay? Well, I’ll give you a place to stay!’ You chuckled dryly. "I hope your son will enjoy being an orphan!” You cackled, grabbing her off of her horse, growling loudly to scare it off, taking your newfound prisoner to her room.
(3rd Person POV)

Spencer trusted that Phillippe knew where he was going. His mother could be in trouble, or dead for all he knew. Spencer prayed that she wasn’t dead. She was all he had left.

Focused in his thoughts, he didn’t realize until he shivered that he had entered a part of the wood where it was….snowing? His eyes widened, rubbing his arm. He had not dressed for this type of weather, but then again, it was July.

He looked up to the sky, noticing the dark clouds, and… castle in the distance? Spencer squinted, not having his spectacles on. Nevertheless, he made a choice to go up there. Even if the castle was abandoned, which it probably was because no one ever mentioned it, the height would be a good place to try and find his mother if she was lost.

The castle looked grand, although the dark clouds covered the sky, making it seem intimidating and daunting. Spencer swallowed thickly, reminding himself to be brave as he approached the doors. It made his nerves jitter as he saw that they were open.

“Hello?” He entered the castle, leaves scattered on the floor, his heels clicking on the elegant marble. He rolled his shoulders back and looked around, choosing a hallway and walking down it, finding stairs leading even further into the palace.

“It’s a man!” Derek cried softly, his arms banging into Aaron’s side repeatedly. The clock rolled his eyes, or tried to anyway, sighing. “I know it’s a man.”

“Not just any old man Don’t you see?  He’s the one. The one we have been waiting for. He has to have come to break the spell!” He hopped off the table by the hearth, chasing after the boy.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute!” Aaron whispered after Derek, rolling his eyes again and following the flightly candle. “Why is he always breaking the rules?” He sighed.

“Mama? Mama?’ Spencer called out for Diana, hearing something behind him and turning only to find nothing. "Hello? Is someone here?  Wait!  I’m looking for my mother!’ He was met with silence. "That’s funny, I’m sure there was someone… I-I-Is there anyone here?” He noticed empty cells and his heart almost stopped with worry.

“Spencer?” His mother perked when she heard his voice echo through the dungeons. She heard hurried footsteps as she an her son called out for each other.

“Oh, Momma!” He reached his arms out through the bars, smoothing down her matted hair and shaking the bars with his other hand, trying to figure out a way to free her.

“Oh Spence, how did you find me?” She looked around anxiously. Spencer ignored her question, fretting over her appearance.

“Oh, your hands are like ice.  We have to get you out of here. Let me… let me find something to break the bars with.” He stood, looking around frantically for something, anything. “Who’s done this to you?”

“Spencer, I want you to leave this place. There’s no time to explain. You must go…now!” She jolted at the sound of thumps from above. Spencer shook his head, kneeling by her once more.

“I won’t leave you Momma!” He whispered, gasping when he felt nails digging into his shoulder. He turned but the grip was immediately lost, something running into the shadow.

“What are you doing here?” A deep, dark, female voice echoing throughout the dungeon. “Run Spencer!” His mother urged, face full with fear.

“Who’s there? Who are you?” Spencer tried to peer at the shadow, tone trying to sound authoritive when in reality, he was practically shaking.

“The mistress of this castle.” The voice chuckled, as if the fact was obvious.

“I’ve come for my mother.  Please let her out!  Can’t you see she’s
not well?” He gestured to his mother’s feeble state. “She could die! Please!”

“There’s nothing you can do. She trespassed on my property and stole what was mine.”

“I’ll do anything!” He pleaded.

(Your POV)

“There’s nothing you can do.  He’s my prisoner.” you told the man, watching him with his mother. Why did he care so much? Most people would have fleed by this point already.

“Will you let me say goodbye? Surely forever could wait one moment.” He asked and you paused at his wording, coughing and, letting out an affirmative sound when you realized you had gone silent. You opened the door, watching as they both reached for each other.

“Make it quick, the doors will close in one minute.” You growled. They whispered softly, the mother trying to assure the man that she would be okay and ‘I love you’s ’ being exchanged rapidly. You were just about to shut the door when the man pushed her out of the cage’s way so that he was trapped.

“You! You would take his place?” You asked, slightly shocked at the act of grace. The mother, beside you was currently sobbing and her son’s misfortune. “No’s” and “Spencer why?” falling from her lips.

“She’s my mother…” He explained. “Wouldn’t you do anything for your mother?”  The ma-Spencer asked, staring into your cold eyes. You scoffed, staring to the side.

“My mother’s dead. I hope you enjoy these walls for the rest of your life.” You grabbed the woman by shoulders, starting to lead her out when Spencer stopped you.

“Let me see who is entrapping me until my death.” He ordered and you rolled your eyes, shaking your head before turning and slamming your arms on the bars. Spencer gasped and you narrowed your eyes.

“Regret your decision yet?” You laughed, no humor in your tone. You grabbed the man’s mother once more and dragged her outside until you found the steed she rode on. You placed her on it and was about to send the horse off until you decided to warn her.

“If you ever come back, you’ll both suffer a fate worse then death.”



Can you guess why I started screaming and fangirling hard when I read all the news about the new anime Shoukoku no Altair (out on July)??? [x, x, x]

I have 4 words for you: Danshi Koukousei, Hajimete no (4)

Do the math yourself XD


It gives me Arslan vibes… which means I’m going to like this anime (I already like the CAST!)

we’re that family || old man logan

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I’ve had this request in my queue for like a month now - and I’m so irritated because my theater took Logan out of the lineup and I can’t go see it again. *sigh* Guess I’ll have to wait until it comes out on DVD!

This was requested by @drewkelliii : I hope it meets your expectations like we discussed!

Warnings: mentions of blood, Laura being Laura, and alot of decapitation 

Tag List: @itsbrittbrattt @house-of-penguin @agirlinherhead @tigers-have-teeth @avengers-bucky-fanfic @weasleytheking @liveourlifelikenobodyelse

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TalesFromRetail: I'm apparently a stupid cashier

This happened during the first few months of me working in [store]. This lady brings up a bunch of items. I finish up ringing, and she swipes her card. It’s declined.

Me: It says declined…

Customer: That’s impossible.

Me: (thinking that maybe it was the machine’s fault but I didn’t know well how our card machine’s worked) I would suggest swiping your card again.

Machine says it’s declined still. I tell the customer that. She, obviously annoyed, calls someone who was probably waiting for her. That person comes in and hands me cash.

Customer: Stupid cashier who doesn’t know how to swipe.

Okay…. I guess I am stupid, but at least I’m not broke. I handed the customer’s friend his change, and said “have a good day” and they were gone.

By: empressfelicia

It’s A Pleasure Pt. 2 - Bucky Barnes x Reader

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A/N: surprise bitch. I may turn this into a series after Out of Place and the 60 other stories I have going on in mt head. This is defiantly gonna get a part three in the future…after I write all of the one shots I have planned out in my head… I left the ending a little vague on purpose, I guess I’m leaving it to your own interpretation. this was also a tiny bit rushed if you cant tell i just really wanted to get something out

Requests: part one requested by @borderline-person , part two was requested by @sassycat15

Warnings: vomit, a dog, a little angst

Words: 1063


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OKAY so. Mick just slowly watching in horror because first Lisa flirts with Cisco, then Len starts flirting with like three heroes, why are both Snarts so into heroes? Then the Rogues form and it's even worse, because Piper clearly has a thing for Cisco so apparently it's just half the rogues who have a thing for heroes. He and Len already tried being good guys once, if you make him go through that again just you guys can get with the heroes and now he needs to veto plans made just for attention

Lisa: here’s the plan. I break into Cisco’s house.
Mick: and then what
Lisa: I wait for him to come home
Mick: and then?
Lisa: I think you can guess where that would end up going ;)
Hartley: … she clearly needs supervision and I volunteer
Mick: fuck off

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What was the younger guy's name again who went hiking with Cesar & Co? Sorry for asking, but I can't find your post about him using the tags. Thanks :)

Hi nonnie :) His name is Albie Marber he has a 4 credits on IMDB as an actor, but nothing for last couple of years. Not sure what role he is going to play, but guesses were Elias Pound or even William. We just have to wait again as always. Still no sign of Duncan Innes or Dr Stern. I know I keep going on about it, but I am going to do that again


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Yeah same especially since they already waited days to announce the birth so why not wait a few more till they got a name u know ?

I know, like…what are they calling him for the time being? And what are they waiting for? It’s not like she gave birth out of the blue, she even had an extra couple of months compared to normal pregnanices to think about both female and male names!!

With Freddie it was different, it was a fighting game and Louis needed to come up with the most hilarious outcome, but here? Keeping it for the next big scoop, maybe? Are we going to have to guess it? Take bets?

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What are your beans' nicknames?

* Call us by anything you prefer!

* [Note that, I’m not giving these kids any ‘official’ nicknames yet, and probably won’t in the near future. Their names have been decided, but they contain spoilers for the stories to come, so I’d like to hold on giving nicknames for now.]

* [This may change in the future though, depending on how I feel what suits best.]


I might have to wait, I’ll never give up
I guess it’s half timing and the other half’s luck
Wherever you are, whenever it’s right
You’ll come out of nowhere and into my life

And I know that we can be so amazing

I just haven’t met you yet!! 

Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 3 summarized by my reactions:


“I guess mortal injuries in this series run on anime-blood-amount logic”


“Oh, he left it in! Yes, that’s the smart thing to do in this situatio–nevermind.”

“I bet it’s the wol–yep, it’s the wolf”

“He didn’t even bandage it??? I mean he at least had his loincloth to work with”

“How is this man still alive”

“Wait how much time is passing??”

“They go to the trouble of dragging her body out just to leave it there 2 seconds later? I mean okay I guess”

“These kids clearly have no survival skills. What’s gonna happen when they run out of food?”

“Do they like … sleep … sitting up or something??”

”Awwwww, cute baby Jack.”

“Oh wow they actually mentioned Bushido!”

”Oh shit, time to have your innocence stripped from you”

”Conveniently shaped bone shard!”

”What even is that thing that he’s using as string? Is that bark? You can’t use bark for string!”

“Oh jeez, the end of that ‘needle’ is painfully large …”

“Oh come on, the water would have washed that shit away”

“Aaaaaaand your healthy does of Xanatos Roulette again”

“So ur telling me they got literally no education. Like none at all.”

“Noooo, don’t go, wolf bro”

“How did anybody expect them to find Jack or survive long enough to if they know literally nothing about the outside world??? This is the silliest shit”

“Seriously what the fuck. How much time has passed??”

“Jack didn’t think to fashion himself some clothes by now? How has he not frozen to death?”

 “Ah yes, the graphically simplistic snow fight. Every animator’s wet dream.”

“You’re telling me this man buried himself naked in the snow? Remind me how he’s alive again?”

“Oh shit oh boy here we go”

“Oh shit”


“Haha, the crow”

“Oh damn”


“Okay then”

“This feels a bit rushed but I mean I get it”

“Ooh this is some bushido metaphor type shit. They can’t kill him without also killing themselves”

“Oh. They’re just gonna–okay. Put em up lmao”

“Okay nope they’re just gonna go at him with weapons”

“Did he just snap her neck?”

“Oh, okay. Nevermind.”

“Man, she took that like a champ”


“And then there were two”

“That chain’s gonna saw through the log. I’m calling it right now.”

“Of course HER mask comes off”

“That is the face of weary resignation right there”



“Ah, fuck”


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So my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 2 years, and he won't have sex with me. He always says the timing isn't right or that he wants to wait until he has his own place, and I would NEVER pressure him into doing anything ever, and I understand his reasons, but... it still makes me feel kind of unwanted I guess? I know it's completely irrational and most likely untrue but I can't help it. :c I just feel like I'm the problem. Idk if you have any advice but I'm just venting !! Sorry :/

no, your concerns are valid. if he’s asexual, maybe, then he should probably confront you with that and just say he wants a relationship without sex? because at the end of the day, you’re also part of the relationship and you have a right to express what you want. Of course, you shouldn’t pressure him (as it seems you already don’t, so you’re fine) but if he at least says “hey, I don’t want a sexual relationship” then you have the option of being like… well, maybe this isn’t for me then (which doesn’t make you bad, because if sexual relations are part of what you want, there is nothing wrong with you looking for what you want).

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I guess my feeling was right about the 25th just not the things that I expected tbh lol - hp anon

Same lol 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:could the r tattoo have soemthing to do with his music or soemthing, maybe thats why its so visible and kind of focused on


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:“Louis Tomlinson performed at the Ultra Music Festival after learning that he isn’t father.” Do it.

I’m waiting….

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:People wrote an article for this??? Oh let’s wait and see 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Ughhhh I feel the same way that 1D not coming back anon does and I hate it. 💔


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Ok twitter*com/larryareathome/status/845745384945278976

I do think M25 has a meaning, but I don’t this RBB pic is relatable to this year 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:also, considering what date it is today, it seems pretty clear that a contract of some kind might have been lifted off harry, and so who would blame him to take the first chance he get to show that off? he can’t help that it’s the same day as ultra and therefore louis’ performance.

Besides, I’m pretty sure they talked about this??? Like

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I opened the poll, saw that I had to pick between Tae's shifter AU sequel and StS drabbles, and I've been subsequently suffering (happily) 😆. You're so sweet for doing this for us, and I'm sure we'll all be please regardless of the outcome~~ Thank you for always posting A+ content!!

o(≧▽≦)o  ehehe, it is a hard choice. I guess it’s a good thing I did, since my original idea was the drabble blitz and not many people seem to prefer that. I’m glad it’s a bit fun to vote and wait, I’m having fun too~ not even I know what will happen~ thank you for reading (´ε` )♡ and for this sweet message

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are you doing alright, moon bunny? you haven't been on for a while and I hope you're coping with whatever task you're completing! ^^ we wait for you in Tumblr with open arms and ears to hear about your busy weeks!

Hello Sweetest-Annon (and everyone who also reads this)!

Thank you so much for your concern! ❤ I’m doing okay I guess, life’s not working out so great at the moment, which leads to my silence on tumblr. I will try to be active again in a couple of days! I still have to finish my 12 Story “Event”! …

If someone wants to know what happened:

I lost my job a couple of weeks ago, and struggling to find a new one. Also I am looking for a school to take me, because I want a higher graduation, but the German School System doesn’t want to… The problem is because of my age (18 or higher) no school have to take me, so they don’t. Even though my previous graduation was pretty good!

Also my mother is in the hospital since two and a half weeks for a surgery at her spine. All went well, until she got a increasing pain in her lower stomach. She got transported to another hospital and had a couple emergency surgery’s. She is stable now but I am still worried of course. I am spending much time at hospital at the moment.

I am alive and well just busy with life I am sorry for not posting stuff w I will try to change it I also got some asks for story, first thank you very much! But I also ask for patience. If you would rather send it to someone who posts more I of course understand it completely, but please tell me if you do so I don’t write it double. Until then I wish you all a very good time! (I hope this doesn’t messes up too bad because I am on phone)

In Love Your Lady Bunny from the Moon! ❤