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Dancing. [Prince Adam Oneshot.]

We are all sinners and are gonna go to hell but you know as long as we have fanfics there I’m okay.

Title: Dancing.
Pairing: Implied! - Prince Adam x Female!Reader.
Words: 3,361.
Rating: T.
Summary: Haven’t you ever wondered what would happen if you called out a Prince who constantly acted like the world revolved around him?

You had quite a difficult time processing how you had gotten to the moment of standing only a few feet behind Prince Adam, with a silver trimmed and tall stout glass of champagne sitting in your right hand. The ring on your middle finger clicked against the glass shivering out a rather satisfying sound, one of wealth that demanded the most absurd amount of respect. Strangely enough, he hadn’t found any interest in you until this evening despite being invited (more like severely persuaded you come) to many of his parties. They were all the same. The same type of physically appealing people, the same stuffed up atmosphere, the same petty chat from person to person, the same typical dances, and the same type of carefully picked attire.

The Prince, with his naturally strawberry blond hair covered by a long haired wig that twisted into rather exquisite curls near the end, only seemed enthused by the aesthetic of the situation. He himself seemed to be the only thing that changed from event to event. The shades and colors of his face would change, varying in vibrancy depending on the clothing he donned that evening.

This evening—you thought to yourself and scaled your eyes upon the Prince, a few feet in front of you. And yes, this evening he was wearing velvet as usual; A dark purple, or so it appeared in the light of the room. It sparkled if he he caught the candlelight just right and for a split second, Prince Adam looked approachable, as if you wanted to sink into his arms because he closely resembled the shine of the stars. The embroidery on his waistcoat was nothing less than perfection and played along with the fabric as if they were swirled in a dance together. Purple and silver detailing hung closely to the trim of his coat and expanded into flourishes of metallic silver flowers spilling onto the breast of the jacket. Speckles of jewels hit sporadically around the jacket, and down the right and left side clung silver buttons that served no purpose other than appeal. And oddly enough, his jacket looked like the softest material imaginable if you dared to reach out for him.

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Tuskegee syphilis experiment- Between 1932 and 1972, The U.S public health service conducted a study on a rural black community living in Tuskegee, Alabama. The purpose of the study was to observe the natural progression of syphilis in African-American males, however the disturbing factor was how deceitful the programme was to an already poverty-stricken community.

201 men signed consent forms to be apart of this. All of which were under the impression that after the disease had been injected into them, they would eventually be treated and cured. This never happened, even though penicillin was widely available. Free medical care, meals, and free burial insurance were issued to the participants for taking part in the study. After funding for treatment was “lost”, the study was continued without informing the men they would never be treated. 

Here’s the really sick part: None of the men infected were ever told they had the disease and were originally told that they were part of a treatment plan for “bad blood” (which is essentially a local term for general fatigue and anaemia). After 40 years of exploiting basic human rights, the victims of the study included numerous men who died, 40 wives who had become infected and over 19 children born with Congenital Syphilis.

First Hate Comment

I got my first ever hate comment on my MIDI Septiceye Sam video today. 

Am I real YouTuber now? XD

In all seriousness, though, I hope I handled it well. I tried not to be insulting or mean, but at the same time trying to point out the flaw in what they said. I’m not above criticism, and constructive feedback is always welcome, but people just saying misinformed things about me and why they think I’ve done a particular video isn’t helpful at all. 

Hopefully this one comment won’t be the start of something awful. So far, this little community has been nothing but lovely. You guys have been so kind and supportive and I am very grateful for that :) 

I hope that this community of music muffins will stay kind and spread positivity and love, not hate! <3

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they're are really ppl out there that think this was a coincidence or accident. imagine being okay with being so naive...

a lot of the people who think it was a coincidence or accidental have spent years horrifically and endlessly bullying larries, so their own naïveté is probably an easier pill for them to swallow than acknowledging that occasionally we’re onto something and they’ve actually been disgusting human beings to us for years when they were wrong all along 💁🏻

they’ll have to face that reality eventually though regardless, and when stuff like this happens, it makes me hopeful that it’ll be sooner rather than later

I think it’s extremely unfair when people blame two actresses of queerbaiting when they show us some support.

There’s a big difference between saying “Oh, you never know what could happen… Keep watching!” and saying “I know where the shippers are coming from. Once you put a scene out there it will be perceived differently by different people and that’s OK. It’s how this works and all the views are valid even though the writers may not have written this way specifically.”

The first one gives hope, false hope. It makes us believe it will happen eventually even though it might not to. It’s just cruel. You keep watching until the very end… to end up in utter disappointment (also, there’s the teasing aspect of it. They keep selling and promoting it, misleading the fans. A cruel move too. And yes, I’m looking to a certain someone from the Riverdale cast. THAT. THAT’S queerbaiting at its finest, my friends. I’ll mention the cast and production of PP too, they mean well, at least I think they do, but teasing us relentless with Bechloe to promote the movie just to let us down later is kinda wrong).

The second one validates our views as one of the many possibilities and states that they’re all fine, sure it gives you a sparkle of hope too, but it’s honest. It’s not deceiving, you know it’s possible it won’t happen.

At the end of the day, it’s not the actresses fault, you see? It’s not even up to them, they don’t write the shows. They could very well ignore us, pretend we and our ship don’t exist *cough* I say J you say Mo *cough* or… they could see us, interact with us and make us feel supported and loved. Make us feel like we belong and what we see is valid and beautiful.

With that in mind, I believe what Katie Mcgrath is doing with Supercorp is great! She’s doing the right thing and I think other actors should follow her example. She’s being honest with her fans, loving, caring and supportive . Sign fanarts, fanfics and other stuff of the ship doesn’t mean she’s saying “Look, it will happen, just wait and see!!!”, no, she’s saying “I see you guys. I think it’s amazing all the love you have for these two characters”. She chose to embrace her Supercorp fans and for them, for me, this means SO much.

So moving on to Lana now. When the whole cast, the writers, production ignored our existence or treated us badly in general, Lana was the only one who acknowledged us and Swan Queen. She was the only one making a real effort to make us feel like we belonged and a little more safe in a fandom full of hatred. I’m relatively new to the fandom and I know she wasn’t always like this, Lana made a lot of mistakes along the way, but she tried to be better and I believe she’s a good ally now. At least she didn’t avoid us like the plague like her co-star did… *cough* Again, I say J you say Mo *cough*

So to sum this all up… Show support and some love to your queer fan base is NOT queerbaiting. It’s not them fooling their fans into believing the ships will become canon eventually. It’s them saying that we matter!!! When you’re surrounded by toxicity and bigotry all around in your life and in fandom, this support, this validation from your favorite actresses? It’s the only thing you have to keep going. It means a lot and they’re such simple gestures really, so don’t blame people like Lana or Katie… Blame the writers that put innuendos and romantic undertones IN ALL THEIR SCENES, make parallels with other canon couples, coordinate their wardrobe, make them FILL PERFECTLY ALL THE DEFINITIONS OF TRUE LOVE THEY SET UP (sorry, I’m still bitter about it. Fuck you Adam and Eddy!). Blame the actors that act like we’re not here or just plainly use us to promote themselves and their shit show. Don’t blame the only ones trying! Especially when one of them it’s a WOC and already has to deal with this racist, misogynistic, homophobic industry. It’s just not fair to do so.

Exam Season

Request- Hi! I was hoping I could request something since exams are giving me extreme stress. Could you do a Cas x Reader imagine, (who is also the Winchester’s youngest sis), where the Reader puts makeup on him? And obviously Cas is like, “why are you putting makeup on my vessel?”. Just something funny like that. Thanks❤ 

Word Count- 794

Masterlist       Prompt list     Request a story or drabble

Tag- @evyiione     @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish   (also tagging @winchesters-favorite-girl as she as her test tomorrow good luck!)

A/n- This is just a quick little story I wrote while revising for my exams. I made the reader and Cas just friends I hope that’s okay anon :)

“I love death. I really do.” You say looking at the piles of books you have to revise from.

“Dean killed Death remember.” Cas says looking through all your books. “Sam and Dean said to inform you that they will be back later on. Also they said not to over do it on the revision.” He says turning to look at you.

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Altean Lance Headcanon

Okay so there are a bunch of hc of Lance being secretely Altean, but not knowing about it. Well my headcanon is that Lance knows he is Altean and was there when Zarkon betrayed Alfor and whatnot. And of course he’s the original blue paladin and is the one who takes Blue to earth, but then puts himself into a cryo pod and waits the 10,000 years for something to happen, he wakes up a couple years before the kerberos mission and all the canon stuff happens and Lance keeps his secret well hidden blah blah blah.

But then something or another happens during a battle of some sort and everyone is pretty beat up, especially Allura, they need a wormhole, but she cant do it. Then Lance just strolls up to the platform and makes a wormhole and saves the day.

And everyone is shocked and amazed, except Allurra and Coran who are a bit angered by the new devolpment, cause
“Why would you(lance) keep this from us!” And an argumant happens.

The others are fine with it though and eventually they settle everything and it goes back to normal(mostly). And then either klance or Shance happens cause why not.
The only reason this came to me cause remember in the first episode when their all leaving earth, a wormhole opens and takes blue to arus. Allura wasn’t awake and about yet.

So unless the lions can make their own wormholes, Im sticking with this.

BNHA Age-Swap AU Headcanons

ME AND @guardianlioness were talking again and found ourselves IMMENSELY DISAPPOINTED by the lack of ageswap AU’s that take advantage of Deku Dad, so I am - that is to say, we are - here to correct that. (also, I’m not begging but PLEASE talk to us about this au because god we love it and we could probably go on for days)

  • So Deku is the no. 1 Hero of their society!! He and all the others like Uravity, Ingenium and even Grape Juice are staff at UA, the best hero school that side of the city
  • Toshinori is a Quirkless kid who got abandoned by his parents when he was young, and lives in an apartment by himself
  • He’s got a friend in Naomasa, and two more in Nana and Gran Torino (who are like older siblings to him), but he doesn’t have much in the way of physical possessions and since he’s Quirkless, people don’t generally notice him.
  • One day though, he gets caught up in trouble with a wanted criminal and it seems like there’s nothing he can do about defending himself when Izuku comes in to chase the guy off (he’d been looking for the villain for a while)
  • Since he’s out of costume, Toshinori doesn’t recognize him at first (although he does tell Toshinori that he’s a pro hero)
  • The villain gets away so Izuku walks Toshinori home while speaking to the police over the phone.
  • Eventually Toshinori realizes that Izuku is Deku and he kind of has an internal crisis because holy shit he just got rescued by his absolute idol
  • and like its revealed Toshinori needs somewhere to go (both for his protection since the villain is at large, and because he’s a minor living by himself with no documents or reasons as to why come on) and Izuku, who has taken a shining to this kid who wants to be a hero, decides he’s gonna take Toshinori in
  • So he does
  • Toshinori is baffled by this, and he’s convinced at first that if they know he’s Quirkless that Midoriya will leave like his parents did
  • But eventually Izuku puts it through his head that no matter what he will always have a place in their home
  • and eventually…. He tells Toshinori about the truth of One for All and his Quirk.

Putting more character and AU info under the cut because I feel bad about how long this is getting

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Inhumans Part Six

Originally posted by lullabyun

Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine,

Genre: A/U, Angst, Violence, Fluff, Romance, more in the future.

Pairing: Yixing x Reader

Word Count: 6K

Summary: Inhumans are people born with powers, feared by most all over the world. Inhumans are often killed before the age of three or kept locked up and tested on. EXO is a rogue group of Inhumans who broke free and are now looking to free fellow Inhumans as well as get justice for their kind. However, with their powers come limitations. With these limitations, they sometimes need a helping hand.

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14 burrcules? :D thanks!!

It had taken a long time to convince Hercules to open the store.

“I want to, you know I do.” Hercules stared hopelessly at the screen.

Aaron pushed gently into his side, trying to offer some comfort. “I know, honey. You can do it.” He tipped his forehead into Hercules’ shoulder, earning a soft rumble in return.

“I don’t think I can. It’s so hard.” Hercules moaned. Aaron felt his light tremble, pressed this close against him.

Aaron leaned over his boyfriend, avoiding the laptop, and gently placed his hand over Hercules’. “You can. I’m with you every step of the way, alright? It’s going to turn out great, and even if it doesn’t, I’ll still be there.” He nearly breathed a sigh of relief at Hercules’ soft smile. “Besides, you said I make a great model. It would be a shame not to show the world, right?”

Hercules laughed. The sound was beautiful, and Aaron felt himself relax more. They both relaxed, but they weren’t done. With his hand on Hercules’- and Hercules’ hand on the mouse- Aaron slowly pressed down. The left mouse button made a tiny click, deafening in the silence of the room.

“It’s… uploaded.” Hercules breathed, and then breathed again, deeper and calming. “My first clothing item, on my first online store.” He was pale, and sweating; but he was also smiling.

Aaron leaned up and gently tapped their noses together. “I’m proud of you, sweetheart.” Hercules blushed. It was a pet name Aaron saved for special occasions, precisely because it got the reaction that it did. He tilted his head and leaned up just a bit more for a kiss.


“Oh my god, I’ve got my first sale!” Hercules squealed, in a pitch almost too high for Aaron to hear. He held the phone away from his ear for a moment. “It’s the hat with the butterflies!”

“That’s amazing!” Aaron could feel himself light up. The whole work day had been a mess, but a bad day was nothing compared to hearing Hercules so happy. “When was it sold?”

“Ten minutes ago! I can’t wait to get off shift and ship it! And I should work on another, what if the rest sell? Oh my god, it’s only been two days since it launched!”

Aaron could not and would not prevent the deep belly laugh working it’s way out. “Dear, honey, one thing at a time!” The stress and anxiety of the past few days were completely gone. The big “what if no one buys anything at all” was answered. Hercules was selling- actually selling his work. “I’m very proud of you though, you know that?”

From the other side of the phone, Hercules scoffed; but even through the separation, Aaron could feel his pleased smile. “I don’t even know what they’re going to think of it. I’m just way too excited.”

“You’re allowed to be excited.” Aaron tried to push as much of the fondness he felt into his voice.

Hercules hummed, and didn’t say anything for a moment. “Yeah, uh, well, I should be getting back to work, and I know it’s not your lunch break right now.” Another pause. “But thanks. I know you know this, but I couldn’t have sold it without your help. Your support means a lot.”

Aaron’s heart skipped. He’d never get used to Hercules’ sheer honesty, or the way he always tried to make it clear just how much he appreciated emotional support. And speaking of, “If you want, we can celebrate when I’m off work.”

“Yeah,” Hercules’ voice was suddenly weak. “We can do that, yeah. I’ll see you after work, them.” He hung up quickly. Aaron did not bother hiding his smirk as he slid the phone away and turned back to his laptop.

“What the fuck, Burr.” Thomas was peering over, paused in the middle of walking to another office, papers clutched in hand. “Since when do you have a life outside work?”

Aaron laughed, mood too good to be even slightly annoyed by the comment. “None of your business, Thomas.”

Thomas shot an even stranger look, brows furrowed almost comically. Aaron ignored him and got back to work.


“Hey, how’s that store thing going, anyways?” Alexander sloshed his drink as he dropped into the booth. Aaron scooted back to allow him room.

Hercules laughed. “It’s been going great, man! Only a month and I’ve already sold a bunch of scarves, and a couple hats. For once, it’s actually great that work’s cut my hours so badly.”

Laurens made a long, pained noise. “Don’t give me flashbacks about fast food shift work. I’m so glad I’m out of that hellhole of a system.” He took a long pointed swig of his drink.

“The cafe’s treated me well, for the most part,” Hercules shrugged. “It always smells nice and the only people who go there are people who expect to wait for their lattés.”

“Just make sure you never work at Wendy’s.” Lauren’s said, puttng a finger gun to his own head.

“Come on, less work talk, more drink!” Lafayette placed another tray of drinks on the table, wiggling into the other end of the booth. This brought a round of cheers, Hercules whooping especially loud. Aaron snuggled into Hercules’ arm contentedly, reaching for a glass. What was once an intimidating excess of volume was now life and liveliness and comfort. Hercules brought his glass to Aaron’s, and he obliged, clinking them together just because he knew Hercules would giggle at it.

“Oh, and speaking of the store, I think I had an email notification, sometime on the way over.” Hercules rooted for his phone, careful not to jab Aaron, pressed against him.

“A new sale?” Aaron peeked at the phone, but it was tilted just slightly too far to read.

Hercules shook his head. “No, I made those go through another filter. This one’s a review.” His tone was excited, a silly smile working its way up his face. The review system had so far been a godsend for Hercules’ confidence. Aaron was just glad that people were finally beginning to recognize Hercules’ talents.

“So? What’s it say?” Aaron grinned up at his boyfriend. Hercules didn’t respond, suddenly hesitating. His brows crept down and together, lips turning slowly to a frown. Aaron’s grin slipped. “Dear?” Hercules’ phone hand dropped, slipping the phone away.

“It’s just-” Hercules’ voice hitched. He jumped as if not expecting it. Hercules started blinking rapidly. “I’m okay, it’s-” He cut himself off again.

“Herc, what’s wrong?” Alexander smirked. “Get a bad review?” He teased. The smirk melted away when Hercules suddenly burst into tears. “Wait, what the fuck?”

“Alex, shut up!” Aaron hissed. “Get out! He needs space!” From the other side of Hercules, Aaron tried to shoe Alexander off.

“What’s wrong with Hercules?” Lafayette asked, slipping into something almost as bewildered as concerned. Hercules started shaking. Aaron could hear him hyperventilating.

“He’s having a fucking panic attack!” Aaron snapped, “Stop gawking and get some water! And stop everyone from staring!”

Lafayette stumbled off, but he wasn’t Aaron’s concern right now. “Hey, sweetheart, it’s okay.” Aaron whispered, his words not meant for the others. “Can you take big breaths?”

Hercules tipped his head so that his face wasn’t visible, but nodded. “Do you want me to hold your hand?” Aaron ventured. Another nod. Quickly, Aaron clasped them, together in both of his. God, Aaron hoped he was doing this right. He’d only seen Hercules in a panic attack twice before, and he was determined to be useful.

“No one’s looking, okay sweetheart? I sent them away.” Aaron tried to assure, remembering the advice Hercules gave once, of what he personally needed during an attack. Sure enough, Laurens and Lafayette and Alexander were all out of the booth, creating something of a human shield. A glass of water had been slid towards them.

“Are you good with breathing? Do you want help?” Aaron squeezed his hands. Hercules tipped his head up slightly. His eyes were puffy.

“I’m- I’m good.” Hercules pushed out, voice shaking as much as he was. “Can I… h-hug you?”

Aaron answered by climbing into Hercules’ lap and stretching his arms over and around Hercules’ broad shoulders. They stayed like that for a few minutes. Aaron felt his boyfriend’s heart rate slowly go down.

Hercules eventually spoke again. “Sorry,” He started. “It was just a bad review. I shouldn’t have freaked out like that.”

Slowly, carefully, Aaron pecked Hercules on the cheek. “Don’t be sorry, sweetheart. Panic attacks are nothing to be ashamed of. They happen.”

Hercules seemed to melt into the embrace. “I know. I thought I was ready for this, though. Of course I knew this was going to happen eventually.”

Aaron smiled. “You were ready for it, though. It happened, and now you’re feeling a bit more okay, right?”

“I… guess I am.” Hercules returned the smile.

A sharp cough interrupted them. “Uh, sorry for that,” Alexander scratched his head, sheepish. “I didn’t realize you had anxiety.” To his credit, Alexander did look appropriately guilty, eyes averted.

“It’s fine.” Hercules said, always quick to forgive. “You’ve all never seen it, and I’ve never said it. The whole anxiety… thing,” Aaron leaned into Hercules neck and smiled. Hercules may step around the word, but he’d gotten so far since being unable to come to terms with Anxiety. “ It’s the reason I’ve never tried selling my stuff before. But now I’ve got Aaron to help me out.”

Aaron yelped as Hercules’ fist came down on his head in a gentle noogie. “Oh my god! Honey, what the fuck.” He shot a reproachful stare. Hercules burst into laughter. Even with puffy, red rimmed eyes, it was a beautiful sight. “Sweetheart, why?” Aaron whined into Hercules’ ear. He flushed.

Aaron loved his boyfriend.

Pentagon Reaction | Getting Turned On By Being Touched On The Neck Pt1.

Request:  helloooo can you do a pentagon reaction to their s/o not letting anyone near their neck and then they find out it’s beacause they get turned on easily by some kind of touch in the area, idk if this makes sense haha have a good dayy💕

A/N: So I am gonna post this now instead of adding it to my queue since I already have another Pentagon reaction in my queue. And also if I didn’t it wouldn't be posted till like the 23ed and such so yeah…hope you like it haha. I didn’t write much because I am working on Well Tailored so hopefully this is ok. 

Part 1 | Part 2


Originally posted by misobutter

He wouldn’t ask questions, he would respect the fact that you didn’t want to be touched there. Eventually, though something would happen and his hand would graze or accidentally fall to your neck. Causing you to let out a whimper which would instantly let him know why you didn’t want him to. 

“Hmm, so that’s why you don’t want me touching your neck.”


Originally posted by stahptis

He would also accept your request but he would try to pry the answer out of you by casually bringing up things to you. Eventually, you would slip up and say that the reason why is because it turns you on. Which would cause him to smirk. 

“Well then, I guess I will have to save that information to later” Wink WINK.


Originally posted by yeosprout

He would just shrug it off and forget. Months or so later he would be feeling super cuddly and nuzzle his face into the back of your neck. To which you would moan quietly and he would jump back and worry if you are ok, completely missing that it was a turn on spot. The boy would worry he hurt you. 


Originally posted by yeo1

Lord save you, this cheeky boy would try his best to find out why when you told him you didn't want to say why. He would purposely try to kiss your neck or graze his hands across it. Eventually, he would win, a small moan would spill from your lips and he would raise his eyebrow. Leaning down he would kiss your neck causing you to let out a few more quiet whimpers. He would smirk and point to the bedroom.

“Bedroom, now.”

( @-happytbh- this is for you lol)


Originally posted by pentagon-kingdom

He was just a friend to you and were horsing around one day when you tickled his neck and he reacted. He would jump back and scold you for touching his neck to which you would tell him you had the same problem. Let’s just say after that it was endless teasing from both ends. 


Normal Life

Originally posted by couplenotes

Request: Can I get a request where Dean and the reader get sent to an alternate world where they are married with maybe some smut? 

A/N: Hey guys! So I’m super excited to have gotten a request and to be able to make something so far, I got so excited that this one is a bit longer that my normal stuff! 

Warnings: Language, a bit of angst?, fluff. (I’m still trying to get better at smut tbh.)

Words: 2,134 (Holy cow)

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Dreaming of Home (Part One)

Fandom: Seventeen
Ship: The8/Minghao x Reader
Requested: No
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Swearing
Part Two Part Three

Originally posted by sunkissedhao

Your life was not what you imagined it would be at sixteen. You dreamed of a big house filled with a husband and children, and you would have your dream job where at the end of the day, you would come home and kiss your husband and hug your kids and spend the rest of the day together. It would be the perfect life. You dreamed of it often.

Now ten years later, you still wait for the dream to come true. You never got to pursue your dream career, but your job now isn’t terrible; you enjoy it enough. You were close to having the husband you dreamed of with one specific person, and maybe that could’ve led to the house and the children. It didn’t happen, though, because aren’t all things meant to shatter eventually? 

You make your way through the New York City sidewalk traffic, pushing your way past slow-moving people who clearly don’t know that life in this city is a fast-paced one. Finally arriving at your workplace, you enter the tall building and walk towards the elevator. You squeeze your way into the crowded elevator and it only takes a few sweaty-smelling minutes to make it to your floor. 

When you make your way out of the elevator and towards your desk, you let out a silent breath of relief to be out of that contraption. Your claustrophobia always screams when you’re in that elevator, especially when it’s crowded like it was today. You sit down at your desk and start to work.

After a few hours of typing at your computer and sketching out spreadsheets, a commotion at a desk of your coworker’s catches your attention. You lift your head subtly to listen in and hear one other coworker that your not so familiar with squeal and stick out her hand for everyone at the desk to see. It takes a minute for you yourself to be able to see her hand, but when you do, a pang resonates through your chest.

You look back down at your desk with a sad smile, wishing it were you with the shining ring on your finger. It could have been, so many years ago, when you had the perfect man to make yours. And then he wasn’t yours to have anymore, when he announced he would be leaving for France in a month’s time.

“For how long?” You had asked, heartbreak prominent in your voice.

“Three years,” he responded with not an ounce of regret in his eyes, but you weren’t sure if the tears in your eyes were making you see his incorrectly. You didn’t think so.

“W-why are you leaving? Why are you leaving me?” Your voice was growing shakier by the second and you knew you wouldn’t be able to contain yourself much longer.

“I don’t want to,” he took a step forward, and when you took a step back, you thought you could see a small drop of desperation on his face. “You know this would be so good for me, (Y/N). They want me for my dancing, not my face or my money, my dancing. This could open up so many opportunities for me, and-”

“I want you for so much more than any of that!” You screamed, and the tears blurring your eyes finally fell down your cheeks. “I wanted you before I knew you could dance, before I knew you had money, before I even saw you take off that damn mask! I have wanted you, and I’ve had you, and now you’re moving to France for three years? What the fuck is that?!”

“(Y/N),” he sighed, and took a step away from you. It was another step towards the end of your relationship. “I need this, so much.”

“And you don’t need me?” You asked softly, and it was a vast difference from your voice seconds earlier. Your voice cracked when you spoke again. “So you just want to break up then, and I’ll stay here and you go to France? And that’s that?”

He hesitated. “I can’t ask you to come with me. You have a life here, and-”

“And you’re a part of that life,” he shook his head at your plea.

“Not anymore. I’m sorry,” and he walked away from the conversation, away from the relationship you had cherished for so long, and away from your house.

“Minghao,” you cried, and cried, and called out his name for hours, until you had realized he wasn’t coming back.

You shook your head and wiped the sad look from your face. Your relationship with Minghao was years ago. It was time to stop dwelling on it. 

You looked back up at your computer and continued to work.

So would anyone want a part two? Let me know if you do! This is my first legitimate writing on this account, and feedback is always welcome :) If you’d like to send in a request, feel free to! 


we’ll just have to be quiet

For kenhina week, day 5, breaking the rules

Kenma invites Hinata to sleep in Nekoma’s room at the training camp, Lev tries his best, Yaku has given up and Kuroo learns too much about his best friend.

Read on AO3

“Oya oya, shouldn’t you be in your own room, Chibi-chan?” Kuroo asks literally the moment he walks into Nekoma’s room. Hinata looks up from his place on Kenma’s lap, snuggly and cuddly with Kenma’s arms looped around his waist. Kenma’s chin is resting on Hinata’s shoulder and his eyes flicker up from the game between Hinata’s hands.

“But Kenma’s here,” Hinata says, like it should be obvious. Kuroo has never seen such a smug look on his best friend’s face and yet, here he is. Witness to the madness.

Yaku pats Kuroo on the knee. “Don’t bother, Lev tried for twenty minutes to pry Hinata from Kenma and they’re still like that.”

“It’s impossible,” Lev laments from his face-down position on his futon.

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If EF Frisk has magic, then ET Frisk also had to have a potential for it before splitting their soul, meaning the rest of the humanity had it too, or at least some of it had. So then, how many humans in your AU truly know magic? I can't imagine that all humans in your AU know it, but I also can't imagine that Frisk is the only one, at least not from the way you've explained it. So then, are there like, secret human mages in your AU or something? I would add more questions, but tumblr limit :P

I’m guessing there might be some kids at Toriel’s school learning magic, but my guess is that humans just lost their way with magic after being separated from monsters for so long, but since Frisk has been living with them, it was bound to happen eventually. Though secret human mages sounds really cool too….

okay but Kendra as Lens mum

So we all know that Len’s mum left when he was little, before Lisa was born (because they have different mums) But what if she didn’t leave what if it was Kendra, and it was just that Savage got to her when he was little.

Okay so let’s say she’s with Lewis because at this point in time he’s actually an alright guy. She hasn’t met Carter yet (or has but she thought he was just some weird crazy guy) and then one night she finds out that Lewis, while not working as a cop, has been rocking that criminal lifestyle and she doesn’t want that for her son and so plans to leave.
But that night, what if when she goes out to get the money and supplies she needs for them to leave, Savage finds her and Len never hears from her again.

So then cut to Legends and Len can’t help but like Kendra and he doesn’t know why (he wasn’t old enough to remember how she looked). He can’t help but feel comfortable around her.

Then there’s this one mission where maybe Len is in danger and nearly dies and while he’s on the med bay Kendra just loses it and neither her nor anyone else can figure out why because sure Snart is a part of the team but he’s not that close with anyone yet. But Len is sure somethings up.

Obviously Len would figure it out at some point because he’s clever and it wouldn’t take him long to put it together, he asks Carter about her last self and he tells Len he’s happy she doesn’t remember it, because she was stolen from her son and kept captive for 11 years before managing to kill herself to escape him.

Len works it out, he’s 44 and Kendra is 25.
If she went missing when he was 8 and held captive for 11 years Len would’ve been 19 when she died
It’s not a coincidence that there’s a 19 year age gap between them.

Len doesn’t tell her because how can he? Eventually he plans to though, but the Oculus happens and he doesn’t get the chance.

It’s only when Kendra watches the place explode that the memories come flooding back to her and she collapses as she realises she just watched another son die, that she lost Leonard again, she had him back and she didn’t even realise it.

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Brainstorm, Percy, Tailgate, Rodimys, and Swerve with an s/o who has stuff conveniently happen? "If I lie may lightning strike!" Lightning strikes. "It's not like so and so is going to fall out of the sky!" So and so falls out of the sky


Brainstorm MTMTE

He’s fascinated by your ‘talent’, and is going to run some tests whether you like it or not. This is even better than breaking the fourth wall, he has to find a way to use this around the ship (in a harmless way of course) 

Perceptor MTMTE

He’s really concerned for your safety when he notices how this stuff just happens around you. He tries to get you to stop saying these things but it’s a lost cause, lightning has already struck four times this week. Even though you’re in space. He’s tired 

Tailgate MTMTE

He’s excited at first, he wants to see just how many things you can make happen! Eventually the fun wears off though because once Cyclonus caught wind of it, he made the two of you stop (mostly so Magnus wouldn’t find out)

Rodimus Prime MTMTE

He will abuse this power to his dying day, how could anyone not? He ropes you into pranking Magnus at least once a week, this is anarchy. Eventually he stops though cos this is getting dangerous and he doesn’t want to see you get hurt 

Swerve MTMTE

He won’t let you use your talent in his bar, that’s too risky, but anywhere else is fair game. The two of you came up with some great prank ideas but after you said something about the sky falling, Magnus finally stepped in and made a rule about it