it will happen

You know what makes me happy?

The facts that, eventually, Marinette and Adrien will reveal themselves, either by accident or by choice. And when they do, so many good things will happen…

They will laugh together when one does something silly or makes a bad joke, or perhaps when they are trying to cheer the other one up.

They will hang out together after school and on weekends because they have a lot of time to catch up on.

They will have inside jokes and stories that no one will understand, but that’s ok because they know it’s a special thing just between them.

They will sneak off and transform together when there’s an attack.

They will flirt with each other in and out of costume because they don’t have to hide anymore.

They will remember and share old stories of their adventures together, whether it was taking out a villain or their first date.

They’ll get jealous of one another when someone is flirting with the other, and they have to go and show the person that they are exclusive.

They will comfort each other when one has a bad day and they need someone to talk to because there is no one more important to them than each other.

They will fight and get angry at each other for dumb or not so dumb reasons but then eventually make up and forgive one another because that’s what best friends do.

They will finally kiss and admit their true feelings

All of these things will be canon. This just won’t be apart of all of our fanfictions. It won’t be a headcanon or a theory anymore. We can screen cap and gif these moments, because they will be real. This will happen in show. No longer will there be four ships for two people, it will only be one. And that just makes me so happy. And when that day arrives, it’ll be one of the best I’ve had in a long time.

Breathe that in. 

Can you imagine what will happen when Leo gets an Oscar
  • -Leo will get a standing ovation.
  • -There will be tears.
  • -Nations will probably be all like "fighting is stupid. World peace!"
  • -Aliens will make their presence known and be all "we have been waiting for this moment to happen"
  • -Some sort of prophecy starts to happen, and Motherfucking dragons start to rome the earth
  • -Ellen becomes the mother of the fucking dragons.

Lost meme: [5/9] episodes

↳ The Constant