it will eventually drift

ok but Yall…. we never really found out who lena’s mom was and like maybe it can be really important? like what if lillian not only hates lena because she’s the product of infidelity but also because lena’s mom was actually not human.

Think About It. she was never Really confirmed as human , like u think she was but her alien detection device didnt even work on kara. also the like “i AM human…” could be Foreshadowing 👀

lena doesnt know enough about her actual mom because she literally just learned that lionel was her dad. this could be the beginning to why lillian hates aliens so much and why, by extension, lex drifted apart from lena and eventually tried to wipe out all of the aliens on earth.

Makes U Think ! 🤔

To The Boy I Never Dated But Still Broke My Heart

Once upon a time you made me feel special. You gave me hope. For once I had self confidence. Just thinking someone as perfect as you would take time out of their day just to text me. I actually felt pretty for once. When you would tell me I looked cute or my outfit was cute I got butterflies. More than you could ever imagine. You, just being you, made me happy. I never thought of you just wanting me for my body, or anything like that. Mainly because of the way we talked. We talked like we were best friends that had known each forever. There was a few times where we had ran out of things to talk about but we always found something, even if it was the smallest thing. Like I said “once upon a time”. Well time always runs out eventually. When I noticed we were drifting I broke, I really did. I didn’t know I cared about you so much until you weren’t there as much. Whenever you started dating someone, I felt my heart break. I started crying, instead of making me happy you made me cry and break. I always act happy. I usually am. I just cared so much about you when you just kinda disappeared you took a piece of me with you.

Whats a soulmate? A soulmate is like a best friend, except their more like a first love. Its the one person who helped you grow and made you into the person you are today. Its that one person who knew you and accepted you for who you are. Someone who believed in you and never gave up on you. That main person who you trusted fully. A soulmate is someone you fall in love with, their not supposed to be in your future but they prepare you to be a stronger more confident person for whatever is to come to you in the future. Eventually, both of you will drift apart but no matter what happens both of you will always love eachother.
—  first loves dont always last, but you carry a soulmate forever (via that-thing-i-called-love)
Encountering the Lord and Lady (of the Crooked Path)

Start by using any relaxation technique you like, and sit with your eyes closed. Make sure your arms and legs are not crossed, and take three deep breaths. With each breath, feel the stress and tension of the day fading away, being replaced with a calm expectation. Continue to breathe deeply, as your journey begins.  

See before you a pair of pillars, with a midnight blue curtain suspended between them. You part the curtains and see a grey mist beyond, but right in the centre of your vision is a silver star, floating without support. You examine the star, noticing how clear and “present” it is, but suddenly, without warning, the star disappears. You find yourself pulled into the space where it was, passing through the pillars and into the mist. Everything goes grey as you feel yourself lifted up, floating up and away, eventually drifting down, to find your feet landing on a grassy hill, as the mist clears. You find yourself on a hilltop, looking down onto woodland in the valley below, a narrow dirt path leads down the hillside to the edge of the forest, and you begin to follow it, feeling a breeze in the air as you descend.  

Entering the forest, the path continues along, winding between the trees, and you follow it in the dappled green light that filters through the leaves. You hear the rustling of creatures in the undergrowth, but do not see any of the animals as you follow the crooked path deeper and deeper into the forest.  

Ahead you notice that there is a fork in the path, and you pause, pondering which fork to take. Suddenly you see a flash of white further along one of the paths, and this is the path you choose, walking rapidly along, trying to see what the white flash was. Turning a bend in the path, you see a white stag a short way ahead, looking back as if to check that you are following, before it heads off down the path again. You follow, unable to catch up, but avoiding being left behind, as the path continues to twist and turn between the trees.  

Deep in the heart of the forest now, the canopy is thick and the dim green filtered sunlight serves only to accentuate the shadows, so it is with some surprise that you turn a bend in the path to find yourself breaking out into a clearing at the heart of the forest. In the centre of the clearing is a fountain, encircled by rocks about the right side to sit on, and the tranquil atmosphere along with the gentle tinkling of the water draws you to go and sit by the fountain.  

Sitting in contemplation, you hear a sound like a church bell ringing in the distance, and you look up in the direction it came from, to see a beautiful woman entering the clearing.  Naked and tanned, with long flowing hair, she is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen, and you watch, captivated, as she walks across the clearing to come and sit by the fountain across from you. Her eyes are filled with joy, and a smile forms on her face as she regards you.  

Then another sound breaks the silence — a hunting horn. Looking up in the direction this new sound came from, you see another form enter the clearing. This time it is a handsome man, muscular, tanned and equally as naked as the Lady who now sits with you. As he walks towards you, there is a grin on his face and mischief in his eyes, but you hardly notice because you cannot take your eyes off the magnificent antlers growing out of his head. He too comes and sits beside the fountain, next to the Lady, and beckons you to speak with them.


Once your conversation is at an end, thank the Lord and Lady, and ask them if you might return again. Then say your farewells and turn to cross the clearing to the path that brought you here. As you turn, you see that while you were talking, the animals from the forest have come into the clearing, and are waiting patiently for the Lord and Lady.  

With one last look over your shoulder at the pair, you re-enter the forest, and follow the twisting path back to the fork, where you pick up the original trail that leads to the hilltop.  You quickly make your way to the edge of the forest, returning to the hilltop, where the mist once more envelops you and you feel yourself lifted up and back, until your feet come to rest once again at the two pillars. You walk back between the pillars, as the curtain closes behind you. Contemplating your journey for a moment, you then turn your attention to your physical surroundings as you open your eyes, and the journey is over.

Source: A Grimoire for Modern Cunningfolk  A Practical Guide to Witchcraft on the Crooked Path by Peter Paddon

As Always


At the end of time, you’ll learn we were never meant to be.
At the end of time, you’ll learn how my love for you was always how it’s supposed to be.
At the end of time, you’ll learn how your love for me was always how I wanted it to be.

At the end of time, we’ll eventually drift apart. I can feel it just by looking in your eyes. That we’re just a small part of each other’s mortality.

But right now at this very moment. I’m looking into your eyes, and you’re looking back into mine. And I can feel it. The sensation. The phenomena. And I am so happy that I can feel this.

That our love has just begun.

—  Juansen Dizon // At The End of Time
Happy Valentine’s Day! (part 1)

A/N: THIS IS SO LAST MINUTE. And it’s incomplete. I’m sorry. But it will be completed hopefully tomorrow! Alright, I’ll stop now :)

Nico sat alone at the Hades table for dinner in the Pavilion. Usually Will sat with him or he went to the Apollo table, but Will was working at the infirmary tonight. As Nico picked at his food, his mind drifted from thought to thought, eventually drifting to how much he missed the son of Apollo.

Wait, Nico suddenly jerked, I miss him?

Oh, right, well I guess that does come with dating someone. Nico still couldn’t wrap his head around it. He was dating Will Solace, child of the sun god. Him, the son of Hades – the creepy, weird, dark Prince of the Underworld was dating the happy, peppy son of Apollo. It sounded strange, but seeing them together, actually looking at them, they couldn’t look any more perfect. It was a recent development, though they had been inseparable since the war and Nico’s mandated 3 days in the infirmary. They basically flirted with each other and were a giant blushing mess until Piper had a serious talk with Nico while Jason and Percy teased and pushed Will to ask Nico out. Eventually it happened after lots of blushing and flustered stuttering, but the moment his friends burst into applause and cheers, Nico grabbed Will’s hand and shadow-traveled them both out of there.

A small smile tugged at Nico’s lips as he remembered how angry Will had been after that, and then how he ended up falling asleep next to Nico in his cabin.


The shout ripped Nico from his memories back to the present. Jason and Percy slid into the seats across from Nico and he, out of habit, scowled at them, asking, “What do you idiots want?”

“Is that any way to speak to your big bros? Tsk, tsk, Nico, have more respect.” Percy’s shit-eating grin earned Nico’s Death Glare™.

“Shut up, Perce. Anyway, we came to ask what you’re doing tomorrow? What are your plans for you and Will?” Jason looked genuinely interested in this, though Nico had no idea why.

Nico rolled his eyes, “Why would I have plans? And why would I tell you?”

Jason and Percy glanced worriedly at each other, then turned back and said, “Um, Neeks. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. You know, day of love, typically celebrated with your significant other?”

Nico blinked at them. Then it registered. Oh. Oh shit. Oh shit oh shit oh shit. Only three thoughts were coming to mind as his panic rose. I have a boyfriend. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Oh shit.

His eyes widened and he nearly began hyperventilating as he said, “Oh shit that’s a thing crap what do I do??? I’ve never done this before! Does Will know? Oh of course he knows, what am I saying SHIT what do I do, I have no plans, no experience, SH—”

“Hey calm down!” Jason reached across and put his hands on Nico’s shoulders to settle him back in his seat, as he was nearly jumping out of it. “Don’t worry bro, we got you. We can help you plan something.”

“Why didn’t you guys tell me earlier?!”

“Um, well, guess we didn’t think about it,” Percy smiled sheepishly.

“Ugh, what are you guys doing?”

“Well,” Jason started, “Pipes and I are going to hang out all day. I’m taking her out to chill in the city and do whatever she wants to. For dinner, I’m taking her somewhere fancy. Then later I thought about flying her up on the roof of the Big House to stargaze.”

“Annabeth and I are going to the city too. I want her to see all the cool architecture stuff that she can never get enough of. And also so we can feel normal, you know? Later we’ll go to the beach for a walk, maybe go in the ocean since I can keep us dry, and just, you know, be a couple.” Percy said this like it was obvious that Nico knew how to “be a couple”.

“Ugh, guys I don’t know how to be couply and romantic! Give me an idea!” Nico exclaimed exasperatedly.

“Okay,” Jason said, “well it’s your guys’ first Valentine’s day together. You’ve got to show him how much you like him and care about him. Make it a big deal.”

Percy smirked like he did when he had a crazy plan. “Like with fireworks! Or some big huge explosion or surprise that showers hearts and rainbows everywhere. I think Will would like a big surprise.”

“Um, that’s seems excessive? I don’t know about that.” Normally, Nico would think Percy’s a big idiot, but he really had no idea what was expected of him. Should it be big? Small? Fancy?

“Maybe you should ask Piper. She’ll know what you should do,” Jason suggested.

Nico jumped from his seat and, without a word to his “bros”, marched straight to the Aphrodite table. Piper looked up as he approached, glanced behind him at Jason, and got up to meet Nico and pull him to the side.

“You need help with Valentine’s day plans for Will?” Of course, she knew.

“Please,” was all Nico could say.

For the rest of the night, Nico sat with Piper, planning out what he would do, things he needed, every detail. He had to make it perfect for Will.

Part 2

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Five things Yuuri learned about pregnant Victor?

  1. victor has a nice singing voice.  sometimes victor will be doing something around the apartment, waiting for the kettle on a cup of tea, and sing russian lullabies in a low voice.  sometimes yuuri hears him singing when he wakes up in the morning, and it’s soft enough to make him drift off for another half hour.  (eventually he finds out that victor is singing a song about not sleeping close to the edge of the bed for fear of being dragged off by wolves in the middle of the night, and the sentiment becomes a lot less sweet)
  2. that victor is superstitious.  he grows his hair out when he’s pregnant, he refuses to buy any baby gifts or clothes until the baby arrives (and makes yuuri return a handful of things that are just precautions, victor, we need to have something), because he doesn’t want the baby to be born with bad luck.  yuuri likes to brush his hair when it grows down past his shoulders in the last months, likes how he looks when he’s tying it up into a top knot, elastic in his mouth.  even the small, silly things he does are beautiful.
  3. victor is afraid he’s not going to be a good father.  he grew up away from his parents at a sports school for most of his life, and isn’t sure what good parents look like.  yuuri reminds him that hiroko and toshiya love him like he’s their own son. (victor isn’t going to be a good father, he’s going to be a great one.)
  4. victor doesn’t know how to use a microwave.  victor can’t cook.  it’s even scarier when he tries.  
  5. victor nikiforov is peak beautiful after thirty-six hours of labor, hair falling out of a messy ponytail in a hospital gown holding their brand new daughter.  yuuri thought he knew every side of him, but when victor smiles down at her, eyes red and tired, it’s something brand new and more stunning than anything he’s ever seen.  
Sleep Walkers (Crankiplier)

Mark had spent all night editing and recording for the channel! It was more than he had ever done before, and it was very stressful. Amy, who normally acted as a switch to turn off his work, had to stay with some friends in Kentucky and wouldn’t be back for a few weeks. He felt lonely, despite having his new friend, Ethan, move in just a few months ago to work with him. 

Falling asleep at a striking six in the morning, Mark was restless. He tossed and turned in his sleep. Eventually, he stood, soft snores still rhythmically drifting from him. The soft creak of the resistant wooden paneling alerted the neighbor down the hall of Mark’s rising. He had woken up an hour earlier due to falling asleep at six pm. A small internal groan erupted. He silently prayed that Mark wasn’t going to come in just to show him some dumb vine. He frankly wasn’t in the mood this morning.

Gentle footsteps rang through the silent house as Mark padded unconsciously to Ethan’s room. The looming shadow cast in the doorway made Ethan look up from his dim phone screen.

“Uh, hey, dude. Something wrong,” he asked softly. He became concerned as Mark didn’t move from his place. Suddenly, Mark lurched forward and landed on Ethan’s bed. He wasn’t as graceful as could be…

Ethan grunted a little when Mark’s buff arm landed roughly on his bare stomach. A realization of Mark’s sleeping state hit him when he heard the quiet, steady snores from the older man. He sighed and sat up, moving Mark as carefully as he could until he was in Ethan’s arms and settled under the blanket.

Mark held Ethan close, cuddling him securely. Forced to lay his hand on the man’s bare chest, Ethan heard the slow, rhythmic heartbeat and grew sleepy. Soon, it was eleven and Ethan woke to the smell of bacon wafting through the house.

He smiled and shook his head fondly.

An being a drug addict is hard to explain to someone who’s not an addict themselves. It’s lonely. You eventually lose your family an drift from your sober friends. You make acquaintance with people who do your drug of choice. They’re your friends until the drugs run out, then they’re your enemies. It’s a struggle everyday. My addiction always comes first. Someone times I don’t eat for two days but I’ll always have enough drugs so I’m not sick. Its a 24/7 job you don’t get sick days and you can’t take holidays off. Drug addiction sucks because you know your fucking up your life and hurting everyone around you but you can’t stop..

Both feeling defeated by their discovery about the bunker, Clarke and Bellamy return to camp. Clarke knows she has to make the list - she promised Raven. Bellamy knows this too and how difficult it will be for Clarke. He insists on coming back to her room to help her, even if only by providing moral support. He lays down on the couch, resting his eyes while serving as a sounding board for Clarke; keeping her calm, keeping her centered. Eventually Bell stops responding to her and she realizes he’s drifted off to sleep. Of course she wouldn’t wake him - he deserved rest and this was her burden to bear.


II pt 1 II pt 2 II pt 3 II pt 4 II pt 5 II pt 6 II pt 7 (Final) II

College!AU Johnny x Reader

Word Count: 5 k

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst

Teaser: ‘Your adrenaline kicked in and you mustered up the strength to push the asshole to the floor. Johnny grabbed you and moved you so you were standing slightly behind him, still slightly hunched over from the throbbing pain in his stomach.’

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Trying to cheer myself up with some headcanons:

  • I know we all kind of agreed with Hop/Bob friendship but what if he was real close with Joyce instead?
  • He’s described as a “kind-hearted former nerd” so I’m guessing he was pretty much bullied in high school because of that, and Joyce, being the take-no-shit-from-no-one spitfire she is, used to defend him a lot
  • (Which made Hopper defend him too of course)
  • And maybe when Joyce started dating Lonnie he wasn’t too happy about that (not because he had feelings for her - or did, all is possible) but because he saw that Lonnie wasn’t that great of a guy - maybe Lonnie picked on him when Joyce wasn’t around
  • So when Joyce married Lonnie they drifted apart, and eventually stopped talking altogether because, you know, life happens
  • That doesn’t mean they stopped caring about the other, but sometimes people who are close end up growing apart
  • And now, many years later, they meet again because maybe Joyce doesn’t want to keep working for Donald and goes to try and find a new job somewhere, with better hours, better pay so she can be around her sons more
  • And Bob now is the manager of RadioShack, so she goes there to apply and BAM
  • Their first encounter is awkward, OF COURSE, full of cringe-worthy moments and misspoken words and stutter and the two of them being adorably awkward towards each other
  • But eventually they become close again, one telling the other what happened in their lives and I NEVER KNEW HOW MUCH I WANT JOYCE TO HAVE THIS KIND OF FRIEND IN HER LIFE AND BOB SEEMS TO BE PERFECT FOR THAT

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the youtuber au idea is so good to me because i imagine them as kinda similar to dan and phil maybe?

Yes okay they’d start as separate channels and eventually…drift together…and come up with the most creative ideas.

- mod ri


After returning home, Luna had stayed up for a while longer than she originally planned. She blamed it on wanting to watch a rerun of a documentary she had missed, but the reality was her pains making her too uncomfortable to fall asleep.

Knowing that this was supposedly normal, however, she didn’t think much more of it, and eventually drifted asleep on the couch.

More Kylo Ren Headcanons!

You all enjoyed my first headcanons for Kylo, so here are some more for your enjoyment. Feel free to request for fics, headcanons, and all that good stuff I will do my best to write for characters I know (but if I don’t know them I will probably research them so I can so please don’t be afraid to ask!).

-Kylo overthinks situations quite often, and when he does he will accuse you of doing things you haven’t done, and fights can break out between you. He will eventually ask for your forgiveness, and apologize over and over for it.

-He has nightmares a lot; to calm down he doesn’t wake you up because he is so self reliant. Instead he watches you sleep calmly next to him, admiring your beauty even though you are so unaware of it, which gives him peace, and he will eventually drift back off into sleep

-Kylo is really strong. Occasionally, while doing innocent acts such as kissing or holding your hand, he can bruise you unintentionally. He will get really nervous about doing that again if he noticed it knowing he caused it, even if you say it’s fine, and he will start treating you more carefully because it pains him that he harmed you.

-During a clash of yours, Kylo once used the force on you. You got so angry and upset, since he just invaded your most private thoughts to try and prove a point, so you decided to ignore him. He tried to apologize, but you disregarded him. He became so desperate, because he realized how much you hold him together. He came up to you one day alone, collapsed to his knees in front of you, crying, begging for forgiveness, and telling you that he can’t loose you, that you are the only good thing he has left. You forgave him through your own tears, and he promised to never use the force on you again, he agreed on talking out problems, and he hasn’t used the force like that on you since.

-He is always there for you when you need to get something off your mind, and assures you he will always be there for you.

-Kylo is low-key really caring even though he doesn’t show that to you, he always makes sure you will be okay and that you will be the best you can be. Also he can be really romantic, he makes sure you are always pleased before himself (take that however you want), and brings the most beautiful things back for you from the missions he goes on.

-You telling him what you’re eating is really good, and him looking at you and raising an eyebrow. He would eventually agree and softly open his mouth so you can feed him. (THIS I THINK WOULD BE REALLY CUTE I’M SORRY)

-Him not wanting to get out of bed, and when you try to get up he pulls you back into his chest, wrapping his strong arms around you so you cant get up, saying things like “Where do you think you’re going?” and “Five more minutes.” his voice being deep and raspy from just waking up.

-When around others instead of being very obvious, he will do soft gestures such as pat you on the shoulder or head, and brush up against you (on purpose but nobody knows that except you).

-Kylo, even though romantic and caring towards you, doesn’t really grasp the concept of flirting and lingo. (Due to the fact he was around 15 when he turned to the dark side). So whenever you try to flirt with him, he won’t really understand it or get self-conscious, then you have to go and explain what you meant when you said it.

-If he does try to compliment you it tends to either be really sweet (sometimes really sexy due to his bluntness) or just really awkward and can come off as assertive.

-He likes calling you things like love, dear, and my queen.

-When you and Kylo are alone, you put on some soft music, and you two slow dance with each other. Kylo whispers sweet nothings in your ear as you spend this meaningful free time together.

-If you are short you have to reach up to give him a kiss on your tiptoes (because he is so tall omg), but he picks you up or reaches down to give you a kiss as well.

-He LOVES physical connection, but is to prideful or shy to ask on his own.

Okay but imagine this:

♡ Jimin coming home from a long day of work. His neck and feet are sore af.

♡ Jungkook already has a bath drawn for them and it’s large enough for them both to fit

♡ Jimin’s eyes are droopy as he lets Jungkook take off his work clothes and lead him into the bubble bath

♡ Jungkook sneakily poured them two glasses of wine and Jimin drinks it leisurely as he lets Jungkook massage his feet and press kisses to his ankles.

♡ They eventually drift together and Jimin settles for laying his head on Kookie’s chest, relaxing and slowly breathing

♡ when Jimin starts to nod off, Jungkook pulls him out of the bath and dries him with a big fluffy towel

♡ they go to bed and fall asleep, facing each other with their hands tangled together

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i don't know much about the pacific rim au but i was just thinkin.... jotaro is the reverse pentecost. he starts out as this incredible miraculous solo jeager pilot until it takes a toll on him physically and he takes up a commander post to hide the fact that he's falling apart bc of self-image issues and self doubt. then his estranged daughter jolyene turns out to be drift compatible but they also tend to fight and eventually he begins to cope and work as a duo in the field again

Hey anon, I totally love this! Jolyne would make such a gosh dang badass jaeger pilot. Unfortunately this AU is only covering the DIU timeline, so Jolyne is still a little kid. We actually got a really depressing story for Jotaro so if you like angst and pain you might just enjoy it! Jolyne will be present in the AU as a lil ray of sunshine too~

For now I need to get back to drawing some things I got on my to do list, but Cat and I have literally been throwing ideas back and forth every day for the AU so yeah, definitely expect more in the future~

Raven propped her head up on a fist and stared at Dick, feeling a little bit of laughter bubble up into her throat. He looked almost boyish, eyes bright and smile practically making his face glow. His blue eyes lifted to her own as he attempted to explain the differences with even more fervor than the first time around.

“See, Star Wars is a space opera, and Star Trek is more than that. It’s about the exploration-“

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